Friday, July 24, 2015

Will Things Ever Go Right?

My tale of woe for the week.

There is one plus...all the plumbing issues are taken care of now. We have a shiny new water heater, there is a Pittsburgh toilet in the basement, and other minor issues have been fixed. Yay! All for about $1000. So can't complain there.

But back to the woe...cos that's more fun.

1. House has some fun (ha ha ha) electrical issues. Outlets and fixtures that don't work for no reason...and yeah. that's going to be fun to fix.

2. My car is lighting up like a Christmas tree, with useless lights. The airbag light is still on. But wait, now the door light is on, when ever door and the trunk are shut tight. Seriously? WTF! I have a ghetto car!

3. Some people think its fun to have a 5 day vacation and then come home and have a party. In the last 2 years, I've not gone anywhere. I have not gone further than 30 miles from my home, and that was either to Washington, PA or to Upper Saint Clair when I met one of my favorite authors. I've not been to Wheeling in about 5 years..and the same for Pittsburgh, but no one can give me a break, and yet I cook for their sorry asses? I think I'm done with them all.

Rant and Woe ended, go in peace.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I Need A Stereo

Can you believe these words are coming out of the mouth of the woman that has 1000 + CDs? No, I don't own a stereo anymore.

I have 3 mp3 players that I seldom use as most of the music I listen to is played in my car or on my computer.

How very sad is that?

I'm trying to decide what brand to buy this time. Heck, I'm actually trying to find a stereo. Do places even sell them anymore? Has music mostly gone digital?

Can I just say that sucks?

I just want to listen to my music again, and not the stupid TV, especially as the only things worth watching are on the History Channel. (yes, I'm still addicted to all things alien)

Why do the networks seem to think we all have lives and are on a constant vacation from May til Sept?

Oops that's a totally different rant.

But back to the CD player/Stereo thing. I can't seem to find anything that isn't a boom box or something that is very flimsy. Anyone have any advice on a reasonable system?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Sink Is The Place To Be

Friday, July 17, 2015

I'm An Ancient Astronaut Theorist

I have to admit, that I'm really addicted to History Channel's Ancient Aliens. For the last several months we've been watching that show and some of the other alien/UFO shows and some of the stuff makes a lot of sense.

I also have a little bit of a crush on the crazy haired ancient astronaut theorist, Giorio Tsoualos.

But really, especially in regards to the pyramid, I have to think that maybe something otherworldly was helping us along.

I mean, could we really have gotten so stupid, if humans once built the pyramids? Thanks to this show I've found myself interested in ancient history again.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to wait for my spaceship to land.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I've Moved!

Well, we've been in the new house for almost a week.

Things are crazy busy and probably will be for some time. I've been trying to wash any and all dishes coming in, before I put them away.

I've bought so many cleaning supplies its insane!

Oh and I've lost at least 5 lbs! Woot!

Now for some pictures for those who don't check out my facebook.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Andrea's Birthday Top 10

Top 10 things I'd like for my birthday.

1. One more hug from my daddy.

2. All foods especially potato chips should become calorie free!

3. My belongings should levitate and move to the new house all by themselves today. Pretty please.

4. Time to relax and read!

5. A birthday serenade by my favorite singers (Elvis Costello, The Blue Jays, Gordon Lightfoot, Keith Harkin, Mika and Andy Bell)

6. 10 pounds to drop from my body. (OK maybe more than that, but I'm trying not to be greedy)

7. The Doctor to come in his TARDIS to take me away.

8. A birthday screening of Minions and Inside Out at my house. (I'm really my age in reverse)

9. A visit from the money fairy (who doesn't want a visit from this fairy?)

10. Some Barnes and Noble or Amazon goodness.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

New Duran Duran

My friend Jennifer reminded me that there was a new Duran Duran song floating around. So I went to You Tube and did a search.

Its definitely Duran Duran, but for some reason, it doesn't excite me much.

Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe they just aren't as good anymore. I don't know.

I'll let you decide, but I think this song isn't for me.