Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Wednesday What-Ifs and other Random Thoughts

Ok to start the day's blogging out, here are some rather odd yet amusing questions from the people of Wednesday What-If. Try not to expect any serious answers, cos these What-if questions are freaky this week.

1. What if you were offered the chance to travel back in time to stop yourself from doing something really stupid that you now regret having done?

I would so be on that. The only question is, what stupid thing am I preventing myself from doing? There are so many, I lost count years ago!

2. What if you could travel forward in time to see what the "you" of the future is like?
In a way I'd like to. To see if I'm still as cranky and bitter in the future as I am now. It would be great to have the knowledge that perhaps somethings worked out for the better in my life. On the other hand it could be just the opposite and I wouldn't want to come back to the present knowing that things can only get worse.

3. What if you could travel back in time to change one world event?
Oh send me to D.C. so I can stop Monica Lewinsky! Oh the trials and tribulations that we all could have been spared had she kept her big mouth shut. (oh I made a joke) Stop it Girl and for Godsake take the dress to the cleaners!!!

4. What if you could choose to relive a single day in your life over and over again, as much or as little as you want -- what day would it be?
Right now I'd have to say I'd like to live Oct 19, 2002 over and over and over.... Anyone who has to ask why...doesn't know me :D

5. What if you were offered the chance to travel forward in time and see your death -- the date, time, and cause?
NO! Hell no...I don't fucking hardly think so, NO!

Mix CD Swap

Come on guys..A little over a week left to sign up. I think the rules looked rather extensive when you look at it the first time. But let me simplify this.

1. The Mix CD should be a full cd 74-80 minutes of music that you enjoy playing while driving.

2. You'll be burning approximately 3 copies of the mix and one copy for yourself, of course.

3. Artwork is optional, but tracklists are a must.

4. Jewel cases aren't necessary, but if you are going to ship them in a jewel case I recommend the slim cases.

5. Help me out and spread the word in your blogs. That we this can be a success and we all get some great new music!

6. Just email me with your contact info. email and snail mail, that way I can get the groups together.

Some Songs to Think About

Big Yellow Taxi - This is a fantastic song that I was first exposed to by the Counting Crows. I have since learned to adore the original Joni Mitchell version. It's definitely worth a listen.

As Tears Go By - Another classic song, this one written by the Stones. Can you believe that. The version I adore is done by Marianne Faithful, it was recorded in the 60's and again in 87.

I Saw Her Again - I'm trapped in the 60's and 70's today. I heard this on the radio at 8:30 and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. For those of you that don't know, it's by the Mamas and the Papas

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

This N That

Welcome to another fun filled, rainy Tuesday in the life of the music whore. The music whore would like to get some sleep one night, but her plans for an early bed are always thwarted by something or another. Anyway, enough of my bitchin, even though it's fun. Here is this week's This N That. I can't promise you that it will be exciting or thought provoking, but hey it passed the time.

1. Lying down on the couch, or stretching out on a recliner?
Lying down on the couch. I tend to get more comfy when I can get into the fetal position, and that's just not possible on a recliner.
2. Going barefoot or wearing soft slippers?
Barefoot of course, I so hate wearing shoes of any kind when I don't have to.
3. Eating ice cream, or pizza?
Pizza...I love pizza...all kinds of pizza but especially the red top pizza they make at this little shop in my town. Yummy. Now you've made me hungry!
4. Watching on TV...a classic movie or a reality show?
Classic movie. I'd rather have bamboo shoots rammed up my fingernails than watch reality tv. I don't understand America's obsession with idiocy.
5. Wearing: blue jeans or sweat pants?
If I were wearing either of those it would be jeans. I'm not fond of either for public viewing though. Sweat pants are good for sleeping in. Nice and comfy and warm.
6. A long, soothing bubble bath or a quick, invigorating shower?
A bath, how many times do I have to tell you guys...I like baths...Oh the aggravation!
7. Furniture: leather, or something more on the fuzzy side?
He he he he someone said fuzzy! Grabs the cuffs and locks them to a chair that coordinates with them.
8. Soft, classical music, or upbeat rock & roll?
I would guess upbeat rock and roll, but something in the line of elvis costello and the attractions please.
9. Darkness or light?
Darkness of course, light is my enemy. I evaporate in the light :D
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: You get married, or otherwise begin cohabitating with a significant other. S/he moves into your place, but brings with them the UGLIEST chair you have ever seen! You really don't want this thing in your home, but SO says it is the most comfy chair s/he has ever sat in, and no way will they part with it. Do you: grin and bear it, or scheme to get rid of the montrosity somehow

No, I find a room that I dont' take company in, and put the chair in there. Everyone's happy! Wootness! Why am I married? Did I not mention my fear and loathing of the married state?

Monday, April 28, 2003

Small Monday Morning Rant

Ok, will boy that didn't notice me leaving...ever get out of my head? I mean it wasn't a totally traumatic event. It's not as if I really cared. You can't care when you don't know a person's last name. Why is this fellow creeping into my dreams? PAH..and still rejecting me in them. What kind of warped subconscious mind do I have?


And while we're onto mindless drivel, how about the Daily Double! 2 mindless questions, it seems at least one about food, to make me ponder why human life has lasted this long.

1. Do you like frappucinos or ice-cold soda better?
Soda please, I'm not a coffee girl unless it's one of those uber fattening mocha chillers at Gloria Jean's

2. Which kinds of candy do you like? Sweet, sour, or both?
Candy is candy..but the sour candy is addicting.

OK..any more food questions? God I hope not..but it's a damn better set of questions then Mashed potatoes or muddy swamp water...

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Remembering why I don't bother with that dating thing

Allow me to rant if you will. Three unsuspecting women enter the Tiki Lounge on Carson Street in Pittsburgh's South Side sometime after 5 pm yesterday. All three were hoping to have a nice amaretto sour..giggle at the bad music and ponder why there is no good music ever played in any establishment in the fair city of Pittsburgh.

Oh how things go so very wrong.

Firstly a lovely jukebox was installed at said Tiki Lounge. On this jukebox several bits of goodness by Elvis Costello, the Cure, Bauhaus, Everything but the Girl and more more I tell you. So we wasted about 4 dollars there on 10 songs, which was fine by me. I made the bar listen to just about every Costello song on the box which were these : Tart, I Don't Want to Go To Chelsea, Veronica, Oliver's Army, and Watching the Detectives.

Well low and behold these 2 guys/men come into the Tiki and make a beeline for the jukebox. Oddly as we overheard their conversation, they liked Costello and several others that we were playing. Mind you we were all singing to the Smiths and just about all the other really good eighties tunes that were playing. It seems that we had amused them.

The dark haired one (who looks suspciously like said concubine costello) buys us a round of shots (shot of the day: Red Headed Sluts) This is where it gets weird. Said men...come and sit with us. Costello look alike whose name is Bill, has decided to give us nicknames: Erin is Paige (after Betty), Apple is Bowie, and I'm Costello.

Well it seems we were destined to follow them about for a good portion of the night. No I lie..they were to hold us captive for about 5 hours. They seemed to think we needed to go to at least 3 other bars with them. We were at Kaya in the Strip District, Dee's Cafe in the South Side and Bar 11 in the South Side as well.

Long story short...we went along with them. Cos well they were paying. We only paid for those first sours when we got to the Tiki. I figured the whole night cost Bill and Ian close to 100 dollars. Hah stupid boys. Anyway, the Costello looking boy..who was 33 and with good taste in music...decides that he will latch onto me.

I'm quite pleased by he has the look of my concubine..and is funny and listens to good music. Unfortunately I can't have good luck. At midnight we hit the last stop of the evening, Bar 11. He's holding my hand...hand on my back..I'm happy...we find cute little stools to sit on in the back...

Of course as my luck would have it...said secretary that Bill had a crush on..shows up. I become the Invisible woman. I no longer exist. Funny thing is that I feel a bit hurt and bewildered by this all. It makes me wonder what's wrong with me that I can't keep anyone's attention for any amount of time.

Am I too fat? Are my clothes not right? Am I ugly...

I've decided it's all three...

I'm the bastard step child that no one will ever care about...

Nuff said..I've been rejected by better men then I lie I probably haven't...but boy am I depressed now.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

A Song to Ponder

I was making a mix cd setlist for my group. Odd topics we have over there at times. The topic was songs about Death. It's funny that this song ~ The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics wasn't the first song to crop into my head. I was in my teens when it came out, and it depressed me. It still does, but I can really appreciate the message the song is trying to convey now.

Here are the lyrics:

Living Years - Mike + the Mechanics
Every generation
Blames the one before
And all of their frustrations
Come beating on your door

I know that I'm a prisoner
To all my Father held so dear
I know that I'm a hostage
To all his hopes and fears
I just wish I could have told him in the living years

Crumpled bits of paper
Filled with imperfect thought
Stilted conversations
I'm afraid that's all we've got

You say you just don't see it
He says it's perfect sense
You just can't get agreement
In this present tense
We all talk a different language
Talking in defence

Say it loud, say it clear
You can listen as well as you hear
It's too late when we die
To admit we don't see eye to eye

So we open up a quarrel
Between the present and the past
We only sacrifice the future
It's the bitterness that lasts

So Don't yield to the fortunes
You sometimes see as fate
It may have a new perspective
On a different day
And if you don't give up, and don't give in
You may just be O.K.

