Saturday, December 28, 2002

A Survey I stole from Lola

I see: my cat, my computer and my teddy bear
I need: A new job
I find: That nothing ever goes my way...but sometimes it's not as bad as it seems
I want: More really a job that is less stressful
I have: a fantastic family that can compare with no other no matter how dysfuncional we all
I wish: that one of my concubines were here
I love: my mother
I hate: thinking about how much time I've wasted
I miss: the ease of college and the hope that we all had for the future
I fear: being completely alone
I feel: slightly depressed..and worried about the future
I hear: my nieces playing downstairs
I smell: Stuffed shells
I crave: New music to listen to and inspiration for my story
I search: for a better job
I wonder: How much time I have left..and if it's enough
I regret: not doing some things that were offered to me

When was the last time you ...

Smiled?: when I was at supper talking to the family
Laughed?: when we listened to Elvis Costello's St Stephen's Day Murders
Cried?: Christmas Day..when I really didn't want to go back to work
Bought something?: Today on the BMG site..I bought 3 new cds
Danced?: this morning with my cat to All I Ask of You..waltzing with the kitty :D
Were sarcastic?: I'm always sarcastic
Kissed someone?: this morning mum
Talked to an ex?: Why would I do that?
Watched your favorite movie?: I haven't watched a movie in ages
Had a nightmare?: A few days ago..I was dreaming about my job from hell

A Last time for everything ...

Last book you read: I'm reading Kiss and Tell by Trudi Pacter right now
Last movie you saw: Ghost Ship
Last song you heard: Believe In Me - Dubstat
Last thing you had to drink: Coca Cola
Last time you showered: I prefer baths
Last thing you ate: Stuffed shells and italian hoagie

Do You ...

Smoke?: NO
Do drugs?: No
Have sex?: that's a rather personal question dont ya think...
Sleep with stuffed animals?: I sleep with my no..not stuffed ones...unless they've just eaten...
Live in the moment?: What moment..oh dammit I missed it again..
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: no
Play an instrument?: I used to play french horn..and some keyboard
Believe there is life on other planets?: Of course
Remember your first love?: I try to forget it
Still love him/her?: lno
Read the newspaper?: Every morning
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: Yes..why does that matter
Believe in miracles?: Perhaps
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: No..everything ends
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: It depends..who are the others
Consider love a mistake?: Love doesn't exist
Like the taste of alcohol?: depends on the alcohol
Have a favorite candy?: Raspberry Godiva bars
Believe in astrology?: No but it's fun to read
Believe in magic?: David Copperfield is the anti-christ
Believe in God?: Yes..
Pray?: again yes
Go to church?: Fairly regularly
Have any secrets?: not really
Have any pets: 4 cats a dog and a turtle
Do well in school?: Yes...I was 8th in my high school class and in college I graduated with honors
Go to or plan to go to college?: Bachelors Degree in Business Administration fro California University of PA
Have a major?: Business Administration
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: NO
Wear hats?: I love hats
Have any piercings?: the usual place
Have any tattoos?: I have a low tolerance for pain
Hate yourself?: not life..yes
Have an obsession?: Many
Have a secret crush?: No...
Do they know yet?: if I don't have one...they can't know
Collect anything?: Books..cds..clothes
Have a best friend?: yes Jennifer...
Wish on stars?: Yes
Like your handwriting?: It's a bit sloppy
Have any bad habits?: Many
Care about looks?: least my own
Boy/girlfriend's looks?: Well if that person were ugly would I be with them..this is a weird question
Friends and other people?: Uh no
Believe in witches?: Yes
Believe in Satan?: Yes
Believe in ghosts?: There's one in my house so I better
After Christmas Wish Lists, and other fun things

Ah yes, now that I have a small amount of spending money, and I do mean small, I can ponder the things I really want to buy. Of course if anyone wants to buy them for just go for it, and my wallet thanks you from the emptiest reaches of each compartment.

1. U2 The Greatest hits...(I keep forgetting about this one and I want the deluxe edition)
2. Elvis Costello and Anne Sofie Von Otter For the Stars (it's grown on me what can I say)
3. Erasure-Other People's Songs (out on Jan 28...Everyone buy it)
4. Cyndi Lauper - Shine (when did this ep come out!)
5. Elvis Costello - Girls Girls Girls (yes another compilation that I don't have..I'm a completist)
6. Elvis Costello - Ten Bloody Marys and Ten How's Your Father (another have to understand I'm anal about Elvis)
7. Madonna - Die Another Day (cd single)
8. Peter Murphy - Alive Just for Love
9. Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Best of Ltd Edition (me want me want)
10.David Bowie - The Best of Double Disc (like I said....I'm a completist) and the DVD will be on the movie list..that's being compiled
11. Billie Ray Martin - 18 carat Garbage (import cd..sigh)
12. Caroline Lavelle - Brilliant Midnight (this is the voice of a diva)
13. Nightingale (the cast recording with Sarah fav diva)
14. Peter Gabriel - Up
15. Michael Ball - Center Stage
16. Howard Jones - The Peaceful Tour Deluxe Edition
17. Bryan Ferry - Frantic
18. Dubstar - Make It Better

Oh dear I'm sure there's more..but this is just from an hour or so of searching.

