Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well It's Done

I've chosen my job. It's now a matter of time. I took job number 2. So it will just be a matter of time before I'm back to having a real-ish job again.

I guess I'll be knowing more about it in the next few weeks. I do know I get to go to Texas all expenses paid for training. That's probably what makes me the most nervous about this. I think I've said a few dozen times that I've never been on a plane before.

Well, it will be a new experience, that's for sure. I'm still a bit nervous about it though.

Still, it's time to move on and this might be a very good experience for me. I'll pretty much be running the place, which is nice. I've managed before, though it's been awhile. Hey, who knows, maybe through all this I'll get so skinny that I'll make Norda Mullen look like a heifer!

Ya never know, right?

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Going over the hump

Well the week has hit its midpoint, thank the dear lord for that, because this week is going no better than last.

I still have no clue on what I'm doing with my life. I've been turning the whole job 1 and 2 thing over in my head for the last 24 hours. So far all I have is confusion.

I've been on again off again at job 1 for 2 years now. I'm going to feel like shit quitting that one, because there's no way in hell he's ever going to find another secretary. Anyone that knows me even slightly well knows what I'm talking about here. (Which would actually be a good reason to let that job go)

Job 2 I've been at since February. I took it as a part time job because of job 1. It's fun and it's helped me lose 20 + pounds. It too has it's drawbacks. First one being weird hours. We're closed from 12:30 to 3:00. Second of all, there are the rumors going around that I mentioned before. Those don't have me feeling too good.


The pros and cons are pretty even here. And I really have to have my decision made soon. (Probably today)

Anyone know anything about Waco, TX besides the fact that it was where David Koresh had his compound?

Oh and I think I need a Hump Day Hunk.

Simon can read to me any day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

In my life confusion

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Today I'm faced with the making a weighty decision, one I'm not too sure I'm ready to make. Job 2 is now subject to become full time. Job 2 is going to send me to Waco Texas for a week for training all expenses paid.

Job 2 is run by a woman that's just as daffy as my boss in Job 1. I've heard rumors that the place was going to be sold.


So if I take this, do I know if I'm guaranteed a job if ownership changes hands?

I don't know.

I know slightly more than nothing.

Boss at Job 1 wants me full time if the power company gets their act together and turns the electricity on in the new office.

I'm so confused, scared and nervous. I don't know which decision is the right one at this point. I really don't.

Take Me Back Tuesday

It's time for another Music Memoirs Meme!

1. Name your three favourite songs by your favourite artist. (this means by the same artist)
First of all, picking my favorite(spelled without a "U" cos I'm American) is not easy. I think I should surprise you though. Favorite artist?

Elvis Costello

Everyday I Write The Book
Battered Old Bird
How to Be Dumb (Seriously, there are some people out there that I would so like to dedicate this song too, but I'll keep quiet for now)

2. Name your three favourite albums by the same artist.

3. Name three duet partners you'd like to see your favourite artist perform with.
None really. Elvis has already done a duet with Paul McCartney, which was fabulous. I hate the others he's done.

But if I had to choose.

Diana Krall: He helped the better/lesser half with her album, why not?
Justin Hayward: Because this man has so much snark that needs to be released. More snark than imaginable I should think. (They should write a whole album together)

Truly, I can't think of a third, because for the most part, I hate duets. You're lucky you got those two.

Monday, June 27, 2005

What a weekend

I had a great time yesterday. The comedians we went to see were fantastic and they all seemed to take notice of me.


The Waterfront is a beautiful place, filled with loads of shops and restaurants and...FOUNTAINS! Sadly none of them are of the chocolate variety though. Damn! I guess I'll just have to wait until my birthday and go to Wheeling to have that kind.

Just to give you an idea that Pittsburgh isn't as awful as I'd like you to believe it is, here are some of my photos from last night. The others will be over at my photoblog. If you like them, right click and do as you please with them. In fact if you click on them, you'll get the full version of the image.

This is the fountain in the center court by Starbucks. Gorgeous isn't it?

This one is new, or at least new to me.

Oh and the food at the Improv is a bit pricey, but it's very good. My sister and I both enjoyed the Tequila Chicken Pasta. Very yummy!

A good time was had by all!

Random 10

I can't believe this meme is already 10 weeks old! I dare you guys to play along and share your weekend playlists! When you're finished, go to Music Memoirs and leave a comment so we know you've played!

