Monday, April 30, 2007

I Can Put Away The Third Blanket!

At long last the weather has turned warm enough that I don't have to have 3 blankets on my bed. Yay!

I hate sleeping with blanket upon blanket, but our house is heated the old fashioned way, and I do mean the old fashioned way, with a coal furnace, so the winter nights are always chilly.

I'm pretty sure I can exist with just my comforter and a light blanket now, since we've stabilized into normal temperatures.

This also reminds me that I need to go somewhere soon and find some new bedclothes. That's a weird word isn't it? Bedclothes. Hmmm. What I need is a nice comforter set. It's hard to find one for a twin bed and that's what I sleep on, considering I still live with my parents.

Oh and I'll admit to having a rough time sleeping on a bed bigger than that too. When I'm at a motel/hotel I don't feel right in a queen size bed.

I think I need to take a trip to Ollie's Bargain Outlet or Target. Either place should have something decent to put on the bed. Mind you I could also use a can or two of paint, but that's a project that scares the heck out of me and one I won't even ponder unless I have help and if I can at long last burn the evil corner desk from hell. And while I'm there I could look for a nice area rug for my computer room that hasn't seen a rug in nearly 2 years.

So much shopping to little cash. But hey! I'll be sleeping comfier tonight!

Random 10 - Week 103

From the ladies @ Music Memoirs

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

Everything this week was from a mix CD or my winamp.

Nick Lowe - Where's My Everything
Jimmy Buffett - Weather With You
The Zombies - Time Of The Season
Herman's Hermits - Meet Me On The Corner Down At Joe's Cafe
ABBA - Chiquitita
Justin Hayward - Sometimes Less Is More
Rob Thomas - Little Wonder
Tom Petty - You Don't Know How It Feels
Glass Tiger - Diamond Sun
Keri Noble - Red Wine Til Daylight

And because I haven't done this in a long while: Download

Now for the picture..Something I wish I had this weekend to make it better...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Baa Says The Sheepy!

I nabbed this musical meme from Becky.

Name up to Three of the Following: (OK, Five, I’m not picky)

1. Songs you’ll sit in the car to hear to the finish.
Tommy James - Hold The Fire (and I have)
Manfred Mann - The Mighty Quinn
Matchbox Twenty - Push
Any Moody Blues song because hearing them on the radio always brings me such immense joy that I stay rooted in one spot...even if its that damn Nights In White Satin song.
Nick Lowe - Cruel To Be Kind
Paul Stookey - The Wedding Song (There Is Love)

2. Songs you’d rather listen to a commercial on another radio station than hear.
Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
The Bee Gees - Staying Alive
Poison - Unskinny Bop
Sheryl Crow - The First Cut Is The Deepest
Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On (and any other atrocity this woman has recorded)

3. Songs you won’t listen to unless there are commercials on all the other radio stations.
Ohio Express - Yummy Yummy Yummy
Commander Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln (Actually I think I would just turn the radio off if I had no choice)
Fleetwood Mac - Monday Morning
Dusty Springfield - What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? (I love Dusty, but I hate her version of this song that's used in a diamond commercial.)

4. Songs you associate with road trips.
The Wallflowers - Sleepwalker
Billie Myers - Am I There Yet (Return To Sender)
Gary Puckett - Woman Woman (and if you're really hungry when you're roadtrip-ing you don't sing "You've got cheating on your mind." You sing "You've got cheetos on your mind."

5. Songs which make you think of a certain person every time you hear them. (& of course, the person & why you think of them!)
Jimmy Buffett - Fins makes me think of a person I would rather not think of, because Fishy is best left out of my mind.
Paul Stookey - The Wedding Song makes me think of my mum, and when it's on the radio I call her to tell her to listen, because she loves that song.

6. Songs you listen to secretly, in the car alone which you’d die if anyone knew you were listening to. (you have your pride of course)
Hanson - Sure About It (damn song is an earworm from my retail days)
N'Sync - Bye Bye Bye and It's Gonna Be Me (Again..I worked in a kids clothing store for a few years and that was when these songs were high on the charts)
The Spice Girls - Wannabe (I have no excuse for this one)

7. Songs you haven’t heard since High School which you’re just as glad to have not heard since then.
Anything by Boyz To Men
Sheriff - When I See You Smile
Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven (Puke...gag...blech)
George Michael - Too Funky (It's too awful)
Red Hot ugly..erm The Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge
Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart (I'd like to break his achy breaky heart over his head)

The music of the early 90's sucked...these songs are mostly from 1992

8. Songs from High School which you would love to hear or still listen to.
Roxette - Joyride (junior year)
Sophie B. Hawkins - Damn, I Wish I Were Your Lover (senior year)
Shakespeare's Sister - Stay (senior year)
Def Leppard - Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad (senior year)
Styx - Show Me The Way (junior year. One of the only songs by this band that I really love...I haven't heard it in ages, though I swear I have the CD)
The Divynls - I Touch Myself (junior year. Best song ever!)

9. Songs Which you remember from Childhood & still love to this day. (not Mary had a little lamb! Songs your parents listened to which seeped into the back seat)
Elaine Paige - Memory
Barbara Streisand - You Don't Bring Me Flowers
Neil Diamond - America (I have a love/hate relationship with this song)
Blues In The Night (I'm not sure what version of this song I heard when I was small and my mum used to play WSHH to get me to sleep at night)

Musical Musings...

~ John Lodge has the most unusual voice. Now we all know I've been listening to the Moody Blues for years and this has just dawned on me now, pretty weird, eh? Well I am the Queen of Weird. But seriously...while listening to the Natural Avenue CD this morning, I decided that of all the vocalists in The Moodies and other bands..John Lodge's voice was the most unusual. Not to say that it's not pleasing, because it is..but it's unusual, and it's often singing the most bizarre songs. (Because we all know that Lodgey writes some pretty....erm...uh...ODD lyrics. (Odd is the nicest word I can think to describe some of his songs)

~ I put a few Tom Petty CDs on my want list at La La and I'm getting a few already. All of the selections are his newer material. I lost interest in Tom when his drummer Stan Lynch left the band. What discs am I getting?


The Last DJ

Hmmm The Last DJ in my life left me with a bad feeling. Hope Tom's last DJ is a bit easier to take.

Into The Great Wide Open

And if someone could get You Don't Know How It Feels out of my damn head I would be most appreciative. The song is an earworm!

~ I fell asleep to a totally bizarre CD from my collection. I decided that I wanted to listen to The Devlins. It's been years since I pulled out this CD.

I think I'm in a jangly guitar music kind of mood right now.

