Monday, January 08, 2007

Good Time Rock N' Roll

OK, I've been pondering this genre (if that's what you call it) since this summer when I started listening to 99.3 The Pickle.

What the hell is good time rock n' roll and who decides what makes the cut?

Can I bitchslap this person once weekly? OK, maybe that's too harsh, can I spank them?

Why is David Bowie not in this category, but Gordon Lightfoot is? The Moody Blues are but Nick Lowe isn't. Really, who decides? And while their deciding, could they please toss out Go Now from the rotation. Denny Laine makes my skin crawl.

This is the station that supposedly plays the greatest hits of the 60's and 70's, but it stops and completely forgets certain years in the 70's and jumps back into the 50's. WTF!

Why isn't Elvis Costello played? Why do they only have 3 ABBA songs? Again, where the hell is my David Bowie? Is Ziggy not goodtime rock n' roll? What about Rebel Rebel? Diamond Dogs? Suffragette City?

Oh and how is it that The Beach Boys Kokomo and Elton John's Sad Songs (Say So Much) get airplay? Hmm? Hmm? Tell me the answer to that one! Because if you are going to play these, then why can't the station play the new albums by the artists they consider "good time rock n' roll?"

Elton John had a new album last year. The Moody Blues' December never got played anywer except on satellite stations. The list could go on and on...because Carly Simon has a new one...and so on and so on. (Not to mention Paul McCartney's newer material)

If stations like my beloved Pickle played the newer material of these classic rock people, it's quite possible the industry would see them as a viable force in sales. If the new albums were played. People would "BUY THEM!" Because that over 40 crowd listens to the radio. I listen to the radio because I have nothing else to keep me sane during my work hours and I think "Fish" is the cutest thing in Southwestern PA, in a part of the state that has a market lack of good looking men.

I ♥ Pickle, but it confuzzles me so much.