Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Oh you pretty things

I'm posting some of my favorite pictures today. Why? Because I'm sore from boxing up the office in the 8.5 hours that I worked today.

Justin Hayward with a sleeping John Lodge on the right and Ray Thomas on the left

John Lodge giving "the Look"

Elvis Costello looking as lovely as ever

Wish Me Luck

I'm going to work this morning. In most cases this is no big deal. You get up each morning and that's what you do. I've been off work for 6 weeks, due to unforeseen weirdness.

I got called back yesterday, only to have the staff sent home 2 hours later. I wonder if we'll make it the full day today? It would be nice to. I'd like to have some normalcy (whatever the heck that is) return to my life.

So keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm about to embark on another attempt at the work experience.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Tell me how you really feel

:: Sum up your opinion or impression of me in one word, leave it as a comment in this posting, and then post this sentence in your own journal. ::

I get the feeling bitch is going to be posted quite a few times here.

Oh..and as to Man Out of Time, for those of you reading the updates. The original version is scrapped (I do have it saved in document form on my computer) but the story itself is changing quite a bit...I'm not sure how I'm going to post the new bits. Suggestions on that would be welcome too.
I'm just a battered old bird

I've really been trying hard not to let the crap in my life get the best of me. This weekend has tried the last bits of my patience.

As always when my brother visits, there is the traditional family blow out. Woot, just what my already bad nerves need. Our small house on Sunday had my mom, dad, 2 nephews, sister (for a time), brother, his wife and me cramped inside. By 5 o'clock when my friend, Mary showed up I was ready to scream. Too much togetherness. Too much chaos. Too many computers needing my brothers help.

(that means I worked very little on Man Out of Time this weekend)

Our home network between the PCs and laptops had to be tinkered with, because the printers refused to install. The old dial up modem and it's answering machine program were sapping the resources from the old Emachine. (Had to uninstall and disable the modem) The original HP Hard Drive got reinstalled then crashed...3 hours after my brother left, leaving me to take the computer apart myself!! I'm proud to say, I put it back together and it is working!

I was supposed to be working today, but that fell through. Boss is determined to get the move underway, but it's not working out as planned. So here I sit at home.

On a plus note. I will be getting some writing done today, and maybe play around with some artwork for the Halloween CD Swap.

Remember too, if you want to participate, Saturday is the last day to sign up.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

7 on Sunday

More Lyric Associations just like last week....only I'm actually doing these on Sunday. Wow! Bigger wow at the reason I'm not waiting until tomorrow to do this. I'm going back to work in the a.m. (fingers crossed)

So these are the words..

1. How
2. I
3. Want
4. You
5. Too
6. Touch
7. It

and I'll complete each with a line from a song

1. How I love you when you're over me there's no one above you ~ Uncomplicated -Elvis Costello
2. I Want You, You've had your fun you don't get well no more ~ I Want You - Elvis Costello
3. Want you, I don't know if I need you ~ I Want You - Savage Garden
4. You don't realize how much I need you ~ I Need You - The Beatles
5. Too much love for you now have you got too much pride ~ Next Time Round - Elvis Costello
6. Touch of you hand I believe in you ~ Touch of Your Hand - Glass Tiger.
7. It was her own way of getting her own back ~ Crimes of Paris - Elvis Costello

If I knew then what I know now...I never loved ya anyhow

Let's play a little game of what's been going around my MusicMatch playlist, cos I don't usually turn the stereo on anymore. There's quite a few songs on the playlist these days, because I don't usually delete things as they appear from something I've downloaded from a website..or that I've put there on my own.

So step into the weird world of the Music Whore's Playlist....this idea...was somewhat inspired by Brighid....who will be cringing at what I'm listening to most likely...

Solar Twins - Rock the Casbah: I have this cover of the Clash's courtesy of Christine. I never thought I'd like a cover of the Clash, especially one that is such a departure from the original. The lead singer of the Solar Twins has an ethereal sounding voice, almost little girl like, without being annoying. For some reason this version of the song is pleasing, and it's interesting to see how the Clash have influenced different artists.

David Bowie - New Killer Star: Ok, I have the whole Bowie CD Reality in my MusicMatch player. Later today that CD will be reviewed at Wenches. I love it when Bowie gets in his prolific moods. The single is great and the album is another "interesting" offering, but I won't give anything away yet.

Moody Blues - Wherever You Are: This is by far the best song John Lodge as ever written. No hands down. If he was trying to one up "Isn't Life Strange" from Seventh Sojourn, he did it with this ballad from Strange Times. John is the Rocker of the Moody Blues, at 58 he goes on stage in leather pants, and quite frankly he looks good in them. (especially when he gives you a view of his tushie)

Midnight Syndicate - Vampyre: I just discovered this Ohio band, that does creepy Halloween soundscapes. They rival Danny Elfman's best creepy scores. I fully intend to have one of these CDs playing on Halloween to freak out the neighbors kids.

Elvis Costello - North: This is one of 4 songs that I like from this album. The only problem is, none of the four tracks I like are on the actual CD I own. North is an exclusive download track you can get when you purchase the CD. Impatience and Too Blue are bonus tracks and Still is the current single. Someday this album may grow on me, but I don't think it's going to be anytime soon.

Van Morrison - Moondance: I love this song...Everyone loves this song. It's crept on so many mix cds I've received lately it's scary and now I'm playing it on the computer.

Sarah Brightman - Harem: The Hex Hector Remix...I really love Sarah's voice, especially when she's doing the trancey new age sound. The title track is one of my favorites from her current release of the same name

Brigid Boden - As Tears Go By: A lovely track written by the Stones. I love Marianne Faithful's voice and I was prepared not to like this, but I couldn't. Another track that I didn't think would lend itself to a trance-like sound, but again, the Music Whore was wrong.

Run for It - Delerium (Featuring Leigh Nash): Yes there's alot of Dance stuff on my player right now. Delerium is the best of the bunch. Find their stuff, download it, then buy it...cos it's worth it. Again, the Music Whore would like to thank Christine for introducing me to this great band.

I think that's enough for now...the playlist is currently growing, and I have a review of Bowie's Reality to do.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Because I Don't Like it Doesn't Mean It's Not Good

The Music Whore doesn't like Elvis Costello's new CD. I feel blashphemous saying it. I feel like I've committed the ulitimate in betrayal. It's not a bad album. No not by a long shot. North is just well.....dull. No, it's not dull, it's just not what I wanted to hear right now.

To me this album is like Elvis woke up and said, "Oh my god, I have to do an album that's just like something my fiancee would do. Wouldn't that make her feel so good?"

Right then and there, someone, a close friend, a passerby, anyone...should have grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him.

No No No!

This album is Elvis writing "Grown Up" music. God I hope he finds his inner child soon, because "Grown Up" music bores me to tears. Ok, maybe it doesn't bore me. If I were bored by it, it wouldn't upset me so much. I don't think I could handle another album like this, though. I want songs that will stick in my head. I want to be able to sing them in my car as I drive along.

Just a note....the Music Whore can sing along to Painted from Memory and the Juliet Letters, and has sung along to them in some pretty strange places...I'm having a rough time recalling the lyrics to Still, and that is my favorite track on the album.

I will say this. It's a beautiful record if you like the kind of song that seem to fade into the background. Songs that you'd expect to here in a smoky nightclub while sipping champagne or bellinis.

For a full review...go to Wenches.

I wish I liked the album as much as I liked the cover.

Friday, September 26, 2003

RIP Robert Palmer

I'm still a touch to shaken to really write how I feel about having read this news. Robert was part of the 80's music scene that I love so much. His videos are among the most recognizable of that decade. His voice was a powerhouse.

If you know anything about 80's music you can shout out at least 2 if not more of his solo recordings; Addicted to Love, Simply Irresistible. If you are a true fan of the 80's you'll know he was in the off shoot band of Duran Duran; Power Station. They scored hits with their cover of T-Rex's Bang a Gong and the fantastic sexy Some Like It Hot.

To say that I'm sad would be an understatement. RIP Robert...I hope the music is with you wherever you are now.
Halloween Mix CD Swap

I know this a hasty thing, but I thought I'd give it a go. For those of you that like Halloween Music, I thought this could be fun. A CD Swap with the Theme of Halloween. Not necessarily "Halloween" tunes, but songs that put you in the mood for the holiday. Though what that could be is entirely up to you.

This is going to be a very quick sign up then send. Sign ups end Saturday Oct 4 and CDs Should be sent out no later than Oct 18. (That way everyone should have time to get their mix by the holiday) I'll have the names of your group members to you Oct 4th or 5th so you have ample time to burn your mix.

Groups will be either of 3 or 4 depending on how many sign up. So you'll be burning for 2 or 3 other people, thus receiving discs from 2 or 3 people. Now for the boring part.

