Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Wednesday Mind Hump

Wednesday Mind Hump

One of my other favorite memes that I wait for all week long. So you know what that means? Yup...It's time to do the Humpty Dance with the Hayward.. C'mere Justin...I want to hump your mind. (If you believe'll believe anything)

Okies ... this week a little insanity with, "I say ___, you say ___" with just a little more freedom. Oh what the heck, with a lot more freedom. Ususally free association is I say one word and you say the first word that comes to your mind ... but since we're looney we say .... get that mind humpin' and say whatcha wanna say! Below are ten words ... next to each word write down the first word, phrase, sentence or whatever crazy thing comes to your mind.

Ready, set ... HUMP

01. curves: Long and Winding Road
02. pew: Church of Your Heart
03. boot These Boots Are Made For Walking
04. scratch: N' Sniff
05. bear: Winnie the Poo
06. spike: Elvis Costello
07. pick: your brain
08. limit: Speed limit
09. high: flying adored
10. tease: bouffant

And yes some of my answers are song titles or parts of them...namely 1, 2, 3 and 9 and 6 is the title of Costello's 89 release containin the single Veronica.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

RIP --- Greta Grand Am

Well today was the day Greta was supposed to come home to me. Sadly it's not looking to be the case. Once the new head gasket was placed on Greta, the mechanic noticed that water was still leaking into the motor. Greta's motor is now not functional.

Greta passed away at 3:00 p.m. today. She wasn't the best car car in the world. She had many problems to overcome in the 4 out of 10 years she spent in my keeping, but we got through all of those. All the water pumps and the fuel pumps...the other head gasket....countless sets of brakes. It was all fixable and she motored on.

She took me to work almost everyday....endless miles to Monroeville, West Mifflin and finally the short drive from Fallowfield Twp back home. She complained not at all when I played the stereo loud. She even survived a run in with a deer. Bless her heart.

Her death comes at a bad time. I had to turn down a job with the temp agency because of her problem, and now I don't know when I'll have a car. Being out of work for 8 months and all, it's hard to come up with that kind of money.

I doubt I'll go quiet over this..but things couldn't get much worse. In fact, I doubt at this point that they can even get better.

So join me while I sing Bright my beautiful teal green grand am..greta...

Is it a kind of dream,
Floating out on the tide,
Following the river of death downstream?
Oh, is it a dream?

There's a fog along the horizon,
A strange glow in the sky.
And nobody seems to know where you go.
And what does it mean?
Oh, is it a dream?

Bright eyes,
Burning like fire.
Bright eyes,
How can you close and fail?
How can the light that burned so brightly
Suddenly burn so pale?
Bright eyes.

Is it a kind of shadow,
Reaching into the night,
Wandering over the hills unseen?
Or is it a dream?

There's a high wind in the trees,
A cold sound in the air.
And nobody ever knows when you go.
And where do you start,
Oh, into the dark?

Tuesday Afternoon

No, it's not, but I woke up and my body sensed it was Tuesday straightaway, so that song promptly took up residence in my brain. Don't you love when that happens? I'm lucky it's not something worse. I usually get the most undesirable songs stuck in my head. You know, songs by boy bands and generally undesirable female singers.

Two bloggers I've read in the past, and still do read, had music on their blogs. Thanks to them, I had a Mandy Moore song and a Christina Aguilera song running around in my head. Not exactly the songs I want to be humming as I walk down the street.

The sad thing is, you can't choose what gets stuck in your head, it just happens that way. I once had a lovely Moody Blues song reside in my head. In fact, some of the lyrics are scrolling at the top of the blog. The song is called Lovely to See You. There's something extremely polite about Mr. Hayward's lyrics.

Another song that's dwelled in my brain for days at a time is Man Out Of Time. Yeah the song that my novel was originally titled after.

What part was stuck?

"Love was always scarpering or cowering or fawning. You drink yourself insensitive and hate yourself in the morning"

Thanks Elvis, I needed that. (Elvis Costello, in case any of you didn't know)

Monday, March 29, 2004

A Little Musical Moment

I just finished doing a Broadway Mix. It's posted here. (Artwork is there as well)

I have a few more ideas for mixes. I'm proud to say that the mix swap I'm organizing is shaping to be quite a success. So if you want to sign up...go here and read the rules and then email me.

Oh and not forgetting the Monday Musical Mambo...from the wacky ladies at BDI

Put on your dancing shoes for the Monday Music Mambo and while you're at it, name 8 unique things you can do with a flute. Not a flute as in chapagne glass and not a flute as in a fluted skirt ... F-L-U-T-E ... flute as in the musical instrument. Ready, set ... MAMBO, YOU MANIACS!

1. You can play it beautifully and hope that Justin Hayward asks you to replace Norda Mullen on the next Moody Blues album
2. You can lure mice out of a small village in fairy tale land.
3. It's possible you can charm a snake.
4. You can charm me...if you play a flute solo from any Moody Blues song...that has one
5. If you're Ray Thomas you can look really dashing on stage when you play yours. Just because.
6. If your an excellent player you can lure women away from the Hayward after concerts with your lilting solos (Like that happened)
7. If the Hayward is around, you can play your flute and hypnotize him to do your bidding. (Wishful thinking)
8. If that doesn't work, you can try it on John..I think he'd be an easier target.

On that last note. My favorite flautist

The recently retired Ray Thomas of the Moody Blues
He's just a flautist in a rock n roll band.
Monday Madness

There are a few meme's that I'm becoming faithful too, this is one of them. Anyway, it's a Monday and I haven't had a car in a week, so why not do an meme, it passes the time

1. Describe what you believe is a "good" driver.
A few things actually on this one.

1. Cell phone usage is kept to a minimum
2. Drive at the speed limit or 5 above. (never below...never below...unless the weather is bad...or on a country road at night then it's excusable.
3. Use turn signals
4. Don't go into the passing lane to hang a right and vice versa for making a left
5. Not riding another car's bumper
6. I don't have to cuss you out when I'm riding behind you
7. Brakes are only applied when needed and not everytime something is coming at you.
8. Emphasis on me not having to cuss you out.

2. Describe a "bad" driver (your opinion of course).

See all the things I listed for a good driver. Do the opposite. Oh and you'll get to hear a few choice words from me, if I'm unlucky enough to be driving behind you.

3. Which category do you fit in? Please back up your answer. Feel free to use examples!

I'm kinda a middle of the road type. I can be an excellent driver when I have to and a crap one too. I think in a lot of instances the mood a person's in can affect how they drive.

I'm apt to be careless if I'm upset or tired.

I'm more likely to be cautious if I don't know where I'm going, have my mother in the car or that sort of thing. Its all relative really and subjective.

So I place myself on the fence with this one, cos I know I'm not a bad driver but I'm no where near the best.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

I've Reaffirmed My Love For Mr. Costello

After I had a odd dream about my darling Declan, where I in a few odd moments, screamed at him and called him a hypocrite, making him cry and then hugged Krallomort (Ok Ok, Diana Krall) I decided to download a recent show over at Sharing the Groove.

The show was from March 15 in Toronto, at Massey Hall.


I'm listening to my favorite EC ballad right now, co-written by Burt Bacharach, This House Is Empty Now. I'm jealous of everyone that was lucky enough to be at that venue. His voice was near perfection. Absolutely gorgeous. If I can get past the songs from North, and still enjoy the show, I'll be in good shape.

I still can't like that damn cd. I still feel guilty for disliking it as much as I do. I've used Still on a few mixes and it makes me wretch. I hiss at the cd player when it comes on. Childish, yes, fun, yes as well.

Everytime I hear him like this, I remember why I love him and maybe just maybe I'll be in the mood for love and North will suddenly become appealing to me. I doubt it though. At least the songs don't put me straight to sleep in their live form, they just make me yawn a bit more than usual.

Concert and Writing Woes

Oh for god's sake, please someone put up the tickets for Atlantic City on EBAY!! I need to see my Moody men this year. I need...need...need to see the Hayward and the Lodgey!! I really need to see them now. I don't want to wait til June! June is too long!! I need instant gratification.

I'd at least like one of Justin's reissues. Geeze they were reissued a week ago and they are already on back order at CD Universe!

I need the Hayward, he is the source of my inspiration. So dang it..or dammit or something like that, I need confirmation of the Pittsburgh show and tix to the Atlantic City show. Why two? Cos this year, in less than 4 months, I will reach that nasty milestone b-day. Yup, Thirty. Not happy about it, and I have't been on vacation in over 10 years. I deserve one weekend in Atlantic City. (Most of which will be traveling from PA to NJ) But I still want to go. Pardon me while I pout.

Oh and I'm working on two stories now. Yes, two. Kiss that New Year's Resolution goodbye. And do you know what? I don't care. The story that came into my mind Friday was so vivid (Thanks again Hayward) that I had to start writing it. I've got the prologue to that one done already, it's three pages. A good start I think.

The other story is a bit goth (as Moody Mistress told me in an email last night) and it's about vampires. I love vampire stories, but I very seldom find a vampire romance that I really like. So I opted to create one of my own. A vampire that's comfortable with his existance and finds love with a mortal woman with powers of mind reading, that only strengthen when she is biten.

