Sunday, September 30, 2007

Help A Girl Out

I need to know which top to wear to the concert on Saturday, so I'm asking anyone and everyone to look at these two pictures (nevermind that they were taken at almost 10 p.m. shortly before I was about to get ready to get into my jammies)

So if you could take no notice of the late night horribleness of my face....and focus on the two tops. (I've decided on the pants) I would greatly appreciate it.

The key here is to get an outfit that will be eye catching to a certain person...but not too...erm...sleazy.

Outfit one
(Just a note the 15 year old nephew likes this one)

Outfit two

Leave all your votes in the comments.

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Help Me Make It Through This Book Alive!

H.G. Wells' In The Days Of The Comet is a short book; only 245 pages in length. I've been reading it off and on for almost a month now. I've read other books that are longer in the course of this time. I can't seem to make it through this one at all.

I used to pride myself on my ability to read and enjoy literature.

Why isn't this book included?

Yes, it's dry, but it's not boring. If it had been boring I would have put it down by now and completely forgotten about it. Unfortunately I'm at the halfway point now, and I couldn't stop reading it if I wanted to. If I invest a certain amount of time in a book I make sure that I finish it.

That's probably the reason why it's becoming so difficult to finish it. I feel like it's a school project. I always hated the required reading in high school. It was the hardest stuff to read, even if years later I decided to read it on my own. I remember having to read Les Miserables in 10th grade and hating it. I reread it a few years ago and fully appreciated the novel. I'd love to eventually read the unabridged version, but that's another story altogether.

It's my goal to finish the last 120 pages of this book today. (If it kills me) Because I have so many other, more interesting books to start reading!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cleaning Day

I'm broke.

My car needs gas and I really don't want to put another $20 on my Exxon gas card, because I desperately want to get that bill paid off, so that I only have the gas I used for the month on it.

So that leaves me with nothing to do this weekend except clean and workout.


I don't want to do either.

However I need to do both.

Double blergh!

I hate the last weekend of the month. It's always like this; scrambling to make sure there is enough money to make the bills and sitting around doing nothing because I'm totally broke.


I need the money fairy to pay me a visit NOW!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Top 5 On Friday - Week 143

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 CDs That You Bought Used

I've bought a lot of CDs used over the years, at stores and now through LaLa in trades.

Andy Taylor - Thunder

This was the first CD by Duran Duran's guitarist, after he left the band the first time. It's a great rocker and in the 90's and now, it's pretty damn hard to find. I found it at a CD shop behind Century III Mall for $5.99!!!

Midge Ure - Pure

I was just getting into Midge when I found this one for under $6. It's an eternal favorite of mine. Midge has a fabulous voice and writes the most beautiful songs.

Times Two - X Two

I know I'm the only one that's heard of this band but it was worth the couple of bucks I shelled out for this one. It's cheesy, happy 80's synth pop and they did an awesome cover of Simon and Garfunkel's Ceclia. Oh and the song Strange But True is great too!

OST - Playing For Keeps

There's a very rare Arcadia track on this one, and when I found this in a used shop I think they could hear my squeal of joy for miles around. Why? This CD itself is pretty hard to find.

Gordon Lightfoot - Waiting For You

This one came from LaLa, and I wish it were in better shape, because it's essentially out of print. (and Gordon's stuff is hard to find to start with) To get a copy I'd have to buy it at or Amazon Marketplace and pay more than I want to. So for now, I'll try to be content with my $1.75 LaLa deal.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Daydreaming At The Gym

Yesterday was one of those days were I was at the gym, but just barely. I found myself sitting at a mind drifting off to other places and people. Not what I call a good workout, but I suppose I'm not the only one that's ever suffered from gym daydreaming.

It seems this is something that occurs at regular fitness centers. You can't daydream at Curves unless you are the only person there. Eventually the "Change Stations Now" prompt will have someone knocking you off whatever machine/cardio square and moving. There's nothing like that at Jack's so I can find myself staring out into space for minutes before finishing a set.

