Monday, February 29, 2016

Missing Davy

Its been 4 years since Davy Jones passed away.

I have to say that when I first read about his death, from a text from my nephew, I thought it was a terrible terrible mistake. A hoax or something. He was one of my first celebrity crushes. (Even though I was born long after The Monkees hey day)

The Monkees were my very first concert in 1986 at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh. Both Davy and the Arena are now gone.

How sad is that?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Classic TV Is The Best

I have to say I'm getting old.

I find myself watching MeTV and Antenna TV all the time.

I think I watch shows like Newhart, MASH, Mama's Family, and Bewitched more than I do new tv. I think maybe its because new tv just isn't funny anymore.

I used to love The Big Bang Theory. Maybe it is because the show has been on forever, but I really don't get as many laughs anymore. 2 Broke Girls is just ridiculous. Mom tends to get depressing.

I like the Wednesday lineup with The Middle and The Goldbergs and to a lesser extent, Blackish. Modern Family is getting old for me too.

As for new shows, Superstore is actually a hoot.

But so few of these hold up to the classics.

Heck, I find myself enjoying The Partridge Family, when they play them after The Monkees.

Ah The Monkees, I have a huge rant there. That show could have gone for a long time, if they had writers worth their weight in salt, which they obviously didn't. The guys had talent and were all passably decent actors. They should have written a real show, rather than the nonsense that they did.

The second series had some stellar episodes, like The Devil and Peter Tork and The Christmas Episode oh and The Frodis Caper.

The producers should be ashamed that this show was as ridiculous as it was. (Funny but ridiculous)

I want good tv.

Oh and thanks to Decades, I want to see more of Love, American Style.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stop Telling Me How To Live My Life

I am so sick of celebrities telling us how to have a wonderful, healthy life.

I saw Kate Hudson the other day promoting this book.

I think most women wouldn't mind looking like Kate, who for those not in the know, is Goldie Hawn's daughter. If you don't know who Goldie is...well then I feel very old.

But back to the case in point, she's telling us how to get moving, but as she does it she says one little thing that sets her apart.

She was athletic from the time she was a little girl.

That my dear Kate is why you are a skinny little thing. What about those of us that aren't? I haven't an athletic bone in my body. I can't dance and exercise is just not fun.

Healthy ways to love my body?

It would be nice if these women that can afford trainers and instructors and stylists could grasp the fact that most of us just can't sit back and meditate and run a couple of miles or even get to the gym and that compiled with the stresses of day to day life make it damn difficult to love our bodies, let alone do anything healthy.

Damn it, I  want to find ways to get dinner on the table in about 30 minutes, without consulting Rachael Ray, who makes an awful lot of hamburgers and pasta.

I am sick of actors and actresses selling their brand of snake oil.

On that note, why can't reading burn butt tons of calories?

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Strangers When We Meet

When The Outside came out in 1995 I fell in love with this song. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before. I've probably even shared this video in the last month, but it really needs to be shown again.

It was actually on the Buddah Of Suburbia album too, but I didn't really fall for this song until The Outside came out. That was one of my favorite albums because of his work with The Pet Shop Boys. I highly recommend  this album to anyone, it was definitely one of his edgier albums from the last 30 years.

Every mix tape I made had this song on it. When it came on in the car, I sang it at the top of my lungs. There was something about this song that really spoke to me.

The live version is proof that Bowie had one of the most uniquely beautiful voices in rock music. Hell, his voice was more than beautiful, it was sexy.

My favorite line is "All your regards, ride roughshod over me."

It is so hard to believe Bowie is gone.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Are You Entitled?

Yes, I'm back to politics again.

Entitlements is a word that comes up a lot.

Its funny, but we do live in a society that feels like it is entitled to certain things.

I do believe that people are entitled to certain things, food, CLEAN WATER (I'm looking at you Flint, Michigan) and yes, health care oh and since those of us that work paid into it...our Social Security. That's not an entitlement though, we paid into it, we should get it. If they want to take it away, every citizen that works should get EVERY CENT we put into it back. I also lean towards the belief that people are entitled to an education and that education should not put the person in debt until they are ready to retire, but hey that's me.

But we are also changing as a society. We now think that everyone should have a smart phone, even when you can't afford one or the service that goes along with it. We feel we are entitled to vacations, and by that I mean traveling someplace, not just a few days off in the year. (After said vacation, the people will then bitch about not having enough money to pay their bills)

Most of us work hard for checks and we live paycheck to paycheck, but that doesn't mean that we deserve to go somewhere when you can't afford to or have something we can't afford in the long run.

We have so much now, but we've lost a lot of our sense of responsibility. Its too much gimmie gimmie gimmie, and that starts with children too.

I understand wanting something better for your children and your children's children, but there's a time when everyone needs to put on their big girl/boy pants and own up to their own situations.

I screwed up financially when I was younger. Big time. It took about 7 years to dig my way out of it. I learned the hard way. I had to say no to myself, and let's face it, yourself is the hardest person to say no to sometimes.