Say it loud, say it clear
You can listen as well as you hear
It's too late when we die
To admit we don't see eye to eye

I wasn't there that morning
When my Father passed away
I didn't get to tell him
All the things I had to say

I think I caught his spirit
Later that same year
I'm sure I heard his echo
In my baby's new born tears
I just wish I could have told him in the living years

Say it loud, say it clear
You can listen as well as you hear
It's too late when we die
To admit we don't see eye to eye

There is no arguement large enough to keep a parent and child from talking. I'm fortunate to have the greatest parents in the world, but still this song makes me think.

Even when it's not an arguement there is so much that you never tell the people you love. I'd hate to think that my parents or my grandmother didn't know how much I love them. I realize that I'm not always a talker, preferring to hide away up here with this computer rather than have a discussion. Hmmm, this song makes me think.

It's worse when your parents are older too. I was born when both of my parents were in their forties. I was the the third of three children. All my life I've worried about what would happen if something happened to either of them. Ah, the insecurities have really crept into my life.

Friday, April 25, 2003

My CD Swap Trials and Tribulations

I'm working on the songs I want to put on the cd, and it's kinda hard. Mostly because I want this mix to be different. I also don't want to end up with a completely 80's mix of songs, because people other than myself are going to be listening to it. I want it to be different, but still reflect my taste and the music I love.

Oh the trauma.

I can warn you to expect Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Duran Duran and possibly Oingo Boingo and Erasure on this cd. I find that life is not complete without these bands. The only problem I'm having is finding more current music that I like to put on this cd. When I say current, I mean artists that haven't been around for 20 years already. Which is not to say I don't like any current music, but I do find alot of it lacking. I've kinda developed a tolerance for Anastacia and Shakira, but I don't know if I'd want to drive to them.

I think in the long run the driving music will come from the decades of the 70s and 80's with a smattering of 90's. There's a Sarah McLaughlin song I'm trying to recall that I'd like to put on the disc. I used to love her music until she became the Lilith Queen, then everything became overplayed and boring. This could get me started on my Paula Cole gripe. She actually had some good songs..but the worst one got overplayed. "Where did all the Cowboys Go?" They ran screaming after they heard this song! I loved the other song released from that album though..I Don't Want to Wait..and I liked Me too. ARGH!

I think my thought process has been peaked...I might have some ideas now. I would love to do a driving mix of Costello stuff though, cos I can think of at least 5 or more songs of his that I adore singing at the top of my lungs..Particularly Cait's harmony vocal in Crimes of Paris..

I'm mental, we've established that.

To leave Costello Lyric of the Day...complete with Cait's harmony...

~You're not the girl next-door or a girl from France
Or the cigarette-girl in the sizzle hot-pants
All the words of love seem cruel and crass
When you're tough and transparent as armoured glass
You're everywhere girl in an everyday mess
Who'll pay for the Crimes of Paris
Friday Five

Yup here it is again, another Friday Five. I'm so bored I had to answer em. I love answering mindless questions as you can tell.

1. What was the last TV show you watched?
I watched part of the Jamie Kennedy Experience last night. Not because I wanted too, but because I wanted to watch On the Spot. Damn Jamie Kennedy to hell...

2. What was the last thing you complained about and what was the problem?
Not really a problem...Since I quit working for PRC/Expanets....I haven't complained about work. Hmmm I would have to say I complain about Diana Krall...the problem? Her existence in Mr. Costello's life. Drat my concubines and their women! Oh but my real complaint..came from something I read in Yahoo news. We all know that I love Madonna, but sweet mother of God, if she isnt singing she needs to keep her trap shut. Some really dumb stuff spews forth from Madge's underused brain. Click here to understand.

3. Who was the last person you complimented and what did you say?
When you don't work with women much, this doesn't happen that often. Yesterday I told Linds that her blogskin template was nice and she shouldn't change it

4. What was the last thing you threw away?
Some random bits of paper around my room. Probably a few old cdrs that had songs on them that I don't find amusing anymore or have burned a thousand other times. Not much else..I'm such a pack rat.

5. What was the last website (besides this one) that you visited?
I was at the homepage for my Greg Proops Group on Yahoo

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Something Stolen..and other Randomness

I stole this idea from the Forgetful Elephant. This is truly a wonderful little survey thingie that made me think. I know I've answered similiar questions before, but now I can get specific.

List those special possessions that lift your spirits and make your life brighter:

~ My signed program from Elvis Costello's Cruel tour
~ The few notes I have that were sent to me by Greg Proops (what a sweetie he can be when he wants to.)
~ The autographed Erasure CD that Linda got for me from the signing in Chicago
~ My Danny Elfman photo collection
~ The psycho computer from hell
~ My cds...all 3000 or more of them
~ A very lovely picture of me and the man of my dreams
~ My concert t-shirts from the Costello show, Def Leppard and Duran Duran

Other CD Swap Info

For those of you interested. Email me by May 9th. That way everyone has time to get things in order. I'd like to get alot of people involved. This can be a fun way to discover new music or cringe happily to old music..or summat similiar. Also..if your not graphically inclined...Tracklisting is all that's needed, but if you do like to do cover art...Go for it!

Terrible Music Rant

Ok, this just dawned on me during my horribly boring day at work today. Huey Lewis had a career in music! How can that be? Why did someone sign him. More to the point, why did Nick Lowe let him produce one of his records? I mean I'm a fan of most 80's music but truly this was awful

Why has Huey (even the name is awful) pop into my mind? Well I have a radio at work, and oddly they play Huey alot! Too much in fact. This got me thinking..he had 2 big albums..Sport was the really big one...God songs like I Want a New Drug and the Power of Love make me nauseous..nevermind..Huey is horrible..

Oh and why did Elvis feel the need to write with Darryl Hall? Mind you I love the song 'The Only Flame in Town' but he might have just written with Duran Duran. Dear lord that would be a mindless song..I don't think even Elvis could make Simon's lyrics thoughtful..

Lastly..Teen Pop was more tolerable and less sleazy in the 80's. Though they picked up on the sleaze factor later. I found people like Debbie or Deborah Gibson as she is now called and Tiffany more tolerable than their current counterparts...As for NKOTB..PAH to all boy bands...though their music is infectious..and I do own some of it..I will admit that I prefer the newer counterparts of the boybands animal. I think it's because the songwriters for these wretched bands are better than they were 15 years ago. That's just my personal arrogant opinion

Enough said....Bye Bye Bye

Wednesday, April 23, 2003


The Forgetful Elephant found this at the Neurotic Fishbowl site..and I thought this might be a fun thing to do. I have a mix cd group at yahoo, but it's pretty quiet. I thought this might be a good place to drum up some attention for this project. Also..I'm including people in the UK and trade cds with alot of people..and it's not that expensive to mail from England to the US...I've actually found that sometimes Canada is more expensive..but I'm not going to exclude anyone that wants to get involved..I'm sure we can work something out.

Anyway here how it works:

I've noticed how a pervasive theme out in the blogosphere right now
is how everyone is enjoying the weather, putting down their sunroof,
windows, or convertible top, and blasting their music while they
drive. I've always loved having good driving music, so inspired by
some spring weather and Alison's CD Swap, I've decided to do one of
my own: Burn It - The Spring Edition.

The Theme:
Music that makes you want to roll down your windows/open your
sunroof/put down your convertible top and sing along at the top of
your lungs. It's spring time and I want music that makes you feel
good. It doesn't haven't to be a happy song, but it does have to be
great music to drive to.

Here's how it works:
After the signup period, people will be put into groups of 4. You
will then receive an e-mail from me telling you the names and
addresses of the people in your group. You burn 4 identical CDs. Keep
one for yourself and send the other three to the other people in your
group. You should then receive three new CDs from the other three
people in your group.

Guidlines on creating your CDs:
- Include a track listing. If someone like an artist, they might want
to buy more music by them. Let us know who it is.
- Fill up the CD as much as you can. There's 80 minutes on a blank
CD. Don't half-ass it and make a 30 minute CD.
- You should definitely use a jewel case when sending your CDs to
protect it during mailing. You can get them cheap anywhere.
- I know a lot of people are graphically inclined, so feel free to
make your CD a work of art.
- Don't be afraid to put on "cheesy" music. If you like it, others
probably will too.
- Don't be afraid to put on music that no one has ever heard before
either. Billboard or MTV may never have known this music, but you
did, so that's what counts

If you've gotten this far and you still want to sign up, send an e-
mail to me and make sure you reference the swap in the subject line.
You must include the following information:

- Your name
- Mailing address

If your interested in my mix group just click here
Wednesday What If

Again another thing I found from Pia's site. The site hasn't updated it's questions but hell I never did these so I guess they'll work. Oddly they are on that subject that I don't believe in: LOVE. So here we go, my first attempt at Wednesday What If.

1. What if you fell in love with someone who insisted that the two of you live happily ever after... on a houseboat?
I would hope that this mythological person had a lot of seasick pills. (turns green) I can see us just floating aimlessly down the Monongahela River...Uh no. I don't think so.

2. What if you could brew a potion to make anyone you want fall in love with you, but you would know it is a magical love and not true love?
OK, I have a potion that could make Elvis Costello fall helplessly in love with me, forever, and you are asking me to care that it's not true love. Have you not heard the live for the minute spontenaity theory. Or perhaps you've never heard the song "Nobody's Side" from the musical Chess.. 'Never make a promise or plan, Take a little love where you can' So the hell with true love. "C'mere Elvis, I've got a nice little drinky poo for ya!" Oh and buh bye Ms. Krall I've just unemployed you...