It hasn't helped that gym hottie hasn't been in at the time I've been working out this week. (Boo! to that) At least if he's there, I'm drooling a bit, and concentrating on my workout, so I don't look like a weak old woman.

No, rather than having something to drool on, my mind was centered on the fact that I'm in a place in my life right now that I don't want to be. I'm not happy. I feel like I'm wasting time, and in some aspects that's true. In other aspects I'm just biding my time, and I have to remind myself that. This is just limbo right now and in about a year, all will be well.

I've been fighting the good fight since 2003. I've been depending on others...Soon...soon I may be slightly more self reliant again. I look forward to that day. Maybe then I can stop drifting to places that don't make me feel any better.

I'd much rather daydream about gym hottie.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sing It At The Top Of Your Lungs

When stress gets to me I have a few songs that I find on my mp3 player that I can play and sing along to --- loudly.

Today was a day when those songs were desperately needed. I'm not sure why. There was nothing particularly traumatic about the day.

One of my favorite songs to scream along to these days is Keri Noble's Imperfect. I love Keri. She's probably my favorite female artist these days.

All the other songs come from Elvis Costello. He's my one man stress buster. Essentially the album Blood And Chocolate, is my stress buster. Crimes of Paris, Blue Chair and Battered Old Bird, all take out the frustrations. If that album isn't handy Brutal Youth will do.

It's funny how some musicians/songwriters can say exactly what you want to say and in just the right tone. I swear I've lived out the song Just About Glad from Brutal Youth. Sometimes I mean it more than others. Right now I almost mean it.

Now if you don't mind, I've got some singing to do. Anyone want to join me?

Hump Day!

Ah it's been ages since I paraded the hunks. I think I need them again. All of them! I don't care who has anything to say about my choices.

So because it's Hump Day...I thought I'd bring back 3 of my hunks for the day.

So give it up for Mr. Hayward, Mr. Costello...and ...ah...Mr. Fishy.

This fangirl moment was brought to you by the letter "S" and the word silly.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Fishbowl

Mr. Fishy has the patience of a saint to put up with my nonsense. Hmmm Saint Fishy. Oye. I don't want to go there.

That size 8 foot is aiming for my mouth as I type.

Anyhow, it seems this is the best way I could find to get some songs that well...I thought should be forced upon him. Erm...they're good songs. At least I think so. And that's my personal arrogant opinion and I'm sticking to it.

Anyhow...I tried to put these songs on another server for streaming purposes and of course, it didn't work. Going through a few of my friends websites, I found filefactory, which has this cute, mp3 player type widget. The songs stay active for 7 days. I think it's going to work.

So give the songs a listen and let me know what you think. (That means Mr. Fishy too...when he has a few moments, of course)

Here's hoping I haven't swallowed anymore shoe leather.

Tuesday In A Nutshell

It's been a bad day. Nothing good could come out of it. Nothing.

~ The car sucked another $90 from me that I didn't have and didn't want to put on a charge card. But it had to be fixed or the car would be heard far and wide. Damn the muffler. Damn the exhaust pipe. Damn the whole freaking car that hates me.

~ I was attempting to budget things again...and I've just determined everything in my life is bleak right now and will remain so for another 15 which time the bright sun will shine in my life and all might be well.

~ I have a bad case of foot in mouth disease again. Sometimes I wish I could just shut my damn mouth and stop my stupid fingers from typing. I never make things better. I always make them worse.

~ Elton John was right, sorry does seem to be the hardest word.

~ Must learn never to try to be cute or silly with certain people again. It just gets me in trouble.

~ Mandy is still stuck in my head! I think I would prefer Yummy Yummy Yummy.

~ A little over a week til the Grass Roots show in Uniontown. I don't want to go. 3rd row seats and I just don't want to go. And I have nothing to wear...and ARGH! I just don't want to go.

~ I've heard nothing about the Donnie Iris show in Finleyville either. I'm thinking that's not going to happen. So this year I'll have one concert that will undoubtedly make me miserable and another that won't happen. Yee ha!

