Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Ever Changing Landscape of Friends

I always see these poignant captioned photos on facebook about friendship, and how you can have a friend that you don't speak to in ages, but when you see each other again, its like time hasn't passed at all.

I'm sorry, that is not always the case.

Life circumstances change friendship. I know this because I'm 43 and single, no kids, except furry ones and a caregiver for my mother. I'm also a bit curmudgeonly or bitchy if  you so prefer. My scope of friends has always been small. It's dwindled down to almost zippo at this point. I'm sure the bitchiness is part of it, but, oh well.

As people move on with their lives finances change, dreams change and the things you had in common with people change. That changes the friendship too. Sometimes the friendship can still exist, other times they just dissolve.

Most of the friends that I've had over the years have nothing in common with me anymore. Some I still talk to, but that doesn't mean the closeness is there.

Maybe I've never had a real best friend.

I should probably stipulate, I was always a loner even though I always dreamed of being "Popular." What girl doesn't. I wanted friendship like "Friends" "Coupling" and "The Big Bang Theory" but it never happened for me.

It probably never will.

I think I'll go pet my cats now.

Monday, October 09, 2017


They say you should never argue politics or religion.

I totally agree on that. 

It is the main reason why America's 2 party system is broken beyond repair.

Both parties are at opposite ends of the spectrum and neither understand the word compromise. Followers of the each party believe the other side are all douchenozzles or whatever insult is in line for the moment.

I find this totally terrifying.

I also find that hate that seems to be in the hearts of so many to be frightening.

Again I see this on both sides.

Reading political pages on Facebook is hurts.

There are times when I'm pretty close to 100% sure that neither party cares about everyday people. There's definitely a "Let them eat cake" attitude going on, and that is just terrible.

I don't know what can be done to fix it, except maybe getting more people to care about government and more so, to care about other people. Until that happens, I think we are screwed.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Remembering Tom Petty

I've been a fan of Tom Petty for ages. My sister listened to him, so I know his music was in my life very early on.

I can't even fathom picking a favorite song that he recorded. There are so many great ones; Refugee, American Girl, The Waiting, Even The Losers, You Got Lucky, Don't Come Around Here No More, Jammin' Me, I Won't Back Down, Free Fallin'....see what I mean? There are just so many great ones.

I consider myself lucky to have seen Tom in concert on the tour for Full Moon Fever. It was a fabulous show, marred only by the fact that they changed how the seats were set up at the AJ Palumbo center. (I never have had good luck at this venue) We thought our seats were 8 rows from the stage, but instead we were all the way at the back of the gym.

Boo hiss.

I had brought roses for Tom too.

Can you say that sucks?

Yeah, I had a small crush on Tom back in the 90s.

He won bonus points with me because of his friendship with George Harrison. Anyone that hung out with George was ok in my book.

And now a few weeks shy of his 67th birthday, he's gone.

That's way to young to leave this earth.

And if you go to youtube and check out his last song at the show he performed on Sept 25th, you'll know that he still sounded great. broke on my heart when your's stopped.

~ Let's get to the point....let's roll another joint....turn the radio loud, I'm too alone to be proud


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

In My Life...I Love You More

Losing my Dewey has really brought me down.

We've always had pets, so I am no stranger to the loss of a beloved furbaby.

This one loss feels more painful.

When my Misty crossed the rainbow bridge, I felt the same way. She's the little grey kitty with my Oogie.  She was my baby girl too. The sweetest little thing ever.

Right now, I can't believe my Oogie is 15 years old.

They pass through our lives so quickly.  Dewey was only with us in the house for about 5 years, but she was outside another 2 and I was caring for her then. It is hard to believe it was such a short period of time. It feels like forever.

And now she's gone.

I miss her cotton candy fluff that got into everything. I miss her sitting on my laptop, which is slowly dying right now too. (That's another story though). I miss her stealing food and trying to help me cook. I miss her running and sliding through the house. I miss her little headbutts. I just miss her. She was the life of the party. I don't know that I'll ever get over losing her.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


So I tried the Maple Pecan Latte

Its not a bad flavor, but it has no zing and for $5.35, my drink better have some zing. This had absolutely no zing at all.

I should have gone to Perked Up.

Everything there has zing and the people that work there are fun.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Starbucks, but I think they need to get on the ball and try to create some different coffee drinks.

