Sunday, September 29, 2002

Oddly Disappointed..

Mood: Not sure yet...
Music: Radio Sweetheart/Jackie Wilson Said

Well...I refuse to go into the whole Whose Line show thing again...go to Ocelots and read my account there...One can only type the same story over and over...and well I only had a small Episode of Greg....I'd rather have tantric episodes of Greg...Neverending episodes of Greg...but you all know my feelings for our speccy man...

I'm working diligently on my photo shrine to Greg...You've all seen my Photo Shrine to Danny...I'd love to be able to do a picture shrine for Declan..there are so many lovely pics of that man as well...Isn't it odd that I have a thing for speccy men?

Did I mention that I was working on a new story ....It's going to be Gregish...Here's what I posted at Ocelots
the main male character..would be based on Greg.. (why..cos of all my
concubine's...Greg is my idea of the perfect man..and will always
be..apologies to Danny and Dec)

This character...has a female friend..that he's known since his
school days.. She's always been there for him...and whatnot..But
she's the sort of woman that slips into the background...He's never
taken notice of her in anyway other than as his best friend...(who
happened to be the best man at his wedding) Very Unconventional they

Well said marriage has fallen on hard to career
troubles..and he's found himself taking a job outside the States..
(Let's say England) He finds himself missing his friend more than his he invites her over for a visit..about 6 months later

When she arrives he's startled by her appearance..and even more
startled by the reaction she's getting from his friends..So
essentially..he's finding himself falling for his best freind..and
now doesn't have the courage to let her know..because he has no idea
how she feels...

Check out the posts..I have a few pics from the show there..and from afterwards with my evil sisters....and Jeff and Chip

Thursday, September 26, 2002

More Excitement

Mood: Nervous
Music: Tart...Elvis Costello tomorrow I'm going to see Greg Proops in his sexy and on stage...No biggie..

I don't fucking hardly think so...This man is the most beautiful thing I've laid eyes on...and that includes Declan and Danny as well..I have clothes everywhere...and have narrowed it down to 3 sleeveless lace matte jersey...slinky dress with silver glitter cardigan...or tres chic Lauren suit...

Ok..It's time for a vote...Shout out which one you think I should wear!!! All are smashing..and even though...neutral in color..all are classy...I just can't make decisions right now...God knows I wouldn't want Greg to think me a poorly dressed loser...he can think me a loser..cos I am...Why else would I be sitting on the puter..writing blogs and fanfic?

I am lady goddess queen of the dorkalopes..I lead a mighty herd of dorkalopes across the dorkalope plain...

I'm also pondering if I should take him a present? I mentioned this earlier..don't know what to do..about that..can't find a pic to do the artwork...ARGH! I'm so nervous...and I know I'm not going to get anywhere near him...

I want my greggie poo...well I at least want to give him a big hug...and well..maybe a little kiss..

poor man...

better go...for a bit..before my brain explodes

The Excitement Builds

Music: Dust intro...

I'm thinking I want to take Greg a present of a Prince concert cd....that I just got..wonder if he'd like it...or just think I was crazy...I have lots of cds to burn for people...and for some reason...I'm being a bit lazy...must stop this...NOW! I need to get to burning!!

But's a picture of my lovely proopcat...Purrrr....

Isn't he darling?

I'll be burning now..if you need me.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Frustrations and other Randomness

Mood: Somewhat miserable
Music: 45 the Toronto show Boot

Just finished doing my resume at and applying for a job online. So fingers crossed for me...that something comes of this. Cos I can get very lazy here at home.

Been getting some cdr trades in order as well..oh happy day..I'm getting one of the Tokyo shows from my Darling for any of you traders out there...go to Phishhook..and look up...Elfslut7274

oh and other happy news...1 more day til Greg!!! woo hoo...

Life is so good sometimes...I'll get to breathe the same air as the Ocelot Master

Must go and recover now...
Another Silver Lining

Mood: Somewhat Giddy
Music: Elvis Costello Lost in the Stars

Well today I received the email from Messina/Baker Entertainment...which included all 30 answers to my kittens questions...Which has left me giddy with excitement and mirth...