Oh and on to DVDs and videos

1. Spiderman
2. Ice Age
3. David Bowie the Best of collection
4. Evita

Thursday, December 26, 2002

The St. Stephen�s Day Murders

The Christmas sisters were known throughout their small town of Killerarie. Dawn and Eve had dreaded the coming holiday season more than any two people the world over. It didn�t help that their parents had always seen fit to dress them in the color of the season, even when December 25 had long past.

Now that the years had past and they were grown with families of their own, it was their responsibility to entertain the family. It was not a task that either sister relished. Both sisters sat in the large kitchen, Dawn preparing the Christmas feast, while Eve downed another Tia Maria.

�Is it your goal to be bloody sloshed before everyone arrives this year?� Dawn asked.

The empty glass that sat on the table served as answer enough. The cup was filled quickly enough. Eve had not had the best of years. Her husband had left her for his much younger secretary, all in the stereotypical manner, leaving her with the care of her two young sons that were more than a bit hyperactive.

�Don�t you wish you could get rid of them all? I mean when do they bother with us except at Christmas? Never, I tell you. Yet here we are expected to welcome them in to our home and feed them our food, and the day after tomorrow, they�ll all be gone again for another 365 days. Wouldn�t it be lovely to just stick a little bit of cyanide in the turkey, and watch them all drop!�

Dawn�s laughter could be heard all throughout Killerarie. The more stable of the two, she still didn�t relish her holiday duties. Had it been up to her, the gathering would only be her sister and her two sons. Dawn�s own husband had died three years earlier of causes yet to be explained.

�Do you think mere cyanide would do those old harridans and bastards in? I say it�s not nearly strong enough.� Dawn went into the spice cabinet and seemed to be pondering a small container. �How tempting it would be to watch them all fall lifeless to the floor twitching!�

Dawn sprinkled some of the spice on the turkey, grinning secretly to herself. �Are you including your brood in with the rest of them, darling sister?�

It didn�t take Eve long to reply, even though the reply was slurred. �Of course. First thing tomorrow morning they�ll be out chasing some poor little wren around, until it expires! All for holiday tradition! A tradition that their father taught them! Some father! He certainly doesn�t care much for family now that he has his little piece tucked away in London.�

The voices in the large dining hall grew louder and louder. More of the family had just arrived. The sound of Eve�s two sons tormenting their young cousins could be heard as the trampling of their feet beat an offbeat tattoo on the floor.

As the drink took hold of Eve she became more helpful in the kitchen, adding her own spices to the holiday feast. This would truly be dinner that everyone would remember. It very well may be the last one that they ever shared.

Winking in conspiracy with her sister, they began to take the trays of food into the hall. Uncles and Aunts kissed their cheeks and remarked how lovely they looked in their festive costumes. All the faces blurred together as the beer and whiskey began to be poured. The family seemed not to notice that not a morsel passed through the sisters pursed lips as the day went on.

�Ah little Evey still looking so pretty in her red and green. Come give us a kiss child.�

Uncle Albert�s drunken face loomed close to her own. The sight of that red pork chop shaped head drawing closer to her filled her with revulsion, and she quickly pulled back. The scent of more than just whiskey laced his breath. Quickly lifting a tray of appetizers, she thrust them in his face.

�Dawn made these yummy rolls, have one Uncle, I�m sure you�ll love it!�

As she turned away in escape she heard her sister squeal out, �Uncle Marcus, your tie! It�s in the punch bowl.�

It seemed the whole room snickered. No one was near drunk enough to comment on the huge ugly fish shaped tie that he wore. It was obviously a gift from one of his two irrepressible children. His daughters stampeded through the room, followed closely behind by her own two boys and the family dog.

How odd that the goodwill should only last long enough to exchange gifts and devour every tiny bit of food. It was remarkable how much food these people could consume. Perhaps they would explode before the special ingredients in the food took effect.

Pouring herself another tia maria she sat down at the table in the kitchen. The huge roasting pan sat in front of her, filled with the remains of the holiday turkey. For a brief second she thought she heard it gobble in anger at her. Spilling her drink she rushed back into the hall with the family.

�There you are Eve. I believe our little feast has been a great success.�

Both sister turned to see the many slumped bodies lying about the room. With an evil grin the two sisters muttered.

�We�ve finally got rid of them!�

It was their answer to the killing of the wrens�In the St. Stephen�s Day Murders��The Tia Marias flowed all through the night and into the feast of St. Stephen. This year though, not a wren was harmed by a child of Christmas.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Merry Christmas

Hope all of you have a great holiday. My Blog will return to normal on the 26th..or perhaps even tomorrow...if I'm very bored...Take care..and enjoy the day!