Sadly I have about 3 or 4 other ideas in my head for stories that just have to wait. Not to mention the rewrites that will need to be done on MOOT/Broken Dreams to prepare it to go out into the world to be rejected by publishing houses all over this great land of ours.

So as you can see, I need something to brighten my day. Namely these guys

Saturday, March 27, 2004

In Honor Of Greta The Grand Am

Because Greta is still in surgery. I bring you this awesome song by one of the 80's best looking punk/new wave artists.


Car Trouble (From Dirk Wears White Socks)

Have you ever had a ride in a light blue car?
Have you ever stopped to think who's the slave and who's the master?
Have you ever had trouble with your automobile?
Have you ever had to push push push push?
Cartrouble oh yeah

You might have seen them very busy at the weekends (oh oh)
Lick lick and polishing the beep-beeps into shape
And then its proudly up the M1 M2 M3
And keep your feet off the upholstery Ronnie
Cartrouble oh yeah

Car carcar trouble car carcar trouble
Car carcar trouble car carcar trouble
Car carcar trouble car carcar trouble
Car carcar trouble car carcar trouble

Friday, March 26, 2004

In My World

Gee a bunch of things going on as I type this morning. (Early morning, as I haven't gone to bed yet) I'm kinda getting personal on you guys again, so forgive me.

I'll go with the fun bits first.

~ I'm having a Mix CD Swap. All the details are located at my Art Of The Mix Blog. I've linked you to the post. It contains the email to send me your info and all the details you need to sign up. I will tell you the theme here, "Put A Spring In Your Step." I hope some of you can participate. I have 4 people signed up today, so I'm really thrilled. The swap is open to the world really, my first participant is from France!

~ I want to tell all of you that left congratulations for me yesterday a huge thank you. And I'm so honored that so many of you want to read it. I told someone before that I'm content if a few people get enjoyment from something I've written. I know 9 people that were pleased with the story. The more the merrier. I hope Alexa, Everett and Tristan touch your lives as much as they have mine.

~ I'm already working on another story. It was a project I started about oh...3 years ago, and it never got finished. It's a vampire historical romance. I think this one borders on erotica. If you can imagine, the storyline is something like Anne Rice meets Tim Burton meets Anais Nin and they all get together and write a book.

If you aren't familiar with Anais Nin, she's an author from the early part of the 20th century, who's erotica is simply incredible. If you're interested, I highly recommend the collection of short stories entitled "Delta of the Venus." I stumbled across it when I was in high school. A very enlightening read, I must say. But well done. Jackie Collins only wishes she wrote half as well.

~ I have an interview for a part time job today at 1 p.m. At this point any job will do. I almost don't care what the job is as long as it helps pay the bills.

~ The status on Greta the Grand Am? She's still in the Car Car Hospital. The doctor that was to perform her surgery got the flu and she hasn't even been taken into the operating room. So it looks like another week without a car! Anyone want to cry with me?

~ I was listening to my "ME" mix today and I discovered, the song I put on it as my General Favorite Song is probably my Most Favorite Song. What is it? The Moody Blues - Highway.

I will never fully understand how they have become my most favorite band. Especially when I listen to the likes of Elvis Costello, Oingo Boingo and the Damned. Of course you all know I love the Beatles too, so that may be part of it. But sometime last year I was exposed to the song Your Wildest Dreams again. A song I absolutely adored in the 80s. I wanted to be the girl in the video. (so much so that I wrote a story about her...and the Hayward)

Well, I did a mix of songs with the days of the week in them, and I discovered Tuesday Afternoon. That was it. I was done for. Then I saw the face of the Hayward. Heart and Soul belonged to this band.

I was disappointed when I learned their studio release in 2003 was going to be a Christmas CD. I groaned and grumbled for months, until 3 days before it's release when I heard the first strains of December Snow and Don't Need a Reindeer.

If you buy one Christmas CD in the coming year, buy a copy of the Moody Blues December. You'll never regret it.

~ My brother found a picture of my mother when she was making her first communion..or her confirmation or something that required a young girl to wear a veil. I was struck dumb. In all my 29 years I never thought I looked like my mother. I know now that I do.

This is my mum

This is me

Strange I always thought I looked like my dad's side of the family. I was wrong.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Another Personal Post

Well yesterday marked a humungous milestone in my life. The novel I've been working on, in some form or another, is finished. It's a first draft, meaning I still have editing I want to do. Nine wonderful ladies have been reading it over the course of time, helping me along and encouraging me not to give up.

So before I say anymore I want to say thank you to

Cheryl - My Head Cheerleader
Linda - My Editor, who was brutal at times.
Tonie - Who made sure it was properly sexy
Christine - Another Cheerleader
Callie - Yet another Cheerleader
Shirley - A good friend
Kim - A Cheerleader and a HUGE help through some rough spots
Deb - Another fabulous Cheerleader
Linds - A fellow writer who was there in the beginning when the story really sucked.

If you look in the archives of this blog (though I don't recommend it), you'll find the first incarnation of the story now known as MOOT. Man Out of Time, now more aptly titled, Broken Dreams had it's humble beginnings here. When I started it, I never thought it would grow to the proportions that it has. It has it's roots in fanfiction, though it's evolved to the point where you'd never guess who inspired half the characters. I'm not telling who they are unless you make a few guesses first and then ask nicely. The nine mentioned above know who they are, and one other person does too.

The version of the story that was finished today and was started back in August. In between then and now I completed about 4 short stories. (fanfictions all revolving around a certain blonde man) Work began again in earnest around December 15. The story doubled in length by New Year's Eve.

Updates were slow for awhile after that, but I never gave up. Those 9 ladies wouldn't let me, and let me tell you there were many many times when I wanted to throw in the towel, when ideas wouldn't come to me.

So what is MOOT/Broken Dreams about?

It's the story of a thirty something writer whose life has always revolved around her best friend Everett. When his marriage turns sour, his life and hers turn upside down. Old loves and new friends abound. Jealousy threatens to tear a friendship and a love apart.

This is the story of Alexa Duncan, Everett Connor and his soon to be ex-wife, Jodi Conner and Tristan Hanover the musician that was engaged to Alexa years ago, and still holds her heart. All there lives are entwined through marriage and friendship.

Anyone who would like to read my creation, my baby can leave a comment below with an email that you'd like it to be sent to. I'll warn you now, it's big. The document is 395 pages long.

I will ask that anyone that reads it give me feedback, as I will want to go into editing in the next few weeks. So I hope some of you are fast readers. Not to worry though if you want to read it. I love all of you guys, and I think you'll get to know me better in reading this story.

It's been my life for so long.

And one last thank you. To a person who will never know how much he's helped this story grow from a tiny MOOTling to the novel Broken Dreams. A title I borrowed from one of his songs. And it's because of his songs that this story became what it is.


Thank you for:

Never Comes The Day
In My World
And all the others that put me in the right direction. And for one other reason, I don't think I have to mention.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Wednesday Mind Hump

Humping the Mind

It's impossible for me not to do the Wednesday Mind Hump. These things bring me so much joy!!

This week we're doing a sort of "getting to know you" meme. Ready? Get your mind humpin'!

1. Using the words that begin with B-L-O-G list four things about you. Feel free to use one word or get gabby about it.

B as in Bright, cos I'd like to think that I'm smart
L as in Loving, cos I'm full of that too
O as in Original, there's no one like me
G as in Guy, cos that's my last name

Creative aren't I? Tee hee.

2. If your personality could be heard, what would it sound like?

It would sound something like a loud manical laugh.

3. If your laughter could be seen, what would it look like?

Maybe like this .

4. If happiness made your eyes dance, what dance would they be doing?

I guess it all depends on what made me happy. If Justin Hayward were hanging around, my eyes would be dancing the lambada. Hell, they'd be doing a lap dance! Same for John Lodge.

Regular happiness? Probably some kooky 60's dance.

5. Speaking of dancing, shake your booty! Okay, now ... if it made a sound, what sound would it make?

Well likely it would sound like the floor was caving in. Cos I bounce around a lot when I shake my boot-tay.

Waiting for the Nightboat

I'm sitting around wishing and waiting, as usual. It's true what they say about waiting. You spend most of your life doing it. You are always waiting for something, and it doesn't always happen or turn out the way you want it to, probably becuase other people are waiting for the same thing.

I'm in the midst of waiting for a lot of things.

1. I'm waiting for my UE checks to come in.

2. I'm waiting for Adecco to call me with an assignment.

3. I'm waiting to see if my boss ever calls again. As he's disappeared now for three weeks

4. I'm waiting for the Bowie concert in May

5. I'm waiting for my car to be fixed

6. I'm waiting for the tickets to go on sale for the two Moody Blues shows I want to see this summer.

7. I'm waiting for the mind hump to be posted at Blog Drive Insanity.

8. I'm waiting for another hug from this man

9. I'm waiting to get another picture of this man

10. I'm waiting to see if anyone reads this.

As Tom Petty wrote, the waiting is the hardest part. It's true, too. Nothing is harder and more frustrating than waiting, and the more things you are waiting for, the harder it is.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

This one's for my mommy. I was a freaky baby just like this one. I still am. You've seen the pictures, you can't deny it.

I heard a song again this past weekend and it made me think of how, from the heart some music is. Not all of it mind you, but some of it. And the stuff that is, is powerful. It can sometimes move you to tears.

