Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Quotable Costello

If I'm going to go down, your going to come with me ~ Hand in Hand

Love is always scarpering or cowering or fawning you drink yourself insensitive and hate yourself in the morning ~ Man Out of Time

Sometimes I think that love's just a've got to cut it out ~ Lipstick Vogue

but the words are a mystery I've heard til you turn it down to 33 and a third. Cos it's helps with the elocution corporations turn revolutions ~ 45

Your mind is made up your mouth is undone ~ Accidents Will Happen

She's says are you looking up my skirt? When you say no she says why not ~ Spooky Girlfriend

Tuesday, October 29, 2002


Ok...while studying and burning and writing I found this lovely little picture...that I just had to share with you...It's too cute not to..

Isn't he just the most darling man?

Oh look and it's his evil twin..Greg Proops...well his evil younger brother...maybe

I'll leave you to drool now..
Quizzes..I thought I was out of school


I have a quiz tomorrow in I'm in lurk mode tonight...IM me..but I might not be able to I really want to work a bit on my story..Oh and fuck the people who don't like it...cos to use the words of mr. costello..."And if you still don't like my song (read story) Than you can just go to hell...I don't care if I'm right or wrong or if my type writer can spell"

Oh and if any of you want to be a vampire..I suggest you click here
Right now I'm a fresh corpse..However did this webpage know that?

Oh and it's completely fucking cold out now....It's official..we get no spring or fall now...Just Summer and Winter!!! PAH! I have to say, I never really enjoyed the winter part much. Driving in snow sucks...and we may get some flurries this week..

I think I'll send them to my friends in Lo Cal...cos you deserve it! Snow to all of you!! Including Greg Proops..cos then I could warm him by the fire!! Hot cocoa with marshmellows for me and Greggie!! Yeee Haaaaaa

I hope to blog some more story until then kidlets

Monday, October 28, 2002

Random Musings

Well hola and good evening my pookies!

I'm burning yet more cds tonight..I want to finish up a few trades...then I'm going to work on the story some more in the next few days...I was trying to edit my template here at the blog..but I can't seem to find one I like as well as this one...Unfortunately I lost my html code for the shout outs..

I may or may not put those back on the page...haven't decided yet...

Did any of you watch Whose Line tonight? Mr. Proops looked always..and it seems he's still wearing his tinted la la...Mr Proops is stylin....

Unfortunately Mr. Proops is not being used to his full potential on the show...I really think Whose Line is becoming a waste of his time...I wouldn't be surprised if he relocates to Britain where his talents are more appreciated...How is it..this country can't love his intelligence and sharp wit? What the fuck is wrong with the people here!!!

Oh..and I saw Ghost Ship this weekend...why did a film that had a plot with such promise...and such potential have to be so...well not bad..but just not good. I think it really should have gone into more detail about the supernatural scavenger..etc...and how he went about his work...Instead..they went a totally unfrightening route...and they didn't even make the film scary..

I'd say you could take a 10 year old to this film..and the only thing that would disturb him would be...some naked boobs toward the end of the film..

I hate it when movies are disappointing...

I guess I'll just have to wait patiently for Harry Potter.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Questiony Poo

Well I have yet another question to pose to you readers...

If our Alaina is to have a happy ending to her story...Somebody's wife is going to have to die....leave or turn lesbian...I think I have a nice chemistry going between Alaina and Greg....but we also have the relationship between Alaina and Declan... could either be JenCat or the CaitMonster...

hmmm and even more fun...what to do with her....

maybe perhaps Alien abduction

So shout out what you think I should do with the wives!!!

Friday, October 25, 2002

Going to the Movies...Squee

Well good afternoon Peeps and kidlets...

I'm off to see the movie Ghost Ship shortly...I haven't been to a movie...since..hmmm I'm not sure when..MIB2 maybe...For some odd reason I'm watching SNL on Comedy Central. I don't really know why...I've never really enjoyed the shows..but oddly I've been drawn to them lately..

Could be from the lack of Proopsie goodness in my life right now....God knows..if the 13 days of Halloween aren't up soon on ABCFam I'm going to go batty...No Drew's weeks...

On a happier note, I'm getting beaucoups of Elvis Costello bootlegs...Soon I will know the complete joy of having most of the Spinning songbook tour on cd... Oh happy day! So you will notice the incoming part of my trading list is growing quite large!!