The rules:

1. Ship in a jewel case or paper or plastic sleeve. (something to protect the disc)
2. Artwork is optional, but fun.
3. Include a tracklist with the CD, so if people want to hear more...they can do so.
4. If you sign up participate. It's not fair to the others in the group if they send out CDs and then another member doesn't.

See there, that was easy. Anyone that wants to join in, just email me with your name and address and blog address. My email is in that pretty purple block with my name, for those of you that don't know. Have Fun!

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Three for Thursday

Three for Thursday

I found this over at Christine's blog, and had to take part, it being a music survey and all. I'm in such a happy mood today, making the mix cds for the Quintessential Burn and starting my Halloween Mix (w/potential swap)

Anyway...here's the survey

3 for Thursday (#47):

1. What are 3 songs from your "growing up" years that you hear on the radio now and have to crank it. Songs that really get you rockin'.

Roxette - The Look: A complete kick ass dance song without any techno beats. I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it. It's catchy, it's dancable and it's fun to sing while driving. I still try to get everything they put out.

Culture Club - Karma Chameleon: I so loved everything that Boy George recorded in the 80's. While most girls were tripping on Michael Jackson and Duran Duran, I was Tumbling for Boy George. What a silly girl I was. I wanted make up tips damn it!

Elvis Costello - Veronica: This was the song that got me into his music. Actually it was probably, You Want Her Too from McCartney's Flowers in the Dirt CD. Anyway this was the song that made me buy Spike..and without Spike I never would have had this obsession with the Speccied Singer. Thus an obsession is born...

2. What are 3 songs that bring back really great memories.

Oingo Boingo - Skin: My first date with my red headed demon Dan from high school. He was a total wanker, but he introduced me to Danny Elfman's music and for that I'm eternally grateful

Elvis Costello - Deep Dark Truthful Mirror/You Really Got a Hold on Me (Medley): Oct 19, 2002 AJ Palumbo Center Pittsburgh, PA. I'm the only one standing and dancing to this song at his concert...and Elvis gives a nod in my direction.

Phantom of the Opera: This was the music of my senior year of high school. I was in love with Michael Crawford and wanted desperately to be Christine to his Erik. This is still hands down one of Lloyd Webber's best musicals.

3. What are 3 of your favorite bands/singers from your growing up years?

The Monkees - Yes I'm only 29, but I grew up watching the reruns on one of our old tv stations and then MTV. The Monkees will always be a part of me. A campy funny part of TV and music history. I'm glad I watched.

The Beatles - Couldn't like the Monkees without loving the Fab Four. I stole my brother's copy of Beatles 65 because of my obsession with the song I'll Follow the Sun.

Madonna - I'll mirror one of Christine's answers. I've loved Madonna since Borderline. I own every CD she's ever done and for the most part I like them all. I admire her style and ability to take control of her destiny. I think if there is a true diva out there, she's it.

4. What are 3 of your favorite bands/singers now?

The Moody Blues - I've been trying to get into this band for 17 years. I finally succeeded this May in doing so. I fell in love with a video back in 86 and never really bothered to hear more. This year I heard Tuesday Afternoon from Days of Future Passed, and from then on, I was in love. They are a very mature, relaxed sound, not for everyone, but I find them pleasing to my ears

Elvis Costello - This man rocks! Well not right now, he's too busy being sappy and disgustingly in love with Krallomort, but I'm hoping he goes back to himself soon. I can't say much about this man other than you either love him or you hate him, and I love him

Erasure - Feel good music. Music that will bring a smile to your face and a skip to your step. Have been in love with them since my friend Tina handed me Wonderland in 92. Andy Bell has one of the best voices in music today.

Bonus: What was the best concert you ever went to? Tell us about it.

Oct 19, 2002 - Elvis Costello....Three words to sum up the event... I Met Elvis

Halloween Mix

I've been thinking of doing a mix CD for Halloween. Why? I'm not really sure. There just has to be about twenty songs that can fill a disc, of creepy dark spooky music. Tay came up with one the other day, so today is my turn.

Here's my mix, which will make it to the Art of the Mix site sometime today.

Danny Elfman - This is Halloween
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Halloween
Madonna - Supernatural
Moody Blues - The Other Side of Life
Japan - Ghosts
Oingo Boingo - When the Lights Go Out
The Damned - Grimly Fiendish
Gene - For the Dead
Paul McCartney - That Day is Done
Shakespeare's Sister - Moonchild
Morrissey - Ouija Board Ouija Board
Bauhaus - Spirit
Erasure - Hall of the Mountain King
Arcadia - Keep Me In the Dark
Caroline Lavelle - Mourlough Shore
Elvis Costello - I Want to Vanish
Dead Can Dance - I Am Stretched On Your Grave
Danielle Dax - 16 Candles

I did a lot of hunting to find tracks that were dark and keeping in the theme of Halloween. I like the fact that most of these tracks have an ethereal sound to them. I also discovered a new group while looking for these tracks; Midnight Syndicate The artwork for their albums is gorgeous. It makes me want to revisit a certain vampire story again.

Anyone up for a Halloween Mix Swap?

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

It's Can't Get Much Worse

If you need me, I'll be in bed today. Covers will be pulled tightly over my noggin, I'm not even going to peak out. Very early on, my day was ruined. Yes I know it's barely 9 am, but yes my day is shot to hell. (And it's getting worse by the minute)

I'll start by explaining the worst of it. (yes, it's a juvenile worst of it..but dammit it still hurts) It all starts with these lyrics.

Did her green eyes seduce you and make you get so weak?
Was there fire engine red that she left upon your cheek?
It's such a shame you had to break the heart
You could have counted on but the last thing you need is another
...Episode of blonde

Elvis, you really don't need another episode of blonde. You really didn't need to announce you plan to marry "That Woman." I really can't mention her name, it makes me want to violently wretch.

You also didn't need to tell us how you met, and in a subtle way (cos we could really see how nervous you were when Letterman asked the question of how the two of you met) tell us that you cheated on your wife Cait. (They divorced late last year btw)

That's nothing new to the world at large. Everyone knows Elvis Costello shags "anything in a skirt, anything wearing a necklace" (Dammit where's the Shag Elvis Queue, I want to be in front. C'mon Brighid get in line!) I just didn't want to think about it. I was kinda comfortable with his marriage to Cait O'Riordan. Cait was invisible enough that you could almost forget about her. You can't forget about "Krallomort." She's in your face everywhere.

So with that news at 12:30 last night, I went to bed feeling oddly disappointed with the new day. I can ignore things though. I'll ignore Krallomort. I plan on ignoring "North" too for the time being. It's entirely too many emotional moments that I don't wish to listen to. (And still far from being a good Costello record too) Things will get less disgusting. I hope.

I was wrong. I turned on the telly this morning. Do you want to know what I saw there? Do you really?

Paul McCartney and his wife Heather. (feel free to add any descriptive words about his missus) I can think of a few, but they aren't very nice, so I won't share them.

Really, what's next? A phone call from Marie Hayward? (My imagination's working overtime today) I can't imagine how that woman could creep into my day to ruin it any further, but c'mon Marie, it's your turn to bat.

Hit me with your best shot....If you can find me underneath all these blankets.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Moody Blues News

Say that 5 times fast, I dare ya! There's quite a bit of news on the Moody Front today. The release date of Oct 28 has been comfirmed for the December album. The track listing is out as well as a press release from Universal.

Let me start with the essentials.

These are the tracks and the songwriting credits for December

1 Don't Need A Reindeer (J. Hayward)

2 December Snow (J. Hayward)

3 The Quiet Of Christmas Morning (Bach 147) (Traditional)

4 On This Christmas Day (J. Lodge)

5 Happy Christmas (War Is Over) (J. Lennon / Y. Ono)

6 A Winters Tale (M. Batt / T. Rice)

7 The Spirit Of Christmas (J. Lodge)

8 Yes, I Believe (J. Hayward)

9 A Child Is Born (Zacar, translation by F. Jay)

10 White Christmas (I. Berlin)

11 In the Bleak Midwinter" (C. Rosetti / G. Holst)

Another cute tidbit, Cold Stone Creamery's Ice Cream Shops have named a flavor after a Moody Blues Song.

That's Nights in White Chocolate. Pardon me, while I start drooling.

Lastly, here is the link to the Press Release for December. It's an Adobe file, just to let you know.

I'm heading NORTH

Happy North Day to you! My CD with Bonus DVD shipped last night, so I can hope to hold it in my hands on Saturday. I don't know if I can wait that long for new pictures of Elvis!

So in celebration of the release of this album,(no matter how dull I find it) I bring you gratuitous pictures of Mr. Costello.


I just have to say I love that picture!

Monday, September 22, 2003

Paperback Writer

An open rant from a person that does one thing that's really important to her: my writing. I hate when people dismiss the little things that I write as trifles. This isn't a rant for me in general, it's for anyone out there with a love for getting a story down on paper.