Monday, December 23, 2002

Happy Holidays

Yours truly is so tired right now..she can't comprehend much of anything let alone writing in the story...Hopefully...I'll be able to post some more for you as my Christmas Present to you..

I leave you with a list of my favorite Christmas songs..and the artists that performed these favored versions..

Put a little love in your heart - Annie Lennox and Al Green
Do They Know it's Christmas - Band Aid
O Holy Night - Michael Crawford
St. Stephen's Day Murders - Elvis Costello
Ding Dong - George Harrison
Wonderful Christmas Time - Paul McCartney
Thanks For Christmas - XTC
Santa Baby - Madonna
Christmas from the Family - Jill Sobule
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) U2
What Christmas Means to Me - Paul Young..

Happy Holidays.....

Sunday, December 22, 2002


time: 7:50 p m
date: dec.22.02
listening: Elvis Costello and the Cheiftains-St. Stephen's Day Murders
reading: John Updike Rabbit, Run
needing: Still needing that new job.
talking: to no one right now.
thinking: when will I ever get around to making that Costello Compilations

__�find me

aim: LadyRimmer

I keep stealing things from Java's diary... I'm so bad. Just to let you all know I've been doing some updating today...OcelotLand is updated. I've also updated the Fanfiction Blog with the story Brilliant Mistake at Linds' insistance.

You'll be happy also to know that I'll be posting some of the Man Out of Time story here later this evening. I just started working on that one again.

Again I'm always interesting in knowing which stories you like the best.

Oh and in keeping with the holiday season...I want to post the lyrics to my the Mr. Elvis Costello

St Stephen's Day Murders
(Paddy Moloney/Elvis Costello)
I knew of two sisters whose name it was Christmas
And one was named Dawn of course, the other one was named Eve
I wonder if they grew up hating the season
Of the good will that lasts till the Feast of St. Stephen

For that is the time to eat, drink and be merry
'Til the beer is all spilled and the whiskey is flowed
And the whole family tree you neglected to bury
Are feeding their faces until they explode

There'll be laughter and tears over Tia Marias
Mixed up with that drink made from girders
And it's all we've got left as you draw your last breath
And it's nice for the kids as you've finally got rid of them
In the St Stephen's Day Murders

Uncle is garglin' a heart-breaking air
While the babe in his arms pulls out all that remains of his hair
And we're not drunk enough yet to dare criticize
The great big kipper tie he's about to baptize

His gin-flavoured whispers and kisses of sherry
His best crimble shirt flung out over the shop
While the lights from the Christmas tree blow up the telly
His face closes in like an old cold pork chop

Alternate Chorus:
And the carcass of the beast left over from the feast
May still be found haunting the kitchen
And there's life in it yet we may live to regret
When the ones that we poisoned stop twitchin'

Ah yes..this day's blog is very random!!

Tune in next time..when Sybil...posts more of her Man Out of Time story....

Saturday, December 21, 2002

The New Blog

As some of you may have noticed there's a link to 'My Fanfiction Blog'. Well I've got the lovely little blogger up and going now...It has a pretty little template...and 4 stories posted...You Want Her Too, Maybe I'm Amazed and the revised well as We Close Our Eyes..

I'll be adding more stories over the next few days so you can read them all if you'd like..

I'm now debating which stories to post next..I'm thinking Such Unlikely Lovers and Brilliant Mistake.

Anyone have any suggestions..
Current Stats

time: 5:56 p m
date: dec.21.02
listening: "Oh L'Amour" :> Erasure Marky Mix
reading: S. John Updike.
needing: A new job.
talking: to not a soul at the moment.
thinking: about making a Elvis Costello compilations series...

Well I'll tell you this, working on the Elfshrine is not fun. I spent several hours on that yesterday to get no where..and I deleting a whole page of pictures, only to have the site tell me that I was at my quota? So that was time wasted, I will spend no more than an hour on that. I really want to come up with another page or so in my story, cos I know that my dear readers can't live without an installment..and I've not delivered any reading material in several days..My humble apologies.

A friend of mine through trading circles made a Costello cd called The Songs Summer Sings "The Relationship Rollercoaster" I really want to make a cd of like continue the same vein...It has mostly songs EC did himself ..but also 2 songs from the album with Anne Sofie Von Otter...For the Stars..

Java is doing a great job at listing her new wave mp3 collection at her diary..I'd do that..but it would take too much time..suffice to say that the music whore has too many mp3s and cds to begin to catalog everything..

But I'm going to offer some more suggestions to those of you that are into the new wave scene...or 80's music..or what not..