It is my firm belief that Greg is in fact one of the most intelligent males on the planet. I'm so thrilled that he did this for my group...Words can't express the thanks that I'd like to convey to him and the staff at Messina Baker...Melanie and Kristen are 2 very nice people...and didn't treat me like the idiot that I felt that I was...when I called with my request.

I'm now listening to a Costello song..called..You Stole My Bell...from the Family Man soundtrack....Lovely song written by Dec and his wife Cait...Odd..that I find myself liking the songs they wrote together...Usually my jealous mind won't allow things like that...but hey..I may be maturing...


I have to say..that Dec is one of those artists..that I really enjoy most of his songs...

Todays favorites...

Lost in the Stars..from the Kurt Weill tribute
Radio Sweetheart ( to dance)
The Greatest Thing (sing faster DEC!)
New Amsterdam
Riot Act
What Do I Do Now

Ok..kidlets..go download...NOW!

Sunday, September 22, 2002

An Episode of Insanity

Mood: Fucking Nuts
Music: Oingo Boingo Helpless's song..really sums up my feelings..I really want to crawl under a rock and hide. I spent the last 24 hours with one of my best friends...though I have to say..I felt like I didn't belong..which in most cases is true..If Beaches were written about us..I'd so be the chick that died...

I so want to go to this place called the tiki (have no idea how it's spelled) lounge...It looks kewl...It's on the South Pittsburgh..It seems like everything is on the South Side...It's really a kewl part of the city...lots of restaraunts etc..I had an awesome gyro at Tom's Diner...

If I had the money..I would so go back there..spend a week or so..and bask in the beauty of being stupid and drunk..which I never got around to when I was in college. I was always a good girl..when it came to stuff like that...Maybe if I were a bit wilder..I'd have better luck...Nah..I'd just get arrested...

I think I need to listen to Insanity now...No..I lie..It only makes me laugh...

laters kidlets

Friday, September 20, 2002


Mood: a trifle less crazy
Music: Elvis Costello Shabby Doll from the Gangster is Back boot

OK...feeling a trifle better as I said. I need to get some things worked out in my life..and hopefully..I'll be about a month or so..So dear readers bear with me...All should be well

I found a boingo trading group on yahoo..I'm so happy...elfmany goodness... yippee....Which is close in joy bringing to Declany goodness...But at this moment..Nothing compares to Proopsie goodness..which I will be experiencing in a week....I'm planning on giving my lovely Proopdog a bunch of roses....Cos..dammit..He's the joy in my life...

Plus any man with a brain that can make you ok in my book...More men should be like Greg...Handsome funny and smart...Mrs you realize what a prize you have? Dammit he needs cloned!! I want a clone of Greg!!! But only if I can't have the real one....

On a freaky note...Micky Dolenz..of..yup the Monkees got married ....AGAIN!...the woman he married won't disclose her age..but is considerably younger than his 57 I'm too old for Micky Dolenz too...ARGH!!'s still all about Davy for me...He's one hell of a hunky Grandpappy!!

But enough..I'm going to be a daydream believer for a bit...
A Silver Lining

Mood: Not very happy at all..borderline suicidal..but not worth the effort
Music: Home Again form the Irvine 90 show

Well because of personal issues..I've not been updating..but I guess I can start posting ...Let's just say..I'm not a happy human..but none of you dear readers can help me with that problem..

On a happy note...My darling Proopsie Pookie Pie is going to answer my ocelots that brings me some joy..Bless him he is a doll.

Also finally after months of trading I found someone willing to do a Boingo Trade!! woo hoo..more goodness...

So now know a bit of what's going on in my life..

until later...

Monday, September 16, 2002

Her name is Rio

Mood: Amused
Music: Rio from the In Person boot

I now have about 40 cdrs to be burning in the next week..Oh Geeze..Today..I've been concentrating on Duran Duran...and Costello.

It's just dawned on me..that I haven't given you any lovely pictures of Duran Duran...and since I'm listening to this lovely bootl...I though now might be a good time to share.. But which pictures should I share with you? These guys are tres lovely...wish they were as musically prolific as some of my other concubines...Say...Elvis Costello..or even Mr. Elfman..who does 2 scores a year at least...