This is one such song. And it made me think about my life and my family and how they are really my world.

Landslide -- Fleetwood Mac -- written By Steve Nicks

I took my love, I took it down
Climbed a mountain and I turned around
I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
'Till the landslide brought me down

Oh, mirror in the sky
What is love
Can the child within my heart rise above
Can I sail through the changing ocean tides
Can I handle the seasons of my life

Well, I've been afraid of changing
'Cause I've built my life around you
But time makes you get bolder
Even children get older
And I'm getting older too

Oh, take my love, take it down
Climb a mountain and turn around
If you see my reflection in the snow covered hills
Well the landslide will bring it down

If you see my reflection in the snow covered hills
Well the landslide will bring it down.
Being My Friend You Said You'd Call Dr. Robert

Well an update on the situation.

Well, long about 3 o'clock my father instructs me to call AAA to have Greta the Grand Am towed. The garage should be able to work on her today.

So here it goes.

I called AAA (Annoying Automobiles Anonymous) and they send for a car car ambulance. Greta is special and has a Quad 4 Engine so she needs to have the big ambulance come for her.

An hour later, there comes the big flatbed car car ambulance. She's taken on a huge stretcher aboard. We all weep, because we know she's deathly ill.

Once Greta is loaded onto the car car ambulance they take her to Charlie Robert's Car Car Hospital, where today she's going to undergo a very lengthy car car surgery. This surgery can take up to 5 days to complete. So say prayers for Greta, as she has her engine removed to take out the wonky head gasket that is the cause of hers and my grief.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Monday Music Mambo

A new meme by those crazy ladies at BD Insanity. I think they made this one just for me.

Now everyone get up and dance like the crazy banana you are!!

Name 5 songs including their artists that describe your personality.

Song 1. Oingo Boingo - On The Outside

Song 2. Elaine Paige - Nobody's Side (from the musical chess)

Song 3. The Moody Blues - I Just Don't Care

Song 4. Elvis Costello - All Grown Up

Song 5. The Beatles - Nowhere Man (or Nowhere my case)
Things Can Only Get Better

I'd like to believe that this is the case. I'd like to think that I'm blowing something small out of proportion, but no. The temp agency thing went really well. That's great, which means I may have a job sometime soon. I hope.

The bad thing is this. On the way home, my low coolant light came on.

OK, so I thought, the car needs antifreeze.




So I get home and my dad goes to get antifreeze.

Guess what?

Head gasket blew! heard me. The head gasket blew.

Where in the hell am I going to come up with the 600 + dollars to fix the car, when I'm just about out of unemployment and my job leads are slim to nil? Will someone please tell me that?

Why don't I just walk to the Monessen bridge and take a flying leap for myself?

My mom's told me to think more positively. Well right now, I don't see much positive. I see more bills, no work and no future.

I've tried praying, really I have, but I think that the Divine Being that listens to my pleas keeps sending me to voice mail. He's sure not listening or returning my calls. Most definitely frustrating. And there's nowhere to turn now. No one I can ask for help either.

So kindly forgive me for being gloomy and doomy. Cos right now I can't see any silver lining in the dark cloud that's hovering over my head.

So if you don't mind, I'll just be .

Cos I think I'm on the , and sadly the smiley has a life boat. I don't.
Monday Madness

1. What was your favorite TV show as a child?
As a child, the show I used to live for was the Monkees. Yes, I'm only 29, but I watched the Monkees every afternoon on WPGH in Pittsburgh when I was 5 and then later on Mtv and Nickolodeon.

2. What show did you hate?
I hated Family Ties. Could not stand it then, can't stand it now.

3. What show did your family gather around the TV to watch?
Growing up, we all used to watch The Cosby Show together. The first great lineup on NBC. Now we gather round on Saturdays to watch the old Britcoms on PBS, Are You Being Served?, Waiting for God, As Time Goes By and Keeping Up Appearances.

4. What show is currently your favorite?
Would you believe I don't have one? I very rarely watch tv, and when I do, it's not what anyone else does. I used to like Whose Line Is It Anyway (British version), On The Spot (a very short lived improv show on WB) and the UK version of Coupling.

5. What show do you hate now?
This is so going to get me into loads of trouble. I is to light of a word to describe my feelings for this show...I hate FRIENDS.


Whiny, disgusting people that I would never want to know in real life, plus with some of the scenarios they've been put through on the too many years that it's been on the air, they shouldn't still be friends.

I refuse to say anymore on that. Cos I know I'm the only person out there that wants to hurl when that show comes on.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Photo Time

It's not been a very "Golden" week here in southwestern PA. In fact it's been rather bleak and dreary. My blogger in crime posted a picture of a golden rose yesterday and I told her to post the link to Wenches at Photo Time, because the photo was so perfect.

I have 2 entries.

Taken from the Spring Flower Show at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.

And this taken at St Paul's Cathedral in the Oakland district of Pittsburgh.

The rest of my photos from the flower show and my walking outing of Pittsburgh can be found here.

A Few Things For An Early Sunday Morning

I'm going to see Fleetwood Mac in June. On June 10 precisely, at Post Gazette Pavillion in Burgettstown. (Pittsburgh) How I came about going is still a mystery to me, but I'll get to see Lindsey Buckingham on stage, so I'm a happy girl.

Mmmm, if he sings Bleed to Love Her, from Say You Will, I will melt and perish.

I fell in love with that song the first time I heard it on the Dance. Gorgeous, but then again, I find all of Lindsey's songs to be that way.

Marillion is a very odd yet interesting band. I'm not sure I have a fair description of them, except to say that if you like Genesis, perhaps not the later cheesy Genesis of Invisible Touch and We Can't Dance, you'll like them as well. I just recently discovered them, care of the song Kayleigh, which I love. A friend of mine sent me a copy of their greatest hits disc and I'm becoming addicted.

The Moody Blues Concert in Pittsburgh, still unconfirmed. Do you know what that means? I'm still bitchin'!

Oh and the status of those downloads, you know the ones I was mentioning yesterday? Guess what? I got them! Now I just have to burn them to disc! Woot! I have the Elvis Costello concert from Massey Hall from the 15th, 2 shows from the band, The Damned and one show by Marillion. Squee for new music. Live concerts are the greatest to listen to sometimes. Except when you really really want to see a band and they avoid your city like the plague, then they are depressing.

Onto a non-music related front, MOOT has reached chapter 26. One more chapter to write after this one and it's done. Finished. Over! Out of my life! YAY! Currently it's 369 pages long. It's an evil thing and I'll be glad to be done with it. It's taken a year and a half to get to this point, and there's probably another month of edits to be done. ARGH

I think that's enough for now, don't you?

Saturday, March 20, 2004


It's the stuff that life is made of, at least mine. I'm still taking the random typing test, and I'm pretty damn sure I suck at typing. I can go from 18 wpm up to about 51 wpm depending on what they are asking me to type. I'm pathetic and like I said I'm really nervous about Monday morning.

Downloading concert cds online is also something that will fast lead me to madness. I have 3 shows that I really want, I got one and the other two are still downloading and have been for about a day now. Jiminy Christmas. You can get some live shows in Bit Torrent form at the Sharing The Groove site. There's a tutorial there and I posted one at Wenches, just for reference.

Speaking of Wenches, I'm glad today is Saturday. It's my sweet wonderful friend Cheryl's day to post over there. Wenches is a group blog. There are about 8 or 9 of us that are supposed to blog there, once a week. The spot of weirdness is that I end up blogging there 5 to 6 days out of the week. We do Tasty Tuesday each week. (which I really thought would bring out more wenches posting...but nope) That day's ususally just me and Lady Starlight. Which means you get Moody Men and her brood of unusual concubines/pretty things. There now, I bitched, forgive me, but geezy creezy I can only think of so many things to discuss, and since music is my specialty, I could probably bore the tears out of anyone reading it.

Oh and on the CD Swap front. I think I might be able to do a swap in April. There was some feedback left at Art of the Mix that gives me reason to believe at least a handful of people might be up for a swap. I'll be posting the information here next week. I'm thinking the theme will be the "ME" mix. Might get people thinking, and a good way of introducing yourself and your musical taste to a total stranger.

Another week of writing and Man Out of Time will be finished, I'm fairly sure of that. I'm going to wrap up Chapter Twenty-five today, and will be starting the next one. I hope this chapter wasn't crap. It was much more dialogue than I wanted it to be. When it comes to this story, I never quite feel sure of myself, other than to be sure that the thing sucks and only my friends that are reading along as I write it say they like it to avoid hurting my feelings.

See, it's all about weirdness.

How about weird prettyness?

Much better I think.

Friday, March 19, 2004

It's Now Time for the Second Post of the Day

Friday Five

If you...

1. ...owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?
I'd probably own a diner or something simple like that. (I'd never own a restaurant actually, cos I can't cook!)

2. ...owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?
I'd own an exclusive clothing boutique. It would be all posh and full of pretty things, and rich and famous people would come to shop there. And I could help Justin Hayward in the fitting rooms. Take his inside leg..and do with it what I will.