~ I've decided I'm going to make another mix CD. This one is going to be the Pickle mix. Since I'm not listening anymore (for obvious reasons) I don't want to miss out on some of the songs that I'd hear there. So I'm going to gather them up on a CD and have it ready for those days when I want to torture my ears. (And yes...Yummy Yummy Yummy will close out the disc)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's That Time Of Year Again...

When the warmth does the sunny music. And we all know who the king of sunny music is, right?


Anyone that doesn't like at least one Buffett song needs to have their brain altered so that they have a sense of humor.

The new album this summer is Take The Weather With You and it includes a cover of the Crowded House classic, Weather With You, which is one of my favorite songs from the 80's.

My brother sent me a copy of the song in an email so I could hear it before I got my copy of the disc, which he made for me. Bless his cotton socks. My brother is a nice guy.

I was pleasantly surprised by the cover too. It really did justice to Neil Finn's wonderful tune.

With this album on its way...the only things I need now to get my summer kick started...are a few warm days and a cute new bathing suit.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I Have A Confession

When I was in high school, I had a huge crush on Tom Petty for a time. I'm not sure why, but I did. I had every one of his albums on casette tape, which is a great source of annoyance for me now.

Why, you ask?

Because I only replaced one or two of them on CD. I have The Best Of, Wildflowers, Long After Dark and the soundtrack to She's The One.

And lately I've been in the mood for Tom. I don't know if it's the release of the Traveling Wilbury's discs in June or discovering he covered Feel A Whole Lot Better, which I knew he did...because I had Full Moon Fever. I saw him on that tour at the A.J. Palumbo Center with my sister, her hubby and my boyfriend at the time.

All I know, is now I'm going to have start the whole business of replacing a vast majority of his discs, specifically Hard Promises which is my favorite album. The Waiting is one of my favorite classic Petty tunes.

I don't know where to start rebuilding that collection. And there's so many great CDs too, Southern Accents, Let Me Up I've Had Enough, Damn The Torpedos....ARGH!

It's times like this when I wish that music wasn't such a huge part of my life.

Oh and will someone please explain to me why this picture of Tom Petty is so damn sexy?

Top 5 On Friday - Week 121

From this lady @ Music Memoirs.

Top 5 classic rock songs that are a classic annoyance to your ears.

1. The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin
(I hate this song with a passion that cannot be described. The only time I like it, is when it's performed live and I can watch Justin Hayward's guitargasms.)

2. Kansas - Dust In The Wind
(Really anything by Kansas can go here. The worst thing about this song is; everyone seems to cover it...from The Scorpions BRIGHTMAN for cripes sake. I swear Elvis Costello is the only person who hasn't covered this awful song, and that's amazing because he'll sing anything once)

3. John Lennon - Imagine
(I know I'm going to hell for this, but this song has always gotten on my last nerve. And I agree with the Costello lyric that goes "Wasn't it a millionaire who said "imagine no possessions?" Yes the song is about peace and love but when you look at it in other ways its almost hypocritical.)

4. Eric Clapton - Layla
(Specifically, the unplugged version that seems to be more of a hit than the original and it's 100 times more annoying. Clapton is another classic rock artist that gets on my nerves, mostly because he's such a cop out these days. The last album I bought of his was Journeyman and even that managed to make its way to a used CD bin. Whatever happened to great albums like August and Behind The Sun?)

5. Fleetwood Mac - Monday Morning
(It wasn't a hit but for a time I heard it every damn Monday morning at shortly after 6 a.m. It didn't make my Monday morning any better let me tell you. I love The Mac, but I can do without this song. And the worst of all, its a Lindsey song...and I usually love Mr. Buckingham's tunes)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Did It...

I finally made the April Mix. I'm quite proud of it too.

It definitely hits on the artists I've discovered this month and the songs I've fallen in love with for one reason or another.

I was so happy an online friend of mine provided me with The Byrds track I used on the mix. I have the box set on order, but I don't know how long it will take to get here and I desperately wanted that song on the mix.

Go here and let me know what you think of the mix.

It's taken me most of the month to make it. And if you'd like any or all of the tracks on this CD or a copy of the CD...let me know and I'll see if I can arrange something.

No Motivation

I skipped going to the gym last night because...well because I just didn't feel like driving to Belle Vernon.

I did do 35 minutes of cardio on my ski machine in the basement though, so that should count for something, right?

Tonight we're supposed to get bad storms. ARGH! I want to get 4 days in at the gym at least a week. However if the rain is as bad as they have been saying it's going to be, I'm not going.

Yeah, I'm so full of getting myself into shape, aren't I? Actually, I have been good about going, but this week for some reason, perhaps the PMS, I would just rather be under the covers.

The only thing I really want to do is leave.

I keep saying this, knowing full well that I can't go anywhere. It's the end of the month and money has been very tight this month...and next month isn't going to be much better, what with concerts and vet bills and CDs that I've preordered being released.

~big sigh~

The problem is, I don't know anything that will motivate me right now to do anything.

~even bigger sigh~

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The April Mix

Every month this year I've made a mix of songs that I am currently obsessing over. In the first three months there was little change. This month is different but for some reason I'm having a hard time compiling the mix.

I don't know why. The mix wouldn't be for anyone but myself. That should mean it's easy.

If only that were true.

My mix CD making abilities were shaken when I sent the last mix I made to someone. Somehow I don't think my efforts to share some ecclectic tunes was appreciated, however many thank yous I received for them.

It felt like a slap in my face...almost like an insult to my taste in music, which, yes is weird, but then again so am I. I am the Queen of Weird. And I wouldn't change myself for anyone. I like my weirdness, thank you very much.

However as I sit here trying to decide what songs should make the mix this month...I find I don't want to do it. My confidence in my abilities is shaken, because one flipping tard didn't like my mix...or rather I don't really know if he didn't like it...because he only gave vague comments on it.


Would someone kick me and tell me to make the damn mix CD and remind me that my mixing talents are actually quite good. You only have to go here to see that its the truth.

Hump Day!

Ah the week is halfway gone already. That alone brings me such joy that I can't begin to describe it.

Usually I share hunks on Wednesday, but I'm not really in the mood for that anymore. Instead...I'll tell you that I've been at You Tube. Which means I've been watching a lot of old video clips.

I'm in love with the Rob Thomas song Little Wonders from Meet The Robinsons. If you havent seen it yet, you have to watch the video. This was the only new song I hunted down on the site, just because I hadn't heard it until Monday.

More men should look like Rob Thomas. And have I mentioned how much I love his music? I wish he'd have an album soon. It seems like forever since Something To Be. And the reason I like Little Wonders is because it sounds more like Matchbox Twenty than his solo album, which was a little to dancey in some spots.

