Sunday, June 29, 2003

Burn It - Summer Edition

Ok, since it's been such a pain for me to set up the mix cd swaps...I've decided to participate in Kymberlie's Burn it. Anyone interested in participating, just click here. The mix theme is "make out music." I'm so going to have fun with this one.

I'll post my set list here when I finish it...and I'll gladly swap mixes with anyone who'd like a copy of mine.

Stories etc

I'm having fun with Man Out of Time again...weeeee. Ok, why you ask, when I was so ready to scrap this story and forget about it. I'm doing a massive overhaul. I'd like to thank my inspiration for the first set of rewrites...and the inspiration for the character Everett, for helping me pull it through.

GREG PROOPS...I Loves ya..even if you are a wanker .....Sometimes I forget just how lovely he is.....and then out of the blue he does something totally funny,and I forget about the same tired old W jokes he's been making since the end of the fixed election.

Anyway, I hope to have some more revisions to the story posted as well as another post of Love Eternal, which I'm working on now.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

A few more cds for the list

Various - Red Hot and Blue (Cole Porter Tribute)
Pet Shop Boys - Alternative Ltd (just out of the wrapper 2 discs) This one I'm asking 15 for
Duran Duran - Pop Trash (import w bonus tracks) 9
Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Scream
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Kaliedosope
Siouxsie and the Banshees - A Kiss in the Dreamhouse
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Hyaena
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Nocturne
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Through the Looking Glass
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Tinderbox
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Peepshow
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Superstition
Icehouse - Primitive Man
Icehouse - Measure for Measure
Icehouse - Man Of Colours
David Sylvian - Gone to Earth
David Sylvian - Brilliant Trees
Morrissey - Bona Drag
Morrissey - Viva Hate

That's it for now....I may add some more soon. Again any interest, email me. I've finally got an idea of what shipping is per disc, and I should be able to have my PayPal account working properly again.

Other artists that I have cds from Cheap Trick....Def Leppard....Poison...will post those later

Monday, June 23, 2003

"10 Favs of 10 Favs"

These are 10 of my favorite bands along with 10 of my favorite songs by that band. I thought I'd share as this was the first original survey one has this one yet..cos it's all mine!!!

1 The Moody Blues: Your Wildest Dreams, Haunted, Deep, Lovely to See You, English Sunset, Isn't Life Strange, Lost In a Lost World, Question, New Horizons, The Voice.

2. Duran Duran: The Reflex, New Moon On Monday, Like an Angel, Secret Oktober, Do You Believe In Shame, Electric Barbarella, Out of My Mind, The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever, Hold Me, All Along the Water.

3. Erasure: Worlds on Fire, Siren Song, I Love Saturday, Yahoo, Witch In the Ditch, Push Me, Shove Me, Tenderest Moment, Stay With Me, In the Name of the Heart, Runaround on the Underground.

4. Elvis Costello: Alibi, Riot Act, Next Time Round, Blue Chair, Sulky Girl, Sweet Pear, I Hope Your Happy Now, I Want You, Long Jouney Home, My Little Blue Window.

5. Siouxsie and the Banshees: Face to Face, Slowdive, The Ghost In You, Fall From Grace, Shadowtime, Turn to Stone, Peek a Boo, Melt, Cascade, Dazzle.

6. Nick Lowe: Cruel to Be Kind, Rose of England, Let's Stay in and Make Love, Where's My Everything, So It Goes, Raging Eyes, Cupid Must Be Angry, Freezing, You Got the Look I Like, All Men Are Liars.

7. David Bowie: Heart's Filthy Lesson, Strangers When We Meet, Thursday's Child, Slow Burn, Queen Bitch, Be My Wife, As the World Falls Down, Underground, Never Let Me Down, Rebel Rebel

8. Oingo Boingo: Spider, Try to Believe, Skin, Out of Control, Is This, Dream Somehow, Insanity, Elevator Man, Stay, Pictures of You

9. Depeche Mode: World in My Eyes, Blue Dress, One Caress, Somebody, Question of Lust, Policy of Truth, Everything Counts, I Want You Now, Home, People are People

10. Madonna: You Must Love Me, Rain, Deeper and Deeper, I Know It, Dress You Up, Drowned World, Bad Girl, Borderline, Angel, This Used to Be My Playground

Sunday, June 22, 2003

The Things I Must Part With

Elvis Costello - Brutal Youth
Elvis Costello - Spike
Cutting Crew - Broadcast
Cutting Crew - The Scattering
Duran Duran - 1st Album
Duran Duran - Arena
Duran Duran - Rio
Duran Duran - Liberty
Duran Duran - Thank You
Duran Duran - Wedding Album
Duran Duran - Medazzaland
Depeche Mode - Music for the Masses
Erasure - Wonderland
Erasure - Circus
Erasure - Wild
Erasure - Two Ring Circus
Erasure - Chorus
Basia - London Warsaw New York
Shamen - Axis Mutasis
Pet Shop Boys - Very
Pulp - Different Class
Robert Plant - Now and Zen
Japan - Exorcising Ghosts (greatest hits)
Japan - Oil on Canvas
Japan - Gentlemen Take Poloroids
Japan - Tin Drum
Japan - Quite Life
Japan - Adolescent Sex
Madonna - Erotica
Madonna - Remixed Prayers CD Single
Oingo Boingo - Only a Lad
Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party
Oingo Boingo - Skeleton's In the Closet (greatest hits)
Oingo Boingo - Best o' boingo
Oingo Boingo - Boi-ngo
Oingo Boingo - Dark at the End of the Tunnel
Oingo Boingo - Boingo Alive (2cds)
Oingo Boingo - Nothing to Fear
Adam Ant - Antics in the Forbidden Zone
Adam Ant - Strip
Adam Ant - Wonderful
Midge Ure - If I Was (Greatest Hits)
Midge Ure - Pure Love
Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection (sung by Stephanie Lawrence, Jess
Conrad, Paul Jones, Fiona Hendley and Carl Wayne)
Jesus Christ Superstar 20th Anniversary Highlights
Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber (sung by Stephanie Lawrence, Paul
Nicholas and others)
Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Original Broadway cast
Chess Soundtrack