And on that note...and this totally disjointed post...there is very little we are really entitled to, without working for it, or trying to work for it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Politics Makes Me Crazy

This election cycle proves to me how crazy America is. Last night's New Hampshire primary shows that the two parties are polar opposites now and there's no middle ground to be found, which means our govt is pretty much ineffective.

On one hand we have Bernie Sanders, whose ideas I like, even though there's no way most will come to pass.  On the other hand we have Donald Trump, who says what he thinks and most of his ideas won't come to pass either.

I'm less afraid of Sanders than I am of Trump and Cruz and Rubio..those are like the terror triplets of the GOP. I actually kind of like Kasich from Ohio, because he doesn't seem as bat shit insane as the rest of that party. I do wish they would all learn that the USA is a nation that was supposed to have been built on religious freedom.  God needs to stay in churches and out of our government. Oh and FYI, I have nothing against God, just people that use him to further their ideals even when they kind of go against most of what they profess to believe. Yeah dudes, Jesus would be a bleeding heart that book...m'kay.

But I want to talk about Bernie's ideas. Free College...can't happen, but something should be done to change the fact that most people attending college will be paying for it until they retire. Its the reason why there will be fewer and fewer small practices for doctors and dentists as years go by, and more of those crazy Aspen Dental places, because people won't be able to afford to start up their own and pay off their loans.

Think about that.

Then I think about the people that say..I paid for my education yada yada yada, why should anyone else get a free ride?

What about your kids? Don't you want better for them? For them to have it easier and not start out with crushing debt?

That said, higher education needs to be made more affordable for everyone, be it college or training for blue collar jobs.

Next up...Super PACs etc

I think we all agree that corporations need to stop picking our leaders, right?

Nuff said.


Medicare for all is the only thing that is fair and will work. However, it ain't going to happen. And the one thing about The Affordable Health Care Act that needs to change is to not penalize someone for not having health insurance. If it comes down to eating and health care or paying bills and health care, we know what most people will choose, right?

And also..if you look at the policies that are affordable? The coverage SUCKS if you really get sick.

On that note I wish I could make this election period go away, cos I'm sick of everyone right now.

Monday, February 08, 2016

The 1975

I watched SNL on Saturday, which is a rare thing. I hate SNL. I haven't found much that was funny in it since the early 90s.

Do I sound old?

I guess I do.

I was basically watching to see Bernie Sanders and ended up watching the musical act, which was a band called The 1975.

Not a bad year. I can't fathom why they'd pick that year for a name, but hey, I've heard worse.

The song they played first was The Sound, which really had an 80s vibe. Maybe they should change their name to The 1985. I was actually reminded of Walk The Moon when I heard that song. Its very catchy. I predict it will be overplayed in a matter of days, even though the album that it is on won't be released for another few weeks.

It doesn't even have a video yet. Most clips I found were live from shows they've played in Europe. I have a feeling they are probably a bunch of pretentious twits though, considering the album is called....wait for it....I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It.

Regardless of what the band may or may not be like, I highly recommend checking out the song. I will apologize now, because it will probably worm its way into your ear, but look at it this way, its much better than having a Taylor Swift song there.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Anger, I Has It

I haven't had drama in my life in a long long while. I've had life issues, but not drama, but thanks to someone I've been friends with for 20 + years, I am getting drama.

I can't even speak with this person right now because I am so angry and I don't want to say anything to lose that person's friendship.

But I'm damn close to writing them out of my life, which would pretty much leave me with no friends that weren't from the internet. Not that it matters, because I haven't seen this friend since I moved into the new house back in July. I haven't talked to this friend much since then either, which is kind of sad.

However there is one thing you don't do, and that is give out my cell number.

Now mind you the person that attempted to call me today had my phone 10 years ago, but I highly doubt it was kept. If it was...then I am even more creeped out than I was when I thought my number was given out.

Seriously, this is why crazy cat ladies exist, because people are fucking nuts.

I have lost all faith I have in humanity.

I will die alone...and be a dotty old lady that scares the neighbor kids away with my meanness.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Its Been Awhile

Its been about a week.

~ The neck pain is subsiding...I think it is sinus related. I now have sinus meds, and I really wish someone would do my laundry for me. I actually thought this pain was going away until I went to the laundromat.

~ I have been reading quite a bit. Right now I'm making my way through Philippa Gregory's The King's Curse. I'm also wondering why I read her books. Once you've read one, they have read them all.

~ Listening to David Bowie's Blackstar. I have it streaming on Amazon Prime. I'm somewhat comforted by listening to him sing. This is odd because when other musician have passed, I've found that I couldn't George Harrison and that other David Jones. I still find it difficult to put their songs on, even though their music is much loved.

~ I am totally hating on The Big Bang Theory. I used to get so excited for this show, and now it only disappoints me. I can't find a single comedy that I really enjoy. I find myself watching Laff in the evenings and getting a fix of Night Court and earlier Mama's Family on Me TV.

~ I'm so sick of politics and politicians in general. I swear this election year has been longer than any other. GAH!  And it won't be over for months. I want to smash my tv set.