Friday, October 31, 2003

Sexy Survey Part Deux

Here's another question to add to Tay's Sexy Survey.

What songs do you find the most erotic?

For me there are a few...

The Moody Blues - The Other Side of Life, Deep, Nervous
Elvis Costello - Inch By Inch, I Want You
Oingo Boingo - Stay
Nick Lowe - Let's Stay In and Make Love
Madonna - Fever
The Zombies - Time of the Season
Justin Hayward - The Lights Are Low
Depeche Mode - Blue Dress
Roxy Music - More than This

Happy Halloween

Well it's time to break out the Oingo Boingo and Midnight Syndicate CDS cos Halloween is at last upon us. Yay!

And if you're good little ghosts and ghouls..I may even let you see pictures of my sister and I in our halloween costumes..

Hmmm but were they costumes or just our inner-selves taking over?

Thursday, October 30, 2003

One more random thought

Just to let you all know, Elvis Costello is sexy as hell in the Radio Radio video. Something about that all black suit and that pigeon toed walk of his and I'm hooked. Good thing Chi Chi's spoiled my Elvis Strike.

I especially love the end when he falls face first in front of the large transitor radio. It makes me think naughty things...very naughty things.

I'm partial to those really bad videos that were done in the early days. They are nothing but pure silliness and fun. Cheesy fun. Why can't videos be like that now?

An episode of rambling...

Inevitably when you wake up early, you will find a lot of depressing news to read, things to disgust you, and very little to make you happy.

Such is the case today.

~ McCartney becomes a father at 61. OK...the words father at 61 are just all about wrong. At 61 you're supposed to be sitting on a beach chair in Florida, sipping pina coladas (or some other drinky poo) and enjoying life. Not Macca....he's touring the globe and producing more offspring. My only wish is that the child has a chance to know her father before he becomes even more of a doddering old fool.

~ Agentha from ABBA is working on a studio album to be released, hopefully in the spring of next year. This is kinda happy news. I've loved ABBA for about 10 years now. (Yes I always pick up on things a trifle too late) I just Agnetha and Frida realize that the reason they've not had a solo hit lies with the fact that their ex husbands don't right their songs anymore?

~ A few of my concubines weren't recognized. I have to remedy that problem. I only have about 3 concubines in my age range, but the two most important ones are:

Richard Coyle of UK's Coupling

Isn't he just adorable?

Jeff Davis of Happy Family and occassionally Whose Line is it Anyway

~ Waiting for the impending doom...Costello and the Princess of Pork..will be legshackled soon. I like the word legshackled. It really epitomizes what marriage is; a prison sentence. Again, I wish them luck with a capital "F"

~ Working out to any music other than that Moody Blues is not effective for me. I've tried Madonna. I've tried mixed CDs. I've tried Elvis Costello. None of these motivate me to stay on the cloud walker longer than 15 minutes. If I put a Moody Blues CD in...I can walk for 45 minutes. Thank you for the Moodyvation. (HA...I was pun-y)
Love Eternal Updates

Just a note that I'll be sending out an update of this story in the next day or so. I've got a few pages done now...Anyone that would like to be added to my story mailing list, just shout out here or in the chatterbox..and I'll see that you are added.

I'm really hoping to have this one finished within the week so I can devote some quality time to my novel...Man Out of Time. (Anyone wanting updates on that one...too should leave a shout out or a message on the chatterbox)

I think I've mentioned before, to make it easier...I'm doing a mailing list for story updates rather than posting here. Anyway..I figure those who are really interested in the stories will yell at me. (and yell at me when I'm slow on updates)

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Survey Says

Miss Tay asked a very thought provoking question at her blog yesterday. So as promised, I'm going to answer it.

What turns you on? What type of things do you find hot as hell?

Ok...for the first part..what turns me on..

Justin Hayward!

Ok...that was a little bit obvious...but all in all I don't think much about this. I don't need too. I suppose quirkyness turns me on. If not how to explain my love for Greg Proops, Elvis Costello, Richard Coyle...etc. I'd have to add a certain amount of intelligence. Not to say that the sweet stuff doesn't make me happy either...Just don't ever hand me flowers. I'll throw em back in your face.

I don't ask for much..sometimes it's just a look...a song...that makes me all warm and fuzzy...Things that turn me on....don't have to be obvious...or related to a love affair. An erotic novel that's well written will turn me on. (as they are supposed to do)

What types of things do I find hot as hell?

An ornery come hither look

Like this..

Leather pants...

Snarkiness in a good way is always hot.
The look of a vampire...especially if that vampire looks like Julian Sands..
A well turned out Giles...aka Anthony Head.

Just a point...This girl's crazy for a sharp dressed, intelligent, romantic man...

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Damn and Blast the Music at Chi Chi's

Five Days into my Elvis Strike and I innocently go into a Chi Chi's Restaurant for lunch with my mother. We were out hunting the below mentioned CD at every shop in Pittsburgh.

We had no sooner been served our chips and salsa...when what was being played on the music system...?

Yup guessed it..

Elvis Costello

It's so not fair to have my Elvis Strike ended because...he got some airplay in a dining establishment. (and since when do they play non latin music?)

At least it was a good Elvis Costello song (Everyday I Write the Book)

I will say this..I haven't listened to him other than that one song..that I couldn't avoid...

So I think I did really well....

It's December Day

Just to reiterate a point...

This album is now available for purchase...

So any reason why you are still sitting here? Go out and buy it!!

~This Moody Blues Public Service Announcement brought to you by HayHo...The Highpriestess of Hayward...(who's feeling loopy after very little sleep)

Monday, October 27, 2003

Elvis Strike Day 4

I'm doing exceptionally well for those of you that are following my antics.

What have I listened to today?

The Moody Blues - Time Traveller Disc 1 (of the boxed set)
Jimmy Buffett - Christmas Island (Cos SM started on about Christmas music)
The Moody Blues - December sound clips
Elvis Presley - A Little Less Conversation (cos of the mix I'll be posting shortly)
Rockapella - Your a Mean One Mr. Grinch (Again blame SM)
Michael Ball - When a Child Is Born (See the previous excuses)

Now onto the Frankenstein mix...which Tay posted about..and I posted about at my mix cd group...cos I found it at Art of the Mix

1. A song from the last record you bought

Annie Haslam - The Angels Cry

2. A blues: not a necessarily a blues record but a song that is labelled (something) blues

Elton John - I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues

3. A song that gets you going in the morning

The Beatles - Good Day Sunshine

4. A song that you think is romantic

Jekyell and Hyde Soundtrack - This is the Moment

5. One of the earliest records that you can remember listening to.

The Monkees - Daydream Believer

6. A song that you discovered from a film

Chicago Sndtrk - Cell Block Tango

7. A song from your favourite band / artist (go on, pick one don't give me this I don't really like one band more than any others rubbish imagine a desert island and only one artist can soundtrack it now choose a song!)

The Moody Blues - Nervous

8. A song from an artist band that you otherwise don't like, but like this one

The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday

9. A Lullaby.

Bette Midler - Baby Mine

10. A song that makes you laugh / you find funny

The Story - Fatso

11. A really good cover version

Elvis Costello - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

12. A song that reminds you of school days

Cheap Trick - The Flame

13. A song from an artist that you are embarrassed to admit you like

N'Sync - It's Gonna Be Me

14. Whatever it is, it's got to be funky

Lady Marmalade - Moulin Rouge Version

15. A song for those quiet rainy days

Michael Ball - Easy Terms

16. A song that no matter when you hear it makes you "Feel good"

The Proclaimers - 500 miles

17. A song with the word "Look" in the title

Nick Lowe - You've Got the Look I Like

18. From a member of the "Dead rockers society"

George Harrison - What Is Life?

19. Your favourite Elvis song. (I know it's a narrow field and that every mix will end up having Elvis on it but that's part of the fun/challenge - will we all end up with the same tune or will we have a rich selection?)

A Little Less Conversation

20. Wildcard: Hey, just put any song you like on!

Tanita Tikaram - Good Tradition

Taking a listen to the songs of December

Since tomorrow is the day that my Moody Blues CD comes out...I decided to check out some of the traditional tracks recorded by other artists.

I'm proud to say the Moody Blues did an admirable job on A Winter's Tale, a track written by Mike Batt and Tim Rice and recorded originally by David Essex. I was quite pleased by that version of the song..and the snippets I've heard by Michael Ball who recorded a version for his 2000 album called Christmas

Speaking of Michael Ball, he also recorded a version of When A Child Is Born, again I can find nothing wrong with the version I've heard by the Moody Blues.

As for Happy Xmas...I hate that song..and even Justin's beautiful singing can't make me like it too much. I don't think I have a favorite version of this song, so I won't compare it to any others. Just glad it's not too awful.

The other 2 classics on the record are In the Bleak Midwinter...a beautiful track regardless of who recorded it..and White Christmas.

The other tracks were written by the bandmembers and are glorious. I'm so excited about this album.

This is technically Seven on Sunday, but since it's Monday I just like to call it Seven.

I couldn't pass up this survey up cos it's about the decade I love the most.

Seven things from the 80s that you loved/miss most...

1. Mtv- You know the Mtv that played videos nearly 24/7. And the shows that were on were funny. Don't forget Remote control, where Colin Quinn got his start on the telly. How did such a great channel go bad so fast?