Now for some gratuitous giggles from videos from songs that would be played on Pickle. In fact these are songs I'd like to dedicate to one man that spent a little over a month messing with my mind. (How he found it...I'll never know)

The Byrds - Feel A Whole Lot Better

God those Hullabaloo dancers are really having a time of it? Yikes! I do want the go go boots! I've always wanted go go boots! (random thought, I know)
BTW...When did Tom Petty cover this song? What's it on? I need to hear it badly.

And speaking of Hullabaloo

The Cyrkle's Red Rubber Ball. After all, it should be stuck in everyone's head! Too cute! And these guys are so clean they squeak!

Happy Hump Day...enjoy the videos!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Take Me Back Tuesday - Week 120

From this crazy lady @ Music Memoirs

I wish I would have bought what CD?
I wish I would have bought the 2 fanclub issue CDs from the Erasure Fanclub, but at the time I was short of cash and I let my fanclub membership lapse. These two discs now fetch a pretty penny on Ebay.


I wish I hadn't bought this CD?
Duran Duran's Thank You. I went out of my way and bought it on it's release day, because I was truly obsessed with them at the time. I still buy their stuff as soon as I can, but this album is a real stinker. Why they chose to murder other people's songs is beyond me, and murder them they did, with the exception of Perfect Day and perhaps their rendition of White Lines.

I wish I had gone to this concert?
Diana Krall played the Benedum Center when she toured for The Girl In The Other Room. There were tickets on the day of the show, but I like a fool didn't go. I will kick myself for this until I finally get to see Mr. Costello's missus.

I wish I hadn't gone to this concert?
The last tour Poison did that came through da 'Burgh. I liked Poison back in their hey day. I liked several bands...but seriously, I don't know why I agreed to going to this show. I went with a friend who loves Poison and all the bands that went along with them. Me....I prefer Def Leppard...if I'm feeling in a hair metal type mood. I hope I never get dragged to a show like that again.

I wish I had bought this piece of memorabilia?
I went to see The Devlins at Rosebud in the 90's. The Devlins are a wonderful Irish band that isn't nearly as well known as they should be. I have nothing as a reminder of that show, which only cost 5 bucks! Damn, I didn't even buy a damn t-shirt!

I wish I hadn't bought this piece of memorabilia?
When I went to my first Duran Duran show in 93' I bought every t-shirt they were selling. ARGH! I still have them and most are pretty pathetic looking because they didn't make girly shirts then. Thank god the concert t-shirt industry has wised up and started making the baby doll shirts for most bands. But lordy...all those shirts I have from other shows that I'll never wear because they are bulky and obnoxious!

Bootsie The Weird Little Cat

Bootsie is a bizarre little cat. We've had her for nearly a month now and though she's not nearly as skittish as she was when she came home, she's still a hide-y cat. That is until about 4:30 in the damn morning.

When I go to bed, I have Oogie and her with me. I shut the door, because my dad wakes up at the asscrack of dawn and he doesn't often look at whats wandering about when he goes for the newspaper or when he lets the dogs out.

Well for the last few days, Bootsie has decided she wants to roam, but only at night when no one can see her. Like 4 in the morning, damn it! She walks the hallway upstairs, which she won't do when the sun is up. Hell, she even attempts to go down a few stairs.

If this were during the day, I wouldn't be so concerned, because there would be people to watch her, but at 4 in the morning she could end up anywhere in the house...and thus madness and mayhem would ensue when everyone was awake and looking for her.

It's daylight now and though she's still on the bed, her wanderings seem to have gone away. I have a feeling Bootsie doesn't like the idea of me sleeping very much. I wonder if she'll ever turn into a normal kitty, whatever that might be.

Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm A Convert To BOB FM

Yup, 96.9 sucked me in this weekend and I decided to give it a go today. I was a bit weary, because I don't like metal and they do say they play anything. For the most part I was pleasantly surprised.

OK, I was more than pleasantly surprised....I was in flipping ecstasy.


Here are a few of the songs I heard in my 8 hours of work today:

Elton John - The Bitch Is Back (Oh yeah...this is a me song right now)
Matchbox Twenty - Bent
The Turtles - Happy Together
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok (Squee!!! I love love love me some Chess music)
Nick Lowe - Cruel To Be Kind (Yay for Nick!)
Laura Branigan - Gloria
The Go - Go's - Vacation
The Talking Heads - And She Was
Three Dog Night - Joy To The World
Tears For Fears - Shout
REM - It's The End Of The World As We Know It

oh and

Donnie Iris - Ah Leah!

It was all good, let me tell you. Granted there were sucky songs, but I think there were less crap songs today then I've heard lately on other stations.

It certainly put me in a very good mood today, which was sorely needed. It also put me in the mood for some good 80's music....or even some bad 80's music.

I'm So Cranky

The plague is still lingering in the form of the stuffy nose and annoying cough. This thrills me not, let me tell you. I've never been sick as many times as I have this year.

To make matters worse, I've got the PMS crankies. Not a good thing. With those I get wanderlust and a very short fuse. I've been fighting with everyone I come in contact with.


I just want to leave and go somewhere...but the problem is I want to pay some bills too and I can't do both. So if I want to pay bills I have to stay home on my butt.

And have I mentioned, Mutchka has to go to the vet? The tooth fell out this weekend but the root is still in his gums so the little guy isn't eating right. He's a naturally skinny cat, but he looks horrid right now. And he's our kitty that will eat anything. Which is probably why he's lost that tooth. Kitty liked to steal donuts. I have a feeling kitty is going to be staying overnight at the vets today and my credit card is going to hate me for it.

All of this, combined with a few other things are making me into a bitch right now.

If only I could spread my wings and fly to somewhere where there was water and maybe pretty lights I know I could get over it.

The local animal farm just doesn't cut it. I want more, lots more. And I'm sick to death of waiting for it.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Random 10 - Week 102

From those crazy ladies...erm lady...and that lady would be me @ Music Memoirs

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

Paul McCartney - Ever Present Past
(This is Paulie's best single in years. It was supposed to be sent to radio Friday...but the station I had previously been listening to didn't get it, because ...erm...well...they suck. But I have I'm happy)

The Beatles - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
(This is one of my favorite songs from Help!)

Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
(The best one hit wonder of all time, that was on BOB FM 96.9 Saturday night)

The Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane
(The song that followed Come On Eileen that made me turn off BOB FM...don't tell my sister)

Traveling Wilburys - Dirty World
(I was listening to the Vol. 1 today. I can't wait until June when I can get a new copy of this band's 2 albums)

Grey Eye Glances - Faces
(This is one of my favorite GEG songs. Have I mentioned I would love to see them live?)