Tuesday Tunes - Week 2

I'm too tired this morning to type anything coherent, so I'm going to play my new meme instead. Usually I save this for the end of the day, but nope...I'm still near nodsville.

So if you want to play along....go to Music Memoirs.

What is your favorite movie soundtrack or score? (You can tell us why if you'd like)
I can't decide!

Nightmare Before Christmas (Though I hate the rerecorded crap. That I can do without)

I love me some classic Elfman goodness.

Across The Universe (Fantabulous Beatles covers)

I never expected to love this as much as I do, but Jim Sturgess has a great voice!

What is your favorite album by your favorite artist/band?

My longest favorite band: The Beatles

Rubber Soul

This is after all, the album with Nowhere Man.

And well my favorite artist is Elvis Costello. My favorite Costello album?

Blood and Chocolate

This is the Costello album everyone should own. There's not a bad song on the whole thing.

What is your favorite music video?

Hands down, The Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Crazy Cats

It's funny how my cats have paired off. I have 2 females and 2 males, and though they have all been altered, for lack of a better word, they have split up into couples.

Oogie and Bootsie make a cute couple

And then there's Itchy and Mutchka.

What's funny is that when I had Misty and Buddah they never paired up. Maybe it was the age difference. I don't know, but suddenly I have two groups of married couples in the house. What's really precious is when Mutchka starts to clean Itchy.

So far there's been no true love between the two younger kitties even though they hang out together all the time.

Random 10 - Week 124

From Music Memoirs

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

A lot of the music on my playlist came from the Renfest.

Cast In Bronze - Tubular Bells/Phantom Of The Opera
Cast In Bronze - Carol Of The Bells

(I've never heard anything so amazing as the carillon)

Porter and Stout - Song For Ireland

(These guys were great and funny)

Naughty Bawdy Babes - Roll Your Leg Over

(Don't ask..and yeah I've been singing it off and on all weekend)

Justin Hayward - Celtic Heart
Emm Gryner - East Coast Angel

Barry Manilow - Mandy
Barry Manilow - It Never Rains In Southern California

(Get these songs out of my head!!)

Keri Noble - Emily
Keri Noble - I Don't Want To Feel

The picture is of me and an old pirate. (Russ seems to think it's Keith Richards!)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Renfest Recap

There's so much to say about Pittsburgh's Renfest that I don't know where to start, except to say, if you are in my area, you should take it in.

The food is fantastic and not too expensive for a fair. I had beef stew in a bread bowl for $3.75 and it was so good. The price was less than Panera Bread too, if I remember correctly. Drinks are pricey. Soda is $2.25 for a bottle. Water is $1.50 and beer $3.00.

That aside, be merry. Oh and get a turkey drumstick. They are fantastic, but you'll need a friend to share it with, those are big birdies.

The shows were marvelous. I was really amused by the Washing Well Wenches and the Naughty Bawdy Babes. The first group are a bit of a comedy act and they are just hysterical. And the Babes, well they sing a bunch of old raunchy folk songs.

The Washing Well Wenches

So far I've kept myself from singing "Roll you leg over and do me til dawn." in public. But if I do,'s their fault.

The Naughty Bawdy Babes

Then there was the jousting. Mmmmm The jousting. Those were some lovely men on those horses.

Let me introduce you to the these knights that weren't in white satin.

Sir William in his armor.

Roderick, the evil knight. How can you boo the block in your city's colors, eh? And he's a pretty fine knight if you ask me.

Oh and here's my favorite, Sir Aidan. Lord of Sexyness.

Such fun! I must go back next weekend. I must!

But wait I forgot the thing that had me awestruck. Cast In Bronze was there. Cast in Bronze is the only transportable carillon in the US, and to hear those bells. It's beyond description.

All my pictures from the festival can be found here. Go have a look.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jousting Hottie

I'm a sucker for a pretty face. If that pretty face is on horseback playing a chivalrous knight, all the better.