2. Music - You were safe to love just about anything in the 80's. Several bands from the 60's regained popularity in this decade. The Monkees toured for their 25th anniversary..The Moody Blues released several hit singles..and did the smashing video for In Your Wildest Dreams. On top of it all...there weren't many boy bands...and the teenybopper girls weren't sluts. So all in all...a decade who's music is picked on constantly was more versatille than this crap we've got foisted on us now.. (Note ...Genres included...New Wave, Alternative, Metal, Goth..some of which you'll not see ever again)

3. Television - Ah the cheesy tv of the 80's. I used to love Double Trouble, Facts of Life (young George Clooney...THUD), Cheers, Nightcourt... The list could go on for days.

4. Nickelodeon - Yes it's still here...but it was so much better in the 80's with Double Dare and You Can't Do that on Television. Come on..tell me you didn't watch those shows!!!

5. Classic Video Games - I was such a Pac Man addict. Everywhere there was a Pac Man game or a Ms Pac Man game..I could be found. I even had a little portable one to play at home. God the money we spent on batteries!

6. Movies - There were just so many great films in the 80's I can't even begin to list them! Tim Burton began his work in the 80's...all those silly Molly Ringwald films that you just can't live without. Even some that you wanted to hate but ended up seeing anyway...Like Dirty Dancing.

7. Fads - Oh come on now..the fads were hilarious...jelly bracelets...jelly shoes...head bands....legwarmers...fingerless lace gloves. (Uh yeah I wanted to be a cross between Madonna and Cyndi Lauper...wanna make something out of it!)

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Elvis Strike ... Day 3

I feel no pain...I don't even miss the man. Take that Mr. Costello. You are not missed! I can live without you...HA!

3 solid days..without: I Want You, Everyday I Write the Book, I Don't Want to Go to Chelsea.

Take that...


I feel strangely amused by this. I have a room littered with Costello mixes and I'm not even tempted to pick one up. I guess it's the excitement over the new Moody Blues CD, that's keeping me from missing him too much. That and all the new music I've been discovering lately.

I'm going to have a little Mix CD thing I found at the Art of the Mix Site..that I'll post later. For all of you that love making mixes...this concept is rather well it may be my first mix cd that hasn't a hint of Costello on it.
Things that annoy

I haven't done one of these lists in ages and since I'm up early today, I thought I'd start of with a good list of things that make me absolutely nutty. (Yeah I know I'm nutty 99.9% of the time..but hey, that's part of my charm)

1. People that never let experiences go. You know like meeting someone famous and constantly chattering about it for the rest of their natural born lives! Enjoy the moment...tell your story...go on with your lives ...or you're going to hear more of my 1 minute with Elvis Costello story..and you're not going to like that.

2. Crapling aka US Couping starting to do "non recycled" epis now that I've decided to hate it. Stop that! The new scripts are actually making it funny. Not as good as the UK version, but it's now worth watching..and sadly it's one of the only non cable shows that I watch.

3. Christmas albums that are not getting released until December 12. Uh..Hey! I want to listen to this before the holiday! Cos after about the first of the new look kinda foolish listening to Christmas songs. (Oh am I going to justify listening to Don't Need a Reindeer in July)

4. Trying to find CDs...only to realize that you have to order them online. Why can't you get artists back catalogs in stores. Sometimes I like instant gratification!!! I hate waiting for 5 days to get things. (hence my not preordering December)

5. Have I mentioned the pitiful choice of concerts we have in Pittsburgh? The Music Whore hates driving hours to see her favorite bands...But cos they are the Moody Blues and because I love them more than anything else...I'm driving 2 hours to see them (I'm going to grumble all the way)

6. Food Network putting Good Eats on at 11:30. This is the one cooking show I truly enjoy. I love Alton Brown's wacky sense of humor..and how he really cooks things the hard way. (Mind you..I'm not much of a cook) Why that late? Grrrr. I always forget it's on.

7. The high cost of having fun in Pittsburgh. No concerts..crappy clubs..and it still costs you over 50 dollars to have a decent night or day in the city of crappy sports teams

8. The lack of posting Wenches over at my community blog. Come on...there has to be a few more of you that can spare a post or two a I don't have to be Lady Goddess Queen of the Dorkalops. I'm leading a mighty herd of Dorkalops across the Dorkalop Plain. (Thank's to Mr. Proops for that line..kinda) Yes I blog 3 places...Here...Wenches..and my LJ. I have a lot to say..(not really)

9. Irresponsibleness. (especially in employers..but that's another rant altogether) If you say you are going to do something. Do it!

10. Stupid People...Really...the people that make you wonder how they've lived as long as they have because they are so unbelievably thick. The kind of people that should be at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder. (I tell you the missing link is not missing..they walk among us every day)

Rant ended...go in peace..

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Elvis Strike...Day 2

Going into the second day of my Elvis Strike...I find myself..not even missing him. Uh this is kinda bad I think. After all..he is 3rd on my list of concubines...2nd on the list of musical concubines...

What did I listen to today?

Well besides the sound clips of December...(Gah I'm enjoying Christmas music) I listened to the Moody Blues Greatest Hits (the first one..that came out in 89), then I listened to my Decade of Song 60's Mix.

After listening to that one I've decided I really need to update my Decade of Song CDs. I really want to change the 60's and 70's mixes. Cos there are some songs on each that I find I can't listen too.

So all in all, Day 2 of my Elvis Costello Strike has gone well. I don't even miss him all that much. I was really expecting some odd cravings..but I have enough new things to listen to that I was kept sufficiently amused...

So yay for will power.
Dinner Out...

Italian food will be the death of me. There's a restaurant in the Bethel Park area of Pittsburgh, called Pasta Too. Oh mylanta is the food good.

As is with all Italian get enough food to last you about a week. I had a Pittsburgh favorite though...cos well ravioli and ghocchi can be had so easily in the Pittsburgh area.. Turkey Devonshire cannot.

It is my fondest wish that food not be so darn good. After all...I have no boyfriend...or prospects of one (my choice actually) so why can't I have food...Good food? Good Italian food..with tiramisu for dessert.

Yes..Tiramisu is natures perfect food...marscapone cheese...lady fingers and coffee..not to mention chocolate..Life can't get much better than that..

So as you can imagine...I'm feeling quite happy tonight...Good din din..even better dessert...and the Music Whore is purring in contentment...

Who says I'm not easy to please?

Things that Make Me Moody

As you all well know, I've been listening to the Moody Blues heavily for the past seven months or so. Not exclusively...however much it may sound like it.

I first heard the Moody Blues way back in 1986 when In Your Wildest Dreams was their hit single. The video appealed to the girl that wanted more than anything to be a mod in the 60's. The music in this house was the Monkees, the Beatles, Herman's Hermits and any other band from that era that I had missed by being born in the summer of 1974.

Like any band, changes have come, sounds are different and bandmembers have come to pass. Some fans have a hard time accepting that. To them I say.."Get a grip" (well really it's more like fuck off...but I'm being nice)

The first 7 albums from Days of Future Passed to Seventh Sojourn are labeled the Core 7.


Implying that these are the 7 best of a career that has spanned 3 decades. December will be the first new studio album of the millennium. (Yes it's a Christmas album..and yes everyone should buy it...for the song Don't Need A Reindeer alone)

This band has done 3 live albums..14 studio albums..and so many greatest hits packages..that I've lost count. How dare anyone label these albums as such. It makes the post 1978 work seem somewhat inferior. (That's all about wrong)

I'm sorry..songs like Driftwood, Running Water, The Swallow, Talking Out of Turn, Gemini Dream should not be cast aside because one member chose to move on with his life and career.

Yes, Mike Pinder was a good songwriter...yes he was a genius with the Mellotron...but well times change, people change..He did what was best for him..

To those of you that can't accept that..I say..enjoy the first 8 albums..because..Mike lasted through Octave..and then move on. Don't bitch and whine that things aren't the same. Don't moan that the next 5 or 6 albums are all about the Jays..(whose songwriting ability should not be in question...EVER) Most of all..if you don't like the new music..if you find fault with a band that took hold of the synthesizer in a time..when synths were in everything..and made it sound unique..rather than trite, than by all means..stop you can stop bitching.

Ray Thomas has just retired this year. A member of the band whose vocals I much appreciated. I'm saddened by this...but I'm not going to let it ruin my love for this band. I don't care if you think the Jays pushed him out. I'd like to think that the rigorous touring schedule of this band is what made him stop.

The Moody Blues can be found on the road at least 2 months out of every year if not 3. That's quite an accomplishment for men that are in their late 50's.

As for me...I own all the studio albums they've done and several of the greatest hits packages. Which album is my favorite.

1999's Strange Times.

Yep...a non Core 7 album is my favorite.

I'm not dismissing those 7 though. Sojourn is next on the list, then Keys of the Kingdom...then Every Good Boy Deserves Favour and rounding out the top 5, Sur La Mer.

Guess what...Most of my favorites aren't Core 7 albums. Why? Cos I happen to like the songs that Justin Hayward sings...I like that he writes romantic songs..that make me go all jello-like. I like that he's one helluva handsome blonde god.

