Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Wednesday Mind Hump

Today is Meteorite Day commemorating the 1908 meteorite crash in Central Siberia which caused the largest explosion in recorded history. As a warm-up and in observance of Meterorite Day, using the letters E-X-P-L-O-S-I-O-N list some odd habits or quirks you have. *Note: You can use "ex" for the "x"

Extremely odd
eXtremely obsessed with the Moody Blues
Pleasant at times
Loves Lodgey
Obsessed with writing
Shy around others
Incredibly out there
One of the weirdest people in the world
Not your average music lover

Warmed up? Okie dokie. Don't just sit there like a bump on a log, go copy and paste the hump on your blog!

01. You have the opportunity to make a movie with your favorite star, who would the star be and what would the title and the sub-title be? Example: Richard Dreyfuss :: Jaws :: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

Richard Roxburgh:: Van Helsing 2 :: Not even a werewolf can stop Dracula this time

02. The lead story on the Eleven O'Clock News is about you ... what have you done?

The two bra wielding "twin" sisters from the 6/19 Moody Blues concert have made headlines again. This time with panties. One tiny black g-string wrapped itself around the neck of Justin Hayward's old red, causing him to stop in mid song. Spying one of the twins, he hoisted her on stage and then disappeared backstage. Neither Hayward or the "twin" have been seen since. Loud moaning has been reported from the backstage area though. John Lodge is said to be very jealous.

03. Blue laws are absolutely ridiculous laws that are still in law books across the nation. Example: In Devon, Connecticut, it is unlawful to walk backwards after sunset. Pick something that annoys the heck out of you and write the law against it.

Talking on cell phones while being waited on in a store is now punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Get off the phone people!

04. If you were in the story Alice In Wonderland, what character would you be and why?

The cheshire cat...with the huge grin. Mostly because he can become invisible except for that wicked grin!

05. If it did make a sound, what sound would your head make when you shake it?

Maracas, you were expecting maybe a flute?

aaaaaand ... drum roll, please

Everyone had so much fun with the Guess-A-Hump last week we've decided to try it again!

Think of an item ...

...don't tell us what the item is. Now, describe that item in brief paragrah (the size, the color, etc) but don't give it away. Okay, now you're ready to hump it up. Replace the name of the item with the word "hump". Other players will come to your blog and try to guess what your hump is. If you want to make it really interactive, let people ask yes or no questions. Tomorrow morning, post the answer to your hump and for big fun add a picture. If you don't have a camera do a Google image search.

I'm no good with this...really. I should probably skip it, but I would feel incredibly bad.

My hump is square. My hump is one of many in this household. My hump was lost for two weeks, but found in an obvious place only a few days ago. My hump is about 4 years old, but it was only purchased last year. My hump has a shell on it. My hump is relaxing. My hump came before "December"

OK, What is my hump?

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Standing In The Moonlight

There is a beautiful moon out tonight, that combined with the fireflies flitting around my yard has made me very "dreamy," for lack of a better word.

Which is why I'm listening to the Hayward sing Penumbra Moon right now. I absolutely adore this song. It wasn't written by the Hayward, but that matters not to me, he sings it, and even though the words are rather silly, it's still gorgeous.

In my overactive imagination, I'm out in the woods somewhere the grass curling around my toes. The Hayward is leaning against a pine or an oak, the moonlight is streaming down through the branches. His sweet vocals are filling the air.

Oh Penumbra...
I'm just like you
feeling so shy
hiding behind somebody too
Ohhhh I'm just like you

And perhaps something like this would be in the sky...

Alas, it's just a Gemini Dream.

Doremi's Dad (Has Got It Going On)

At least once or twice a day I've been getting hits for people looking for Doremi (pronounced in fa so la ti do) Hayward. That would be Justin's daughter who is about a year and a half older than me.

Ah the wrongness of always liking older men. Anyway, there are 3 pictures of Dad and daughter lurking about...actually four if you count the screen capture from a Vh-1 Father's Day special.

So for those of you that really want to see Ms. Hayward, well, I'll help ya out. To the best of my knowledge, Doremi was a model, so if she looks a bit...trampy...that's why.

First the infamous Justin in the yellow pleather outfit with Doremi.

This one is kinda sweet. Dad and Daughter fooling around.

And yet another one of JH and DH.

And lastly the photo of dad and daughter that scares me the most.

My father would have sent me to my room, if I were having a picture taken and I was wearing a skirt that short! Crikey!

So there you have it, Doremi (fasolati) Hayward. (her middle name is Celeste)

I think Justin's a pretty damn lucky man, because if anyone called me Doremi for about 32 years, I think I would have had to hurt him by now.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Monday Mambo

Before I read anymore answers, I need to get this thing done. I'd hate to feel like a copy cat, though sadly...I read Lady Starlight's blog...and drat..she's got most of my choices up! Damn and blast my "twin" sister. (giggles)

Get out your dancing shows everyone, it's Mambo time! And this week, it's a special Mambo!

Let's warm up a bit this week.

Using the word "Survivor" (no, not the'll see in a few minutes) list some bands you like, song titles or little tidbits about yourself for us to get to know you. Have fun with it!

Seventh Sojourn - The 7th album by the Moody Blues
U2 - Cos I love Bono
Right About Now - A lovely tune by Paul Young
Visage - a band with Midge Ure (sigh)
I Don't Care Anymore - The Moody Blues
Veronica - A lovely song by Elvis Costello
Once is Enough - A rockin' Moody Blues song
River of Endless Love - Another Moody Blues Song

Now it's time to Mambo like crazy. This week we're doing a "Survivor" Mambo. Let's play record executive this week. You have the choice to vote off up to 10 artists and musicians off the "Survivor --- Mambo" Island. Who would they be and why

I fear 10 may not be enough..but let me get started.

Bye Bye Ladies...

Celine Dion --- Get the heck off my island. You wail and whine and beat your chest and you sing that disgusting "My Heart Will Go On" song.. Go back to your cradle robbing hubby and raise your kids...leave my ears alone, you've made them bleed enough

Mariah Carey --- You're next chica...There was a reason that you had a hard time getting a record deal. You started out moderately tolerable then someone told you, you were a phenomenal vocalist. Mariah, I hate to tell you this, but they lied! Go directly to jail, Scary not pass go, do not collect a royalty check and above all, don't sing!

Whitney Houston -- Ah Whitney, you started out so well. I even liked ya, until you did "I Will Always Love You." For that little piece of music that you slaughtered...See ya later bye! Go back to rehab, and for godsake Whitney, divorce that piece of crap you're married to before he kills ya!

N'Sync - I'm taking out this boy band to make sure I never have to see Justin Timberlake ever again. ( Sorry Sullymel) The boy looks like Screech from Saved By The Bell. ~shudders~ Oh and every damn song sounds the same!

Bon Jovi - I was never on the Bon Jovi band wagon and I want to take this time to tell the boys from Jersey that it's over. Come to think of it, I think they've been writing the same song for about 20 years now. Buh Bye Mr. Bon Jovi. This is one girl that won't be missing you!

Britney Spears - Just go! I don't think I have to say anymore or I may have to "Hit You" one more time.

Jessica Simpson - For the Berlin song she killed, I vote her off the Survivor music Island, but I have a proposition for her. If she promises not to sing, she can have an acting career. She just has to stick to comedies and promise never to sing Take My Breath Away or I Got You Babe ever again!

Aeorosmith - For selling out more than any rock band ever. Please, just go! And Mr. Tyler, do something about those lips of yours. ~shudders~ You and Mick Jagger have traumatized enough people already!

Michael Jackson -- If he seeks some mental help for his various "Issues" he can return to music. I think Thriller was the last "good" album he put out. He needs to get a grip on life before we let his wailing crotch grabbing self lose on the public again. Assuming he doesn't end up in jail first.

Lastly....oh...who should be the last one..

Avirl Lavigne -- Just go...and learn how to dress...and wash your hair before you even try to come back. That should be so "Complicated"

I was a good girl, I didn't vote Diana Krall off the musical island because she married my honey, Elvis Costello. I even left Norda Mullen on the island and she murders the backing vocals of the Moody Blues every damn night they perform.

So, when you look at it, I was very kind.