People write for several reasons.

1. The have a story to tell
2. Something has moved them so much that it has to be put down in print
3. They are being forced to.

If you write for the first two reasons, than kudos to you. I don't care what you write, do it. I wouldn't beg the worst writer in the world to stop. (no matter how much her bad totally implausible stories might be)

Writing is a release. It's an obsession. For me it's something I've done since grade school. I have to write. To stop me would be to kill me. To ridicule what I write is to stab me in the heart.

I have many outlets for my ramblings. The blog is my favorite; both blogs actually. I think I can be slightly different in my musings over at wenches. Though I don't know why.

All I know is this...If I didn't have this to do, I would surely perish.

This weeks Seven is lyric associations.

So, here's how it works: I'll give you a word, and you complete the line with a lyric from the first song that comes to mind... It can be in the middle of the line, or end of it, or whatever, so long as it is an actual song

1. I'm...
2. If...
3. Sometimes...
4. Did...
5. Tell...
6. And...
7. So...

So again, the Music Whore is jumping right in that one. It was a bit tricky but I got one for each.

1. I'm leaning on a lamp, maybe you think I look a tramp or maybe you think I'm round to steal a cup. Leaning on a Lamp - Herman's Hermits
2. If you don't have a dream, how you going to have a dream come true? Happy Talk - Captain Sensible
3. Sometimes the truth is harder than the pain inside. Sometimes - Erasure
4. Did you find out what you were missing. Clubland - Elvis Costello
5. Tell me why you cry and why you lie to me. Tell Me Why - The Beatles
6. And if you saw my love...you'd love her too..And I love her. And I Love Her - The Beatles
7. So it goes and so it goes And so it goes and so it goes but where it's goin' no one knows. So It Goes - Nick Lowe


Just had to share a picture of the artwork for the new Moody Blues CD. It was posted over at the Higher and Higher board this past week. It's very Norman Rockwell-ish I'd say.

Makes me want a cup of cocoa and a sandwich made from turkey leftovers..

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Weekend CD Reviews

Just to let you all know, I've been reviewing some random albums over at the Wenches Blog. Feel free to go over and have a look at my writings.

Shout out if you feel the review has been helpful to you or not. I'm really having fun with this.

This weekend's reviews: Caroline Lavelle - The Spirit and The Moody Blues - Strange Times.

Next week, I'm going to take another look at Elvis Costello's North and David Bowie's Reality.
The Joy of Mix CD Swapping

Ok, the last disc has now been burned for the Quintessential Burn. I'm really looking forward to getting the new mix CDs in the mail.

I took part in Kymberlie's Burn It about a month or so ago, and now I'm doing the Quintessential Burn over at Cyber-Cowboy's site.

I got many very professionally done mixes from the Burn It Swap, that I'm being very anal about my mix this time. Well not the mix itself, but the artwork. Cos artwork has never been my forte. I think it's my lack of Photo Shop that keeps me from reaching my full potential in this area.

I found some really great bands thanks to that CD Swap, and I was quite surprised that alot of the music that I liked (but have been neglecting had shown up on some of my mixes.)

So here are a few recommendations of bands that I've heard recently, care of the Burn It Summer Edition.

Delerium - I'm fond of these tracks so far: Underwater and Terra Firma

Lovage - Try Strangers on a Train

Freezepop: Cheesy music at its best...if you need a giggle Boom Boom Boom will do it

I was also pleased that people enjoyed the Moody Blues track I included. The song was Deep, from the album Sur La Mer. Next to Elvis Costello's I Want You..this is the thuddiest song ever recorded.

So really, if you have a burner and want to experience new music, I highly recommend getting involved in a CD Swap. I'd love to do another one myself, but I don't have enough readers here. (sniffle)

Oh...and just to let you know..The vast majority of the world thinks that Van Morrison's Moondance is a great MakeOut song...though I have to say..it's just a great song. Period.
Quintessential Burn Update

OK, apparently all the trouble in my mix was at the beginning of the alphabet. Disc 2 of this Mix just happens to be the original Disc 4 of the 4 CD boxed set version.

That just saved me a helluva lot of work.

I did just notice this. Besides Justin Hayward, the only vocalist to be featured twice on this mix is Sting. Sting appears with Wrapped Around Your Finger and Desert Rose.

Here's the tracks for Disc Two

New Order - True Faith
Oingo Boingo - Long Breakdown
Pet Shop Boys - Se a Vida E (That'st he Way Life Is)
The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger
The Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong
Stacey Q - Two of Hearts
REM - Half a World Away
Roxette - Church of Your Heart
Captain Sensible - Happy Talk
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Slowdive
The Smiths - Big Mouth Strikes Again
Sting - Desert Rose (radio edit)
They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse In Your Soul
U2 - Pride (In the Name of Love)
Midge Ure - Breathe
Visage - Fade to Grey
Robbie Williams - Supreme
XTC - King for a Day
Yaz - Don't Go
Robin Zander - Reactionary Girl

See that wasn't very hard...

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Quintessential Burn...Yes Another Update

I've been maneuvering and removing tracks and changing tracks, so that I get the perfect mix of my favorite songs. I've managed to get letters A-M onto one disc. The sacrifices I've made in some areas have really hurt. I couldn't find room for Matchbox Twenty. They did however make it on the boxed set version, which I will burn for anyone who wants a copy. Just send me blanks and postage.

Here's tracks for Disc One

Abba - When All Is Said and Done
Tori Amos - 1000 Oceans
Bauhaus - Who Killed Mr. Moonlight
The Beatles - Nowhere Man
David Bowie - Queen Bitch
Paul Carrack - Don't Shed a Tear
Elvis Costello - Little Atoms (Different Track)
The Damned - Eloise (live at Rock the Docks)
Duran Duran - Union of the Snake
Enya - Only If
Erasure - True Love Wars
Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way
Genesis - Invisible Touch (Different Track)
Glass Tiger - Far Away From Here (Different Track)
Justin Hayward - On the Road
Icehouse - Crazy
Billy Joel - Rosalinda's Eyes
Nik Kershaw - Wide Boy
Nick Lowe - Cruel to Be Kind
Moody Blues - Strange Times (Different Track)

I'll post Disc Two as soon as I get everything sorted.
Quintessential Burn

I have a boxed set that I'd love to use as the actual CD Swap mix, but thanks to my financial situation, I've got to cut it in half. This makes me very very sad. I'm hoping I can still get the most important music of my life on 2 cds. That shouldn't cost more than a dollar or more to send.

Tay, if you want a copy of the real one, I'll send it to you as soon as I get back on my feet. I'm hoping that's very soon.

Now the question that lingers is "What tracks will have to be cut?" That means I have to take of one of two Justin Hayward and Moody Blues songs, as they were the only bands that got 2 nods. I'm so depressed because both tracks by both Justin and his band were great. (Plus with the Moody Blues, Justin doesn't do all the singing, one of the tracks was song by John Lodge) It was bad enough that I had to cut out a Beatles song. How can you pick only one Beatles song?

GAH! This will take all night to figure out. I want to have the discs ready by Monday or Tuesday.

(not to mention the rewrites on Man Out of Time...wah)
Tell Me Why

As some of you may know, I've started the re-writes again on Man Out of Time. It's got me to thinking how nice life would be if life could be like a romance novel. As I think of the plot of Man Out of Time, I think I was trying to write something much in that vein.

After all the plot is this: A romance writer is suddenly faced with her own sensuality when she's asked to visit her best friend in England when his marriage collapses. Here she finds herself becoming strongly attached to not just her best friend but two of his other friends as well.

Of course chaos ensues as well as some very tricky situations for all envolved.

I think my life needs some of that kind of excitement. I wonder where I could find a friend with a collapsing marriage. No, I think that's the part I could do without.

But back to my original discussion. Why is it that in every romance novel a twentysomething female, ususally of a middle to lower income finds love with a much wealthier male, who doesn't care one whit about their income differences. I'm sorry a rich male isn't going to pay any attention to a poor secretary. Nope not in my life, someone else's yes, mine no.

Do you know who'll pay attention to me? The stock boy at the grocery store. You know the 30 year old who's still making minimum wage, he's the guy who'll find me devestatingly attractive.

Yes that sounds mercenary, I know, but in a crap economy, I'd like to have a romance that has some money flowing around to be spent on me. Cos in all my life, no man has ever bothered to buy me anything with the exception of roses, and we all know what that means. Yup, he's done something wrong.

Rant ended, anyone who wants to read the current rewrites on Man Out of Time, you know how to get in touch with me.

