Monday, August 31, 2009

Missing Mondays

In the past week, I've really got to thinking about all the animals I've known and loved in my life and how many of them I still miss. Like Lennon my life, I've loved them all, but there is one that I miss more than the others, and that's Misty.

She was a shelter kitty that we got @ Petsmart. She was supposed to be my mom's cat, but she bonded with me instantly. She was shy, she was sweet and she seldom left my side. She slept curled up by my feet or in the small of my back every night. I still don't have a bed warmer kitty like her and I have 9 of them now. Though Miss Callie will sleep on the bed when the fan isn't on. I'm holding out hope that during the winter she'll be my snuggle kitty.

Misty was the best behaved of our cats too. She never caused anyone any grief. She would on occasion swat someone if they were petting her too long, or were strangers to her.

Her life, like Itchy's was much too short. Bootsie looks a little like her and I catch myself calling her Misty at times. I can't think about my little girl without crying. She was truly an angel kitty and I loved her so much on days like this when I'm feeling a fresh loss, I miss her even more, even though she's been gone for almost 3 years.

Oh and don't ever play What's New Pussycat around makes me cry, because when she was sick, I used to sing that to her and now I only think of her when I hear it.

Misty I hope you are surrounded by all your animal friends from our family, and I hope you're showing Purrbee the ropes of animal heaven now. Don't be swiping him in the nose now, cos that's not nice.

It's Back!

A while ago I had a blog with a bunch of ladies from the web called Certifiable Wenches. Well I'm planning on starting it up again. I just need some ladies to join in over there.

I've got the first post up, and thanks to my sister I even have the old template up! That's really exciting, especially as just tweaking that thing caused problems.

So click the link and take a look @ the site. I hope to be able to have daily posts over there. I'm sure until I get some ladies to join me in ranting that it will be just me, but you can't get enough of me, right? RIGHT!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Flowers and Beauty Of Longwood Gardens

Originally uploaded by moodylady
I finally have just about all my photos from Longwood Gardens posted. As many of you know, this is one of my favorite gardens anywhere. The outdoor gardens from spring/fall are spectacular and the conservatory is stunning.

I still need to rotate some shots taken with my Nikon that doesn't automatically flip photos, but you can look at them. There's over 600! Yes, I'm a shutterbug!

The flickr set can be found here

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Such A Let Down

I wanted this weekend to be relaxing.

So far:

1. The dog died Thursday and the sadness is still full on.

2. Mom's not feeling all that great.

3. Electrical problems in the kitchen.

4. Hair was trimmed revealing more gray. Grrrr. I should just go platinum blonde! LOL!

5. I have 3 reviews to do for Mossip that I get paid for..and Mal, I'll get yours soon. My groove as up and left me.

Talk about the Blahs. I've got em

Friday, August 28, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 236

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 facts about one of your favorite artists

The hardest part of this is picking which one of my favorite artists to use. I'm going to pick Elvis Costello, cos I know a lot of random facts about him.

1. He's been married 3 times and has 3 children (that we know of) all sons. Wives are Maire, Cait O'Riordan and Diana Krall

2. His backing band has been called many things over the years; The Attractions, The Imposters, The Sugarcanes...

3. Is really kind to his fans, signing after almost every show.

4. He has a talk show on the Sundance channel called Spectacle that's got rave reviews. (However I can't stand it)

5. He's appeared in numerous movies and tv shows, sometimes as himself and sometimes in acting roles.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about my beloved Purrbee

My doggie took a turn for the worse. I think we will be calling a vet soon, if he doesn't cross the rainbow bridge. To the best of my knowledge he had a stroke last night.

1. Purrbee came home with us from a little family run pet shop in Uniontown Mall.

2. He is part beagle and part spaniel of some sort. (But he's a bigger than the avg beagle so I think the spaniel in him might be springer)

3. He is 14 years old

4. Several times in his life he tried to use the litter box. I'm pretty sure he thought he was a cat a few times.

5. He loved to sleep in my bed, but not with me. No, Purrbee had to have the bed all to himself and he'd get under the covers and come up to put his head on the pillow.

6. He's a gentle dog and he loves his people.

7. He was scared of the basement. Most of our dogs would chill in the basement if we went out without a problem, Purrbee almost chewed a hole in the door when we did that.