Does that sound shallow? Maybe. I happen to like pretty things..I like pretty songs..(I also like snarky songs too..but that's Mr. Costello's department) When a pretty man..sings a pretty song..The Music Whore is happy...

Now leave her alone..and stop picking on the albums after 1978 please..

Friday, October 24, 2003

Eddie Izzard Revisited and More Links Added

I've been updating links quite a bit. I've made Eddie an official concubine. I love him. I've just spent quite a bit of time perusing his website, which has clips from his last 2 DVDS. So if you haven't experienced Eddie...Go forth and watch the clips...

I've also added a link for Tanita Tikaram. There will be a review of her CD Ancient Heart at Wenches tomorrow afternoon, so go check that out. Hell go check out Wenches's a fun blog that a few of my friends and myself write in..OK..mostly Linda and Myself...but we are joined on occassion by Tay and Deb...and a few others..who should be blushing cos they haven't posted there in so long I've forgotten to mention them.

As you might also see, there are some other music for Annie Haslam, one of my favorite female singers right now. Also the Art of the Mix and Musical Taste, can be found in the linky poo section...Many thanks to Tay for sharing these sites with us in the past...

I'm off to go play at Eddie's site some more..
Love Eternal is Updated

I've been working on this one slowly, so it's a small update. Just leave a shout out if you'd like to read it or email me. (and I'll add you to the list of people that I send updates too)

For a change I'm going to look over Not My Slave..which I haven't worked on in yonks upon yonks..Going to make some changes...and hopefully make that one better as well.

Now if only my inspiration for that story...wasn't so on my nerves right now..

Kicks said red headed Elfy-man
I'm on an Elvis Costello Strike

Why do people have to fuel my insanity? I had a lovely blog in mind about the Moody Blues that will have to wait for a bit now.

So what's the deal with the Elvis Strike? A thread at the Costello Discussion Forum prompted this madness.

How long have you gone without listening to Elvis?

That's annoying...

Cos the vast majority of people that post on message boards (myself included) are often just a little too obsessive. Only the Costello fans...and the Moody Blues fans also have the problem of being a trifle pretentious...

"How would I ever survive without the vocal stylings of Mr. Costello?"

So in answering the thread...I realized...that I could go quite a bit without listening to Mr. Costello. There are actually some days where I don't even listen to any music at all.

No...this cannot be...for you are the Music Whore..

Sad but true...

Anyway...I realized I hadn't listened to Elvis Costello in over 2 days. (and I survived) So I'm going to try to see how long I can last without a fix. Sadly he's on many of my mix cds, so I'll just have to find other things to listen to if I take a drive.

After all...there is more to life than Elvis Costello...there's the Moody Blues...Enigma...Annie Halsam...Delerium...Matchbox Twenty...the list could go on. Why would I want to listen to Elvis everyday?

The answer is...I wouldn't. Not anymore. The initial..."I'm so in love with his music" phase has worn off. Yes I buy his reissues as they come out...Yes I listen to him when the mood strikes...and Yes I love his music...

No..I don't need it to breathe.

I don't need the Moody Blues to breathe either.

(Stop looking at me like that! I don't!)

What I'm saying is they make breathing nicer..but I can survive without them. For days at a time even..

If you limit yourself to one artist/'re missing out.

Hey...I even listened to samples of Clay Aiken's new CD...

If you like Savage'll like Clay Aiken...a little too polished for me...but it is one step above boybands. (plus he is that teenybopper kinda way)

And anyway..there is more to life than Elvis Costello...He makes the world a better place...but the world would go on turning without him....

So Elvis Strike......Day 1 has begun.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

A Musical Atrocity

Ok..There are sound clips for the new Moody Blues CD here. You have to do a search for them and click on the December album.

I'm very pleased.

So you can stop gaping..they aren't the musical atrocity.

Rod Stewart is.


He did an album called the Great American Songbook...this would be Vol 2 that I'm ranting about.

He did a cover of Smile.


Elvis Costello did a version of this lovely song last year. His is good. Rod Stewart's should be buried in a vault of songs no one should have to hear.

Why do they continuously let this man record albums. He did a handful of decent songs but the bad ones outnumber them by a long shot.

Could someone please stop him? Please?

On top of it all, he keeps dating supermodels..GAH..proof that supermodels don't have brains, they have nuts and potpourri...(thanks to Greg Proops for that line) floating around in their craniums.

Yeah..there's an odd article in a recent 'Hello' magazine about Rod and his latest flame. Seems she saw a skirt in a shop somewhere across the pond..and she just pulled it up over her own skirt to try it on...rather than go into a FITTING ROOM!


Some people have no dignity.

Oh wait this is a supermodel...nuts and potpourrie...I keep forgetting.
Moody Moments..

I just got a fantastic package in the mail from my friend in NC. In it was a VCD of a Moody Blues concert from 1985.

Allow me to say this...


Mr. Hayward and Mr. Lodge look mighty lovely too. They sound equally lovely too. The only thing I find disturbing in that the person operating the camera obvious has a thing for Patrick Moraz and his butt.

Sorry! Wrong bloke. If you are going to focus on any member of the band's backside...Justin Hayward is the man to point that camera at. The only other option is John Lodge. Not Patrick (I'm uglier than sin) Moraz.

You wouldn't think it would be hard to know which members bums are the nicest. Cos they are the ones that look pretty from the front as well.

I'll also add. John Lodge is wearing LEATHER!! If a man is wearing leather pants..there should be many gratuitous shots of his rather tight grabbable backside.

I'm wondering if I can somehow copy the audio from this VCD to CD form...cos the concert is fantastic. John's Isn't Life Strange sounds better hear than I've ever heard it. Plus Justin isn't playing acoustic guitar on Question..


It's a complete...Kick ass version of the song too. A "Go Justin" is definitely in order here. I'm tempted to take his acoustic away from him on this song...Forever. It sounds so incredible on this show.

The lack of backup 'sluts' is also a welcome thing. I don't know which band member picks em...but OYE VEY! They never ever sound good.


I just saw Justin's tongue...


I will never be the same.

I'll be happy but I'll never be the same..
Bizarre Dreams

I hate it when I fall back to sleep in the morning. It usually results in a weird dream that makes no sense, and today was a fine example of that.

So anyone with a dreambook's time to play a game of what the hell is this dream all about!

Firstly men Justin and John were in it. We were somewhere that looked like an office building, and they were getting their pictures taken, in a ELEVATOR!!

Uh...huh? Brain, where'd that come from.

There was a group of people there too, so it was almost like a classroom setting..Does that mean the Jays were our teachers? Ohhhh hot for teacher..(oops where did that come from?)

Oddly still, as they finished up getting their photos taken, someone decided to play an old cover song that Justin did, pre - Moodies. Only it wasn't a song Justin ever recorded, it was Itchycoo Park.

Itchycoo Park!! How the hell did that song get into my head? It's been days since I saw the tail end of that video on Vh-1 Classic. It's not even a song I like! It's obviously been hanging around in my brain for at least 5 days..waiting for an opportunity like this to resurface.

I never did get to ask my dream Jay about the song...cos at that point in the dream..I had to go to the bathroom...and the office suddenly turned into Monroeville Mall...and I didn't know where I was going. Uh..hold on..This girl worked happily at that mall for almost 2 years. That was my happiest time working retail. How could I not know where I was going?

Dream book, please?

This is why I usually wake up and stay up..because if I don't strange dreams will happen..and I'll be spending the whole day trying to figure this one out.

I mean after all..ITCHYCOO PARK?

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

When a book really stinks

Once I start reading something I have a horrible time of stopping, even when the book is vile. It's that time of year when I have to find vampire stories etc. to fill my spare time with.

So I found this book by Amanda Ashley, as you can see in the side bar. It's called Deeper than the Night. (Yes it's a romance...hush up) God, it's awful. I thought it was about a vampire. Which would have made it alittle bit better. Nope! Seems our hero is an alien! (who has habits similar to a vampire because of the atmosphere on Earth) desk.

Another point I'd like to make, why are all the women in romances either:

a. stupid as all hell
b. virgins (in their mid twenties)
c. needy

GAH! Just once I'd like to see a female character act like a real woman. You know..thinking..and not crying around because of a man.

I'm more than halfway through it, so maybe my torture will be at an end soon.

I won't go into the plot, cos it's so pathetic that it's not worth mentioning. It's quite sad, I've read some of this author's other vampire novels and they were good. This one is not.

I'm just going to have to find that new Anne Rice novel somewhere to make up for this madness. Blackwood Farm...(when did this come out on hardback..cos I missed it) and next week...Blood Canticle comes out on hardback..

Can I say...Woot! Lestat is back! God I hope his personality is too..

See there is some good reading out there..I just have to find it...
On the quest for new music

This is my favorite time of year. Fourth quarter new releases in music are always smashing. Plus there is a huge list of things that I need to get that have been previously released. Christmas is going to be very musical this year.

Starting with my favorites...

The Moody Blues - December (out next Tuesday)
Erasure - Hits (CD and DVD on the 11th of Nov)
Matchbox Twenty "EP" out on Nov 11th
Sarah McLaughlin - Afterglow Nov 4
Madonna - Remixed and Revisited Nov 28

I still need to get Enigma's Voyageur and the album before that (bad me)

My wish list is filled to the brim with Annie Haslam, Tanita Tikaram, the Damned, Nick Lowe and other CDs that I really must have.