Susan Werner - Heaven So Small
(I was listening to clips from her new album The Gospel Truth all the while hoping I can convince my nephew to come to her concert with me in May)

Tommy James & The Shondells - Sugar On Sunday
(Why can't Tommy play the Pittsburgh area? I would be made so very happy if he did.)

Nick Lowe - There Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God Sits At The Conference Table)
(I love Nick's lyrics. I can't wait for his new album!)

Tommy Roe: Dizzy
(Get this song out of my head now!!!)

And for the picture...the baby chicks at Round Hill Farm.

Random Thoughts

~ I bought the Byrds boxed set at BMG and the total with shipping was $17.72, and this is for a 4 disc set. I bought it mostly to have the song Feel A Whole Lot Better, but The Byrds have so many great tunes and the price was unbelievably right.

~ I went to Round Hill Park yesterday, because I was insanely bored and needed to get out of the house. And hey...I got to take pictures of a squirrel. What more could you ask for?

~ I've still got the plague, though now I'm mostly just sniffly, which is getting very very old.

~ Mutchka lost a fang this week. He's going to the vet tomorrow because I think part of the root is still in his mouth and he's not been eating right. I think my vet owns me at this point.

~ I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to pay off 2 bills by June and still be able to go to a few concerts I want to go to in the 'burgh. Susan Werner is playing Club Cafe in May...and the tix are only $18 bucks on the day of the show, which is when I will know if I can go, because my mum has a pacemaker check on May 9th and I don't want to make any definite plans in case she has to have her pacemaker changed quickly after the appointment.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pet Pictures

Because it's bright sunny and lovely out and I have no money to go anywhere and do anything fun right now...

Purrbee giving his best, "I'm a pathetic pooch" look.

Sleepy little Oogie.

Bootsie the chicken cat, hiding under my desk.

Another Oogie, because he wants to be a model for Cat Fancy

Friday, April 20, 2007

Can't Stop Listening

I finally heard the new Paul McCartney song, Ever Present Past.

One word: GREAT!!

It's bouncy....happy...cheesy....Paulie!

I rejoice!

Chaos and Creation was a brilliant record, but only a few songs really made it with me. I'm hoping that this first single is an indication that Paul's back to his happy-go-lucky self.

No more Emo Paul.

I can't wait to hear more...Memory Almost bound to rock!

If anyone wants to hear it...let me know.

Top 5 On Friday - Week 120

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 album "killers." (you know, songs that ruined an album in one way or another)

Duran Duran - Drowning Man from The Wedding Album
This is by far one of Duran Duran's best albums, but they had to add this stink bomb song on there, to spoil the perfection. I can forgive them their stupid instrumental this time because this song is so godawful that it even makes an instrumental seem good.

Erasure - Love Affair from the album Cowboy
Cowboy is an excellent album, very peppy until you reach the last sappy song on the disc. Blech.

The Monkees - I'll Be True To You
This was just the worst piece of poop that anyone could possibly write and since it's sappy Davy got to sing it. The debut album by the Pre-Fab 4 is nearly perfect...I say nearly perfect because this song is on it.

The Moody Blues - No More Lies from the album Sur La Mer.
OK, this is not even a great Moody Blues album, but this song, that was even a single, just makes it worse and damn the video was horrid too.

Justin Hayward - Marie from Songwriter
Worst song ever no matter what album its on...remaster or otherwise.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


OK...this is a fancy way of saying: Things that annoy the hell out of Andrea

1. The price of gasoline. I have a full tank now, but I have no money to go anywhere but work. Grrrrr!

2. Paul McCartney. Now don't get me wrong, I love Sir Paul, but defecting to the Starbucks label and just keeping the details of the new album so secret....well...PAH!

3. American Idol. PUHLEASE! Why must we create more one hit wonders? I almost with they hadn't voted Sanjaya off. Maybe if he would have won the show would go belly up and the networks would be forced to stop making this kind of crap show.

4. The music industry. For going after "eye candy" rather than real talent. Everything has to be streamlined and perfect and the hell with the music. And they will cry and whine that they are losing money, but the product they put out is garbage! GAH! It burns me up. I have many more gripes about these asshats, but this is my main gripe right now.

5. The 60 lb girls at the gym. Do people really find this attractive? I really don't see how being able to see someone's pelvic bone is attractive. I want to take these girls up to Wendy's and buy them a double cheeseburger with everything on it.

6. My car: Runs like a dream....looks like a rustbucket. Ok, it is a rustbucket and that's why it annoys me. Why can't it be a pretty old car that runs, huh?

7. Radio: The formats all kill me. It's all about exclusions. Even my beloved Pickle is guilty. They flipping play Kokomo and Sad Songs but won't play Your Wildest Dreams or Gemini Dream because they are the greatest hits of the 60's and 70's. Now we have a station called BOB FM...but I don't want to hear a bit of everything. I do like my classic rock/pop, but the definition of "Good Time Rock N' Roll" tends to be "Bubblegum" and very little else, so even though Tom Petty is in the 70's as is Elvis don't ever here them...and David Bowie only when the morning DJ is feeling frisky or someone requests it. PAH!

8. My car CD player: I swear it eats my CDs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I should make 2 copies of every mix CD I make because my car will make short work of them after about a week.

Enough gripes now. Is it Friday yet?

I Think I'll Live

The cold has finally started to go away. On only 3 nights of Nyquil...and I had no pleasant Nyquil induced dreams from it. PAH! I did have at least one blissful uninterrupted night of sleep though. So that's good.

I even got an hour of exercise yesterday, so Yay.

I just wish my head would clear. It's not even the's just the cold talking. There are no coherent thoughts from me. Not that I ever have many coherent thoughts...It would however be nice not to feel like I'm walking through a cloud for a day or two.

This is how cloudy my days and nights have been. I've actually been falling asleep without my CD player on. Usually I pop a mix CD in the player and slowly drift off. The last 4 nights have been me hitting the pillow and within minutes I'm out. I don't even think it's the Nyquil that's putting me out like that, because I don't think it works that fast.

I just want to sleep and sleep....however I can't seem to drag my butt into bed until at least 10 and I end up waking up at 5:30 even on the Nyquil. I'm fighting a losing battle.

At least I'm feeling better, even though I'm walking through a fog. I may not even cough up a full lung today. Wow! Maybe I'll even be able to spend the extra half hour at the gym too. That would be so nice.

What would be really nice would be to have one day where I could sleep until about 9 o'clock. Not that it would ever happen, because even on the weekends I tend to be up by 7.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 4 Of The Plague

I think the Nyquil is finally starting to work. I almost feel human today. Maybe I won't live off of cough drops.