Elvis Costello...Get it all dammit..if not..Punch the Clock is the most new wavey of this "God"'s collection
Songs of note from that cd

Everyday I Write a Book
Pills and Soap
Let Them All Talk
The Greatest Thing

Seasonally you might want to check out the Annie Lennox Al Green duet Put a Little Love in Your Heart and XTC's Thanks for Christmas

Midge Ure/ultravox/visage

answers to nothing
dancing with tears in my eyes
fade to grey
dear god

La Gloria (for comic relief)
March on down the line
Witch in the Ditch
Don't Say No

Glass Tiger
Don't forget me (when I'm gone)
I'm Still Searching
I Will Be There

Yazoo/Alison Moyet
Love Resurrection
nobody's diary
ode to a boy
don't go
too pieces
only you

Paul Young

Everytime you go away
come back and stay
everything must change
love of the common people

Is that enough for now?

download and enjoy these if you can

Friday, December 20, 2002

What do you want to know?
[[FIRST & MIDDLE NAME:]] Andrea Jane

[[NICKNAMES]] Andii, An, Cleo, Queen

[[HAIR COLOR:]] Dark brown..almost blackish

[[HAIR LENGTH:]] almost chin length

[[EYE COLOR:]] brown

[[HEIGHT:]] In the neighborhood of 5'2 or 5'3

[[BIRTHDAY:]] July 2, 1974

[[LOCATION:]] Pennsylvania

[[SHOE SIZE:]] 8

[[ZODIAC SIGN:]] Cancer (malignant)

[[SIBLINGS:]] 2 Debby and Rudy..both older


[[GENRE OF MUSIC:]] 80's new wave and rock

[[MUSIC ARTIST:]] Elvis Costello-Erasure-Oingo Boingo

[[MOVIE:]] Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, Dangerous Liasions, About A Boy, Chocolat, From Hell

[[BRAND:]] DKNY when I can afford it..if not the Target brand...

[[SONG:]] �Man Out of Time" Elvis Costello "Everyday" Erasure version "Try to Believe" Oingo Boingo

[[WORD:]] fuck

[FOOD:]] Mexican

[[DRINK:]] Coke

[[COLOR:]] Black..wait that's not a's a neutral....Purple

[[GIRL NAME:]] Angela

[[BOY NAME:]] Declan

[[RADIO STATION:]] Radio sucks

[[ANIMAL:]] Cat's and Dogs
[[ICE CREAM FLAVOR:]] cherry chocolate chip

[[QUOTE:]] "I don't fucking hardly think so"-Greg Proops

[[DAY OF THE WEEK:]] Sunday

[[MONTH:]] July

[[DO YOU]]



[[THINK YOU HAVE COMMON SENSE:]] only on the third tuesday of every month with a Q in it

[[PLAY SPORTS/ WHAT KIND OF SPORTS DO YOU LIKE:]]'ve got to be joking..I'm a wussy

[[BELIEVE IN ALIENS:]] sure I do..only I wish they'd beem up the world could get back to normal

[[LIKE SITCOMS:]] some of them...

[[HAVE A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND:]] Not for a long long time

[[THINK YOUR STYLE/FASHION IS COOL:]] I'm borderline trendy...though for work I'm conservative

[[HAVE ANY PIERCINGS:]] Just my ears thank you

[[DO DRUGS:]] no.

[[DRINK:]] occassionally

[[HAVE SEX:]] If the opportunity presented itself


[[SMOKED:]] yes

[[DRANK:]] yes...I'm 28...if I hadn't I'd be a sorry loser

[[GOTTEN DRUNK:]] Once or twice yes

[[WENT BUNJEE JUMPING:]] I dont' fucking hardly think so

[[HAD A CRUSH ON A TEACHER:]] If you saw my teachers you wouldn't ask that

[[BROKE THE LAW:]] Well if speeding tickets count..yeah



[[KISSED A GUY:]] yes

[[LAUGHED:]] Well yes...on a regular basis

[[BEEN EMBARASSED:]] More times than I'd like to admit

[[CRIED:]] Again yes

[[WANTED TO DIE:]] right now

[[BEEN SCARED TO HALF DEATH:]] Oh yeah..many times

[[STOLE ANYTHING:]] grade school..when I didnt' know better


[[THOUGHT ABOUT OR TRIED TO KILL YOURSELF:]] Thought about it..when life was very unkind..but I'd never do it..

[[WENT SKINNY DIPPING:]] I don't bare flesh

[[BEEN IN LOVE:]] Love doesn't exist

[[SAID "I LOVE YOU" AND DID NOT MEAN IT:]] Haven't we all





[[WROTE YOU A NOTE:]] Kristin..well and IM

[[CALLED YOU:]] Tina

[[KISSED YOU:]] My Mom...