There's alot English Beat and Siouxsie and the Banshees..that I'm just not up to typing right now...Again..just email me..and I'll tell you what I have....

I love them baby blues

Accomplishment Update...pretend like you care

I'm now up to the letter S in my quest for alphabetizing my cds. What sucks are the cds that don't fit in the cases that I have for my cds. I'm going to have to do a pretty display or cuss alot very soon. Oh and I'm almost out of room for them too. Fun Fun Fun.

I'm about halfway through Story of O, and I'm loving it. The movie that I watched about a week or so ago, is proving pretty accurate, except I think the men in the novel do in fact unzip their flies!

As for the Purge list..I'll have that up hopefully by tonight. I'll give you a sampling of what you can expect to see on it. Madonna, Oingo Boingo, Duran Duran, Midge Ure, Japan, some Costello, Erasure, Cutting Crew, showtunes etc a few compilations. I have a few cds that I picked up in cut out bins still in the shrink wrap too..cos well I buy things if I think I may never find them again...and inevitably I do. (except when it comes to Nick Lowe, the Moody Blues and Justin Hayward)

If anything of the artists interest you. email me and I'll tell you what I have. If not..the full list will be up as soon as I can get it ready.

Sunday Morning Blues

Well I finished the Danielle Steele novel "The Ghost" last night. Terribly good, and I'm ashamed to admit it. I generally can't stand books that she writes, she kills off entirely too many good characters. This time she only makes sure they are divorced. Which, I suppose is something to be grateful for. I will say this, she made her hero quite a wuss. He makes Everett look strong and forceful.

I started the Story of O this morning. I think I might sit down and read the whole thing shortly. The movie was great, even though they were shagging and the men never took off their clothes or unzipped their trousers. Now does that make any sense to you?

Still trying to alphabetize the CD Collection from Hell!! Still stuck in the M area, I had to add about 30 or more Madonna CDs in last god. We won't even mention that I have to make a home for the Moody Blues...Not to mention the hundred zillion CDs that are still sitting on the floor. ARGH.

BTW...I'm starting a CD Purge list. I have some CDs that I have duplicates of or have just tired of, and rather than trying to take them to a used CD store I was going to offer them up for sale online....first to friends then most likely to the hell that is ebay. Prices are 5 dollars a CD 10 for Double discs. Anyone who wants a copy of the list...just email me. I may post it here later today.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Saturday Accomplishments

There's one big accomplishment that I'm working on right now. Onesy will be so proud of me. I've finally got my cds prepared for alphabetical order. Mind you, the ones in the cases were in alphabetical order..the new ones were not. So I'm up to the letter M now. Woo hoo..half way through the alphabet and it's only taken about 6 hours! Cos I forget a certain prolific man whose name begins with a C's disc (Elvis' cds were apart from the rest). A fun time was had by all. I'm hoping to finish this project tomorrow afternoon at the lastest. Until then, my room is a disaster.

Lovely yet odd dreams

I had a rather erotic dream about Justin Hayward last night. Yes there's a big shiteating grin on my face at the present time. I don't have those kinds of dreams very often, and when I just makes the following morning so much more pleasant. I still want to know why I was shagging the dear man on the floor by a snooker table...but the subconscious mind won't let me know..Ah well.

This is the picture that I believe started the whole mess.

So for the time being I'm just going to look at pictures of Justin before bedtime and hope they inspire more of those dreams.

I'd post the pic here, but for some reason blogger is having issues with the photos from my star blvd page. ARGH! Shall I kick it? Yes I think I shall.

Thank Yous

Just wanted an to say thank you to Erin and April for the Damned Mix CD and the copy of the Captain Sensible Mix...Weeeee. New music. Wootness! Also another huge thank you for the book. I can't wait to read "The Story of O" and the bookmark hidden inside was lovely. I just saw it now...Many hugs to you for the Elvis bookmark/postcard.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Happy Friday

Instead of doing the friday to do list, I'm going to do an accomplishment list. Mind you there are loads of things that I want to get accomplished over the weekend. I have decided I'm taking a chill with the stories tonight. I was working on the sequel but we had a thunderstorm and I lost about 2 pages. In my frustration..I have given up for the day when it comes to stories.

There are a few things though that I must accomplish this weekend.

1. Cleaning the mess that my damn house has become..well at least my two rooms
2. Getting my first Justin story up on the Fanfic site (ha ha that's going to happen. No Patience here..I'll take volunteer who wouldn't mind adding the code)
3. Making a few new random mix cds

Some Randomness for the day....