Pittsburgh Ren-fest as a jousting hottie. Or at least a hottie to me.

Allow me to show you what I spent 1.5 hours drooling on today.

And is it me or does my little jousting hottie resemble my delectable DJ?

Today Is Renfest!

Finally, a weekend where I can go to the Pittsburgh Renaissance Fair! This weekend is a Celtic weekend with special music. I'm very excited. I've wanted to go to one of these for years.

My camera is ready with a freshly charged battery.

I have some cash.

I'm ready to see men in kilts and drink some ale and take lots of pictures.

Mmmm...if only Fishy would wear a kilt. I'm still holding out for a picture of him in the damn tux. I've been holding out for a year for that...but that's a totally different story altogether.

I promise I won't ask any of them what they wear "under" their kilts though.

I'm going to try to behave myself.

And yes, that is a hard thing.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Top 5 On Friday - Week 142

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 songs that could be your personal theme song

My choices shouldn't surprise anyone. I won't post lyrics this time. Listen to the songs and get a glimpse into "me."

The Beatles - Nowhere Man
Oingo Boingo - On The Outside
Elvis Costello - Mouth Almighty (It was between this one and Everyday I Write The Book)
Grey Eye Glances - Faces
Nick Lowe - Where's My Everything

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's My Space, Get Out Of It.

I finished my workout today and decided to treat myself to a nice salad at Wendy's. I love salads.

Wendy's was crazy busy when I got there though. The drive thru line went around the building and inside wasn't much better.

The worst of it was there was some dude that decided that he wanted to be in my personal space. Uh erm. If I don't know you, you stay at least a foot away from me. I don't care how long the line is. I should not have to feel you breathing down my neck.

To make matters worse this guy seemed quite taken with my backside.


My backside is nothing to write home about. And please don't get close enough to touch it...unless of course you answer to the name "Fish" and you work at an oldies radio station located on the top of a hill in California/Brownsville.

If you do not meet these requirements; GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY PERSONAL SPACE!


Seriously. I'm not what you call a touchy feelly person, but I do believe in touching when it's appropriate.

Getting up in someone's space at Wendy's is not appropriate, especially as I don't even know who the hell you are!!!!!!!!

Rant ended...pass a beer

Why The Gym Amuses Me

~ Only the men carry on conversations while working out. In fact, I think Jack's Total Fitness is a special "guy hangout place." Sometimes I feel like an interloper being there, not that there aren't a dozen skinny wenches there to make me feel like a heifer.

~ Gym Hottie is vain. I could sing the Carly Simon tune to him, that's how vain he is. He spends more time in front of the mirror looking for whatever than any women. I've been tempted to come up behind him and just tell him he's gorgeous...he can stop looking. If he ever turns not gorgeous, I'll be the first to inform him. (Gym Hottie looks suspiciously like another person that I lust after)

~ The elliptical machines refuse to get together and determine how many calories I'm burning. On one machine it claims I burn 100 calories in about 8 minutes and on another it says I burn 100 in about 11 minutes. WTF is up with that.

~ The thigh shrinking machine seems to not want to shrink my thighs.

~ The ab machines work and though the scale hates me, I have a pretty damn flat belly. Woot for me!

~ For some reason the people that control the music at the club seem to think we all like to work out to heavy metal. It's at times like this that I hate being from Pittsburgh. Hair bands annoy the hell out me. Though the other day they played a song by the band Vixen which I liked. I wish I could remember which one it was now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It Was A Good Day

It's funny how a day that I didn't think would be all that great ended up turning out nicely.

And it all started with a small IM conversation with the person I least expected to chat with.

I'll give you three guesses and I'm sure the first guess you all make will be right.

So yeah, random chats with this person put a smile on my face for the whole day.

A big plus....

I got mom to and from her doctors appointment in Pittsburgh without a hitch! I miss Pittsburgh. I really love the city. I love walking around, taking in the sites and sounds and smells and food. I don't do it nearly enough.

