Sunday, February 29, 2004

Sunday Brunch

I feel bad I missed this one from last week. It's so appropriate to my life. So without further ado Sunday Brunch.

The Concert Circuit

1. How far would you or have you travelled to see a concert?
Well Youngstown, OH is the farthest I've travelled for a concert. Which is about 90 miles give or take a few. If the Moody Blues don't come to Pittsburgh this year, I may find myself in Atlantic City or Easton, PA. Which would be the farthest I've gone for any band. So Moodies, please just come to the Burgh. Why? Cos gas prices are supposed to skyrocket this summer, and I'm always the designated driver.

2. What is the best concert you've seen?
It's a tie; The Moody Blues 11/16/03 and Elvis Costello 10/19/02. The two best shows ever. Words couldn't begin to describe how fantastic these two show were. I will say this, two songs that you'll come to love even more live; Costello's I Want You and The Moody Blues Don't Need A Reindeer. Ah hell, you have to love Don't Need A Reindeer regardless.

3. What is the worst concert you've seen?
Worst? Oh dear, not sure if any of them were worst. I'd change this to disappointing, to which this would be David Bowie's Outside concert I saw in was it 95. Not for a shoddy performance or anything like that, but because his setlist was made up of all the songs from the then new Outside CD and when he played Pittsburgh, the album wasn't released yet. Very disappointing, especially since the only two old songs he did were Scary Monsters and Andy Warhol. Plus NIN was the opening act and the losers there to see them, left before Bowie came on. What a bunch of wankers.

4. Have you met a performer after a concert?
Yes, I met Elvis Costello after the show in Pittsburgh in '02. There's a picture around here somewhere. I've met a few before the show too, but that wasn't the question.

There now, all my readers will perish from seeing my ugliness.

5. What singer would you like to meet most?
Meet as in get a hug from and possibly get in a picture with them? Is that what this question is asking?

I'd like to have more than 5 seconds with this man

That would be Justin Hayward, in case you've forgotten.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Sad Songs Say So Much

I've been working on the artwork for this mix for about an hour. I am now a photoshop goddess. I'm very very proud of the artwork I've done for this mix. I just learned how to do the stitching on my program today. My friend, Erin did the stitching on the Life Mixed Up art.

So for those of you that want to see the tracklist for this mix and the spectacular art, click here. Once you get there, you can view all my other mixes and art. Though the only complete art is for the last two mixes I've done.

As always, if you like a mix, just ask, and I'm sure we can arrange a trade or something. I love sharing the music.
Well I Turned the Telly On Today

I thought, this would be a nice morning to let Vh-1 Classic soothe my savage beastie. Apparently not. It's obviously play every god awful cheesy bad band day. God, I just was subjected to 80's Starship. With the exception of Knee Deep In the Hoopla, Starship lost their edge years before. The 80's sound just didn't seem right on this bunch, plus Grace Slick wasn't doing much singing. So it was awful.

Then there was REO Speedwagon. Oh god, stop the insanity.

But that's not it. I'm being subjected to ELO now.

GAH! Could I get some 80's music that's good please, or better yet some classic rock that's good.

Nevermind, Sweet Jane is on, and I'm finding the Velvet Underground to be a relief. Something is seriously wrong with me. Cos I generally think Lou Reed is the anti-Christ, but this is one of 3 or 4 songs of his that I really like. At least that made up for the rest.

And while I'm on the subject of cheesy 80's music, I had another weird dream last night. I was talking to MoodyMistress about Justin Hayward's I'm Sorry, a song written by Hall and Oates. So guess who popped up in my dream?

If you're thinking Justin Hayward, well you're wrong.

I had a dream with John Oates!

GAH! Not even the cute one.

Creepy isn't it?

Makes the odd music that's tormenting me seem fitting. When Hall and Oates comes on I'll probably go nuts and run screaming from the room.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Why I'm Just Sick And Tired Of It

ARGH! As you can tell by the last post, yesterday evening pretty much sucked. Computer was blue screen of deathing. What fun that is! My spelling skills went out the window on the cd artwork I was doing and I had to go through and make changes at least 3 times so that the darn thing looks pretty. And for who? Me! and MoodyMistress. Sadly, she may have some typos on her art, cos I'm short on ink and money right now. Forgive me won't ya?

Not only that, but this stupid story I'm working on; I'm really fed up with it. I'm also fed up with asking people general questions about it and not getting answers either, or then getting long drawn out ones on something that I'm not asking about.

1. I know the story needs work.
2. I hate the story. Hate it hate it hate it!
3. If you don't like romance why did you offer to help? Oh and then desert me as far as helping for well over 3 months.

GAH! I'm bitching. Overreacting and generally being cranky.

Plus the only music I listened to yesterday were 2 Duran Duran bootlegs very early in the day. Have I mentioned the music whore needs music to survive? But everything was going so wrong and so badly that I didn't bother to turn anything on, and if I turned something on, on the computer, I'd likely have gotten the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!

I would now like to pretend yesterday didn't happen, except that I'm still seething over it.

I'm going to take a few deep breaths and think about Lodgey now

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Life Mixed Up

Well since my night is officially shot in the ass, I figured I'd post the links to the thing that made my night shot in the ass!
The Life Soundtrack mix is the bane of my existence, no I lie, Man Out of Time is, but that's a rant for another day.

Both discs are burned and the tracks are changed on disc two as I mentioned before. I have to say I wish my life had some of the scenes that are depicted in this mix. I'm glad I didn't add any or it would have gone to 3 discs, and I'd have lost the remaining 2 nerves that I have.

So I beg of you, go here and here to see the mixes with their artwork.

I'm very proud of the artwork. I did most of it on my PhotoStudio program and my friend Erin put them together on PhotoShop for me. For that, I'm eternally grateful.
Tackling The List

Well, I'm actually working on number 2 of the list. Man Out of Time is last, simply because that takes up so much time. I never realized how long it takes to write 5 pages. Sometimes it can take only a few hours, other times all day. So I'd rather do the something that is going to guzzle up the most of my time last. Makes sense right?

Oh and I've hopefully found a replacement track for Legend of the Mind on the Life Soundtrack Mix. I'll be using Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds instead. I send my apologies out to Ray Thomas of the Moody Blues and I promise him that I'll use one of his songs on another mix! Geeze and I love the Core 7 version of that song too. Ray's flute is just gorgeous. He's just a flautist in a rock n roll band anyway! (pun intended, of course)

I probably need to take an hour or two and go through the stuff I'm supposed to be sending out to people soon too. So Cheryl, Moody Mistress, and LOD, I promise you some Moody goodness sometime soon.

On a plus note maybe the CD list won't be such a hard thing to tackle! Ha! I'm still stressing out over the Harrison box set that's on sale for 84 bucks over at CD Universe. It's 125 when it's not on sale. GAH! George is trying to kill me! Then there are the two Justin Hayward discs out next Tuesday. I think I can only get one. Here's the issue. Songwriter has the bonus tracks that are worthy of buying the disc. Guess who doesn't like that disc very much? Yup me. Night Flight has 2 crap bonus tracks buy my copy of the disc is in shoddy shape. So decisions decisions.

Aren't you glad I don't worry about the state of the universe? I worry about my cd collection. If the house were going up in flames I'd probably have to perish because of the sheer agony I'd feel losing any of my precious babies.

Oh and the SAD mix is nearly complete. I just need to come up with artwork. I'll post the link to the page with the setlist and art for that and the Life mix shortly.
Lists And More Lists

I'm starting the too do lists before the weekend, because there's really just so much to do that it's ridiculous. Sad isn't it? All because I suck at managing my own time. I can manage time at work just fine, once I get home I become lazy and well, anything distracts me. (like mahjong)

So what's on the agena.

1. Need to spend some quality time with my novel. Only wrote 2 pages yesterday, totally unacceptable.
2. Have 4 cds to burn for a trade that need to be mailed on Saturday.
3. Need to finish off the Life Soundtrack mix which is now called Life Mixed Up. Art is done for disc 1 disc 2 is giving me issues. I need to change one track to get all the cues to fit. Fuqua!
4. I have 4 people I need to send prezzies too. Which means more cd burning this weekend. GAH this should have been done last week!

That's just the start of it. I propably should make a wish list on paper of the CDs I want, so that I don't get distracted in Best Buy etc. when shopping. Can I just say there are way too many CDs that I want?