It's the little things in life that make me happy!!!

So how are we liking the story thus far? I'm pleased to announce the next concubine is Joe Elliot!! Why? you may ask? Cos he was the concubine she was engaged too..and there is a reason for him being next...but you'll see soon enough


Tuesday, October 22, 2002


OK kidlets...since I've tried repeatedly to post my picture here..I'm going to give you the link to my you can see my picture with Elvis Costello

Just click here

Now you are witness to my joy! The only joy I've had in yonks mind you....Hope the picture of me doesn't scare you too much...

Sunday, October 20, 2002

And Episode of Elvis...aka Mr. Costello and Me...

Ok..cos this is my blog..and my blog should be all about me....I'm devoting these few words well more than a few My Episode of Elvis...Which also means I can die happy now...

Yes kidlets..when I say that..I mean..I, Andrea Guy..did in a hug and kiss by the one and only Elvis Costello..and got my picture taken with the man...I'm happy to report..both Mr. Costello and myself are still alive .....and not to detract from the internet friend...Brighid..who was also at the concert...also got a hug from him!! So needless to say..there was being had in Pittsburgh last night

But enough of my gloating...cos yes that's what I'm payback for everyone else...that has made my life miserable with their tales of how they met...Greg...Elvis..whoever...

Let me tell you about the concert...cos it was incredible...the man has more energy than anyone..He did 2 encores...and closed with an orgasmic version of I Want You...which had me squealing at the top of my lungs..

I can't remember the exact order of the tracks..but here's a play by play...of the songs you can expect to hear on this leg of the tour.

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror/You Really Got A Hold On Me
Soul for Hire
Spooky Girlfriend
15 Petals
I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down
Indoor Fireworks
No Action
Mystery Man
Pump it Up
I Want You
Party Girl
Girls Talk
The Judgement
Man Out of Time
I Don't Want to Go To Chelsea
Radio Radio
Tear off your Head (It's a Doll Revolution)

I know I'm missing a few..but that's the general gist of it...I have this to say to you...If you have the chance to see this man in concert..

GO!! Go as many times as you can...He's the most fantastic performer...He's also a very nice fellow..also buy a copy of the tour cd Cruel Smile..cos it's just great...full of Live versions etc...well worth the money...

I figure I'll be up all night..cos I can't believe I met him!! Cos shit like this doesn't happen to me...At least when it comes to meeting someone...I truely admire...and mr. costello is one of those people...

Spins about and dances happily....

Oh...let me tell you about what he had on..cos he looked so cute....

As always..he had on a can you believe it..a cute one..Black coat and shirt..with a black and white scarfy..and black jeans...Trademark stubble as well..and it tickles when he kisses you... (ooops still gloating...)

All in all was truely one of the most fantastic nights of my life..It will take something of great magnatude to surpass this...I'm not sure if my Pookie Pie Proopsy could surpass this...but Geeze...I'm so goddamn happy right now...I can just well...

Burst into song..

Friday, October 18, 2002

Friday Five

Ok..courtesy of the website Friday Five

1. How many TVs do you have in your home?
Four though only 3 are in use right now

2. On average, how much TV do you watch in a week?
do watching vhs videos count.. probably 14-20 hours..depending on my boredome threshold

3. Do you feel that television is bad for young children?
Pass the crack...It's just as bad as the internet..Bad Parents are bad for has nothing to do with it..

4. What TV shows do you absolutely HAVE to watch, and if you miss them, you're heartbroken?

Whose Line is it Anyway...uh..erm...uh...

5. If you had the power to create your own television network, what would your line-up look like?
Hmm part comedy central/part vh1 classic/part scifi

A mixture of weird 80's videos..british comedy....Greg Proops...and Forever Knight/Red Dwarf...

Thursday, October 17, 2002

More songs in the Key of Greg...