Friday, September 19, 2003


Finally a Friday Five that doesn't make me want to pull out my hair. As you all know, I only answer the surveys that are about music, so here goes. A fantastic Friday Five

1. Who is your favorite singer/musician? Why?
I'm going to interpret this question just as it's written, that way my already strained brain won't explode. Elvis Costello is my favorite singer/musician. The man can sing, play guitar and write snarky lyrics. (He can write pretty lyrics too, but snarky ones are funner) I won't bother to mention that he's easy on the eyes, cos that really doesn't pertain to the question (but it sure helps)

Elvis Costello makes music that can fit every mood. Even sick I found myself trying to sing along to Battered Old Bird from Blood and Chocolate. That in itself says alot for the man.

This man makes real music. Music with lyrics that make you think, cry, smile, get angry...and maybe even GET HAPPY. (Ooops couldn't resist the musical pun)

Buy all his albums, dammit, he rocks! (Well except for North, that album so doesn't rock, but Still is such a damn pretty song.)

2. What one singer/musician can you not stand? Why?
Again I will interpret this question as it is written, so Linds can be happy, that I won't be dissing the White Stripes today. (Oh how I'd love to though) Actually I'm going to go straight for the obvious, Celine Dion. Will someone please stop her incessant caterwauling? PLEASE!

When she started out doing pop music in the very late 80's, she was just barely tolerable. I actually liked Where Does My Heart Beat Now?, which was a cute love ballad. Only somewhere between her first and second albums, someone told her she could be the next Streisand. NO NO NO! Not even a duet with Babs can make you sound good. Now Stop! My ears are bleeding.

3. If your favorite singer wasn't in the music business, do you think you would still like him/her as a person?

Now that's an interesting question. I think Declan MacManus would be an interesting person to know. If he wasn't in the music business, he would probably be quite a different bloke altogether. He'd be just another geek. I'd therefore still find him attractive, as I tend to gravitate towards geeks.

Let me think on Mr. Hayward. He'd still be a beautiful 6'1 blonde adonis. I wonder what he'd have done if the call of music hadn't taken control of his life? Would he still be a sweet Swindon boy? Why wouldn't I want to know a man as beautiful as Justin. The question would really be, would he want to know me? Likely not.

4. Have you been to any concerts? If yes, who put on the best show?
That's the dumbest question ever asked. Has the music whore been to any concerts.

I've seen:

The Monkees (countless times)
Paul McCartney (fantastic show, a great showman)
Def Leppard (3 times, great performers there, regardless of what you think of hairbands)
Duran Duran (2 times..another spectacular bunch of shows..the greatness of this band was surprising to me actually)
Counting Crows
The Devlins
Cheap Trick
Love and Rockets
David Bowie/NIN (I refuse to discuss this show. Half the audience left before Bowie came on. What a bunch of morons)
Cher/Cyndi Lauper
Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber w/Michael Crawford
Phil Collins
Eric Clapton
Big Rewind Tour : Culture Club, Human League, Howard Jones
and saving the best for last


5. What are your thoughts on downloading free music online vs. purchasing albums? Do you feel the RIAA is right in its pursuit to stop people from dowloading free music?

Oye, it's a can of worms question. There are so many reasons why I'm sitting on the fence on this one. I can see the point of the RIAA. The downloads are hurting the musicians (LOL...who are already rich) and the labels (who are a bunch of idiots).

The high cost of CDs in a crappy economy is keeping the college students, who are the target market for most of the music purchased, from buying more. Why wouldn't you download the songs for free when a CD can cost you 20 bucks and only have 1 good song on it?

Ethecially it's wrong. But it also brings about the question, What has the RIAA done for me lately? Have any of the labels reissued any old obscure albums by my favorite artists? No..Have the labels that are part of this organization lowered music costs or try to find artists with talent? No. (I lie..Universal is...kudos to you)

And as Onesy said...The RIAA sued a 12 year old.

Makes me start to wonder...who has less ethics, the RIAA or the people downloading music? Now there's something to ponder.
Hurricane Isabel

Excuse me while I ponder why this storm has decided to come up through Pennsylvania. I'm thankfully not in the area that's going to be greatly affected by this lovely storm. I will say this though, STOP WITH THE BLOODY RAIN!

This summer has been monsoon season. If it wasn't humid and disgustingly hot it was pouring down rain. So to end the summer with a bang, Hurricane Isabel is coming straight for PA. UGH.

Well here's hoping our rivers don't flood or that I don't get blown away trying to get the soggy morning paper, or anything fun like that. I think I'm simply going to try to get the rewrites done to Man Out of Time (yeah I'm editing again), read some more of the cheesy smut novel I found and drink lots of hot cocoa.

I think it's a good plan. Here's hoping I can stay coherent long enough to accomplish some of this.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

This Just In

Elvis Costello has sexy ears. Yes, I've been watching that video again. I wish to god I could find an mpeg of it, so I could do screen captures. Especially of the last frame. Mr. Costello is looking very good these days. Mere words cannot begin to say how lovely he looks in that video.

I will say..that even when he had his hair shaved he was dishy. Click here to see some lovely pics of Elvis from January of 2002.

Don't Leave Me Driftwood On the Shore

Yes, another day of randomness. Why? Cos I'm so sick I just want to crawl back into bed and hide.

~ My writing is really getting me down lately, which is not good..as it's the only thing that has been keeping me going these last few weeks.

~Mutchka, the psycho kitty keeps falling off the windowsill and today he landed in the toilet. HA! Mutchka is a big kitty.

~I need to know when my life is getting back to normal, but the powers that be, refuse to tell me. Come to think of it..even those people that have nothing to do with me won't give me answers..namely the venue in OH and the band that are to have a new album out soon.

~I have so many blog readers that I don't know..that come here on a regular basis..does that mean I'm talented...popular...or just a freak show?

~Justin Hayward's site is updated with news and tour dates..for the Fall Moody Blues tour...why isn't the Official Moody Site updated...or for that matter...John Lodge's site..taps foot at John...

~I still haven't received my Trust CD in the mail. Grrrr. I need more Elvis Costello goodness to counteract the fact that I do not like the album North. Sorry Elvis...but I still love you....

~Sometimes you need something pretty to brighten your day. This is it:

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Things that make me very happy

1. I may be going back to work tomorrow. (the boss says so, but I find it hard to believe the boss)

2. Working means I may very well be able to afford a t-shirt when I go see my Moody Men in concert in Nov.

3. Only one week until Elvis Costello's North hits the stores...I so want to see the pictures!

4. That blasted Ruby Tuesday song by the Rolling Stones...(something about it really makes me grin as I sing along..in a very off key manner)

5. BBC's Coupling. I think you all know why, but for those of you that have forgotten.

6. Do I even need to mention this:

7. It goes without saying:

8. Vh-1 Classic

9. Pictures of my many manwhores. (I bet you never guessed that)

10. Writing stories...that only my blogfriends will ever read.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

It was 23 years ago today

Today is the day that Oingo Boingo released their first EP. The EP was for the single Only a Lad and had the freaky cat cover.

The following tracks were included on this release (some of which have yet to be put on CD in their studio form)

Only A Lad
Violent Love
Ain't this the life
I'm So Bad

So because of this great event in music history, I give you a lovely pic of Danny Elfman and the boys.

Editor's Note: The music whore feels old because some people don't know what an EP (extended play) single is. For those of you out there that recall vinyl, EP's are like the 12' singles that were popular in the 80's. Not quite a single..and not quite an album. Pass me my geritol....please.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Musical Taste

Miss Tay posted about this site awhile back and I'm revisiting it. I figured it was time to update my recommendations.

This is a very kewl site that allows you tell the world why you love a song and hopefully get someone new to take a listen. Right now I have 11 songs that I'm recommending. Look for that list to grow over the coming days.

You can look up my list, my username is Elfslut. I believe Miss Tay's list is under the username Javaviolet. Someday I'm going to start updating my page at the Art of the Mix site again too.

Moody Update...

Ok...just been to the Higher and Higher Board, and have I got happy news. Firstly, there are some new tour dates added. For those of you in my area that love the Moody Blues...be happy you will only have to drive to Youngstown to see them. Woo hoo, no mountain range involved! In fact, no mountains involved.

Thank you ....Oh Great and Loving Tour Promoters. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I hope the Grand Lemon named Greta can make the trip come Nov 16.

I'm still sad that I won't be seeing them with Ray Thomas. He's truly a fine musician and singer. (look I'm talking like I'm going...and tickets aren't on sale..nor do I have funds)

Anyway...one last piece of Moody info, a possible release date for December is looking like Oct 14, our dear Justin's b-day. Info is courtesy of this site. I'm not sure how accurate this date is, as I've seen no preorder info at Amazon or Best Buy just yet, but it's nice to know its coming soon.

For now I'll leave you with this happy pic of the Moody Men

Sunday, September 14, 2003

A 60's Manwhore...Who Needs to Open His Eyes and Start Thinking with His Brain

2 guesses as to who I'm talking about..Ok..if you guessed Paul McCartney, you get a cookie.