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Greg Proops' New Website

Cross posted to Wenches. Why? Cos it's so damn fantastic I have to share with everyone.

He's actually blogging, but it's his offical site. Call him cheap, call him anything you'd like, but my Pookie may finally have a site that has better updates.

His old site,, which I won't bother to link to, was crap and ugly and will go the way of all things at the end of the month. Joy of joys! Worst website I ever saw. Greg could have done better on a Geocities site builder webpage.

So ya his blog is plain, and ya every one of you html goddesses that I know can do better, but it's a helluva lot nicer than that pitiful page he had before.

Yay Greg!
Freaky Dreams

Just one last random thing before I head off to quasi-worky land. I had a bizarre dream last night that only my friends Erin and April would appreciate. But I'm telling the world cos it was so strange.

I had a real weird snogging dream last night.

Yes, I know, you say, thank you for sharing.

But was I snogging Justin Hayward? NO!

Was I snogging John Lodge? NO!

Elvis Costello? Hell No!

Who was I snogging? Captain Sensible from the Damned!

ARGH!!!! And it was in my house too. Couldn't even take me somewhere nice, cheap bloke. Did write some poetry. HAHAHA! A real dream that was! Oh and he picked on the vast pile of romance novels in my room. Oh and I picked on him for Happy Talk, so I guess we're even, except he made money on Happy Talk.

I'm traumatized now.
A Few Random Thoughts

~ I really love the Proclaimers. Such a cheesy band, but there songs always seem to stick in my head for forever! I blame Brian for reminding me of this, because Get Ready was on Vol 2 of his Soundtrack mix. Love it! Great fun!

~ I'm only 3 chapters away from finishing Man Out of Time. I'm wondering if the title still makes sense now that we've come so far. I wonder if I've wasted my time. I wonder if I've wasted my readers time.

~ The Life Soundtrack Mix is too fun. As long as you don't put uber long songs on it, it's 2 discs long. Everyone is doing it! Who's going to be next? And who wants to swap with me?

~ I need to figure out how to do the fancy artwork covers for back art. Oddly I'm a wiz at somethings in photoshop (whistles quietly) but at other things I'm a dunce. Anyone want to help me out here?

~ You know your a Costello junkie when you spot his picture in a picture with another one of your manwhores. MoodyMistress is officially hooked on Costello having found a picture of him on a cd single in a picture of Justin Hayward and Ray Thomas of the Moody Blues at Tower Records.

~ My nephew asked for a copy of Duran Duran's Electric Barbarella. I'm not sure if I should be happy or scared.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

That SAD Mix

I'm going to burn the Life Soundtrack mix tonight possibly. Depending on the artwork. I need to have the artwork when I make a mix. That way I can focus on the new theme. I had a few months of very little mix making, now I'm on a roll. Plus Miss Tay had a bunch of theme posted at her blog, so I might try some of those out too.

I have half of the tracks done for the SAD mix. I keep trying to throw a few different artists on my mixes. I hate to feel like I'm desperately trying to force some bands down your throats. But I have this to say, you can't make a melancholy mix without the Moody Blues. So they are on here. Sadly the song I chose was one I already used, so I might rethink my original choice. I hate overexposing certain songs. I'm sure many people hope to never hear the song Eloise by the Damned ever again.

Be glad that I haven't found an excuse to put the Moody Blues' Top Rank Suite on anything yet. It's such a funky song for the Moodies and oddly enough, Justin sings it. Rock on mighty Blonde God! I bow to your infinite talent. Sing it in concert please!!!!!

I think I have made the tracks flow nicely it's a bit on the ambient side with an acoustic twist here and there. I'll be posting the complete mix as soon as I get things sorted out with the Life Soundtrack Mix.
Who Ordered the Snow?

We were doing quite well without it for the past few weeks. Just a little flurry here and there. Apparently it heard I was helping "The Bossman" out again, so it decided to fubar things, as usual.

It's not even that it's bad, it's just that I'm doing work out of his home, until we can move the office back either later this week or early next, and his house is up a big gravelly road that gets slippery really easy. There can be next to nothing anywhere and his road would be evil.

I'm really thinking it's time for this winter to be over. It's not been a good one; not weatherwise not lifewise. I want to start over again with the spring. So please snow, could you just stop?

Monday, February 23, 2004

Life Soundtrack

This was quite a challenge. I have all the songs picked out now. I was in the process of doing another mix, so this one was put on the back burner for a few days. Oh and I'm going to do the SAD mix, as a swap between friends. I'll post the mix when I finish it. I'm swapping with Brian, but if anyone else wants to swap, feel free to comment or email etc, cos I'm boycotting the Burn It Swap.

But onto the task at hand....THE MIX

opening credits: Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly
waking up scene: The Beatles - I'll Follow the Sun
happy driving to school with best friend scene: Def Leppard - Promises
dancing around house in underwear scene: Duran Duran - Electric Barbarella
first date scene: The Bangles - Eternal Flame
driving at night with crush scene: Madonna - Causing a Commotion
post fight with friend scene: Oingo Boingo - Where Do All My Friends Go?
youthful flashback scene: The Monkees - Daydream Believer
running around falling in love scene (day): Elton John - Are You Ready For Love
midnight rooftop dancing scene: Bob Mould - It's Too Late
dream scene: Annie Haslam - Lily Lullaby
playing at the park in day scene: Manfred Mann - The Mighty Quinn
quiet driving with friends at night scene: XTC - Cynical Days
looking cool scene: David Bowie - Miracle Goodnight
falling in love scene (night): Maroon 5 - Harder to Breathe
sweet make out scene: Depeche Mode - A Question of Lust
hanging out with friends scene: The Damned - Street of Dreams
hectic searching beat-the-clock scene: Paul McCartney - Looking for Changes
dance party scene: Duran Duran - Sunrise
sexy make out scene: Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Inch by Inch
tripping on drugs scene: The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever
lying down after intense scene: Roxy Music - Avalon
driving alone at night scene: Justin Hayward - The Way of the World
love scene: The Monkees - French Song
early morning tranquil scene: The Monkees - Early Morning Blues and Greens
heartbreak scene: Erasure - Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me
walking alone reflecting scene: Pink Floyd - On the Turning Away
summer day scene: Roxette - June Afternoon
regretful flashback scene: Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams
driving with best friend scene: Suzanne Vega - Left of Center
funeral scene: Warren Zevon - Keep Me In Your Heart
nostalgic scene: Enigma - Return to Innocence
crying scene: Annie Lennox - Cold
mental breakdown scene: Matchbox Twenty - Unwell
bitter, angry scene: Elvis Costello - I Hope You're Happy Now
declaring independance scene: This is the Moment (Jekyll and Hyde Soundtrack)
far from home Scene: Glass Tiger - Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone
driving at sunrise scene: John Lodge - Summer Breeze
space travel scene: David Bowie - Halo Spaceboy
closing credits: Davy Jones - I Can Make You Happy

I haven't tried burning it yet, may do so this weekend. I'm trying to get spifier with artwork and stuff, I'll post a link to the Art of Mix page it can be found on when it's 100% complete. Until then, I'm going to work on the SAD Mix.
Monday Monday

I should do an meme or something to liven this place up a bit, but maybe later. This is the second day that I'm going to be doing some kind of work during the day. Its about fricken time you say. Well I say it too. I know its made me one cranky wenchling these past few months. Crankier than my usual self.

Supposedly we are to do an office move in a week or two and then things will return to normal again, or as close to normal as they can be with the guy I work for. I will say one thing for my job, there's never a dull moment.

I'm thinking regardless of that today's not going to be a good day at all. Not for work reasons, my job isn't designed to have bad days or very stressful days, just freaky ones. This is more on a family front.

Mom went to the heart doctor last Wednesday. They have her scheduled for an echocardiogram today. I probably didn't spell that correctly, but oh well, such is life. I'm not ready to deal with bad news on that front, but I'm pretty sure that's what we're going to get. When she was at the doctors a month ago to check on her pacemaker, they said she'd been having atrial attacks. Great!

So for those of you that care, and even for those of you that don't, say a prayer or something for my mum. I'll be at work going nuts until she's home.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Something to Giggle At

What to post what to post. This means the giggling must be done over the random thoughts of the Music Whore today.

~ Still loving those smileys, particularly the ones that make you think of people you know or encounter in day to day life.
Like this one

Don't you hate the people that you know that think everyone should do that to them, for whatever reason.