3. What if you could create the perfect man/woman for you to love?
Weird Science...plastic tubes and pots and pans...Sorry, I couldn't help it. Why the hell not? A combination of all my geeky concubines. The majority of Elvis' sexy persona and voice...combined with the wit and sarcasm of the divine Mr. Proops..combined with a touch of the ornery evilness of Mr. Elfman..Perfection..

"It's Alive"

4. What if your lover wanted to spend their entire life in a single town and never see the rest of the world?
Well...I would hope he liked being alone at least a week a year, cos this girl would so be taking a vacation. If he didn't, oh well, he could be replaced.

5. What if you could look into the future and see the man/woman with whom you would one day fall in love and marry -- would you leap at the chance, or leave it to be a surprise adventure?

Sure, cos I it would make me believe in love. It would also be nice to pinpoint the day when hell freezes over. Surprises are not my favorite thing either.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Some People Should Heed Their Own Advice

I wonder Mr. Costello if you can sing this song with a straight face. (Glances at the wench on his arm and coughs) I was going to just copy and paste the pertinent lyrics here, but as I reread them, I discover that they are all pertinent.

So here it goes..The song is

Episode of Blonde

I spy through the "Spirit of Curiosity"
All the scandals of each vain monstrosity
I gossip and I pry and I insinuate
If the failure is great
Then it tends to fascinate

A tornado dropped a funnel cloud with twenty tons of rain
Though she had the attention span of warm cellophane
Her lovers fell like skittles in an 10-pin bowling lane
But nothing could compare with that explosion of fame

So you jump back with alarm
Every Elvis has his Army
Every rattlesnake its charm
Can you still hear me?
Am I coming through just fine?
Your memory was buried in simple box of pine

Did her green eyes seduce you and make you get so weak?
Was there fire engine red that she left upon your cheek?
It's such a shame you had to break the heart
You could have counted on but the last thing you need is another
...Episode of blonde

Revolving like a jeweller's figure on a music box
Spangled curtain parted and a night club scene unlocks
Pinned and fixed and fastened in a follow spot
Arms thrown out to everyone, she's giving all she's got
To the last gasp of a wounded bandeon
Tiny man imploring to the ceiling fan
This stolen feeling
Amplified up through the busted speaker
Blaring, blasting, advertising, distorted beyond reason
Into the street where petty crime coats shadow panic drunkards,
Half out of the taxi cab the barker seized my elbow
He thought I was another lonely, likely pilgrim looking for St. Telmo

Repeat chorus

I tried to keep a straight face but you know it never pays
He would stare into those eyes and then vacation in her gaze
She was a cute little ruin that he pulled out of the rubble
Now they're both living in a soft soap bubble

The film producer's contemplating, entertaining suicide
The picture crumpled in his fist, his runaway child bride
The timepiece stretched across his wrist
She couldn't care less cast aside
The scent that so repelled him that he swore: "insecticide"
And there's farewell note to mother
That will conclude "Your loving Son"
"Oh, tell your other children not to do as I have done"


So an artist drags a toothbrush across the first thing that he sees
And names the painting "Christ's Last Exit into Purgatory"
Receiving secret messages from an alien intelligence
Paying off his stalker it's a legitimate expense
So paste up pictures of those shrill and hollow girls
With puckered lips
She's a trophy on your arm
A magnet for your money clip
The moral of this story is the sorry tale to say
They're pieced with links of chains so they can never run away

Oh Declan...the last thing you need..the last thing you want..Is another episode of blonde...So if you would kindly...GET RID OF THE WENCHLING!

Oh and Mr Elfman...same to ya..

As you can all see I'm having a moment of concubine madness..but oh well it's such fun...
This or That

It's that time again. This or That time. I can feel your excitement. These things are so fun to fill out in the wee hours of the morning. You know when the brain can't actually think to do anything else.

1. Yummier: Chocolate ice cream or strawberry cheesecake?
mmmm mmmm Cheesecake. I've never met a cheesecake I didn't like
2. Better to watch on TV: Movies or sports?
Movies, though I don't often watch eithher. I'm a Vh-1 addict..and BBC America for that matter. Videos and Britcoms are my weakness.
3. A better web browser: MSIE or Netscape (or tell us your own favorite!)
Internet Explorer, I haven't used Netscape in ages.
4. A better way to travel: Automobile or bus/train?
Car, I like to have control over my destiny. Which means I'm holding onto the wheel.
5. Your preferred camera: Digital or film?
Digital cameras are great. Instant gratification, you can see instantly how bad you fobarred the shot.
6. A Cooler Vehicle: Motorcycle or sports car?
Sports Car...In fact a nice black jag with Elvis Costello behind the wheel would be the preferred automobile.
7. More fun: Video games or board games?
Do I have to pick? I don't really get into either much. I'm going to go with board games, cos well..Pac Man was the only video game I could stand. oh and Tetris.
8. Sexier: A perfect body or an intelligent mind?
An intelligent mind..but when that intelligent mind has perfect body...Wootness...
9. A stinkier smell: Skunk or gasoline (petrol)?
Uh....skunk..cos it lingers...kinda like the song by the Cranberries of the same name...
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: What is more important to you: making a ton of money and being at the top of your field, or finding your soulmate and living a comfortable but not wealthy life?
I hate that question. I don't have a real field where I'd ever make a ton of money. Unless I get a novel published. In which case hell yeah, I want to make a ton of money. Soul mates don't exist..Love is a figment of overactive imaginations..and it will never happen to me.,

See, you'lve gone and made me bitter this early in the morning. That's not nice..So to make myself feel a bit better, I'll answer the Daily Double questions as well. Now you can be twice as bored.

1. How was your easter break? How did you spend your easter break?
Easter break? I had the weekend off. I spent the time with my family and my friends. I was a good girl, I went to church. I ate lotsa chocolate. All in all it was a good weekend.

2. How many hours of sleep do you get every night?
Anywhere from 5 to 8 hours. It all depends on how frisky I am the night before. I so like to stay up, but that doesn't change the fact taht I start work at 8:30 am

Now I feel better....

Monday, April 21, 2003

Daily Double

I found this little question site from Pia's blog. I thought since I had a bit of time before I went off to work I'd nab today's questions. You know how I adore surveys. So without further adieu, Monday's Daily Double

1. If you had one wish, what would it be?
This is the kind of question that makes me want to sing the old Coca Cola jingle. You know, "I'd like to teach the world to sing perfect harmony" No really I'd rather buy the world a Coke..but really I'd probably do something more selfish with my wish. I'd like to be able to wish away my mom's health problems, she has so many. If I couldn't do that, I'd wish for the traditional million dollars so that I'd never have to deal with credit card people. See pure selfishness. Have a Coke!

2. How much wood can a woodchuck chunk, if a woodchuck can chunk wood?
I don't know..I'll ask the woodchuck and get back to you on that? Do you know where I can find a woodchuck around here?

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Lack of Inspiration and too much cd burning causes madness

Truly when you find yourself on a cd burning binge you can lose the last vestiges of your sanity. Frankly when the 43 discs are burned tonight I'm doing the happy dance. Why you might ask? Well it's remarkably difficult to do much of anything when you are burning that many cds. Cos it's inevitable that you will make a few shiny silver coasters or your puter will freeze if you undertake a project, like, let's say, updating Man Out of Time... So hopefully in a few hours I'll be good to go. Wootness.

Too much Vh-1 Classic can also mess with the brain. Right now I'm watching a Manfred Mann video for the Mighty Quinn. I'm always amused by the videos from the 60s, cos they are rather...odd, especially if they aren't performance clips. To this day, my favorite truly classic video is Nancy Sinatra's These Boots video. I've also noticed they never ever ever play any Beatles videos when I watch. I think it's because I have a strong desire to see the clip of Ticket to Ride from the movie Help!

Speaking of Help! When is this movie going to get DVD release? I thought it was going to happen shortly after the release of A Hard Day's Night. Help! was truly a Ya know I just watch it to see my Georgie! (sniff) I so miss him. Mr. Harrison was my favorite Beatle. Why is it that the Beatles are half gone now, and the Rolling Stones are still alive and kicking? I might also add as ugly as they ever were.

I feel much better now that they are playing a Paul McCartney video. It's No More Lonely Nights, which was one of my favorite songs in the 80's. I was such a Beatles whore in the 80's. I might also add that Pauly looked dishy in the 80's. He may not have been making spectacular music, but he's always made good music. Sadly I'm now in the mood to find Give My Regards to Broad Street and watch it. I know it's a bad movie, but it's quite fun. It's also nice to see Linda and Ringo as well.

I've also decided that I'm going to spend the evening coming up with a few more mixes...Cos well, I've been rather lax in that area. Though right now I have the urge to turn the telly up and start singing Daydream Believer at the top of my lungs... Uh yeah, Monkee fan here. Yup Davy was my favorite..I will not hang my head in shame either. the Monkees were good tv, and well cute fun music too.

Saturday, April 19, 2003

It's a fry by day and a froze by night

Ehm, yeah, that's the song quote of the day. For some reason I find that line to be truly amusing. Something about Mr. Nick Lowe has been keeping me well amused lately.