(Especially the Moody Blues Deluxe Edition Red Rocks)

I hope the money fairy is good to me soon, so I can make that list smaller...

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

When celebrities talk sense

I almost missed this article when I was giggling over Liza's ex-hubby suing her. Ah the life of the rich and pathetic.

So John Mellencamp wrote a letter to the president with his wife. It's a rather long thing, but the most intelligent thing I've read in ages. So I figured I had to share it with you...especially since most of you feel the way I do about W...the man who stole the White House...

Here is the full text of "An Open Letter From John & Elaine Mellencamp":

"As the echo of the war drums fades away and the angry masses calling for blood slowly disperse, we as a nation must now confront the truth. We face the unpleasant reality of an uncertain future, compromised safety, a failing economy, and the question of how a society of otherwise reasonable citizens was systematically lied to and manipulated into backing the political 'hijacking' of Iraq.

"Before a single bomb was ever dropped, some of us, formerly called the 'anti-American and unpatriotic,' have questioned or opposed this war. Now, each day, as the dust settles and the truth slowly surfaces, more and more people come to the inevitable conclusion of what a debacle this whole war was.

"Thirty-nine-thousand bombs later, no weapons of mass destruction uncovered, no dangerous dictators captured, no connection to September 11th. What have we gained but relentless media coverage of a fallen statue and some stolen oil fields--the spoils of this misadventure. Not to mention lucrative corporate payoffs and an enormous price tag of over $80 Billion...some tax cut.

"But what have we lost? We have lost the lives of over 300 Americans. Approximately two U.S. troop deaths each day, 193 deaths since the war was declared over. In total, an estimated 20,000 people have died, thus far, in this conflict.

"In addition to the lives given for this effort, our nation has suffered the loss of respect within the world community, particularly the United Nations. We have managed to squander any goodwill we once had to now succeed in solidifying our image as the globe's leading bully. Arrogant and thoughtless.

"The word Democracy means literally 'by the people.' This is the basis of our government and society. It is what this country was founded upon and what makes us American. It is not just our 'right' but also our duty to speak out and voice our thoughts and opinions. How, then, was it possible that, in the land of freedom, those who opposed the common opinion were called...'un-American?' Resentfully, we wonder.

The song 'To Washington' was met with criticism and was labeled an anti-war song. That was not at all the case or intention--it was merely a report of the political climate, in the age-old tradition of the troubadour spreading the news through song and story. Professionally, we, the Mellencamps, have the opportunity to travel extensively, and we take full advantage of that by talking to, listening to, and experiencing the diversity our vast country has to offer. The lyrics of 'To Washington' are not just a personal opinion, but also the view from a very wide horizon.

Who is to say what is or isn't 'patriotic?' Do the flags that wave from every minivan really offer any support? Where is the support for the thousands of servicemen and women who return to the states to see their benefits cut, their health problems ignored, their jobs gone, and their families living in poverty? How are they repaid for their efforts, for risking or losing their lives? So far, dismally.

"This nation was founded to enable freedom and diversity of opinion, and many lives have been lost to secure that liberty. Paradoxically, some still resist the open mindedness that is the very foundation of this country.

"The Governor of California was removed from office based on finance troubles. And yet George W. Bush has lied to us, failed to keep our own borders secure, entered a war under false pretense, endangered lives, and created financial chaos. How is it that he hasn't been recalled? Perhaps this time we could even have a real election...but that wouldn't fit the Bush administration's 'take what you want and fire people later' policy. Take an election; take an oil field; take advantage of your own people--a game of political Three-Card Monte.

"The fight for freedom in this country has been long, painful, and ongoing. It is time to take back our country. Take it back from political agendas, corporate greed, and overall manipulation. It is time to take action here in our land, in our own schools, neighborhoods, farms, and businesses. We have been lied to and terrorized by our own government, and it is time to take action. Now is the time to come together."

It isn't often I agree with a celebrity..but Mr. Mellencamp..I say...Hats off to you...

Ain't that America.....

Man Out of Time

I'm just about to wrap up chapter 10 so I thought I'd make a post here to let you know. If you want me to email you what I've written..just shout out in the comment box or on the chatterbox.

Another thing...I know some of you are at different points in the story...probably cos I'm lazy with sending it out. Let me know how far you've read and I'll send you along what's been updated thus far.
Museum Ogles Men In Skirts

Yeah that headline caught my attention, so I had to read on. So allow me to share with you this article..

By Karen Thomas, USA TODAY

Show us a little leg! Skirts and kilts worn by Kurt Cobain, Boy George, Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, David Bowie along with the dress/coat worn by Keanu Reeves in the Matrix films are part of a new exhibit looking at men sporting women's fashions. Bravehearts: Men in Skirts opens at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art on Nov. 4.

The three-month show, featuring designers such as Giorgio Armani and Vivienne Westwood, examines counterculture movements that push the men-in-skirts idea from '60s hippies to rockers such as No Doubt's Adrian Young (news).

Will skirts work their way into boardrooms on male CEOs? The acceptance of skirts on men could be "a threat or a promise," says Andrew Bolton, associate curator of the museum's Costume Institute.

What no mention of Eddie Izzard? That's incredibly wrong! Especially since he looks a hundred times better in a skirt than half of those guys mentioned. I have a few pics of Eddie from the show I saw in Pittsburgh, I'm going to have to attempt to scan them in. (Before a few friends of mine rebel)

Why are they going on about kilts too? Even Prince Charles wears his plaid. That's nothing to get all excited about...Now if he were wearing a spangled mini...that would be worth a mention. (and probably a rusty melon baller to poke my eyes out too)

Monday, October 20, 2003


Just read this at one of the Costello message boards..


Loved-up musicians ELVIS COSTELLO and DIANA KRALL are
planning to marry in the next few weeks.

British Costello has posted wedding banns at
MARYLEBONE TOWN HALL, London - meaning the stars will
be able to wed anytime from 29 October (03).

Sources close to the WATCHING THE DETECTIVES
songwriter believe the marriage will take place in the
first half of November (03), and that the couple are
considering posh London hotel CLARIDGES as an
alternative venue.

Jazz star Krall and Costello met at last year's GRAMMY
AWARDS (02), and began dating in November (02),
following Costello's split from his wife of 16 years,


I wish them luck with a capital 'F'

Strange Songs for Strange Times

I was burning some cds for a friend of friend of mine .... you know so I could acquire more Moody Blues live concerts. I have this one disc from 1970 (well the performance was from 1970) and it has some of the tracks that were recorded before Days of Future Passed.

I'll admit to loving some of Justin's early songs. He's always had a knack of writing the best cheesy pop songs. Not that the other guys can't write good ones as well, but...

I encountered strangeness today..On this one particular CD is a song called..Really Haven't Got the Time...

Ok..thank god this is a Mike Pinder song..I originally thought it was really sounded like him on vocals..Again, thank god it's not.

Here are the lyrics that you too can laugh hysterically....

It's ok, Mike....I forgive you...

You want me to ride
In your car outside
Spend some time with you
Just an hour or two

But I really,
I really haven't
I really haven't got the time
I really
I really haven't
I really haven't got the time
I really haven't got the time

I'm a busy man
Workin' when I can
I got no time to lend
I got no time, time to spend

Oh no, I really
I really haven't
I really haven't got the time
Oh no, I really
I really haven't
I really haven't got the time
I really haven't got the time

(Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!)

I really
I really haven't
I really haven't got the time
Oh no, I really
I really haven't
I really haven't got the time
I really haven't got the time

Workin' nine 'til five
Got to stay alive
(I've got to stay alive)
Find somebody who
(Go find somebody who)
Got some time for you
(Who's got the time for you)

But I really
No, no, no, no
I really haven't
I really haven't got the time
Oh no, I really
No, no, no, no
I really haven't
I really haven't got the time
I really haven't got the time

Really haven't got the time
(Really haven't got time)

Oh really, I should "Leave This Man Alone."
A Musical of Lennon's Music

There's something not so right about that subject line. John Lennon and a musical. It doesn't sit well with me. Then again, the more I learn about John Lennon's life the more he doesn't sit well with me either.

I suppose brilliant minds are always misunderstood, and there's no doubt that John was brilliant ....ah I'm digressing again.

Why does Yoko need to do this? Does she not have enough of his money and the rights to everything that was John Lennon? It's fine that Benny and Bjorn from ABBA did Mamma Mia....they've done musical theatre...and it was their own descision...and Billy Joel..chose to do Movin' Out... I can't see John Lennon deciding to do musical theatre. It doesn't strike me as something that he would have ever done. I could be wrong, but that's my impression of the man.

So John Lennon wrote over 200 songs from 1970 - 1980. Should I start counting the one's that Paul McCartney wrote? I bet he would have the better musical. (But please Paulie..this is not a request for you to do one)

But while I'm on that train of thought..what about Elvis Costello..I bet he's written more than 200 in 10 years and thank god he hasn't jumped on the musical band wagon. Don't get me wrong...I love musicals, I just prefer them to have original 'new' songs written for their stories...not ones that were already recorded by pop acts.

Back to John Lennon...from 1970-1980 he had a rather dry spell...choosing to be Mr. Mom...which is fine...In my eyes the man only did two good songs in 4 years..Mind Games and Imagine, neither of which are high on my list of favorites. Good songs yes...favorites of mine no....