Man Out Of Time
So this is where he came to hide
When he ran from you
In a private detective's overcoat
And dirty dead man's shoes
The pretty things of Knightsbridge
Lying for a minister of state
Are a far cry from the nod and wink
Here at traitor's gate

'Cause the high heel he used to be has been ground down
And he listens for the footsteps that would follow him around

To murder my love is crime
But will you still love
A man out of time

There's a tuppeny hapenny millionaire
Looking for a fourpenny one
With a tight grip on the short hairs
Of the public imagination

But for his private wife and kids somehow
Real life becomes a rumour
Days of dutch courage
Just three French letters and a German sense of humour

He's got a mind like a sewer and a heart like a fridge
He stands to be insulted and he pays for the privilege


The biggest wheels of industry
Retire sharp and short
And the after dinner overtures
Are nothing but an after thought
Somebody's creeping in the kitchen
There's a reputation to be made
Whose nerves are always on a knife's edge
Who's up late polishing the blade

Love is always scarpering or cowering or fawning
You drink yourself insensitive and hate yourself in the morning


Will I still love a Man Out of Time? Yes it's quite possible.. Something about the Knightsbridge reference in the song..and...well it's the title of the Alex and Everett that where Greg stayed when last in England
Pick a concubine...any concubine
Afternoon readers...

Since I'm almost done with the Declan part of the story...I thought I'd put it to you..."the reader" to decide which concubine..get's to go next.. There are a few choices of concubines..

1. Jeff Davis
2. Joe Elliot of the band Def Leppard
3. Chris Barrie of Red Dwarf
4. Danny Elfman

Have I missed any concubines?

So here's your task...decide which concubine should have their story with Laina told next.

Oh...and today's rant...

RAIN!! when will it ever's been pissing down rain for nearly 3 days now...This is getting to be disgusting.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Quotable Proops

~ Look,I know this is our first date,but.....I LOVE YOU! BE WITH ME!!!

~ "They're like lemmings- they just run to the pot. "Eat me! Eat me!" Oh- they fucking speak French- "Mangez moi! Mangez moi!"

~ "I thought the Egyptians had cured baldness."-Greg Proops FTS

~ "Hamsters, Get Some Friends" - Greg Proops Superheroes

~ "Thank you so much. Well Mr. Bond, I suppose you think this is it, perhaps you'd like to make love to my mistress before I fondue the world! Minky doesn't like the anchor do you Minky? You make her very upset, perhaps you'd like to drop into my pool of piranhas? Oh that one never works."-Greg Proops Weird Newscasters

~ "Well, my woman stayed true and I'm sober." Greg Proops, Unlikely Cowboy Songs SFAH

~ "I would like to thank ABC for giving me the Drew Carey award. It only goes to one lucky guy with glasses a year, and gosh darn it, tonight I'm the king of the... general area."-Greg Proops World's Worst Acceptance Speech

~ "Pray. Until the demon is gone from this child!" -Greg Proops in response to wayne asking what he liked to do on a saturday morning

~ "This just in: Virginity abolished in Southern California." - Greg Proops Weird Newscasters

~ "Psychic convention was cancelled because of unforeseen circumstances." - Greg Proops Weird Newscasters

~"Good evening everyone, I'm Twice Nightly. And this is the action news, these are the headlines. Insane cow tries moon jump, dish and spoon still missing." - Greg Proops Weird Newscasters

~ "I love the out-of-doors"-Greg Proops LMAD

~ "Good evening, I'm Unsually Thick."- Greg Proops Weird Newscasters

~ "If I jack off one more time, I win a toaster!" -- Greg Proops

~ "I love my clothes but I don't name them." Greg Proops on Talk Soup
Stuff and Nonsense

Morning kidlets and kittens

I'm sitting here amid piles of cds and books. Todays goal, run the vacuum in the bedrooms...sort the cds and well write some more in the Innocent Man story... How are we liking it btw?

I found a caricature of my darling Greggie. Unfortunately the only way I can share it with you is to give you a linky... It's actually much better than the one that guy drew of him on the Memory Skills videos.. So here's the caricature.

I have to say that was a nice piccy...kudos to the artist on that one..

Just learned that Josie Lawrence was in Enchanted April. I swear I saw that movie yonks ago, but I never noticed her in it. But likely I wasn't looking for her.

I guess I better get about cleaning if I don't blog story...bad things happen...

Tuesday, October 15, 2002


Hola kidlet's..

It's rant and quote time....