Monday Madness

The first of my favorite memes! Now if only my computer will comply. It's been crashing all night! Damn and blast it!

1. Bed & Breakfast or hotel?
Hotel, I like the comforts of home, but sometimes B & B's can be too homey. I like having restaurants and pools..and erm CASINOS and MOODY MEN! around. Uh..can I go back to Atlantic City..Please?!?

2. What determines where you stay?(i.e. price, accommodations, transportation, travel package)
Usually price..or if if erm..The Moody Blues are around.

3. When determining where to stay, do you ever consider the establishment's history? (i.e. it might be haunted, location of high profile crime)
We have motels that we usually stay at in our regular vacation spots...Erie, Lancaster, and Aurora, OH. So for that it's familiarity, with AC it was...that's where the band's playin', that's where these girls are stayin'. Oh! Looky, I made a rhyme!

4. Would such considerations sway your decision?
I think if the place were haunted, I'd be more tempted "to" stay there. As to the crime thing....NO WAY! So, yes those considerations could sway my decision, if I were going somewhere that I hadn't been before.

5. Do you try and read the local paper for where you're visiting, to get an idea of what the area's like?
Not until I get there, but I don't vacation much. AC was the first trip I've taken in more than 10 years.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sunday Brunch

It's time for another fun little meme. It's been awhile since I did this one, but this week's questions were quite good.

Last But Not Least

1. Who is the last person to make you laugh?
I laughed a lot when I read that post about my "bra incident" yesterday, so whoever crispy is on that Moody Blues Board, gave me a giggle. Bless her cotton socks for making me a few years younger!

2. Who is the last person to make you angry or upset?
I don't think I've been really angry lately. I'll stick with the night of the Bowie concert back in May. I've had angry outbursts, but nothing has pissed me off as much as the actions of two supposed friends that night.

3. When is the last time you took a leisurely ride or walk?
I'm going to take a leisurely walk today at the walking path. Yay! Can't wait to go. If you count walking the boardwalk in AC as leisurely, I did that last week. ~sigh~ Can I go back now, it's so beautiful there!!!

4. When is the last time you took a vacation? Where did you go?
Atlantic City, last weekend. Thanks for asking. Now can I please please please go back?

5. What is the last thing you do before turning in for the night?
You don't really want to know do ya? Oh ok...I smile at my picture of the Hayward that is beside my bed. I think I even tell J'tiny Poo goodnight.

Oh yeah...and this is the picture I talk too.

It's my picture and I'll talk to it if I want to!!!

Busy Day Ahead

Some people would choose to post after the busy day was over, but not me, at least not when the sleepy monster was taking over. If I did that, you'd not get a post out of me.

I'm trying to keep myself busy so that I recover from the post concert/trip depression that keeps creeping in. So on my agenda today are a trip into the fine (cough cough) city of Pittsburgh to see the flower show. (cos you know I'm getting old and really enjoy those things) I'm also going to the walking path in McMurray, while trying not to eat too much cos... sit down for this guys....the scale is at 151 occassionally going to 150. I'd love to be lower than 150 for my b-day next week. I'd turn cartwheels for that.

(yes I can still turn a cartwheel)

So I'm going to take pretty pictures of the flowers and the Cathedral of Learning in Oakland. (My favorite piece of architecture in the city, for reasons I won't mention)

Ah, it will be a nice day. Lord knows I need one for balance. The weeks are so darn dull and drab. Mostly because I truly need a real job, what I'm doing right now is just insane, but it pays some of the bills, so until I can find something else or nab another part time job, it's got to do. I truly am jealous of those independently wealthy folks out there that can just do whatever they wish.

Another happy note, my photos from Atlantic City have shipped. I had 2 of my gorgeous Justin shots enlarged to 8x10s so I can drool...erm admire him everyday when I wake up and every night when I go to bed. Yay! Hope they get here soon!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2004

I'm Famous!!

Ok, not really famous, but my bra incident has become a subject of discussion on one of the Moody Blues Message Boards.

I have to say I was flattered by the whole thing, since they made me a few years younger, saying that we were " our 20's" and that my sister, Lady Starlight and I were now twins!

I'm still laughing about it. I was even more amused that someone other than me, took a picture of our bras as they lie on the stage at the Tropicana in Atlantic City.

What these people don't know is that I tossed one on stage in Pittsburgh as well. Got the same lovely reaction from Lodgey there as well

Something like this .

It's nice we gave him a little thrill. It was such a grand time, it's such a shame that it's been over for a week already.

Return of the Sleepy Monster

Return of the Sleepy Monster

I think I went to bed at 8 o'clock last night. Last night was a Friday and I went to bed at 8 o'clock! Before I go into the many reasons why that is just so wrong, let me impart some happier news. ANOTHER POUND BITES THE DUST!!!!!

Ok, now we can get into the wrongness of all of this, including the sudden evaporation of poundage.

~ Firstly this poundage should have been evaporating before the two Moody Blues concerts last week. (There's some wrongness in those 2 shows being over too, but that's for another rant altogether)

~ At 29...30 next week, I should have a little bit of a life right? right?

~ Van Helsing is out of the regular theaters here, but isn't in the cheap seats yet. GAH! So I don't have that excuse for a jaunt.

I love this excuse to go to the movies...bring it back!

~ Going to bed early makes me forget to watch the shows I want to watch. You know I missed Salem's Lot and I really wanted to see how bad they butchered that one. I fell asleep during BBC's Coupling the other night, then had to wake up to watch it at 12:30, cos I'm sick of missing the only show on that I truly love.

~ I didn't even get to enjoy any music last night. I crawled up in bed and zoned out immediately. (mind you I was up promptly at 7am)

~ I barely worked on the (cough cough) two stories I have started. Though I'm getting back to Not My Slave and will be doing updates soon. I hate rewriting. I hate rereading things and finding typos.

I hate having nights like that, cos I feel like so much more could have filled those hours. Of course, I've ignored the possibility that I could really use that sleep. So today I'm going to make sure I get more done. Part two of Not My Slave will be finished, if it kills me and I will get that darn mix cd done too. I was working on a memories mix over at my Art of the Mix blog. Oh and I haven't forgotten that Brian from Brian Damage also posed a mix suggestion as well. I need to work on that one as well. So I guess I should get back to work.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Atlantic City

Atlantic City

I never really told you about the trip, and now that its been over for a week, I feel that I can, though I'm still sad that it's all over.

We left Charleroi, around 1:30 Friday afternoon after a fun problem with our rental car. The pretty Ford Focus we had didn't like the key to turn in the ignition, so we swapped it for a Pontiac Sunfire. (Too damn small with no leg room even for short people)

The drive to Atlantic City was fine until we realized that Yahoo directions are on crack. So we ended up taking the long way. We went in on the Garden State Parkway to route 168 then to the Atlantic City Expressway. (shakes)

I remember smelling the ocean for the first time on that stretch of road. The ocean! The Atlantic! This huge body of water that I've never seen before in my life until now!

The Tropicana is a beautiful Hotel/Casino/Resort. Slot machines are everywhere, all shiny and pretty and rattling with money, that refused to come out for me. I did win about 5 dollars, but I figured since I only spent three....I'd just blow the winnings in the nickel slots. (Which are fun if you can understand the damn things..which I don't)

I never got to swim, which depressed me to no end, but on the last day I did get to put my toe in the ocean, which was unbelievably cold.

My favorite part of Atlantic City? THE BOARDWALK! I could have kept walking and gone the whole length of the thing, if my sister's leggies would have held up. The boardwalk is full of wonderful things, dollar stores, clothing stores, souvenir shops and loads of restaurants, not to mention all the gorgeous casinos. I've never seen anything like it.

Now for the concert. To read my review just go to Wenches. There's a teeny tiny picture posted there. This weekend I hope to get all my pictures sorted out so I can email them to those of you that would like to see them. I know I've sent them out to a few of you. I hope you enjoyed the Moody Beauty. I will say one thing, it's nearly impossible to hold a camera steady with Justin Hayward looking down at you, you're legs start knocking and your heart starts racing. OK, that's just me, but I have a ginormous crush on the man.