I'm sick of having colds like this. This is the 3rd time this year that I've had this plague. It's getting pretty damn old.

I've never been sick like this before and frankly I'm annoyed by it.

I'm sick of coughing up a lung....I'm sick of being stuffy....I'm sick of the Nyquil Superhighway that isn't even producing good dreams anymore.


I want to try to get a little exercise in today, because if I don't well..I'll just further expand and I'll be crankier than usual. I'm just worried I'll make myself worse. I know one thing. I won't be doing any cardio and I'll be sucking a cough drop the whole time.

Why can't I just have one day to sleep this plague off? Why? Why? Why?

And why can't there be any good music on the radio that will soothe me into a pleasant stupor? Sunshine Of Your Love just doesn't cut it....neither does that damn Bobby Sherman song that annoys the hell out of me. One would think someone was reading my blog again, but I know his IP, so I'm pretty damn sure he's staying away. Thank God.

If this plague lasts any longer I'm going to go off the deep end.

Send meds...send tea....send good music...PLEASE

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Take Me Back Tuesday - Week 119

From the ladies @ Music Memoirs

A bit of song association...I'm going to give you a some words and you tell us what song best describes them.

The weather: The Buckinghams - Kind Of A Drag
The nasty weather has really beend kind of a drag

Your state of mind: Billy Joel - My Life
The lyrics to this one say it all right now.

Cheese: Bobby Sherman - Julie Do You Love Me?
This cheese needs a little wine to go with it.

Wine:The Moody Blues - Send Me No Wine

Sports: Justin Hayward - Learning The Game
I'm sure there's some sport to go with this song.

Spring:Basia - Springtime Laughter
It's springtime, but I'm not laughing.

Road Trip: The Wallflowers - Sleepwalker
I remember my roadtrip to Strongsville OH with this song on the mix CD I made.

Radio: Elvis Costello - Radio Sweethearts
Play one more for my radio sweetheart...erm. Nevermind I won't go there.

Yawn: Grey Eye Glances - Sleepy

Your favorite movie: Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands Theme
This is my favorite movie and my favorite score by Danny Elfman

TV:The Friendly Indians - I Know, You Know The theme for Psych, my favorite show


I love when I get something that proves my "musical smartness"..

I got this in an email today..

Why do an Elvis Costello cover if your not going to in some way, make it your own?

I went back to look at the track listing of the mix I sent him. There were no Elvis Costello covers on the disc.

This song however was on there.

Brinsley Schwarz - What's So Funny (Bout Peace, Love & Understanding)

Erm...that's not a cover...that's the original song. So basically Mr. Costello didn't make that song his own...


Brinsley Schwarz is Nick Lowe's band from the 60's. I thought all Costello fans knew that. I guess I was wrong...

But gave me an I'm smarter than you moment!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Do I Even Know What I Want

A dazed and sick mind often comes up with weird things. My head is so conjested that I don't know what I'm thinking, but a few things came to my mind today.

~ Why do people think that you'll meet people at church and why would I want to meet someone at church? I had a flirtation a few years back with someone from my church, lets just say it went as badly as my last flirtation. No more flirtations for me. I'd rather spend time with my pets.

~ When you are sick you feel more lonely and more sorry for yourself than at any other given time.

~ Why is it that the people that claim they want to be around honest people seem to be the biggest liars and tards out there?

~ I had a bizarre episode of flirtation at Barley and Hops last Friday. Every time this cute-ish geeky man came back to the lounge to go to the bathroom...he had to maneuver around my feet..which were clad in flip flops. He made a point of telling me that he didn't want to crush my tootsies. WTF? So weird yet cute. When we were leaving he teased that I should paint my toes a very bright shade so that they could be seen easily.

~ Every so often Danielle Steel writes a good book. And since I've been feeling like poop...I've been reading anything I can find.

A quick and easy read. Not as depressing as most of her books, though so farfetched that it's ridiculous. Still not a bad few hours of reading.

~ I've decided that I'm not aiming for love anymore...I want friendship and that's it. I want someone to talk to. I'm a fairly asexual being it seems. I don't give a crap about sex. I just want someone to talk to. That's my meds bringing out my insanity as you can tell. Oh and as Simon Le Bon said..."Where is my friend when I need you most"

~ I need my Nyquil now....before my brain comes up with any more weird thoughts

Nyquil! I Need Nyquil!

I've got the hippy hippy shake shakes....a cough....a nose that's ready to run away...however the sore throat is gone. Well la di da da for that.

I'm miserable.

I'm cranky.

I want to hurt people that bother me.

I want to never hear the song Monday Morning by Fleetwood Mac ever again. I hate it when people think its funny to play stuff like that just because it's Monday...Well pass the memo on that on Tuesday you play Tuesday Afternoon.

There is no such thing as sick days where I work, so I have to go in and be miserable for 8 very long hours. I don't want to put real clothes on, but I don't think the boss or anyone that might wander into the office would appreciate me in my jammies and my sockies, though it would make me exceedingly happy to be that way.

Actually the only way I'd be happy right now is if I could be in my bed with the covers pulled up to my nose and a buttload of Nyquil lurking nearby so I could get rid of this plague that my family is passing around.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Random 10 - Week 101

From those ladies @ Music Memoirs

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

I've had a horrible weekend....sickness...coldness...blech...and my music was really wack-a-doodle.

Erasure - Sunday Girl
(Quite easily the best song on the soon to be released album, Light At The End Of The World)

The Buckinghams - Kind Of A Drag
(Love this cheesy song...and that sums up my weekend)

The Cyrkle - I Wish You Could Be Here
(Hey, anything but Red Rubber Ball!)

Justin Hayward - I Dreamed Last Night (Acoustic)
(My friend Symon from the UK has been trying to send me a copy of this mp3 all weekend. After about 5 tries I finally got a copy that didn't fubar at the end)

Bobby Sherman - Julie Do You Love Me?
(Hey, it was on one of those Have A Nice Day CDs. And it got stuck in my head too)

Gordon Lightfoot - Carefree Highway
(This is one of my favorite Gordon songs right now)

Warren Zevon - Keep Me In Your Heart

George Harrison - Horse To Water
(There's someone to be thanked for me playing this song too many times this weekend.)

ABBA - Winner Takes It All
(Erm why did a certain person play this song for someone this week but not me? Huh? Huh? Tell me why? NOW! No I'm not cranky about it, just curious.)