~ Would we like to do another mix cd swap at the end of August. I dare one of you to come up with a theme. I loved the mixes that I got. This was such fun.

~ Why are fans of certain musicians and bands so annoying. Moody Blues fans...are MOODY, Boingo fans have their heads up their arses, and Duran fans just scare the beejeezus out of me.

~ Viagra - Impotence is God's way of telling men..they shouldn't reproduce. Why argue with God?

~ Weekends why is there so much to do, and so little time to do it in?

~ When you desperately want to make a mix cd...why does the burner always go apeshit on you?

Thursday, June 19, 2003

The Writings On the Wall

Just a short little blog this morning about my stories. Just to let you know what to expect etc, if you care. I'm going to start posting Not My Slave here in the next few days. The beginnings of this story are in the archives. If you can't find them and want to read them, email me and I'll send a copy too you. Not My Slave is the vampire story I started way too long ago, and haven't worked on in eons. Someone expressed a bit of interest in I'm going to take up finishing it. I hope.

You'll see bits of Man Out of Time on the weekends, because that one I really need a lot of time to sit down for. There's alot of work to be done to get that story where I want it. I'll post any added chapters here as I did on Sunday. Expect to see a chapter about Robert this weekend. I've decided that's the only way to do this is to get all the main characters involved, and Robert was supposed to have been one. I'm hoping I don't have to delete anything, but I might have to try to control Alex and her raging hormones.


You'll also see more of that Justinfic, hopefully tonight if all goes well. Feel free to leave comments etc. I love to know what you think of the stories.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Wednesday What-Ifs

Only cos it's all about Harry Potter will I subject you to the nonsense that is Wednesday What-if.

1. What if you got to choose what house to be in? (For those who don't know... Gryffindor: brave/noble, Hufflepuff: loyal/kind, Ravenclaw: smart/clever, or Slytherin: cunning/evil.)
Decisions decisions...The hat is supposed to decide. I'd hope either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor though..

2. What if you got to choose a character with whom to "hook up"? (Sorry to those who haven't read the books -- can't help you here.)
If I were a tween-age girl, I would so be all about Ron Weasley. What a cutie-pie. But since I'm not...I'll just lick Snape all over...

3. What if you got to choose what kind of wand you received -- how long would it be, what would it be made out of, and what would be inside it? (For those who don't know: wands can be made up of such combinations as 6-inch ash containing dragon heartstrings, or 11.5-inch oak containing unicorn hairs, et cetera.)
I want Snape's wand... (giggles)

4. What if you had to pick one animal to take with you to Hogwarts as a pet (cat, owl, toad or rat) -- which one, and why that animal?
An Owl..they are far better at carrying messages..I tell you..if a cat were my would wander off and find a new master...

5. What if you had to endure one of the three tasks from Book Four -- which one and why? (For those of you who haven't read up, the tasks were... #1: face a fully-grown nesting dragon with nothing but a wand; #2: survive underwater for an hour to rescue your best friend from its murky depths; or #3: find your way to the center of a hedge maze that is chock-full of magical obstacles.)
I'm going for 3, simply because it's the funnest.. :D, and well I'm a lousy swimmer and dragons scare me :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

This or That Tuesday

Only because this one isn't crap will I copy the This or That Tuesday questions. I honestly think they put the crack pipe down this week. Great isn't it? Now if only the Wednesday What If people would do the same.

1. Newspapers or magazines?
Newspapers---because I'm a lover of the comics section, and you just don't get Bizarro in Cosmo..(speaking of Cosmo, did you hear it might be too risque for Wal Mart to sell?)

2. Books-on-tape or regular books?
Real books thank you very much. Books on tape are for the lazy, unless someone really cool is reading it..then BOTH!

3. Paperback or hardcover?
For the most part paperback. Hardcover when it's a book I know I'm going to love or part of a collection---Like Anne Rice and her vampires...or...gasp Harry Potter..that sort of thing

4. Fiction or non-fiction?
Fiction....though a good biography is sometimes appreciated

5. Sci-Fi/Fantasy or romance novels?
I'll let you read over the last installment of Man Out of Time from Sunday..then you answer that question for me.

6. Borrow from library or buy books (either new or used)?
I buy books, cos the library is a pain in the butt, plus I never know how long it's going to take me to read something anymore.

7. Subscribe to magazines or buy on newsstand?
Buy them at the newsstand. I don't read alot of magazines and the ones I do read are from the UK...Q rocks.

8. Current best-sellers or classic literature?
Both, depending on my mood.

9. Read books once, or re-read favorites every so often?
I've read Phantom of the Opera 5 times at least..what do you think my answer is.

10. Here in the U.S., we have two hot best-sellers...former First Lady Hillary Clinton's memoirs, and the new Harry Potter book (coming out June 21). If you had to read one, which one...Hillary or Harry? Why?
Harry, cos frankly I don't care one wit about Hillary and her life and problems.

Monday, June 16, 2003

"The Story In My Blog"

Just to keep you updated on what's going to be going on with the stories I've been working on. I'm going to devote a night to each story. Since you got a new chapter of Man Out of Time yesterday, today I'll be working on the sequel to my Justin Hayward fanfic, then tomorrow Not My Slave then my Justin Historical story..which I have yet to post anywhere.