Afterwards, I drove her through The South Side Works, because it had been years since she was on Carson Street and I wanted to show her the new shopping district. I think it made her day. She's seen more of the city during this hospital jaunt than any of her others.

I went to Best Buy and picked up the two CDs I had been desiring, namely Across The Universe and the new Diana Krall Best Of. I promptly canceled my order of that one when I got home. I bought the CD/DVD edition, so I'm happy and I don't have to wait for 2 more weeks for it. I'm terribly an impatient sort.

After that we had a nice lunch at Quaker Steak & Lube. I love their wings, but not as much as I love the wings at Buffalo Wild Wings.

So things are quite nice as I end the day today. I got to chat to the person I love chatting to. I went to the Burgh. I had a good lunch. I got a couple of CDs. More days should be like this one.


Seriously after my debacle trying to listen to Sarah McLachlan's Afterglow Live I will never ever buy another CD that has copy protection on it. The software that is supposed to allow you to listen freezes up my computer. If you try to rip the files...lordy it messes up the tracks.

Excuse me Sarah....I shelled out over $20 bucks for this CD. If I want to put it on my hard drive, I should be able to do that. If I should want to put it on my Zen. I should be able to do that. Is that not why I spent the $20.

The lovely part of this is that when I finally gave up and took the disc out of my DVD drive (that rips plays and does just about anything better than my old CD drive) my disc got mangled.

Never again.

It was bad enough trying to put my 4 Keri Noble tracks on my computer, but this is ridiculous.

The music industry wonders why people don't buy CDs anymore. This is why.

~Shakes fist~

Rat bastards!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Musical Ramblings

~ I've been going on and on about Across The Universe and now I have yet another reason to Squee! about this film. I didn't know that Eddie Izzard was in the film. That just means I have to see it as soon as I can, which is probably going to be Sunday afternoon. On the Deluxe Edition of the album which is available on that evil site known as Itunes, Eddie's version of Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite can be found. It's totally Eddie.

Just listen

And yes, I love Eddie Izzard. Here's proof.

~ I feel kinda odd about The Clientele. I love the new album, but I haven't been able to get into any of the other albums and I've managed to preview most of them. Is it possible I only like the one album or am I just nutty? Don't answer that.

~ 2.5 weeks til The Grass Roots concert. Why am I not excited? I think it's a case of it's a bunch of bands I kinda like but none that I'm extremely in love with. PAH! And I have 3rd row center seats too. I must be off my noodle.

~ Those Barry Manilow songs are still stuck in my head and I have no one to blame but myself for this calamity!

~ I'm going nuts trying to remember who did the original version of Pictures Of Matchstick Men. I can only remember the band that did the cover of it in the 90's. That was Camper Van Beethoven, and I want to remember on my own rather than by googling it. However if anyone wants to tell me the answer, I would be elated. Fishy played it at the end of his shift today...and it's been driving me batty ever since.

Tuesday Tunes - Week 1

I revamped the old Tuesday meme and this is the first week under a new name.

It's from Music Memoirs
~ How important are the lyrics to you when it comes to a song.
The lyrics are very important. First of all, I'm a sing-a-long kind of girl. Even if the lyrics make no sense as some of my favorite artists' songs don't, they still need to be good. I hate to be singing and have that WTF feeling.

Secondly I like pretty things and that extends to lyrics as well. I love a pretty romantic lyric.

Thirdly if I can't have pretty things...I like things that are snarky. Snark is good for the soul.

~ Tell us some lyrical wisdom.