Thanks for putting up with my post-concert/trip depression. I'll try to be over it soon. If you go to my fotolog, you'll see some of my random pictures from the trip as well.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

You Must Love Me

I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately. I suppose that's why I've been depressed lately. Not to worry though, I don't have any plans of going down the dark hallway of depression very long. It's just when I look back on the last 30 years, I see so many mistakes and bad choices. That's not to say that I haven't had some great experiences over those years. I've told many of you some of them.

I've had the opportunity to see many of the bands I love in concert and I've met a few of them. I've seen Paul McCartney back when tickets to see him were only 28 dollars! That was in 1990.

My problem has always been that I want to fit in with people. I want people to like me. I spent high school trying to be popular. I wanted to have the clothes from the Limited etc. Somehow I thought that would help. It doesn't.

Still, I've always wanted to be superbly dressed. Clothes have been almost as imporant to me as music. Only now, I can't go to the Limited, cos I can't afford the damn place, so I live at Dots

I put a lot into appearances. I always want to look just right, but that very seldom happens. Something always throws a wrench in the works. Usually a zit or something like that. It sucks to be 30 and still get zits. Crikey was puberty not enough? Obviously not.

So here I am a 30..cos what's a week...year old with zits...who's a trifle too chubby for her own good. GAH! BTW..if you want good news..I'm down another pound! Woot!

So it's not all that bad. It's just not great. I want so much and that so much is beyond my grasp.

In my reflections, I realized that this was never where I thought I'd be at this point in my life, but then again only a lucky few are where they want to be and are content with their lives.

I know I hoped that by thirty I'd have had a novel published. HA! I have a novel finished and a second one in the midway point, but I doubt either of them will see the light of day.

All this because the Moody Blues show in Atlantic City...started some memories flowing ...and depression sunk in. Thanks Moody Men! I needed that!

Can I go back to Atlantic City now? I miss the boardwalk. I miss the kewl clothes and food...and THE OCEAN!

BTW...anyone know how to tie a short sarong skirt?

Enough bitchin and moaning for the day...I'll leave you with something pretty.

Pardon me while I ponder how to get him to undo a few more buttons and remove a few other articles of clothing

Guess a Hump

Guess a Hump Answers

As you know, we had to post a hump where you had to guess the item..that the word hump stood for.

Here was mine

The hump I'm thinking about is red. The hump is old, probably 50 years or more. The hump is owned by a very talented individual. The hump is well known by anyone that knows the owner. The hump has strings. What is the hump?

There were several answers that were close to being right...but only Lady Starlight had the right answer.

What was that answer?

Justin Hayward's guitar..ole red!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Mind Humping Time

It's The Return of the Wednesday Mind Hump

I missed last week, cos of my Moody I've made a return to Humping. Didja miss me?

Today is Typewriter Day. In honor of the first patent on the typewriter ... wait, what's a typewriter? Is that anything like a keyboard? Okay, now we're talking. Using the letters K-E-Y-B-O-A-R-D tell us something about your blog or your blogging habits.

Keeping it real (or at least as real as can be)
Everyday I write the blog (pun intended)
Yes, I'm addicted to blogging..I have 4 blogs I update regularly
Blogging is an obsession.
Only because I have no life
And if I did have a life, I wouldn't blog, cos I'd be too busy.
Really would be nice to have a life and not have to blog.
Damn it, why do I not have a life?

This week's hump -- an even dozen of "I say ___, you think ___"

01. stroke Justin Hayward (don't ask)
02. sketch pad
03. poke John Lodge (really don't ask)
04. doh Homer Simpson
05. tongue Yup, Justin Hayward again...(You really don't want to know what I'm thinking)
06. post blog
07. twirl baton
08. fore golfing with John Lodge (and his shiny leggies!)
09. cup o' soup
10. curly fries
11. swim something I didn't do in Atlantic City
12. snooze alarm

Think of an item ...

...don't tell us what the item is. Now, describe that item in brief paragrah (the size, the color, etc) but don't give it away. Okay, now you're ready to hump it up. Replace the name of the item with the word "hump". Other players will come to your blog and try to guess what your hump is. Tomorrow morning, add the answer to your hump and for big fun add a picture. If you don't have a camera do a Google image search.

A Simple Sample (you can be more creative than this): My hump is black. My hump has many places where I can put stuff. My hump is big. My hump has a strap ... what is my hump? Answer: My is hump is my purse.
If this Extra Fun Hump goes well we might make it a weekly meme called Guess-A-Hump.

The hump I'm thinking about is red. The hump is old, probably 50 years or more. The hump is owned by a very talented individual. The hump is well known by anyone that knows the owner. The hump has strings. What is the hump?

It's All Over Now Baby Blue

It's All Over Now Baby Blue

I think this is just a random bunch of thoughts by me. There was so much going through my mind yesterday, so much that I would have liked to have gotten down here or somewhere, but my darkest thoughts only intrude when I'm at work and depressed.

~I've been depressed a lot lately, some of it stems from the end of the concerts, some of it from the bad work situation I'm in and the rest from the 30th birthday that is looming 10 days from now. I can't quite get a grip on it, but it doesn't make me feel good, and all I want to do is cry.

~I have never seen the sea...for those of you that saw Van Helsing, I felt much like Anna Valerius until this weekend, when I finally saw the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. Dammit,why was Atlantic City so beautiful? Why did I have to come back to my boring miserable life? I didn't even have the chance to swim. I did stick a toe in the Atlantic though. Yay me!

~Had a job interview yesterday and I think it went well. That was part of my nervousness yesterday. The job is so very close to home, it's actually in walking distance. Stuff like that, that is so good, just never happens to me. I would be so happy working 8-5 in a job where I could actually be doing something productive, working with customers again and enjoying my job. I haven't enjoyed a job in such a long time.

~It's been a week since the first Moody Blues concert. I'm still feeling Moody Blue.

~I've finally gone below 155 on the scale, it's down now one pound below, which is a first. It's been months since the scale budged that much. Now if only I could get it to sink about 4 more pounds so I don't lose hope. I don't want to be a chubby monster at 30. I want to be pretty and thin. I want people to notice me. I'm like Eyor, no one notices me. I don't really want anyone intruding on my life, but it would be nice to know someone was looking.

~I'm sick of being sick. For the last week, I've had the blahs...or the blechs or whatever. I hate being nauseaous. On a plus that's probably what has helped me lose the weight, that and the boardwalk at Atlantic City. I need to go back there and walk a bit more!

~I need a pair of black opera length gloves. I'm wearing a really pretty black dress to the theatre on my birthday and I want the gloves to complete the outfit. I hope Claire's has some leftover from prom.

~Had prints made of a few of my Moody pix...going to get the gorgeous one of J'tin blown up so I can look at him every morning when I wake up, so that I remember why I wake up. It's the music. If it weren't for the wouldn't be worth waking up at all.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

It's A Long Long Highway

It's A Long Long Highway

I seriously thought that things would have gotten easier today, but no, the PCD has hit about as hard as it can hit. What is PCD you ask? Post Concert Depression. It's a horrible thing, I pray that none of you have to go through it. It's one of the lowlights of having a wonderful time at a concert and knowing that it may be a year or so, before it happens again.

I never suffered from this until I saw the Moody Blues for the first time last November. Elvis Costello didn't do it to me.(though I wish he had ) Come to think of it, Duran Duran didn't do it to me and I loved them for the longest time, still do, but to a lesser extent. It's only the Moody Blues that have the capabilities to turn my world completely upside down and spiraling into a bleakness that I can't come up from.

Two hours goes by so darn fast and then you are left with a few memories that should keep you happy. They don't. Well, at least they don't keep me happy. I want more! I want to hear them play those same songs over and over again, until they are Moody Blue in the face. I want to hear the soft strains of December Snow and Voices In The Sky lulling me to sleep. I want to hear the wail of old red as J'tin belts out The Other Side Of Life. I want to see Lodgey's backside in those gorgeous black jeans that fit so nicely. I want to see the Hayward in whatever odd thing he decides to wear. (Dear god that pinkish purplish shirt gives new meaning to the word odd)

In short, I want my Moodies!!!