That's a pic..of Simon..rather newish..and the top is from very early 80's

God look at all that makeup!

It takes a real man to go out an about dressed like that...and not get his ass kicked from here to eternity! Bless them...especially nicky..since he was really the girly one.

Until laters...bratlings, kidlets and crapmonkeys

Saturday, September 14, 2002

Many Concerts in October

Mood: Damn Tired..
Music: Luxemburg from the Kostello Kilt Collection

Well it looks like October is going to be an exceedingly busy month for me...Many Many concerts in the month of October..Counting Crows and Elvis Costello (yippee)...Plus 2 of my bestest friends will be friend Jennifer..from my college-type days...and my online buddy Brighid..that has full responsibility for the resurgance of my Costello obsession..

Oh and on some trading notes..I'm learning how to use the shn format...hopefully i'll be able to get some more awesome costello's not all awesome..and on an even happier note...found this program...called wavtrim..that automatically trims the gaps from your wav files..

Ok..stop looking confused...what it essentially means is that...files with 2 second gaps in them...can be fixed without..wasting more than 2 cdrs...oh happy day..3 guesses what bootlegs I'm working on as we speak...and the first 2 don't count..Hopefully in a few..I'll be listening to a close to perfect boingo boot..

woo hoo

Fingers crossed for me dear readers...

Until next I type...

Peace out..

Friday, September 13, 2002

Comical Sexiness

Music: Amish Paradise (yes I'm listening to Weird Al)

I've been in a comical mood today...I listened to my Greg Proops Live cd (that I converted from tape) in the car on the way home from work...I was laughing my ass off in the car...woo hoo..

Is it me or do any of you think Weird Al is strangely sexy? I was so depressed to find that he was married..I just adore those geeky men..Why oh why are they all taken? Where is my ....funny ....geek? dammit dammit dammit! I want my geek now! and well..I want Greg Proops NOW!!!

Greg has now taken his spot on the top of my concubine list...He is the head concubine..or whatever they are called :D

I think everyone should have a concubine as lovely as Mr. Proops...

On a more depressing note..I still haven't heard back from Messina Baker...I've already gotten several question submitted to me..from my kittens and I hope to get some more over the next few days...

Lets just keep our fingers crossed..

And until next time..

Peace out

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I hate people that gloat

Mood: Annoyed
Music: Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (Live in Torino Boot)

Ok kidlets (passes some cash to Mr. Proops...AGAIN)

If I hear one more I met Greg story...I swear..I'm going to cry...serious tears...Cos I haven't heard back from Messina/Baker..and oh know..So I'm sitting here listening to an Elvis Costello Boot that needs some serious fixing...and god I have so much I need to do...

At this point..I'm not talking to anyone in my house..cos I'm not in the mood...There were things I needed to do..that I can't do now..cos people have seriously pissed me off...Yup..I'm having a childish mood..but I'll get over it..eventually...I think everyone's entitled...and this is mine..

I was having a decent enough time til dinner...when..I had to listen to another person...tell tales of people meeting Greg..and yes it's pure jealousy..but thank you..I don't wish to hear it..Cos I'm not likely going to get my chance...Even if I bought the corset...

Did I mention the corset? I found it at Hot Topic

It would likely make the cast run scared..but I don't really give much of a shit about that..well unless Greg was running scared...I'd like to think he'd get a pleasant chuckle..

ah well..more later..when my mood has improved...

Serenading You

Mood: Still nervous..and oddly amused
Music: Run to You (Roxette Crash Boom Live!) yeah..Dec left the cd player was from this song that this post comes about...I was downloading Run to You at Roxbytes and well it made me think of Greg..I've decreed 12 hours of silence at Ocelots so I can't post there til noon. So you must satisfy my rants..

For some reason this song makes me think of Greg.. here are the lyrics


Baby, sometimes I feel like dying
Driving while I'm closing my eyes
Moving in and out of hiding
Trying to catch some truth in my life
Watching your stars and your moonlight
Come tumbling down from the sky
Take it now.

I'm gonna run to you
I'm gonna come to you
I wanna find you
In everything that I do
I'm gonna run to you
I'm gonna count on you
I'm gonna follow
Baby, what else can I do?