~giggles evilly~

3. ...wrote a book, what genre would it be?
IF I WROTE A BOOK!! IF!!! (Stares at a document that's 358 pages long and wonders if it qualifies as a book yet)
Well, "IF" I wrote a book, it would be a romance novel. It would be about two friends and their relationships. Their names may even be Alexa Duncan and Everett Connor. Everett is married to Jodi and Alexa is still single, but will find that her old love Tristan Hanover still loves her.....NO, I'm not giving away my plot...if you want to read it, just ask, it'll be finished in a week or so.

4. ...ran a school, what would you teach?
I'd run a school that taught people how to dress. I'd join up with the What Not To Wear girls.

5. ...recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?
Assuming I could sing, it would be an album of folky pop a cross between the Beatles and the Moody Blues

Hmmmm Hmmmm

Trying to picture that. Hmmmm

The mind boggles.
ARGH to Infinity and Beyond

If I take one more practice typing test, I'm going to go insane! Really! I've taken a few as practice today and they are maddening. I've ranged from a crap 18 wpm up to a whopping 51 wpm. GAH! I'm going to be a basket case on Monday. Really, I'm going to be a certifiable loon. (more than I already am!)

I just want my old job back. The one my boss promised me I'd have back too! ARGH! I've been waiting since August, with only a few worked days here and there in between. The unfairness of the situation, especially with the next part of the rant.

Moody Blues Tour Dates!!!!


Two travelable shows in PA...a day apart.


6/16 in Hershey, PA
6/17 in Pittsburgh, PA

Not to mention 6/18-6/19 in Atlantic City.


My Moody Men are going to be so close so often...I want to follow them. I want hugs!


Ok, I'm fine. Really I am.


Ok, so I'm not fine.


As I said, ARGH! to infinity and beyond!!!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Since When Is It Personal?

Forgive me for my one lapse. It isn't often that you really hear about my life on this journal. I never really intended any of you to know me that well, unless of course you asked. But you know what? Today, you're going to learn more than you ever wanted to know about me.

Yeah, I can feel your glee all the way here in my hamlet of Charleroi. That's a lot of glee, cos I'm sure all of you are in far more exciting places than this. For those of you that don't know, Charleroi, is a suburb of a suburb of a suburb (kinda like To Our Children's Children's Children) of Pittsburgh. (yeah, Pittsurgh is with an H in PA)

I am a 29 year old (almost thirty...grrrrr) sometimes secretary, sometimes retail manager with no direction in life whatsoever. I had direction in my life, but as always a wrench got thrown into the works and that disappeared.

The past two years of my life been complete hell. With the wonderful economy I've gone through more jobs now than when I was out of school. Hell, I'm currently unemployed, but that's a rant in itself.

Six months before the whole, job fiasco started, my mother had another heart attack. Yes, I said another. This would be number 4 or 5, and we were all quite scared that this was going to be the big one. These go back to my last semester in college, when she had the first one that sent her via life flight to Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh. It made starting school that winter so much fun.

So as you might have figured, I live at home with my family, there's nowhere else to go. And when you're as goofy looking and as goofy as me, you don't find many people that will go out with you. Plus when they find out that you don't really care about going out, they really lose interest.

Oye, I'm sounding bitter.

Let's not go there. That's just a bad thing. I don't mean to get down on myself too much.

Have I mentioned I love music? There now that's a nice change of subject. You probably guessed that by now, if you've looked around the blog. You might even have a guess of who my favorite artists are. Hmmm if you scroll down past this post I'm sure you'll see. ~cough~ Justin Hayward.

I've had a thing for 60's music since I was five years old. My first two loves were The Monkees and The Beatles in that order. Some kids watched cartoons, I watched The Monkees and dreamed that I would be Davy's Daydream Believer. Do ya want to know something? Sometimes I still do.

As for the Beatles I think I've always had a thing for Paul and George. You never heard anyone cry as much as I did when George passed away. When Cloud 9 came out in the fall of 87 I harrassed record store employees for weeks for information. That CD had its release date pushed back at least 3 times, it was unnerving. It was probably more unnerving that they were being bugged by a 13 year old about a Harrison CD.

Over time, I did pick up on the music of the decade that I grew up in. It fills the room I sit in now. (You know, Duran Duran, Adam Ant, Depeche Mode, Erasure...etc) I kinda lost the 90's in music. Nothing about it really suited me. It was a lot of boybands and grunge and I like my music to sound pretty. To me there's more musical value in punk than grunge. (I get comic value out of punk) ~grins and thinks of Captain Sensible singing The Turkey Song~

Even now, my musical taste still drifts back. Mostly to the 60's and 80's. Elvis Costello is one of my favorite staples, when he's not being an in love sap, that makes me want to be sick. Dear God, Elvis, the honeymoon is over, could you please snark for awhile, just so that I know you're still there?

Ah and I also write. Have I mentioned that? Yes, I know many times. And yeah, you all know that I'm working on a novel that's almost finished. You know that it's working title is Man Out of Time, or MOOT for short. Did you know that I have a real title for it. Ha! You didn't know that did ya! ~grins smugly~ Not telling ya what it is yet either, that's a surprise.

In the course of the past year, between fanfictions and the novel, I've written about 600 typewritten pages. Some are located in my Such Unlikely Stories site, (forgive the typos) the others are in my yahoo groups. I highly doubt the Hayward fics will make it to that site, because they are so long, and to do the html code for them, well, would drive me completely bonkers.

So there, you know something about me now. You even know that I have to register for a temp agency on Monday and I'm scared to death about it. Why? Cos I told you. And Why? Cos My typing isn't the greatest, but I've always managed to eek by.

There now. Have I scared ya?

Ok, I have now. And that's Eddie Izzard with me in case you didn't know.

That's all I'm telling, anything else remains a secret.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The Wednesday Mind Hump

Just when I was getting used to the cute little pink pig, they post this sweet silly blinky!! AH! I'm too easily amused these days really.

"I say ___, you think ___"

1. ::royal:: Doulten China
2. ::oilcan:: Jiffy Lube
3. ::rib:: tease
4. ::drool:: bucket
in all honesty...the first thing I thought of was this

Cos he's such a He always makes me drool
5. ::cotton:: balls
6. ::flexible:: agile
7. ::brick:: walls
8. ::streak:: nekkid
9. ::fuzzy:: cuffs

I'll explain the reason for that answer later, if you ask nicely
10. ::lounge:: lizard

Happy St Patrick's Day

It's time for the wearing of the green. The drinking of green beer. And probably a few other things that you'll be ashamed of after drinking all that green beer. So whatever you do today, make sure you don't get too tipsy too soon. Unless of course you want to forget the day entirely, which is always an option, though not a smart one.

Just don't get drunk and try to Riverdance, cos that's just bad all the way around.


At worse you could end up the next day looking like Michael Flatley or his wife/girlfriend/strumpet. I think that should be motivation enough not to drink yourself silly, don't you? She could put someone's eye out with all that silicon.

I think the leprechaun has it right. I'm going to just relax today.

Happy St. Paddy's Day Everyone

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Mix Challenge

Brian issued me a challenge in the form of a mix suggestion yesterday. And a good suggestion it was too. One that's got me thinking today.

What was the suggestion, you ask.

A mix cd with songs using actual people's names in the title.

I'm taking the first song he far I haven't come up with many. I wonder, will I be able to fill a disc with this theme?

Ballad of John and Yoko - The Beatles
Emily's Song - The Moody Blues (about Emily Lodge, John's Daughter)
The Lovely Linda - Paul McCartney (this song is just 45 seconds long)
Carrie Ann - Styx (about the lovely Mrs. DeYoung)
Rosanna - Toto (I believe this one is about Rosanna Arquette)
Jesus He Knows Me - Genesis

I'm sure I'll come up with a few more..maybe enough to make the disc...only I wonder, will I be able to listen to it when I do?

When the Rain Comes....They Run and Hide Their Heads

Well, we didn't get the snow that they were talking about. Long about 6 am when I first woke up, the rain was tapping at my window, and that was no rain at all, that was ice.

This has been one of the most unusal winters in PA. We've had far more ice storms than we've had snow, and to be perfectly honest I'd rather have the snow. Snow is easier to handle. So as I'm looking out my window now, I don't see any flurries falling prettily to the ground, even though the ground has a white cast to it. That white cast is again ice.

No sense in complaining though, we've got the better end of the deal. Just an hour away, in Pittsburgh the roads are dicey and if you go further north than that, they did get the snow. I'm not saying I don't like snow, and lord knows it doesn't matter about driving, cos I'm not going anywhere.

So I could've appreciated a pretty snow, but we haven't had any of that really since the beginning of winter. All of our snow came with ice, so that it was treacherous, or not much of it, but goodness knows there was plenty of ice this year.

Slurpy anyone?

How To Make A Me Mix

When I get all the songs chosen, I'll post a link to the Art of the Mix page where my mix can be found. But again, thanks to everyone that helped me with categories. I think I have enough now. Though you never know until the songs are compiled.