1. Dean Martin - Ain't That A Kick In The Head
2. The Moody Blues - Long Summer Days
3. Counting Crows - Mr. Jones
4. Soft Cell - Tainted Love
5. Stevie Nicks - Stand Back
6. Rob Thomas - Smooth
7. Herman's Hermits - Sunshine Girl
8 Tom Petty - Letting You Go
9. Traveling Wilburys - Margarita
10. George Harrison - Gone Troppo

The song choices are a result of my summer mix CD and the music played at the Improv last night in Pittsburgh. If any of you would like any of these songs, let me know and I'll upload them!

And now for the picture

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Playlist time!

Ok, it's time I posted my mp3 list. If you want anything off it, there are a few rules.

1. 5 mp3s at a time. If you can take a zip file, let me know so I can zip them if you've requested more than 2.

2. If there aren't many requests and yours have been filled, you can request more.

3. Be patient, I will fill all requests, but I do have 2 jobs, so I might not get them sent as fast as I used to.

4. Make sure you have a valid email in your comment. Haloscan won't show your email when I open the comment but if I go to the regular site, your email will be there.

That done, here's the playlist! Request away.

Sunday Stuff

So much going on today. So little time to get it done in.

~ Going to the Improv tonight to see a random comedian because the cost was so darn cheap that I couldn't turn it down. I promise some pictures of the Waterfront later, because I haven't really been giving my camera much love lately.

~ I'm down to 132 lbs! Down another pound and a half! My size 4s are fitting again. Did you read that? My size 4s! Next person to call me fat gets the camel curse put on them.

What? You don't know the camel curse?

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the

crotch of the person who screws up your day

and may their arms be too short to scratch.

~ For the first time in a very long time, I'm tan. Yeah. I didn't pale myself this summer, which is highly irregular for me. It comes from having free use of the tanning bed at job 2. So I'm skinny and tan. I think that may be a good thing.

~ I promised a few people some mp3s.

Mellow, I have to dig up the Coke jingles. I have em somewhere, as soon as I find them I'll post them.

Until then here's a photo from the print ads that ran in the 60's.

The other mp3 is the remix of The Moody Blues - Sitting At the Wheel. That download will be available for 7 days.

Do you guys think it's time for me to post an updated playlist? I'll probably have some time over the week to get mp3s sent to people. Let me know and I'll do an updated version of my mp3 list.

See I'm feeling generous today!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Almost finished

Well I went to work today and things were good. This is job number 2, the job I never thought I'd hate, but I do. Survived 4 very long, very boring hours. I came home and made myself look presentable and then went to get my picture taken for my new driver's license.

On a plus note, their camera did not break!


Now all I have to do is a week and a half worth of laundry.


If I still have my sanity after I finish that, I'm going to finish reading my current Janet Evanovich novel and hide somewhere for the rest of the day, possibly looking at pictures of sexy men in ugly shirts!

And this is the ugliest shirt I've seen in a long time. It makes this one look good.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Blogger said I could do this

Ok, blogger now has a photo hosting thing. Let's see if it works, shall we. Nothing else seems to be working on this blog today.

I've edited half of June's posts so that the text is visible. I hope to get to the rest tomorrow after I do the zillion and one things that need to be done this weekend. (Namely get photo taken for my new drivers license and the laundry)

Anyhow, I'm going to post a picture now, just because I can.

I wonder if this new feature is what screwed up my template. Hmmmm.

Template Help!


This happened last year when I first put up this template. Something in a previous post has messed up my coding and it screws up the fonts in the posts. All the links are ok, but the text is a mess.

I haven't a clue what did it. But I'm going to have fun tonight trying.


The rest of my archives are fine, it's just June. Weird. Weird. Weird. But it seems as long as I type the code for my font color in the post, all is well, or at least partially well.

Until I get this sorted, I'm only keeping one day of posts on the main page. All the rest are in the archives. (Screwed up! Grrrrrr!)

Anyone that knows HTML, I beg of you to help me!

Top Five On Friday

Here's this week's Top Five from Music Memoirs.

Top 5 songs of summer or songs that remind you of summer

Elvis Costello - The Other Side Of Summer
John Lodge - Summer Breeze
Duran Duran - Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over)
ABBA - Our Last Summer
The Wallflowers - Feels Like Summer Again

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Odds and Ends

~ I need my sleep and for some reason, last night, I felt the urge to stay up late. And thanks to my having 2 jobs, late = midnight. Which means I only got about 5 1/2 hours sleep, before my body's alarm clock jolted me out of bed. Grrrrr! There's a strong possibility I will fall asleep in the tanning bed tonight at work.