Hang my head and shut my eyes
What kind of justice is this?
Fool I was, I thought that you fought fire with fire
Got to be more than just a soul for hire
~ Soul For Hire - Elvis Costello

It's such a shame you had to break the heart
You could have counted on but the last thing you need is another
…Episode of blonde
~ Episode of Blonde - Elvis Costello
(I'd like to dedicate that lyric to my favorite person in the universe too)

I'm just about glad
That we never did that thing we were going to do
I'm just about glad I can look you in the eye
But I can't say the same for you
And though the passion still flutters and flickers
It never got into our knickers
For all of the courage that we never had
~ Just About Glad - Elvis Costello

~ Who writes the best lyrics and why?
Elvis Costello: He seems to be able to write anything. He writes good scream at the top of your lungs rockers, simply snarky songs, and lordy he writes some pretty lovely love songs too. Oh and he really just gets better with age too. His new albums are just as good as some of the first.

Monday, September 17, 2007

New Music Ramblings

Oh god the musical discoveries I've made today and I have no one that I can talk to share them with.


Won't someone care? Listen? Read?


Firstly don't ask how the new Barry Manilow CD came into my possession. I'm embarrassed about it, and it's all my mother's fault for mentioning him again today. I had just about rid my head of that damn Mandy song when she told me he was on The View or some other talk show this morning singing Copacabana. Yay! 2 Barry Manilow songs in my head!

But my big discovery of the day is a soundtrack from 1996 to the film I Shot Andy Warhol.

This soundtrack is seriously frightening in a bizarre and sometimes amusing manner. The worst thing in the world makes up this disc, COVER SONGS! I had to give it a listen when someone pointed out that Jewel did a great version of Donovan's Sunshine Superman. Oddly, I agree, it's a pretty smashing cover, so is Luna's version of another Donovan tune, Season Of The Witch.

The worst thing was Ben Lee's massacre of Itchycoo Park.

Now let me tell you one thing about Itchycoo Park. It's a pretty horrible song to start with. The first time I heard it was on Vh-1 Classic a few years back. I was traumatized by it. I've had nightmares about it. How anyone could make it worse than it already is, I don't know, but Ben Lee did. Ewwww. Badness.

Unlike some people I know...who I won't mention...I don't hate covers. I'm oftentimes amused by them. Granted I think most people would prefer that artists record their own music, but that would make things too boring. There are a lot of bands I might not have bothered giving a listen to if it weren't for a cover song. ABBA is the first one to pop into my mind. If I hadn't heard Erasure's fabulous covers, I never would have bought ABBA Gold.

Life wouldn't be life without one ABBA tune.

Marley And Me

Anyone that's ever owned a dog should read this book. Actually, anyone that has ever had a pet should read this book.

It's 289 pages of reflection on a wonderful love that only a family and a dog can have. I laughed my way through the first 200-250 pages. Marley's antics reminded me so much of a lovable mutt we had in my teen years. There were times when I could see Snickers again. His white body with his little brown patch over his one eye. His lovable look. He was just like Marley.

As a puppy Snickers got on the kitchen table and devoured a whole box of donuts and he collapsed there with his little belly swollen from his stolen treats. That's the kind of dog Marley was too. It was a little bit like reading bits of my dog's life too.

The sad part was, it was like reading about his death as well. Marley's stomach flipped as he grew older, compounded with problems with his hips, which seem to be a common problem in bigger dogs like Labs and German Shepherds.

Reading about Marley's failing health reminded me again of Snickers. Only Snickers didn't live long enough to have problems with his hips. His stomach flipped (or so we assumed because his death was sudden).

The last 40 pages had me crying for the Mr. Grogan and his family and for myself for the dog that I lost that was a big lovable mutt.

But even though the ending is sad, as is the end of any life, Marley's life was a joy and an inspiration, and his story should be read by anyone and everyone. It's a funny beautiful tail..erm tale of pet ownership, and one that shouldn't be missed.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Random 10 - Week 123

From Music Memoirs

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

Let me just say that lately I've been hating my weekends. They bring me no joy at all.