I will now continue to pout that it's all over and that I have nothing to look forward to for the rest of the year, absofrickinlutely nothing to look forward to.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Monday Music Mambo

It's time for the Monday Mambo! I'm a little to tired to dance, but I'm going to try. It was a very long, stressful yet wonderful weekend.

1. What band would you most like to see in concert?
If it's a band I've seen, I'd like to see the Moody Blues again and again and again. If it's a band I haven't seen, Erasure. I love my little techno britboys, but seeing them in the US, when they come usually entails a very long drive. After this weekend, I'm not sure how I feel about really long drives.

2. Have you ever met any of the bands that you listen to? If not, what band would you like to have a close encounter with?
Let's see, I met John Lodge and Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, and I can't begin to say how nice hugs are when they come from John Lodge. I've also met Elvis Costello, and his stubblely beard tickles when he kisses your cheek. Oh and lastly, Dennis DeYoung from Styx.

3. What's your favorite music dvd? (This could be a concert, video compilation or musical) Tell us why you like it, too.
Moody Blues - Hall of Fame: Live at the Royal Albert Hall. Absolutely beautiful and that was just how my Moody men looked.

4. Tell us what your favorite music video is.
Justin Hayward - The Way Of The World. The man looks so dishy in that video, it should be criminal. Let's just say that J'tin wears his jeans well.


5. If you could have starred in a music video with any band, which video would you be in and why?
I want to be the girl in the Your Wildest Dreams/I Know You're Out There Somewhere videos, that played Justin's love interest. I'll just call her Rebecca. Those of you that have read my stories will understand that one.

Ok, now that I've mamboed, why don't you?

Monday Madness

Monday Madness

Do you prefer....

1. Long hair or Short hair On men? somewhere in the middle. On me, short hair.

2. Contacts or Glasses I wear both, but I prefer my glasses for day to day activities.

3. Spring or Autumn I'd like it to be Forever Autumn as Justin Hayward sings.

4. Mittens or Gloves Long opera length gloves!

5. Car or Truck/SUV Car, if you please...and a Mini Cooper would be nice!

6. Mac or Windows Windows!

7. Cats or Dogs I can't answer that on the grounds that I have both and don't wish to upset either species!!

8. Rock or Jazz Rock when I'm in a rowdy mood, and jazz when I want to chill.

9. Pen or Pencil Pen! I love pens...pretty ink...I'm easily amused, I know.

10. DVD's or VHS's DVD's, cos I love all the fun and fantastic extras they usually include!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

I'm Home

I'm Home

It was a very long, very fun weekend. I don't know if I can really describe the events of the last 48 hours or so, other than to say it was fun and a totally wonderful experience.

I'll try to give a slight recap, because if I start rambling on, you'll be reading a thirty page post. I don't think that you want to do that! Then again, maybe you do. I don't know.

1. The drive to Atlantic City and from Atlantic City back to Charleroi --- The most torturous experience of my life. Not only was there construction everywhere, but Yahoo gave us really crappy directions on how to get there, so we went the roundabout way...straight through on the PA Turnpike, to the Jersey Turnpike and then down the Atlantic City Expressway.

2. Moody Blues concert ---- Got some lovely shots of John and Justin. To those Moody friends of mine that would like to see them, email me and I'll send the pictures to you either through email or on a disc at some point when my life stabalizes. BTW --- the concert was fab.

3. The Boardwalk!! I got some really cute clothes...really cheap!! I have a very sleazy little sequined burgendy dress, paid only 5 bucks for it!

4. The food --- The Tropicana has 2 great restaurants...One was a buffet and the other was a regular sit down type. The boardwalk is full of nummy food as well. If I wanted to, I could take an eating tour of Atlantic City and it would take weeks to sample everything!

All in all, a great time was had by all. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, June 18, 2004

Weekend Off

Weekend Off

Well my darlings, The Music Whore and Lady Starlight are about to embark on a journey of epic proportions. A journey to a far off land called Atlantic City to listen to the music of a surreally beautiful band from the 60's...The Moody Blues.

Surely the city will survive our coming and going.


That's what they think!

They don't know us very well. The repressed party animals are ready to take on the Tropicana Hotel & Casino....and erm...The Moody Blues! (OK..both of those things are outright well as the bit about being a repressed party animal)

Anywho, we are packed (almost) and ready (kinda) to go.


Will ya miss me while I'm gone?

No...don't answer that...

See ya on the other side of life!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Never Blame The Rainbows For The Rain

Never Blame The Rainbows For The Rain

One concert down and one to go. I can't believe that one is already over. The music is always the most beautiful thing. The Moody Jays...are two of the best performers in music...perfect foils for each other. Where John is the outgoing one...full of energy (and out of those pretty hazel eyes) Justin is the quiet thoughtful musician who cares about how everything sounds...ever the perfectionist, that's Mr. Hayward.

As always, the show last night was near perfection. A freak rainstorm at 6 o'clock kept the show from starting on time, but that mattered very little. This is one person that won't be blaming the rainbows that their sunlight made for the rain.

Highlights of last night's performance.

Talking Out Of Turn --- One of John's best songs from Long Distance Voyager

Voices In The Sky --- Affectionately called Vices In The those of us that bought the Ballads version of December. (Thank God that was one of the fixed typos)

December Snow --- One of Hayward's most beautiful tracks from the most recent album of holiday songs. The only other lovely as this...from that album "Don't Need A Reindeer" that song isn't beautiful, it's damn catchy....and I dare you not to be humming that one for days after hearing it!

We managed to get close to the front by Ride My See Saw (cough cough...I'd ride Lodgey or J'tin's see saw anyday) In a few seconds...the black lace bra I'd been harboring was tossed to the stage.

Words could not describe the look on Lodgey's face when he looked down and saw that laying on stage. It was priceless!

All in all, a lovely evening full of fantastic music. I'm looking forward to another one on Saturday night.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Concert Day

Concert Day






Have a nice day guys....I'm off...

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

More Moody Musings

More Moody Musings

Yup, I'm still bitching moaning and being generally too hormonal right now. Aren't you thrilled? I thought not.

~The storms that keep passing through need to take tomorrow off. They need to just not show up anytime between 7:30 and 10:30 p.m. tomorrow night, because I decree it!

~Hair is now dyed a nice shade of very dark brown, almost black. Yay for no more gray!

~I'm nearly packed for the weekend trip! Be excited! Be amazed! It's all in one little carryon bag!

~Tomorrow's the first Moody show of the week!


~Made one mix of driving music --- no artwork, cos I'm lazy. Take a look, you can find it here

~Photobucket has been having issues, so if my blog has little red x's, that's why. One day I'm going to have a template with very few images...much like Wenches.

I think that's enough for now. I'm sure I'll have more to say as my day progresses.

Monday, June 14, 2004

And The Winners Are

And The Winners Are

For those of you wondering which dresses are making it to the Moody Blues shows this week, I'm about to post the results. It was a very very very close race and I thank all of you for your help in making the choices.

Winner of the Day In Pittsburgh Moody Show: Dress 4. For those of you that don't remember, that was the black dress with the pink trim and go go boots.

Winner of the Atlantic City Casino Show: Dress 1. That's the all black, kinda gothy vampire look, inspired by Van Helsing!

The runner up which will be worn throughout the day in AC...Dress 2. The sexy black and green number, though I will probably wear my flares with it, instead of the skirt. Many other items will go to AC with me. Just in case a calamity happens.

Oh and to scare you a bit more than I should, I'm taking a bathing suit!


No one wants to see that!

I'm so very very excited...

Monday Music Mambo

Monday Music Mambo

The theme for this week is "Mood Music" so taking the first letters of the word "Mood" tell us something. Not necessarily about yourself...but as creative as you like. Get that brain a mamboing!!

Moody Blues are coming to Pittsburgh in 2 days!
Only 2 more days...I can't believe it!
Oh my my! I'm going to see the Hayward and the Lodgey!
Do I really have to wait 2 days? Bring me my Moody Men NOW!!!

Are you warmed up? goes.

1. What are some of the songs or albums that you play when you're angry?
I tend to go for anything from Elvis Costello's early albums. The songs from My Aim Is True and This Year's Model though it depends on what I'm angry about, cos Elvis Costello is good for cranky music. I particuliarly favor the song Alibi from When I Was Cruel and then I'm Not Angry from My Aim Is True.