[[HUGGED YOU:]] My Mom

[[EMAILED YOU:]] My Brother

[[TOLD YOU THEY LOVe YOU:]] The Parental Units

[[WAS MEAN TO YOU:]] I can't really recall anything recently

[[SAID SOMETHING NICE TO YOU:]] My Parents..they really wuv me :D

[[YOU SAW A MOVIE WITH:]] nephew

[[YOU WENT TO THE MALL WITH:]] The Parental units

[[SAID THEY HATED YOU:]] um...i don't know



[[WHAT WILL YOU NAME YOUR KIDS:]] Not having any

[[WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR WIFE/HUSBAND TO BE LIKE:]] Someone generous and kind..who wants a wife that doesn't work..

[[WHERE WILL YOU LIVE:]] whereever our jobs might be..or our family




[[WHAT'S YOUR BIGGEST FEAR?]] getting fired

[[THE 3 BEST INSIDE JOKES YOU HAVE:]] �the Lizard Sauce" "the fuzzy cuffs" "my concubines"


[[WHAT KIND OF SHOES DO YOU WEAR:]] Any kind that strike my fancy

[[WHAT KIND OF CLOTHES DO YOU SLEEP IN:]] T-shirts..flannel..


[[WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED:]] A church wedding I suppose..

[[IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE WISH, WHAT WOULD IT BE:]] I'd like to have a one on one conversation with Greg Proops..or a night of meaningless sex with Elvis Costello or Danny Elfman


[[WHAT DO YOU REALLY DISLIKE:]] My disgusting traumatising job

[[DESCRIBE YOUR FIRST KISS:]] Innocent and not worth a mention

Thursday, December 19, 2002

A Day in the Life

I'm just about ready to give up on the job..Why can't I find something else. I'm close to having a nervous breakdown because of this. I've never worked anywhere that made me so frightened before. I'm scared of a damn job! Can you believe that?

I'm just not excited about anything right now. In fact if I could give up the ghost right now..I would. Nothing has gone right in my life in months..shy of the Episode of Elvis...which was a complete fluke in my life..cos good things don't happen to me..

I don't think I've ever been this depressed in my whole life...all I want to do is sleep...and even that isn't comforting, because when I wake up I have to go back to that job, where I can't seem to do a damn thing right.

So if anyone wants to get me anything for Christmas, Prozac would be good for starters..

I'm taking the day off from writing in any of the stories..I want to work on the Not My Slave Story over the weekend as well as Man Out of Time..but I'm not setting any schedules for myself..cos I'll never be able to make them..

The plus is I'm done just about with all my trades..Just one more disc to burn...for the Boston Tree and I'll be done.. So I might get to work on one of the websites..likely Mr. Elfman's Nightmare..cos that's the one that's disturbing me most...What I think I'm going to remove the concert picture..and do more recent stuff...and really dishy older pics.

AGAIN feel free to leave me or on the chatterbox..

Until tomorrow Kidlets..Peace Love and Understanding...what's so funny about them?

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

The end of the story is near

I think I want to wait until tomorrow to post the rest of my creation. The ending my surprise some of you..others may not be so surprised. I'm working out a few odds and ends on it as I type. I certainly hope you have enjoyed that story..You can always leave feedback on the shout outs..or the chatterbox.

This story actually took quite a different turn from how I planned it..I had originally planned on having all my concubines in the mix..but only a few actually made it. For some reason, Elvis..takes control of any story he's in. I'm sure there will be a battle of some proportion in Man Out of Time..between Everett and Peter over Alex. I think Man Out of Time will be the first story I write with Elvis..that he doesn' t get the girl...

Ooops am I giving away the ending you haven't read yet? Not entirely...but again..I keep my Greggie credible..

Until Tomorrow..or maybe shortly...Peace Out

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Ah yes, here I sit trying to edit my Danny Elfman Photo Shrine..I have many new pictures of the Elf that need to be shared, Plus I want to take the Screen Grabs down, and redo my Grabbing the Elfman site at some point. Right now I just want to clean the site up so that the pictures that are working are the ones that are showing..and then I'll make the additions in the coming weeks.

I really love my elfman shrine...and I want it to be a nicely viewed and user friendly site, unfortunately working with tripod is not easy..and since I'm cheap and don't wish to pay for webspace..I have to deal with it's nastiness...

Here is the link to my photo shrine Mr Elfman's Nightmare I'm not sure if you'll get to view it..I've reached my bandwidth!! I can't even edit the damn site properly now!! So I guess I may be moving on to my Ocelot Land site to work..If you do go to the Elfman Shrine..Please sign the guest book..I like to know who's been to my websites..

I've actually accomplished a few of the things on my too do list!

I finished reading that nasty Delta Wedding novel..I also did the 100 things about me...that got all of us bloggers addicted..thanks to Java! A good portion of the trees are decorated. I have one tree..a tiny artificial tree is now in my bedroom..with all my funky coke bear and marvin martion ornaments..on it. Our big tree is downstairs in the living room..and is fairly complete...but I want new ornaments! I always want new ornaments for the tree. You'll also see a bit of the You Want Her Too story posted here shortly. I've been working on that one on and off..