I don't know if I should thank Elvis for this interest I've acquired in Mr. Lowe's music, or if I should simply thank Vh-1 Classic for playing his videos. I've actually seen a few on the channel now, and it definitely brings a smile to my face when I do. Something about cheesy 80's videos just makes me grin. Oh and speaking of cheesy Elvis has the market cornered on chesse when it comes to videos. Dear Lord his videos were just so...ehm...BAD! They were bad in that way that is good. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, I've strayed from my topic which is Mr. Nick Lowe. I was finally able to find a few pictures of the man. It's funny, but I look at him and I see a very kind face. A face that I'd like to know. Strange but oh well.

Here's one of the pictures that I've found

I think it's really funny that I can't find many pictures of the young Mr. Lowe. Which is quite a pretty sight.

And Speaking of pretty sights, I just found the picture of Simon and Nick of Duran Duran from the Gap Ads from a few years back. These ads really made the guys look, well, HOT! Ok, I can tell finding a good musical mix for today is going to be quite difficult. The mix of Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello and Duran Duran is kinda freaky. Not that I haven't done that before. I made a mix cds of my favorite concubines which consisted of songs by Elvis Costello, Oingo Boingo, Duran Duran and Erasure. So I guess whether or not the sounds go together is not something I care about. But anyway, I promised a picture so here it is...

Just wanted to share some photo goodness with ya before I disappear for the afternoon. Enjoy!

Friday, April 18, 2003

A new story cos I was bored today

Ok. I don't recall if I mentioned the idea I had for a new story here, or if it were at my LiveJournal. I was really bored at work today, and since I don't have access to a real computer there. I started to work on the idea. I wrote a page and I figured I could share it with you.

It's tentatatively titled "It'll Only Be a Dream"

The new house was quiet. Not a sound eminated from the ancient walls of the estate. Tasha surveryed her surroundings, wondering what was in store for her in this new dwelling. Maxwell was already in residence, though from the look of things it was hard to tell.

In the five years that she had spent with Maxwell, Tash had never known him to greet her on arrival, even when those arrivals were well after twilight. There was something strangely familiar about this new place. For the first time in many moves, she felt at peace with her surroundings and her usual feeling of loneliness was gone.

Taking the large main staircase, Tasha went off in search of Maxwell or Andrew. The hallway she found when she reached the top was probably one of the longest she had ever seen. Her eyes scanned the many portraits that lined the walls as she made her trip. Who were these strange individuals that had come before her? Stopping before one of the paintings a chill shot down her spin. A tingling of rememberence followed, but what she was remembering she did not really know.

The man in the portrait was strikingly handsome. His hair was almost black and was wavy. He was dressed entirely in black. Perched on his nose were a pair of spectacles. The portrait was so real looking that she found herself reaching out to touch it.

"Always attracted to the studious ones aren't you, my little love?"

Spinning around, Tasha found herself staring into Maxwell's clear silver eyes.
Friday Five

Wow two weeks in a row, a Friday Five worth answering. Well maybe not worth answering but worth getting a giggle out of. Cos well the answers are a trifle obvious.

1. Who is your favorite celebrity?
Did you really have to ask? I mean have I not said it a hundred zillion times,in the past 48 hours. Elvis Costello. Followed closely by Greg Proops.

2. Who is your least favorite?
Erm J. Lo...cos she's much to overexposed and way too undertalented. I don't care who she's married to. I don't find her movies amusing, and above all, her singing makes me sick! PAH!

3. Have you ever met or seen any celebrities in real life?
Is this gloating time? This question is wrong...cos I generally don't like people to spew off tons of stories about the celebrities they've met. So with no stories.. Elvis Costello, Dennis DeYoung, James Hall, Chip Esten, and Jeff Davis

4. Would you want to be famous? Why or why not?
Famous? Not really. I'm much to private to enjoy that. Semi famous yes, I'd like to be an novelist. Tack on best selling before that too. So I'd like people to know my name but not my face. Anyway who really wants to see my face?

5. If you had to trade places with a celebrity for a day, who would you choose and why? Hehehhehe Diana Krall. It's the shagging Elvis Costello factor again. For one day, oh Mr. Costello, be prepared, take everything off your schedule, cos you aren't leaving the bedroom all day!

Nothing thought provoking there...Ah well, maybe I'll come up with something more interesting later.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Reasons for Love

Ok...I was reading though everyone's entries today. I enjoy my blogroll, and I stopped at the Neurotic Fishbowl and I was really amused by the entry for the day. Enough so that I'm going to borrow it myself and have a little bit of fun with it.

Since it's about Love, I can't take it too seriously. I have yet to have a reason to believe that that little four letter word exists in a romantic sense. Anyway you might want to join the list..

The purpose of this little group is this: Every Wednesday those who are involved in a relationship with somebody share a few (simple but significant) reasons for their love. Please keep in mind that this does not have to be a romantic relationship. It can be about a parent, a sibling, a friend, a co-worker, your kid, your dog, whatever.

I love Elvis Costello

~ He's charming and witty to the fans he meets outside of concerts

~ His songwriting talents are unbelievable

~ The songs he writes alway give me cause to get emotional in some way...(I've been known to cry through This House Is Empty Now)

~ His concerts can't disappoint, he's a fantastic performer and worth the cash you spend on a ticket

~ Lastly he's one sexy sexy man...I don't care what any of you think!

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

A Musical Survey

I borrowed this from Forgetful Elephant. Who has one of the most interesting blogs I have the joy of reading.

Music: it's great isn't it?
If not for music, I would not exist

Briefly give us your music history.
Try not to laugh cos this is funny. I started out when I was five loving the Monkees which of course lead to the Beatles and a few other 60's artists. Oddly in the 80's I went for Culture Club and Wham! oh and Madonna. The progression grows stranger here. I had a metal head phase where I liked Def Leppard (still do) Poison (saw them in concert last year) Whitesnake..and a few other weird bands. By the late 80's I was going more toward pop and classic rock again, picking up Cheap Trick, Elvis Costello, XTC and Roxette. (oh and at this point I became a fan of musical theatre). By the early 90's I'd gone way back to the 80's for Oingo Boingo, Duran Duran, Erasure, Siouxsie and the Banshees and many many others. I also picked up David Bowie in the 90's and I'd like to keep him too please. I have weird taste in music..but I like alot of different things.

So which 3 bands/artists do you love the most?
Elvis Costello (number 1 for 2 years running) Oingo Boingo (their quirkyness kicks ass) Erasure (always happy music)

If you could only ever listen to 5 albums, what would they be?
That is the most evil question to ask a women with over 3000 cds. Elvis Costello-Brutal Youth and Blood and Chocolate and the double Greatest Hits (can't go without Costello) Oingo Boingo - Dark at the End of the Tunnell (hands down my favorite boingo cd) Erasure Chorus (truly beautiful album) Why did I not chose a duran album? Cos there's not one that I adore enough to listen to over and over...even the greatest compilations leave out necessary gems. :(

Most memorable gig?
Elvis Costello Oct 19th 2002 Pittsburgh Pa AJ Palumbo Center. Why cos it rocked and I met the man! Dammit why did I let him get away!

What do you listen to now that you wouldn't have listened to years ago?
Alot of New Enya, Clanaad and Basia....I hated back in the 80's Orinoco Flow used to annoy the hell out of I find it very soothing.

Hypothetical: you've just been dumped by your partner of 5 years, who you loved very much. What songs do you listen to?
Anything from Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach's Painted From Memory. Elvis Costello's I Hope You're Happy Now Abba's Winner Takes It All ...the Smiths Unhappy Birthday...and countless others

What/Who won't you listen to? Why?
Britney, Christina...and Lou Reed..(with the exception of the song I Love You Suzanne...which amuses me) They are musical anti-christs....Though Lou for the reason of being a creepy creepy man...the other two..because they SUCK!

Musician you'd most like to meet?
Can I meet Elvis again? If not Danny Elfman...both are also the musicians I'd most like to "do" over and over and over and over

Musician you'd most like to be?
Does singer count? I want to be Diana Krall so I can shag Elvis Costello see above for the correct amount of overs...

Musician you'd most like to sleep with?
Elvis Costello...Danny Elfman....Simon LeBon..

Song you wish you'd written?
Oingo Boingo "On the Outside"

Got a random lyric for us?
"While everybody's hiding under covers
Who's making lover's lane safe again for lovers?"

What's that from?
'Clowntime is Over" Elvis Costello

Doesn't David Bowie look fantastic for his age?
He's still fucking hot..I'm so jealous of Iman

Who would you want backing you up in a fight: Justin Timberlake or Eminem?
Eminem. Cos he's a bad ass...JT is a wuss..a big ole wuss

Thanks for talking. Any questions?
Where's my cookie? I think I at least deserve a cookie!

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

This or That

Yup its tax filing here's you This or That for the Day. And it's in the spirit of tax season. PAH! Excuse me oh great government of ours...I want my damn refund. NOW!