2. What songs or songs always manage to cheer you up when you are sad?
I like silly songs when I'm sad. I have quite a list of them too.

Justin Hayward's I'm Sorry from Nightflight. It was written by Daryl Hall and John Oates. Nuff said. Ok, not has a country twang...and Mr. Hayward is from Swindon, England. That should be nuff said.

The Turkey Song - The Damned. There's a turkey in the house get it out! Yup that's some of the lyrics. I told you I liked them silly.

Your Auntie Grizelda - The Monkees. Only Peter Tork would sing this silly Monkees tune.

3. Do you have any songs that you associate with a special time of your life? If so, what was the song, and tell us about the event that it makes more special?
Special time in my life? Have I had any of those? I don't think so...but Phantom of the Opera and any other Lloyd Webber musical brings back the last year in high school and my college years.

4. In the mood for love? What songs make you feel all warm and fuzzy?
Most anything by Jutin Hayward...Silverbird in particular oh and Deep. You can't listen to Deep without getting warm, fuzzy and erm...erm..bothered. Thanks Justin!

5. What song best describes the mood that you're in right now?
I'm So Excited - The Pointer Sisters

2 More Days Til The Moody Blues In Pittsburgh!!

Monday Madness

Monday Madness

It's my favorite meme! Happy Monday everyone and Happy Birthday Monday Madness!

Using the following letters, name birthday-related words; nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, phrases; they are all allowed! Have fun!! =)

Happy birthday to you!
Aging! Icky!
Presents presents presents!!!
People calling and sending wishes of happiness
Yippee! Party time

Bottles of champange or wine on special b-days
Iridescent gift wrap
Really fun when there's something special planned
Time to cut the cake or the cookie!
Have some ice cream with your cake and cookie!
Don't forget to thank the people for the gifts
AWwww Shucks that's just what I wanted... that a hundred dollar bill! Yay for birthdays!!

Happy Birthday Monday Madness

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't I?

Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't I?

Andrea is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.



I succumbed to this little meme-type thingy, though I know I did it awhile back using my LJ username. I was a radioactive squirrel then. Weeeeeee!

I think these things are proof that bloggers are easily amused. Yup, just about any little gadget will make us type our name into a box to see the results.

Kinda like I just did with this one:

How to make an Andrea

3 parts pride

3 parts courage

5 parts instinct
Layer ingredients in a shot glass. Add sadness and lustfullness to taste! Do not overindulge!


Personality cocktail

See, I had to go find another one. The cool part is after awhile you can change the darn things to suit you. Bless html code.

Speaking of being easily amused...I see a bunch of you voted for my outfits for the Moody Blues concerts...GASP! THIS WEEK!!

OMG! (look I'm sounding like a fangirl) I can't believe they are almost upon us. How exciting is that? Very exciting. It would be more exciting if I had been working my job fulltime, so that I had some extra money. But no. No extra money. At least I'll be able to get a t-shirt or something. Yay!

I'll be posting the results later today. Aren't you just so darn excited? I thought so.

Now I'm going to go off and find something to amuse me before I tally up the votes...but I do think I already know which two outfits are going to be worn.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

What's In A Name?

What's In A Name?

I was over at Insane Faery's and I saw a link to a site that did name analysis, so I figured I'd go and pop my moniker in the site and see what it said about me.

My name is Andrea, and for those that don't know, I was kinda named after my father who's first name is Andrew. I'm one of the unlucky people that have a unisex name. So that means...twice the spam in the email! Remind me...create an email without my name in it!

I've always wanted to have a name other than the one I have. In fact, several people who know me can probably point out the names that I'd prefer. Why do I say that? Because the character's that I like the most in my stories tend to have them.

But onto the name analysis.

Description of Your First Name of: Andrea

The name of Andrea gives you a clever, quick, analytical mind, but you suffer with a great deal of self-consciousness, lack of confidence, and much aloneness because of misunderstandings. Your idealistic and sensitive nature gives you a deep appreciation for the finer things of life and a strong desire to be of service to humanity. There are times when you experience inner turbulence at your inability to say what you mean. It is far easier for you to express your deeper thoughts and feelings through writing than verbally. You find pleasure in literature, in poetry, and in your ideals and will turn to them when you feel you have been misunderstood. You are deeply moved by the beauties of life, especially nature.

I am very creeped out by the accuracy of this silly thing.

If you want to share the creeped out feelings, clicky clicky here.

As the Jellicle cats from T.S. Elliot's poetry do, I too shall do. I'm going to ponder my ef and ineffable, deep and inscrutable, singular name.......

Friday, June 11, 2004

Moi Is Still Musing Randomly

Moi Is Still Musing Randomly

~Going to see a movie other than Van Helsing tonight. UH? This feels kinda wrong, but since it's The Stepford Wives, I'll try to handle not seeing Richard Roxburgh this weekend.

~Finished reading Bram Stoker's Dracula the other day. It was a good book, but film and tv have made Dracula far more exciting than the book did. In fact, Dracula is hardly in the book. The thing that really irked me was Bram's book doesn't really tell how he became an vampire or give you any enlightenment on that character at all, so in that respect it was disappointing.

~Did some editing work on my vampire story, Not My Slave yesterday. I went through and fixed some dialogue and other parts where Stefan figured in prominantly and made them flow a bit more freely with the story. I'm not sure that there were many changes..but still, that's done. I'll redo part two over the weekend.

~Still unsure of what to do about the job situation. The only plus right now is that I'm getting a paycheck, though it's not much of one. I wish someone would give me direction.

~It's nearly a month since the Bowie concert and those 2 former friends of mine never bothered to call or to apologize. I guess the only thing I was good for was a car. That burns me up. At this point, if they did call, I don't think I could talk to either of them rationally.

~Wenches Wanted! My group blog The Cerifiable Wenches is in need of some new participants. Check out the blog....We do a lot of fun photo memes and rant and rave. Add us to your blogroll...come visit us often.

Who are the wenches?

Lady Starlight
Leah -- who is our template goddess. (She also designed this blog for I have no real html skills)

There are only a few requirements to being a wench.

1. You must be female (kinda obvious)
2. You must post at least once a week.
3. You must have a blogger account, but if you don't you can set one up...easy peasy.

So if any of you want to be a wench...just let me know!

~And now that the musings are over....this blog will remain quiet for the rest of the day in honor of former president Ronald Reagan, on this national day of mourning. May God be with you always Ron and may the comfort of a great nation ease the pain and suffering of those you left behind.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Cos I Needed A Giggle

Cos I Needed A Giggle

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Cause:sexually transmitted
Symptoms:humming, excessive rapid heart beat, walking like an Egyptian
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

Ok...time to exercise off the"Walking like and Egyptian"

Theater Thursday

Theater Thursday

Ok, you've had a regular post from me today, now for something a bit more fun! It's time for the meme of the day!

Week 4 - Do You Believe in Magic?
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is now pulling all kinds of young witches and wizards away from their Playstations and into movie theatres all across the country.

That got us Muggles to thinking...wouldn't it have been cool to be able to point your wand at the bully that pushed you around on the playground, say "EXPELLIARMUS!", and watch them fly back against the wall?

1) Which magical power would you like to have (in order to further the cause of good for mankind, of course)? Which magical power would you like to have that you would keep hidden, guiltily, cackling about it under your sheets at night?

To further the good of mankind, I'd like to have the ability to see into peoples minds. That way I'd know which people were lying etc...and I'd be able to protect those I loved from harm

As for that guilty power..I'd like to be able to shapeshift...not to be confused with turning into an animal...but to turn into mists etc. Oh the fun I would have.

~evil grins~

2) If you had a flying broomstick, would you use it? Where would you go?
Hell yeah I'd use my broomstick. Hopefully flying broomsticks aren't powered by gasoline. If they aren't I'm going everywhere on my broomstick. Woot!

3) If you could briefly turn yourself into an animal, what would it be?
A cat. I'd want to be someone's familar, or just a house cat, cos damn they have an easy life! Eat, sleep,, sleep, pooh!

Bonus) Do you believe in magic?
Of course I do. There's a little bit of magic in everything. You just have to find it!