Again to those people I say . You have to talk in smileys to these people sometimes, cos their language is the only one they seem to understand. The smiley guy and his freinds are obviously on a higher plane then most of us. (or maybe it's a lower plane)

~ This always makes me giggle:

~ Ok, so this does too. I love the comics and it's so great to find new ones that are fun to read. After you finish that one, use the drop done bar and read Get Fuzzy and Rose is Rose. I'm eternally greatful to Stormy for introducing me to those.

~ Speaking of Odd and Funny things. What about This would be the guy that does the freaky Quiznos commericals and the kittens on Vh-1. I saw one of his cartoons a year or so ago on his site. Tales from the Blode. Those are hilarious and worth watching. Not as good as my pal Foamy, but funny nonetheless.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

The Saturday Slant

You. Fame. Live television. Uncensored.
Britney's 55-hour marriage. The Britney-Christina-Madonna kiss. Justin's exposition of Janet's breast. Today's celebrities are turning noteriety into notoriousness, celebrity into shock value. Imagine yourself a celebrity. You are known by all and the frequent target of papparazzi cameras. You are about to appear on live television on an undelayed broadcast. You have the opportunity and means to distinguish yourself from the flock of Glamoratti parading across the television in a never-ending blur of one pretty face and perfect body after another. Here is your opportunity. What do you do with it?

I actually think the way to distinguish ones self might not be through shock value, though the idea is sure fun. What have the flock of untalented celebrities left for anyone else to do. Face it, Madonna had done it all. (probably literally too) Britney is just glamorized white trash, as is her nemesis, Christina. I don't find their antics to be any more shocking then what I see as I walk done the street. Someday both of them will have 6 illegitimate children and they'll be disguisting pigs. As for Ms Jackson, she was just trying to draw the attention away from that freak of a brother of hers.

So for shock value, what could I come up with?

It's an awards ceremony perhaps? I'm dressed in similar garb to Madonna's when she did Vogue on the VMA's. Yup full on screaming historical fashion. I will accept my award graciously, but as I start to thank all the people that made my award possible, a few manwhores slip from beneath my skirt, all wearing shit eating grins. Hmmm can you guess which ones?

I wonder, being as short as I am, if I could fit someone say 6'1 underneath the hoops. I guess if he was on his knees he'd fit. ~grins evilly~

Friday, February 20, 2004

Songs in the Key of She

I did a mix of songs that all had girls names in the title. The mix and the artwork can be found here.

I had a lot of fun with this one. It took quite a bit of time to fill the CD, because I had to find songs that I liked and I was trying to keep this mix original. I think if you click the link you'll find some different bands on this mix. Some of my tried and true favorites are on here, though. (Oddly I didn't put the Moody Blues' Emily's Song on the mix...BE PROUD!)

I only post the image I used as the background art there for a couple of reasons.

1. I use Easy CD Creator and I only decorate a front cover most of the time.

2. I haven't figured out how to do art in PhotoPro yet. (Someday I'll learn)

I'm going to tackle the Life Soundtrack Mix next.
Expect the Unexpected

I'd like to say something splendiferous occurred last night to make me strangely absent today, but well that would not be the case. Though it was completely unexpected and out of the blue. My boss called. You know the boss that has been MIA now for 5 weeks as I approach the end to my UE. Yeah that one.

So maybe today I'll find out what's going on in my life. It would be nice to know, because I've had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for about a month now when it comes to work.

To make matters more torturous for me, this is the month of reissues. Next Tuesday the George Harrison box comes out. That has all the reissues from his Dark Horse label together. Quite a bit of money for that, but if you buy them all together it's cheaper. Then there are those two Justin Hayward reissues. Let's not even go there.

Speaking of Justin, I don't ever ever want to see pictures of him with his daughter Doremi again. Nope not ever. Saw some, and it frightened me terribly. Not because she's unattractive, but because the way they were posing was just plain creepy. My stomach can't take that. I'd rather look at the wife. I'd rather have bamboo shoots rammed up my fingernails.

On that nauseating note, I'm going to think pretty thoughts and try to sort out the mess I call a life.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Thanx and stuff

~ Firstly I have to say a huge thank you to Coffeequeen for the gorgeous template!!

~ Secondly I'd like to thank Brian for the really cool movie mix. Here's hoping that his got there as well.

~ Speaking of thanking people for mixes. Miss Tay sent me some really great mixes. The Lovely Sounds Mix is still in my cd player!!

~ On the Kewl Happy News Front, Duran Duran got a lifetime acheivement award at the Brits.

Looks like Mr. Timberlake was looking for a wardrobe malfuction with Simon and JT. (The real JT mind you) Oh and a special note to that other JT....These are the people who's clothes we'd be happy to see off.

~ More Kewl Happy News, someone leaked some potential Moody Blues Tour Dates for Spring/Summer. All are tentative, but there was a mention of Pittsburgh. Fingers crossed for that. It's mostly Central and Eastern US. Take that all you West Coasters! Oh, and my one little giggle note, the Tower Theatre in Philly wasn't on the list. (giggles hysterically)

~ There's Justice in the Music Business News, Norah Jones' sophomore effort sold 1 million copies in its first week, proof that there is talent out there. (Which she got from her father, Ravi Shanker)

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

And Now For a Few Random Thoughts

~ Some of you may have noticed that there are a few changes here and there on the blog. Yup, that can mean only one thing, NEW TEMPLATE COMING! courtesy of coffeequeen. She's done a beautiful job and I can't wait to share it with you.

~Every time I go to make a mix cd there is always one song that I thought I had on the hard drive that isn't really there. I try to keep my hard drive clean, but sometimes it's just best to keep the mp3's on the computer.

~Miss Tay has suggested that maybe there should be a community for mix cd swaps. I think it's a great idea! I also think that rather than having to send out 3 - 4 discs (some to people that aren't sending you one), you should have a mix partner for that swap. That way you only have to worry about burning 1 disc, and the cost isn't as high as if you were burning for many partners.

~ I don't think I've mentioned here, but I'm going to see David Bowie on May 17th. Our seats are incredibly close. 3 rows back, but first row side. So Squee!

~Justin Hayward updated his website. Another one of those dog looks to my man, Justiny Poo. He talked about all sorts of things in his update, one being the reissue of 2 of his solo albums, Songwriter and Night Flight. Both that were supposed to be reissued next week. He assured us they would be out by March. (cough, cough...holding up progress are we now) Guess he decided to go over the liner notes and art with a fine tooth comb, to avoid any hassle.

~Guzzlefish is evil. I know I've said that before, but if you submit a title, it takes forever for them to post it. I'm still waiting on several titles I had to submit because they weren't listed on the site. And I still don't have half of my collection listed because of this.

~Having a huge blow up with a parent or friend is hell on the creativity. Fought with my mum over the Bowie show yesterday. (Too long to go into) Needless to say, I got zippo writing done. Will remedy that today, I hope.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Wisdom of Writers

Found this on In Other Words and it made me think. (which is sadly hard to do these days) The best words of wisdom always seem to come from writers, so when I speak you should listen!! (hahaha)

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or perhaps, loved in spite of ourselves.
-- - Victor Hugo

I like this quote. I think this is what people are looking for and perhaps why we can never acheive the supreme happiness, because it's so difficult to find one person that will accept you and still love you for all your faults and flaws.

So if asked, is this statement true, I would say yes. There are very few people out there that don't equate love with happiness. Girls are taught early on by their mothers that life is not complete unless you have a significant other. (a fact I find hilarious in this enlightened time)

I think that the last part of the quote is what keeps people from reaching that happiness. Isn't it so true that people put stipulations on what would make them happy? If only this would happen, I would be happy. Or when this happens I'll be happy. If this would change or this person would change I would be happy. I guess that's why supreme happiness might be unobtainable for most. Would the divorce rate be so high if people actually loved their partners in spite of the other person's faults of flaws.

And isn't it true that the most confident people are the ones that have the most support by their loved ones. So their confidence and happiness comes from knowing that the people that matter love them and care about their choices.

Perhaps its these lucky people that know that family members are usually the only people that love unconditionally. And isn't that what this is really about. Unconditional love = Supreme Happiness.

So my guess is if you can feel the love that a mother and father feel for their children to the person in your life, maybe you'll acheive this happiness. Or perhaps I'm just talking to be heard.