Sunday morning, my town is sleeping
Lying all alone in my bed
There's not a sound, I can't help but listening
Wishing I was somewhere else instead
But sometimes they're too hard to handle
Those voices inside my head
Listen now.

I'm gonna run to you
I'm gonna come to you
I wanna find you
In everything that I do
I'm gonna run to you
I'm gonna count on you
I'm gonna follow
Baby, what else can I do?

Take a walk inside my dream: A church, a lonely road
All the people come and go and come and go.

Do it now!

Lookie! Per has a skull shirt on...Wonder if he'll let Greg borrow it?

There's another song that has always reminded me of Greg..and that's Return to Sender by Billie Myers...You might remember her from the song Kiss the Rain, well this song is a hundred times better so is the song Down to You that she's done recently. I tell you,you need to check her out.

Let me share the lyric from the song Return to Sender..that sends me into fits of lust for our divine Proopdoggie. (this poor man is probably scared of me) Honest Greg,you really need to see my cd collection, it will amaze and astound you,and hey, you're in it

Read on

You wear a suit
I wear a smile
You yellow taxi the four minute mile....

Great words aren't they? and so suitable when thinking of Greggie...

Until later,since my post is now into the new day.

Monday, September 09, 2002

The Waiting is the hardest part

I managed to get the courage to call Messina Baker...and right now I'm waiting on an answer if my lovely kittens are reading this and I do love you guys...get some good questions ready for Mr. P... Try to avoid sounding like a teeny bopper magazine...K guys..

You can email the questions to I can compile them..and if this is a go ahead...(god I hope it is) I'll have his b-day card ready for him then too..

Peace out oh loving readers and kittens
I am a wus

Mood: Nervous
Music: Possession (elvis costello of course..why do you even ask)

Ok..I'm desperately trying to get the courage to call Greg's agent and ask if she'd let me submit some questions to him...when he's in town..or even if I could mail or fax the questions to her...for my EGroup...

So far I have no courage..I don't want to appear like a stalker..but I'd love to have something like this for my egroup..they are a nice bunch of kittens and alot of them are too young to go see him do stand up or whatnot...

Why can I not be blessed with pluck? I swear I had it once..and it's disappeared?

Saturday, September 07, 2002

Weird Saturdays

Mood: Still oddly Amused
Music Elvis Costello Pump it Up (someone take this man away from all my electronical equipment)'s a lovely hot Saturday...So off I went...parents and nephew (mini bratling 2) in the mall...I'm trying to figure out what to wear when I go to see Whose Line...God knows I'm not pretty enough to get called on stage...but god I so want Greg to see me...

Hmmm..Any suggestions? Still 2 weeks to go..but ARGH

Oh..and for some little ocelots keep harassing me about this key to the handcuffs that hold Greg Proops to my bed (ha, I so wish that was where he was) Like I'd find it...if I had it...Woo would...You've seen pics of Greg...he's scrumdelicious....

So don't you agree...No reason to share that key with anyone... the kittens who think to release Greg...PAH..he's my snuggle bunny...Proopy Dog...and I ain't about to share...

Until tomorrow..I leave you with my quote from the Proops

~I love my clothes but I don't name them....

Friday, September 06, 2002

Greg Proops!

Mood...Fucking Ecstatic!
Music Man out of Time from the Total Meltdown Bootleg

Why am I fucking ecstatic kidlets? Cos my Proopsie is coming to Pittsburgh..and I will be among the attendees at the Friday 11:30 show!! Dance of joy!! Poor out..I'm coming for your fuzzy bunny ass!!

That is one of the most beautiful faces on the planet...

Greg Proops
Elvis Costello
Danny Elfman

Not always in that order..hell no order..all 3 of them...are equally intelligent handsome and well down right fabulous...

I command you to bow to their greatness..

I said bow Dammit

Later kidlets

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Best of Elton John

Mood : Bored shitless
Music: Rocky Horror The Time Warp's an amusing story for you kidlets...If Mr. Proops is reading my journal..your royalty check for use of the word kidlets is in the mail...along with my panties..