Today's rant...Monday night football...includes the Steelers..and the game is being played in Pittsburgh..So guess what I'm not going to be watching this week...Nope no Whose Line is It Anyway...for me..for the second week in a row!!! How freaking wrong is that?

I need as much laughter in my life as I can get!! Taking away Whose wrong..dammit..very wrong...

Oh and I was reading a lovely Terry Prachett novel today...(well I have been for a few days now) and I found an interesting quote..

"Hell is empty...All the Devils are here..."

That explains alot I think..

Lets move along to the ABCFam epi of Whose Line that Greggie was on...I loved the Imaginary Friend Boy Super heroes..Especially when Colin called Greg four-eyes....LOL...My pookie was truely beautiful....

Monday, October 14, 2002

Stuff and Whoselineness

Mood: How would you feel if you were carless?
Music: Elvis Costello Political Action bootleg...early version of Tramp the Dirt Down I believe

Hey Pookies..

Before you crucify me for not updating the fanfic...I have this to say...

I have new pics of Greg..and if you want to see them..all you kittens had better be nice to me..Why..cos I'm a cranky volatile kitten right now...My car is in the shop for the remainer of the week...courtesy of the Episode of Deer!

So let's see where to start in the madcap life that lead...

Oh yes...I just found out that Mr. Jeff Davis is only a year older than myself...and for some reason...I feel really stupid for not attempting to seduce him..whilst the boy was in my clutches...Why am I so stupid so often? Oh yeah..I was suffering from..I want to meet Greg syndrome...Let me tell's a nasty disease to suffer from...It affects most of the central nervous system and causes the sufferer to shout in octaves that only Dogs..and Psychotic sisters can hear...."Pookie!"

Ah well such is my miserable life...One day..I will acheive the greatness that I aspire too...Whose Line Groupie!! Go ahead giggle...chuckle if you must...but it is my goal to the concubine of at least one of the cast...Greg preferrably..but I think the Jencat would have much to say about that..

so I'll take this one...

Jeff Davis is a pretty boy is he not? I have to say..If I could not have my Gregory, Jeff is certainly doable...and him...I met..and ignored..go figure...My heart belongs to Pookie...but I have to say...Jeffie can be a Pookie in Waiting!! Forgive me Jeff for not fawning as I ought to have..

Yes..Mr Jeff Davis..I need to be flogged...and you are just the man to do it...

Ah well I better get to working on that story..before the kittens flog me...

Saturday, October 12, 2002

I'm Cranky

Mood: Well I was happy...
Music: Man Out of Time

Yes I'm a moody cranky cancer bitch...but frankly there are some things..that I just don't want to hear about...I don't want to hear about how anyone met Greg...No frankly I don't..Cos I'm jealous and irrational when it comes to him... For 2 years...this man ..that I don't even know...has had a small hold on my life...

I so want to go to NYC to see him at Caroline's..but I know that's too much to hope for....cos I have no money....and at this point no I should just push the thought from my head...Funny...I was quite happy with my little Episode of Greg today....Now I have to say..I feel like shit....

I'm 28 years old..and I can barely think of a good thing that's happened to all those years..and to be honest..I swear..every day it gets worse...All I have to amuse me...are a pile of cds...(ever growing) and my stories...Good that I have a good imagination...Cos if I didn't...I'd be screwed..
Morning Kidlets and Kittens...from the wide wonderful world of Proopsville...

Hmmm this sounds like a bad movie...But I got the sweetest note in the mail from Mr. Proops. I had sent a thank you note to his agent and to him for answering the questions at Ocelots about a week or so ago. So when I got the mail today I was really surprised to see a card with his handwriting on it.. Especially as he said he's wading through the fan mail at a slow pace...

He couldn't possibly have gotten to my B-day card...etc....

It was a very simple note it just read


My pleasure,

Greg Proops

It is my firm belief that they made him..and broke the mold...which is why I'll remain single...Cos I want one just like him...since he's spoken for...

Tell me again why cloning is bad?

Greg is a sweet guy..
If I got an email from would say what?

Ok...I was talking to Sam..and we had this lovely little discussion of how Greg likely has my email as well..Hmm what if he's been pondering sending me an email these past 3 weeks...? here's what the email would likely say....


Please don't stalk me! I've been to your egroup and I've seen your blog and I have to say. I wouldn't go near you with a ten foot poll. See girlie now you know why I left early that night!