Monday, February 16, 2004

I'm going MIA today or maybe just AWOL

Or possibly just some other freaky letter combinations. Why? I was struggling through Man Out of Time last night, working to get some new pages ready, and the computer crashed, taking all the new stuff with it. My computer is evil. So I'm going to be hiding today, working diligently to get more than 5 pages written, because since January I've not done well at updating the story. I did more in the 2 weeks before Christmas than I've written ever. 80 pages nearly in 2 weeks. I've done 95 pages now in 2 months. I feel ashamed of myself.

I don't know if it's that the story was directing itself then, and there were still ways to go in where I could direct the characters or if I'm just burning out. Anyway I'm going to do better today if I have to shut down all the browsers on my computer and simply stare at the document.

After I've accomplished something useful, I'm going to treat myself to a new mix theme, that I found on a Live Journal community yesterday. It was a Life Soundtrack Mix. It's going to take awhile to come up with but here are the sequences so that everyone can work on their own Life Soundtrack.

opening credits:
waking up scene:
happy driving to school with best friend scene:
dancing around house in underwear scene:
first date scene:
driving at night with crush scene:
post fight with friend scene:
youthful flashback scene:
running around falling in love scene (day):
midnight rooftop dancing scene:
dream scene:
playing at the park in day scene:
quiet driving with friends at night scene:
looking cool scene:
falling in love scene (night):
sweet make out scene:
hanging out with friends scene:
hectic searching beat-the-clock scene:
dance party scene:
sexy make out scene:
tripping on drugs scene:
lying down after intense scene:
driving alone at night scene:
love scene:
early morning tranquil scene:
heartbreak scene:
walking alone reflecting scene:
summer day scene:
regretful flashback scene:
driving with best friend scene:
funeral scene:
nostalgic scene:
crying scene:
mental breakdown scene:
bitter, angry scene:
declaring independance scene:
far from home Scene:
driving at sunrise scene:
space travel scene:
closing credits:

I bet Miss Tay is going to love this one...Have fun with it...and well I'm going to work on the story now.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

It's That Time Again

Kymberlie is hosting her seasonal Burn It - CD Swap. I'm really hesitant to sign up this time. Mostly because there's always at least one person that doesn't send out the disc. But hey, it's only a few bucks and I get to torture someone with my creepy taste in music, so in a way, it's kinda good.

So that part I can almost handle, it's just the one stipulation that was added last swap that kind of irks me. Everyone that signs up for this, has to send Kymberlie a mix as well, to keep track of who's sending the mixes and who isn't. Oh yeah, the more people that sign up, the more music, for who? Yeah, I had to gripe. It just seems to me to be unfair, when we're still not sure if any controls are placed on the people that sign up for these.

I was lucky in the Summer edition to have some great CD Swap partners as well as in an off shoot burn done a few months later, called the Quintessential Burn. Some great music was shared both times. I've also gained some great blogger friends that way! I enjoy making mixes, as most of you can tell. It's one of my guilty pleasures in life. I hate to feel taken advantage of though, even if it is over a few dollars. (And yes, I'll likely sign up for this, and yes, everyone that's in my group will get a cd from me, and I'll very grudgingly send Kymberlie hers as well) But I will keep thinking, if 33 people sign up for the Burn-It, that means someone is getting quite a nice chunk of new music, and it isn't me.

I feel bad for griping about this, because I love doing this, but it does leave me feeling taken advantage of.

It Was Just a Cover

My favorite video came on the telly this morning. OK, one of my favorites. I have lots, and yes I know I should step away from the tv, but when it's below the freezing point I find it extremely hard to concentrate on much of anything. Nope not been a lot of concentrating going on here lately.

Well, back to the video at hand, George Harrison's Got My Mind Set On You. This was pretty much Harrison's last hit single from the Cloud 9 record way back in 87. I used to faithfully watch Mtv to see this video that was in regular rotation. Can you believe that? A single released by an artist that wasn't fresh and new being played in regular rotation. Well hold onto your hats kidlets, Mtv used to have a Classic rock hour where they'd play videos by The Beatles, The Doors, The Stones...and yup you guessed it, The Moody Blues. I blame Mtv for my not getting into the Moody Blues sooner. Why? They always played Nights in White Satin on that Classic Mtv show.

Why is this bad? Have you seen that video? Have you seen Justin's hair?

~hides behind the sofa~

But really, there was something special about Got My Mind Set On You. It wasn't even a Harrison song. It was a song written by Rudy Clark back in the 50's. It was a comeback for Harrison who hadn't recorded much since Gone Troppo, around 1982. (which btw is quite a fun and funny album, worth listening to)

It was a song that had a lot of appeal, plus the video was quite cute. It made people stand up and take notice of him again. The world should have done that long before this, when he was recording on a far more regular basis.

He followed up this album, by forming the supergroup, the Traveling Wilburys. The Wilburys' were an impressive line up of artists, which besides Harrison, included, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne. (Ok, Jeff Lynne isn't impressive, but the rest are)

It's funny how some of the biggest hits for some artists are covers. Sadly if you are really into 80's music you won't know George Harrison for classics like My Sweet Lord or even his touching tribute to Lennon, All Those Years Ago, you'll remember this little cover song, that brought him back into the spotlight.

I think this photo sums up the fun and the essence of George Harrison. For some reason, I'm missing his prescence in music more today than usual.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Sharing the Love

OK...doing the Saturday 8 as a late thing this Valentine's Day. I found it very amusing.

saturday-8 :: calling all romantics

1. give us your thoughts on valentine's day ... over-hyped, commercial holiday, or a nice day to share with a 'sweetie?'
Valentine's Day is a good combination of all three. I think it can be a wonderful day to show someone you love that you care, but do you really need a day designated for it? If your single and without a significant other, it's a depressing day and likely you'll see it as over-hyped and commerical. If you have someone, well you'll want to do something with that person. Myself, I see it as a day that causes as much stress as Christmas, and I'm quite glad I'm the most unlovable female on the planet, and will never have to worry about "him" not buying me a present or dumping me right before the holiday.

2. do you have a valentine this year? if so, who is it? if not, who would your perfect valentine be?
Being unlovable I don't have a Valentine...but as for the perfect Valentine...well it's not a hard guess right?

3. this year, my secretary and i do not have valentines, so we're going to get dinner and go hang out at a gay bar together. a friend of mine tsk'd and said, "oh, lonely hearts club, huh?" that offended me, because we're not lonely ... we just don't have a MAN, plus we have each other to hang out with! do you feel sorry for people who do not have a valentine today?
No, not really. No reason too. Some people are single because they want to be. In this enlightened age, having a man or woman in your life is not necessary to fulfillment. I think there are a lot of people out there that have the belief that you can't have a good life without being married, and that's why there are so many failed marriages. Some people aren't meant to cohabitate and be married.

4. my stbx-husband is coming over today to do the things around the house he promised to. he also called to ask if he could bring me lunch. guilt is a WONDERFUL motivator! tell us about something romantic you did because you felt guilty.
Sad to say I can add nothing to this question. I don't believe in guilt.

5. do you have any plans for valentine's day? if you don't, tell us about your perfect valentine's day fantasy.
My plans as I said before were eating chocolate and Chinese food. As for my perfect Valentine's Day fantasy...hmmm...let's just say it involves the man pictured earlier in this post, the rest you don't need to know.

6. i'm going out to the mall today (after i get my chores done, of course), and shopping for a red dress or a red corset-type bustier to wear out tonight. tell us about the hottest vday outfit you can think of for a man/woman (your choice!). and 'birthday suit' doesn't count, people! ;)
I don't know...John Lodge in his leather pants is a quite a sight. Come to think of it Justin Hayward in his leather pants is also quite a sight. So I think you know what my answer is now, right?

7. my friend invited me to TWO weddings today. my friend has her 11th wedding anniversary today. do you think it's a good idea or a bad idea to get married or propose on such a day?
Well, it's kind of trite, but hey, no one will forget your anniversary!

8. there is a lot of debate and discussion about same-sex marriages. san francisco recently married a lesbian couple who have been together for FIFTY-ONE YEARS. do you think that gays and lesbians should be able to share their love and marry just like heteros? be as safe or as controversial in your answer as you like ... this question isn't supposed to bring you flames on your site. i'd just like to know what other bloggers think!
Love actually, is everywhere. Fifty one years is quite an acheivement for anyone and shows an enduring love. I don't see how it could be wrong. Love transcends sex, race and age. Find it where you can!