I was driving on the PA turnpike RT 43 today..I had Elton John blaring ... "Sacrifice" if you will..and as I was paying the toll..Hoping that the machine would happily take my dollar bill...I hear laughter...ARGH..actual people...standing at the toll booth..laughing at my bizarre Elton John music...They don't know how lucky they are that I wasn't singing as well...That could have been really embarrassing..especially if it were my EC cds..especially the song I'm listening to now.. "RadioSweetheart"

Of course there are a few Elton John songs that could have made me embarrass myself...

Here are my fav Elton Songs

1. Club at the End of the Street
2. Sacrifice
3. Healing Hands
4. Made In England
5. Nikita
6. I Guess that's Why they Call it the Blues
7 Sad Songs
8 I don't want to go on with you like that
9. Believe
10 Latitudes

Enough for now..

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Paul McCartney Frustrations

Mood: Very Pissed Off
Music: Well it was Elvis's silence

Why am I pissed off you ask..Well today the Paul McCartney rumor mills are running like mad..(no pun intended) The man says he trusts 34 year old bimbo wife...enough not to sign a I've heard rumors that she may well be preggers.. If she is..I have no respect for the man at all..

Firstly it shows no responsibility to have a child when your near 60..cos you certainly aren't going to have the energy to raise that child..I don't care how much money you have...Money can't buy you a dad..PAH...stupid idiot Paul..I thought so much better of him...Now I know he's merely a man that thinks with things other than his brain..

But onto happier things...On sept 24 we get a new Oingo Greatest package..any more..and they'll have more of those..than actual albums..but who's all good fun..and hey..danny only makes a million or so per film score...And why can't he spend some of that money on making an album..himself...Guess he doesn't like to throw it away....

But wait I have an idea...what if several female fans (myself included of course) offer sexual favors in return for this album...Maybe that'll make him reconsider. And for those of you..that are queueing up now..I'm bring lots of food and blankets..I'll be convincing Danny for at least a month..maybe longer..

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Welcome back to my rantings kidlets

Lets see I promised to list 20 more cds that you should all some of my favorite Costello Lyrics..

I think I'll start with the continuing top twenty..

1. Sting Mercury Falling
2. Siousxsie and the Banshees Peepshow
3. Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night
4. Matchbox 20 Yourself or someone like you
5. Elvis Costello Spike
6. Elvis Costello & the Attractions Imperial Bedroom
7. Cheap Trick Lap of Luxury
8. the Beatles Rubber Soul
9. the Beatles Revolver
10. Planet of the Apes 2001 film score (by Danny Elfman)
11. Edward Scissorhands film score (by Danny Elfman)
12. XTC Oranges and Lemons
13. Olivia Newton John Physical
14 Siouxsie and the Banshees Superstition
15. Sarah McLaughlin Fumbling towards Ecstasy
16 Elton John Reg Strikes Back
17 George Harrison Cloud Nine
18. Billy Joel Storm Front
19. Depeche Mode Black Celebration
20 Peter Murphy Deep

Ok..there's the list kidlets...get yourselves out there and stimulate the economy..cos god knows it needs stimulating

Now onto my favorite EC lyrics...

don't know what we did but I'm sorry if it made you cry
And if there's any justice at all I'd be punished for it I'd surmise
It will mark the spot very well where I fell
Under the shadow of the distorted angel
Beneath the shadow of the distorted angel
Below the shadow of the distorted angel
Beneath the shadow of the distorted angel
Below the shadow of the distorted angel

~ Distorted Angel from the album All this Useless Beauty

Our brief acquaintance was such a mistake
Now it seems more like a sentence
Or something you always had to fake
This magic moment concludes when they turn out the light
It's not the days when you leave me
But all I fear are the nights
But all I fear are the nights

~ It's Time from the album All This Useless Beauty

And if you still don't like my song then you can just go to hell
I don't care if I'm right or wrong or if my typewriter can spell
But I cannot promise you I've said "Goodbye" to childish things
There's still some pretty insults left and such sport in threatening

~ Little Atoms from the album All This Useless Beauty

And still I want her right now
Not any minute, hour or day
And wherever she is tonight
I want her anyway
I suppose she never said to you,
You were just in the way