Your writing is crap..and frankly it's frightening..You need to stop!


That would be my luck... I'm so depressed...and I'm listening to Erasure again...This time it's Love is the Rage

Friday, October 11, 2002

Annoyed and Frustrated

Ok I really should be working on my story..but see...People have been gloating about meeting Greg AGAIN! and frankly I'm disgusted and a little bit nauseous....

But really...It's back to the whole emailing Greg thing...I must be the most wussy female on the planet..I have the man's email address..and I haven't used it...It's the whole Devil and Angel on the shoulder thing...

1. He knows who I least through the egroup...(how embarrassing)
2. God knows he might have read my posts here or at Ocelots (sweet mother of god!)
3. He could have read my stories..(god help me)

Ok...Now that I've made myself more nauseous I think I'll go write some more of the Alex and Everett story...
Stolen Surveys

Oh...I'm stealing a survey thing from Lindsey

01. If you could only choose 1 cd to ever listen to again, what would it be?
Elvis Costello Very Best of (Rhino Greatest)
02. If you could only choose 2 movies to watch ever again, what would they be?
Chocolat,Edward Scissorhands
03. If you could only choose 3 books to read ever again, what would they be?
Phantom of the Opera-Gaston Leroux, About a Boy-Nick Hornby, Charlotte Vale-Allen-Night Magic
04. If you could only choose 4 things to eat or drink ever again, what would they be?
Coke, Tiramisu, Gnocchi, Steamed Dumplings
05. If you could only choose 5 people to ever be/talk/associate/whatever with ever again, who would they be?
Mom, Lindsey, Brighid, Tina, hmmm and GREG!! LOL...I wish

Songs in the Key of...

The music still in control here..I'm listening to Erasure right now..and I've found some more songs in the key of Greg...and one song in the key of Jencat...

First songs in the key of Greg.......

1. Take a Chance on Me
2. Don't Say Your Love is Killing Me

The song in the key of of JenCat

I Love to Hate You...

Oh and the music whore has some pictures of Erasure for you....before the Proopslust kicks in....

Song Stylings

Well the music whore has found a way to encorporate Greg and a few songs...

Today's blog...before you get another installment of called

Songs in the Key of Greg...

These are songs that somehow make me think of our Ocelot Master, Greg Proops..

1. I Want You (a stalker-esque serenade by Mr. Costello)
2. Return to Sender (Billie Meyers ode to a well dressed man)
3. On My Own (the song from Les Miz about unrequited love)

Here are the lyrics for those of you that haven't read them at Ocelots

Brand/Artist Les Miserables,
Song Title On My Own

And now I'm all alone again
Nowhere to turn, no one to go to
Without a home, without a friend
Without a face to say hello to
But now the night is near
And I can make-believe he's here

Sometimes I walk alone at night
When everybody else is sleeping
I think of him and then I'm happy
With the company I'm keeping
The city goes to bed
And I can live inside my head

On my own
Pretending he's beside me
All alone
I walk with him 'til morning
Without him, I feel his arms around me
And when I lose my way, I close my eyes and he has found me
In the rain
The pavement shines like silver
All the lights are misty in the river
In the darkness, the trees are full of starlight
And all I see is him and me forever and forever

And I know it's only in my mind
That I'm talking to myself and not to him
And althought I know that he is blind
Still I say there's a way for us

I love him
But when the night is over
He is gone
The river's just a river
Without him, the world around me changes
The trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of strangers

I love him
But every day I'm learning
All my life I've only been pretending
Without me, his world will go on turning
A world that's full of hapiness that I have never known

I love him
I love him
I love him
But only on my own

I've always considered this to be one of my fav songs...I don't know why Angie didn't sing this to Greg in Maybe I'm Amazed..but at the time...Another song in the key of Greg...made more sense...Madonna's Take a well as..the song I Know Him so Well from the Tim Rice/Benny and Bjorn musical Chess...and of course...Madonna's You Must Love Me..

Funny that songs by an artist that Greg truly can't stand..should be amongst the songs that make me think of him the most..I might as well add Elton John's Sacrifice to the list as well...