Happy Valentine's Day

In celebration of the holiday that doesn't have any meaning for me what am I going to do? I'm going to eat some chocolate and have some Chinese food. Then after I do that, I'll probably listen to some sappy music and watch videos.

I will bask in the love of my friends...both at home and online...cos I lurve you guys!!

Though if I would chance to run into any of my celebrity boyfriends/concubines/manwhores, I would have to give them a big Valentine's day .

So watch out, Justin, John and Elvis....I'll be looking for you!!

To the rest of you...Happy Valentine's Day...hope your day is filled with all the sweetness of a big box of Godiva Chocolates. Oh and be careful you don't get one of these in your heart.

Friday, February 13, 2004

It's the Daily Dirt

I've never played this meme before, but since Moody Mistress did, I figured I'd give it a shot.

Daily Dirt

Name a song which�
1. describes how you're feeling right now.
Nowhere Man - The Beatles And I've been sitting in my nowhere land making all my nowhere plans for nobody.

2. tells your lifestory.
On the Outside - Oingo Boingo, it doesn't get any more dead on than this song.

3. enables you to work/study/think better.
You know, that's the one thing music can't do for me. If I like it too much I want to sing along, thus breaking concentration and if I don't like it, it just makes me aggravated, producing the same results. This is the one time silence is needed.

4. makes you wanna kill yourself/someone (other than the artist).
I don't know everytime I hear Celine Dion I want to kill someone...everyone...and Celine too. Same goes for Beyonce and other prefab pop stars.

5. you wanna hear while making sweet lovin'.
Anything by the Cocteau Twins really. Very nice soothing, romantic stuff. Delerium too.

Happy Birthday to Monkee Peter Tork

The seldom heard on record, Monkee Peter Tork turns 62 today.

Go listen to Your Auntie Grizelda in his honor.

Happy Friday the 13th

I've decided today's actually going to be a pretty good day. I turned on Vh-1 Classic this morning and they played Oingo Boingo's Weird Science. I haven't seen that video in ages!! Which was nice, ok it was really nice, and they followed it up with English Beat's Save it for Later. Good way to start the day.

Speaking of which, have you ever had some strange fandoms where liking the band was kinda like this?

Only the devil isn't an artist but a fan that needs some serious help?

Apparently at some point in time, something strange happened to them, perhaps this:

Of course it could also be that they weren't sufficiently medicated.

It could also be other problems, like drinking. That doesn't usually mix well with meds.

Tsk Tsk...

To these people I say . OK, maybe that's too harsh. After all, there would be no one to mock then. Countless hours of amusement would then be gone.

But since it's Friday the 13th I'll be nice. After all this is a great day for the superstitious and the not so superstitious.

The superstitious will be scared of their shadows today, or even small things, like this, while the rest of the world does this, .

No wait they do that tomorrow. That is if they haven't broken up by then, cos after all tomorrow's Valentine's Day and today even though it's Friday the 13th and that should really be far more important, it's also, break up with your insignificant other day, because you were to damn cheap to buy a gift.

So enjoy the better kinda holiday. Don't step on cracks. Watch out for strange men wearing masks. Perhaps maybe watch a good horror movie. My pick? Well I like cheesy horror movies, so I'd go for Blood for Dracula or Flesh for Frankenstein. Sure they are more Halloween type movies, but how many times can we watch the bazillion Friday the 13th films? No don't answer that.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Midday Ramblings

~For those of you that don't know, I have another blog that I write on. I kinda amused myself with today's post, so I figured I'd plug the site over here, so as some of you might go and have a look

Click the button!

~I've come up with another idea for a mix cd. Yup, out of the blue inspiration has struck. I tried awhile ago to do a mix for each decade, called Decade of Song. It wasn't the easiest task. Why? The 60's! ARGH! There are very few songs in that decade that were longer than 3 minutes. Bless the Moody Blues for helping to pioneer songs that don't ever end aloing with the Beatles of course.

So rather than trying to redo those mixes, which I don't think are quite perfect yet, I came up with the idea of the Songs of Yesterday mix.

This mix will probably be comprised of 2 discs. One for the 60's and 70's and another for the 80's and 90's. Then again I may change my mind and just do 1 disc. But I thought the idea was a good one.

~The Kinks did a few really cool songs in the 80's that no one really pays much attention to. I'm talking about Come Dancing and Do It Again. Both are typical of 80's cheese pop, but The Kinks seem to do that style so well. If you haven't heard these 2 songs, I suggest you look them up, they are worth it.

~The news is treating Mtv's decision to move the videos that are of a "racy" nature to the late night time slot like this is something new and different. Uh? Excuse me, they've done this time and time again! Any of you remember Cher's video for "If I Could Turn Back Time?" Yeah, where unsuspecting viewers got to see Cher's tatooed buttocks. Far less stink was made over this than Ms. Jackson's boob.

I say big deal to the whole thing. Though I would like to see some reverse descrimination. Why are there never any half nekkid good looking men in videos? Oh how I'd love to see some "wardrobe malfunctions" by some of musical men on my concubine list.

You know like the man in the black shorts

How BMG Screws You Over and Over

I just got my monthly catalog from the BMG music service. Yay! Another month of looking at the same top forty garbage I could get in the stores for much much less. I do occasionally pick up a few discs though, cos when they have sales you can get 3 CDs for under 25 dollars. Plus some oddities pop up every now and then, so I do enjoy my membership.

But really they know how to screw you out of your last dime in many ways.

1. Have you seen what the charge for shipping? Over 2 dollars per disc! Let me tell you it doesn't cost that much for them to sent the discs in those little cardboard envelopes? This includes box sets too. No special rates on those, the same price for each disc of the box? WTF!!

2. They carry a lot of back catalog stuff but have you seen the pricing? Almost ever single disc at the record clubs is 17.98. They have all the millenium collection best ofs priced at 17.98. Talk about ripping you off. If you go to WalMart, Best Buy or hell any store, these discs are priced between 8.99 and 11.99. Talk about grasping for cash!!

3. Remember that class action lawsuit that was filed about overcharging on discs? It was a suit filed against Sony Music Entertainment. Well I got my voucher in my mailer yesterday. I'm entitled to at least one cd at 75% off of the purchase price. (which is still inflated mind you) I could also be entitled to 2 more if I knew how many regularly priced cds I bought between August 1996 - July 2002.

Allow me to just say this, "How the fuck should I know." The way they run promotions there it's difficult to know. Since my membership started in 1997, I had to buy at least 4 regular priced discs. So I'm thinking I at least deserve 2, probably 3 of the discounted discs.

I probably should explain further. The number of discs you're entitled to is based on your purchases.

1-5 discs gets you one at the discounted price
6-10 discs gets you two
11 + discs gets you three.

So basically everyone that's fulfilled their enrollment agreement gets 1 disc at 75% off. YAY! The killer thing is, you can't tell how many discs you purchased!!

I wouldn't be grumbling about this now, if I didn't have a list of cds a mile long that I want. Plus, speaking of box sets, they have a great sale this month and the Duran Duran box set, would only cost me 36 bucks!! You know the singles box that I want so badly! That's actually a beaucoup good buy. They did this because I'm pretty much SOL at buying things right now.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


It's that time of the month again...No No not that time. It's that time when there's a new Foamy episode! Hey, that happens twice a month and this girl is grateful for it!

So for those of you with a sick twisted sense of humor out there, just click the link. You won't be disappointed!

Join the card cult today...spread the plague....

David Gilmour

I'm only saying this because I was watching Vh-1 Classic way late last night. I don't know why I bother to keep the channel on, they will never play the one video I want to see. (Sitting at the Wheel) Nope...can't see that one Moody Blues video that I've never seen or for that matter the video for Elvis Costello's This Town. I've strayed from the subject though.

Yesterday was 2 for Tuesday, so you get 2 videos by the same artist all day. So long about 1 am last night they did a David Gilmour 2 for Tuesday.

Blue Light was the first video that was on. The dancers in the street reminded me a bit of the dancers in the Moody Blues video for Your Wildest Dreams. Not that its a bad thing, I've found that in the past twenty years David Gilmour sounds like a Hayward wannabe, particularly the songs from Momentary Lapse of Reason. (Learning to Fly and On the Turning Away)

But that's not really the point either. The Blue Light video was just odd. Like Pink Floyd videos are odd. (except for the two that I just mentioned) I've seen my fair share of Floyd videos. Vh-1 Classic loves Floyd. Early Floyd clips (not sure if they are actually videos..but shorts really) are truly bizarre, of course Pink Floyd's music is quite bizarre. I've never really grasped some of the songs. OK, most of the songs. Not that I don't like them, because I do, I just don't "get" them.