I found a lovely website today, while hunting for pictures. So let me introduce you to the Off the Web Paul Site.

Look to see a review of Paul's Flaming Pie CD over at Wenches later today as well

How Brighid Almost Got Her Wish

If you've been reading my tag board/chatterbox you know that when I talk to Brighid on IM before going to bed I tend to have wonderful dreams about Elvis Costello. You know the "Really" nice kind.

Well since she hasn't had any good Elvis dreams and I've had way too many. (we all know how hyperactive my imagination is) I told her as soon as I had a dream about Justin Hayward, I'd let Elvis go on over to her little noggin for a nice "shag the Declan" dream.

Last night, Brighid almost got lucky! Well lucky in the sense Declan could have been switching noggins. But nope..I dreamt about a Justin Hayward CD, not the man himself. Grrrrr. On top of it all, the CD in question doesn't even exist.

I absolutely hate having dreams about CDs. Why? Because in the morning I start wondering, do I have this? Is this CD really coming out?

I have to say this Justin-ish dream was kinda freaky, because I wasn't even listening to the Moody Blues before bed. I was listening to a mix cd of one of my favorite musical theatre stars; Michael Ball.

What a weird subconscious I have; it won't let me snog Justin. So there you go Brighid, my subconscious won't let me snog Justin and your's won't let you snog Elvis.

What a sad bunch of minds we have.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

By Request

Brighid seems to think there's not enough Costello goodness posted around here. I tend to agree right now. So to live up to my promise and to beautify the blog just a bit; I bring you my favorite recent picture of the Divine Dishy Declan.

An 80's Manwhore and a CD Review

I'm doing a weekly or perhaps twice weekly CD Review over at the Wenches blog. I didn't want to review, just new CDs, because that gets done too often, though do look to see a review of Bowie's Reality as soon as a copy falls into my lap.

The manwhore I bring you today is Paul Young, and the CD that I have reviewed is called Reflections. After you finish drooling on his picture, go read the review.

Wrapping Up the Week

I decided to start out my day's blogging with a nifty bunch of questions from the Weekly Wrap Up

It's about Mtv and Music, so I really couldn't resist this one.

1. What was the first music video you remember seeing? What was memorable?

The first video I ever remember seeing was Olivia Newton John's - Physical. It was on HBO's video show. I have no idea why this video stuck with me or why it made me determined to be Olivia Newton John for a few months in my youth. What I find funny about it now, is that all my friends and I of course had no clue what the song was really about. Here we were in grade school doing aeorbics to this song, while Olivia was singing about the horizontal mambo!

2. What was your favorite music video as a teenager? Why?

As a teenager my favorite music video was 'the chair' version of George Harrison's Got My Mind Set on You. It was so campy and so cute and I loved George so much then. My teen years were so filled with classic rock goodness. Of course the 80's were filled with so many Classic Rock milestones and some great videos as well. I'll add that my 2 runners up for video favs are both Moody Blues videos; 'In Your Wildest Dreams' and 'I Know You're Out There Somewhere'.

3. How often did you watch MTV as a teen? How often now? Why has this changed, if at all?

Mtv was constantly on in my house until I was in college. You have to remember this though. Up until the mid 90's Mtv did play videos and music related shows. Does anyone besides me remember Weird Al's show on Mtv. Somewhere I have a tape of one of the epis with XTC performing King for a Day from the Oranges and Lemons CD. Mtv was great in the beginning. I'm glad I was part of the Mtv Generation. I'm only sad that now I can't turn the channel on, entirely too much crap. I'm getting old.

4. Did "video kill the radio star," as The Buggles asserted in their 1980 song of the same title? Why or why not?

You have only to turn on Vh-1 too learn the answer to that question. There's too much emphasis put on the 'prettiness' of a band rather than their actual talent today. That we can partially blame video for, as well as the corporate rock idiots that are out to shove the same sound down our throats for years and years...stifling the creativity of the rest of the world.

5. What is the best music video ever made? Why?

Thanks to Brighid I'm half tempted to say, Elvis Costello's "Still", but that would be wrong. I love it only for the loveliness of the man singing it. There are so many truly wonderful videos made in the past 20 some years, it's really hard to pinpoint just one.

1. Aha's Take On Me
2. Duran Duran's Wild Boys
3. Guns and Roses' November Rain
4. Those 2 Moody Blues videos I mentioned.
5. Elvis Costello's 45 (too cute not to love)

I could add more to this list..but well it would be pointless.

Friday, September 12, 2003

The Other Brother in the Head Family

I've posted pics of the delightful and dishy Anthony Stuart Head on many occasions, but I've never found any pics of this man's just as dishy brother Murray.

If any of you are fans of 80's pop or musicals you may recognize his name. Murray starred in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, playing the role of Judas in the 70's as well as playing the part of the American in the original cast of Tim Rice's Chess. Yes Murray is the voice of One Night In Bangkok!

And to prove to you he's just as lovely as his brother, I give you this picture

Cos I Love Pictures

Because I'm still working on Man Out of Time and don't have an update ready, I'm bringing you some of my favorite vintage Manwhores. Bet you'll not guess who the first 2 will be. Tee hee.

Justin Hayward

John Lodge

Elvis Costello

Nick Lowe


I just want to say my goodbyes to two very talented people who passed away yesterday: Johnny Cash and John Ritter.

The world is not so musical and far less funny with the passing of these two men.

The Music Whore is sad....very sad.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

Onto happier thoughts. I finally found two or rather three songs by the Rolling Stones that I actually like! That was quite a feet I tell you. Mick Jagger is one of my least favorite front men in all of music. (real music that is)

Start Me Up...used to be the only song that I could stand. Who can't like a song that has the lyrics, "You can make a dead man cum." Uh, Mick..thank you for that very unappealing visual.

Well the other day I was watching Vh-1 Classic and I found myself watching the Headline Act, which happened to be the Stones, with interview clips by Bill Wyman. It was through this hour (of mostly torture) that I found 2 more songs.

Ruby Tuesday from Between the Buttons


Waiting on a Friend from Tattoo You

I think there might be a song or two from the Steel Wheels album..If I could find the cassette somewhere I might remember what it was. Until then...Goodbye Ruby Tuesday ...Who could hang a name on you.....

Right now I'm sitting here at my computer trying to avoid seeing all the memorials and newscasts. For me, living through it once was enough. I'm not saying that it's not needed, there is still plenty of healing to be done.

This was a day that rocked a nation from coast to coast. I know plenty of people that are still afraid to get on an airplane for fear of attack.

For me, I offer this advice: Take hold of your moments while you are alive. They pass by much to quickly and can be snuffed out in an instant. Live each day with love in your heart and know that when the time comes you've shared that love with at least one person.

And to quote a wise and wonderful man...

"Wherever you go
Whatever you do
Whatever you say
Say it with love" ~ Justin Hayward

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Elvis Costello Love

I was reading an entry at a friend's LiveJournal and I now feel compelled to share this link with you.

That is a link for some Top of the Pops clips of my darlin', divine and dashing Declan. I've watched half of the clips already, and I can't tell you which is my favorite.

Radio Radio - Sexy young Elvis and a Studly Steve Nieve with a Beatle mop top cut...

I Wanna Be Loved - Thud

Everyday I Write the Book - He can put his hands in my sweater any day

Sulky Girl - You talking to me, Stud bucket?

She - I'm on my back screaming take me I'm yours.

Ok..nuff said...I want to snog Mr. Costello senseless...is this not apparent?
A friend's maiden blog

I would like to invite all my readers to visit The Certifiable Wenches Blog to read the maiden post of a good friend of mine, Linda...aka Squirt.

This is her maiden post in blogland, and she has alot of fun tales to share with us.

As many of you know, the above mentioned blog is a community blog, and any of you wenches out there that would like to participate are free to fill out the application for wenchdom...or email Deb or myself...(I have more time these days though) and we'll see if you can be a wench.

So all that said, go over and see what Linda has to say! Now!

The Musings of the Music Whore aka Random Thoughts

I was inspired to bring my musical/entertainment thoughts to the world...courtesy of David. Funny this is one of the first times I've agreed with David. Oh and I promise, no mentions of my favorites in this post...Though I still think Krallomort and Miss Piggy are long lost sisters.

1. Musical genres come and go....isn't it about time we lost grunge for awhile?

2. Will Vh-1 ever do an I love the 60's show or will they just forget that decade and move on to the 90's which I so didn't love.

3. Captain Sensible, why does such a sexy punk rock dude have a fetish for wearing tutus and singing about turkeys?

4. While I'm on the subject of Cpt. Sensible...allow me to ponder his band: the Damned....Why is such a hottie like Dave Vanian married and with child on the way this year. (sobs)

5. Simon and Garfunkel Reunion Tour are we desperate for cash guys or just jealous of the Eagles success?

6. Do we really want to read a book written by Madonna to our children?

7. How many more pop acts are going to go "Broadway"? The Guys from ABBA did Chess with Tim Rice...So did Elton...the Pet Shop Boys..have done a show on the West End..now Boy George...