~ Everyone is seeing the Moody Blues before me this year! ARGH! I'm jealous. I know I'm going to see them twice in July, but those are the last two dates on the tour!!! It's getting hard, this waiting. I want to see Justin (as long as he doesn't wear that ugly new shirt of his) and John. (I really want to see John in his new flesh baring shirts!! Mmmmm skin on Lodgey. One word: YUM!

It's kinda like this

And lordy we haven't seen that much skin from Lodgey in years.

Bless his flesh baring heart!

~ The heat has returned in full force. I have mixed feelings about summer weather anymore. It's way too hot, but when it cools down, it's really cold. There's no happy medium. Oh and I still want to know who has been holding "Spring" hostage for the last few years. I miss it. Spring is nice.

~ I'm reading 3 books right now. Why? Because I'm a nut. Seriously. I have a book in the bathroom and one at each job. I'm also becoming addicted to Janet Evanovich novels. Have a mentioned that? I'm halfway through the Stephanie Plum series.

~ On the weight loss front. I'm at 133.5 and I've lost a total of 21.5 pounds and 42 inches.

5 from my bust (sniffle, sob)
6 from my waist
7 from my abdomen
13 from my thighs
6 from my arms

Isn't that spiffy?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's hump day!

The week is almost half over. I think that's a very good thing. I will be so glad when this week is totally over, even though it will bring me one week closer to my birthday, which, as usual, I'm not really anticipating. Nothing is going right this week, nothing at all. This week will be best left in the dust.

Oh and thanks to Karen...I found some dirty blogthings to share.

I had two of them ready to post, but when I did, it fubarred my template.

So I'm just going to post them as they read:

To pick up John Lodge:

If I could rearrange the alphabet... I'd put you between F and CK

Now if only it would work!

And if you want to pick me up, though I can't imagine why you would:

To pick up Andrea:

Be unique and different - just say yes

And now it's time for the hunks!

I don't know what I want to touch more, his bare chest or that shirt. Hmmm, is it getting hot in here?

Yup..definitely hot.

I think this Fashion Police SVU needs to go offer that man assistence when it comes to wardrobe. I'm all for the baring of flesh on the Jays, but couldn't the shirts be passable to look at?

I guess in Justin's case, the answer is no.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

For Shits and Giggles

I'm taking my sister to the Improv this weekend. Why? Because I got an email from the Improv offering me seats for $2.50. I figured that was as good as any excuse to get the hell out of the house on Sunday. Plus I'll get to go to the Kaufmann's at the Waterfront. (Mmmm, we all know how much I like shopping)

We're going to see Joey Kola.

All I know about him, is that he's on Comedy Central. The sad thing is, I don't really care that I don't know him. I'm just excited that I'm going out.

OK, I'm more than a little bit excited.

This occassion calls for getting dressed up all spiffy, just for the hell of it. Plus I'll have the oportunity to take some pictures of the Waterfront with my new camera.

Hey, after all, how often can you see a comedian for under 5 bucks a person. I'd be a fool to pass up the opportunity!

Take Me Back Tuesday

It's another Music Memoirs meme!

This week we're going back to the 80's.

List 3 artists/bands from this decade

Duran Duran
Oingo Boingo

List 3 one hit wonders from this decade

Well the 80's wouldn't be the 80's without these songs
Toni Basil - Mickey
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
Kajagoogoo - Too Shy

List 3 movie soundtracks from this decade

Pretty In Pink

Less Than Zero

Vision Quest

Monday, June 20, 2005

Google Giggles

Ah yes, I've been googled again.

This time the lucky searcher that landed here came seeking the answer to this question.

Go on, click. You know you want to.

Yeah, it's the "Is Justin Hayward still married?" question.


Why not ask a better question?


How did Marie Hayward's nose get so long.

How many affairs did Justin Hayward have in the course of his 30+ year marriage?(And yes, he's had them, Marie said so in an interview)

Perhaps the question should be, "Why is Justin Hayward still married?"

My favorite would be this one...

How ugly do you have to be to be married to Justin Hayward?

Well I can answer that...