Here's what it takes to make a "Me" mix

Theme Song
Best friend Song
Romantic Life Song
General Favorite Song
Song By the First Band You Liked
Song That Reminds You of College/School
Song By The First Band You Saw In Concert
Your Prozac Alternative
Feel Good Song
It's All About Sex
Youthful Reminder
A Seasonal Favorite (song that reminds you of your favorite season)
When I Think Of You
It's Over (Breaking Up memories)
It Makes Me Cry
Hope for the Future
General View of the World
The Song You Want Played At Your Funeral

Monday, March 15, 2004

I Will Pretend The Sun Will Shine Forever

The weatherman has to be wrong. There will not be a snow storm this week. NO! NO! and NO! It's gorgeous and sunny outside and the sparrows are building their nest above my bedroom window as they do every year. It's truly a beautiful day today. But if the weatherman is right, the rest of the week is to be full of freezing rain, snow and other nasty stuff.

At least my parents have a nice day today. It's their 52nd wedding anniversay.

All I can say is WOW! (No one's been killed) I never knew how much bickering goes on in a household until I found myself trapped in this one the past many months. Maybe it's age that does it to you. Age and one parent being healthier than the other. My mother has a heart condition, diabetes, you name it, she's got it. My dad on the other has only has minor problems that can be associated with working in coal mines, steel mills and a glass plant. He still cuts logs, shovels coal climbs ladders, and makes a general menace of himself. You can't stop him. Really, you can't.

It's not often see people married that long anymore. Mostly because people don't get married that young. My mom was 18 when she got married. But that was the fifities and another world entirely.

I know I can't imagine being married, let alone being married to someone for fifty plus years. It's quite an accomplishment and proof that sometimes love does transcend all bounds, sickness, hard times and other things that would send lesser people to the divorce lawyers.

I'm glad the sun is shining today. My parents deserve it.
Monday Madness

This is my favorite meme. I look forward to this as much as the Wednesday Mind Hump. It's the silly things in life that amuse me.

Oh and before I go onto the questions. I want to thank everyone that's donated suggestions to the "ME" mix. I hope I'll be able to post the suggestions and maybe even the tracks later today.

Now onto


1. What is your solution for cabin fever - you know that feeling of being penned in the house all winter?
The best way of getting rid of cabin fever is to take a long theraputic walk. Sometimes if it's cold enough, it reminds you of why the inside is so nice and toasty, and sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered for getting rid of stuck inside these four walls blues.

2. Who are the people in your your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood.....?
Right now we don't have many families around, though soon, once they can start doing roof repairs and furnace repairs, Brandy her hubby and their baby and doggie Rampart will return. John and Denise live across the street and my grandmother lives almost next door. Oh and a very nice old lady, Mary lives next to my grandma. That's about it.

3. What's the best thing about spring?
No more snow, ice storms or other nasty things that make driving a pain.

4. Any Easter traditions?
Every Good Friday, we go to Avella to visit one of our former pastors. He's got a tiny church and we go to Good Friday vesper services and then we take him to King's for waffles. (cos you can't eat meat on Friday's in Lent)

5. How old were you believing in the Easter bunny?
Are you telling me there's no Easter Bunny? Next thing you know you'll be telling me there's no Great Pumpkin or Santa Claus. Harumph...

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Movies, Music, Meme's and Other Things Starting with M

I'll start off with the movies part of this post, since this is going to be a hodge podge of ideas and ramblings. I saw Secret Window. I'm sure you know the star of this film is Johnny Depp. I'm sure you all know that he's the main reason that I went to see this film. But did you know that it's actually quite good?

I know the reviews haven't been stellar, but as for suspense/thrillers, this one is quite tolerable. You might have guessed that this is not a film genre I usually venture out for, but again, Johnny Depp is in it. He doesn't disappoint either. I've seen him play so many roles and now I've added another type to that list, madman/murderer.

I don't want to give the plot away, so I won't go into that, but if you want to see a decent suspense film and you like Johnny Depp, you won't be disappointed. Really, you won't.

I'm trying to make a "Me" mix CD and I need some help. I don't want this to be random songs that are thrown on the disc, that I think represent me. Why? Because the disc is going to someone that doesn't really know me. So I thought if I had some suggestions for what makes up me, I might be able to go at this more effectively.

These were some of the suggestions tossed at me by Live Journal people.

Best Friend Song
Romantic Life Song
Theme Song
General Favorite Song

So as you can see, I need about 14 or 15 more ideas like that. Please help!

Now onto the Meme. I saw this one at Live Journal.

Top Ten Shaggable Fictional Characters

~just a note, I'm going to go for a few book characters, cos when you start tossing in TV and Movie Characters, well aren't you really just crushing on the actor that plays the part? Also, they are really in no particular order.

1. Lestat: The star of the Vampire Chronicles. Honestly, from the Interview with a Vampire, I knew I wouldn't mind if he bit my neck! He has attitude, class and style, and in most of the books he's not wussy. I abhor wussy vampires. You'd think they'd be happy with immortality, but no!! They want to become mortal again. PAH!

2. Tristan Hanover: For those of you that aren't familiar with Man Out of Time, the novel I'm working on, Tristan is one of my male characters. Actually he is the most important male character. He's tall, he's blonde, he's passionate and he's in a band. Tristan's a romantic at heart too. I love him to pieces and I'll miss him deeply once I write the ending.

3. Rue: Rue is the gypsy from Chocolat. Remember that before the film version, this was a book. And the character is quite enjoyable and likable. It's one of my favorite novels turned movies. Very little change was made and what was changed made the film better. Sure I see Johnny Depp every time I think of Rue, but that can't be helped.

4. Valmont: Another cross over from literary character to film. The whole premise of the 2 films, Dangerous Liasions and Valmont is about sex. So how could you not want to shag Valmont? Add the visual of John Malkovich and Colin Firth and well....THUD

5. Jeff Murdoch: Yup, here's my tv hunny. Totally off the wall, sad pathetic fellow, but so intensely likeable. I want to shag him, because no one else does. And you know what? That means more for me. So there! Neener Neener Neener! Oh and my Jeff Murdoch is the UK Jeff, not that poser that played him in the short lived US version.

6. Arnold J. Rimmer: The smeghead from the UK series, Red Dwarf. Such a bumbling fool and I always go for the underdog, so since he's been gagging for a shag since the series began, I'll help him out.

7. Erik: The Phantom of the Opera. I know he's ugly, but if you read the book by Gaston Leroux, you can't help but fall in love with him. A beautiful character. I'd do him.

8. Nick Knight: Another TV vampire. A wussy one, but with a strong mind and a very good heart. He's the lead on the series Forever Knight. His character is played by the ever so gorgeous Geriant Wyn Davies. He's another vampire who can just BITE ME!

9. Marius and Enjorlas from Les Miserables. I should probably let them go as nine and ten, but I won't since they are from the same book. Two very passionate characters and that's a trait I like in a man.

10. Rene and Sir Stephen from the Story of O. I don't think I should have to answer why. I think they speak for themselves.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

It's Time To Slant

This is fast becoming one of my favorite memes, so I'll do this one again. It's never up before I leave the house though, so it's a late update all the time. Late but fun. So here's this week's Saturday Slant.

Catching A Leprechaun
Legend has it if you catch a leprechaun he is honor bound to grant you a single wish, even as far as to give up his pot of gold. A single wish. The Jin of Aladdin's tales grant three--room enough to correct mistakes. With a single wish, however, there is no going back. You hold in your grip a spry little man with beard and curls of amber. Annoyed at being caught he glares up at you demanding: "Aye. What shall ye be wishing then, hey?" A single wish. Think carefully before you answer.

One wish. A single wish. That would probably be the hardest thing to do right now, because in my life there are so many things that one wish couldn't cover. Would that pot of gold take away all the other things wrong in my life? Would having a job that I loved and paid well enough to make sure all my bills were covered and then some, make the quality of my life any better. Would that pot of gold make my mother who has a heart condition and diabetes live any longer? Would it pay for a hearing aid that would help my father hear the "right" things? Could one little pot of gold do that? Dare I wish for more?

Would I be selfish? I read today that Madonna spends over 250,000 dollars a year on clothes and that each hour of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones' wedding cost 210,000, that's an hourly rate, and I don't imagine the festivities were over in one hour!


I don't think peace on earth could really be accomplished by a wish. I don't think wishing for a better President could help me in the here and now.

So as I sit here and look at the possibilities, perhaps that pot of gold is the only way to go. It can certainly help me along on some of the hardships my family faces. It would pay my bills. It would pay for my mother's medication. It would pay for a good hearing aid for my father. It would pay for all those little things that we all wish we had and can't afford. You know the selfish things, like seeing the Moody Blues 7 times, or Elvis Costello, or David Bowie, or Paul McCartney. Stuff like that.

So I guess when I weigh things out, I'd want the pot of gold. It wouldn't make everything right in my world but it would help ease much of the pain of it. And ultimately that's better than nothing.
Goodnight Irene Goodnight

My mix cds and the mix cds my friends have made me need a home. Seriously! They are piling up on the floor and look terribly lonesome there. I have to find someplace nice for them to reside when they aren't in my cd player. It's funny, but the 'real' cds don't get spun as much as the mixes do. I haven't figured out why that is. Maybe it's the personal touch that comes with a mix cd or maybe it's just a short attention span. I don't know.

The mixes I've received lately have just managed to make things look better in my life, so to those of you I've swapped with, I thank you many times over.