8. The Concert for George is coming out on DVD soon...Just another reason for me to cry.

George I miss you...

9. Hillary Duff is touring....Why....why....why?

10. Why does the world care about Bennifer...both are obnoxious and one of them can't sing as well as not being able to act..

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Get Drunk Get Disgruntled..but most of all Elvis Costello wants you to Get Happy

Well for having no money at all, I managed to get 2 out of the 3 reissues today. For those of you not in the Costello/Rhino reissue loop; this psycho label is putting out 3 titles of Mr. Costello's back catalog every few months(years....). The 3 albums that have hit stores today are fantastic: Punch the Clock (pure 80s mixed with a little Elvis snarkiness), Get Happy (Can't make me any happier than this) and Trust (From a whisper to a SCREAM).

Ok..I'm sure you're wondering why you should buy these, what with the call to boycott the RIAA and all. I'm going to give you 3 reasons, all of them good.

1. Each CD has a bonus disc of demos/rarities and other happy stuff.

2. Liner notes written by EC himself.

3. (This one is the Music Whore's Personal Favorite) Pictures!!!!!

I mean really....Can you turn this face down?

Cut Piece

Yoko Ono's at it again! For world piece she's staging an exhibit in Paris on Sept 15. Allow me to exlain the Cut Piece exhibit to you. Yoko is going to sit on a stage and allow audience members to cut of pieces of her clothing with scissors. To read the article from the Times Online click the linky.

Yoko is 70!

I would advise everyone considering to take part in this to just donate money. Please, please don't cut off Yoko's clothes. We really don't need to see that!


How about Dress Yoko For World Peace?

Or even still...Teach Yoko to Sing for Peace!

Monday, September 08, 2003

Things that Make a Moody Lady...Moody

Here are the tentative dates for the Moody Blues fall tour. Two guesses why the Music Whore is pissed off..and is a generally unhappy Hay Ho?

29 October Ft. Myers, FL
Mann Performing Arts Hall

30 October Sarasota, FL
Van Wezel Performing Arts Center

31 October Melbourne, FL
King Center

1 November Boca Raton, FL
Mizner Park Ampitheater

2 November Clearwater, FL (2 shows)
Ruth Eckerd Hall
Ticketmaster.com/ Tickets.com

4 November Jacksonville, FL
Florida Theatre Jacksonville

5 November Atlanta, GA
The Tabernacle

6 November Birmingham, AL
Alabama Theatre

7 November Biloxi, MS
Grand Casino Biloxi

8 November Robinsonville, MS
Grand Casino Tunica (stroll to bottom)

9 November St. Louis, MO
Savvis Arena

11 November Evansville, IN
Centre Theatre

12 November Indianapolis

13 November Rosemont, IL
Rosemont Theatre

14 November Detroit, MI

15 November Grand Rapides, MI
DeVos Hall

16 November Toledo or Toronto

18 November Reading, PA
Sovereign Center

19 November Salisbury, MD
Wicomico Civic Center

20 November Upper Darby, PA
Tower Theatre

21 November Albany, NY
Palace Theatre

22 November New Brunswick, NJ
State Theatre

23 November Providence, RI
Providence Performing Arts Center

25-26 November New York City
City Center

28 November Augusta, ME
Augusta Civic Center

29 November Wallingford, CT
Oakdale Theatre

30 November Lowell, MA
Tsongas Arena

Oh and click here to sign Mr. Hayward's online B-day card from the This Morning site.
Monday Mission

I did this, because some silly wench didn't update the 7 on Sunday which I love doing on Mondays. Wah!!!
This is last week's btw, cos it looked, as Mr. Proops would say, funner.

1. The North Carolina Press Photographers Association (NCPPA) recently took back a photographer's three awards when it was learned that he had digitally altered some photos. Do you think it is "unethical" for newspaper photographers to use PhotoShop to alter the images they capture? Should journalists be held to a higher standard?

Now here is an interesting question. I have to say that I would agree that altering a picture that has something to do with a news story (not celebrity photos...put simon lebon's head on some hot naked guy..I don't care) is wrong. It can distort a person's perception of the event depending on what the photographer has done. I'm not saying that they shouldn't clean up photos if it's necessary, but lord knows what some people will do for a story.

2. On the flip-side of journalistic integrity, several newspapers are choosing not to run the Sept. 7 edition of "Doonesbury" because it mentions masturbation. I just don't care for Doonesbury anymore, but it made me wonder how much progress we've really made as a society. Is masturbation a bad thing? Even in the times in which we live, is it something that can't be spoken of still? And just for grins, do you really believe people who say they've never done that?

Masterbation Masterbation Masterbation. I would think that in this enlightened age (ha ha ha) we should be able to speak of it, if we want to. If this were England, that comic would probably have seen more print. Only in America, where we are closet prudes, do we censor something so trivial. Ooops I didn't know we couldn't talk about sex! What was I thinking? Oh and anyone who says they never have done that...is most likely lying through their teeth.

3. If you had the power to be the Webmaster Almighty, what one thing would you eliminate entirely from the World Wide Web?

Oh geeze just one? How about the Porn sites that send out all those spam emails that make me want to kill people a few zillion times a day. I think that would reduce my day to day stress!

4.Did you grow up in the same town when you were young, or did your parents move around a lot? How do you think that impacted your life? Has it had any affects on your adult life?

I was born and raised in the tiny hamlet of Charleroi on Mon River. I still live in that tiny hamlet. I don't think it's had any affect on my adult life, other than to give me proof that stupid people live in the Mon Valley. But wait, I've stayed in cities for days at a time and guess what! Stupid people live there too. I can now appreciate the fact that stupid people in a small towns are annoying but in a more tolerable redneck kind of manner. Stupid people from cities need to be put away.

Ok..so I guess I can say living here has made me appreciate small town stupidity!

5. Who deserves to be called a Liar to their face? What would you say to them to publicly humiliate them? ("Liar, liar, pants on fire...")

George W. Bush...no if's ands and buts about it. What I'd say to him?

Weapons of Mass Distruction? I don't fucking hardly think so...you ass munch, where are they hiding them, up your tushie?

6. How do you picture Heaven?

All my concubines sitting around waiting to serve me. Sigh...oh and some harp music too...

7. Who do you hope to meet in the afterlife?

If the afterlife is kind to me, I'd like to meet the family members that I didn't get to know while they were alive, or didn't get to know because they had passed on, before I popped into this world. I'll also add a handful of celebrities if they can spare me some celestial time...(particularly George Harrison)

BONUS: When you�re gone how can I even try to go on?

I'm sure you'll survive..go buy a donut and coffee...you won't even miss me.

Back to work tomorrow!

I have to say having a month off work truly sucks. Especially when it's not a vacation, month off work. ARGH! I've been hounding my boss for over three weeks trying to figure out if I have a job or if I should be looking. I finally got a straight answer from the man today!

It looks like I may be going back to work tomorrow!! I'm so very excited, kinda sorta. Kinda sorta, because after 3 weeks off work, you get a little bit lazy. Anyway, I look forward to my life returning to some form of normalcy in the next week. I miss fending off the bill collectors that call my boss!

Ah well much to do today. I have my scanner working at long last. I have many Moody Blues Pics to scan as well as some Elvis Costello pics from a few articles and clippings people have sent me. I also really need to figure out why my printer doesn't seem to want to print. Well the printer on this computer that is. When I try to print a document it wants to go through the network and use the printer on the Emachine.

Oh the aggravation.

But anyway. I also found a new Johnny Depp website, with oodles of lovely pics

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Moody Beauty

I think old Moody Pics are the most fun to look at. So thanks to the update at Justin Hayward's website, I decide to share some of their loveliness with you.

Sometimes I do believe there is hope

I was walking through my house, when I heard the strains of The Animal's - House of the Rising Sun. It wasn't coming from my computer or the telly; so I set out to investigate. Low and behold, it was coming from the eldest bratling's laptop. He actually downloaded this song!!


Every now and then he exhibits taste.

Now if only he'd stop playing tracks from Nevermind at bedtime, I would be a much happier auntie! Something about Smells Like Teen Spirit at 1 am, just grates on my one last very frayed nerve. During the day this album is fine, I can even tolerate it...And we all know the Music Whore is not a Nirvana fan, but when it interrupts the Music Whore's sleep, she can get cranky.

So now the bratling has 4 or 5 good songs on his harddrive:

David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World
Matchbox Twenty - Unwell
The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated
The Animals - House of the Rising Sun

Maybe with any luck this list will grow.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

At least I get to hear one of Elvis' Concerts from this summer

I just got a copy of the Summer stage show from July. Not the greatest sound of of the shows I have, but I don't care. Cos well I need my EC fix today. I'm completely bummed about the whole Pittsburgh concert scene, as well as my lack of work situation.