What I'm finding it hard to do right now is get those darn cds burned, and those are the things I need to do the most! Ah well I better get to burning..

Saturday, December 14, 2002

Stupid Bloody Puters

I'm trying to burn the Erasure cds know those remixes I mentioned a few weeks ago? I'm trying to burn them on a different program to see if the errors that are on a few of the mp3s show up on the new copies...

Unfortunately my puter is not enjoying multitasking or much of anything else tonight. I'm trying to IM...Brighid and burn ...and well..finish this blog and the puter is Nope..I don't fucking hardly think so. Damn the puter for stealing the line of my Proopsie.

I promise you guys a few updates on both stories as soon as my puter complies

Friday, December 13, 2002

100 fun facts about me

1. The Music Whore has over 3000 cds and over 300 concert cdrs in her collection
2. Most of the concert collection are Elvis Costello Concerts
3. I have a passion for romance novels
4. My passion has inspired me to write my own stories and fanfiction
5. In 6th grade I completed my first fanfiction about George Harrison and it filled a whole 3 subject notebook
6. My first crush was Davy Jones
7. The Monkees were my first concert.
8. I've seen almost all of my musical obsessions in concert.
9. The bands I've not seen...Erasure, Oingo Boingo, Roxette, George Harrison and Glass Tiger
10.I've actually met 5 celebrities in my life
11. One of them is Elvis Costello
12. Two of them are Whose Line Cast Members
13. One of them Isn't Greg Proops
14. I didn't discover Whose Line until 2000
15. Tony Slattery was my first Whoser Crush...Greg came second
16. I discovered Whose Line when I was inbetween jobs
17. Greg is the only celebrity to ever write back to me.. and I have about 5 notes from him.
18. I actually talked to Greg from the stage at the Funny Bone
19. Station Square is my favorite spot in Pittsburgh
20. There are only 3 cities that I truly want to visit...Toronto, London and NYC
21. I was in Toronto only long enough to see the Phantom of the Opera in 92
22. I love musical theatre and realize now that Andrew Lloyd Webber is highly overrated
23. Sarah Brightman is one of my favorite female vocalists.
24. I got into Boingo through an ex boyfriend who looked alot like Danny Elfman
25. We broke uo because I wasn't as obsessed with Boingo as he was
26. Skin is my favorite boingo make out song.
27. My idol growing up was Olivia Newton John
28. Xanadu is still on of my favorite films
29. My job is worse than I make it sound
30. Some of my best friends are people I've never met
31. I have 4 cats a dog and a turtle
32. I'm a shy person.
33. I'm partial to anything with vampires.
34. One of my fav sci fi shows is Forever Knight about a vampire cop in toronto
35. My favorite authors are Anne Rice and Amanda Quick
36. My favorite Greg Proops quote is "I don't fucking hardly think so"
37. I've been known to be reading 3 books at one time
38. I don't like knowing too much about the personal lives of my concubines
39. I bought my first Elvis Costello record because he worked with Paul McCartney
40. Most of my stories are inspired by music I listen too.
41. I love to go clubbing but I never have anyone to go with.
42. I will probably never marry
43. My family is the most important thing in my life
44. I'm a lector in my church.
45. I've never owned a new car
46. My computer is my prized possession
47. I didn't get my first computer until 1999
48. The Improv All Stars were the first comedic act that i've seen.
49. I've been a fan of stand up comedians since I was in junior high.
50. I loved Eric Idle's short lived sitcom Nearly Departed
51. I can find an Elvis Costello song to fit any mood.
52. I've never really been in love
53. My 2 favorite Costello songs are Man Out of Time and This House is Empty Now
54. I'm easily depressed
55. I am a woman of many mood swings
56. Christmas is the most depressing time of year for me.
57. My favorite scent is Allure by Chanel
58. my hearts been broken and mended too many times
59. If I could have any career it would be a second choice would be a writer
60. I've memorized most of the lyrics to the musical Evita
61. Coca Cola and Potatoe chips are my weaknesses
62. I can bribed with offers of Tiramisu
63. The Eat N Park Christmas commerical makes me want to cry
64. My favorite novel is Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera
65. I made my parent's see Nightmare Before Christmas on it's opening night.
66. I can't stand Duran Duran's cover of Watching the Detectives
67. I still own and buy vinyl records
68. I don't own any Costellos albums on vinyl, but I have large collections of Duran, Erasure and Boingo on vinyl
69. Is my favorite number (jk)
70. My favorite Erasure song is Runaround on the Underground
71. The first Erasure cd I heard was Chorus
72. I collect Coke Bears
73. I despise the Official site for Greg Proops
74. The EC Home Page is my most frequently visited website
75. I'm trying to acquire most of the taped Costello shows from this years model...I mean tour
76. I find it hard to think of 100 things that will amuse you about me.
77. Blogging is one of my favorite activities
78. I watch only 2 or 3 tv shows...Whose Line is it Anyway and Good Eats are my favorites
79. I watch cooking shows..on Food Network, but can't cook to save myself
80. I have a strange fondness for geeky men
81. I've managed to acquire more than half of Danny Elfman's film scores
82. Elvis Costello and Erasure make up the largest portion of my cd collection with over 100 cds or cdrs each
83. My love for Duran Duran has faded over the years..but my love for Erasure has remained
84. My favorite Depeche Mode songs are usually sung by Martin Gore
85. My favorite video is Cheap Trick's "I Can't Take It"
86. Elvis Costello signed my favorite picture of him from this year
87. I often get lines of songs stuck in my head
88. Love is always scarpering or cowering or one of them
89. Tart....and the flavor another
90. I have as many books as I do cds
91. Terry Prachett is my fav sci-fi author
92. I really miss watching Red Dwarf on PBS
93. Chris Barrie is my favorite British Comedian..from Red Dwarf and Brittas Empire
94. Punch the Clock is one of my favorite Costello albums
95. The first costello cd I bought was Spike
96. I made a 7 cd set of remixes of Madonna songs
97. I constantly ponder why the naked chef isn't naked
98. This is almost done
99. My pets never cease to amaze me
100. I actually found 100 things to tell you about me....