The Random Musings Of Moi

The Random Musings Of Moi

A lot of weird stuff has been on my mind lately. This is just a glimpse at it.

~ My boss informed me that I was working on a parttime basis yesterday when I asked him about holiday pay. That was nice to know. I'm just wondering if this is a permenant part time thing..or if it's only going last for a bit and then go back to fulltime. If it doesn't, this girl needs to find a new job, or the money fairy needs to visit.

~ Less than a week to the Moody Blues shows and the weight I lost last week has come and gone twice! Maybe I should just not eat? Maybe i was meant to be fat? ~sniffle~ I remember fondly wearing size 2s and 4s not too long ago.

~ The Reagan funeral has been really upsetting to me and I haven't a clue why. So much of the downfall of my area came about when he was in office, but he did so much good too. I don't know, it's heartbreaking.

~ I'm having a hard time writing lately. The words refuse to come. I guess this is what happens when you are constantly writing for over a year. Eventually something had to give.

~ I got my copy of the Van Helsing score for free yesterday. Woot for linkage...and woot for a pretty darn awesome film score...not to mention a pretty darn awesome film.

Mmmmm Dracula.

~ Back to the work parttime job has been so cushy, I wonder if I'll ever be able to do real work. (insert sigh here)

~ Thanks to the pedometer I track how much I walk over the course of my day. Yesterday I clocked in at slightly over 9 miles. No wonder my leggies hurt.

~ Been thinking a lot about this man

Why can't there be more of them out there that look like that?

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Wednesday Mind Hump

Wednesday Mind Hump

Oh god, it's mind hump time again! Can you believe it? No? I didn't think so. Well here goes..

In honor of Ice Cream day which commemorates the day in 1786 that ice cream was first sold in the United states let's start with a cool warm up. Using the letters of your favorite Ice cream reveal some quirky things about yourself.

OK, this is a problem. I don't really have a favorite ice cream. I'm not a big ice cream fanatic either. I know, totally unAmerican. I'm sorry.

In one week I'll be in Pittsburgh instead of Mind Humping
Cos I'll be going to see the Moody Blues
Early early early! Must get there early.

Cos I'd like to hear sound check and see them come in for the show!
Really excited about this
Ecstatic actually
Am I going to do something nutty? You bet I am
Moody I come!

Now that we're warmed up let's get humpin and have a total meltdown!

This week ... a getting to know you hump!

01. You are a source of light. What are you and why?
I would be the little glow light on the bum of the lightning bug! I help light up the night sky in the summer! (Mind you once the female lightning bug comes around...bye bye male lightning bug..cos your going to have one blissful night of passion and then she's going to eat ya!)

02. There's a huge neon sign above your head everywhere you go ... what is it flashing?I'm fairly certain it says loser.

Yup, I was right.

03. If you could be anyone's blog, whose would you be and why? (Provide a link to that blog)
You know what? I wouldn't be anyone else's blog. Why? Because then I wouldn't be me. I wouldn't have the same tastes or ideas or talents or rants. So nope! Sorry! If I'm going to be a blog..The Diary of the Music Whore is who I'll be. I'm more than just a pretty template!

04. If you could have a vanity phone number, what would it be and what would it spell?Uh, this hump is trying to kill me I think! I'm staring at the digit on the phone and my creativity is shot. I can't think of a darn thing, probably because it's nothing I'd ever think of or want.

05. Look around you .... name two odd things in your vicinity and explain why they are there.
There's a Koosh (sp) on the floor, it's there cos I'm too lazy to pick it up and my cat Misty is on the floor as well, because she put herself there. (You don't get much odder than my Misty Kitty)

There now I humped, and boy am I tired...Now go vote for the outfits I should wear to the Moody Blues concerts next week.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Moody Outfits

Moody Outfits

Ok, let the voting begin. I have 4 outfits so far for the 2 shows. I may add another over the weekend, cos I just got an email coupon from Dots today!

The Pittsburgh concert is outdoors so I can be a bit more casual. The Atlantic City show is in a Casino Theater so I want to be a bit spiffier than usual. I will of course have extra outfits for the weekend, because I'm staying overnight there! Woot!

Doing the boardwalk and all kinds of other fun things on Sunday.

So here goes

Picture one

Picture two

Picture three

Picture four

My eyes are wonky in all the pictures I swear! Yuck! Ignore my ugly mug in most of these and concentrate on the outfits.

Comment to leave your votes. Remember to pick 2 of the 4!

A Real Post -- About Nothing

A Real Post -- About Nothing

I hate it when my life turns into one big ball of nothing. Of course next week that will change, so I should complain too much. I just wish the things that I had wanted to happen would have.

Now that I've confused you all, I'll explain. I was really dying to get to Pittsburgh once before the concert madness starts, but that's not going to happen now. I wanted to find a vintage sixties outfit to wear to one of the shows. Alas and alack that's not to be. No money and no one that can go to Pittsburgh early on Saturday. Drat and double drat!

So I'm going to work at deciding which outfits to wear for the concerts and my mini vacation, and guess what? You are going to help. Yup, in the next day or two, I'm going to post links to pictures of me in potential concert attire. You can vote by commenting on which two you like best, cos there are two concerts.

And now that I'm thinking about it, I freaking forgot to buy the opera gloves I wanted to wear on my B-day in...erm...about 3 weeks, when I go to see 1776 at the Benedum. They probably won't have anymore now that prom season is over. Again I say, drat and double drat.

I see a problem here, there is a bit of not nothing that I should do, but I managed to do nothing instead.

Yay me!


That isn't a good thing.


Tuesday Iffers

Tuesday Iffers

I feel like I've been doing nothing but meme's lately. I promise a real post later, but today's Tuesday Iffers, really needs to be done. Its one of those questions that made me stop and think, it wasn't silly, it was really thought provoking.

So here goes,

Prayers of the People...

If you could ask God any one question, what would it be?

I guess my question to God would have to stem from how I was getting to talk to God. Somehow this whole thing conjures up images of a daily talk radio show, hosted by noneother than God! The show is...ASK GOD ANYTHING!

Next caller please...What would you like to ask God today?

Well, God, I want to know how you really feel about the people of various religions killing others in your name?

Recall that each religion calls God by a different name. I'm not one to say who's religion is right. That's too deeply personal. So to end this that I've asked God anything...I want to leave you with some beautiful song lyrics.

Life Itself - George Harrison (from the CD Somewhere In England)

You are the one
You are my love
You send the rain and bring the sun
You stand alone and speak the truth
You are the breath of life itself, oh yes you are
You are the one

You're in my dream
I hold you there in high esteem
I need you more each step I take
You are the love in life itself, oh yes you are
You are the one

You are the one that I�d die for
And you�re all that is real
You are the essence of that which
We taste, touch and feel

You are the one
No matter what
You are the real love that I�ve got
You are my friend and when life�s through
You are the light in death itself, oh yes are
You are the one

They call you christ, vsnu, buddha, jehovah,
Our lord
You are, govindam, bismillah, creator of all

You are the one
No matter what
You are the real love that I�ve got
You are my friend and when life�s through
You are the light in death itself, oh yes are
You are the one
You are my love
You send the rain and bring the sun
You stand alone and speak the truth
You are the breath of life itself, oh yes you are
You are the breath of life itself, oh yes you are
You are the one

This is the Music Whore....reminding you to try to accept the religious beliefs of your fellow men and women, regardless of whether or not you share them. Remember, religion is a personal thing.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Monday Madness

Monday Madness

The second Monday meme, hmmm, this one is usually first! Oh well, here goes

1. In your opinion, what is the perfect temperature?

75 degrees farenheight. Not too cold not too hot.

2. If you have a garden, what do you plant in it? If not, what would you plant in it?

Pansies! Lots of pansies. Not that I plant a garden, I just love pansies.

3. What is your favorite summertime beverage?

Margaritas! Mmmm nummy in a wide variety of fruity flavors or just a gold margarita on the rocks! Wasting away again in Margaritaville!!

4. How many times a year do you rearrange your living room?

I don't rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic, it's not healthy.

5. How fast do you drive in a '55 mile-an-hour' zone?

It depends on if there are any "smokeys" out there, but usually 65, but I have been getting better at keeping to the posted speed!