But Geeze David, I wish when the video for Blue Light was made, that you didn't tell the director, "Sure make it look like a Floyd video!"

I'm so confused. But I guess maybe that's the point. Or maybe I'm just supposed to be the one person watching David Gilmour like a dog with his head cocked to the side.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Dead Rock Stars Mix

I'll post artwork as soon as I find something I like. Special thanks to this site for providing me with the information to come up with a good setlist. You won't find Nirvana on this mix. Kurt Cobain is my least favorite rocker in the world, and I have to be able to listen to my mix. Sorry Kurt.

George Harrison - Stuck Inside a Cloud
Warren Zevon - Keep Me In Your Heart
Joe Strummer - Redemption Song
Queen - Fat Bottom Girls
Robert Palmer - Bad Case Of Lovin' You (Doctor Doctor)
Buddy Holly - Everyday
Dusty Springfield - Nothing Has Been Proved
John Lennon - Nobody Told Me
The Doors - Hello, I Love You
INXS - The Devil Inside
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Falco - Rock Me Amadeus
Mama's and the Papa's - California Dreamin
Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated
Roy Orbison - You Got It
Grateful Dead - Touch of Gray
Benjamin Orr - Stay the Night
Elvis Presley - A Little Less Conversation

I may add a few more depending on how much time this takes up on the disc.


Additional tracks:

Small Faces - Itchycoo Park
Jim Croce - Mr. Bojangles
Ricky Nelson - Hello, Mary Lou
Big Country - In A Big Country

and now for the artwork


I'm not one to watch any of the late night talk shows unless there's a band on that I really want to see, or an actor that's not completely obnoxious coming on. Last night was no exception. I watched Lettermen for one reason and one reason only; The Beatles.

Only it ended up being more amusing than I thought it would. Let me say one thing before I go on. I hate talk shows. I really hate them all. Especially whiny talk shows. So needless to say, I was really amazed at Dr. Phil. I've had the misfortune of watching his show a few times, simply because it was on, and I was too lazy to change the channel.

I found it very refreshing that Dr Phil laid it in on Lettermen for not marrying the mother of his child. Many times I might add. He even hinted that he might want to do an extra good job and raising his new son, because when he's ready to be out in the world, dad's probably going to need him to take care of him.

Go Dr. Phil!

That was truly evil and in such a delightful way. It gave me newfound respect for Dr. Phil and it was fun to watch Lettermen squirm; and oh did he squirm.

As for the real reason I watched the show, it was almost disappointing. I was told they were going to play the whole performance, so I was expecting to see 2 clips rather than one, but I was still excited to finally see the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. They play Best of episodes on PBS, but I've never had it on when they show the Beatles, so this was a first.

Every time they put the camera on George I got teary. Friends and family know that Harrison was one of my first crushes. It still hurts to see videos with him, knowing that he's not with us anymore.

Still, it was great fun to see the guys young (well and alive in most cases) and having great fun. I only wish I could have seen the second song, which I think was She Loves You. Yeah Yeah Yeah.

So, to one of the best bands in the world. I send my love....From Me To You. (pun intended)

Monday, February 09, 2004

Doing That Mix CD Thing

Sometimes I wonder if Tay and I are the only people that get excited about doing mixes. I had to edit my Love mix today, finding that the last song didn't fit. How odd? Which also means I have to redo my art work.


On a weird note, I was trying to find a mix today that I had made, and I randomly tossed a cdr into the stereo. What did I get? That blasted reindeer song!! ARGH!

Yeah. I had a Christmas Mix in the cd player, and once it was in there, I just couldn't take it out.

A pox on the wives of the Moody Men for recording such a beautiful album and worse still a Christmas album. It doesn't help matters that Elvis Costello's St Stephen's Day Murders is on the mix. That song is fantastic all year long.

Wow! I just can't believe I got sucked into the Christmas Mix.

Then when I gave up on that mix, I pull up my Windows Media Player and the song I've been listening to for ages is Warren Zevon's Keep Me In Your Heart. Can I just say that's one of the saddest songs I've ever listened to? It's up there with George Harrison's Stuck Inside A Cloud.

I'm tempted to do a Dead Rocker's Society Mix. That could be interesting, but it could also be depressing. I know when I was thinking about the Beatles Tribute that they did on the Grammy Awards, (That show I refused to watch) I realized that John Lennon has been dead most of my life. I was 6 years old when he died. Funny that he's touched my life so much, when he wasn't even living. Even now when I know he's not half the man I thought him to be, he's still in my mind quite often.

Maybe I will make that Dead Rockers Mix. There are so many people I can include; Robert Palmer, Warren Zevon, The Clash, George Harrison, John Lennon, Elvis Presley (there are a few songs of his I like), Dusty Springfield, Buddy Holly, the list is getting longer. That's really sad actually

Ho Hum

If the Grammy Awards had anything on them worth watching I might have done that, but as I really didn't want to listen to people whine about how sorry they were about last week's Super Boob, I opted to just read about it this morning. Oh and rather I meant one person whine about it. Yes Mr. Timberlake, you're sorry about the whole sad affair. So am I.

Whoda thunk a boob would cause an international incident?

Aren't there better things to be concerned with? God it's still a top story on My Yahoo page. Nothing else is going on in the world right now apparently.

So I read through the winners list, and grew increasingly more and more depressed, but it wasn't as though the winners weren't as predicted, it's worse than the damn Oscars. (which really if you watched the Globes you'll know who wins 95 % of the time) Gee, Beyonce won a few dozen awards...never would have guessed it. (Not a few dozen..a half dozen...OK how about this...way too many)

There was one thing I read about that really made me wish I had tuned in. Celine Dion's mic apparently didn't work for awhile during the Luther Vandross tribute. Now there's something to be proud of. I only feel for the people in the first few rows that actually heard her sing. Nah..they are only talentless artists and industry big wigs...let em suffer.

At least everyone kept their clothes on. YAY!

On a plus note some talented musicians won awards. To counteract that plus they were dead talented musicians. But I send out congrats to the heavens to Mr. Harrison and Mr. Zevon. I'll keep both of them in my heart for awhile.

On a non Grammy related note: Mr. Costello performed at the MusiCares Person of the Year thingie. My guess is Sting was the Person of the Year, since the song performed was Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. Yes, EC will sing anything. Sometimes he makes a fool of himself, but that's ok, just another reason to love him. In this case I'm hoping he was handling backing vocals though. Cos semi-regaee type Elvis scares me just a tad.

So to counteract all the crap and general unattractiveness of the Grammy crowd, (Christina Aguilera, you know who you are) I bring you Elvis Costello.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Another Pointless Survey

This random pointless survey brought to you by Sunday Brunch.


1. Cash, check or charge?
Now that I'm really trying to keep myself under control, I use my checkcard or cash. I only use a credit card when I'm in dire straits.

2. Who or what do you spend most of your money on?
Well there's no one but me to spend my money on, so that answers that question. As to the what, it varies between clothes and music. There's always something that I need on that front and I love clothes too, almost as much as music, if you can believe that.

3. How often do you shop for yourself?
I'm out an about somewhere every weekend. I don't necessarily buy stuff every weekend though, but I guess it does count as shopping.

4. One television commercial says the average American has 14 credit cards... are you average, above average or below average?
Why am I always above average in the categories that it's not good to be above average in?

5. If you could take one paycheck and just have fun with it, what would you do?
Well that depends on who's paycheck I'm having fun with. If it's mine, I'm not going to be able to do much. If it's Justin Hayward's paycheck well....Saks Fifth Avenue here I come!
To Do List Updated

I've accomplished a few of the things on the list. Wootness! I've even pondered the lyrics to Words You Say. For those of you that are going, "Who the hell did Words You Say?" I scoff. It is the Moody Blues, of course. It's a John song, and one he's obviously very attached to. The only problem with it is it's exceedingly slow. (Oh..and wait it doesn't make any sense) So far after a few more listens it makes no more sense to me than it did on Friday. Oh well, there's a question for the interviewers to ask Mr. Lodge

Other things from the too do list I've accomplished.

1. I've pondered many times, how people haven't gone completely postal on Yahoo! I think I do that on a daily basis anyway.

