Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Summer Recap

I can't believe how fast the time is gone. 2019 is more than half over, but it has been a nice summer, even if I haven't had much time off.

Here are some of the things I've done since Memorial Day

The flower show @ Phipps which was just a bit before Memorial Day

New haircut

Linesville Spillway, Hermitage & Edinboro, Erie trip with my family

Bella Terra Winery in New Stanton

Tubby Hall Park in New Eagle, PA

Trip to Wheeling with my sister

New addition to my brood

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Missing Mama

You have no idea how much I miss my mom.

There's so much I want to tell her. To talk to her about.

I want to tell her about all the recipes I've tried.

The things going on in my life.

About my job at Lowes.

I know if there's a heaven, she knows, but my faith is easily shaken these days. This world doesn't make it easy to have faith.

I used to feel my father's presence in my home, but when mom passed, he went with her.

I found myself thinking today of when they told us she was dying. My sister and I stayed at the hospital and I just kept repeating "I love you." over and over and over. I think she wanted to bop me, but I have always had the fear that the people I've loved the most didn't know how much they were loved, be it my mom, my dad or my grandmother.

I can still hear my own scream when I went to my gram's house and found her gone. It was probably the worst day of my life, because even at 101, she was spunky.

I know I'm depressed.

I know I have to move on, and I'm doing it, but there's such a huge hole in my life where she once was.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Random Photos

I've been busy working lately.


About 28-30 hours on top of my 40 at my regular job. It kind of keeps me from having much to say..So let me share some of the photos I've taken in the last week or so as proof I'm still alive

My new butterfly bush, which will go in the area that my beloved Oogie is laid to rest.

Lowes has some gorgeous sunflowers

Caught a monarch last Friday outside my office

My new addition. This is Miss Oogie, named in honor of one of the sweetest boys ever. She's a doll baby and so full of love.

My planner for next year.

One of my favorite bridges, The Wheeling Suspension Bridge

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Random Thoughts About My 2nd Job

1. People will stand in a line with a light on even if there isn't a cashier standing there. I truly don't understand that. Wouldn't you go somewhere where the body checking you out was located?

2. Why do people think that knowing the price is going to magically make you able to ring up those dang screws, lock nuts and washers?  Also, note to the place I work how the hell are cashiers supposed to know which are which? Which is why those bags and pens are really necessary in that area. Why can't more people use them?

3. Breaks don't exist unless you get a lunch.

4. Customers are almost always rude unless you are in the garden center. Flowers bring out the best in our customers.

5.  For the most part all of my co workers are super nice and I've made some great friends there.

Monday, August 05, 2019

In My Life....I'll Love You More

My sweet little Oogie passed away on Sunday morning early. He fought so hard to stay with us., but a URI that one of my younger cats had got him, and he was too old and weak to recover.

My heart is heavy. This is my second baby to pass this year, and all of my other kitties are close in age to him. Soon to be 12 at the end of the month.

Oogie was my sweet boy, and I loved him so very much. His presence in my house will be greatly missed, but I know mommy and daddy and all his little furry friends who went on ahead of him were there as he crossed that rainbow bridge.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Gardening Is Not What I Do Best

So the violas are about at the end of their life span

So I bought some gorgeous cone flowers at Lowes. Coneflowers are my new favorite flower, as my zinnias hate my guts this year.

I have a makeshift flower bed or two, because no one really taught me how to do anything like that.

So yeah, I'm cleaning the weeds, of which there are many.




One little SOB bit me three times.

So I went in the house..and didn't come back out.

I left the planting to my brother in law and nephew.

Nope..won't make a gardener out of me, no matter how much I love flowers.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Randomosity Strikes Again

1. Heat does strange things to people. Working retail I found that the people that went out in the heat to get garden stuff were pleasant. I had the nicest conversations with them while working. Inside the store, was a total other story. Granted there were some really nice folks that came through my check out line, others not so much.

2. I'm obsessed with covered bridges. I love them. I must photograph them. I must spread love to each and every one I find.

3. Flowers are my new thing.

I <3 coneflowers="" most="" p="" the="" this="" year..="">

4. I can cry at the drop of a hat these days. I am in no way near the end of my grieving for my mother, though it is slowly creeping up to a year since she's been gone.  9 months on Wednesday actually and it still feels like yesterday. I still look for her and want to talk to her. The other day after I had been to a minute clinic, I went to call home, even though I was trying to call my sister and there in the middle of CVS I was ready to start crying.

There are places that I go that I really want to talk to her about. When I stepped out at Dobbin's Landing and saw Lake Erie for the first time in 9 years, I started to cry, because I wanted to share it with her because I know how much she loved that place.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Beatles Beatles and More Beatles

So I was reading about The Fabs again and someone was discussed George being bitter and angry.

I admit, George has been my favorite Beatle for a very long time, but there's more reason than that to jump to his defense in my book.

He deserved to be bitter

Sure the band did give a lot of time to the Lennon/McCartney songs, but George was talented and his songwriting was good and different from the other two.

When you listen to George talk about the Beatles, he is often dismissive and truthfully he does have a right to be. It was 10ish years of his life and he did do other things. So many of his songs that appeared on albums through Gone Troppo were written during the Beatle years and were dismissed by Paul and John.

Some of these songs were on All Things Must Pass and the one that really pisses me off on George's behalf was Not Guilty, which appeared on the 1979 album. Granted the song seems to be a big ole dig at John and Paul, but its brilliant and should have been on The White Album, especially as much of that album..erm..I'm probably going to hell for this...was miserable, especially the Lennon/McCartney stuff. And if you've never heard Sour Milk Sea...god...George was ripped off by those two and there was good reason to be mad, bitter, whatever.

Oh and while I'm at it...The Circles demo was damn amazing in its White Album demo form.

Suddenly I'm feeling less charitable to John and Paul...because of all the great George songs they buried...

Imagine if they would have been more encouraging...all the music we might have had.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Still trying to get it together

I'm trying so hard to learn meal planning and how to keep my house clean while working two jobs and never being home.

Let me tell you, it isn't easy.

I'm learning it isn't worth it to order out no matter how badly I don't want to cook. I think that's the toughest thing about budgeting. Everyone talks about how you can make "better than takeout" food at home, but they neglect the one reason most people order take out.


And when you get home around 10 o'clock most is something you really don't want to do.

Come to think of it, neither is cleaning, but I try hard.

Litter boxes get cleaned..the downstairs floor gets swept and vacuumed along with all the other little things I have to do.

My house may not be perfect but its not terrible.

I still wish I had more help with things though.