8. My nephew used to sing to him when he was a puppy, "Purrbee is a nice little dog." So much so that we still sing it, because its true. Purrbee is a nice little dog.

9. He hates dog food. Anything off the table suited him better than a bag of kibble.

10. Purrbee never learned to sit up. He just sat his nose down on your lap and gave you that pathetic puppy look until you gave him food.

11. He got along with all of the other animals in our house.

12. He's the cutest thing

13. He's one of the best dogs I've ever had the opportunity of loving. Purrbee, I love you, and if you choose to go across that bridge today, know that I love you so very much and that Grandma Rehula will be waiting with scraps for you on the other side, along with some of your kitty friends, Buddah, Misty and Itchy.

I want to add a 14 now, just in case any of you wonder how he got the name Purrbee. He started out as M & M because we named 2 of our doggies after candy bars (Hershey and Snickers) then we tried Junior (Mints), but he didn't like that either. So we'd talk jibberish to him, and Purrbee was something I started and he answered to. He has many nicknames: Purrb, Purrbeeola, Pee Bee....He's a silly old boy...I wish I could get a miracle.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday Tunes Week 98 On Wednesday

From Music Memoirs a day late.

Summer 09 is slowly winding down. Tell us some of your favorite musical moments from this summer. Concerts, albums songs etc.

Summer 09 was dry for concerts for me because everything I wanted to see either came during the week or cost too much money or both, but I did catch 2 free shows and both were excellent, the first was Sarah Marince, the voice behind the Eat N' Park jingles. She's Pittsburgh's answer to Taylor Swift and she's just a sweet person, and that's not even mentioning her fantastic voice (And wardrobe!)

Next was Deni Bonet in Oglebay Park. Deni rocks! There's no other way to put it. If you are anywhere and you hear she's playing, check her out, you won't be disappointed.

Now for albums..OMG so many and they are still coming. My favorite releases are Gloriana's self titled debut, which is pop with a country twist. Next up...I have to say it, and I'm not even ashamed to admit it. I love Mitchel Musso's CD! I'm not too big on all the Disney kids having acting and music careers. I think most of them should find a career path and take it...and the J Bros should just go away...but Mitchel is pretty good and his song Hey sticks in my head every time I hear it. I also love Colbie Callait's Breakthrough that just came out.

I also couldn't get away from Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror. Its probably my favorite of his songs. Through his death I came to appreciate his music more. I also came to feel pity for a man who had so much of everything including problems. His death was a huge loss to music.

So much good music. So little time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Its The Dreaded Night

Yes, Tuesday night is the bane of my existence.


Because its litter box night. A very unpleasant task, indeed and its made even more unpleasant by the fact that a few of my P Posse like to taunt me by standing vigil while I clean each box.

And do you know what they do as soon as one has been cleaned out?

They all scramble into it to take a wee or make a poo!

Little buggers!

They look so proud of themselves when they do it too.

If they weren't so damn cute...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Missing Mondays

It would be safe to say I already miss Lancaster County and all the good things there. Lancaster is a county rich in tradition and rich in yummy food.


My belly expands thinking of the chicken and mashed potatoes and pies I ate over the weekend. Not to mention the jams, relishes and breads.

So much food, so little time!

Its easy to miss.

But that's not all I already miss about Lancaster. I miss the beauty of the farm country. You can't go more than a few miles without seeing a barn and a silo. I miss the Amish and their buggies. The markets on the side of the road selling veggies, fruits, canned goods and baked goods.

I've always loved that part of the state. Its been close to 17 years since I've spent time there. I hope I don't have to wait that long to visit there again. You can see some of my photos from Lancaster here

Home Sweet Home!

I got in at 10:30 last night which isn't really conducive to blogging, especially after spending 5 or more hours in a car that was for some reason terribly uncomfortable.

Today my legs are screaming and so is my back.

I was quite thankful to be back in my own bed last night.

It was a long long weekend, but much fun was had.

Now life needs to return to normal and summer is really officially over for me.

Now I just have to sort through emails, pay bills and do some CD reviews that are backing up. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be caught up.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

At The Motel

It's always nice when you have free wifi @ the motel you are staying at, especially when its a rainy night.

It better not be rainig tomorrow morning or I will be seriously pissed.

I want to go to Longwood without umbrellas. I want to take scads of photos and hug the chime tower for dear life. I want to eat at Plain and Fancy and Miller's and I want to forget that I have to go home tomorrow night.