All me to pass judgment on the show he put on at the Summerstage on July 11, 2003.

The show opens with a rather disappointing Waiting For the End of World...which was a frequent opener for the Cruel Tour..which is why I'm a bit let down by this. He follows with Beyond Belief....(Do you have to be so cruel to be callous) As I'm listening to this..I can't fault Mr. Costello's vocals they are superb..but damn the audience was noisy..Don't you love being able to hear what the audience is saying while a song is playing?

After Beyond Belief we are treated to a rousing Radio Radio. It's almost funny to hear the audience join in on the chorus. (if only some of em would shut the hell up) Accidents Will Happen is what follows and it's still one of my favorite EC tracks.

I'm sneaking a peak at the setlist over at the Homepage and I only see one disappointing thing; I Want You is not on it. A plus for me is Everyday I Write the Book...except the loud mouths yackity pood through it. This is one song I adore live. (I wish he had done it in Pittsburgh)
and just when I thought it was over..he kicked it up a notch! Oh Elvis...sing this one for me...

Oh my honey bunny Elvis-y poo...Everyday I'd Write A Book for you..

Ooops lapsed into lust mode...and only 5 tracks in.

Next up is one of my favorite's from Kojak Variety: Everybody's Crying Mercy. Something about his voice on this track sends me into fits. I can't explain it.

What I see in this recording so far..and I'm now 7 tracks in, is that this man is still up for a loud rock show. Which has me questioning the next very not so rocking album, North, that he's releasing..it looks like on Oct 1 of this year.

Another baffler with this setlist...is the lack of tracks from Cruel, which is by far the best thing he's recorded since Blood and Chocolate in 86..I'm by no means saying that the albums in between are inferior..just that B and C is totally stellar in his catalog.

The three tracks from Cruel that make the cut for this show, 45 , Tart and Tear Off Your Own Head (It's a Doll Revolution)...Lots of audience gabbing during 45..but it doesn't detract much from Elvis' stellar vocals. What I want to know is where the hell did Alibis go. Grrrr at it's absence.

I'm waiting anxiously to hear my favorite track in the first encore: Man Out of Time. Now you all know where that title came from.

One of my favorite moments so far is the rocking Honey, Are You Straight Or Are You Blind? It makes me want to get up and shake my ass around my bedroom. Ok..no one wants to see or know about that...but hey..I can't help it. This is one song that makes you want to get up and move. Preferrably in a suggestive manner in front of the man singing.

I do throw a question out..where did the song Either Side Of The Same Town come from. He mentioned something at the end of that song..but it went by me too fast to hear.

All in all the quality of the show is a B+ A-. Spoiled only by a very talkative audience. If anyone would like to hear it as well...email me and we can work out something

Friday, September 05, 2003

Sometimes It's Ok to Wear White

Like if you are the man in this picture, you can wear white all the time. White Satin preferrably

Today is Strange Video Day on Vh-1 Classic

It's an ecclectic mix of videos I've seen today as I sit with my computer on and the telly in the background. This is the second post that Blogger has sabatoged as well. Blogger is getting on my one and only nerve.

So far I've seen the video for the Talking Heads - And She Was. I wonder if my grade school music teacher knew what this song was about when she had us sing this in sixth grade? Probably not, but a special thanks to that ditzy teacher for exposing us to different sounds.

Happily I've also seen the video for Tom Petty's The Waiting. For any of you that don't know this, The Music Whore has a soft spot in her heart for Classic Tom Petty. Classic Tom Petty to me is defined as any songs with Stan Lynch on Drums. When Stan Lynch left the Heartbreakers it was a sad day indeed.

Another observation, What's up with the lyrics for Genesis' Tonight Tonight Tonight? He's coming down coming down like a monkey? Ok Phil, whatever you say. At least this song provokes that Phil can sing something other than sappy love songs and sad Eleanor Rigby wanna be songs.

One last observation: Any given decade had better and more diverse music then there is now.
Did Someone Say Recommendations?

SullyMel asked to be educated in some of the finer aspects of the music of the Moody Blues. I had a whole post prepared of songs from each album that were noteworthy, and Blogger saw fit to eat the post. A post that took me about an hour to prepare!

Allow me to kick Blogger. So I must start again....

Days of Future Passed

Tuesday Afternoon
Twilight Time

In Search of the Lost Chord

Legend of the Mind
The Actor
Ride My See Saw

On a Threshold of a Dream

Lovely to See You
Dear Diary
Are You Sitting Comfortably

To Our Children's Children's Children

Higher and Higher
Candle of Life

A Question of Balance

Melancholy Man
Dawning is the Day

Every Good Boy Deserves Favour

The Story in Your Eyes
Emily's Song
Our Guessing Game

Seventh Sojourn

Lost In A Lost World
New Horizons
I'm Just a Singer In A Rock N Roll Band
For My Lady


Steppin In a Slide Zone
The Day We Meet Again

Long Distance Voyager

Gemini Dream
In My World
Talkin Out of Turn
Veteran Cosmic Rocker
The Voice

The Present

Blue World
Sitting at the Wheel
Running Water

The Other Side of Life

Rock N Roll Over You
Running Out of Love
The Other Side of Life

Sur La Mer

I Know You're Out There Somewhere
Here Comes the Weekend
No More Lies

Keys of the Kingdom

Lean On Me Tonight
Bless the Wings
Celtic Sonanta
Say It With Love

Strange Times

English Sunset
Words You Say
Strange Times

I originally had the band members names by each song, but after blogger ate my entry I got to frustrated to do that. Shout out if you'd like to know who sang what...

Thursday, September 04, 2003

The Music Whore's Top Ten Albums of All Time

The first interview question got me to thinking about my vast collection of music. I've always had a hard time picking out my favorites of anything, but today I'm going to try. These are the Top 10 from my CD Collection..which spans over 3000 discs..This does not mean that these albums are the best things recorded musically, I'm not a critic. In fact if it's number one on the critic's list, I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate it.

10. George Harrison - George Harrison: A lovely album from 1979 with several unnoticed gems on it. I particularly enjoy the song Faster, which is oddly about a auto racer...though I sense a touch of autobiography to it in parts..Another track from this album that stands out, is the sequel to Here Comes the Sun; Here Comes the Moon. I haven't listened to much of George's records since his death. Even though it's going on 2 years since his passing, I still get teary when I see or hear his voice.

09. The Police - Syncronicity: The last album by one of the 80's finest bands, that just couldn't get along. Though I have to say this. They at least behaved like gentlemen at the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame this year. (kicks bruce thomas in his ass) I know alot of people have issues with Sting. I'm not one of them. I'm looking forward to his new album this month..as much as the slew of others coming out in the next 8 weeks. But why Sycronicity? It's the epitome of the best...with the 2 hugely successful can't be ignored singles - Wrapped Around Your Finger and Every Breath You Take. Those two tracks should be answer enough.

08. Matchbox Twenty - Yourself or Someone Like You: One of the great pop/rock bands of the 1990's, they make my list for being just that, a pop/rock band. Yes this was probably the most overplayed album of that year, but you can't fault Rob Thomas' songwriting. (or his cute little face either) This was an album where every track was listenable and had single potential. (they damn near released everything on it as well)

07. Cher - Believe: Before you throw tomatoes at the music whore...I will remind you that these are my top ten albums and need not have to be ground breaking or inspirational to a growing crop of artists. This album is by far one of Cher's best and I have them all. This is an all around fun, dancy album that should remind the world that Cher is by far one of pop music's DIVAs.

06. Elvis Costello and the Attractions - This Year's Model: And he was having this year's model at the time. (and probably last years and the year before). Do I have to say why this album is great? No I think not. Go buy it and listen for yourself..you'll understand.

05. The Moody Blues - Seventh Sojourn: What's so special about the seventh sojourn? Truly the most beautiful albums of what the industry calls their Core 7. This album features the John Lodge beauty, Isn't Life Strange. A hauntingly lovely song by Ray Thomas called "For My Lady" That's even before I mention one of my favorite Hayward tracks "New Horizons" and Mike Pinder's "Lost In a Lost World" This is an album full of lush (I like that word) melodies and beautiful vocals.

04. U2 - The Joshua Tree: I bow to all that is done by Bono and Co. This is truly one of their best albums and one that I truly love now that I can really appreciate their music. I really hated this one in the 80's when it first came out. It was one of Mtv's overplayed darlings. Now that I've gone back and purchased most of their back catalog, I can love this record for the wonderful piece of work that it is. Even though "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" It's also an album with alot of really long song titles :D.

03. Elvis Costello - When I Was Cruel: Yes, the man gets 2 albums in the top ten. The music whore deems this to be one of the best of his career. Too many stand out tracks to mention...but this line alone gives it the music whore seal of approval "I love you as much as I hate your guts" Tell us how you really feel, Elvis!