I just wish there was someplace nice I could store them. I'm so short of space in my house, things start piling up on the floor and well, everywhere. It doesn't help matters that I'm a pack rat either. So the poor dears must content themselves with being scattered on the floor, or get lost in the shuffle somewhere.

So much in my life is disorganized. My cds are usually the only thing that isn't. And it's true for the most part; I have everything stored in alphabetical and chronological order. The newbie discs are what lurk in piles.

My computer is like that too. I sort things out for awhile and then harvest them over to cdrws. I think it's time for another harvesting. There are so many pretty things that need to be moved to disc. I just hate to move them. I love to open my folders and gaze at the beauty that is Justin Hayward or John Lodge or David Bowie or Elvis Costello...etc etc. When they are on disc, I tend to forget about them. That's sad.

It's probably a good thing I'm not that way with my writing. Another milestone was reached today, my novel that I've been working on for over a year now (in different forms) has reached 330 pages. I realize it probably stinks, but I'm enjoying the process again. I've written 25 pages this week, 5 a day. Hopefully I'll see it finished soon, because my mind is cluttered with new ideas for stories. (and one that needs finishing)

I think while I have a few people reading Man Out of Time, I'll start brushing up on a vampire story I started two years ago. I've already let a few people read what I had written previously and I think the feedback has been pretty good. If not I have an idea for a historical novel, much like the Love Eternal story I had written earlier this year. It's a bit of a fanfiction, about Justin Hayward, but not in the classic sense of fanfiction. I'm very proud of that one. Next to Distorted Angel, which can be found on my Such Unlikely Stories page, I like that one best.

So it seems the two constants in my life are music and writing, even if the writing is the sillyness that I type here. I suppose as long as there's at least one person reading I'll go on.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Up From The Ashes

Gee, I've not been the updating fool I usually am these past few days. I've even resorted to doing lots of meme's. Why? Have I run out of rants? NO! Never fear I always have a rant or two hidden away for when I need it most. I've been really concentrating on working on my novel this week. I've probably written at least 20 pages this week. I'm quite pleased with the way it's turning out too. I've also been trying to read Out of Africa. I don't know why, but I just can't get into it. It has nothing to do with the writing or the subject matter, I just can't get into it. I don't feel any excitement or involvement with the author and the people who's lives she's sharing with this story. I feel guilty, about 70 pages in, I started to read a regency romance, and I've finished that already.

In other news, Siouxsie and the Banshee's former guitarist John McGeoch died this week. I finally found an article about it online. He died in his sleep at age 48. Such a sad thing.

In personal news, I've been on a diet since Sunday. I'm doing well I think. The major issue in this isn't so much the not eating. I think I have that under control, it's the not drinking soda. I can't say this enough. I need Coca Cola to survive! In the past five days, I've had one can a day. The rest of the time I'm thirsty etc, I've been drinking water.

Ah the foolish things we do to be thin.

Even better still, the foolish reasons why we want to be thin. What should it matter that I'm thin for 2 upcoming concerts? No one of any importance is going to see me, and if they did, I highly doubt my weight would figure into things. OK, maybe in some cases it might. Wouldn't want my moody men to turn and run.

So hopefully next week, springlike weather will show up and I'll be able to add walking to my regimine. To think last summer I was walking 5 miles a day on the walking path. Oh how things change. So that's what's been going on with me, what about you?
Friday Five

It's been awhile since I've done one of these, and since I haven't found a picture suitable for the photo time theme this week, I figured why not.

Friday Five

1. What was the last song you heard?
The last song was Justin Hayward's version of the Beatles' Blackbird, from Classic Blue. I've been alternating between this CD and the Mix CD I mentioned in yesterdays post. I wish Justin would stop covering Beatles songs, it seems sacriligious to like his versions better, and well, I do.

2. What were the last two movies you saw?
Love Actually for the second time about 3 weeks ago at the dollar theatre, cos I just had to see it again and before that Big Fish. I recommend both movies. I will tell you this, if you're sappy, like me, (don't tell anyone) you'll come out crying from both films. For different reasons, of course, but you'll still be crying.

3. What were the last three things you purchased?
I bought shampoo, conditioner and some new eyemakeup today. Whatever you do, don't go to Wenches and read my post from yesterday. Cos I was cleaning out my makeup containers/drawers. I think it was just to make room for new stuff.

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?
Go see Johnny Depp's new film, Secret Window.
Stick to my diet.
Burn 8 CDs for a trade.
Work on my novel some more

There's more than this of course, but that's a good start.

5. Who are the last five people you talked to?

In no particular order..

Raymond (nephew)
Michael (other nephew)

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Say It With Love

Sometimes it's the old songs that give you the most comfort. At least I like to think so. And sometime's I wish I could give one or two to someone, because they need it. I almost always return the tags of people that stop by here. I don't know most of my readers more than to chat with them online. I know there's a few of my friends that read this and even one family member, but for the most part it's all online people.

So I hit the link and went to this taggers blog, only to read that she had just learned her mother had cancer. This is the first thing I read, since I just woke up. I'm a stranger, so all I can offer is hugs, to someone I don't know from Adam. I'm crying, because though I've both my parents, I know the fear of thinking I might lose one.

And here I am listening to Justin Hayward's Classic Blue, his most beautiful recording and full of the saddest songs. I'm sitting here crying, for a person I don't know, and because the voice singing sounds like an angel.

I wanted to write an eloquent, or at least funny post about the mix cd I got yesterday from Moody Mistress. It was the Life Soundtrack Mix. Remember that one? It's lurking on the page somewhere. And sure it's full of songs I already have, but somehow the ordering of the songs was just right. Almost each one was like an old friend, stopping by to say hello.

Music is like that. When it touches your life, it doesn't leave you. It becomes a friend, a family member that's there when you need them most, giving you what you need most at the time, whether it bring you a smile or comfort, whatever, it's there. It's a steady constant, it never goes away. When everyone is gone, the music is still there. Even if the artist isn't around, their songs endure on.

So 2 cds full of old friends showed up on my doorstep. I played them constantly last night, welcoming into my home and heart; John, Paul, George and Ringo, Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike, Justin Hayward, The Moody Blues, Elvis Costello and Tom Petty, all old friends. I smiled quite a bit last night. Sure some of these old friends are around all the time, but it was nice to hear the songs I hadn't heard in a long time. A big thank you to Moody Mistress for the smiles she brought yesterday. (though there were a few other things in my package that brought smiles...this was the big one)

I can only hope the tagger that stopped by, has a song that will bring a smile to her face every now and then, because everyone needs that, even when there seems to be no reason to smile at all.

And I leave you today with the words of the Hayward...

A sea of doubt
There's a million voices shouting
Let me out, let me out
When we go
We never return
'Cos there's just one lesson
That we got to learn
Wherever you go
Whatever you do
Whatever you say
Say, say, say
Say it with love
Say it with love
Say it with love
Say it with love
Say it with love

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Wednesday Mind Hump

For A Little Fun

This week's Mind Hump ... a little fun with "if you could" ...

1. If you could live your life as a cartoon character, which one would it be & why?
Now there's an interesting question, and considering I'm a cartoon connesseuir, this is a hard one. I wouldn't mind being Trixie from Spreed Racer, except isn't she Speed's sister? So wrong, he was always such a cute cartoon. If not I'd probably pick Obleena from Real Monsters on Nickolodeon. Simply because she was a monster with attitude.

2. If you could be invisible for 24 hours how would you spend those hours?
Firstly, if I'm going to be invisble, do I have to remain at home. If so, I'd probably be invisible sitting at my computer. If not, I'm going to wreck some havoc on the Hayward household. Yup, going to make, Mrs. Hayward think her house is haunted or that she's going insane. (OK...and maybe sneak a peak at a naked Justin...and whistle at him a few times.) Hmmm.. wait, I'm invisible he's naked...(nevermind...we all know what I'm thinking..)

3. If you could call a much younger you on the phone, what would you tell you?
Oh that's easy. Whatever it is you think you want to do, don't do it. It's only going to cause you grief. Whatever you do, just don't do it. Cryptic yes, and also very true.

4. If you were one of the Seven Dwarves what would your name be? (excluding the original names of Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Happy, Bashful, Grumpy and Doc) Tee Hee Cranky the PMS-sy dwarf!

5. If you came with a warning label that was clearly displayed at all times, what would it say?

WARNING - This woman comes with mood swings, expensive shopping habits and a tendency to obsess over music. Please use with caution, as she will spend all your money and make you listen to the Moody Blues and Elvis Costello.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

A Very Cool Rock Wife

A Very Cool Rock Wife

Someone sent me this picture of Kirsten Lodge. I had to share it, just because...well, she's one spunky looking lady. Plus, she's married to my Lodgey. (controls jealousy)

I've been told she'll tell tales about her hubby if you get her started. Tee Hee. Poor John.

Such a handsome thing he is.

Looks good in leather too.

CD Swap Blog

Art of the Mix has set up blogs. Why I don't know, but I decided to set up a blog for CD Swaps. I have all the details of how I think things should work out posted here. I'm hoping over time we can do this on a monthly basis.

So if any of you think it's a good idea, leave me some feedback, either on that site or here. I've also linked the new blog here. Hopefully if we can get the word out we can have some swaps on a regular basis. Thanks to a few helpful people I've found some really cool themes to work on too.