Having fun.

Took lots of pictures alreay!

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 236

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 artists that you hope will put out a better album then their last.

1. Duran Duran: I don't think there's been an album as horribly awful as Red Carpet Massacre. That album made me violently ill. The guys need to redeem themselves because when an album tops Thank You on their most unlistenable albums chart, well its time to make some changes.

2. The Moody Blues: First let me say, I adore December, its one of my favorite holiday albums ever, but for a band that's been around for more than 40 years...well they need something different now and they definitely don't need December to be their swansong, so come on Justin, John, Graham! Get your asses in gear and write me a brilliant album. I'm keeping the faith that you can do it!

3. Elvis Costello: Elvis does at least two brilliant albums every 10 years, sometimes more. I have enjoyed his last few albums, particularly the recent one Secret Profane and Sugarcane, but I'm waiting for the next Costello album that's going to blow me away, like When I Was Cruel, Blood & Chocolate and Brutal Youth. Though he is releasing El Mocambo after all these years, this Sept so I kinda forgive him!

4. Keri Noble: The record company messed with her so much that she had one album out in Japan almost a year before her current self titled CD. I bought Let Go, but had to buy the other one for a few song changes on the US release. Here's hoping the labels don't screw her for her next album. Its damn annoying, because Keri is an awesome songwriter/performer and she deserves better than this bs.

5. U2: I think the problem is that the band really just jumped the shark and there's nothing they can do to get back their brillance. For the most part their recent albums have had one good song on them, but well...No Line On The Horizon was really awful and the How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb was mind blowingly bad. If they can't release good music, Bono should just stick to trying to save the world. At least there he's doing something worthwhile and not polluting the airwaves with crap.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I plan to do this weekend

1. Get pictures of the wind farm in Somerset, PA. You can learn more about the wind farms in PA here. I still don't know why I don't have one in my back yard!

2. Visit Wheatland.

3. Check out the markets in Lancaster.

4. Get one good night's sleep.

5. Take pictures of the 4 Turnpike Tunnels, Allegheny, Tuscarora, Kittatinny and Blue. Just learned that in the 60s there were actually a few more.

6. Eat @ Good and Plenty restaurant.


8. Visit an outlet.

9. Buy some tasty fudge!

10. Eat @ Plain & Fancy Farm.

11. Buy some good canned goods.

12. Stop by Dutch Haven for some baked goods and a few pictures of the Windmill building.

13. Actually see the city of Lancaster, which I've never done on all my trips there.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Away This Weekend

I'm going to be totally gone over the weekend. I may take my notebook for photo purposes, but I highly doubt I'll be online at all this weekend.

That fills me with great joy.

I will be spending the weekend in Lancaster County and most of the day Sunday in Kennett Square, PA communing with some beautiful flowers.

I can't wait to go.

I know its only an overnight trip, but its away from the 'roi and that's all that matters.

I just need to be away...far far away..cos I'm so frustrated and angry at the world that I could spit.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Its Just Dawned On Me

The only concerts I've seen this year were free ones, which is nice, but I've not seen any of my favorite major label artists at all this year, whether it was because of cost, or the date or location of a show, I've just not had the chance to see anyone.

Its kind of depressing. I pride myself at seeing at least one concert a year, and technically I have. I saw Deni Bonet this past weekend, a great show that I highly recommend to anyone that has the opportunity to see her and Sarah Marince a local girl who has her eye on Taylor Swift's star.

Everyone I like has either come during the week (and I hate being out late on work nights) or the cost has been way too much. Diana Krall's show @ Heinz Hall was over $100 for good seats.

As much as I love concerts I just don't have the money for those things right now, and I live far enough away that catching live shows isn't easy, not that I want to live anywhere near the city. My property taxes are high enough now.

Stamps foot!

I want a real concert this year! OK, I want a mainstream concert.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Photos.

I'm thoroughly exhausted from my weekend and I'm glad I took today off work, because I don't think I could have survived today without falling asleep on my desk. That's how exhausted I am, and I won't even get into the fact that my sinuses are having such fun with me as a result of this goofy ass weather we've been having.

Oh and besides the fun my weekend was plagued with annoyances.

1. A stone hit the windshield on the rental car and put a nice little nickel sized ding in it. This was Saturday. I wanted to cry.