For now I'm going to sit here baffled at what this music can possibly be about...and continue to wish Yoko Ono to perdition....for continuing to bastardize her late husband's work.

Sunday, October 19, 2003 Updated

I was all excited to see a message from Mr. Lodge at his site about the new album: December...Which is out next Tuesday, October 28.


So in celebration...I bring you John's message and a picture of my other very sexy Jay..

"And then came..."December", our new album, the Moody Blues Christmas Album. Throughout our careers we have, with every album, written about ourselves who we were, our experiences and where we were in our lives at that time. Days of Future Passed, In Search of the Lost Chord, Threshold of a Dream, Seventh Sojourn, Long Distance Voyager were our personal "musical diaries' and now as our thoughts turn towards Christmas and the Holiday Season what better way to celebrate than an album of reflection, inspiration and friendship .......December. I hope you will enjoy listening to as much as we have enjoyed writing and recording these songs. I wish everyone my best wishes for the Holiday Season and of course ....."Happy Christmas." John
A Reminder

To all of the Halloween Mix participants...You're cds should be in the mail by tomorrow..(or at least sometime this week) So that everyone can have a chance to listen to their mixes before the holiday.

Met Elvis Costello

It was one year ago today...

That the single most wonderful thing happened to me..

Everything else matters so little...

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Enough is Enough

I'm ready to go to NBC and seriously pound some heads. First they kill Coupling...That is criminal. What they did to a hilariously funny Britcom should be punishable by they are moving on to other shows..THE OFFICE!!




A thousand times no!!!

I love this's so...well...REAL!

Do we have to kill this too? Is nothing sacred?

I should know the answer to that already...NO! of course not...We as American's must bastardize anything good that comes from another country..and try to mold it into crap!


I'm so angry...I'm still fuming over the Coupling fiasco..would you believe people thought it was too risque? Sweet mother of God! Get a freaking grip..people talk about sex's second nature...


This is the reason I don't watch much tv increases my stress levels..

Writing Prompts

I was searching for an online quiz or something to write here today. You would think I'd wait til my day had really begun to determine that nothing exciting was going to happen worth sharing. Nope....I'm going to cut to the chase. Today is going to be damn boring.

So I was at the Meme List when I discovered the Toasted Writing Prompts.

Would you believe even today's writing prompt won't help me?

WP: Take a pencil and pad with you everywhere today.

I could do that..but well I'd look really silly..especially since I'm going to be home most of the day watching videos.

Here are some of the writing prompts for the month of October.

WP: Write about water.

WP: Make a list of all the pets you have ever had.

WP: Describe your perfect mate.

WP: Valerie and Michel; write their story

It's kind of interesting don't you think...I did one of these at Wenches a few weeks ago.

I think I did this one...WP: Write about a child running.

Hunt through the archives there and I'm sure you'll find it.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Story Updates

The historical story about Justin Hayward and Victoria Hasling has now been edited. At least the parts that I've worked on so far.

It's 42 pages...(not completed yet) So if you want to read it..just leave a shout out with an email or just email me...and I'll send it out to you.
Friday Randomness

Nothing better to do on a wet dreary Friday than to sit at home and post random thoughts.

~ Ed Masley did a kick ass review of North..I now have to email the guy! He's my hero! Just a few quotes from the review for shits and giggles so to speak.

"Of course he's made an understated male pop vocal album of the kind Diana Krall would want her dad to hear."

Oh and...

"All things considered, he's done a commendable job here of following through on some lofty ambitions. Now if only he'd fallen for one of the Donnas ..." Will just add to that..or me...and life would be good.

~Whoopi replaced Crapling..I mean Coupling on NBC last night. I don't know why I'm upset by this, Crapling annoys me, but I watch it like you would stare at a gorey accident. I will admit though, Whoopi is a damn funny show.

~Elvis Costello in his early years was Lord God King of the Dorkalopes. I just watched a video of the SNL know..."that thing" Elvis, darling, your head is bigger than the rest of your body..and stop walking about like that with your guitar, you look a dorkalope. I'm so glad he grew into his head and calmed his sexy ass down with the odd walking..

~ 11 days until the Moody Blues - December hits the stores. If you want to buy one holiday themed CD this this one...Not N'Sync..cos even though people seem to think Mr. Timberlake is sexy..they are crap...but in an eyecandy nice way...

~ The picture of Eddie Izzard with me is posted at my Live Journal, because the set up there doesn't get to frelled up with a large image. So if you want to hurt your eyes feasting on my ugliness go to my Blogs I Read links and click on One Certifiable Wenches' Live Journal. Editor's frelled up there's a link to the webpage it is hosted on. That is if you think your eyes can handle it.

~ I'm really getting into the voice of Annie Haslam and well those chant guys. Why am I suddenly going all Adult Contemporary? Maybe it's Elvis...his album as rubbed off on me..and I feel the need for grown up music. Kicks Elvis!

~ Some very cool quotes I've stolen from a friend's blog..that would be the Musings and Meanderings blog over on the blogroll

Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy.
-- Groucho Marx

If there's anything unsettling to the stomach, it's watching actors on television talk about their personal lives.
-- Marlon Brando

~Dieting is not my forte. I've been exercising...cut out a great portion of my life sustaining liquid (Coca Cola) and the scale has not budged down one little bitty pound. This is beyond wrong.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Eddie Izzard part deux

I met Eddie! Squeeeeeee! I'm not nearly as big of a fan as the friends that I went with, but Eddie is definitely someone that everyone should see. The reasons for this are too many to number...Just trust me...go see him if you can, or buy one of his won't regret it.

His comedy style is more like a conversation with the audience rather than the stand up comedy that most are used to. It's very fast paced and well down right hilarious. It will leave you gaping...Especially if you are at a theatre watching him...Cos your eyes and brain have to be working together or you'll miss something..and never catch up.

Eddie is just great fun to watch, he's so full of energy. Though it sucks that he has better legs and boobs than most of the woman in the audience, myself included. Half the time you're not sure if you want to stare at those incredible legs (incredibly male legs) that are encased in black pantyhose and a skirt. (one of which had a slit up to the waist band) Eddie thigh is quite an impressive sight. Eddie is quite impressive. Ok..Eddie is Thudworthy.

Just a few reasons why you should bow to the best transvesite in the world.

1. Any man who can walk on 3 inch heels needs to be commended
2. His wardrobe kicks ass. (Eddie can I borrow that jacket?)
3. He is way funnier than most American comedians (That includes Mr. Proops)
4. For a bloke in a skirt and lipstick he's a damn attractive man.
5. He's worked with some really awesome his career..including John Malkovich. (lucky bastard)

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Eddie Izzard

Well in a few hours...ok more than a few, I'll be sitting in the Byham Theater in Pittsburgh watching Eddie Izzard. I'd let out a squee, but Justin Hayward took all of them from me today.

The stand up tour is playing 16 cities. How Pittsburgh managed to be one of them, I'll never know. Apparently the gods do shine down on us sometime. Wootness!

The title of the tour is Sexie. Here's a picture of the tour promo poster.

It's funny, I've seen him do Improv on Whose Line and I've also seen him in several movies, both times not really paying attention to him. Now I'm going to see him do stand up.

I highly recommend checking out Eddie's website to see more of what I'm blathering on about. It's definitely worth it. Eddie's official site is one of the best done website's I've seen for a celebrity.

More to come after the show tomorrow...Squeeee!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Happy Birthday Justin Hayward

In celebration of my favorite singer/songwriter's (sorry Mr. Costello) 57th birthday...I bring you a wide variety of pics. From early Justin to current Justin. Both of which make me coo and squee.

Happy Birthday to my blonde adonis...may the coming year be full of music and your heart's desire.

Monday, October 13, 2003

I'm in the big city

Well here's a development. I'm going to be working in Pittsburgh a few days a week for awhile. (Kinda sorta) I'm actually enjoying the nice office and the computer that has powerpoint, excel and access. I plan on brushing up my skills and learning a few things.

Who knows, life may become a little bit more interesting.

Bad thing, Kaufmann's department store is right next to the building I'm in. Oye Vey. That's a potential hazard there. I'm a shopaholic, as some of you may know. Clothes and music are my two weaknesses.

I may get to see the Christmas decorations in Downtown, which will be a first since I'm pushing 30. What a sad little creature I am.

Wish me luck and I'll post more as life permits me today.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

New Story...Completed

The short erotic piece, Deep, has been finished. If you want to read it in it's entirety, email me and I'll send it out to you. It's about 10 pages long.

I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out, and I'm sure that those of you that read my stories will like it as well. It's a little bit different, but I've never really written anything of this nature before.

Yes, I write romance, but my romance stories have a twist. At least I like to think they do.

Also...I'll be finishing up Chapter 10 of Man Out of Time soon. What I've decided to do with that story as well as the time travel romance, Love Eternal is leave a short post up here saying it's updated, and those of you that want to read the updates can email me and I'll send them along. It's going to be easier that way, I think.

MacArthur Park

Will someone please tell me what is up with this goofy song? In my lifetime I've heard at least 3 or 4 versions of it. Some are good, some are not, but dammit that doesn't make it any better.

Who left the cake out in the rain!!!