6. How many minutes per day do you usually talk on the phone?

During the week several hours...on the weekend not much at all except to phone friends to find out where we're going and what time, that sort of thing.

7. What is your favorite software program?

My photo studio imaging program.

8. How many music cd's do you own?

Too many. Seriously. The number is now up to about 3500 or more. I haven't had a chance to count lately.

9. How many memes do you participate in on a regular basis?

Monday Madness
Monday Music Mambo
Photo Time Tuesday
Wednesday Mind Hump
Theatre Thursday
Sunday Brunch

Those are my regulars, but there are more I participate in on a semi regular basis.

10. Name 3 blogs that you have on your 'blogroll' list. (any 3.)

Lady Starlight's The Angel Waiting to Be Sent Cos I have to read my sister's blog -- written by Christine who was in one of my CD swaps.

The Certifiable Wenches
-- My group blog.

Monday Music Mambo

Monday Music Mambo

It's that time of week again to get up and dance the Mambo, courtesy of those crazy ladies at BDI!!

So to get us warmed up, let's start out by taking the word "Music" and see if we can come up with Movie titles using those 5 letters!

Moulin Rouge
UHF (gotta love Weird Al)
Shanghai Surprise (Madonna's worst movie ever!)
Indecent Proposal
Cat's Meow (Starring Eddie Izzard)

So are you warmed up for the summer movie season? Are you warmed up for the soundtracks that go with them? Yay! Let's soundtrack style.

1. What movie soundtrack is your absolute favorite?
I have a few favorites, the Black Beauty score soundtrack and Edward Scissorhands are up there, simply because I love the music Danny Elfman creates. If I had to pick one soundtrack that wasn't a score soundtrack, it would have to be Pretty In Pink, all those great 80's tunes in one place. I love it.

2. What movie wouldn't be as great if it didn't have such and awesome soundtrack?
Dirty Dancing. The movie was a non-musical, but the songs that shaped that film also made it. It wasn't my favorite movie of the 80's but I loved some of the songs that came from it. Eric Carmen's Hungry Eyes and Patrick Swayze's She's Like the Wind are two that I find unforgettable, without them and I've Had The Time Of My Life, that movie wouldn't have been half the hit. The songs made that movie!

3. How many movie soundtracks to you own? (you don't have to be precise a rough estimate is fine)
Well I have over 40 Elfman film scores alone so the number has to be much higher than that. I'd probably say at least sixty or more. All well loved and well enjoyed by the music whore.

4. Have you ever bought a movie soundtrack and not seen the movie?
Plenty of times. I have Journey to the Amazing Caves, which is an Imax movie that the Moody Blues did the music for, not to mention the Elfman scores. I haven't seen half the movies he did the scores for, but the music resides in my collection.

5. If your life was going to be made into a movie, what songs would you want included on the soundtrack?

OK, I'll try to keep this brief. My theme song would be included, which is Nowhere Man.

I'd want Justin Hayward's The Way of the World to figure prominently into the film. There's something very introspective and searching about this song. I couldn't not have a Hayward song on my life soundtrack.

Elvis Costello would also have a few offerings...Just About Glad from Brutal Youth for all the stupid things I've almost done and Tart during some of the moodier parts of my life. This is one of my favorite songs from the When I Was Cruel album.

George Harrison's Crackerbox Palace would play throughout my childhood, because it's a lighthearted song and because I love George Harrison.

The Monkees would appear with I'm a Believer and Daydream Believer for the scenes of my first concert.

If you want to see the Life Soundtrack mix that I made to several very interesting questions, go here and here. Oh and the "Me" mix...which really is the soundtrack to my life is here.

Feel free to inspect my other mixes and if you like any, drop me a line, maybe we can swap mixes or something.

I'm now going to do Mambo #5 across the blog..Italiano style, of course.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Sunday Madness

Sunday Madness

I just spent the whole day cleaning. This is not something that I like to do. In fact, I hate cleaning. I also hate clutter. The problem lies with the fact I am a pack rat and hate hate hate to get rid of things.

Well today, my mom and I decided to clean out some of her clothes. Oye, was that the least bit of fun I've ever had. It took me well over 5 hours to get the room back to semi normal, and even that isn't the way I'd like it to be. Unfortunately to get it the way I want it to be I'd have to come up with a few hundred dollars for storage.

My mother has more extra blankets and clothes she refuses to part with than you could ever imagine. She's really as bad as I am. Like I'm really going to fit in those size 4s ever again.

Ha! Ha! and Ha!

My original cleaning plan was to do my room and to get rid of some of my junk, that's going to have to wait until next week. On a happy note I found some bags that will work for the weekend trip to Atlantic City, which is now two weeks away! Holy Hades!

Now to try to figure out what I'm going to take with me on the trip!

The First Four

The First Four

Here's an meme I haven't tried yet..and since it's topic seems appropriate, I'll go on with it.

What are the first four things you think of when I say:

Ronald Reagan

Oldest President of the United States
Longest living President of the United States
Win One for the Gipper!
RIP Ron - 1911-2004

I learned about his death at supper last night. I saw his picture come on the telly at Garfield's where we were eating and I knew instantly that he had died.

I'm not a republican, I don't know if I could really say how I feel about his politics as his presidency was during my grade school and junior high years, but I see him as a good man, regardless of whether or not he was a good president.

I know that he suffered from the horrible disease Alzheimer's and had suffered from it for 10 years. I hope that now he's at peace wherever he may be. I've known several people that had that illness and it's not a pretty thing. My heart goes out to his family at this time.

Again RIP -- Ronnie 40th President of the United States.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Anywhere But Here

Anywhere But Here

I think today is the perfect day to play this game again. You know, when you come up with a story of what you're life would be like, right now, if you were anywhere but here. (here in my case being Charleroi, PA)

It's a brilliant sunshiny day and I'm wandering around the lovely city of Pittsburgh, just strolling through Point State Park taking pictures of the huge beautiful fountain at the Point when I snap a picture of a very handsome blonde man. He turns when he sees the flash and I smile weekly. The most clear blue eyes are staring sadly back at me. I feel sorry for this man, and approach him, hoping he's not a psychopathic killer.

"Hello," I say brightly and hold out the camera. "I'm sorry, I took your picture. If you'd like, I can delete it."

He looks up a smile twitching on his face.

"That would be me."

He runs his hands through his short hair and looks around nervously.

"I'm sorry for bothering you," I apologise.

"No, wait!" he calls when I've started out of the park. I turn and he runs to catch up with me.

"I didn't get your name, what paper is that picture going to be in?"

I look at him in confusion. "Paper?"

"Yes, paper, or trash magazine. Who do you work for?"

Again I'm confused. "I don't work for any magazine I was just taking pictures of the fountain and I snapped one of you."

I neglect to tell him that it was because he was gorgeous.

"You don't?"


"Oh, that's good."

I give him an odd look and start off again. People are strange in the city.

"Wait, can I buy you a drink or lunch or something?"

"I don't have lunch with strange men." I snap.

"If we have a proper introduction will you join me then?"

"I suppose."

"Well then my darling lady, Richard Roxburgh at your service."

I try to keep my jaw from dropping. This is Dracula. It would do well not to let on I know him.

I introduce myself and he takes my hand and we walk out of the park together. The day couldn't be more perfect as we walk from the Point to the South Side where were dine at Paparazzi's Italian restaurant then walk the streets looking at the shops and taking pictures.

When darkness falls, I drag him back toward's Paparazzi's, but not quite there. I take him to a great little bar, the Tiki Lounge. It's dark and atmospheric and the drinks are great. After a few amaretto sours I find myself in the little cubby with him between the first floor lounge and the lower level.

Things are getting quite romantic.

I grin at him when he pulls away from a rather awe inspiring kiss.

"What?" he asks smiling back.

"Bite me, Count!" I mouth.

And he does....

Now that is my idea of a good Anywhere But Here day....and I didn't even have to go far!

~sigh~ I'd really like to have an anywhere but here day with Richard Roxburgh

Friday, June 04, 2004

Behold The Chins

Behold The Chins

Here are the reasons why I don't like having my picture taken.

