Friday, January 15, 2021

Silver Fox Friday

 Another Friday some more Silver Foxes.

First up is my buddy Bilbo who has so kindly volunteered to be one of my real life silver foxes.

He is a super nice guy, who you can talk to about politics over a good cup of Joe and you won't want to beat him up and also a dancer extraordinaire.

Next up our Celebrity Silver Fox Hugh Grant. I think I have a thing for British guys? I'll just ignore what he does with American hookers. LOL

OK, now for what we've all been waiting for...this week's sexy endodontist....You have no idea how hard it is to find pictures of McDreamy...aka Dr. Meow...aka....Dr. Jeffrey Minchau....Oh Jeffrey!!!!

So he's part of a group called Meridian Dental Specialist. He's important...title Chief Clinical Officer. That means he has a brain..and is smarter that most of us.


Gorgeous and smart...oh and really....he's disgustingly nice...I mean that in a good way...cos you really don't want a nasty dentist right? Sadistic yes...nasty no.. And ALL DENTISTS ARE SADISTIC. You can't want to go into that line of work without that nature..And don't get me started on people that want to be OB-GYN's....cos what kind of sicko are you if you want to look at those all day!

But moving right along....before I got sidetracked by a vagina silver fox. He's having a bit of a fashion emergency and I want to help out. See he is deeply attached to undershirts and they are throwing off the look of that lovely Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt.

I could forgive him for that transgression if there wasn't another photo on the page taken on the same day.

Yes, sweetie, share that Mimosa. That is a Mimosa, right? But erm the trousers...the hand in the pocket tugging on said trousers and the poor fit of your rather pricey garments makes this girl want to cry.

Cos I know he can do better. I've seen the reindeer sweater...Like this whole outfit should be sent to goodwill. Cos it makes him look...well...old and oh I don't even want to say it, but I will, chubby? But that's ok..we all have bad days..I've had a few bad years..but there is one thing that there is NO EXCUSE FOR and that's ill fitting garments. I don't care who you are, what your income level is, you must buy clothes that fit.

I worked retail. I was a selling specialist. I appreciate a sharp dressed man.  99% of the time. Dr. Minchau falls under the label of "perfect" I mean he makes scrubs look good! WTF. Who does that?

Why did your wife let you out of the house that day? Because really if you were doing something important I would have been supervising the wardrobe. And for me, photos for websites constitute as important. Cos people are going to look at them on a regular basis.

But that's ok...just remember that whole outfit goes to the bin. Forget you ever owned it, and never ever put it on again.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Problem With Me....Is Me

 I'm sucking at adulting I had an appointment for a personal loan today, which sent me over the edge. The bathroom issue has me wishing I were back in high school again or at some other point other than right here and right now.

I'm dealing with a contractor all on my own and I have to admit. I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but I am trying and I have no one to talk to about any of it.

I'm winging it.

All I want is an ear that will listen, cos trying to make decisions right now is hard.

This is definitely part of home ownership that I really don't like.

I do keep telling myself that I'll have a pretty new bathroom when all of this is done.

And that's the only thing that is really keeping me sane.

Monday, January 11, 2021


 The shower is installed but the bathroom still looks super scary.

I've never lived through a remodel so its all a bit traumatizing for me, especially when there are holes where there shouldn't be holes

This is pre-remodel

This is where we stand today

I can't wait for it all to be over.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Feeling The Stress

 Day 5 without my bathroom other than the toilet.

Let me tell you it isn't fun. As the remodel progresses I've learned my bathroom was super fucked up. The bathtub wasn't sealed and most of the plumbing was fubarred so the job is taking much longer than anticipated.

Oh and it was obviously not fun to get the old tub out...and there was no floor under the tub...and I can safely say that I'm having a nervous breakdown.

The tears I thought I didn't have, have been flowing freely.

I just don't need all this Its making me crazier than I usually am.

I just hope I can survive until everything is finished.

Friday, January 08, 2021

Silver Fox Friday

I forgot one of my favorite silver foxes last week when I did my spotlight on Doctor Who.

How in the hell could I forget John Barrowman?

I mean...John Barrowman!!

When you look up gorgeous in the dictionary, his picture is right there. Just saying.

Now back to my own favorite Silver Fox.

Yup, I'm talking about my favorite Endodontist. 

Seriously, who the fuck has a favorite Endodontist?

Well, really if you are going to have one Dr. Jeff Minchau is as good as any, but I'm not sharing! He's mine! I called him! No sharesies!

OK...I'll share with his wife, but I won't play nice!