This ugly

Image hosted by

Perhaps it's cruel of me to call her ugly. Perhaps, beauty is more than skin deep. Wait, does she really have skin? She's practically a skeleton in a leather outfit that should be worn on a much much younger (prettier) female.

Perhaps ugly isn't truly the right word for Marie...

Perhaps I should use a song...

Witchy Woman

Yeah...I think that's the one!

I'd like to thank the googlers that brought this moment of insanity to me today. It was greatly appreciated.

Now the Witchdoctors of Google Search shall dance

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

EDIT: This is another silly Google search.

Erm. Apparently the Official Moody Blues site doesn't list band members names? C'mon. We all know that's not true. (Though it doesn't list former members Ray Thomas or Mike Pinder....still)

So before bed, I think the witchdoctors get to go another round on the dance floor.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Oh and The Singers in that Rock N' Roll Band known as the Moody Blues are as follows

Justin HAYWARD (In case you can't spell it...and so many people can't)
John Lodge (The man, the myth, the sexiest butt in the band)
Ray Thomas (Retired from the band, flautist extraordinaire and composer of many beautiful Moody tunes)
Mike Pinder (Mellotron Melancholy Man...)

And the poet of the band

Drummer Graeme Edge...Breathe deep...the gathering gloom...witchdoctors dance in every room.

(apologies to Mr. Edge)

The only good thing about this cold

Is that I've started to lose weight again. Why? Because I can't taste anything! GAH! I've got Justin Hayward disease!

Ok, now most of you are probably wondering what the hell I'm talking about, right? Yeah, I thought so. Justin has some strange issue with his sinuses that takes away his sense of taste and smell. Google it, you'll find an article. I found it once, when googling for pictures so I know it's out there...SOMEWHERE! (couldn't resist the pun)

Anyway, the evil scale from hell is now hitting 135. That's down 2 lbs from last week and down 20 lbs total, at long freaking last. Who knows, maybe I will hit the ultimate goal of weighing 125 by July 15th.

It's beginning to look like a possibility, and all so I can look good for 3 concerts where no one of any importance is going to see me.

Ah, but who cares?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Random 10

I'm finishing up my weekend with the odd weekend playlist. Do you want to join in? Go over and see what it's all about at Music Memoirs? I dare ya!

I went to Wheeling Island on Saturday, as well as the mall to get my new camera. Today, however, the cold caught up with me and I kept to my house, so that I could survive work at jobs 1 and 2 tomorrow.

Hear are the songs that figured into my weekend.

The Moody Blues - Minstrel's Song

Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me Not To Come

Missy Higgins - 10 Days Thanks to Russ for introducing me to her this weekend.

Erasure - I Bet You're Mad At Me

Davy Jones - I'll Love You Forever (demo) This was taken from vinyl so there's some pops and clicks, but if you like the Monkees this song is just wonderful.

The Eagles - Take It Easy

The Moody Blues - Deep

The Monkees - Do Not Ask For Love

Stereophonics - Handbags and Gladrags (Go to Wenches, the download should still be available there)

The Moody Blues - Vintage Wine (GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAD NOW!!!!!)
Downloads are available for 7 days. If you want the songs I haven't uploaded let me know and I'll post them.

And now for the picture that sums up my weekend.


Yeah, that smiley works better than anything that my camera shot this weekend, and yes, I'm still sick. Grrrrr.

New Toy!

Thanks to Verizon Wireless I have a brand new cell phone and a bill that's 5 dollars more!

Yay to the new cell phone, which is a camera phone.

Boo to the $5.00 increase in my bill.

Every two years I've got $100.00 towards a new phone, which means I can get a free phone as long as I stay with Verizon. OK, I didn't need them to pull my leg. The Samsung a670 that followed me home had been taunting me for weeks. It's a pretty nice phone and the camera works pretty well too.

Here's a picture taken before I really knew how to use it.

The good luck bulldog and greyhound from the Wheeling Island gift store. Posted by Hello

It's a 1 mega pixel camera, but it seems to do a nice job and since all my concerts seem to have camera Nazi/Gestapo security people working them, I'm going to smuggle the new toy in.

Now I have yet another camera! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Cos you know I like taking pictures!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Do you remember?

When you went somewhere the first time? A place that was really special to you or was someplace that you were just dying to go?

I was reading a Harlequin Romance last night, (Shut up! I need my fantasy world) and I found a passage that really stuck with me.