My shop makes a fabulous bourbon caramel latte (sadly without real bourbon). Little City in Monongahela makes coffee soda, which is a very unique treat too.

There's nothing special about Starbucks for me anymore, except my rewards.

Plus Perked Up has good pastries and sandwiches..

And that was my ad for the day...I think I need my coffee now

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I Miss My Dewey

My little orange ball of kitty cat fluff, passed away early yesterday morning.

I don't know that I'll ever get over losing this one.

Dewey was special, from the minute she showed up in our yard. She came with friends, one of which still lives with us. The other, who we called Creaminess, because he was orange and white, was hit by a car, before we could get him socialized enough to try to catch him.

This was 7 years ago.

She moved in 5 years ago.

She was my sweet Badoo.

I loved her with all my heart.

My dad called her Orangey and her fluffy tail was a thing of delight.

She loved spaghetti, corn on the cob, and potatoes. (Any kind really: fries, mashed, tater tots)

I like to think that she knew that she was loved for those years she spent with us.

She was a good kitty. You never had to worry about accidents from her. She would try to steal your food though.

I will love you always Dewey and will miss you sweet sweet Dewbeedoo

Monday, September 04, 2017

Walmart Sucks

I ventured to Walmart because there were a few things I needed that were way too much at Giant Eagle or that they just didn't have there.

Big mistake

Even though it was 80 degrees and sunny, everyone in God's creation decided to go shopping today. I realize that it is near the 1st of the month and a holiday, but really? People had nowhere else to go?

What I truly can't understand is how they have the registers set up.

Why the double check outs?

If you get an aisle that has both lanes open, it is absolutely impossible to get out of the damn store. What idiot thought that this would be a good idea?

And why would you have the lanes open that way when you have like 20 of them and you only have 25% of them (if that) open at any given time. Why couldn't they have 1 per lane open going from the grocery side of the story to the more department store side of the store?

Oh yeah, less stress for the shoppers.  We can't have that now can we? I mean if you don't walk out of the store hating humanity, than you obviously haven't been shopping at Walmart? Or you are lucky and live in an area where everyone is civilized.

(Today I saw a bunch of tattooed seniors with rainbow colored hair that was cool and traumatizing at the same time)

This is why I'd rather spend more money and shop elsewhere than shop at Walmart.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Starting to Care Again

Around the time my father got sick about 6 years ago, I really stopped caring about everything. I gained more weight than I care to admit. I stopped using much makeup or coloring my hair.

I look like hell and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I've been trying to get out and walk as often as I can when the weather will allow it.

But I just don't feel pretty anymore.

So today when an ad for Ipsy popped up in my facebook, I thought I'd give it a go. Hey it's only $10! Why not give it a go. I could stand to have some new makeup.  If you want to check it out, click here

Back in the 80s my mom and I belonged to Cosmetique but it was expensive and you didn't always get fun stuff.

The last beauty purchases I made were a flavored lip gloss and a charcoal and black sugar facial mask.

Yeah. I'm not a beauty junkie anymore.

Now 10 years ago...I was broke but buying Chanel makeup.

I guess I learned how to conserve, but I neglected myself for so long. I have to do something to change things.

Here's hoping this might help

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I'm Gutted

The other day, mom and I were talking about my friend, Mary. I met her when I was in college and we had a sort of on again and off again friendship over the years.

Currently our friendship was off.

Now it is off for good.

I was trying to look up when her mother passed away, and in doing so I learned that Mary had also passed on Jan 7, 2016.

Words can not begin to express how bad I feel.

She ended the friendship over a post I made about Fox News.

Then she said I hated her mom, which was not true. Yes, her mom was crazy, and in a way that made those around her crazy, but I did not then or now or ever hate her mom.

That was it..

I don't think she could ever understand that I couldn't just go out to dinner then, because in 2012 my dad's health was already failing. I couldn't leave the house and I had to cook the meals for him and my mom, so doing dinner was just foolish. (Plus I hate Kings)

I keep thinking about all the places we went together. We went to Lancaster one weekend, and did a weekend trip to Atlantic City on Miss America weekend! I saw the show me your shoes parade. (It was truly one the most bizarre trips ever) Another weekend, we went to Erie and visited my niece Monica and her family.

There were good times, but politics divided us a lot.

I wish she would have been more understanding.

I hope she has found peace now. I hope she's forgiven me, because I have forgiven her.