2. Yesterday I went to put on a pretty top I bought for the concert, but had to toss one of the cats in the basement. The cat kicked and a huge hole appeared in my top. I seriously cried over that.

Now for the pictures

Deni Bonet @ Oglebay 8/16/09

Oglebay Park & Good Zoo

Shaker Woods Festival etc

Sunday, August 16, 2009

One Of The Saddest Songs

I've been reading Loretta Lynn's first autobiography Coal Miner's Daughter

That also prompted me to hunt down Loretta's music and in doing so I discovered one album that she recorded with Dolly Parton, a huge favorite of mine, and Tammy Wynette. The album I'm talking about is Honky Tonk Angels

Now we all know I listen to everything, but with country I'm selective and old time country isn't really high on my list of listening material, but this album is so pretty. I particularly loved Silver Threads & Golden Needles, but when I heard Let Her Fly I burst into tears. It was such a beautiful and sad song, and it made me think of Grandma and that alone usually prompts a flood of tears. I miss grandma terribly.

Go ahead and listen to Let Her Cry and you'll understand what I mean.

Let Her Fly - Dolly Parton;Tammy Wynette;Loretta Lynn

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Off To Ohio For The Day

Heading to Columbiana for The Shaker Woods Festival and then over to Hartville for some good dinner and then home.

Pictures and whatnot will follow at some point this weekend or at the beginning of the new week.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll try to check in sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Top 5 On Friday

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 Rock Bios that you want to read or have read (or a combination of both)

These are 2 that I've read...and 3 I want to read.

1. George Harrison - I, Me, Mine: I want to read this one so badly. George was and always will be my favorite Beatle.

2. Donovan - The Autobiography Of Donovan: The Hurdy Gurdy Man: One of the few 60s bios that really is worth the read. You just have to love this psychedelic folk rocker!

3. Davy Jones: They Made A Monkee Out Of Me: My poor copy of this book as so much drool on it, because I got it when I was seriously crushing on Davy back in the 80s when I was in grade school!

4. Cynthia Lennon - John: I've read loads of Lennon bios, I need to read Cynthia's! I'm sure it will be interesting. Pete Shotten's In My Life is an awesome bio, if you are looking for one on John.

5. Graeme Thomson - Complicated Shadows: The Life and Music Of Elvis Costello: I'm kinda scared to read any about Elvis though...

So many books, so little time

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Three Day Weekend Coming Up

I decided to take next Monday off. I rented a car for the weekend to do a day trip to OH and so I could see Deni Bonet in concert at Oglebay on Sunday.

With all the running around I'll be doing I figured I'd need a day to myself to wind down.

I can't wait.

I haven't had a day off since Memorial Day (glares at July 4th) and I really could use one right about now.

Just a few more days to go and I can relax!

OK, I can't really relax until Monday, but you get my point right?

The weekend truly can't get here soon enough for me. Road trip and relaxing = Happy Mistress Of The Dark

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Is A Good Music Month

I was looking at all the new releases this month and it seems like every band/artist I like (well a good deal of them anyway) have new albums coming out now.

And if that wasn't bad enough I discovered that an artist I knew from another band, Colin Devlin, has a solo album out.


I want this!!


This is what I get for trolling Amazon.

Its bad enough, Colbie Caillat, Ingrid Michaelson, Imogen Heap and A Fine Frenzy have records out at the end of the month, Colin had to go and toss his into the mix too.


Where's the money or CD Fairy when you need them?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mmmm McCafe

In the last 6 months or so I've noticed a huge difference in the quality of the food at McDonalds. Sure its still bad for you, but so is just about everything you get at a restaurant or fast food chain and that includes many of the salads we all eat thinking to stay slim or to get slim.

I love McDonald's breakfast. I love Wendy's breakfast even more, but the Rostraver location isn't serving it for some reason, but that's neither here nor there.

I love McSkillet Burittos, but what I really love is the damn coffee. I live for the larged iced coffee with sugar free vanilla or the tasty hot mochas.


I'd get Starbucks if I could, but McDonald's is on my way to work, so why not enjoy it! Its good stuff!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Missing Mondays

Do any of you Southerners remember the restaurant, Pofolks?

They're still around but not in my area anymore.

There used to be one in South Park, that my family and I would go to on Sundays. The country fried steak and chicken and dumplings there were out of this world.