Would any of you want to read Not My Slave. It's actually in the archives here..I'd love to start posting that again. That was a story I really enjoyed writing..but other things (namely Elvisfics) interrupted.

My Justin Fics are all posted at my Livejournal. I'm not sure where I'll put the historical story when the time comes to post it.

On a happy note ...I've managed to download some Moody Blues videos, and I have screen grabs of Justin Haywards bottom. Allow me to give you a prime example..and when I say prime, I do mean prime

Sunday, June 15, 2003

"La la la la la la la"

Thanks to Java's latest entry. I have something to blog about today, as I work on the edits of Man Out of Time, and the 3 other stories that I have saved on my computer right now. These are all the songs that have a special meaning for me. It could be that just have the power to make me smile, have made me cry, or other personal reasons that you don't need to know. Of course they could be on the list because I just love them. That's always a possiblity, as well. Mind you this list will never ever be complete....

Elvis Costello - Love Went Mad
Elvis Costello - The Element Within Her
Elvis Costello - I'm Not Angry
Elvis Costello - Jack of All Parades
Elvis Costello - Blue Chair
Elvis Costello - Next Time Round
Elvis Costello - This Town
Elvis Costello - This House Is Empty Now
Elvis Costello - Long Journey Home
Elvis Costello - Spooky Girlfriend
Elvis Costello - I Hope You're Happy Now
Elvis Costello - Party Girl

Whoa...and now for someone completely different before I type every song Elvis ever wrote.....

Annie Lennox - Walking On Broken Glass
Annie Lennox - Cold
The Damned - Eloise
The Damned - Turkey Song
The Damned - Gigolo
Midge Ure - Answers to Nothing
Duran Duran - Out of My Mind
Duran Duran - Do You Believe in Shame
Erasure - Yahoo
Erasure - Siren Song
Japan - Art of Parties
Japan - Quiet Life
Lisa Stansfield - Around the World
Madonna - Dress You Up
Madonna - Bye Bye Baby
Madonna - Express Yourself
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Face to Face
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Slowdive
Blondie - Sunday Girl
Blondie - Tide is High
Nick Lowe - Cruel to Be Kind
Nick Lowe - The Rose of England
Squeeze - Hourglass
Sarah Brightman - The Second Element
Sarah Brightman - Once In a Lifetime
Moody Blues - Deep
Moody Blues - English Sunset
Moody Blues - Haunted
Moody Blues - Are You Sitting Comfortably
Moody Blues - The Story In Your Eyes
Moody Blues - In Your Wildest Dreams
Moody Blues - Bless the Wings
Justin Hayward - Vincent
Justin Hayward - Silverbird
Justin Hayward - Blackbird
Justin Hayward - A Whiter Shade of Pale
Depeche Mode - A Question of Lust
Depeche Mode - Somebody
Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth
Matchbox Twenty - If Your Gone
Manfred Mann - The Mighty Quinn
The Monkees - Daydream Believer
The Monkees - A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
The Beatles - Something
The Beatles - Hey Jude
The Beatles - I'll Follow the Sun
The Beatles - Nowhere Man
Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere
Lindsey Buckingham - Go Insane
Lindsey Buckingham - Countdown
Tom Petty - The Waiting
Sting - Fraigle
Sting - Desert Rose
XTC - Mayor of Simpleton
XTC - King for a Day
Adam Ant - Wonderful
Adam Ant - Strip
Adam Ant - Room at the Top
ABBA - Winner Takes It All
ABBA - Waterloo
Annie Halsam w/ Justin Hayward - The Angels Cry
Roxette - The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
Roxette - It Must Have Been Love
Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi
Joni Mitchell - Woodstock
Chicago Cast - Cell Block Tango
David Bowie - Thursday's Child
David Bowe - Strangers When We Meet
David Bowie - Underground
David Bowie - Queen Bitch
Lou Reed - I Love You Suzanne
They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse in Your Soul
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up
Peter Murphy - The Sweetest Drop
Bauhaus - Who Killed Mr. Moonlight
Bauhaus - She's In Parties
Love and Rockets - No New Tale to Tell
Love and Rockets - Mirror People
Counting Crows - Hard Candy
Counting Crows - A Long December
Oingo Boingo - We Close Our Eyes
Oingo Boingo - Try to Believe
Oingo Boingo - Spider
Oingo Boingo - Find You
Oingo Boingo - Elevator Man
Danny Elfman - The Last Time
Danny Elfman - It Only Makes Me Laugh
Roxy Music - More Than This
New Order - True Faith
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
New Order - Blue Monday
Def Leppard - Two Steps Behind
Def Leppard - Where Does Love Go When It Dies
Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers
Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes
Peter Gabriel - Red Rain
Michael Crawford - Music of the Night
Phil Collins - Wear My Hat
Paul Young - Both Sides Now
Paul Young - Love of the Common People
Jimmy Buffett - Come Monday
Alison Moyet - Falling
Alison Moyet - Love Resurrection
Alison Moyet - Invisible
The Clash - Rock the Casbah
U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Paul McCartney - Beautiful Night
Paul McCartney - My Brave Face
Paul McCartney - Tug of War
George Harrison - Crackerbox Palace
George Harrison - Blood From a Clone
George Harrison - Wreck of the Hesperus
Traveling Wilburys - End of the Line
Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care
The Animals - House of the Rising Sun
The Animals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
The Zombies - The Time of The Season
Mike and the Mechanics - All I Need Is a Miracle
Mike and the Mechanics - The Living Years
Genesis - Invisible Touch
Genesis - Illegal Alein

I think that's enough for and wait for more..of the music whore's favorite songs.....