I have so much music, and I like to share it. I'm sure there must be others out there that do too!

Celebrity Dreams

I love it when people creep into my dreams. I guess all it takes is to talk about them before bed, or read an article before bed, and poof, there they are, wandering about in my dreams.

At least it was a pretty dream. OK, it was a very pretty dream. Any dream with Johnny Depp in it is pretty. And while I know you are all thinking it, no, it wasn't one of those dreams!!

Oddly for as hot as I find Mr. Depp, I've never once thought of snogging him. Though if my dreams would let me, I suppose I wouldn't mind.

But anyway, I was at some movie screening and everyone had a chance to sit down and talk to Johnny. In my dream he was candid and very friendly. I guess that's how I expect him to be. Weird though, cos other than when I look at pictures of Johnny or watch a movie with him in it, I don't really give him much of a passing thought, at least not to learn about his personal life or anything like that.

I guess what I should do now is give myself a reason to dream, or at least a reason to

Cos even though they've tried to ugly him up for this movie, he's still a looker.

The film is Secret Window. It opens on Friday. I think Johnny Depp's worth 7.50, so I'll be there.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Happy Birthday

The Music Whore would like to wish Micky Dolenz a very happy birthday.

Happy 59th Micky!

Wake Me When It's Over, Shake Me When It's Done

I did no senseless gratuitous blogging yesterday, but somehow MOOT only grew by 4 pages. Of course the idea for the next chapter came right as I'm about to fall asleep, which is sadly always the case. So maybe I'll be luckier with that today.

Moody Mistress did a very cute storyline around video captures from Sleepy Hollow yesterday. Go there and read it. It's hilarious, she had me in stitches. She's also made me decide to do my version of the Addam's Family, only with Justin Hayward and his wifey and daughter. You may understand why when you see the pictures. ~shudders~ Justin has an odd family.

Oh....and before I do my Monday Madness, I found a cute picture of Kirsten Lodge yesterday. (Kirsten being John Lodge's wife) I've seen several pictures of Justin's Marie/Zombie over the past year, from varying points in their marriage. Kirsten I've only seen recent shots of. I'm not sure why I'm curious, but I am. Go figure.

Now onto Monday Madness

*Ok, using the letters in YOUR name, list words to describe yourself.
*And as a bonus question, using the same letters, make a list of things you would like to do before this calendar year is over.

A: rtistic (in a writing kinda way)
N: eurotic (LOL)
D: riven (by a a mad scientist that compells me to write)
R: ealistic (even though I love my fantasy)
E: clectic (you can't deny me this one) or eccentric both suit...
A: bnormal (again you know it's true, and that's why you love me)

and the bonus

A: tlantic City
N: ot lose faith in what I can do. (cos life is sucking really hard right now)
D: rive wherever it takes to see the Moody Blues this spring/summer
R: ead more non-romance novels (this was one of my far I'm going one for one)
E: rie (for a weekend trip, I haven't been there in years...I need to see the lake again)
A: tlantic Ocean

That was harder than I expected. I'm now sitting here watching the snow fall, when last Friday it almost reached 80 degrees. We were 75 in my little hamlet, Pittsburgh hit 77. Don't even look at the weather pixie today.

So to keep the warmth around here, at least for a few minutes.

A young picture of Justin. This is one of my favorite shots of him from the earlier days. (Though I have to say, there aren't many bad pictures of him)

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Stuff and Nonsense

I'm turning into a slacker, or maybe I always was a slacker. I've got so many stupid little things to do. And one big one. MOOT (please don't make me type the title) needs updating. Lots of updating actually. I need to clean, really clean, around the house. I'm horrible at cleaning. I keep things forever. Hate to pitch things. Why? I haven't a clue.

Art of the mix is offering a blog at their site. I started one. This is the link. Maybe we can use it as a site to swap mixes. Do a nice CD Swap thingie. I was talking to Tay about doing something like this on Live Journal, but who knows maybe this will work out better.

See I have this theory on CD Swaps. The more people involved in a group, the more likely you are to get screwed over in the swap. So my idea is that once a month people that want to do a swap can leave feedback at the journal, then after signups, you're given a mix swap partner for the month. That way you are only responsible for one mix. You will have that person's email addy etc, and will be responsible for keeping your partner up to date on the status of the mix. (when it was sent ..etc)

It's just an idea, that's been floating around in my head.

I'm thinking of creating another blog too. Everyone seems to have dieting blogs. Maybe I need one. I know I need a diet. Woud you look at that picture of me with John Lodge? PAH! I'm the moo cow doing the catlike rubbing up against the Lodgey man. Poor Lodgey.

I guess I need support is what I'm saying..HA! What I need is for the food to vanish.

So, really in order to get to work on the story that's been bugging me for over a year now, if you see any excessive bloggin from me today. Yell at me! (or something) It's my day to blog at Wenches so I'm entitled to one post there and possibly one at my LiveJournal. More than that, come at me with a stick, cos I'm slacking. Wish me luck.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Another Slant

I should be doing so many other things, but I decided to go and look at this week's Saturday Slant. The one I did earlier today was last week's question. So forgive me if I do one more. Cos it's a good question.

This past year was
The Saturday Slant posted its first Slant on 9 March, 2003 this week one year ago. In honor of the one year anniversary of the Saturday Slant, tell your readers about your last year. What did you do? What do you wish you had done? What happened to you? What have you learned? How have you changed? Who came into, or left, your life?

Well, this is quite a nifty one to start with. There was a lot of good and bad in this year. I quit a job I hated, started a new one, only to be laid off in August. Haven't worked much since. That's the bad part.

Good parts....I saw Brad Sherwood at the Improv in May and met him. I was actually on stage with him for a time. I found I have a greater respect for him now than I did before. He's quite funny and very sweet. Also saw Eddie Izzard at the Byham back in October, met him as well. Saw the Moody Blues in Nov at the Powers Theatre in Youngstown.

I think that says enough there.

As far as writing goes I've completed 6 short stories and my novel Man Out of Time is very close to completion. That's actually what I should be doing now. Oh and I made my first road trip this year. HA! I'm almost 30! My first road trip and it was to Youngstown OH.

It was a very odd year I think. Good but odd.

I Made A Mix

I spent half of last night making this mix. The artwork is beautiful, and I can't share it with you, because the Art of The Mix site is having some serious issues. Everytime I hit submit, I get a lovely (Insert expletive here) error messag. So I haven't been able to post my new mix. It's so much easier to post it there and put the link here, but oh well, such is life.

Move Your Body

Falco - Vienna Calling
Peter Schilling - The Different Story
Eurythmics - When Tomorrow Comes
Captain Sensible - Glad It's All Over
Madonna - Thief of Hearts
Cyndi Lauper - Insecurious
Feargal Sharkey - Cold Cold Streets
ABBA - Super Trouper
Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)
Erasure - Run To The Sun
Delerium - After All
Adam Ant - Manners & Physique
Robbie Williams - Supreme
Lisa Stansfield - All Around The World
The Moody Blues - Sitting At The Wheel (Remix)
David Bowie - New Killer Star
Sarah Brightman - Harem

At some point I'll get the artwork up and share. It's really great.

While I'm on the subject of music and mixes, I had all the swapped mixes out last night. I have mixes by Tay, Brian, Christine and a few others as well, all laying out on the floor.

It's taking a giant step to swap mixes with people. God knows what you'll get. I've had a few scary mixes show up on the doorstep. I've also had some fantastic ones. Accepting someone else's musical taste can be frightening as well as eye opening.

Usually I find one song on each mix that I really like. Sometimes I'm lucky and find more, unless it's a fantastic mix..and well, then I ususally like the whole thing. (Which is why I feel asleep to Christine's Make Out Mix from the Summer Burn It and well Brian's Movie Mix keeps sneaking into my cd player)

I'm still trying to figure out how Duran Duran and Marilyn Mason can be on the same mix. ~shudders~ Not at the Duran Duran part, mind you. I guess that makes things more ecclectic, but it makes me give the dog head tilt look.

It's all for the love of music anyway...
Saturday Slant

This is last week's Slant, but it was so up my proverbial

What songs give you support or inspiration?

More so than any other media of entertainment or information, music often acts as a catharsis to help us move through and past difficult situations and times. What songs give you support or inspiration? Whether it�s the pain of a breakup, the agony inherent in contemplating ending a relationship, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, or even just a rough day, we all have emotionally trying times's my answer...

If I'm really in dire need of a smile, the first song I'm going to go for is The Moody Blues' Don't Need A Reindeer. Yes, it's a Christmas song, but there's really something sweet and special about it. It's also upbeat and catcy and well, absolutely cute. It's impossible for me to not feel good after hearing this song.

I find inspiration in all music. I think anyone that knows my writing, and a few of you do, know that I draw a lot from what I listen too. Often I pay tribute to the song by titling the story after it. So I've found quite a bit of inspiration in Elvis Costello and The Moody Blues.

I know when I need to work something out with a story, I'll pop a cd in and see what happens. Though it seems that whatever band I like the most seems to give me the most inspiration at the time.

I'm one of those people though, that when I'm really depressed, music doesn't help me. I get frustrated usually. I'll play cd after cd, but never get through a whole disc, sometimes even a whole song, before changing it. Depression for me brings silence.