In order from L-R Debby, John Lodge, The Music Whore...looking like a cat in heat... Meeooow!

Another reason

I really looked cute that night too..why does the picture not show it?

This is a hideous picture too I might add, taken a year ago outside the Improv at the Waterfront.

L-R Debby, Brad Sherwood, The Music Whore..looking like a pathetic geek.

And lastly...the only picture I kinda like

The Music Whore and Eddie Izzard!

Now you can plainly see why this girl doesn't like her picture being taken!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Damn The Papaparazzi

Damn The Paparazzi

I was discussing with my sister last night, the joys of never having to have a photo taken.

See, last night my nephew, her son, graduated from high school, meaning pictures were taken. Lucky for her the usual picture results didn't happen.

My sister and I share something in common, we both are about as photogenic as well, chopped liver. If you see either of us in person, we both only have one chin. Pop out a camera...and 2 more appear. GAH!

I noticed that this happens to John Lodge of the Moody Blues too. Only he has the ability to give his chins away! Lucky bastard! Sadly in the picture that was taken of my sister, the Lodgeyman and me, chins. He gave his extras to us!

I don't need or want any extra chinnage, Mr. Lodge. C'mon back here and get these! They belong to you!

I think it's possible that the particular photo in question was the last one taken of me. I will allow no more. Nope, you don't need to see me. I doubt ya want to anyway, but until the camera stops donating chins to me, it's not going to happen.

I will hide behind a rock, cover my face anything to stop the nonexistant extra chins from appearing. Unless of course Lodgey or J'tin are nearby, in which case, the hell with it, I shall grin like a stuck pig, and damn the chins to hell!

Theatre Thursday

Theatre Thursday

1) What's your favorite disaster movie of all time?
Not having watched many, I'd say Ghost Ship. It's a cheesy bad film that should have been much better, but I enjoyed it for the odd spookiness that it managed to convey. If you can't tell I like my movies to have a supernatural edge. I'm not sure if its quite the "diaster" type film we're talking about here...but was a disater at the box office, so it should count for something!

2) Do you prefer a disaster movie with tons of special effects, carnage and general mayhem (i.e. Armageddon) or would you rather see one where the focus is on the people and the event's effects on their lives (i.e. Deep Impact)?
I love good special effects. Hell, I love bad special effect. Carnage I can do without. Mmm, just thinking about the special effects in Van Helsing makes my heart beat faster. Oh wait, I was thinking about Roxula again.

3) Of all the disaster movies you've seen, which depicts the most realistic portrayal of what might happen in an actual disaster? Which was the most far-fetched?
A realistic portrayal? In a movie? Surely you jest! When you say far fetched, the spoof movies like Airplane come to mind. Oh and what about Speed and Speed 2, definitely farfetched there as well.

Bonus) Which character would you be if you were in a disaster movie - the tough hero, the corrupt businessman who profits from it all, the old lady who runs around and screams "We're doomed!!!", the kid who saves the day, the young guy who buys it in the first five minutes of the disaster, or another stock character?
I want to be the young and beautiful woman who is seduced by the corrupt businessman, played by Richard Roxburgh, who turns him around, so in just this one film, he doesn't have to die!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Wednesday Mind Hump

Wednesday Mind Hump

Ok, It's Mind Hump Time.

Cos you know I have to do one meme a day to go along with my own insane posting!

Today is also National Rocky Road Day. As a warm up, using the letters R-O-C-K-Y-R-O-A-D reveal some interesting facts about you.

Really can't wait til June 16
Only 14 more days
Cos I'm really excited about that day
Kirsten might not like it if I kidnap her husband
You know, John Lodge..he's her husband

Right now I'm feeling calm
Only 14 more days!!!!!
Am I making myself clear?
Does anyone want to guess what's happening on June 16th?

Okay, now that we're all warmed up let's move on to a little Mind Humping fun with "I say ___, you think ___." In response to the following list of words enter the first words, phrase, idea or thought that comes into your ever humpin' mind. Ready? Put on your humping caps.

01. bright: eyes, burning like fire, bright eyes, how can you close and fade
02. twister: a fun game to play nekkid and with Justin Hayward.
03. marshmallow sauce tastes good on nekkid Haywards and Roxburghs
04. bud - wei-ser
05. master: mind, some evil plan
06. blink: and you've missed it. Charleroi, that is. (My home town)
07. sauve: Cheap haircare products
08. bikini: Something you'll never see me wear.
09. dash: to the car, cos it's raining
10. elementary: my dear Watson

Now that was fun. I know you want to hump with me...

Milestones Everywhere

Milestones Everywhere

Well besides a thirith birthday coming up in 30 days, there are a few other, happier things for me to dwell on, coming up much sooner.

1. The Vampire Story -- Not My Slave is now 200 pages long, but still nowhere near finished.

(BTW has any of you finished reading Broken Dreams? I'd love feedback even if it is to say you thought it sucked)

2. 14 days til the first Moody Blues show. I'm a mixture of happy and nervous about the whole thing.

3. Mini vacation coming up as well. Woot for Atlantic City.

4. The black one piece bathing suit fits.

(why do I not have curves? None whatsoever!)

5. On my birthday, I'm going to see 1776 with Malcolm Gets in the lead role.

(for those of you looking at this entry going Malcolm Gets? He's the cute little blonde dude who played Richard on Caroline in the city)

So this is going to be an all around exciting month, shy of the fact the Fleetwood Mac show got cancelled. Someone in the band is sick, but the site isn't saying who or what's wrong. I hope to hell it's not my Lindsey. I love my Lindsey and they've cancelled shows since last week, some not being rescheduled.


Maybe next time. I was excited about being 8th row for that lovely concert, but hey, more money to spend in Atlantic City!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Tuesday Iffers

Remember how I played this meme, last week? Remember how I kept you in suspense about which song was my theme song?

The answer in my eyes - Nowhere Man - The Beatles

Here's this week's Part 2 to that question

If the theme song you picked were to play, in full, every time you entered a room would you still pick the same song? If not, what would you pick?

Well, it would have to be someone changing the words to the song, but the general idea of the tune is still appropriate. At least in my eyes.

For those of you not familiar with the song...Here are the lyrics

Nowhere Man

He's a real nowhere Man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
for nobody.

Doesn't kave a point of view,
Knows not where he's going to,
Isn't he a bit like you and me?
Nowhere Man, please listen,
You don't know what you're missing,
Nowhere Man, the world is at your command.

He's as blind as he can be,
Just sees what he wants to see,
Nowhere Man can you see me at all?
Doesn't kave a point of view,
Knows not where he's going to,
Isn't he a bit like you and me?
Nowhere Man, don't worry,
Take your time, don't hurry,
Leave it all till somebody else
lends you a hand.

He's a real Nowhere Man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
For nobody.

Isn't she...a bit like you and me....I think so...

It's A Bright June Afternoon

It's A Bright June Afternoon

Well actually, it isn't. It's about 7:30 in the morning when I'm typing this, so I'm an outrageous liar.

The title in question comes from a Roxette song, titled, June Afternoon. There are some songs that just scream to be played at certain times. Tuesday Afternoon. Hey wait..It's Tuesday and June...Oh the hee haw hilarity that's going to ensue today!

It's a bright, Tuesday afternoon....

Only it's only 7:30.

Yeah, I'm starting early.

Ok...I'm hoping the start of the new month and the start of a day will make the weekend go buh byes. Cos I'm pondering how the 5 pounds that went buh byes last week came back over night.

Now I'm not delusional, at least not this time. I've been watching on 2 scales, just in case one is teasing me, and they both shot up. I went out to eat one freaking day! I realize that it's only water weight, but it's going to take me another 2 weeks to get rid of that.

My pedometer went funny on the last walk I was on and didn't register half of the distance I walked.


Yeah, so aside from seeing "The" movie again this weekend, it ended on a rather depressing note. I was so excited that things were shifting downward at last. I'm now going to starve myself for the rest of the week.

If only I had health insurance, I'd be able to find out if there was something wrong, that's causing this. But nope don't have that, and don't have the money to see the doctor and get tests done. (which I wouldn't enjoy much anyway)

If you need me, I'll be under my rock singing Tuesday June Afternoon or some variation of those two songs.