2. Mix setlists for 1 mix is done...just need to burn it, and the Track 5 mix...and life will be a bit more musical

3. I have done a little bit of cleaning, not as much as I'd like, but things do look a trifle neater around here

4. As for MOOT, I'm halfway to my goal, keep your fingers crossed those of you getting updates.

5. The concert cds were burned on Friday and mailed. YAY...check one thing off the list.

Oh I'll be seeing Love Actually again today at 4. Yay! Pretty men on the big screen for 1.50. Sometimes the little things make me the happiest.

As for Mahjong. Once you play it once, you can't stop. It senses your boredom and beckons. I will never be able to accomplish that one.

Sadly, went to Best Buy yesterday and bought nothing. Why? Cos Bowie tickets go on sale in a few weeks, and they are quite pricey. So at least this goal not being accomplished has a good reason, cos I can't think of many more things I'd like to spend money on besides Bowie. (and the Moody Blues)

Saturday, February 07, 2004

The Movie Soundtrack Mix

Here's my mix of songs that have appeared on movie soundtracks. I've tried to use some oddballs and some well known tracks. I wish I could have found some songs from the 70's and 60's (you know those moldy oldies...ARGH!) but I could only find a few that I really liked. (And you'll never guess who did them..yeah right)

So yeah, most of these are from the past 20 years...with one or two exceptions. As always, if you want a copy of the mix, let me know, I'm sure I can work something out. After all, how can you discover new music if you don't hear it first.

David Bowie - Underground
Elvis Costello - She
Arcadia - Playing for Keeps
Oingo Boingo - Weird Science
Madonna - Beautiful Stranger
The Moody Blues - We Can Fly
Siouxsie and the Banshees - New Skin
Erasure - Magic Moments
Robin Zander and Ann Wilson - Surrender to Me
The Beatles - Help
The Monkees - Porpoise Song
Bryan Ferry - Is Your Love Strong Enough
Paul McCartney - No More Lonely Nights
Psychedelic Furs - Pretty In Pink
OMD - If You Leave
George Harrison - Dream Away
Olivia Newton-John - Xanadu
The Devlins - Crossing the River

It was 40 years ago today

That the best band ever walked onto American soil. Beatlemania was born 40 years ago this week. Yes the fab four, the crowned princes of rock n' roll, those lads from Liverpool, or simply John, Paul, George and Ringo, the Beatles.

It's funny to thing that these 4 men had such a huge influence on the world of music. The first few albums weren't unlike many of the records of that time, but th 60's took them and changed them, and the music evolved into something bigger and better than anyone could have expected.

Who ever thought that a Februrary day could bring such mayhem and madness?

Who ever thought that 40 years later the world would still care?

Who ever thought that 40 years later two of them would be gone? One to an assassin's bullet and another to cancer?

Whoever thought that 40 years later Sting, Dave Matthews , Vince Gill and Pharrell Williams would be singing a tribute to the band?

(Dear God..that's not a tribute, that's murder...and someone should put a stop to it..before it happens)

I think there has to be a better way to pay tribute to these 4 men then by slaughtering one of their songs on national tv. Throw a party in NYC. Declare it a national holiday. Anything! Just don't let these guys sing a Beatles song.

My tribute is much simpler.

I bring you the fresh faces of the fab four as they were 40 years ago today.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Return of the Weekend To Do List

I decided that since I've done not much of anything this week, I was going to do my weekend to do list again. That way I'll be guilt tripped into accomplishing something. Not a bad idea. Who knows maybe I'll get more than one thing done. I'm limiting the list to 10 things that way I won't strain myself trying to multitask all weekend.

01. Finish burning some Moody Blues concert cds for a friend. (ha..only 2 more discs to go)
02. 15 pages of MOOT should be finished by Monday morning.
03. Ponder the lyrics to Words You Say.
04. Clean up the computer room and my bedroom. Too much junk is lingering.
05. Clean up the hard drive on the HP. Entirely too much useless garbage is lurking on this hard drive.
06. Make at least 2 mix cds and work on some tracklists for the themes that Tay came up with yesterday.
07. Stop playing Mahjong when boredom strikes. (This would be Kristin's fault)
08. See Love Actually again, cos it's finally come to the cheap theater. (Woot 1.50 for all that lovely manwhore goodness)
09. Go to Best Buy and actually buy something on my want list and not something that jumps out of the racks screaming buy me!
10. Ponder the evilness of Yahoo!

To clarify number 10 a bit, since the outbreak of the My Doom virus, Yahoo has been taking some rather obnoxious precautions to safeguard it's customers. It's put a spamblocker on the egroups and has delayed the posts of some messages. GAH! Such fun!

I think the pondering tasks will take the longest.
I Love that Old Time Rock N Roll

I was reading somewhere yesterday that an 80's station in VA changed formats and is now playing oldies.

~Looks about bewildered~

Aren't 80's tunes oldies yet? I mean, since I've been accused of not listening to much new music, I'd at least like to have my favorite era of music classified as something.

It was really nice to hear someone call the music of the 60's and 70's the moldy oldies. Yeah right! Excusei moi? OK, maybe not the 70's I believe the offending poster said the 70's were still labeled Classic Rock.


First let me say this; the 70's are not classic rock. Classic Rock is really more of a genre than a time period. Classic Rock is comprised of bands like The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Stones etc. If you want to be technical, add The Beatles and The Moody Blues to this list as well, and I don't like to think of any of these bands as moldy oldies.

Do we then classify all the great Motown artists then as moldy oldies? Is David Bowie a moldy oldy, he is from a decade now 30 years in the past? Oh wait, most of his work is from the 70's so he's Classic Rock. ARGH, I'm so confused.

Granted I love my 80's music, more than I love anything that's come out now; cos I find very little to like in the music that's being shoved down the public's throats these days, but really there's more to listen to then one decade. Expand your horizons and find out that if it weren't for the moldy oldies...some of the fantastic 80's music wouldn't have happened.

Punk is from the 70's does that make it a moldy oldy?

What about Glam? Progressive Rock? Hell I'm sure even Disco had its part in shaping the dance music of the 80's onward.

The Beatles, moldy oldies? I don't think so. And considering that the bands of the Moldy Oldy Decades are still influencing the bands today,(I know they're out there somewhere) I wouldn't want to put such a shoddy label on them.

Of course if you want to call Captain and Tennille a moldy oldy...go for it.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

BIG FISH! --- The Book ---

I'm about halfway through the novel that has now been turned into a Tim Burton film. With only about 60 pages left in this teeny tiny novel, I begin to wonder what Hollywood thinks when it buys the rights to people's novels.

Certainly I can see how the writers of the film version pieced together the stories that made up the novel. I also wonder at where they came up with the rest? They certainly added more to the story than could be found in the book, they also conviently removed parts. But such is the case with Hollywood.

I guess I'm disappointed that the movie and the book weren't more polar opposites. This wasn't a case of Tim Burton remaking and rethinking Planet of the Apes. This was more a unique telling of a very odd novel and Big Fish is just that a very odd yet entertaining novel.

If Danny Elfman and Tim Burton could do Undying Love by Ben Harrison together, it would be a Halloween hit. (That's a totally different story altogether)

I highly recommend everyone read Big Fish. For the most part, I always say, read the book after you see the movie, you'll be less disappointed. This time, I don't think it matters. The sins of omission and the additions brought on by Hollywood writers only strengthen the story and give it more life. Sure it's not 100% like the book, what film version is?

For all the differences I've seen so far, I don't think if I were the author, that I'd feel that any damage was done to the original story. What I do think, is if you are the type to pick up a book and actually read it, this is one of those instances were book and movie compliment each other. Sure you can enjoy one without the other, but together you are able to see things that either author or screenwriter missed.

I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but truly, I beg of you, go see Big Fish and go read Big Fish. You won't be disappointed.
Reissue Rants

Everyone here knows my love for David Bowie. It's a love I have had for a very long time. I read somewhere that he bought a mountain. My guess is he got the money from all the reissues he's been doing, and the anniversary editions he's put out of a few of his classic albums. Granted the packaging on these editions is gorgeous, but the price is a killer. The reissue of the Sound and Vision box took the price up 20 dollars.

I think Bowie's looking to buy another mountain. I wonder if I could interest him in a little hill, located in a rural area a bit south of Pittsburgh? Probably not, but it's good to try.