1. File taxes as early as possible, or wait until the last possible minute? This year I waited til March, but I usually do them as quickly as I can, cos I ususally need the money.
2. File electronically, or mail paper forms? Electronically of course. Thank You
3. Prepare your own taxes, or have someone do it for you? I actually do my own on the puter. Isn't that amazing considering how lazy I am most of the time.
4. Are you a saver or a spender? I'm a spender...most definitely.
5. Do you prefer to carry cash, or pay with plastic (credit/debit cards), or by check? I'm getting better at paying by cash. It's not been easy but I'm trying
6. You're broke and desperately need a job, but the only places that are hiring are retail or fast food places. Which would you pick? Retail. I've done that, it's not as bad as you thing
7. Keeping track of your money: are you more meticulous or careless about it? I can be very careless about it, but everyone gets paid
8. What do you do if you find yourself with a lot of change weighing down your purse/pocket/wallet? Do you try to spend it to *get rid of it*, or do you put it in a jar or a piggy bank?I roll my change so I can have money that's easier to spend when I need it.
9. Which form of fake money do you like better...Monopoly money or those chocolate coins covered with gold foil? Chocolate coins with gold foil..YUM!
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: You find a wallet containing $5,000 in cash, as well as several credit cards and the owner's drivers' license. Your rent is due tomorrow and you're short $200. Do you take the money (some or all of it) and mail back the wallet anonymously...or do you return the wallet with all contents intact?
There's really no question. The wallet goes back with contents intact. How could I live with myself otherwise?

Monday, April 14, 2003

Nick Lowe...Nick Lowe...Nick Lowe...

I just want to share with everyone the beauty that is Nick Lowe. The sad thing about this obsession, very few kewl websites out there in his honor. The one I've linked here hasn't been updated since...2001. That's so wrong.

I have managed to find one really pretty picture of Mr. Lowe. Let me tell you, this was not an easy task. Though anyone who knows me knows that if there is a picture to be found, I will find it. I think this one is rather pretty.

I will admit to being attracted first to the really pop sounding songs of his, Cruel to Be Kind got me started. I will admit to loving the Rose of England, his cover of Elvis Costello's Indoor Fireworks and Freezing. In the last few days I've downloaded close to 30 of his songs. I also went out and bought Basher yesterday. Though if anyone out there loves me...A copy of the boxed set the Doings will be forthcoming, that and the Convincer.

Why do I always have to like prolific artists? It's bad enough that Elvis cost me several hundred dollars in actual legitimate cds. We won't even mention what I spent on bootlegs before I started to trade them. ARGH!

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Sexy is As Sexy Does

Linds and I discussed this last night, and I've decided that since I've done a Sexy Men would be completely a shame if I neglected the women. Not sure why..but it makes sense.

5. Siouxsie Sioux: Sexy because she's a true pioneer of punk goth and new wave. She's married to Budgie the drummer in the band. Former band members include Robert Smith of the Cure, a member of Adam and the Ants..and I think maybe a Sex Pistol. Sexy because she made some kick ass music for over twenty years..

4. Winona Ryder: Sexy because she's starred in 2 of Tim Burton's best movies, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. Sexy because she was the highlight in movies such as Heathers and Dracula. (cos Keanu Reeves sucks). Sexy cos I really don't care that she shoplifted the goods at Saks.

3. Phoebe Cates: Sexy because of the man she married. My god, look it's Kevin Kline. Lucky wench! Sexy cos she starred in some of my favorite movies. Can you say Drop Dead Fred! Double Lucky Wench, she worked with Rik Mayall. Also sexy, cos I've been told I look like her.

2. Julia Fordham: Sexy for the sheer beauty of her voice. I might also add, she's one of my favorite female songwriters. I don't have many of those, so she is in the ranks. Sexy because she's not wearing her bra to attract attention. She doesn't need to. Sexy because her music is the kind that wouldn't be showcased in a club or on Lilith Fair. For me that's enough.

1. Madonna: Sexy because she just is. Sexy because you loved seeing her bra as outerwear. Sexy because even though most of her films are horrible the ones that are good are worth seeing over and over. Sexy for the longevity of her career. Sexy cos she can change her style with the drop of a hat. Sexy cos girls still want to be her. Oh and lastly sexy cos she played Eva Peron better than some of the Broadway actresses.
A Stolen Survey

I was wandering through some random blogs when I found this survey. Kudos to the Forgetful Elephant for this one.

A - Act your age? Only when absolutely necessary.
B - Born on what day of the week? I believe I was a Tuesday baby
C - Chore you hate? Dusting annoys me
D - Dad's name? Andrew
E - Essential makeup item? Lipstick..preferrably Chanel Lipstick
F - Favorite actor? Only one..ok..John Malkovich
G - Gold or silver? Silver
H - Hometown? Charleroi, PA
I - Instruments you play? None though I tried French horn for years..failed miserably too
J - Job title? Administrative Asst
K - Kids? None, not now not ever if I have any say in the matter
L - Living arrangements? Home with my folks
M - Mom's name? Emma Jane
N - Number of people you've slept with? Slept with or had sex with? either way, I'm not telling
O - Overnight hospital stays? None
P - Phobias? heights and needles the most
R - Religious affiliation? Catholic
S - Siblings? 1 brother 1 sister
T - Time you wake up? During the week 6:30 on the weekends any time after 9
U - Unique habit? Downloading music...
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? Asparagus
W- Worst habit? Cussing like a drunken fish wife
X - X-rays you've had? I think about 4 not including a plethora of teeth x-rays
Y - Yummy food you make? I can't cook to save myself. So trust me, nothing I'd cook would be yummy
Z - Zodiac Sign? Cancer

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Quiz time

Ok, this is the quiz everyone is stealing. I have this to say though. I would rather do John Cusack than be him.

Which John Cusack Are You?

The Mother and the Father of all Surveys

Sadly I've been trapped in a mix cd making binge. 2 friends have a birthday and I wanted something amusing for them, so I'm burning cds. So my original post, which should have been Man Out of Time is preempted again (much like Whose Line is it Anyway) until later this evening or tomorrow. Until then I bring you the Survey from HELL!!!! I stole this from Sam's Live Journal, and it's the longest survery I ever saw in my life..Hope I don't bore you to tears..

.:The Me Section:.
Name: Andrea Jane Guy (do I need to go over this again?)
Nicknames: Andii, Cleo, An
Birthday: July 2, 1974
How old are you then? 28
Zodiac Sign: Cancer...Malignant
What city & state do you live in: Charleroi, PA aka Hell
Marital Status: Single and not giving a shit
Siblings: 1 Brother and 1 sister both older
Names: Rudy and Debby
Ages: Rudy 49 and Debby 41
Righty or Lefty: Righty.
Piercings: Just the ears
Languages Spoken: English and Espanol un poco
Ethnic Heritage: Slovak, German and a few other things...
Most prized possession: My computer, my cd collection, my nightmare snow globes, the signed tour program from the Costello Concert, the signed copy of Other People's Song's by Erasure
Pets: 4 kitties one doggie oh and a turtle
Lucky Number: I don't think I have one
Quotes: "I don't fucking hardly think so" Greg Proops "Don't Look at my bum bum" Simon Le Bon "I love my clothes but I don't name them." Greg Proops
Worst thing you ever done: Dated someone that was otherwise spoken for
Best quality: Creativity.
Worst Quality: Obsessive...hence this blog and these surveys
Collects: Books..CDs..Nightmare Before Christmas stuff when I have the cash...
Tooth Brush color: Purple and white I think
Item you can't live without: The computer
Bestfriend: Tina has been my bestest friend since grade school. Then I would say Erin, April, Jennifer, Mary...Online friends..Brighid, Lindsey..the Ocelot crew
Do you have a job: Yes
If yes, where?  Administrative Assistant
If no, where do you wanna work?
Do you have a car: Yes
What kind of car do you own: Grand Am 94
What kind do you want: A Ford Focus..shut up I like em.

Hair Color: Dark brown with reddish highlights in the summer
Natural Hair color: same
Eye Color: Same as
Height: 5'2".
Do you wear glasses? I'm speccy yes.
Do you have braces? Not anymore
Are you tan? I'm paling myself thank you very much
What do you wanna do to your hair? Just a trifle bit darker would be nice
If you could change your eye color, what color would it be? Green

.:Relationship Stuff:.
Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? No
Do you have a crush: No.
What�s his/her name: n/a
What do you look for in a guy/girl: Intelligence, sense of humor, similar taste in music (ha!)
Do you plan on having children: Not if I can help it
Do you want to get married: Not really
How old do you wanna be when you get married: If I did get married early 30's
Would you have kids before marriage: No kids not now, not ever.
What would you name a boy: If I could name other peoples kids..I'd name a boy Declan or Ian
What would you name a girl: Angela
Are you a virgin: No.
Have you been past 1st base: Where's 1st base
How many girls have you slept with: Erm..getting personal aren't we
How many times: N/A

Music: Elvis Costello, Oingo Boingo, Elfman scores, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Erasure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Peter Murphey..alot of 80's new wave ....a few newish Matchbox twenty...when I'm in a funny mood, I kinda like Pink Sarah Brightman, Michael Crawford and Michael Ball.
Movies: Horror, musicals, comedy whatever I'm in the mood for
Actor: Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, John Malcovich, Colin Firth, Robin Williams
Actress: Winona Ryder, Catherine Zeta Jones, Goldie Hawn...Bette Midler...Glenn Close ...tee hee...Lisa Marie of Tim Burton fame..I so miss her...
Cartoon: Dexter's Laboratory
Disney Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Magazine: Q
Colors: Black, Purple...Silver
Animal: Kitties (grins...Ocelots) Dogs (especially Proopdogs) and Koalas...(mommy I wanna see the koala bears!)
Scent: Crystal, by Chanel
Flower: I love Pansies
Sports: Hockey
Hockey Team: Penguins
Baseball Team: I'd say the Pirates but I'm too ashamed...
Basketball Team: N/A.
Season: Spring
Room in your house: My computer room
Place to be: Tiki lounge or anywhere in the Southside of Pittsburgh
Radio Station: Power 104 it plays good 80's music...even heard Elvis on their..and Nick Lowe! Wootness
Stores: Dots, Best Buy, Borders, Lerner, Target, Wal Mart
CD Rom Game: Don't play games
Video Game: I used to be quite good at Pac Man
Time of Day: Nighttime
Day of the Week: Thursday (cos on the spot is on)
Month of the Year: July
Shampoo: Suave, Freesia scent
Tooth Paste Brand: Crest