Donnie Iris - Sweet Merilee
(I bought Donnie's Best Of so I can prepare for his December show)

Fleetwood Mac - Monday Morning
(I'm listening to it so I don't have to turn on 99.3 The Pickle at 6 a.m. This way the damn thing will be out of my head by then. I hope)

Barry Manilow - Mandy
(It's still floating around the big jukebox in my head. I wish it would go away)

Duran Duran - Falling Down
(Well there's going to be 1 good song on Red Carpet Massacre, and I think this is it)

Duran Duran - Skin Diver
(One of the worst pieces of shite that I've ever had the misfortune of listening to)

Gary Puckett & The Union Gap - Over You
(I miss hearing this one on The Pickle. It's been a long while since I've heard something other than the 3 biggies; Young Girl, Lady Willpower and Woman, Woman)

The Association - Windy
(This one was on The Pickle today when I was driving back from Century 3 (aka Hell) Mall.

Stevie Nicks - After The Glitter Fades
(One of my favorite Stevie songs from Bella Donna, that shuffled out on my Zen Saturday while I was working out)

Emmy Gryner - East Coast Angel
(This is my favorite song right now. I can listen to it over and over)

Grey Eye Glances - Faces
(This one is on the same mix CD as East Coast Angel and it's another absolute favorite of mine)

And the photo is from my garden. My mini yellow rose is in bloom again!

I Need To Know

Have you ever had a person that you thought you were friends with, but then something happens and it all changes and you have no idea where you stand with that person?

I have one of those in my life. (I guess I do)

I end up reading things into things that are said and not said and it's driving me batty.

The worst part is I'm scared to ask the person in question anything. I want to slink back into the shadows but if I do that then I'll never know.

I'm not usually this loony over people. I'd like to think that for the most part I have a fairly level head, though I do have my moments of madness. (But who doesn't)

The worst part is that there are some things that just can't be conveyed properly in an email. Like "I'm sorry," which is something I really want to get out, in case it wasn't conveyed properly months ago.

What does it matter anyway, either way I look at it I end up looking like a nut-job.


I guess being in the dark is probably the best.

I Don't Want To Wait

Firstly I have to say, Barry Manilow's Mandy needs to get out of my head. I was sampling his Greatest Songs Of The Seventies album this morning, which is a bad thing to start with, wanting to hear the acoustic version of the song. But the page I was on didn't have that one, or I couldn't get to it, so I ended up listening to the song I snagged from a CD back when it was a Number 1 Monday or Number 2 Tuesday on The Pickle and Fish decided to make my life hell by playing that song.

Make it go away!!

Oh wait...his version of It Never Rains In Southern California is now there.

Help me!!!!

I don't want Barry Manilow in my head or anywhere else.

Damn I just wanted to hear the acoustic version of Mandy.

If you want to join me in hell just click here.

Secondly I'm depressed that I won't be getting Diana Krall's best of until sometime in Oct. It's going to be released this week, but I decided to save some cash and have it shipped with the Matchbox Twenty best of that's out on Oct 2.


I hate waiting for stuff.

I also told a certain DJ that I was going to be busy most of this week, which is true but suddenly I have so much to tell him. I don't know if I can hold it all in until Thursday when most stuff will have calmed down. I may explode from all the music news I have to share.


The waiting really is the hardest part.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another One Of Those Days

A half hour after I woke up this morning I remembered the dream I had and I started crying. I had a dream about a certain little blue cream kitty (kitteh for those of you in I Can Haz Cheezburger Land) that passed from this world to the next last December.

There's something about my Misty-Fa-Cat-Or that brings tears to my eyes every time I think about her, and now I can't get her out of my head. And worse still she was sick in the dream. She had the tumor that eventually killed her, but instead of being sickly thin, as I saw her last, she was plump and active and I was telling the vet that he had only given her 4 months and here it was a year and she was still with us. It's a shame that from the time I had that diagnosis I only had 1 week. I was already preparing to make the call I didn't want to make when she passed.


For whatever reason, she's been on my mind a lot today. I don't know if it was because Bootsie jumped on my bed to wake me, hours before I actually got up or if she just wanted to make sure that I hadn't forgotten her.

Misty, I could never forget you. You were a cat in a million.

And because I love you and always will, here's the song I spent a week singing to you, so that I could try to keep your spirits up.