Saturday, June 14, 2003

"I Love to Hate You..."

I've decided to update you on a few random things that I love ...and a few random things that I hate. Aren't you excited? I won't even bother to list the White Stripes..that should be a given. I'm plotting to rid my nephew of that nasty piece of plastic soon...

How do I love thee....

1. Music -particuliarly bands and artists like the Moody Blues/Justin Hayward, Elvis Costello, Duran Duran, Erasure, Matchbox Twenty, and Musical Theatre

2. Good Books - I'm really enjoying erotica now. I have to get a copy of the Story of O soon...I have several lovely books by Anais Nin, who is my idol!

3. Writing - Only I could be working on 3 or more stories at one time. (Anyone interested in seeing the vampire story at this site?)

4. Making Mix CDs - I can come up with zillions of's just getting them to cd that makes me nutso.

5. Discovering new songs...while searching for others...

How I hate thee...

1. People that put there own copyright on pictures, and then right click protect them. (hate to tell them this. I can crop and right click disabling doesn't really work anymore)

2. Not being able to get things done that I want to do. (see yesterday's list)

3. Lack of good new music. (I really like Lisa Marie Presley's cd though..I was surprised)

4. Trying to find a cd or book and learning you can only obtain it from a website in Europe

5. Not having enough money to buy the damn cds in the first place

Enough for now...I'll edit this list later today..when I have more spleen to vent.

Friday, June 13, 2003

"nothing to say....too much to do"

It's Friday and rather than bring you the boring Friday Five..I will post my boring to do list. Please light a fire under my bottom so I can get some of this stuff done this weekend.

1. Make at least 2 Moody Mixes
2. Update the Decade of Song mixes..cos I've found some songs that I didn't really like on a few of the discs
3. Work on editing Man Out of Time...expect few additions because I'll be adding on to what I've written..and making changes from there. When I'm done, I'll gladly email anyone the entire story so you can read the changes.
4. Work on the 2 and I do mean 2 Justin fics I've started.
5. CD trade list---desperately needs updated
6. Clean Clean Clean
7. Decide what to do with the Not My Slave story ...I might do some work on that as well. Don't know where that will get posted

I think that's enough insanity for one weekend? Don't you?

Thursday, June 12, 2003

"All I've got is a photograph.."

Tell me again why I can't have one of these?

Or maybe one of these?

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

"Just as that cartoon mouse went undetected"

I borrowed this idea from Steph.

Things about today that sucked

1. It's raining again. (when does it ever stop?)
2. My boss was in the office "all damn day"
3. Not only was it raining..but it was hot and humid as well.
4. I couldn't update my story at work, because I was still working on the stupid peachtree software.
5. It's so hot in my room that working on the computer is frying what is left of my brain.
6. There are 21 new bootlegs that I have to add to my trade list..along with about 20 or more others that I haven't added. (the cds aren't the's the process of adding them!!!
7. One of my Moody Bootlegs has fade why would anyone do this...ARGH!
8. I got very little feedback on my Justin story. I'm very sad.
9. Man Out of Time needs some serious editing.

Things about today that rocked

1. I got 21 new bootlegs today. Alot of Beatles rarities, some Crowded House/Neil Finn, and Peter Gabriel to name a few
2. I finished reading the Forever Knight book in the wee hours of this morning
3. My Brother's Elfman Yahoo Group is now Alive and Kicking!
4. I'm adding my new shows to the list and I've found that I have over 500 concert recordings now..Mostly Elvis Costello.
5. Just found another song to add to my Christmas mix cd for 2003. Yes I know it's June...but..I found out that my divine Justin Hayward and the Moodies did a lovely version of What Child is This?
6. I've finally figured out how I'm going to start the sequel to my Justin Hayward fanfic. (It's already a page long and posted at the Livejournal)

Monday, June 09, 2003

"Just what the truth is..I can't say anymore."

Stolen from Linds

Five details about you...
[x] I'm really a pixie
[x] I'm really organized at work, but only work.
[x] I love my current job
[x] Writing brings me great joy.
[x] I still love to play on swingsets

Five details about your appearance right now...
[x] My hair needs a trim
[x] I have black sandles on.
[x] I'm wearing my glasses today
[x] I have a new shade of lipstick on.
[x] I'm wearing a funky print shirt from Lerner's

Five things you did today...
[x] Finished updating the vendor list at work
[x] Drove to work
[x] Listened to the Moody Blues
[x] Reread part of my Justin Hayward Fanfic..why I don't know.
[x] Checked in on the Blogs I ususally read.