OK...Question number one:

Why the hell would you use a cake as a methaphor for lost love?

example: "Someone left the cake out in the rain/I don't think that I can make it cos' it took too long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again"

I can see how it's about a lost love...the rest of the song makes a bit more sense..kinda

But erm..explain this...

MacArthur's Park is melting in the dark
All the sweet, green icing flowing down...

First of icing...Who the hell wants to eat a green cake! PAH! His love is a green cake...No wonder she left him!

Imagine the scene if you will..

"Darlin' you are as beautiful as a green iced cake."

Kick (in a painful place)

"I'm not in anyway like a cake, you ass."

Storms off stage left ....never to return.

What really intrigues me is how this song, which is often despised as much as it is covered so often.

Hell, Justin Hayward covered this gem. (well maybe not a gem) The list goes on and on; Elaine Paige, Donna Summer, hell even the songwriter Jimmy Webb recorded a version of the song now.

Question number two:

How much alcohol and or drugs had to be used to come up with that metaphor?

My guess is...we'll never know...

Question number three:

If this guy is planning on moving on with his life...why this?

I will take my life into my hands and I will use it
I will win the worship in their eyes and I will lose it
I will have the things that I desire
And my passion flow like rivers through the sky.
And after all the loves of my life
After all the loves of my life
I'll be thinking of you
And wondering why.

Yes..Yes...I know you never forget your old loves, but really. ARGH!

Question number 4:

Why the hell do I like this song?

Oh yeah...that reason is simple...

Mr. Hayward covered it.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

In a perfect world

If the world would work out in my favor, what would it be like? Hey...Stop running..come back here and read this! It's not really as bad as you think.

There were a few things that made me think about what would make me happy. In other words what my perfect world would be like

Well for one the leader of the free world would have more than 2 brain cells.(and I think I'm giving him more credit than he deserves there) The young men of our country would not be in a country where they didn't belong dying for nothing...especially not the invisible WMD.

My stories would be published. see my name with the likes of Danielle Steele (Ok..I'm better than that..but I haven't convinced the world of it yet) Anais Nin, and Anne Rice. There's a vampire story and my time travel story that need to be worked on very soon.

Time would be my own. There would be no waiting for phone calls to tell me where I was going or what I was doing. My time would be mine. To write, to enjoy life...

This losing weight thing would be so much easier. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy exercise. Its the not eating good food that kills me. Dammit why does the stuff that tastes good have to be so loaded with fat and calories. It's the work of the Devil I tell you!!

Elvis Costello would ring me up for a chat at any given time...(and he'd have my cell phone number too)

Danny Elfman would alternate between doing film scores and rock music again. (not necessarily Oingo Boingo...but he'd be singing again)

They would not be looking for a replacement for Richard Coyle in Coupling. Dammit man, get your priorities straight boy! Jeff is your most importart job! You must be Jeff! (note: this is my only tv request)

My automobile would have less than 100,000 miles on it...and it would be a Mercedes...Hmm do they make them with an automatic transmission. (Might have to rethink this one)

Justin Hayward would decide I'm the most beautiful woman in the world...and have a midlife crisis and then show up on my doorstep (hey a girl's got to have a fantasy)

On the side I would be writing music reviews for newspapers and magazines. The Music Whore may like her stories..but music will always move her..

Concerts that were worth seeing would come to Pittsburgh. You know like my buddy Elvis Costello, Duran Duran...Erasure etc

See that wasn't as bad as you expected. I don't expect to rule the world, nor do I want to. I just want the world customized to my liking....

Friday, October 10, 2003

Why the US Coupling Sucks

Of the three episodes that have aired already, I've watched 2. I was a trifle scared of the premiere, so I opted not to watch. BBC is airing the original episodes directly after the US ones now, so that's my excuse.

Why do I watch it if it's so bad? Well, 2 of the guys are adorable, even if they aren't funny. Nope...even using the EXACT scripts from the British episodes, they aren't funny. The acting is stiff at best and the characters just aren't as convincing.

They aren't as pretty either.


US Cast

UK Cast

For me there's really no comparison, the cast from the UK is far superior. I can say no more.

To me the characters on the US version go a little too much to the extreme and they don't do it in a funny way.

For example: Jane..In the UK show, ditzy, funloving, just a tad bit of a tart..but in a fun way. Jane..In the US show...ditzy and a slut...nothing lovable here.

Better example: Jeff..In the UK show, adorable, goofy,(my fav boytoy) able to pull off all the horrid things that are in the script for him to do...including shout "I'm full of sperm" with style..US Jeff: cute...but not enough...and the gags fall flat..The giggle loop was just a sad thing...and it was one of Jeff's masterpieces in the UK show.

It's the recylcing of the scripts that bothers me the most. I realize that this may be Steve Moffat's idea...but it's not working. If you've watched both shows, you have to make comparisons and the new show falls flat (on its face). Maybe if some new writing was done, the actors could become the characters they are set to play. As it stands now, they are just trying (badly I might add) to mimic something that was successful in another country.

Stop using the same scripts!!! Create new...Steves, Patricks, Jeffs, Sallys, Janes and Susans...It's the only way the show can work!

I think there would be hope for this series if it weren't a sad attempt to clone the original. Honest...the premise for Coupling is great....It should work...but it's least not for this girl..

Oh and by the way..

I love that man!

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Mixes..and Mixes...and Mixes

I went on for a bit about Mix CDs over at Wenches today. I really recommend you visiting that site. Not just because I write there, but because there are four or five others that do. One of them is my proofreader friend, Linda. Who is damn funny and insightful.

I digress (as per fucking usual)

I found so many songs that I love as a result of the past few CD Swaps. Surely there must be others out there. I want to take part! I want to burn! I want new music!

Today I was listening to one of the discs I got from the Quintessential Burn. Oh the beauty and the oddities on this mix. I have a few new songs to recommend today.

Under 21 - Save Ferris (If you like No'll like this band)

Mad World - Gary Jules (A cover of a Tears for Fears song..done beautifully)

Twist In My Sobriety - Tanita Tikaram (I have no idea who she is..but I love this song and I want to hear more)

What I've found to be odd about the groups I've been in for these swaps, is how similar my taste is with these people I don't know. I loved getting this CD and going...Woo Yeah! I love that song!


Moondance - Van Morrison (one of the kick ass romantic songs..not written by the Moody Blues)

Insensitive - Jann Arden (Someone else knows who she is!)

One - U2 (It's U2 what more can I say)

I have to say, I can't wait til the next swap comes around...well besides my Halloween Swap..which is underway. My discs are sent. I hope everyone enjoys the tracks.

Tim Burton is a Father

Let me just be the one to say, this is kind of creepy. Not in a good way either. Sure Tim is a bright and twisted and creative individual, but do we really need a little Tim-may in the world

Yes it was a boy.

Tim and girlfriend Helena Bonham-Carter have's a boy...and it doesn't have a name just yet. Uh what's up with that Tim-may? You didn't see it coming? I mean it's just me, but I'd at least have 2 names picked out by the time the bratling dropped out, erm I mean by the time the child was born. It's all good though I guess.

I'm hoping the child looks like it's mom or some distant relative that no one knows about.

Congrats to the Odd Couple....on their Burton Baby

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

A little bit of Erotic Fiction

I started a story today just for fun. Cos I needed a break from Man Out of Time and I'm not ready to work on Love Eternal. (Do any of you remember that one?)

So far it doesn't have a title, though I'm thinking it may be called Deep (after the Moody Blues song I love so much), my Jays are in it...kinda sorta. It's a very short story, I'm thinking it's only going to be about 10 to 15 pages at the most, so last names aren't going to be necessary.

Anyone that wants to read it...can find it posted in my Heartthrob Harem Group on Yahoo. As for Man Out of Time, I'm not sure how I'm going to post it again. I'm up for suggestions. The story is so different now that any additions will just confuse you. So anyone that wants to continue reading that; shoot me an email.

(That goes for the lurkers that read daily...but never shout out or message me on the chatterbox)

Honest..I'll let ya read the story...even if I don't know ya! I will leave a one line post stating where I'm at in the story here..that way you can email me..and I can send it out to you. That might be the only acceptable way to do it.

Right now, I'm about 50 pages done on a story that was once 140 pages. I think the rewrites make the story better and they had to be done.

I'd like to thank my proofreader..and teacher..and person that yells at me nicely, Linda...for getting me off my duff and writing this one properly...Thanks...Linda!

The Music Whore Would Like to Thank

It's amazing the bands that I've listened to in the past...well almost 30 years. None of the bands I've ever devoted my time to have ever completely passed from my life. I always come back to them at some point, even if it's just a brief listen every now and then.

There have been so many different bands at so many different parts of my life.

The Monkees were the first band I ever listened to. I used to watch the show in reruns when I was 4 or 5. Their greatest hits album was the first LP that I owned....

From them I grew to love the Beatles and all the solo material of the greatest band ever. I think all thought he first 14 years of my life I wanted to be in London in the 1960's

I did have a smattering of new music during those years; Olivia Newton John, Culture Club, Wham!, Bonnie Tyler. I'll still listen to them when the mood strikes me, but they were never a huge obsession with me.