Matchbox Twenty - Disease
(Yeah...that's me)

And the picture

Sunday Morning Blues

~ I want to exercise but I'm coming down with a cold. Actually I've got a nasty sore throat. I probably should stay home today and go throughout the week. It's not as if I can't exercise in my home. I have the mini-stepper and my ski machine. However my abs won't be getting a workout and that makes me sad.

~ I think it rains more in Southwestern PA than in Seattle or even London. I miss the sunshine. Where is the sunshine? Where is the unseasonably warm temperatures? Huh? Huh?

~ I haven't done any cleaning since last week. Well substantial cleaning that is. I really need to start doing something besides pitching old clothes. I also need to buy a new comforter set for my bedroom and curtains...I hate buying curtains.

~ Today is going to be a reading day, methinks. Not that I have anything against reading...I'd just rather be out and about. I'm an out and about kinda girl. I hate sitting around on my ever expanding butt.

~ I need tea. Lotsa tea. With lotsa lemon. Throat is getting worse....bed is is the book...but first TEA!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another Boring Saturday

Well, I've done just about all I've got to do today. I've been to the bank. I've been to the gym for over an hour even though I feel a cold or something of that nature, coming on. I've done some grocery shopping. Oh and my very favorite, I've done the laundry.

I need to get a life. I also need to get some money...because you know what? Right now I can't afford to buy a damn tank of gas, to use on something frivolous like going out.


Which means the highlight of my Saturday night is going to be heading out to church for evening mass.


At least I got out for a few beers last night. Maybe tomorrow if the slushy snow we are expecting doesn't cause havoc, I'll do something.

Shall I have a pity party for myself now?

Yes, I think I shall.





Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday The Dorkteenth

In the style of a Thursday Thirteen...

13 dorky things I've done to attract the attention of "The Fishy One." (Some even after I've learned that it will get me nowhere)

1. Did a 101 list of things to do with Fish. (Kept the list semi-clean which is highly unlike me)

2. Called him "sweetheart" when calling in for the Friday Free For all one week when requesting a rather bad song.

3. Sending him e-cards for any holiday and when he was feeling under the weather.

4. Called the station to yell at him when he talked about spending Valentine's Day on Eharmony.

5. Sent him a picture of me at about 13.....

6. Another Friday Free For All dork...told him to stick my phone number in his pocket when I gave it to him for the contest.

7. Posted the sign from Giant Eagle that had Herring for sale...and commented that for $3.99 I wouldn't mind having one of these

considering his name is Robert Herring. And then sent him a link to the post

8. Continuously posted this picture on the Hump Day Hunks posts....

knowing full well he stopped by the blog every now and then.

9. Took a picture of him at the Peter Noone concert because he was so darn cute.

10. Shared more personal information with him than I've done with people I've known much longer.

11. Did a Valentine's Day Striptease (don't worry I didn't really take off my clothes) for him via a Top 5 On Friday which he provided the topic....mind you...I probably would have had I had the opportunity.

12. Still email him on a fairly regular basis...because I like "The Fishy One"

13. Sent him two mix CDs as a "peace offering."

I am the lord goddess queen of the doralopes...pass my crown and robes please.

Top 5 On Friday - Week 119

Brought to you by the ladies @ Music Memoirs

Top five cheesiest and / or worst lyrics ever written?

I love cheese.....

Ohio Express - Yummy Yummy Yummy
(Arthur Resnick - Joey Levine)

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I got love in my tummy
And I feel like a-lovin you
Love, you're such a sweet thing
Good enough to eat thing
And it's just a-what I'm gonna do

ARGH! This song is so bad..and suggestive...and so weird. I don't want to know how he got love in his tummy either.

The Cyrkle - Red Rubber Ball
(Paul Simon)

And I think it's gonna be alright
Yeah, the worst is over now
The mornin' sun is shinin' like a red rubber ball

Paul has written so much better, however this one has "stick in your head" power like no other.

Paul Revere & The Raiders - Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon

Mr. Sun make it fine
Shine on down for this baby of mine
Mr. Moon come on through
When Mr. Sun goes we'll be counting on you

Dum. Dum. Dum. Dum. DUMB!

Edison Lighthouse - Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)

She talks kinda lazy
And people say she she's crazy
And her life's a mystery
Oh, but love grows where my Rosemary goes
And nobody knows like me

And this was a hit? Lordy...and please get it out of my head.

The Hollies - Stop Stop Stop
(Clarke - Hicks - Nash)

Stop, stop, stop all the dancing
Give me time to breathe
Stop, stop, stop all the dancing
Or I'll have to leave

I can't believe Graham Nash is party to this badness...and why does it have to be catchy badness too?

I'd like some wine go with this cheese, or at least a lambic beer. All these songs are good in that silly cheesy bubblegum kinda way.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Confess!

I'm a shopaholic! I need a 12 Step Program. And J. C. Penney's needs to stop making really cool clothes that I'm going to want to buy.

I just spent 62 bucks on a pair of shorts, a skirt and a sweater.

Someone stop me!

This is madness!

I can't even wear the stuff yet, because the weather is so anti-spring/warm.

I just can't help myself. I love clothes. I love clothes almost as much as I love music. Almost. And really that's a pretty close almost.

I've always had a passion for clothes.

It comes from my strong desire to fit in...which never quite worked, because I have a strange style unto myself. I can gravitate from super conservative to trendy to sleazy (though not that often) to vintage.

Now I've got to figure out how I'm going to pay off the Penney's charge now that I've run up a sizable bill.

Please don't let me go to Macy's...because I might be able to pay that bill off this month.

Thursday Thirteen

Today we're doing another episode of

Thirteen things I'd rather be doing right now

1. Sleep! Since the wild wacky Easter weekend of church...where I didn't catch up on my sleep...I've actually lost more sleep. I'm such a tired little girl.

2. Walk the boardwalk in Atlantic City and I don't even care if it's raining there.

3. Make some more mix CDs, because most of the ones I have in my car are dying.

4. Be curled up somewhere with a nice blanket and a book.

5. Shopping! I'm pretty sure there's something that I need to buy. OK, there are things I want to buy, namely a 30 GB Zen Vision.

6. Filling the Zen Micro...only this time getting a better distribution of music that I like. I left off Herman's Hermit's, Grey Eye Glances and Oingo Boingo. GASP! The horror.

7. Playing with my elusive Bootsie kitty. She's still the amazing hiding cat. My mother doesn't believe we have her..she thinks we have a "ghost" cat, because all you hear is her bell...but you never see her.

8. Exercising! I'd love to be able to spend more than an hour at the gym...but as I don't get to go until about 5 o'clock...and I need my sleep...and there are so many things I need to get done at home....ARGH!