Five memorable things that happened in the last year...
[x] Met Elvis Costello
[x] Met 3 members of the Whose Line Cast (Chip, Jeff and Brad)
[x] Saw Def Leppard from the 2nd row
[x] Saw the Counting Crows in concert
[x] Met Brighid..when she came for the Costello concert :D

Five things that everyone should know about you...
[x] Writing is my lifeblood
[x] I have no desire to fall in love.
[x] Stupidity annoys me.
[x] My world cannot turn without at least one can of Coca-cola
[x] Music keeps me sane

Five things that make you happy...
[x] My concubines
[x] a good book
[x] A day in the Southside..with no rain.
[x] family and friends
[x] my computer

Five people who mean a lot to you...
[x] Mom
[x] Erin
[x] Tina
[x] April
[x] Grandma

Five things that disgust you
[x] The White Stripes (that one's for you Linds) and anything else in my nephew's cd player
[x] Sparkly Girls
[x] Rain (will it never stop)
[x] Stupid movies with no real plot ie. Dumb and Dumber and the like
[x] Patronising people

Five things that impress you...
[x] Good songwriters
[x] an intelligent mind
[x] quick wit
[x] the Pittsburgh Skyline
[x] Carnegie Museum

Five things that don't impress you...
[x] W
[x] Madonna's new album
[x] Renee Zellweger
[x] Wayne Brady
[x] Mtv

Five things you cant live without...
[x] music
[x] vh-1 classic
[x] my computer
[x] my car
[x] books

Five things you'll do when you complete this...
[x] go to the bank
[x] listen to the moody blues
[x] pick up some lunch
[x] call home
[x] hope that the afternoon passes quickly

Five things you feel right now...
[x] bored
[x] anxious
[x] annoyed
[x] aggravated
[x] pissed

Sunday, June 08, 2003


That about sums up my weekend. I spent all last night trying to remove a virus from the computer. I have had no time to work on either story. I'm aggravated...I have cds to burn...It's too hot...I want Justin Hayward right now...I want him and his guitar sitting at my feet..I want him singing Nights In White Satin...til I stop wanting to kill something or someone. Then he can sing Haunted for I can just have a THUD moment. After that...I take the guitar away from him and shag him simple.


Did I mention that every time I tried to post something this weekend, blogger was down? That just adds to my weekend annoyances.

I did absolutely nothing on my to do list. Zippo! Zilch! ARGH!

Rant ended..I'm going to watch the Moody Blues now, and hopefully feel better. I have a great idea for Man Out of Time, but I've had so many distractions today I couldn't get to it!

Friday, June 06, 2003

"And the strength of the emotion is like thunder in the air."

Well here's a bit of randomness for everyone on a Friday, cos I thought the Friday Five sucked.

~Got jealous of Deb's new template, so I had to find one of my own. I missed the black stylings of my old template and I adored the swirllies.

~This just in Richard Elfman is divorced!! Now maybe he can marry me...or at least give me to his younger brother Danny!

~I received two new Moody Blues Bootlegs in the mail today. One is from the Octave tour and the other is called Eternity Road. I can't get much happier than this right now!

~Speaking of things I got in the mail. I also have a new Paul McCartney Bootleg "Venus and Mars Outtakes" and the Costello Concert from UCLA on March 28, 2003. Let's just say I'm very happy right now.

~Making mixes. I'm trying to do a studio track of the Red Rocks concert and the Albert Hall Shows. Why I'm not sure, probably just an excuse to listen to Haunted a few zillion more times.

~Organizing my Mp3s so there's free hard drive space. How fun. Now if I only knew where half these songs belong, I would be in business.

~The weekend to do list is freaking huge and will be posted on the LiveJournal for your viewing pleasure, later tonight.

~I'm being very lazy with both of my stories, but I'm planning an update of Man Out of Time by tomorrow morning.

~My Justin Hayward Cd "The View from the Hill" finally came in at Borders! Wootness. Now if only the 5 other CDs I have on order would come in as well. I would be tres happy!

Thursday, June 05, 2003

"Whatever you say, say it with love."

This is the best music survey I've ever seen. I'm stealing it from Steph who stole it from Rach...who probably stole it from someone else and so on down the line....

What song reminds you of your father? Of your mother?
My father...The Theme from the Andy Griffith show. He's always whistling and he happens to look like Sherrif Andy..and well his name is Andy..but we won't go any further. For my mom it would have to be Send In the Clowns. With my mum it would have to be a song from a musical or opera. That's very much her thing. Though when I told her about this survey she said it should be "Memory" from Cats. Hmm.

What song reminds you of your sibling(s)?
My brother would be Jimmy Buffett's Fruitcakes, for the simple reason that he is a Parrothead, and is fast turning me into one as well. Buffett is good fun music.

My sister...Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young..he used to be one of her favorites until the insanity of middle age hit.

What song reminds you of elementary school?
Culture Club's 'Karma Chameleon'. I remember loving to skate to that at the roller rinks. I had such a huge crush on Boy George. GAH! I know there's something wrong with me!

What song reminds you of junior high?
That's a toughie. In junior high it would have to be Roxette's 'the Look' or Cheap Trick's 'The Flame'. Those were the 2 groups I loved in the late 80's. I had a thing for Per Gessle and Robin Zander. Both are still yummy btw.

What song reminds you of high school?
There are a few here: 'The Music of the Night' from Phantom of the Opera, 'Skin' - Oingo Boingo, Adam Ant - 'Room at the Top' to name a few

What song reminds you of college? (or the years just after high school?)
Oddly Duran Duran's 'Ordinary World' was a song that was popular around my college years. That's actually when I started to appreciate that band. I think Duran Duran are a very underrated band. Simon is a good singer and he writes some pretty lyrics. So YAH Simon!

