Friday, August 30, 2002

Hello darlings,

Mood : Cheerful
Music : Elvis Costello Aging Gracefully (Why Can't a Man Stand Alone)

Got to see a bit on my darling Declan on the Today Show ...have to say it made my day. It doesn't take much to make my day mind you. I'm going to work on my fanfic later...I really need to finish the editing on Maybe I'm Amazed and begin work on Not My Slave. I've been seriously neglecting these stories for the pursuit of EC live shows...

It's really amazing how many shows I've managed to acquire in only a few months...and I'll be acquiring some U2 stuff as well..which brings me joy...cos I love the sound of Bono's voice.

Look how young he looks in that picture...and it's so odd to see him without those sunglasses.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

The Thin White Duke's early morning..or late evening whatever you choose to call it..I'm still awake..Just finished burning a disc of Jimmy Buffett so I can get a David Bowie show..

Big picture whore that I am I found this website...that has some lovely pics of Mr. Bowie. Like they're not all lovely..I really think David is a vampire..he stays so eternally beautiful..

And if you enjoy drooling on David here's the link to a very droolworthy site

Bowie Picture Gallery

Now for some of my favorite Bowie songs

Heart's Filthy Lesson
Rebel Rebel
Let's Dance
Modern Love
Strangers When We Meet
Ziggy Stardust

How can you choose..they are all wonderful...

Until daylight readers

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

The Original Comedic Concubine we'll have a comedic moment...since I'm getting nothing accomplished tonight...and I do have lots to do..But another of my almost musical obsessions is a man called Greg Proops..You might know him from the show Whose Line is Anyway..or if you were unfortunate enough to watch it..Rendez-View.

Well here's a lovely picture of my other man..I call him snuggle bunny...Danny I call Pookie..and well Deccy Poo.

Don't mind me..I'm a bit crazy..that's established I think...

Still listening to Robert Plant..its now Tall Cool One

Just Give Me More Pictures

Ok..I'm such a picture whore too. Thanks to gimp...aka Lindsey, I've been hunting pics of Elvis Costello and Danny Elfman for the last hour. That is so wrong..there are cds to be burned and a 700 page Harry Potter novel to be read...God help me.

So here I sit...right clicking on lovely readers can see why I'm as demented as I am.

Mood : Insane
Music: Robert Plant Heaven Knows

Your Face is Going to Freeze That Way!

What a big mouth Mr. Elfman has. All the better too. Well I guess I should keep that to myself.

Well That's One Hell of an Ugly Hat

This is my darling Declan at the Grammy Awards a few years back. This would be when he kicked Celine Dion's ass and won the award....with a little help from Burt Bacharach. Bless his white cotton socks for that small miracle.

If you haven't noticed. Declan is one of my huge obsessions. The next one would be Danny Elfman. God that man can reduce me to a puddle of drool in one small film score...But more to come about Danny later..cos he's a much longer post..Plus I'll never be able to decide what pic should go up for him.

I also plan to let you in on some Elfmanisms I've created over the past year...Aren't you damn excited now?

Well the least you could do is humor me and fake it, dammit.

Mood. semi-cheerful
Music. Ack none the cd ended

One Of My Favorite Men

This is my darling Declan.

Lindsey has made me start an online journal here I am. I'm sitting here amonst my many cds..Thousands actually...and I'm burning a couple live cds for trade.

If you know me know I'm into Bowie, Beatles, Duran Duran, Def Leppard, Elvis Costello, Oingo Boingo..Erasure and many many more.

Here's a few of my favorite albums..

Elvis Costello Brutal Youth
Oingo Boingo Dark At the End of the Tunnel
Duran Duran The Wedding Album
Erasure I Say I Say I Say
Elvis Costello King of America
Depeche Mode Violator
Alison Moyet Essex
Paul McCartney Flowers in the Dirt
George Harrison Cloud Nine
Def Leppard Slang

See now you know how strange I am..On top of it. I also write fanfiction..which I may or may not decide to share with you.

Cos sometimes I just don't like to share.

What am I listening to now?
Jimmy Buffett Live By the Bay (I'm in a tropical mood)

more to come