The hero had asked the heroine how long she had been in Vienna to which she replied

"Not long enough to take it forgranted"

and she went on to say "When we first came here we looked at everything. Just as if we expected it to disappear tomorrow..."

Have you ever felt that way when you were somewhere?

I'm not the most well traveled person in the world, so when I go someplace new, I almost always feel that way. I remember seeing Atlantic City for the first time last year. I remember seeing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. It was overwhelming and so beautiful.

I was still in awe when I went back the second time in September last year. I think I might have even looked more, digesting every little sight and sound.

I know most people wonder why I have such a fascination with the city and with the casinos. I'll admit I'm amused by the slot machines, but there's something more. Something I just can't pinpoint.

For me it's a kind of magic and it's something I never experienced anywhere else.

And even on the overcast day it was still perfect...

And I still dream...and remember...

Dreaming of the boardwalk Posted by Hello

And I can't wait to go back, so I can see it all over again. I know I had to miss something. There's never enough time to see it all.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Top Five On Friday

It's the Father's Day edition of this Music Memoirs meme.

Top Five Musical Dad's and a song by each: (If you feel frisky and have photos of the dad's with their children feel free to post those as well)

1. Justin Hayward

w/ daughter Doremi from the 90's.

New Horizons

2. Paul McCartney

w/ wife Linda (bless her heart) and daughter Stella. I found a shot with all the McCartney clan, but it was so small.

Once Upon A Long Ago

3. George Harrison

w/ second wife Olivia and son Dhani

Crackerbox Palace

4. John Lodge

w/ son Kristian, from his wedding last September. I never did get around to fixing the photo of the whole family, so I don't have a shot of Emily.

Carry Me

5. Simon Le Bon

w/ wife Yasmin and 2 of his 3 daughters. I couldn't find a good picture with everyone in it.

Dream Boy

Downloads will be available for 7 days! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm going to bed now

Midday today I thought I was feeling better. I got through job 1 feeling pretty good. Then the rain started and I finished up work at job 1.

The headache and cough were gone all morning. I was feeling pretty good.

Then I came home.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Now I'm sniffly and coughy and generally miserable again. I went to bed at 8:30 last night, and I'm thinking I might do the same tonight, except that I'd miss Hit Me Baby One More Time and Howard Jones and Sophie B Hawkins are going to be on and I'd really like to see them.

Another problem with going to bed is that I haven't worked on my story in 3 days and I need to make a few more mix CDs. I told Lady Starlight that I'd do volume 2 of the Covers Mix, but I don't think I can go through my files on this computer tonight.

What I really want is a cup of tea and a warm fuzzy blanket, because it's still damn cold here.

I will stop bitching about this cold now and go to bed, because I have a lot of stuff I need to do tomorrow and suffering with a summer cold is not one of them. Unless, of course, Justin Hayward and John Lodge are going to come and coddle me. (And I don't think that's going to happen. Damn and blast)

I hate summer colds

Yesterday, I thought this was a sinus infection brought about by PMS. Oye! I was wrong. By the time I got home from job 2, I was dead to the world.

I'm getting ready for job 1 and I'm still dead, coherent but dead. I'm achy, stuffy and downright miserable.


I accomplished nothing last night. I came home, ate dinner and updated Wenches with an mp3 and promptly went to bed. (Only to have my cats use my bed as a race course)

Yeah, it doesn't get much better than that. Plus the heat we've been having promptly disappeared and it's in the 60's. We go from too hot to too cold. It's no wonder I'm sick.

Have I mentioned I hate being sick?

I think he

needs to come and take care of me.

It wouldn't hurt to interrupt a few days of the tour, right?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

This and That

~ I finally made the first mix for vacation next month. Yeah, I'm preparing early.
Click here to see the tracks I've chosen.

~ I finally saw a picture from Doremi Hayward's wedding. For all the hit's I've been getting looking for something about her, I should post it, but frankly its not nearly as amusing as the shots from John's son's wedding.

So to all of you coming here searching for info on her wedding, she got married on May 14. Enough.

Oh and John looks better in a tux than Justin. (Just my opinion after seeing pictures from both moody brats weddings) All offspring are brats, so before ya start screaming at me, I'm not playing favorites.