I think like all teenage girls in the late 80's I had a thing for hair bands. I listened to Poison, Def Leppard and Whitesnake. Def Leppard has always found their way back to my CD player. I think it has something to do with that cute tushie Joe Elliot has. I could be wrong though.

Some other bands from that period in my life that have lingered for many a moment on the Music Whore's stereo....Cheap Trick....I still love Robin Zander's voice, XTC...Colin Moulding is wonderful and Andy Partridge writes some really snarky trippy kinda dance band...the Moody Blues made their first peak into my life did Elvis Costello

My last year in high school saw the beginnings of my Oingo Boingo obsession. It was stunted thanks to a relationship gone bad...but it resurfaced 3 years ago....

College took me back to the 80's even though it was 1992. This is where my new wave obsession came from; Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Morrissey, Adam name a few. Oh and it would be wrong not to mention David Bowie...who I've never been sure how I came to love...

The millennium brought about a return of old obsessions. Halloween 2000 brought Danny Elfman back....and then a year later Elvis took control (he still has some control, though not as much as he did at the beginning of the year) It was inevitable that after my love for Elvis that I'd love Nick Lowe as well. Sometime this year I rediscovered the Moody Blues as well. Through them I've come to love Annie Halsam and oddly Pink Floyd.

So as the Music Whore stare contemplatively at her CD collection...she sighs and says...WHAT NEXT! and thanks all these bands and musicians for the music that has shaped my life..

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

It's time for a random survey

I stole this from Sam's LiveJournal, cos it looked like it could possibly be fun and help pass the time as I sort out some more of Man Out of Time.

Name Four Bad/Weird Habits You Have:

1.Shopping. When I get a desire for something...I have to have it...damn those credit cards for making it too easy.
2. Cleaning house in the middle of the night
3. I give up on things when they get annoying...even if they should be something I finish
4. Worrying about the little things

Name Four Things That You Wish You Had:

1. A better job
2. A car with less than 100,000 miles on it
3. The Nick Lowe "Doings" box set
4. A certain concubine from my harem...

Name Four Scents You Love:

1. Giorgio 'Red'
2. Freshly mowed lawns
3. laundry
4. Juniper Breeze from Bath and Body Works

Name Four People That Know You the Best:

1. Erin
2. Mary
3. Mom
4. Tina (well I used to)

Name Four Things You'd Never Wear:

1. Stillettos (ouch)
2. Micro Minis (I don't have the legs for it)
3. Anything that's all pink
4. a wedding gown

Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now:

1. The Jays
2. Next week is Eddie Izzard's show in Pittsburgh
3. Only a bit more than a month til the Moody Blues concert in Youngstown
4. Strange Times is the best Moody Blues album since the mid 80's

Name Four Things That You Have Done Today:
1. Woke up
2. Worked on Man Out of Time
3. Updated my Live Journal
4. Checked my email

Name The Last Four Things You have Bought:

1. Lipton Chai Tea
2. Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa
3. That Jack Skellington 13 Nightmares shirt I've been raving about.
4. A bunch of stuff at Dots.

Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink:

1. Coke
2. Pepsi Blue
3. Orange Juice
4. Chai tea

First Grade Teacher's Name?

Mrs. Wardle

Last Words You Said:

"Oh shit" (at a bunch of junk falling from the shelf..meaning more cleaning)

Last Song You Sang?

Love Don't Come Easy ~ Moody Blues

Last Person You Hugged?


Last Thing You Laughed At?

The Moody Blues Octave Garden Party picture with Justin cutting the tiny tiny little cake. If I find it hosted somewhere I'll post it..or I'll put it somewhere so you can see it.

Last Time You Said 'I Love You' And Meant it?

If I said it to a family member I meant it. So if I told my mom or dad I love you any time in the last 24 hours...that would be it.

Last Time You Cried?

Sometime last week...won't discuss what it's over.

What's In Your CD Player?

Moody Blues - Strange Times and an old mix cd

What Color Socks Are You Wearing?

No sockies for me....

What's Under Your Bed?

A big ole scary monster

What Time Did you Wake Up Today?

9:20 is the actual time I got out of bed, but I was awake at least an hour before I threw my lazy butt from the bed.

Current Taste?

Ultra Brite Toothpaste

Current Hair?

20's type bob

Current Clothes?

Still in my jammies..which means a t-shirt...this one is the David Bowie tour shirt from the Outside tour.

Current Annoyance?

My boss

Current Longing?

To meet the Jays...

Current Desktop Picture?

Don't have one anymore....

Current Worry?

When is that idiot going to call me back to work..

Current Hate?

Diana Princess of Pork (oo) aka Krallomort and Mariemutt..I mean Marie Hayward...for trivial reasons, of course.

Favorite Physical Feature Of the Opposite Sex?

Eyes...I'm a sucker for pretty eyes..oh and a nice tushie.

Favorite Place To Be?

South Side of Pittsburgh on a Saturday night..

Least Favorite Place?

Route 51 in rush hour

Monday, October 06, 2003

Bakers Dozen

Ok, here's a meme that I've never done before, the Bakers Dozen. How does it work?

The idea is to come up with twelve thoughts and one pic to describe your weekend. Try using quotes, events, blog entries, whatever.

1. Holy hell, I have 11 rows center to the Moody Blues show in Youngstown.
2. Andrea "You can say anything to him and he'll say yeah" (about my father's uncanny answers to questions he doesn't hear)
3. 5 blouses for $1 a piece!!!!
4. 13 Nightmares Jack Skellington t-shirt
5. It's family reunion time....where's my gun!
6. "I've called you Flo since the first time we met" my mom to aunt Maureen...
7. Buffalo chicken strips are better than cheese...
8. Wal-mart is a scary place on a Saturday.
9.How do waitresses at Chinese restaurants remember what you drink every time?
10. Finished my short story Another Suitcase, Another Hall
11. The Halloween Mix CD Swap CD is ready to go. (just have to find one song)
12. Diets are not fun...

Too Beautiful for Words

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Seven on Sunday

It's time for another installment of Seven on Sunday's lyric associations. For those of you that have missed the past two weeks, here's how it works.

So, here's how it works: I'll give you a word, and you complete the line with a lyric from the first song that comes to mind... It can be in the middle of the line, or end of it, or whatever, so long as it is an actual song.

1. Don't
2. Well
3. Oh
4. My
5. Sweet
6. Hold
7. Can't

So, here's how it works: I'll give you a word, and you complete the line with a lyric from the first song that comes to mind... It can be in the middle of the line, or end of it, or whatever, so long as it is an actual song.

1. Don't...Leave me this way ~ Don't Leave Me This Way - The Commundards
2. Well ...I see you've got a husband now ~ Alison - Elvis Costello
3. Oh... my my I could love you forever ~ Oh My My - The Monkees
4. My... Sweet Lord Oh My Lord I really want to see you ~ My Sweet Lord - George Harrison
5. Sweet...Caroline Good times never seemed so good ~ Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
6. Hold ... you down and make you cry ~ Hold On - Wilson Phillips
7. Can't buy me love...~ Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles

I Survived

It has been ages since I've been around this much family. My aunt from Germany, my uncle Stanley his wife Maureen, and my aunt Ethel along with my German aunts friend, daughter and her 4 year old daughter.

Talk about togetherness.

It was a nice evening though. Good eats. My family is actually nice if somewhat colorful. A good time was had by all.

I did manage to get some shopping done today. I spent 28 dollars at Dots. That 28 dollars bought me 5 shirts and a pair of pants. I adore that store. Very trendy stuff at very cheap prices. Wootness!

I also got my Jack Skellington t-shirt, at long last. The one with the red glitter that you can find at the Hot Topic website. Double wootness!

Now if I could only get the money to get the Picture Disc Vinyl of the Nightmare Soundtrack I would be ever so happy. Ok that and the other 4 Midnight Syndicate CDs..

Do I ask too much? Probably
Sunday Morning Blues

Sundays are not my favorite day anymore. They used to be. I used to love my once a week shopping expeditions, dinner, that sort of thing. Sundays aren't any fun anymore. If it weren't for Coupling and ManChild on BBC America; Sundays would be just another day to sleep through.

I just want to take this whole weekend and try to forget it, or at least try to figure it out. My father's brother Stanley and his wife Maureen, showed up yesterday at our house. In 29 years, I don't think I've ever met either of them. My father came from a family of 10 children, my dad being one of the oldest.

Well, they drove from Texas all the way to PA to be with the family (most of my Dad's remaining siblings are all in the area) and yesterday they knock on our door.


I guess now that they've lost so many of their siblings, they need to visit more often, especially as they live so far away from the rest. Believe it or not, the two youngest of my father's family died in the 80's. Both of those brothers were only in their 40's at the time. It's sad really. Different types of cancer got both Ray and Dale.

So to round out my weekend, the little bit of shopping (I'm finally going to get my Jack Skellington T-shirt at Hot Topic) and din-din (At Garfield's in Washington, PA) is going to be hurried so that Mom, Dad and I can hurry to one of my aunt's house for an impromptu family reunion.

I don't do well with people. (and before you say the family thing) I haven't seen half these people since I was in grade school. They don't know me and I don't know them. It's not a prospect that I'm looking forward to, but I got out of it the last time, which was about 2 or 3 years ago.