02. Paul McCartney - Flaming Pie: One of his best non-wings solo records. It's also the last album with the Lovely Linda. Anything that's come after this is inconsequential. God Bless You Linda for being the inspiration in his life for as long as you were. This was an album written and recorded with love...for friends family and the world...

01. The Beatles - Revolver: The album before Sgt Pepper....with the classics that I love. This is by far my favorite Beatles album. Great tracks by all 4 members...nuff said.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I've Been Interviewed

By now we all know the drill

The Rules:
1. If you want to participate, leave me a comment saying "interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1) If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only have ONE
compact disc, as in one commercially produced album, with you to keep you
company, what album would it be and why?

One commericially produced album. I'm ready to beg for a boxed set, only the Time Traveller Box was released before Strange Times and would therefore not have the finger click goodness of Haunted. (and that would be cheating too) Oh my lord, this is a hard question. Inevitably by the time I got off the island I would hate this disc...no..I lie..the batteries in my walkman would be dead in only two hours.

I'm going to chose The Moody Blues - Octave. Which was released in 1978. The first album they released after a long hiatus from recording. (Even though Haunted is one of my favorite Moody Blues songs and that track is on Strange Times)

This album has several of my favorite songs by each member of the band as well as being the last album with all 5 original members ( Steppin in a Slide Zone and Driftwood to mention 2)..Though Strange Times from 99 with Haunted and English Sunset is coming in a close second.....

For those of you that don't know who the members of the Moody Blues are:

Justin Hayward
John Lodge
Ray Thomas
Mike Pinder
Graeme Edge

These are some talented musicians singers and songwriters...I recommend them highly. They have a very unique style, that truly can't be pinpointed to any decade.

2) What non-human animal are you most like, and what traits make you think

I would probably say a cat. Most of the cats I know are very shy when they are with unfamiliar people and only become more friendly as they grow accustomed to the new individuals..(I'm very much like that) Cats are very crafty and will do whatever it takes to get what they want. (kinda like me trying to scrape up money for the Costello reissues)

So I guess what I'm saying is I'm shy...a bit reserved with strangers...set on my goals...and very loyal to those I love..

At least that's how my Misty cat is...and I think we're two peas in a pod...

3) If you got to know someone in a coffeeshop, by the time you finished
your first cup of coffee together how would you like them to describe you?
That is, in the space of 15 mins, what kind of impression do you feel you'd
give someone meeting you for the first time?

That poor soul in the coffee shop would probably say...Get me the hell away from this psycho woman! Seriously, if anyone can take away anything about me in 15 minutes...they are going to learn my intense love of family and music. Those are the 2 things that are important to me...even before my writing. It would take more than 15 minutes before I'd even mention that to anyone. If you're a stranger on the net...sure I write...but very few really know the importance of my sharing the printed word with you. Which is why a new face wouldn't know about it.

This poor soul would probably then be left wondering who the hell "oingo boingo" is and why a 29 year old loves the Moody Blues with such a passion...

4) Do you remember the first blog you ever read? What was it?
Hell yeah...that would be Linds. It is her fault that I'm blogging today. She made me do it I tell you..she made me do it!!

5) If you had to choose between losing all of your teeth without
possibility of synthetic replacement, loss of use of one leg, or loss of use
of one arm, which would you choose and why?

Ok...this is the evil question I dread every time it's posted on Wednesday What-ifs. I'd probably say loss of the use of an arm. As long as said arm remains attached. I don't think I could take being wheel chair bound. As for writing I would learn to use the other. My teeth..I'm quite fond of...good for chewing..couldn't part with them..So yeah..I'll forsake an arm as long as I get to keep the arm.
On to a Gratuitous Survey

Stolen from Linds

10 artists you've been listening a lot to lately.:

01) The Moody Blues
02) The Damned
03) Captain Sensible
04) Elvis Costello
05) Oingo Boingo
06) Nick Lowe
07) Matchbox Twenty
08) David Bowie
09) Paul McCartney
10) ABBA

09 things you look forward to:

01) Coupling (the show dammit)
02) going back to work
03) Nip/Tuck
04) Concerts..you know when we get any good ones
05) new album releases
06) Halloween at Kennywood
07) Tiki Lounge nights
08) shopping at used book/record stores
09) Eddie Izzard in Pittsburgh next month

08 things you like to wear:

01) Rings
02) flare pants
03) funky prints
04) go go boots
05) dresses
06) black eyeliner
07) an ornery look
08) skirts of varying lengths

07 things that annoy you:

01) my boss
02) my lack of funds
03) The Pittsburgh concert scene
04) Krallomort
05) Stupid and or whiney people
06) Humidity
07) Greta the Grand Am's ABS Light

06 things you say most days:

01) "fuck"
02) "I don't fucking hardly think so"
03) "Whoo hoooo"
04) "Shit."
05) "Fuqua" (so the parental units don't blow gaskets)
06) "dar dar."

05 things you do everyday:

01) play with the computer
02) read
03) listen to music
04) sleep
05) stare at pics of my manwhores (it keeps me sane)

04 people you want to spend more time with:

01) Erin
02) April
03) Tina
04) Grandma

03 movies you could watch over and over again:

01) Evita
02) Pirates of the Caribbean ( I second that Linds)
03) Chicago

02 of your favorite songs at the moment:

01) "Long Journey Home" Elvis Costello
02) "On the Road" Justin Hayward

01 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

01) Any one of my concubines....

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Introducing Oingo Boingo

I have a friend who I've been trading music with for some time, and his daughter's are very fond of the music from Nightmare Before Christmas. When I first started exchanging music with him, I sent a copy of the Nightmare demos for his daughters.

Now I'm trying to decide what Boingo cd to send. I've copied Dark At the End of the Tunnel already. I think for someone that has heard the theatricalness of Danny's voice, this will be a good introduction. It's not punkish like the first 2 albums nor does it fall under new wave or alternative...as did some of their other cds. Boingo falls under way to many genres to classify them.

I was originally going to send the last album...simply titled Boingo..which is one of my very favorites..but I'm not sure what his daughter's listen too. (the music whore was a tad bit worried some of the lyrics were a bit mature...for the audience..)

I wonder what the music scene is like in Bulgaria...where they are from? Do bands like Boingo even sell records there?

Still I find it kewl to be introducing one of my favorite bands to a new generation of listeners

Monday, September 01, 2003

Guilty Pleasures

Tay used this as a blog topic a few days ago and I've been pondering it ever since. I figured now would be as good a time as any to come up with my list. Why, you ask? Because it's 2:30 in the morning, and I'm not feeling to great, (this thanks for sharing moment brought to you by the Music Whore) and sleeping is not an option.

I will say this, Tay and I share alot of guilty pleasures.

1. BBC America - Where would I be without my steady stream of British tv? I must have Coupling, Manchild, My Hero and What Not to Wear in order to survive.

2. CDR Trading - I now have well over 500 cdrs of live concerts by my favorite bands. Who do I have the most of? Elvis Costello! His best bootleg? Aging Gracefully from the Fillmore in 96. Awesome intimate show with just Elvis and Mr. Steve Nieve.

3. Making Mix CDs - I share this one with Tay. I love making mixes. I wish I had my printer working so I could make pretty mixes. I'm still trying to download some tracks so I can make the Best of the Moody Blues Solo. What I am going to do, is make the Best of the Beatles Solo. I have alot their stuff on cd and mp3.

4. The Monkees - I don't care what anyone says about these four guys, they were talented and still are. I've seen them in concert at least 5 times since 86 and they get better and better. The music is fun and the guys are still sweet and fantastic, makes me wish I were alive when they first were around.

5. Cheesy Romance Novels - Give me a good trashy novel and I'll be happy for hours. I mean honestly...you've read my stories..you should expect this. I really love historicals too. I've always wanted to wear the gowns of the 1800's.

6. Madonna Movies - Not all of them, mind you, just a few. Who's that Girl, Desperately Seeking Susan, Evita and A League of Their Own (does that one count?)

7. Vinyl Albums - I love going to places like Half priced books and finding LPs. The last time I was there, I got a mint copy of the Moody Blues, Every Good Boy Deserves Favour for $1.00. Wootness!

8. Pictures of my Manwhores - Nothing makes me happier than being able to right click on a picture of Justin Hayward, Elvis Costello, Greg Proops, Alton Brown...or any other of my lovelies. I have over 1000 pics of Justin on my harddrive at the present moment.

9. Happy Talk and The Turkey Song - 2 songs done by Captain Sensible and the Damned respectively. Both are truly fucked up songs, but both can make you smile on the shittiest of days.

10. Tim Burton films - Not always the greatest films made...but always a film that will make me sit down and watch. I have a particular weekness for Edward Scissorhands and Mars Attacks.