I actually kind of found a youngerish pic of my hottie. Almost pre-silver fox. (OK, just saying....Dr. Minchau has always been smoking hot. (No ifs ands or cute butts about it)

Why did I not know he existed in 2019 when I had to have that first root canal? Huh??  Huh? Cigna why did you not cough up that beautiful picture then?

Oh yeah...I was too petrified and I just went wherever.

This year I was a bit more discerning.


Have I mentioned there's an endo 5 blocks from my house?

So yeah..I may have a problem

And we all studly Dr. Jeff Minchau is the hot dude on the right. Wish you could see those baby blues in this picture...cos they are about as blue as his scrubs.

Also...this girl would like to add, he's gotten so much better with age. Not that he wasn't a hot youngun' as the picture certainly attests to..but at 45....

Mmmmm Yeah...

He makes this girl...think dirty dirty thoughts....involving fuzzy cuffs..whipped cream...and chocolate sauce...

Thursday, January 07, 2021

Andrea's Current Tale of Woe

There is nothing more fun then having your bathtub drain seep through your kitchen ceiling lighting.

That was my Monday, which is why I've been a silent blogger. I've been having a few nervous breakdowns daily over the money I'm spending to get the bathroom fixed. 

Cos along with crowns...2 root canals...I needed this expense to deal with, cos you know I'm made of money.

Mind you the bathroom was on my too fix list for my house, it just wasn't on the schedule for this year. I was aiming for flooring and new furniture

But as it is...let's say bye bye bye to the ugly green bathroom! The tub is going to be converted into a shower...and hopefully life will be good.


Sunday, January 03, 2021

Bye Bye 13th Doctor

I've struggled with liking Jodie's Doctor. She has had an awful lot of potential but perhaps the blame should be laid at Chris Chibnall's doorstep.

Still, the news of Jodie leaving Doctor Who at the end of this next series brings me joy, especially if it means we can get another man in the role. I don't feel that with the current showrunner another woman in the part will be successful.

So I'm really hoping these rumors are true. I wish the could have done something more with her, because like I said, she had such great potential. She's really funny and she's adorable, but all the episodes were preachy and political and even though they lean towards my political beliefs, it just made me disinterested.

And even though they did historical episodes that I usually like, they made them politically charged.

I'm hoping a new showrunner will be in the future too. I can't believe Im saying this, but I miss Moffat and Davies

Friday, January 01, 2021

Silver Fox Friday - New Years 2021 Edition

 The first part of this week's Silver Fox Friday is Doctor Who related...

Bradley Walsh aka Graham O'Brien is my favorite character in the current version of the show. His apparent exit from the show tonight is probably going to make it hard for me to continue watching cos the writing has been so bad and getting too political and while that's always been part of the show its becoming too much now. 

Next up my absolute favorite silver fox...Peter Capaldi. much as I love the total hotness of David Tennant and Matt Smith...if the TARDIS showed up in my living room and really that's the best place for it to land, I would want the 12th doctor to step out. I would so put the moves on him..and damn River Song!

Now I have to admit its getting damn hard to get new pictures of my favorite non-celebrity silver fox because he's an elusive beast...and well..I wasn't able to ask him for a know so he could have slugged me or offered to prescribe some medication to get my head working normally again.

My favorite Silver Fox is also my favorite endodontist/man who takes all my money and all he does is fix my wonky teeth... Dr. Jeffrey Minchau. (You guys knew that already right?)

Something I noticed about my favorite cutie is that when you pronounce his last name it sounds something like the sound a cat makes when its hungry. Totally random thought I know..but I had to put it out there.

So also pictured are the two other endos in the practice which proves my statement from my original post that ALL THE DOCTORS AT MMS ENDODONTIC SPECIALISTS ARE FREAKING HOT!!!!! I am partial to the one though and I still think they should consider my idea of doing a dental calendar for charity...Cos I know  shirtless dentists would sell some calendars. RIGHT? Especially those two bookends.  Feel free to be as silly as you want (I'm looking at you Dr. Minchau)

Oh and if you are interested the order of the hotties. 

Dr. Jeff (Oh Jeffrey) Minchau, Dr. Spencer Stiles and lastly Dr. Kent (I fell off a cover of GQ) McBride

So much hotness all in one dental practice? Is that even legal? How are they all in WV? I mean really? WV? 

I mean I seriously wish I had more teeth in need of root canals...


Also how do they all have beautiful blue eyes...I mean this is hell....THUD!

But again...I can attest that my cutie is also good at his yay Hot and a good dentist...Win Win

Now if you don't mind I'm going to just drool over these three cuties for awhile.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Best Photos From 2020

 2020 was a crap year, but I got some fabulous photos this year and I'm going to share 14 of my favorites