9. Spa Day! A facial would be really nice right now. Why do they have to be so damn expensive though. I've priced them at The Mountaineer and the cost is out of this world, but one I wouldn't mind paying. (Anything to boost ye olde self esteem)

10. Play with the new camera I bought last month that hasn't been used yet, because I hate to make my other EasyShare feel unloved.

11. Update my CD-Tracker list. We're up to 1850, but I'm not done yet. Plus there are things on my computer that aren't on there as well.

12. Get my first quarter local taxes paid. Have I mention that local taxes are a boil on the backside of mankind, because they aren't required to be taken out of the paycheck?

13. Have a lambic beer or two or ten.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Think It's Going To Be All Right...

I think the worst is over now..

Will someone please please please do something to rid my noggin of this song.

Yeah. I've got Red Rubber Ball stuck in the big ole jukebox in my head. It started with this live version by Simon & Garfunkel...and then I found the first recorded version, which was done by the Cyrkle. Now the damn song won't leave. It's packed it's bags and moved into my head.

Most of you know that I get the cheesiest most obnoxious songs stuck in my head. Most of them can be blamed on 99.3 The Pickle...with a vast majority of the blame being laid at the doorstep of a certain DJ.

He has laid off playing Yummy x 3 for quite awhile and for that I can only extend my heartfelt thanks. I really hate when that song takes up residence in my head.

The other thing that I tend to do is attach songs to people. There are some songs that for some reason or another will always make me think of a person. I'm not always sure that's a good thing, because if it's someone I'm involved with and we part ways I end up disliking the song..or even the band that does the song because of it.

I'm warped that way, I know.

Music is intensely personal for me, if you haven't noticed. That's why when I share music I always want to know how it was received by the listener, especially if I share stuff that's not too well known. I'm waiting not so patiently to hear if my latest mix was enjoyed. I think I'll be heart broken if it's not.

But until I do know...I'll just go on humming

And I think it's gonna be alright
Yeah, the worst is over now
The mornin' sun is shinin' like a red rubber ball

The Hunks Return

Lent is over and the hunks begged to come back from their exile.

Just because he's attached doesn't mean I can't think he's a hunk, cos well, in my eyes, the Fishy is a hunk.

Oh and remember that bit about "The Fishy One" looking like David Duchovny...well see I think otherwise. I think he looks more like Richard Coyle. (Who is a hunk of the first water)

Richard is on the right...Fish also has the personality of Richard's character, Jeff from Coupling on BBC.

And now for some of my usuals

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Take Me Back Tuesday - Week 118

From the ladies @ Music Memoirs

Do you have any friends online or otherwise that you share similar musical tastes with?
I'm weird. I think most of my friends share the same musical taste as I do. I tend to gravitate towards people that like at least one or more of the bands that I do. It makes conversation easier. I also tend to gravitate towards DJs that work at stations that play music that I like. I tease them mercilessly and probably make their life a living hell, but it's all in the name of friendship etc.

Have you ever made a new friend because of a band that you both like?
90% of my online friends share the same musical interest. I think my "Fishy" friend falls into this category too. I bow to the DJ that like EC...The Beatles...and Tim Burton films...oh and gasp...Chess the Musical.

What's the best musical gift you were ever given by a friend and in return...what is the best musical gift (IYO) that you've given a friend.
Callie sent me a wonderful DVD called The Other Side of Red Rocks...which is a Moody Blues DVD. That made me happier than a clam. I also had an online friend send me a whole shoebox of Moody Blues photos. Again...this girl was happier than a clam.

If I was going for a family member, the best musical gift was given to me by my sister who bought tickets and paid for the hotel room when we went to our first Atlantic City Moody Blues concert.

The best musical gift I gave? I think it's my Christmas mix CDs that all my friends and family get from me each year. I work hard on those. My compilations are loved by many, damn it!

Pick one of your friends...and tell us a few songs that remind you of them...and tell us why you picked those songs.

I pick "Fish" just because Mr. DJ is the easiest and the funnest to pick on.

Ohio Express - Yummy Yummy Yummy (Played when feeling snarky or when he really wants to annoy one particular listener who gets this piece of poo stuck in her head as soon as she hears it)

Otis Redding - These Arms Of Mine (Random song the fishmeister likes)

Jimmy Buffett - Fins (For obvious reasons)

The Damned - Fish (A song that I wanted to put on a mix that I sent him, but was too afraid too)

The Moody Blues - Question & The Story In Your Eyes (Two Moodies songs he plays quite often, bless his cotton socks)

Caption This

A few week's ago the Pickled Herring (PH) posted pictures of his pets on the station's website. "The Fishy One" has a dog Molly and a cat Sally. Both are adorable...but that's not the point here. The point is....the photos were captioned..but the captions weren't amusing.

So, since I'm full of snark....I'm going to caption them on my own...

Molly: Gee, Fish, just what I always wanted a kitten! Now I have a pet too! Pant Pant...slobber....
Sally: The two of you will pay for this when I rule the world, and I will rule the world!

Sally: Ah...erm, excuse me...I didn't realize you were in here, Fishy. AHHHHH! My eyes! I didn't need to see all that!

Suddenly the forces of evil overtake the cat...

Sally: It's time for payback for all that dry food you've been feeding me. This is freezing cold water and I know how to use the shower nozzle. Muhahahaha!

Sally takes aim....

I told you I would rule the world! Now open a can of cat food now or else your Fishy butt is going to have icicles hanging from it!

Monday, April 09, 2007

When They Fall

Pattie Boyd Harrison Clapton has an autobiography coming out in the UK in August. I must have it, however I know it's going to cause me great pain when it comes to reading it.

George Harrison was and always will be my favorite Beatle. I'm sure when I read this book all my illusions about the man I crushed on for most of my teenage years will be ruined. I've read some stuff about George already that made me sigh and wish I hadn't read it.

I hate when that happens.

I have a bad tendency of putting people up on pedestals and when they do something that makes me shake my head sadly, they tumble down.

So I'm hoping Pattie dishes more on Eric Clapton, a rock god that I truly can't stand, even though I've loved some of his music. Hell at one time I even crushed on Eric...and saw him in concert at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh...but when Eric came down off the pedastal he crashed and burned. I have no respect for the man now. Everything I've read about him points to him being a world class sleaze bag and that ruins the music for me.

I don't want George to tumble like that. I can deal with him cheating at every turn. After all, in his position it would be damn hard not to be unfaithful, though knowing that he probably "did" just about any female that was still moving kinda makes me wonder. But hey...the 60's were about "Free Love." Damn it, I miss out on all the good stuff.