It seemed like one week it was there and then it was gone.

I heard originally the father who owned the chain passed away leaving the restaurant to his wife and son. There was a dispute over what to do with it so they abandoned ship, but apparently the son, got things started in the south again.


There was many a good meal had a PoFolks! I'd love to have some good chicken and dumplings again! Even Cracker Barrel can't live up to that goodness!

What do you guys miss?

A Little Giggle For Your Monday Monday

I watched a Youtube clip of Keith Urban's Kiss A Girl, live from Kansas City with Taylor Swift.

I love both Keith and Taylor, but right now I love Taylor a little more because she pulled off quite a prank on Keith at this show.

Click here and watch the hilarity.

This really made my morning!

Any little thing that can make a Monday better is OK with me!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Worry....worry and more worry

My dog is having a tough time of it right now. The heat isn't making things easy on him. Damn those 90 degree days. I was hoping we'd get through the summer without one. I've never been fond of them. I'm a mid-70s kinda girl.

My dog, Purrbee is 14 and his health is getting bad, and he doesn't need this kind of heat.

He just dumped his water bowl, that was mostly full all over the kitchen floor so he could lay in it.

Damn damn damn this house for not having central air, not that we could afford it.

I've had enough death in the last two years, I really don't want any more, even though I know that having a pet, especially a dog this long is a wonderful thing. I'm just not ready to deal with it right now.

~shakes fist at God~

I want my animals to live forever damn it!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Day In Wheeling

OMG today was so freaking awesome. I've forgotten how much I adore Wheeling, WV!!! My friend Jen and I went to Centre Market and had lunch and bought some goodies. (Klushie noodles and candies) Then we discovered The Pandora's Box Used Book Store. OMG!! I got the fifth Harry Potter book for $5.00! In hard back!!


Now I just need book 7!! Though I would like hard back copies of book 1 and 2 for my collection.

Then we went up near the Cabela's!

Awesome stores, especially Books-A-Million!

I was in a book coma.

Went to Fashion Bug and found a pair of jeans that FIT!! for less than $6.00!

It was a seriously incredible day of shopping!

We finished up by eating at the beautiful and reasonable Cheddar's Casual Cafe, which was hopping and for good reason. The food was freaking incredible and reasonable. Honey buttered croissants = yum!

A wonderful if you don't mind..I've got some reading to do!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 235

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 songs that are the only song you like by that band.

1.ELO - Mr. Blue Sky

I hate Jeff Lynne, everything he touches from Olivia Newton-John to George Harrison, ends up sounding like ELO and I HATE ELO!!! except for this catchy song....

2. Britney Spears - Oops! I Did It Again

This is the only Brit Brit song I can stand and its the one that get stuck in my head every time I hear it...I wish I hadn't looked up the You Tube clip for this song.

3. The Libertines - What Katie Did

I don't like Pop Punk or for the most part any punk made after the early 80s. I like the original stuff, but I like this because its more pop than anything else and its got a cool retro vibe going on. I still hate Kate Moss though.

4. Cake - Ruby Sees All

I had a boyfriend a long long time ago that loved this band. I think that's why I could never get into them. Later on I did a mixtape with someone on the Art Of The Mix site and they used this one on the mix and I really loved it. So far, its the only song by Cake that I like.

5. Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

I despise Green Day. I think they are overrated shite (apologies to the fans) I do however like this one song, that is only half shite.

I will now have 5 songs stuck in my head for the rest of the day, all by bands or artists that I usually can't stand, so please have pity on me.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen books I'm putting on my "must read" list

1. Things I Want My Daughters to Know by Elizabeth Noble

2. Ransom My Heart by Meg Cabot

3. Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger

4. Jennifer Johnson Is Sick of Being Single by Heather Mcelhatton

5. The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright

6. Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright

7. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

8. Martha in the Mirror by Justin Richards

9. SnowGlobe 7 by Mike Tucker

10. Something in the Water by Trevor Baxendale

11. He's Just Not That Into You : The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo (I want to see this movie too)

12. American Thighs : The Sweet Potato Queens' Guide to Preserving Your Assets by Jill Conner Browne

13. Rapacia : The Second Circle of Heck by Dale E. Basye and Bob Dob

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Want To Chuckle

My sister is a lousy driver. She gets lost easily even with directions, mostly because when you have kids you don't have that person to hold the Mapquest directions for you and she's not bright enough to bring him out of his computer game/iPod stupor when getting off the Turnpike.