.:Random Stuff:.
Are you wearing nail polish right now: No
If so, what color:
Ever stolen something: yeah when I was little
What�s in your CD Player right now: A mix cd that's playing Blister in the Sun right now
What annoys you: Stupidty
What�s the easiest way to tick you off: People who ask the same stupid questions over and over.....and over...
Person you most want to meet: I tell you I want to meet Elvis Costello again and a bedroom...Ok..if not Danny Elfman a bedroom..or Greg Proops in a bedroom...or Jeff Davis in a bedroom :D
Most influential person in your life: My mom
What or who if your biggest enemy: Diana Krall (LOL)
What would you do if you had 3 wishes:I'd Wish away the females attached to my concubines, Then they would be wished to my house. Lastly they would be wished to have a strong desire for me!
What do people label you as: Weird..I'm the Queen of Weird

.:Tell me your Preference:.
White or Black: black or white? erm...shades of grey
Strawberry or Lemon: Strawberry
Chicken or Turkey: Chicken
Red or Pink: Red
Soda or Pop: Pop....cos I'm from Pittsburgh
Spring or Fall: Fall.
Summer or Winter: Summer.
Christmas or Easter: Christmas
Valentine�s Day or St. Patrick�s Day: Saint Patty's Day, a great day to get sloshed
Tall or Short: Short
Long or Short: Huh? Oh fuck, mind's going in the gutter
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate.
Private or Public School: Public.
Religious or Spiritual: Spiritual.
Half Empty or Half Full: Shove's both
Walk or Run: Run away from here..
Drive or Walk: most likely I'm driving
Crowded or Empty: Empty.
Guys/Girls: Guys
Sleep/Stay Up: Depends on whats going on
Night/Day: Night.
Cold/Warm: Warm.
New/Old: I like old or middle aged things...Like..Elvis Costello

.:What do you think of:.
Eminem: He's there...and there...oh...and over there too...
Rap: It's getting old..and boring...wait it was always boring
Teenagers: I was one once
Life: It sucks and you die...
Bomb Threats: Are never for anyplace fun....
Murder: Depends on who's getting killed
Suicide: It's overrated...
Fear: Nothing to fear but fear itself
Abortion: There are other better forms of birth control....

.:Do you:.
Give Hugs: Only to family..hugs make me uncomfortable
Speak your Mind: When necessary
Love yourself: No
Like Scary Movies: Yeah..
Believe in Aliens: I love Aliens....
Get out of your City a lot: I'm not in a city
Play any musical Instruments: I used to play French Horn, and I kinda try keyboards

Friday, April 11, 2003

Friday Five

Finally a Friday Five that I would like to complete. The reason is simple it's a musical quiz! That's the kind of thing that brings me great joy! So here goes....

1. What was the first band you saw in concert?
This is an embarrassing question to answer. The first concert I saw was the Monkees 20th Anniversary tour. In July of 86. I was in peanut heaven of the Civic (now known as Mellon) Arena. Saw them again in October of the same year...7 rows back. I think I even have a few dark pics...It was the highlight of my young life.

2. Who is your favorite artist/band now?
I don't think you'll be able to guess that one. Tee Hee.... Yeah, it's Elvis Costello. That wasn't a hard one.

3. What's your favorite song?
Oye...there are so many that I love so I'm giving you the 2 that I adore right now; Long Journey Home by Mr. Elvis Costello and Cruel to Be Kind by Mr. Nick Lowe.

4. If you could play any instrument, what would it be?
I've always wanted to play piano. I actually do a fair job at hunt and pecking on a keyboard. I used to play french horn in grade school band, but I sucked at that.

5. If you could meet any musical icon (past or present), who would it be and why?
Fuck, I've already met Elvis Costello..he is an icon right? Can I meet him again? Please? Pretty please...Ok, if I couldn't have a go at Elvis...I'd have to say George Harrison. As much as I adore Paul McCartney, I'd love to learn more about Mr. Harrison. He was a very complex man. His talents were so often buried under the genius that was McCartney/Lennon (If Yoko won't let you do it Paul..I'll do it for ya). I was always comforted by George's music, which was simple and more often then not spiritual. I would have loved to learn more about him as a person. Finding out what made him tick would be an experience. Wherever he is now..I hope he's found the peace he inspired with his music.


All this talk about George has made me terribly sad.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

So little to blog about

I'm sorely tempted to steal One by One's idea for blogging today. Super sexy male singers and their effective pick up lines. Certainly I could steal a survey..cos Linds and Sam both have some long ones at their Live Journals...but I want something new..something different.

So to prove that I too can be just as shallow. I bring you my sexiest men and why they are sexy. I realize you are probably already guessing who they are, but fuck it..I might surprise you

5. Greg Proops: Sexy because he's intelligent, funny and annoying as all hell. He starts off by pissing you off. Then he makes you think. Then after all that, when you are ready to take him down a dark alley to beat the crap out of his sorry geeky Buddy Holly looking ass, you realize that he was right. Damn sexy smart funny bastard. Then you just want to take him to bed.

4. Paul McCartney: Sexy because he was a fucking Beatle! sexy because he's one of the richest entertainers in the world. Sexy because at 60 years old..he still looks as cuddly as when he was 20. Sexy cos he still writes the most beautiful love songs..even if they are too ugly whore wenches...I mean to Heather Mills...Sexy..cos he was married to Linda forever and ever...Sexy cos he wrote the song "Maybe I'm Amazed"

3. Alton Brown: Sexy because he's a chef. Sexy cos he's one of the few chefs that also make you laugh and learn while watching his show. Everyone should watch Good's more than just a cooking show. Sexy cos he can wear the most loud obnoxious shirts and still look dishy. Sexy..cos he can cook dinner...

2. Danny Elfman: Sexy because he's got the reddest hair in show business. Sexy cos he's one of Hollyweird's top film composers. Sexy cos his scores become a character in every film he scores. I'll site Edward Scissorhands and Black Beauty as examples. Sexy cos he's got a shrunken head named Uncle Billy. Sexy cos he was in a band called Oingo Boingo...Sexy cos he wore wife beaters and suspenders and looked good.

1. Elvis Costello: Did you doubt this? Sexy because he's one of the best songwriters of the past 30 years. Sexy because he wrote songs with Paul McCartney. Sexy because he's a charming witty fellow. Sexy cos he's a smart ass. Sexy because the song "I Want You" is sexier than anything anyone has ever written. Sexy because when he sings that you want to strip naked lay on your back and yell "Fuck me now" erm...I think I got carried away...He's just dead sexy...that's it...

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

My Hate List

This list is brought to you from One by One, who inspired me this morning as I was doing my a.m. surfing. Where she may have some renewed faith in humanity, I do not, so I'll just start my list right now.

~ I will not bore you by listing all the women I hate...but will just state this fact. All the women who are dating, engaged and or married to any of my concubines can go to blazes. I don't have to mention any names do I? I didn't think so... I will say there are some concubine wives that I do like...Iman is one...Linda McCartney was another...Now that new McCartney wife....I won't even go there..I'll just mumble that Paul should start thinking with his brain again....

~ Really bad vampire romance novels, where the vampire feels compelled to be mortal again. Immortality and you want to throw it all away for some simpering female...ARGH...Aggravating. I think that's what annoyed me slightly about Forever Knight, Nick's constant quest for the last episode just made me so mad.

~ DSL Networking....ARGH to the exponential power....My computer is the only one that has the connection so far. Let's just say this is causing many life issues in my home.

~ Reality Shows...All of them. I don't understand America's obsession with stupidity. It's not as if there's really any reality to these shows..Why is everyone alway rich and beautiful too on these Bachelor and Bachelorette shows? Worse yet..American Idol..where truly obnoxious performers can make our lives hell for an entire season!

~ Comedy Central, for airing Whose Line is it Anyway when I can't ever watch it. Thanks guys..put the only show I like on at 9am and Wednesday at 2am. While I'm at it..thanks for cancelling VS before I could ever see one freaking episode...but keeping the fucking Man Show in the regular line up.

~ Lou Reed...not just because I think he's the antichrist..but because I was subjected to TwoPlay Tuesday yesterday..and I watched the video for I Love You Suzanne..(fucking video was cute) and now I have to download that stupid Lou Reed song...ARGH!

~Potholes..Ok, if they were holes my car and I could live with them, but these things I encounter are craters. People could get lost in these things..

~CD Shopping...If you want something that's not brand spanking new you have to special order it or get it online. Either way, so much for instant gratification. I want Individually Twisted and I want it now. All this for a song called Doncha Go Way Mad...essentially all for the love of Elvis...and just slightly for my love of Debbie Harry.