What song reminds you of the happiest time of your life?
I think I mentioned this in another quiz, but it would be the Medley of 'Deep Dark Truthful Mirror/You Really Got a Hold on Me' that Elvis Costello did during the Cruel tour.

What song reminds you of the hardest time of your life?
I don't think I could pinpoint that one. I've had alot of trying times in the past few years. So there are several that have helped me get through things that were rough. Alot of Elvis Costello and alot of Oingo Boingo really.

What song makes you laugh every time you hear it?
'I'm On My Way' - The Proclaimers and 'Birdhouse In Your Soul' - They Might Be Giants

What song makes you cry every time you hear it?
A few songs have made me cry: Bette Midler - 'Wind Beneath My Wings', the Beatles - 'In My Life', George Harrison - 'All Those Years Ago' and 'Stuck Inside A Cloud', from the musical Les Miserables - 'A Little Fall of Rain'.

Imagine a time capsule, to be opened in two hundred years. You have to put five albums into the capsule � not necessarily your favorites, but the ones that will say the most about your life thus far. What five do you choose?
Oingo Boingo - Dark At the End of the Tunnel
Elvis Costello - Spike
Duran Duran - The Wedding Album
The Moody Blues - The Other Side of Life
Erasure - I Say I Say I Say

Go to This Day In Music, plug in your 16th birthday, and find out what song was #1 on the US chart that week. (Or, the UK chart, if you're in Europe) If you recognize the song, what memories does it evoke?
The song that was Number 1 on July 2nd 1990, was the New Kids on the Block: Step By Step. I recognize it and it makes me want to puke even today some 13 years later. I can't believe people liked this crap. In Britain the number one was Sacrifice/Healing Hands. Now there are two gorgeous songs by Elton John. Proving yet again that the British make better music. (most of the time)

Do the same for your 21st birthday, if you've passed it.
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman by Bryan Adams. Why did someone like Bryan Adams who made some great rock n' roll in the 80's have to go all sappy and film soundtrack on us. No Bryan I haven't really loved a woman!

What CD are you currently listening to, or did you last listen to? Is it from a genre you listened to as a teenager? (If you're still a teenager, would you have listened to it three, four years ago?)
The last cd in my player was the Moody Blues Greatest Hits. I bought it in 89 when I was a teenager, so my guess is I would have listened to it then too. 3 or 4 years ago I probably wouldn't have, I was into more dance music, which the Moody Blues are not. For me music always comes full circle. If I like something, I may forget about it for awhile, but it will always come back to me.

What CD in your collection would your teenage/younger self laugh at? (Boy bands and sparkly girls don't count � most of my friends list could say that!)
The Pet Shop Boys - Actually, I hated them in the 80s. I really adore them now. I'd probably add Duran Duran too, because when they were popular in the 80s they were at the bottom of my list. Oh how things change.

What CD/artist did you love when you were younger that you now cringe at?
Poison...though I've still been known to go to a concert if they are around. Several 80's hairbands..Though not Def Leppard..I still love the Leps I care not what anyone else thinks!

If you could buy everyone on your friends list one CD, what would it be and why?
Ow that question hurts my brain. I'd have to say Elvis Costello's Brutal Youth, which will always remain close to the top of my favorite albums of his. There are so many others that I'd like to share with the world though. The list could go on forever.

Bonus question: what band most deserves a tribute album? What current artists should cover their songs?
Most of the bands/artists I like have tribute CDs...and tribute CDs annoy the hell out of me. Nick Lowe has one..Elvis Costello...Duran..Erasure, Siouxsie and the Banshees...The Moody Blues don't as far as I know, but I'd hate to hear their music done by anyone other than them. So they deserve one..but noone is good enough to cover them!
"I'll be stretching my mouth to let those big words come right out."

Ten bands/singers/performers/composers:
01. Moody Blues/Justin (that sexy studmuffin) Hayward
02. Elvis Costello
03. Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo
04. Sarah Brightman (who has a new cd out next week...weeee)
05. Duran Duran
06. Erasure
07. Nick Lowe
08. The Beatles/and their solo works
09. David Bowie
10. Madonna

Nine movies you could watch forever:
01. Chicago
02. Being John Malkovich
03. Dangerous Liaisons
04. Sleepy Hollow
05. Nightmare Before Christmas
06. Hello Dolly (vintage Miaheal Crawford..such fun!)
07. Labyrinth
08. Planet of the Apes (Burton's version)
09. Edward Scissorhands

Eight books:
01. The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux
02. Prince of Tides - Pat Conroy
03. About a Boy - Nick Hornby
04. Chocolat - Joanne Harris
05. Delta of the Venus - Anais Nin
06. The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice
07. The Ghost - Danielle Steel (can't believe I'm enjoying this)
08. The Flute Player - DM Thomas

Seven dreamy boys/girls (whatever your preference)
01. Justin Hayward...Mmmmm Yum
02. Elvis Costello who's pouting for being demoted to number 2
03. Danny Elfman ...He's been pouting for months for the same he's number 3
04. John Lodge
05. John Malkovich
06. John Cusack
07. Simon Le Bon

Six inanimate objects you'd hate to live without:
01. computer
02. books
03. paper
04. pens
05. my little green automobile
06. Compact discs

Five television shows that aren't dumb:
01. Good Eats
02. Whose Line is it Anyway (lol)
03. Eastenders
04. Red Dwarf
05. Are You Being Served

Four songs with meaning to you:
01. "Haunted" - The Moody Blues
02. "The Long Journey Home" - Elvis Costello
03. "Bless the Wings" - The Moody Blues
04. "Skin" - Oingo Boingo

Three articles of clothing you wear all the time:
01. panties...
02. bra
03. do shoes count?