So many good much Proops - lust to inspire.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Am I a Proopsluster

Ok kidlets...It seems Pookie has taken control of my I saw fit to change the title...More appropriate don't you think..Though don't even think that you aren't going to be subjected to my ramblings on Elvis Costello and Danny Elfman...and anyone else that happens to take my fancy..

But yes..This is now the Proopsluster forum...of 1...Me..well and probably JenCat..but Mrs Proops..please..don't shout out to me!! LOL It's bad enough you don't share!!

Let's see..I have written a few fanfics with being Maybe I'm Amazed...of which there are 2 versions...I'm going to try to post the other version at the Land of Ocelots webpage...soon....unless someone reading would like to convert it to html for I can put it on the Unlikely Stories site..

As to Man out of Time..This story isn't really a fanfic...Yes the characters are similiar to a few of my concubines..etc...but not entirely..Kinda like the Not My Slave story..isn't a fanfic...yet if you know can see perhaps who Nicholas is based on..and Patrick as well..

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Creepy Things Make Me Happy

Hola readers,

I'm sitting here watching Whose Line...trying to recover from the trauma of watching several hours of Greggie Goodness...Ok..Potted bizarre...I can't quite deal with Greg discussing violets etc..Though Greg in the tub with boats very nice..He was such a scrawny scrawny boy....and...woo hoo no chest hair!!! He is the perfect man...All others pale in comparison...well except for Declan and Danny..

But allow me to ramble on about Proopsie Pookie Pie abit...He did this trippy game show in the UK called Space Cadets..and one of my favorite-ist actors is on the panel...CRAIG CHARLES!! From Red Dwarf... Did I mention how much I love Red Dwarf? The first epi I watched also had Robert Llewleyn (spelled wrong but oh well) who plays Kryten on the other panel... So needless to say..I was excited...

I have to say..the Memory Series though..has been the most educational thing he's done...LOL...only cos i memorized the contours of his backside from repeated viewings...

Oh..and I've also decided if i hear him say "I love you Jennifer" one more time I will lose my lunch breakfast and dinner....Yes I know you love your I don't want to hear it..

Also...Greg...stop singing sweetie..I just heard you sing "Oliver's Army" and frankly...I'm almost made my shower/car singing sound good..Woo hoo...and for that I love you more!!

"Oliver's army is hear to stay...oliver's army are on their way...and I would rather be anywhere else but here today"

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

More Randomness

So what is the music whore doing today you might ask? Nah you probably don't ask..but I'm telling you anyway..I'm burning cds..just as any self respecting Music whore would be doing.

Right now I'm burning a Def Leppard show from 99...Happy Happy Joy Joy...In return I'm getting a few more U2 cds... Smilesville here..cos I love Bono...I wonder what my darling Pookie things about U2...he probably hates em...As we don't seem to agree on music much... :D

Oh today's list..

Addictive things..

1. Minesweeper...(somebody delete this game from my puter)
2. Greg Proops (He's really number 1...but the game is so close by)
3. CD trading (I have over 100 shows now with more on the way)
4. Downloading (my poor harddrive full of mp3 and pictures)
5. Blogging..(I feel compelled)

For those of you interested I should have some more of Man Out of Time for you tonight...
Welcome to another addition of Decision Proops 2002

So far..I have no courage to email Greg...

Poor Greg...he's part of a major life decision...Note to self...must acquire a new life....I wonder where I can find a decent one...

So really I still have something that is extremely wonderful...but I can do nothing with it..

damn damn damn...

Let's discuss how wrong that is...

Did Melanie and Kristen and Greg get see how much they could torture me? I think they did!

Monday, October 07, 2002

Decisions Decisions...

What to do if you had something so wonderful....but you didn't know if you should use it..

Say you were to acquire someone's email address....Someone..that you like and admire...Someone like..well...Pookie...What would you do...

So this is the email or not to email blog


1. He could become my new online buddy (yeah right)
2. He could find me vaguely amusing...and not be frightened
3. He could actually respond to my email


1. Restraining order
2. He'd live in fear that I'd sell his addy to the other kittens (when payment in sex,money,cds etc...couldn't make me utter it)
3. I'd lose the respect that I have gained from his management..
4. Somehow it would feel so wrong...

See it really sucks to have knowledge of something like this...Because..I'd hate to make the man change his email for fear of many lust driven mails..that he may feel maybe forthcoming...

my last words today...