Because of these feelings alone, I should stay aways from Pattie's book, but I can't. Pattie's always intrigued me. I want to hear her story. I never thought she was incredibly beautiful, but she was cute with her bucktoothed grin, and she's an extremely talented photographer, which makes her my official idol.

I will shell out $40 for this book in August and I will try to read it with an open mind and pray that I don't have to pick up the pieces of my idol and that I can put it down without anger or disgust at George. Again...I can feel anger and disgust for Eric, because that's no different than the way I feel now.

I'm so glad there haven't been any books written about my Moody guys.

Random 10 - Week 100

From the ladies @ Music Memoirs

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

Most of these were from the winamp or the CD player..

Claire Moore - Could We Start Again Please?
Paul Nicholas - Gethsemane
Matchbox Twenty - Last Beautiful Girl
The Beatles - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Cher - All Or Nothing
Gordon Lightfoot - Carefree Highway
Emm Gryner - Beautiful Things
Grey Eye Glances - Promise
Glass Tiger - Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone
Elvis Costello - Coal Train Robberies

And now for the picture

Sing with me...Rubber're the one.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Attack Oogie

I never know what my Oogie cat will be up to next. He's got the most personality of all my many pets. He's full of cat-itude.

Allow me to illustrate...

The attack Oogie spies his prey, sitting atop the dining room table. Salt and pepper shakers in the form of a rabbit and a carrot. Imagine the treachery they will cause! The attack Oogie must rid the world of these menaces. After all, Oogie's grandma has high blood pressure and needs to cut down on her sodium intake.

Slowly and stealthfully the attack Oogie creeps closer. The shakers won't know what happened to them. But wait...Damn they are empty....


Easter Recap

~ Can I just say..."I'm so full" I'm full of tasty Easter goodies....I'm full to the gizzard, and I don't even have a gizzard. I've also been told "I'm full of shit" but I think that's a given to those that know me well.

~ Don't ever start cleaning closets etc on Easter. I makes for a large mess. Honest. I've got 3 more bags of old clothes for Goodwill. I need to do this to make way for the new clothes I've bought. And how is it that I can get rid of 3 bags of stuff and still not have room for the stuff that I do have?

~ I listened to this CD way too much this weekend.

Jesus Christ Superstar is one of my favorite musicals. I've seen it twice and both times loved it.

~ I discovered a new artist this weekend. Yay for the ever expanding CD list.

If you like artists like Charlotte Martin, Susan Werner and Lene'll probably like Emm Gryner. Why does the CD have to be so expensive though? I'm glad this one resides on my hard drive at this point.

~ I had a philosophical discussion with mom about Judas. It was a discussion on whether he's a saint or if he was "Damned for all time" as a result of his actions. A tricky religious discussion that's for sure.

~ I spent way too much time in church. I was at the Easter Vigil service last night that lasted 2.5 hours and I woke up to make sure my dad got to the 8 a.m. mass. My priest told me I was a glutton for punishment. Funny..I think I've heard that before...and yes, I am. Always have been. Always will be.

~ Bootsie poked her head out of the door. She's been getting braver and braver. I even managed to snap a picture of her when she ventured out from behind the bed to a perch in full view of anyone walking into my bedroom.

Bootsie: I'm not going to kill Kenny, but I will if you don't stop looking at me!

Happy Easter

The Mistress of the Dark would like to extend the warm wishes for a blessed Easter on all of you.

It's a time of renewal and a time of forgiveness....

I hope that if I've done something to you, you have it in your hearts to forgive me and thus I shall do the same for you.

It's through forgiveness that we find peace.

And because I find my peace in music...I leave you with a beautiful song from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

Could We Start Aga...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

And The Weekend Begins

A few thoughts to go with it...

~ Going to Phipps at night is lovely but getting the pictures to turn out is not always easy. The place is insanely dark and night shots are not what I do best at this point. ARGH!

~ Someone forgot the memo that its Easter and not Christmas and there shouldn't be snow outside for crying out loud! This is just ridiculous! I'm done with winter damn it.

~ The cajun fish sandwich at Arby's is good, but lordy it will come back and kick you in the ass a few hours later. Can I get a woot that lent is over and I can eat normally on Fridays again. I hate fish. Blech!

~ This is the mix I made for "The Fishy One."

Songs For The Fishbowl

Grey Eye Glances - Big Red Boat
Brinsley Schwarz - What's So Funny (Bout Peace, Love & Understanding)
Billie Myers - Am I Here Yet (Return To Sender)
Elvis Costello - Puppet Girl
Nick Lowe - Cruel To Be Kind
Justin Hayward - The Way Of The World
Jeremy - A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
Oingo Boingo - Skin
Elvis Costello - Basement Kiss
Jann Arden - You're So Vain
Herman's Hermits - Saturday's Child
Cliff Richard - Climbing Up Mount Everest
Bernie Barlow - Sexy
Annie Haslam & Steve Howe - It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Simon Le Bon - Magic Bus
Oingo Boingo - Happy
The Proclaimers - Get Ready
Red Dwarf - Tongue Tied Full Smegmix
Glenn Tilbrook - Genitalia of a Fool
Erasure - Everyday
The Moody Blues - Fly Me High
The Tremblers - Green Shirt

Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm A Happy Girl

I sent "The Fishy One" an Easter e-card yesterday, and I kinda fretted over the intelligence of doing that, but I couldn't not send him something for the holiday.

See I have this thing...I like "The Fishy One" and I really miss his emails and whatnot. He was my friend in the box and well he's brought me a lot of joy and amusement that I've missed.

Well he viewed the ecard and sent me a thank you email this morning.

Big sigh of relief.

We won't even discuss how happy I was to get that email, because it makes me look like a goober of the highest degree.

Suffice to say I think I've made peace with "The Fishy One," and that is a very good thing.

I extended the olive branch and made a peace offering of a George Harrison bootleg...I'm going to copy it for him...and well...don't tell him...but I'm going to make a mix cd for him too, just because. Well, just because...I want to. I'd do it for any of my other friends and I do, so why not him?

I hope he enjoys them.

Top 5 On Friday - Week 118

From the ladies @ Music Memoirs

Top five songs that are track # 5 on the album.

I think I did a whole mix this way once. Maybe it's time to revisit.

1. From the album Long Distance Voyager

The Moody Blues - Meanwhile

2. From the album Blood & Chococlate

Elvis Costello & The Attractions - I Want You

This is actually one of my all time favorite songs ever.

3. From the album I Say, I Say, I Say

Erasure - Run To The Sun

4. From the album Songs Of Leaving

Grey Eye Glances - You Bring Me Back Home

5 From the album The Girl In The Other Room

Diana Krall - I've Changed My Address