~Divas...I know know I mentioned this in a survey a few days ago, but I have to elaborate further on this. Why, cos this years diva puke fest is going to be in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand..which means the digusting diva of the year...Yup you guessed it.. Celine Dion. Is it not bad enough that she did that god awful My Heart Will Go On song...but now she's doing Chrysler commericals while killing the Roy Orbison song "I Drove All Night" which was covered much better by a real diva "Cyndi Lauper" I want male divas..and I don't mean boy bands...Get me Elvis Costello...Get me Simon Le Bon..Get me Bono...


~ Stupid record companys that won't sign my babies. So that you don't think that I don't like anything. I'm going to leave you with a thing of loveliness. The band that pales only when put next to my divine Elvis. Duran Duran

This just in:

One last thing I hate..

~ web sites like WireImage..and Rex Features..with pictures of my pookies that I can't save for my viewing pleasure. I haven't decided which site is more worthy of complete and total loathing..Right now they are neck and neck. Rex Features has 5 pictures of Mr. Costello that are beyond THUD! and both have pictures of Danny that deserve to be enlarged and drooled on..

PAH...I hate all of this

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

More Mindless Surveys for Your Reading Enjoyment

01. What's your favorite breakfast cereal? Chex any kind really...
02. What's the first thing you do upon waking? Stumble to the computer ..
03. Coffee or orange juice? Neither...Coca Cola
04. Stop to smell the roses or rush to work/school? I kinda do a mixture of both at times..really depends on how I wake up
05. What is your morning bathroom routine? Wash hair and and play on the computer...
07. Toast or Pop-Tart? Neither..blah...english muffin or bagel thank you
08. Sex in the morning or at night? Sex with Elvis Costello is good anytime of the day or night..(not that I'd freaking know)
09. Do you have normal sleeping habits? I would say so..
10. How many hours of sleep you average? 6-8
11. Do you get on the Internet before work/school? Yes
12. Do you change your underwear regularly? Yes
13. Sing in the shower? No, but I read in the tub
14. Flex in the mirror? what the hell am I flexing? No I don't want to know
15. Butter or margarine? Parkay! LoL I had to do it

01. What's your favorite fast food place? Taco Hell..I mean Taco Bell
02. Take out, drive thru, or eat in? Eat in
03. Bring your lunch or eat from a vending machine? Bring lunch.
04. Eat in a group or alone? Alone....
05. Would you like fries with that? Yes...and with cheese and or gravy..
06. Gossip? Depends on what the gossip is about
07. Do you brush your teeth after every meal? No.
08. Chew Trident? I hate gum, it's useless
09. Are you eating anything right now? NO..but lindsey should be..and it should have more then 10 she doesn't waste away...
10. Ever had, how you say, a nooner? erm no
11. Favorite TV dinner? I love all those Bowl thingies..doesn't matter who makes em...
12. Favorite candy bar? Kit Kat
13. Favorite chewing gum? I hate gum
14. Does loud chewing bother you? Yes...
15. Do you talk with your mouth full? No...

01. What is your favorite sleeping position? wrapped around my pillow
02. Do you dream in color or black and white? most often color
03. Do you sleep alone? Yes
04. Have you ever been in a bar? Yes...Tiki Lounge rocks..well except on Saturday night when the music sucks ass
05. How about a gay bar? no
06. Do you drink? Yes.
07. Do you drink and drive? No.
08. How about drugs, do you do those? No
09. Do you carry condoms? Why? Did I not say I slept alone? Do you not listen to what I'm saying? Can you not read?
10. Tell me a recent dream: I dreamt I was at an Elvis Costello concert with my mum...a very intimate show..and Elvis was making eyes at me...(then I fucking woke up)
11. Kiss and tell? No

This or That

Ok, it's This or That Tuesday, are you prepared for a mindless survey early in the morning? I didn't think so, but oh well...the story post will come later...

Who is:

1. Sexier (female)...Pamela Anderson or Jennifer Garner? Neither..bimbos both
2. Sexier (male)...Ben Affleck or Matt Damon? Too Preppy..but I'd pick Matt Damon..I want nothing to do with anyone shagging J. Lo
3. The better piano player...Billy Joel or Elton John? Elton John
4. Funnier...David Letterman or Craig Kilborn? Craig Kilborn..could be that he is sexier...but who cares..
5. The dumber cartoon cat...Stimpy (of *Ren & Stimpy*) or Tom (of *Tom & Jerry*)? Stimpy..most definitely Stimpy
6. A better news anchor...Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather? Dan Rather
7. A better TV chef...Emeril Lagasse or Jacques Pepin? Emeril Lagasse..cos he kicks it up another notch...
8. The trashier talk show host...Maury Povich or Jerry Springer? Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! so much white little tv time.
9. The worse fast food burger joint...McDonald's or Burger King? Burger King...I mean..those stripes on your burger were there before they cooked em..
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: Only a handful of U.S. Presidents have been considered to be *great* Of the following two, which one do you consider to be greater...Franklin D. Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln? Why?
I find this one to be hard to answer. Both men were great in the period of time that they were in power. So I couldn't really make a decision. But I will say this...Slavery ended because of Abe Lincoln...though it took almost 100 years before we had anything remotely resembling EQUAL your guess is as good as mine.

Monday, April 07, 2003

Survey Thievery Strikes Again

This survery was stolen by Katy..who stole it from Linds...who stole it from someone else...and since Katy said I would steal it..I couldn't disappoint her. So here it is...from Katy's LiveJournal to my Blog...the Monday Survey Klepto!

:x: name = Andrea Jane Guy (you know that though)
:x: piercings = In the usual place
:x: tattoos = None I don't do pain
:x: height = 5'3 ish
:x: shoe size = Eight or eight and a half...
:x: hair color = Brown.
:x: length = chin length twenties bob..
:x: siblings = a brother and a want em?

:x: movie you rented = Spiderman...and I didn't really watch it
:x: movie you bought = Oye...I can't remember I think it might have been From Hell
:x: song you listened to = "All This Useless Beauty"
:x: song that was stuck in your head = Video Killed the Radio Star...damn song was on the radio at work
:x: cd you bought = Fire at Keaton's Bar and Grill
:x: cd you listened to = My Concubines Mix
:x: person you've called = Mom
:x: person that's called you = Erin or Tina
:x: tv show you've watched = I watched part of Faulty Towers
:x: person you were thinking of = Jennifer

:x: you have a bf or gf = no
:x: you have a crush on someone = no
:x: you wish you could live somewhere else = sometimes
:x: you think about suicide = no
:x: you believe in online dating = not really
:x: others find you attractive = Excuse me...while I laugh hysterically..
:x: you want more piercings = I have enough holes in my head..I don't need any more
:x: you drink = Yes..on a social basis
:x: you do drugs = no
:x: you smoke = no
:x: you like cleaning= no not really but I do it occassionally so family members don't get lost
:x: you like roller coasters = Some, but I'm finding the longer I stay away from amusement parks the more squeamish I become on the rides
:x: you write in cursive or print = Mostly Print..that way you can read it
:x: you carry a donor card = No

:x: long distance relationships = Whatever works
:x: using someone = Oh come on's bad..but it can be oh so fun..if you get what you want.
:x: suicide = Against.
:x: killing people = Who are we killing?
:x: teenage smoking = Not my lungs
:x: premarital sex = Why the hell not
:x: driving drunk = Against
:x: gay/lesbian relationships = For
:x: soap operas = Only bizarre twisted ones like Passions and the British soap Eastenders

:x: food = Ghnocci
:x: song = It's still Elvis Costello - Long Journey Home
:x: thing to do = write
:x: thing to talk about = Elvis Costello
:x: sports = hockey
:x: drinks = Coke and Amaretto Sours
:x: clothes = stuff from Dots
:x: movies = Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, Chocolat, What Dreams May Come, As Good As It Gets, Chicago
:x: band/singer = Elvis Costello (could you not guess that?)
:x: holiday = Christmas
:x: cars = I want a Ford Focus

:x: ever cried over a guy = yes
:x: ever lied to someone = yes haven't we all
:x: ever been in a fist fight = No
:x: ever been arrested = No

:x: shampoo do you use = Suave
:x: perfume do you use = Crystal or Coco Chanel
:x: shoes do you wear = Anything clunky
:x:you are scared of = Needles..failure...this survey

:x: of times I have been in love? = Love doesn't exist...
:x: of times I have had my heart broken? = Never broken..damaged yes..
:x: of hearts I have broken? = none to my knowledge
:x: of girls I have kissed? = none
:x: of boys I have kissed? = 6 or so....
:x: of girls I've slept with? = nebby people aren't you
:x: of boys I've slept with? = I'm not telling
:x: of continents I have lived in? = Just good ole North America
:x: of drugs taken illegally? = none
:x: of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = 4
:x: of people I consider my enemies? = 2
:x: of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? at least 4 times
:x: of scars on my body? = 1
:x: of things in my past that I regret? = too many to count

:x: disney movie = Beauty and the Beast
:x: scent = Crystal
:x: word = plethora
:x: nickname(s) = Andii
:x: guy name = Declan
:x: girl name = Angela
:x: eye color = brown
:x: flower = pansy
:x: piercing = ears only
:x: actor = Johnny Depp or John Malkovich
:x: actress = Winona Ryder