I'm trying to think back to what I was listening too the last time my mom was in the hospital. It was probably Elvis Costello. He's seen me through many ups and downs particularly in the last 2 years. Its not just one song, it's many. Mr. Costello has a way of putting things that seems to relate well with my life. Or maybe I just want them too, who knows.

Like I said before, when I hit rock bottom, I'm usually suffering in silence. Rather odd you might say but let me explain.

When you've fallen out of love, been don't want to listen to love songs...they make you depressed. And sad songs, well they make you more depressed too. Happy music makes you want to through the CD player out the window.

OK..that's just me. But really in a deep depression, or a total emotional upheaval, I'll pick silence over music. I want my music to reflect on happy times. I don't want something that's going to trigger a negative response or feeling when I hear it. Why? Cos I'll likely never listen to it again.

So I guess music is more inspiring for me than supporting? Sounds that way. Now the question is, what song will inspire me next, cos my story is in dire need of work.

Friday, March 05, 2004

And Life is Such a Parody

Really, it's funny, go here. It's a parody of Cat's In The Cradle. I'm sure you've all heard this one, but it's got a cute little animation to go along with it.

Geeze what people don't think of.

It's not often I can play these picture meme's, because well, there's not many photo opportunities going on in my little part of the world. Small town America is just not very exciting and my pets aren't fond of the camera.

But the theme of the week is Glass, and last Sunday after the noon mass, I snapped a picture of our main stained glass window above the altar. I don't know why, but I was compelled to do it.

If you'd like to see it, the photo is here.

It's Friday I'm In Love

No, not really, it's just really early in the morning on Friday, and as I'm not ready to drift off to the land of nod, I thought I'd ramble a bit. Ramble I said, not rant.

~ MOOT aka Man Out of Time has hit 300 type-written pages. Won't discuss how long it's taken to do this, but it has.

~ If you stare at video captures of Duran Duran videos long enough, you'll want to watch them.

~ Lerner's spring catalog is full of 60's inspired fashion. So who's going to lend me the body and the cash?

~ Read somewhere, that Elvis Costello's considering not recording another album ever again. Can I smap the man upside the head. One should not end a stellar career on a "North" note, and definitely not to help a skanky wife, advance in hers. NO NO NO! Elvis if you're out there...NO! Don't make me hit you!

~ Justin Hayward, my darling dearest, number 1 manwhore/musician/concubine/beautiful thing seems to have tossed his proverbial wrench in the reissue process of two of his solo CDs; Songwriter and Night Flight. I guess they misspelled his name again. Mr. Heyward? or is it Haywood or possible Hayword? Poor Pookie, the stress Universal puts him through. C'mere darlin' let me rub your neck and shoulders and make it all better. He's probably sitting at home proofreading. I feel for him.

~ Back to Elvis Costello, the next 3 reissues come out in April. Squeee! Looks around for monetary donations. Only for some reason, Rhino has decided to hold off on King of America until the last round. Kicks Rhino. So the next set of reissues aren't very exciting, Almost Blue, Goodbye Cruel World and Kojak Variety. GAH! I wanted King of America! That's one of my favorite Costello CDs and one I recommend highly for anyone getting into his music. First one is Blood and Chocolate. If you don't have that one, go out and buy it NOW!!!!

~ I've not quite figured out how my musical obsession skipped a decade. I lurve the music of the 60's and 80's, but there's not much from the 70's that I like. Exceptions being Mr. Costello, The Damned and Bowie. But then again, most of the Moody Blues' catalog was released in the 70's. So hmmm, maybe I didn't

~ I need another theme for a mix. I also need to burn my own copies of the Life Mixed Up Mix and the Sad Mix. Why do I never make copies for myself?

~ Can I have one of these mommy? Please?

I think on that note it's definitely time for bed.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Nights In White Satin....Never Reaching the End

One last meme, cos I've burned out on working on my novel.

This one is he Thursday Threesome. Sounds kinky but it's not.

Onesome: Night: -- Nights can be difficult if you need something from somewhere: what time do the stores shut down where you are? I mean, if you needed something more than a loaf of bread, is there any hope late at night?

In town, everything shuts down around 5 or 6 o'clock, but Charleroi, has a few mini-markets that are open 24/7. Thank God for the Crossroads gas stations. Oh and we have a Walmart Supercenter about 10 minutes from our house. So late night necessities can be grabbed.

Twosome: on the-- River? Hey, are there any rivers near you? ...or are you located out in the wilderness somewhere?

If you go down the hill from my house, you will run right into the Monongahela River. If you go about 15 miles to the east, you'll run into the Youghiogheny River. Head 25 miles to Pittsburgh and you'll get the Monongahela, Ohio and Allegheny Rivers.

Threesome: Town!-- If you could have any "Night on the Town" you wanted, what would you like to do? ...and would you like some company or would you go it alone?

Night on what town? I'd love to do some barhopping in Pittsburgh actually. Or just a nice early night at the Tiki Lounge on the South Side. Cos after 8 the music sucks. Then maybe a nice dinner at Papparazzi's. So if Justin Hayward or John Lodge would like to join me, I'm all for it, providing, they shake their sexy boot-tays with me.

Or those two can take me to the moon and stars and pick up their guitars and give me a moonlight serenade by one of those pretty rivers. ~sigh~

Wednesday Mind Hump

Another New Meme

Found this today, so I'm a day late

This week's Mind HUMP is an "I say ... You think ..."

1. Pig : Diana Krall
2. Purple : Panda
3. Shears : Julian
4. Dragon : Pete's
5. Route: 66
6. Lego: Blocks
7. Stevie Ray Vaughn: Guitar
8. Some people call me Maurice: Pick Up Lines
9. Rosey: Pink
10. Balance: Free

If I Were A Character on South Park

Stormy led me to this site yesterday. So yeah, I had to create the South Park me. Just because it was so much fun. Scary part of it is that it almost looks like me.


No this one is better

Sadly I now know what I'll be doing all day today. Yup, making zillions of new little South Park Characters!!! Go on, click the link and make your own South Park you, or someone else. Tee hee, I may make a South Park Justin...Look for an edit later.

~Edit...couldn't wait.

The South Park Justin Hayward. Hey he looks better than the Simpson's Justin.
In Other Words

I haven't played this meme in quite awhile. But the quote I found on the page struck me as rather profound and I just had to do it. So without further ado, in other words

Love is a blazing, crackling, green-wood flame, as much smoke as flame; friendship, married friendship particularly, is a steady, intense, comfortable fire. Love, in courtship, is friendship in hope; in matrimony, friendship upon proof.
-- Samuel Richardson (1689-1761), British novelist.

It seems that this quote knew I had the warm fuzzies going on. I think so much of it is true, that love is friendship. Without friendship how could you have love at all? And it's quite true that in the first stages of love you are developing a friendship in the hope that something lasting will come out of it and when you say your vows you have that proof of commitment on the rings that are exchanged.

I'm not finding the words I want to say, but I can see the how one might view love as a flame too, it's intensity changing over the course of a relationship, burning hot and fast as love grows, but always a steady glow remains long after the first blush of passions ebs.

Maybe the comparison to love and a flame comes from the warmth that real love brings to you. It's a pleasant thought and true. Everything seems to be warmer and brighter when you think you're in love.

I'm not sure why I've been feeling pulled towards more romantic things lately, it's not generally what I prefer. I think some of Justin Hayward's romanticism has rubbed off on me. This quote sounds like Justin too me. I equate romantic thoughts with the British for some reason. It could be my love for Regency romance novels, who knows?

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

What's On

What's On your 'places to go; people to see' list Right Now?

Most importantly, work. I'm beginning to think that this isn't going to happen on a regular basis.

David Bowie on May 17th

The Moody Blues either in Pittsburgh or Atlantic City in the summer

Erie in the summer (will avoid the relatives that live there like the plague)

Lancaster in the summer as well (a nice weekend trip)

Greg Proops in Atlantic City, if the Moody Blues don't take precedence.

Dots for some shopping

Jose's Wild Things to see if the food is any good.

TIKI Lounge pretty darn soon, cos I haven't had a drink in months.

Pittsburgh for the spring flower show in Oakland, I haven't had an excuse to use the camera in yonks.

Small Rant

Ok, we all know I've participated in the last 2 Burn It Swaps over at Neurotic Fishbowl. I love doing mixes, and I love sharing my odd taste in music with whoever will listen. I'm also always thrilled to hear different music. I still can't get Brian's Movie Soundtrack Vol 2 out of my CD player.

What I can't stand is what I read over at the Fishbowl today, and it's one of the main reasons why I wouldn't sign up for this swap. Kymberlie hasn't sent her discs out yet for the free for fall Burn it from what....Oct? Nov? WTF! And she's telling us that if you sign up, she gets another mix, but we get nothing in return.

Where is the fairness in that? I don't see it.

I also don't see anything posted as to people not being allowed to sign up, because they've defaulted on the previoius swap. Which means the potential for burning discs for nothing is still quite high. In fact, it's probably doubled, because if one person defaults you've already lost out on one disc. GAH!

I had to get that out of my system. Gee, and I only had one default on the last Burn It Swap. OK, two if you count sending Kymberlie her disc.