What a gorgeous man he is!

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Mood: Ask me and I'll tell you
Music: For most of the's been Boingo

I've spent the most part of the day burning lindsey's Boingo compilations..They are almost done..with one exception. The Music for a Candlelit Cemetary cd..needs completely redone. The cd seemed to be attacked by something or another...

So any day now..I'll get around to it...

I wish there were some better music out there...I find myself watching Vh-1 less and less..and turning on Comedy Central more and more...I've always been partial to stand up...but alot of the stand up there isn't funny...God knows they never show Greg's CC Presents when I'm awake.

I have to admit to enjoying Trigger Happy TV though..Gee yet another amusing British show...I've noticed that when it comes to British tv...they are a little less prudish..then we are in the states...

Ohh just found out..that they did use clips of Greg's CC presents in Comic Remix...It's episode 115...Now if only they'd play it!!

Saturday, October 05, 2002

Musical Musings

Mood: More then just a trifle annoyed
Music: Lindsey Buckingham My Little Demon (GOS version)

Ok..still haven't managed to find the whole Gift of Screw cd on winmx...This is vaguely disappointing to me..since Lindsey is one of my fav musicians...For some reasons those stupid commericals for the Best of Fleetwood Mac have been brainwashing me into listening to them...

I'm tempted to move onto Siouxsie and the Banshees...a little Goth/New Wave might be needed in my life right now..yes..I do think that a little of Ms. Sioux's cover of the Passenger is in order..I'm not usually a fan of covers..but she did do a darn good version of that well as Dylan's This Wheel's On Fire..and the Beatles' Dear Prudence..

Some other good covers..

Erasure - Take a Chance on Me
Duran Duran - Femme Fatale and Perfect Day
Elvis Costello - Lost in the Stars and Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (plus many many more)
Cheap Trick - Day Tripper
Oingo Boingo - I Am the Walrus
Pet Shop Boys - Where the Streets Have No Name

Friday, October 04, 2002

It's a Kinder Murder

Mood: I have no idea
Music: Elvis Costello Kinder Murder

The above mentioned so damn fantastic...Makes me want to tackle Mr. Costello...especially after the line "See her in silhouette going down south." I would so like to go down south..on him..or Mr. Proops...Oh the things I would do to those two lovelies..

They are the two sexiest men in the world...add Danny Elfman to the mixture...and oh dear...I'm mush...

Now tell me readers..could you not just lick him all over...He's beautiful...I've been listening to him and some of my Boingo Bootlegs today..I've definitley decided that my life is like the song "Out of Control" Here are the lyrics

Everyone says sooner or later you'll reach the end of the line
When things get rough some think it's easy to jump the ship . . .
You decide

I say--don't throw it away
There's about a million reasons why
Though you've heard them all before
And you're getting very tired
Lay your head on my lap and I'll sing you this lullaby

Don't you know
That everyone around you
Has felt the pain you feel today
You're out of control yeah--and you want someone to tell you
When you wake up in the morning it'll only be a dream
You're out of control . . .

There's a cloud-rollin' overhead and it seems to rain on no one else
There's a black sun--casting a black shadow,
and I know you feel so all alone
You're out of control--and you want the world to love you
Or maybe you just want a chance to let them know
That you live and breathe and suffer
And your back is in the corner and you've got nowhere to go

Nothin' for nothin'--everything's right at your fingertips--for a price
Who ever said that life on this planet would ever be paradise
I say--don't throw it away, you've got too many things to say
If you throw your life, if you throw away your life . . .
THe world will never be the same


You're out of control--and you move without direction
And people look right through your soul
You're out of control--and you want someone to tell you
When you wake up in the morning it'll only be a dream
And I wish that I could tell you, it'll only be a dream

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Vintage Meat

Mood: a bit more like myself
Music: Flying to My Home Paul McCartney

I have a whole load of McCartney mp3s in the musicmatch player right now....I've declared Macca to be the most shaggable geezer out there..

As to middle aged Geezers...Pookie Proopsie Pie is the next best screw that..he is the best thing...He is what all men should hope to be...Then would come Danny and Declan....

Oh and for those of you that have not heard this must hunt down and download...You Want her Paul and Dec! It's a great duet...and Dec sounds so cynical....and bitter..