:x: pretty = Pardon me..I'll be laughing hysterically again
:x: funny = When I want to be
:x: hot = I don't fucking hardly think so..(why is this the one time I don't want to use that line)
:x: friendly = I can be
:x: amusing = When I want to be
:x: ugly = Probably....I'd like to think I'm beauty challenged
:x: lovable = Most likely not
:x: pessimistic = Yeh verily
:x: optimistic = hardly ever
:x: caring = depends on who you are
:x: sweet = ? I think not
:x: dorky = sadly...yes

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Stolen Survey Goodness

I kleptod this survey from Katy's website. She's very good for having really nice and long surveys for me to occupy my time with. Why is it that filling out surveys is so damn fun? Why is it that Elvis Costello is so freaking gorgeous...Ok..that's off track, but never you's survey time

What Is your favorite word: Plethora
What is your least favorite word: Morning
What turns you on: Elvis Costello
What turns you off: drunken men
What sound do you love: Elvis Costello
What sound do you hate: wailing female singers
What is your favorite curse word: fuck
What profession would you like: novelist
If Heaven exists what would you like God to say at the Pearly Gates: Hello, can I come in, PLEASE!
Three Things That Scare Me:
1. Insects (they make me scream and shout)
2. Needles
3. Chris Kattan
Three Things That Make Me Laugh:
1.Greg Proops (before he began obsessing on certain topics)
2. Robin Williams
3. Jeff Davis (tres yummy too)
Three Things I Love:
1. Elvis Costello
2. Vh-1 Classic
3. Writing
Three Things I Hate:
1. damn vh-1 divas (except cher and elton john)
2. Diana Krall (not her music mind you..just certain aspects of her life)
3. W.
Three Things I Don't Understand:
1. W.
2. Men in general
3. Love
Three Things On My Desk:
1. turtle lamp
2. my degree
3. a teddy bear
Three Things I'm Doing Right Now:
1. Typing the answers to this survery
2. Pondering how dumb this question is
3. Listening to a lovely version of All this Useless Beauty
Three Facts About Me:
1. I love to write
2. Music is my passion
3. I'm a closet computer geek
Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Elvis Costello
2. Go to England and Quebec
3. Have a novel published
Three Things I Can Do:
1. Write
2. Drive
3. Make people laugh
Three Things I Can't do:
1. sing
2. dance (well I can but not well)
3. whistle
Three Things You Should Never Listen To:
1. Celine Dion (my ears)
2. Whitney Houston
3. Britney and Christina (ok that's four..but I could go on and on)
Three Things I say the most:
1.I don't fucking hardly think so
2. dar dar
3. Are we having fun yet?
Four Things You Would Eat On Your Last Day:
1. Tiramisu
2. ghnocci
3. Italian margarita
4. chocolate covered Elvis Costello (yum)
Four Artists You'll Never Get Tired Of:
1. Would you believe Elvis Costello? Nah I didn't think you would
2. Oingo Boingo
3. Duran Duran
4. Erasure
Four Things Wou'd Like To Learn
1. to be fluent in espanol
2. to use all the microsoft office programs
3. more accounting (shoot me please)
4. to stop shooting off my mouth almighty
Four Beverages You Drink Frequently:
1. Coke
2. Amaretto Sour
3. Margarita
4. Orange Juice
Four Shows You Watched As A Kid:
1. Facts of Life
2. Mr. Rogers
3. the Monkees
4. You can't do that on Television
Four Places To Visit in my city
1. South Side (I'm using Pittsburgh as there is nowhere to visit in the tiny town I live in)
2. Carnegie Museum
3. The Science Center
4. the Warhol Museum
Four Things To Do When Your Bored
1. Write
2. Watch Vh-1 classic
3. play on the net
4. Read

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Things that happen when you are way bored

As you can see my blog has been redecorated for spring. Are you not totally freaking happy for me. I'm trying to get the pictures to upload, but that's not looking like it's going to happen for a bit.

Anyway I was hoping this would make reading the story a bit easier as the font is bigger. It doesn't seem quite as cluttered either. I'm sure you will all tell me how much you hate it, but oh well. Everyone else has pretty templates...I began to suffer from template envy.

I'll tweek it somemore tonight when I get home, but I'm off to terrorize the city of Pittsburgh for the day. Be afraid be very afraid. I'm prepared to buy a little black dress...and I may even put my contacts in.

Quake and tremble in fear...

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Let's play Klepto a Survey

This survey was stolen from the LiveJournal of Linds...who stole it from someone else's LiveJournal or Blog..or summat...

things you are wearing right now*'
- My geeky specs
- Puppy dog sleepy shirt
- 2 gold rings
- undies....
- a grin

5 things you ate in the last 24 hours*'
- chicken and brocchili pizzia
- triscuit crackers
- scrambled eggs
- hash brown
- Starlite Mints

5 things you did so far today*'
- worked (kinda sorta)
- updated my Live Journal and the blog
- went to the bank
- did some reading...a bizarre historical romance whose title escapes me...
- IM'd a few people...(namely Kristin and Squirt)

5 things you can hear right now*'
- the telly downstairs
- the computer running
- the keys of the keyboard clicking
- me yawning
- my computer making funny bleep and bloop noises..oh and the someone coming online on AIM

5 things you do when your bored*'
- Write
- drive my cats crazy
- read anything that's laying around
- make mix cds
- watch Vh-1 Classic

5 places to go in your area*'
- Southside
- The Waterfront
- The Strip District
- Round Hill Park (cos I like to pet the animals :D )
- Bud Murphy's

5 people that never fail to cheer you up*'
- Erin
- Tina
- Lindsey
- April
- Brighid..(You can stop laughing now Brighid..I mean it..if you don't you'll hurt yourself)

4 things you can't live without*'
- Elvis Costello
- music
- my pillow
- good books

6 things you love*'
- Greg Proops...
- Elvis Costello (did I not mention him already?)
- Primanti Bros sandwiches
- vampire stuff
- my stupid puters

4 of your favorite movies*'
- Chocolat
- Chicago
- Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
- Dangerous Liasions

3 favorite foods*'
- steamed dumplings
- ghnocchi
- tiramisu

5 favorite songs*'
- "Long Journey Home" Elvis Costello
- "Weird Nightmare" Elvis Costello and the Mingus Orchestra
- "Tell it to me" Erasure
- "Thank You" Duran Duran (it won't leave my head now)
- "Try to Believe" Oingo Boingo

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Paying for the Crimes of Paris

I'm so sick of doing that. Let Paris pay for their own crimes I say! I'm sick of being an everyday girl in an everyday mess! Though one thing for sure..I'm not tough and transparent as armored glass...

Ok, yes I was listening to Blood and Chocolate and yes...Crimes of Paris is one of my fav songs from that record. I couldn't help the pun. It was inevitable. I think my lack of dsl is helping to pay for the crimes of Paris though. I still don't have my connection, which means I can't work on my story. I'm so not amused.

The only thing this lack of using my HP is good for...Making Mix CDS...I've posted a few more mixes at the Art of the Mix and of course at the Certifiable Wenches Mix CD Group. A girls gotta have something to do, right?

Oh...and yesterday on Vh-1 Classic..I saw a video for Led Zep's Thank You. I was flabbergasted. I have only heard the version Duran Duran did up until this point. Duran Duran, covered that song WELL! Very well actually. I'm proud of them! I wasnt' fond of much of that album. Their cover of Watching the Detectives makes me cringe. At first I liked it. I actually liked it better than Elvis' version. What was I thinking? I guess it was the frame of mind I was in. I was in a Duran mood...from 92-98...Elvis didn't take over til about 2001 again.

I go through listening spurts with my music. Though most everything makes it's way back to the cd player after awhile. Oddly after making a few of the mix cds for Squirt, I've been itching to listen to Duran Duran..and Paul McCartney. I put Hey Jude...and Mistress and Maid on one of her cds..I'm in a Pauly kind of mood.

I also found a good radio station! Wootness...104. something or other. It's a Connellsvile station, and it plays Classicish rock..I heard Elvis Costello's Veronica...Adam Ant's Goody Two Shoes....Madonna...Holiday...among others. I can tolerate listening to the radio. How about that? It's a freaking miracle! Oh and yesterday Abba's Take a Chance on Me was on!!

I'm so easily amused...

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

This or That

Yes it's another week of This or That! Aren't you so damn happy? So without further adieu...

1. The Bogey-Man or Henry Kissinger?
The Bogey-Man of course....especially if he's any relation to Mr. Oogie Boogie
2. Whips 'n chains or soft ropes with furbound cuffs?
soft ropes..and it's FUZZY CUFFS, dammit! Gotta have the fuzzy cuffs!
3. Fish sticks or hate fish sticks
4. Whitewall tires or color TV?
Color tv...especially if it's playing digital cable
5. Leather or lace?
Lace..cos leather is really tacky unless you weight 2 lbs
6. Abraham Lincoln or leftover turkey?
Leftover turkey..yum
7. Movable Type or Star Trek?
Cpt..the engines are gonna blow...I guess that means Star Trek
8. Happy Happy Joy Joy or Bounce Bounce Bounce like Tigger?
Happy Happy Joy Joy...gotta love Ren and Stimpy
9. The Michelin Man or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man?
the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man...tres yummy over an open fire...
10. Thought-Provoking Question of the Week: If you HAD to marry one of the talking M&M's in the TV commercials, would it be the red one or the yellow one? Why? Tell me again why I'm marrying a candy? I'll take the Red one..cos I like red better...but geeze that's just a creepy question.