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Stuff and Nonsense

Ah yes, another randome blog by yours truly. I'm slowly working to have some story coming your way. I think if life treats me well, this weekend I'll work on the story formerly known as An Innocent Man...Just to be different..and because well it's been neglected for a month or so now..

I still can't find the copy of disc one of Irvine 93..wish I had a clue of where this disc went..but I have 2 people that have offered to copy the show for me. Bless them!!! There's nothing worse then having something disappear like that! The only good that came out of losing that...I cleaned my rooms a bit..I still don't know where everything is..but it's better oraganize than before...

Favorite Fantasies

Yes...I've decided to share...some inner most...thoughts with you..I promise not to be too explict..but right now..I'm I'm going to share!

1. The Elf-fantasy...In my own little mind..I'm Danny's Personal Assistant..working out of his house...How convenient..If you've ever seen the picture of Danny sitting by the big picture window on an oriental rug..lets just say..on a lovely day..that rug gets put to good us...Assist you Danny? Anything you say, sir!

2. The Costello-fantasy...I have this to say..cos it's really not worth typing out twice...go to my fanfiction page..and read the first part of Such Unlikely Lovers...That's my costello fantasy...No I lie..I have many..cos I'd love to step into Alex's Distorted Angel as well.....

3. The Proops-fantasy..Oh god there are so many that revolve around him...The original premise for Maybe I'm amazed..would be my ultimate fantasy. I would be a singer on the verge of stardom (oh how I wish I could sing) and also a friend of Tony Slattery..who introduces me to Greg because he's writing an article on Musical theatre for some magazine...I also have visions of him having his car breakdown after a party..and him coming back to my house soaked...after stripping down to cow print boxers...ah..which produces much laughter from me...he strips..and has his wicked way with me..

Why can't dreams come true?

Monday, December 09, 2002

Recommended Listening...from the cd player of the Music Whore

Ah if only Mr. Proops were reading this. Lord knows of all my Concubines, Greg Proops is the only one with a serious problem in the musical taste department. I've actually been buying some cds lately. Don't look so shocked. I do buy music as well as trade live recordings.

So here is a list of some cds you should check out..some I've mentioned before..some I haven't..some are old..some are newish..but all of them are worth a listen..if you haven't already done so.

1. Matchbox twenty Disease
2. Paul McCartney Driving Rain and Driving US
3. Midge Ure Breathe
4. Elvis Costello Cruel Smile (live tracks and remixes..and the video for 45)
5. George Harrison Brainwashed
6. Robert Plant Now and Zen
7. Elton John Reg Strikes back and Made in England
8. Cheap Trick Lap of Luxury and Busted
9 Oingo Boingo Dark at the End of the Tunnel and Boi-ngo (or wherever that hyphen is supposed to be)
10.Lisa Stansfield Real Love
11.Julia Fordham Concrete Love

I'm sure I could give you some more..but I think that should be enough to keep you listening..Nothing is from the same genre,and each are great in there own unique ways. I'd force Greggie to listen to them all...especially if it meant not hearing about the Beastie Boys or Lou Reed!!

Lou Reed is one of the musical anti-christs...

Saturday, December 07, 2002

I'm such a blogging whore

There can't be much more to rant about. I think I left all the gorey details about my day from hell at my LiveJournal. So go there, to get the full scoop.

Essentially this is what I need to accomplish before Monday morning. Are you ready for this.