Two best friends:
01. Erin
02. Tina

One random fact about you:
I'm addicted to silly quizes

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

"The Crack Smoking People of Wednesday What-If bring you...."

The Wednesday What-If people were smoking some really good stuff this week.

1. What if you had to wear one item of clothing every single day for the rest of your life?
I would be a really cranky human. Clothes are one of my guilty pleasures. Hold on....that said 1 item...Uh...It would have to be a dress then or geeze you would all be seeing way too much.

2. What if you had to stay in one town/city and never step foot outside its lines for the rest of your life?
I would guess I'd have to move to one hell of a big city with a huge shopping district. If not I would be bored. See ya all in NYC or London...

3. What if you had to eat and drink only one kind of food and one kind of beverage for the rest of your life?
I would be nutritionally deprived and I would die young. So take your question and shove it. Woman cannot live on tiramisu alone. HA!

4. What if you had to pretend to be someone else for the rest of your life?
Allow me to pretend I'm Diana Krall...and I'll pretend that today's my wedding day...c'mere Mr. MacManus, I'm ready to become the new missus. Tee hee

5. What if you could only have one of your five senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell, or taste) for the rest of your life?
I won't pick one, I'll just say that I'd learn to cope as do countless other people that live without certain senses. I might not enjoy it, but I would survive and move on with life.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

"Who's going down? Who's comin' with me"

Ok, it's Linds' fault. But a few random quizzes, cos that's a good way to start the morning.

Elevator Man
You are all about sex. You say dirty things just
to get a rise out of others, and love making
people blush! But you are a hell of a love, even if
you don't have red hair and an evil grin.
Elevetor Man - Who's goin down
I ride my elevator
Through the shafts of your heart
When you climb aboard baby
There's no getting off

Which Oingo Boingo Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You're DAVY! You're a short Brit with an atitude.
Go the short people! You play percussion and
sing with a drop dead sexy Brit accent that
makes all the girls fall for you... and you
aren't complaining one bit!

Which member of the Monkees are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Monday, June 02, 2003

"Nothings ever yours...on easy terms"

I'm doing a hundred zillion different things right now. So I have to say, it's not likely we'll see an update of Man Out of Time tonight. My lazy butt actually left the computer and went for a walk with my nephew this afternoon. We walked all along the hill and to the playground about 6 blocks away. Is it wrong of me to get such amusement from swings? I know I'm 28, but nothing makes me feel so good as listening to Justin Hayward singing while swinging on a swing. (insert sigh here)

It was on the swing that I decided one of my next story ventures was going to be a time travel fic, containing my lovely blonde troubador. For some reason the song "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" has been an inspiration to me on so many levels as have the songs "Haunted" and "Bless the Wings" Both songs, are the inspiration to the sequel that's in the works for "Someday I'll Return Again to You"

I'm trying to get Blog Amp running on this site, cos I think the idea is uber cool, but so far I'm not having much luck with it. It's not liking my computer much at all.

Oh and on a plus note, from the to do list. The trades will all be done this evening...and I may have Theresa's Elvis Costello CD done! I'm only a day late on the weekend stuff. Not to shabby if you ask me.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

In touch with the ground...I'm on the hunt I'm after you's time for me to fess up with what got done on the to do list. Are you ready for what my lame ass did for the past 24 hours.

1. The random trade grew into 9 discs so I'm actually working on that right now.

2. The Decade of Song Mixes are done....I'm not sure how pleased I am with the outcome of some of the tracks. Never try to put 1 Pink Floyd song on a disc..they don't lend well to ripping. (These will be mailed to Squirt on Tuesday)

3. Expect to see a Man Out of Time update shortly. The mixes have kept me away from the story, or rather both stories

4. Wrote 4 more pages of the Justin Hayward fic. Is anyone reading this?(I know Katy is) I'd love some feedback on this one. I'm really proud of it..and I'd hate to think it's just my personal extremely arrogant opinion. Expect a plot twist the next time it's posted over at the live journal.

5. Took a nice long walk today and did more crunches. Got to play with all the neighborhood doggies and kitties too..Fun Fun! Animals Rock!

Things I did..that aren't on the too do list.

1. Bought 2 more Moody Blues albums on VINYL! Weeeee The Seventh Sojourn and To Our Children's Children

2. Bought the Moody Blues CD for The Albert Hall show I have on DVD that I love so much

3. Answered a zillion and 1 emails from my yahoo groups

4. Got my turntable and stereo hooked up properly again!

5. Bought a handful of smutty romance novels at Half Price Books Clearance dept. Half Price Books is the best place in the world I tell you.

6. Am now to receive the cdr of Elvis Costello's Pheonix show from Oct of 2002

See I did lots of stuff...Are you proud of me or what?