It took her 8 hours to get to Hershey, PA from the 'roi! 8 hours! She ended in Harrisburg! During rush hour, no less.


Someone made a wrong turn getting off the pike!

Any of you that know the area, should know that Hershey is 3 ish hours from the 'roi!

I don't even want to know where in Harrisburg she ended up, but regardless, she shouldn't be left out of the house without a lease or a working GPS.

Have I mentioned..she's my OLDER sister?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Road Trips

My friend Mary and I are trying to figure out some day trips that we can take that won't cost scads of money.

I just got my property taxes and that made me shit a brick...or rather a load of bricks. I didn't realize that last year we had a tax break on our School Taxes here in the 'roi...and I had $180 discount.

Well this year that discount is gone.


So I can only afford to do things that only require gas money and that's about it.


So we're contemplating a day trip to either Longwood, Baltimore or The New River Gorge in WV. Some of my friends just don't get that I like nature. I've been seduced by the shopping bug once already and it doesn't look like I'll be getting a chance any time in the near future to really let myself go on a spree, unless its at a used book store!

Its kinda depressing considering I don't even live in that house, nor do I want to. Maybe next year things will be different.

Mind you I've been saying that for years.

At least this year I've managed to go a few places and there's been good times so I don't feel too disappointed in my summer.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Missing Mondays

The purpose of Missing Mondays is to remind ourself of things we liked/loved/enjoyed but are things that we don't have anymore or can't have easily. I've decided to make this a regular Monday post too. Its my meme, but you guys can play along if you want!

When I was out and about yesterday, we did a lot of talking about Bedford, PA and Old Bedford Village and I got to thinking about all the little stores in the cute mountain town. One of them that I remember fondly was a candy store that sat on the main street of town.

There just aren't that many fun candy stores anymore. Sure we have places like Sarris Candies and Gene and Boots, but those are chocolate stores. I like penny Swedish Fish and those raspberry and blackberry gumdrops, but what I really think about when I think of a candy store are those fruit slices. I find it strangely funny that fruit slices are the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Bedford. This is the website of the store we used to go to when we were there to go to Shawnee State Park.

Do any of you remember or like those fruit slices?

My mom and I loved them! They came in a rainbow of colors and flavors and were shaped like a slice of watermelon. I loved raspberry, cherry and grape!

Why can't you find good fruit slices anymore? I've found them in packages but they don't taste right. The jelly candy isn't thick enough.

The bulk candy stores in the mall like Icky Sticky and Goo used to carry them, and those were good, but there just aren't many stores like that around anymore. I haven't had a good fruit slice in ages. I want one so badly right now? Anyone know where I might get some instant gratification?

What do you miss?

I Have A Dirty Mind

Originally uploaded by moodylady
I giggled uncontrollably when I saw these yesterday at Ohiopyle. I couldn't help myself.

They look like...

Ya know what they look like right?

Yes my mind has taken the gutterville trolley.

I've never seen a flower with an erection before.


If you need me I'll be on the floor, still laughing over these strangely shaped flowers.

Tee hee

Sunday, August 02, 2009


Originally uploaded by moodylady
Seeing these big white turbines was like going to heaven for me. I love the windmills! I haven't had a chance to drive around the Mill Run Windfarm in several years.

Today my friend Mary and I went to Ohiopyle and on the way back we stopped to take a few...ok...a lot of shots of these pretty white machines.

Some people complain about the noise they make, but I could barely hear it, and what I did hear was really quite soothing, so if our current administration wants to put a windfarm near my home, I'm all for it, because I'm easily amused like that!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Mmm Beer, Brats and Polkas!

We went to Hofbauhaus today in the South Side.

OMG good food, good beer, and just plain fun.

I have realized that after a few beers, especially good ones, accordion music aka polkas start to get your head bobbing and your feet dancing. Now I understand. You have to be drunk to like polka! Or be an old lady in polyester pants...likely white!

The food is fabulous and you must get the combo appetizer platter if you go because the fried sauerkraut balls are to die for.

We shared a combo platter for dinner too with Brats and Schweinsbraten with fried cabbage and mashed potatoes.

Good good eats.