1. Burn the 3 MarkyMix CDs for my friend Jim, and do the artwork for the third cd as well
2. Burn CD trades for Tom, Charles,David, Possibly Brighid..and I think there's one more person..but I may be wrong. Don't ask how many discs, because the number is staggering.
3. Get the Christmas Card for Greg Printed out
4. Get the Christmas messages for Greg, compiled and printed out.
5. Update Man Out of Time.

It's Saturday night..and I have part of number 1 completed...and part of number 2 ...So essentially I'm no where near done with anything. I'm tired and somewhat cranky from my shopping experiences today, and I really don't want to do anything..but oh well..I have promises I need to keep...

Friday, December 06, 2002

The first blog of the Day...Proopslusting and Musical Musing

No rants today kidlets. The week ended on a fairly decent note. I only need to spend about 4 hours at work tomorrow on issues, and my mind will be free to wander onto other things. I'm not sure what other things, but definitely other things.

Perhaps, my mind will just stray to the lovely man that is Greg Proops. You might know..or not..that he is the inspiration for the character Everett in the Man out of Time story. (oh and there will be more of that story later..) Mind you, dear readers..Everett is not Greg..he's just based on my idea of how the Proopdog is...

It's no secret..if I had to tell you who my perfect man was....Greg Proops would be the one I'd select. Sure I love my other concubines dearly. Elvis Costello is actually a very close second in my list, but no one can really take Greg's place.

Now on to my musical musings

I'm still having fun downloading and burning the Erasure Marky Mixes. There are 3 cds worth of mixes..2 and a half if your anal, cos disc 3 is only 9 songs. I have to find some more pictures of my Erasure Boys..for the covers of these discs though.

The other musical musing is Boingo...I just remembered how wonderful the song Insanity can be when life is stressful. I'm not sure exactly what it is about this song, but it really seems to release alot of tensions. I swear...after a day of work, I need to have a whole 80 minute cd of just that song...

I'm compiling a list of songs that reduce stress...This is the list thus far...

1. Insanity-Boingo
2. Only Makes Me Laugh-Danny Elfman
3. How to Be Dumb-Elvis Costello
4. Push-Matchbox Twenty
5. Unhappy Birthday - the Smiths
6. Bigmouth Strikes Again-the Smiths

Feel free to let me know of any additions...

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Today's Blog----Random Rants and Musical Musings

I thought I'd give the story a break today..cos I had an awful day at work. I wish I could have just one day where I felt like I accomplished something! I feel like everything I do is wrong there. It makes me crazy. We have 2 hours of downtime..and when I have followups..they take up all my I can't get my issues done..So I go in on Saturdays!!! Which actually is not as bad as you think..cos aren't getting phone calls from obnoxious people!!

Next Rant!!! Lack of hours in the day..I swear I was working more..when I worked for that other nasty company, and I managed to get loads of stuff done at home...Now..I get next to nothing done..and I'm constantly tired...I don't know why..I imagine it's from the stress of the job that's making me stressed..I just wish I had more people to talk to ...I have a market lack of friends in my life now..Most of the people that I talked to in my training class are elsewhere.. so no fun at work..and no one to talk to at lunch...Talk about feeling isolated....

On a happy note Good Eats is on.... see the bottom picture on the right side of my blog..he's the cutey holding the container of Salt..I'm happy I can see one of my concubines..Cos...visions of Greg Proops are definitely lacking in my life right now as well... That man has the freakiest wardrobe...I love it..I admire a man with loud shirts..and funky specs!! Rock On Alton!!! I love watching him..the shows are just hilarious...and entertaining..even though I can't cook to save myself...I fucking burn water!!

now for the Musical Musings

Erasure...yes..those cute little boys pictured at the right..I'm working on a remix cd for my friend Jim in Ohio..It's going to have all the major remixes from the MarkyMix website If you like Erasure this is definitely a site you want to check out...the remixes are to die for...They don't distort the song..and give each one a more danceable air (like Erasure isn't dancy to start with)

oh and more about the Erasure boys..I might have mentioned that they are doing an album of be released around Jan. 28. Well like everything's been leaked to the net!! If you have a chance to download any of the tracks...Try the cover of You've Lost That Lovin Feeling..the other steller covers are Solsbury Hill and Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) This is definitely going to be an album worth buying!! Trust me..

Oh on another happy note!! I'm finally getting the score for Red Dragon!!! Thank God for Best Now if only they'd send me my password!! So I'll have all of this years my Pookie Elfy!!

And speaking of my concubines


Go look at the the right..and click on the MORE link!!! I've got all my fav pics of Elvis Costello and Danny Elfman there..and a whole page of Proopdog pics..If you have any favs of your can email them to me..cos I'm a picture whore..and they'll be displayed in my album!! I'm still looking for a few pics of the Proopdog that are floating about on cdrs somewhere!! Cos the more proopdog goodness that I have in my life the better!!!

Well Kidlets..I'm signing off for the night..Tomorrow..will bring more story for you...I needed a break from the story...Though I'd like some feedback on what you've read so far!!