~ Blue Chair from the album Blood and Chocolate
You're not the girl next-door or a girl from France
Or the cigarette-girl in the sizzle hot-pants
All the words of love seem cruel and crass
When you're tough and transparent as armoured glass
You're everywhere girl in an everyday mess
Who'll pay for the Crimes of Paris

~ Crimes of Paris from the album Blood and Chocolate
But from my chequered past
To this shattered terrace
Where you can't keep your mind off
the Crimes of Paris
And you can't keep your peace
And try to forget it
And I can't forgive you
For things you haven't done yet

Oh I was anybody's boy
But soon that thrill just fades
To be the love of one true heart
Or the Jack of all parades

~ Jack of All Parades from the album King of America
You're so sweet
You're so honest
You say `I'll be true to you boy'
But I won't promise
Then you say you love me
Then you show me
As you lie there so lifelike below me

~ Lovable from the album King of America
Trying to be so bad is bad enough
Don't make me laugh by talking tough
Don't put your heart out on your sleeve
When your remarks are off the cuff

~ Riot Act from the album Get Happy..

I think that's enough for now..

My mood..Happy yet tired

My Music: Juice Newton Love's been a little bit hard on me

Another thing

Hi again darling readers

Before I head off to the land of nod..I'm going to list a few cds that no human should be without..which means go out and buy these cds dear readers...cos one day your hard drive may crash..and all your mp3s will be gone..

(perish the thought)

01. Tori Amos Little Earthquakes
02. Abba Gold
03. David Bowie Outside
04. David Bowie Changesbowie
05. Paul McCartney Tug of War
06. George Harrison Somewhere in England
07. John Lennon The Lennon Collection
08. Elvis Costello All This Useless Beauty
09. Elvis Costello Brutal Youth
10. Elvis Costello Mighty Like a Rose
11. Costello and Bacharach Painted from Memory
12. Duran Duran The Wedding Album
13. Duran Duran Greatest
15. Erasure Cowboy
16. Counting Crows Hard Candy
17. Sarah Brightman Dive
18. U2 Pop
19. U2 the joshua tree
20. Steve Winwood Back in the High Life

There's todays top twenty..Tomorrow I'll give you 20 more and some Costello keep you happy..And for those of you that know me..and say..why is Oingo not on this list..My answer is should all own at least one Boingo cd...just for the fun of it...go out and buy best 'O Boingo NOW!! I mean it! Go now and buy it!! It will change your life. Uh, no it won't, but you'll get a variety of emotions from listening.

Monday, September 02, 2002

How Many CDs Can One Girl Burn?

One more post...while i'm still doing this burning thing..

Mood : Oddly amused

Music : Elvis Costello (ARGH) The Big Light (electric demo)

Firstly I have this to say, go to the nearest import cd store, and buy the Elvis Costello cd King of America. why? cos it's terrific and everyone should own it..

While listening to the last of Julie's boots...I find myself watching Whose Line is it Anyway...Greg Proops is not on,and I'm really not amused. I haven't seen Greg in several days, and I need a Proopdog fix terribly..

I found myself listening to an old compilation cd today en route to work and home today. It had Elton John's Please on it, reminding me how much I loved the album Made In England. That's now on my list of albums you absolutely must own..

Tomorrow I plan on enlightening you with my fav Elvis Costello lyrics...courtesy of the best website on the net about EC..

EC's Home Page

Back to bootlegging etc..

Costello Overload

Well here I am again...Still listening to Elvis Costello..Would someone please remove his discs from my cd player and put something different inside..

but really..

the mood: oddly happy considering the number of shoplifters I've been chasing lately

the music: Elvis Costello Aging Gracefully (would you have guessed it?) It's Time

I desperately need to listen to something different. Burning 20 + EC shows can take a bit from a girl's sanity..and I didn't have much to start with. I need to get to my rewrites on my Greg Proops story...the Ocelots are getting restless..It's just coming a bit slowly...cos I wrote Dec's side of this another fanfic..

Greg Proops Land of Ocelots

Isn't that an odd look on my Greggie Poos face? Some of the faces my concubines make...give me cause to wonder if their mummies never told them..that they could freeze that way.

Ok..going to burn some more cds...and listen to more...Elvis Costello...