So wish me luck that I can get through this without losing the last tiny shard of sanity that I have. I'd much rather be home cleaning. Which is incidentally what I was doing at 2 a.m. last night.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Saturday 8

There are some really odd memes out there. This weeks Saturday 8 is one of them

saturday-8 :: celebrity death match!

within the past two weeks, we have watched the passing of a few celebrities: john ritter, johnny cash, the maytag man gordon jump, author george plimpton yesterday robert palmer of the "simply irresistible" fame. today's questions take a tongue-in-cheek look at celebrities and their mortality...

1. if the world could be rid of one celebrity, who would you like it to be? why?

Can I please off J-Lo so that I don't have to witness the rise and fall of not only her gi-normous ass, but her next relationship as well. Of course, her death would suddenly make her the most wonderful singer/actress in the world...but well at least we'd only have a few albums worth of crap to deal with....

2. do you participate in any activities like the celebrity death pool ( why or why not?

Never heard of I'm going to have to check it out.

3. which celebrity death this year has affected you the most? why?

I'd say John Ritter's death has been the most saddening to me. I grew up with his shows and comedy. With 8 Simple Rules he was becoming a part of my life again. He was a fine actor in his field, and it's a shame he passed so young.

4. which celebrity death this year has affected you the least? why didn't it affect you?

Most of them actually. If I'm not familiar with their work, I can't grieve. I think David Bowie said it best on Carson Daly when asked about Johnny Cash's death... He said he didn't know him and wasn't familiar with his work. He spoke the truth. You can't pay tribute to someone that never really touched your life.

5. which celebrity couple would you like to say 'adios!' to? why? you really have to ask that one? Does this mean they both have to die? If the male half of the couple can live...I'm all for Diana Krall kicking it over or going buh byes..either her or Marie Hayward...Nah..just Diana Krall...she needs to go...somewhere...far far away from Mr. Costello.

6. if you could attend one celebrity's funeral, whose funeral would you move heaven & earth to attend?

Madonna....cos it would have to be a colorful event. She would go out in style just like Eva Peron...

7. have you visited any famous person's grave, like jim morrison, marilyn monroe, elvis?

No, and I have no plans on doing anything of that nature either.

8. give us the plans for YOUR funeral. do you want it to be a big party? a small affair? do you want to be immortalized in marble? cremated? give us the scoop!

I just want the people that mattered most to me to be there. What difference does it make to me. I'd be dead. Just don't toss me in a garbage bag and throw me in the river...OK.
Halloween Mix CD Swap

Just a reminder today's the last day to sign up for the CD Swap of Halloween tunes, or rather songs that put you in the mood for Halloween.

Tomorrow, I'll send out the group information and the disc should be in the mail by the 18th so that everyone has a chance to get their music before Halloween.

I have mine made already. I even have some almost spiffy artwork. I can't wait to share it with you.

Friday, October 03, 2003

The little things that make me happy

My original Quintessential burn is only going to be heard by 3 people other than myself. Much like it would have been if I had used it as the actual mix.

The lucky three:

Miss Tay....who will receive her 4 discs when I get the Halloween Mix in order

Mike...from the Musing and Meanderings Blog on my blogroll best friend who donated a few discs so I could burn baby burn....

You know I don't even have a copy burned for myself yet?

But I digress, as ususal. What makes me happy is when I hear that people like the mix. I know my taste in music is a bit off the wall. Elvis Costello and the Moody Blues really don't go together, except in my world. When someone is pleased with the music I put together on a disc, I get totally excited.

I love it when I get good feedback on my stories. I'm going to be working on Man Out of Time this weekend. My Justin story called Another Suitcase, Another Hall is just about done.

See it's really the simple little things that make me smile.

Moody Tickets

The Music Whore is a happy music whore. She has just acquired 11th row center seats to see her Moody Blues!

Pardon me but I must let out a loud....SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Ok...that's better. It only took an hour and a half to get through to the venue. They don't sell tickets through the major vendors at this location. So on Sunday Nov 16, the Music Whore will be taking her first ever road trip for a concert. I'm so very excited.

Now I just have to get the rental car reserved for the jaunt and I'll be one happy little camper for the rest of the week.

I leave you now with my favorite pic of my Moody Blues.

Happy Birthday Greg Proops

Today is my favorite comedian/improvisor's B-day. 40 + spankings are in order. 44 to be honest, but I don't think he wants to be reminded.

So in honor of his B-day, I'm bringing you gratuitous Proopdog pictures to drool on.

Happy Birthday Ocelot Master! May your year be full of wonderful things and may you stay as cute as a button....

Thursday, October 02, 2003

More of the world's injustices

Duran Duran just announced some of their Fall tour dates. In fact, allow me to post them here.

Sat-Nov-08 Atlantic City, NJ The Borgata
Sun-Nov-09 Washington D.C. Warner Theatre
Mon-Nov-10 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre
Thu-Nov-13 Cleveland, OH Agora
Fri-Nov-14 Toronto, ONT Kool Haus
Sat-Nov-15 Detroit, MI Royal Oak
Mon-Nov-17 Chicago, IL House of Blues
Tue-Nov-18 Chicago, IL House of Blues
Fri-Nov-21 Atlanta, GA Tabernacle
Sat-Nov-22 New Orleans, LA Twiropa
Sun-Nov-23 Houston, TX Cullen Auditorium
Mon-Nov-24 Dallas, TX Majestic Theatre
Wed-Nov-26 Albuquerque, NM Kiva Auditorium
Fri-Nov-28 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theatre
Sat-Nov-29 Phoenix, AZ Celebrity Theatre
Sun-Nov-30 San Diego, CA 4th & B Theatre

OK...can you see the problem here? Yup, Pittsburgh isn't on the list. Pittsburgh is never ever on the list. I'm already going out of my way to see the Moody Blues, so a road trip to Cleveland is out of the question. (and I wouldn't do it anyway, DD aren't that high in my harem to rate a 3 hour drive)

I'm also sick of everyone playing the Tower Theater in Philly. Grrrrr. Elvis Costello plays there almost every tour. The Moody Blues will have played there twice this year, I believe.

We won't discuss when Duran Duran were last in Pittsburgh...or the Moody Blues. Cos it will just make me mad.

The consensus: Pittsburgh Sux

Gregorian Chant

OK, remember when that was the most popular album in the country? Well after hearing Moment of Peace I had to hear a bit more. I'm always into new sounds and I never did give the first CD a spin.

The Gregorian Choir did a CD of popular music. It freaked me out. Seriously. They recorded Duran Duran's Ordinary World. It sounds so haunting now, but it still retains it's integrity. I'm trying to find samples of the other songs on this CD. They've done everything from Elton John to Depeche Mode. Yes, Steph, Depeche Mode.

I'm still not sure what to make of it, but it was certainly interesting to hear even a little part of this recording.

Here are the songs you'll find on the disc:

1. Join Me
2. Be
3. Blasphemous Rumours
4. Only You
5. Blue Monday
6. Sacrifice
7. Ordinary World
8. Fields Of Gold
9. Before The Dawn
10. I Wont Hold You Back
11. Wicked Game
12. Out Of The Cold
13. Voyage Voyage (Bonus Track)
14. Join Me (Schill Out Version)

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Survey Says...

I stole this from Steph's LJ, which is not to be confused with her blog. I haven't done a really fun survey in such a long time, and this one is great.

1. Last download? Gregorian - Moment of Peace
2. Favorite restaurant? Pasta Too
3. Last swim in a pool? About 3 years ago. I don't bare flesh therefore I don't swim.
4. Type of music you dislike most? Rap
5. Registered to vote? Yes.
6. Have cable? Digital Cable kicks butt. How could I live without Vh-1 Classic and BBC America?
7. Ever ridden a moped? No.
8. Ever prank call anyone? Yeh
9. Ever get a parking ticket? No
10. Would you bungee jump or sky-dive? I have less painful death wishes thank you.
11. Have a garden? Well I have a yard, so yeah, but technically it belongs to my parents.
12. Favorite comic strip? Non sequitur
13. Know all the words to your National Anthem? Yes but don't ask me to sing it.
14. Bath or shower? Bath
15. Best movie seen in last month? Once Upon a Time in Mexico
15. Color of lipstick usually worn? Avon Captivating Copper or Chanel Vamp
16. Ever smoked peanut shells? WTF! No.
17. Last person you went to dinner with, and where? Erin, April and Dana..Taco eats.
18. Favorite chocolate bar? Hershey's Mr. Goodbar
19. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? Sometime this week.
20. Ever order an article from an infomercial? Yes...but I'm not telling what it was.
21. Ever had to wear a uniform to work? Sorta..more of a dress code, and I vow never to do it again
22. Last thing you bought at a pharmacy? bubble bath
23. Ever throw up in public? Yes. (blushes)
24. Prefer to be a millionaire or find true love? The hell with love, I want money.
25. Believe in love at first sight? Love doesn't exist!
26. Ever call a 1-900 number? No.
27. Can ex's be friends? You are joking right? Ex's are that...ex's
28. Last person you visited in hospital? My grandma
29. Answering machine message? Much to long to type...
30. Favorite 'Saturday Night Live' character? Christopher Walken's "The Continental"
31. Favorite thing to do before bed-time? Read
32. One thing you are grateful for today? The 52 dollars my boss gave me to go get drunk. Yes dear readers..that's what he said to do with it...go get drunk!