Bless him....

Mood: Oddly relieved
Music: none
TV: Whose Line is it Anyway

Morning Kittens! Today is my Pookie's b-day...43 years of beautiful Greggie goodness..So to celebrate allow me to give the Ocelot Master a birthday shag! Well that would be after the 43 spankings. well more than that..cos he definitely needs the one to grow on!

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

God's Comic

Mood: Pissy
Music: Nothing right now..believe it or not

I want to share a short story I wrote with you guys...feel free to shout out if you like it or not...

I dedicate it to Greg Proops and Elvis Costello

God's Comic

I had known that the end was coming months ago, but I didn't know when. I was prepared for death. I was scared, but who wouldn't be when they were about to die?

I couldn't say I had lived a sinfree life. Actually, I was quite a rowdy fellow. Would my sentence be good or bad. I had a fifty fifty chance. I would either go to Heaven or Hell.

In the moments before I reached the place where I was to be judged, I seemed to be floating endlessly in nothingness. Then before my eyes were the gates. In front of me sat St. Peter.

I had to look twice. St Peter was sitting at a desk typing away. This couldn't be. What's happened? Heaven wasn't supposed to be like this. Heaven was supposed to be a place of peace and tranquility. Where I was now, looked more like an office than the place where a person was to receive the final judgement.

Peter looked up. He was smiling. Perhaps that was a good sign.

"Mr. Carthradge, the Father will see you now."

He ushered me into a large room. There He sat. I was really scared now. The thought that I'd be spending an eternity in Hell wouldn't leave my mind.

"So, Derek, I see you time has come."

I nodded.

"Well, I have to say you did live an exciting life. Not what I'd call the perfect Christian either."

I looked up. It was true I hadn't been faithful to my religion. I had only gone to church when I had felt like going.

"So, would you like a drink before we get started?" He asked.

I nodded.

Peter cam in from somewhere, holding two cans of cola of some mystery brand. This judgement wasn't a bit like the one I had expected. There was music playing in the background. It sounded much like "Requiem" by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

"You know, Derek, I've been pondering this problem for days, and you are a prime example. Mankind is not obeying my commands. They are doing as the please. I really think I should have given the world to the monkeys, at least they are obedient."

I laughed. He was making jokes. I hoped this meant he liked me enough to let me though those gates.

"You are one of those people. I don't know what to do with you. I am thankful that you are not as bad as most. I think I will spare you on one condition. I'm in a good mood. If you could make me laugh, I'll let you into Paradise."

Make God laugh. I was definitely in deep shit now. I was destined for eternity in Hell. I didn't know a single joke that was fit to tell the Lord. I sat there and thought and I thought some more, but nothing would come to me.

"Come now, Derek, you must know at least one joke."

I couldn't think of a single thing that was funny. All my life I had been a comedian. One of the greatest in my time, the media had said. Now int he most crucial moment of my existence not a single witty comment would come to mind.

"Only a few more minutes. I don't have all eternity to wait for you."

Then it hit me. Do a comedy routine. If one joke didn't work, another certainly would.

"So there's a conflict between men and women, right? I don't really know why. Women are by far the better of the sexes. They can perform magic on themselves. They turn from drab to gorgeous before your very eyes. In less then fifteen minutes with a few brushes and paints, a dull canvas turns into a masterpiece. I'll never understand how they do it."

I looked over. God was smiling. I was on my way to heaven.

"Look at all women do. They raise children, go to work, and keep their husbands happy. I think the last one goes with the first one though. Speaking for all men. I have to say, men like being babied. Who doesn't? Women do such a good job at pampering us. They like to think we are naturally at their feet, and we are sometimes."

That did it. God broke out in laughter. I was saved! I was going to Heaven.

"Well, Derek, I guess you win. I'll let you in Paradise. There might be hope for mankind yet, that is, if the rest of you are that funny."

I put my hands on my face. That had been my worst routine. The last time I had used that had been when I was doing the stand up circuit early in my career. I still couldn't believe that it had worked. I wanted to scream for joy, but I was speechless.

I started to walk toward the gates.

"Wait, Derek. Remember that even I have a sense of humor. I created mankind, didn't I?"

Bet Greg's happy I don't write his material :D