Drooly Declan

Ok..since this pic was giving me a hard time..the end of a previous rambling..comes here...Drool all you want MacManlusters

Isn't that a lovely pic of a very young Declan in a leather jacket...wonder if he has leather pants on...mmmm that's yummy. Funny how Declan can produce such dirty nasty thoughts from me. I have to say he's the last person that I thought I'd have written a fanfiction about..and oddly enough......I've written 4 ...

Allow me to give you the link to my website..with fanfic about Declan...Danny Elfman...Duran Duran..and Greg Proops

Such Unlikely Stories

For gods sakes..if you visit the site..sign my guestbook...

I'll be working on the rewrites now..More laters dear readers

Sunday, September 01, 2002

CD Burner Overload

Dear God I'm still burning cds...and still listening to elvis costello...why my friends you may ask? Because I don't want anyone to receive a crappy show..

Right now I'm listening to Maybe the Last Time Glastonbury 87...RadioSweetheart/Jackie Wilson Said...

And oh my god I just found a pic of Dec and Debbie Harry from Letterman...when they did the whole Jazz Passengers thing..
sweet mother of god..he is incredible looking..I so wish he'd grow his hair back...

But I digress you need to see this's to dishy not to share...

I have to say that when I look at that picture..I'm tempted to have nasty evil and very dirty thoughts about Declan..Not that I need a picture to do that..but you get my reasoning..right?
This picture hunting thing is a sickness..and it's almost as bad as my cd trading..

I'm being greatly affected by the line from "I Want You" that goes like this..."Did you call his name he held you down..."

Oh can hold me down..anytime..

Ok..I've officially cracked... Oh and here's another pic of Dec and Burt

Best be off till I've found more pics or something

Burning the Midnight Costello

Ah what to tell all my lovely readers...I'm still burning cds..and I'm slowly going insane..there's nothing worse than being online doing tasks that don't require much thought...and there being no one online to type at...So far I've burned about 7 cds. Don't ask how many more I need to do...cos the number is large. All in the pursuit of Declany Goodness.

At one of my fav spots on Yahoo (also known as Yahell) Groups Costello Obsessives I posted my 5 fav Costello boots

Here they are again.

1. Aging Gracefully...I adore this show..could listen to Dec's
ramblings on this disc forever..Especially Little Atoms

2. Going Stateside..Everday I Write the Book on this disc is Stellar
in my eyes..

3. Riot Act...Cos I'm the only EC fan that seems to adore the Punch
the Clock Cd..Ah well I'm an 80's music whore..forgive me...

4. This is Tomorrow..Fantastic show from 86...Words can't describe
how wonderful these discs are.

5. Forbidden Playthings/Berdwald Hall...Gorgeous set from 99..

If any of you that are reading this trade live recordings...These are definitely shows that you must look into.

I suppose I should start obsessing about some other musician soon..but who should it be? I seriously miss Matchbox 20 sad isn't it. I adored the song Bent and If Your Gone...

I also recommend everyone go out and buy the new Counting Crows CD Hard Candy. Now there's a fantastic disc...Highlights of that include the title track and Butterfly in reverse.

I was going to find a nice picture of Declan for you to gaze upon..but instead..I'm staring at Sam's website..and pictures of my Pookie Bear...Mr. Elfman so I think you'll be looking at him for a bit..

Pattie Boyd

I missed a day here..will you forgive me dear readers?

Mood: Tired
Music: Elvis Costello Angry Young Sod Red Shoes

Ask me what I'm doing right now? Ok then don't ...but I have to say I'm burning cds again. I don't know why I've acquired this obsession as of the past few months. But oh well..I'm always on a quest for new things to listen too..

And since I've been spending alot of quality time online this week..I've found some interesting Beatley stuff..I found a lovely site with info about Pattie Boyd Harrison Clapton... What an interesting and sad life she's had.

Pattie Website

This is a lovely pic of George Harrison and Pattie.

I adore George. I can't listen to his music anymore without crying. It's a terrible shame that he had to pass on. His mother had brain cancer as well..I remember reading somewhere that he punched a doctor for diagnosing her as insane when it was a tumor.

Ah more depressing stuff...

I must go back to my burning.

More later.