I just read that 3 of David's albums from the 90's are going to get reissued now on Columbia. Seems the rights moved to that label when he signed the new record deal. So we'll be seeing Outside, Earthling and Hours reissued soon. Mmmm Hours, my favorite Bowie album of recent years. All will have bonus tracks...of course, they need to give you a reason to buy something that you already have and that isn't out of print!!!

I'm sure they'll get released quickly too. Unlike some reissues. (cough cough...Costello) I'm still waiting for the last 5 Elvis Costello albums to get reissued by Rhino, and unlike Bowie, Mr. Costello's back catalog is out of print. A rock n' roll hall of famer, grammy nominee and his back catalog isn't completely available.

~kicks Rhino~

Hmmm wait...while I'm kicking record labels..

~c'mere Universal. I have an issue to discuss with you about a certain Mr. Hayward. (BTW it's Hayward, not Heyward or Hayword, as the man will tell you himself) A few solo albums of his, could stand to be reissued, and not just in the UK, even though I'll buy those reissues, so I can have my bonus tracks. Two words for you geniuses at Universal; Moving Mountains.

Thank you, and now I'm going to try to figure out how to pay for this onslaught of new reissues.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Blame it On Alton Brown

For those of you not in the know, Alton Brown has a blog. He also blogs fairly consistently for someone that should have a lot more to do than, erm ranting. Aptly that's what the page on his site is called that is pretty much his blog; Rants.

Apparently another fan was ranking Mr. Brown in the hierarchy of men. Hmmm, someone else has a harem of men. Always good to know. I guess the fan that ranked him, obviously ranked him lower than Orlando Bloom.

Tee Hee

Poor Alton.

Of course it got me thinking about the hierarchy of men, and where Mr. Brown fits in my list of beauteous males. I'd like him to know that he does rank in my top 20 men, oh and Orlando is nowhere near him. Actually Orlando doesn't even make my top 20. He's not old enough yet.

I mean everyone knows my top ten. Hell the world knows the top 5.

5. Simon Le Bon
4. John Lodge
3. Johnny Depp
2. Elvis Costello
1. Justin Hayward

I would say, Alton ranks in the top 10. I'd even go so far as to put him at number 7, right after Greg Proops, but if he puts on the tights that he discusses in his rant, I may bump him up a few notches. (possibly to number 5)

Oh and by the way... This is Alton..

Cheap DVDs

I just want to say, Don Juan De Marco for 5.99 is a steal. Which is why I love going through the bargain dvd bins at WalMart and Best Buy. I've found a few really awesome movies that way. (and some really cheesy ones too)

The best part about the bin at WalMart is watching people going through them. It's like a treasure hunt. I have to admit, I've never been good at hunting for treasure. I always come up with zilch. Still I have managed to find 2 or 3 movies in the "Great Find Bin" at Walmart.

Which ones?

Let's see, I found Novacaine, a little known movie that Steve Martin starred in. (Danny Elfman did the main titles and Steve Bartek did the score) I found Object of Beauty. John Malkovich is in the movie, you shouldn't have to ask anymore questions there. Oh and UHF! How could I forget UHF. Ok, don't ask, it's pretty easy, but it's one of those goofy movies I love. Oh and there's nothing wrong with Weird Al!!

~skips off humming Amish Paradise~

But really, if you ever want to waste a few minutes on some free entertainment, go to your local WalMart and stand near the bargain dvd bin. Oh the hilarity that will ensue. There have been times when I thought customers were going to dive right into the bin. (As if there was something really great in there) Or better yet, when they build the leaning tower of DVDs with their discard pile. ~ special note, the bargain dvd bin has about 10 titles in it, and a zillion copies of those 10 titles. (except for Don Juan De Marco....they only have one copy of that one) So it's like watching about 10 adults bob for apples or look for the needle (or the Depp) in the haystack. Let the hee haw hilarity ensue!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

This Just In

David Bowie is coming to Pittsburgh!!!

I would like to say this on behalf of myself and all the people with musical taste in Pittsburgh:

There is a god, and sometimes he even bestows us with lovely gifts such as Bowie visiting our very nearly bankrupt city.
I'm in a Meme Kinda Mood Again

Stolen from Tummy Monsters....cos she has the best meme's right now. (why does that sound so darn dirty?)

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Flower: Pansy
Favorite Scent: I love the smell of laundry..and freesia
Favorite Cocktail: Amaretto Sour. Can I have one now?
Favorite Wine (if any): I love a good Chardonnay or Zinfindel
Favorite Soda/Drink: Coca-cola
Favorite Food: Gnochhi
Favorite Restaurant: Pasta Too
Favorite Treat: chocolate covered pretzels
Favorite Candy: Fruit slices
Favorite Number: 7
Favorite day of the year: Uh..erm..National Give the Music Whore Presents Day is pretty nice
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Holiday: I answered that yesterday..same as the favorite day of the year.
Favorite Game (video/board): I don't play video games..really..I'll go with Tetris..cos that's one I used to play yonks ago.

Your addictions are: Music, Clothes and Books....all on obsessive levels.

If you had a whole day to yourself, alone, and you wanted to treat yourself, what would you do?: I'd burn mix cds, listen to some great music and read and read...until I fell asleep.

If you had an extra $200 that you didn't need to spend on bills or debt, what would you buy with it?: (And no "saving it", you gotta spend it) That would cover a Moody Blues concert...yup it would..or an Elvis Costello concert. Either would make me a happy girl.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Monday Madness---Meme's and Randomness for the Worst Day of the Week

Before I do the Monday Madness meme, I just want to say this about Janet Jackson. Next time wear a whole shirt! Not just little breast plates to cover things. Mind you she did have more clothes on than some, but stuff that's taped to your body, can often come off easily. (as it did) I'm so glad I didn't watch the Super Bowl. (Not being a fan of football and all, no reason too. Not being a fan of Janet or Mr. Timberlake is another reason not to)

Crikey, her boob is all over the internet. You would think that the world has never seen a breast before. Yes, granted it is Janet Jackson's breast, but people, it's still a breast. Nothing unique about it, except the nipple ring. (insert owie here) Just a little extra added humiliation for the Jackson family, in case Michael hasn't given them enough.

Now it's time for a little fill in the blanks by Monday Madness.

1. When I sing, I sound like a dying cat.
2. July is my favorite month of the year.
3. I've always wanted to improve my computer skills.
4. It's Monday morning, and the first thing that goes through my mind is "What kind of nasty shit will happen this week."
5. My favorite day of the week is Friday because the whole weekend is ahead of me.
6. I used to/currently collect live concert cds.
7. At the end of a work day/school day, the first thing I want to do is try to forget the insanity.
8. I really look forward to July 2nd because it's my favorite holiday. editors note: July 2nd is a holiday, it's National Give The Music Whore Lots of Presents Day
9. When I need some down-time, I usually hide in my room and read.
10. I plan to travel to England someday.

I think the goal of the day for everyone should now be pushing the image of Janet Jackson's boob with nipple ring from their minds and go on to more productive things. (You know like why artist's we actually like can't have the clothes pulled from their bodies)

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Track 5 -- and it goes a little something like this

Ok, I don't know if these all fit on a disc yet, but I'm working on it now. I've picked a random 18 cds (OK so they aren't random) and the track 5 on each of these discs appears on the mix.

Cheap Trick from the album Lap of Luxury - Never Had a Lot to Lose
Elvis Costello from the album Blood and Chocolate - I Want You
Crowded House from the album Crowded House - Love Ya Till the Day I Die
Duran Duran from the album Liberty - All Along the Water
Erasure from the album Chorus - Am I Right?
Glass Tiger from the album Diamond Sun - My Town
Icehouse from the album Primitive Man - Great Southern Land
The Moody Blues from the album Octave - Driftwood (You didn't think I'd skip the Moodies didja?)
Olive from the album Extra Virgin - You're Not Alone
Oingo Boingo from the album Dark At the End of the Tunnel - Long Breakdown
Sarah Brightman from the album Dive - Once In a Lifetime
The Beatles from the album Revolver - Here There and Everywhere
ABBA from the album Super Trouper - Me and I
Tanita Tikaram from the album Ancient Heart - World Outside Your Window
Justin Hayward from the album Songwriter - One Lonely Room
The Graces from the album Perfect View- Time Waits for No One
Squeeze from the album Babylon and On - 853-5937
Paul McCartney from the album Flaming Pie - Young Boy