~ I'm joining the ranks of everyone getting summer colds. Just what I wanted to do! I've got a nasty sore throat right now and I'm feeling just a trifle miserable. I blame the weather. Why? Because the weather can only fight back so much and it seems like a good target.

~ Hump Day Hunks?

As always

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

When it rains

Would anything else like to break?

No, lets not invite any further disaster.

At work the air conditioner is on the fritz as well as our computer. There's a whole lot of misery going on there, let me tell you. When it's in the upper 80's and your trying to exercise without a properly functioning air conditioner, it gets hot and sticky and miserable, and people get really pissy. REALLY PISSY!


At home the washer died and the refrigerator is slowly drifting away. Yeah! Now is not a good time to be an appliance.

I'm too hot, sticky, miserable and pissy to be able to think. I'm in firm belief my brain melted sometime during the course of my workday today and I don't have a freezer to harden it again. Damn!

This has got to stop!

OK, I haven't figured out why I've been remembering my dreams as much lately, but at least I have a clue of why I dreaming the stuff.

Yeah, I had another freaky dream last night.

Sadly, it didn't involve John Lodge or any of my other cuties. It did, however, involve Atlantic City and large sums of money. The large sums of money I just happened to win.

~That my friends would be the clue that this was a dream~

So basically I know most of this dream came from conversations I had yesterday. It's a month until my trip to Atlantic City. My sister and I were talking about going to Wheeling Island again this weekend. I can't explain the winning large sums of money though, because that doesn't happen, ever!

The best part of this dream was that I was trying to figure out what to do with my share of the winnings. It was either pay off debt or buy a new car. A real new car, not one that someone else has already driven for years.


I've never had a real new car. I probably never will.

(Oh and that part of the dream is explainable too. My grandma was asking when I was going to start saving for a car. The answer. When I don't have a zillion other bills to pay aka the twelfth of never)

Still it was nice to have a dream where I was suddenly rolling in cash. It's a shame it's never going to happen.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Well, it's official

I'm not going to see Duran Duran this year. I've been trying not to think about it. Really, I've been trying very hard. But sadly it's been on my mind off and on all weekend.

The tickets go on sale today at 10. Erm? On a Monday? Yeah a Monday. That's wrong in itself.

The concert is also at the 7th layer of concert hell; Chevrolet Ampitheater in Pittsburgh. I'm already dealing with that crap venue once this summer. I'm not sure I could stomach dealing with the KGB/Nazi enforcers twice.

These are the excuses that I'm using to rationalize why I'm not going.

In reality there are two reasons why I'm not going.

1. My concert funds are going towards seeing Elvis Costello and the Moody Blues.
2. The concert is on a Tuesday night and I have no idea what my job situation is going to be, but at this point I have no idea what job I'll be working at during August or if I'll still be working two jobs.

I think the game plan of the day is to sulk about this, because I really would like to see them.


Let the sulking begin.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Random 10

It's the weekly wrap up of my weekend musically? Do you want to play too? Go to Music Memoirs and play along.

This weekend the music I listened to was pretty much centered on two artists, Don Henley and Stevie Nicks. Not to worry, I did listen to some other bands in the course of the last 48 hours too.

Yesterday, we saw a covers band called Stonee Ridge at the opening of the Harley Davidson store in Washington, PA. Don't ask me why I was there, I still don't know, but I can tell you that as far as covers bands go, they were pretty good. And hell, two of the guys in the band were pretty damn cute, even if they were probably much too young for me.

But back to the songs

Don Henley - New York Minute
The Eagles - Hotel California
Stevie Nicks - The Edge Of Seventeen
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
Duran Duran - Wild Boys (This played on the radio while we were driving home from the concert)
Creedance Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising (This song was one that Stonee Ridge Did)
Sheryl Crow - Soak Up The Sun (God help me! I'm starting to like this one)
Elvis Costello - Shabby Doll
Diana Krall - The Girl In The Other Room
Stevie Nicks - Circle Dance (live from NJ)

The Washinton Wild Thing and Stonee Ridge Posted by Hello

I have all these songs, so if any of you want them, let me know and I'll post them.

Thunder Only Happens When Its Raining

Last night was the Stevie Nicks concert. It proved to me a few things.

1. Pittsburgh is the crappiest city in the world to see a concert.
2. I will always have either a drunk or a whiner sitting in my near vacinity. Last night was the whiner. I think I'd have preferred the drunk.

As for the concert, Stevie Nicks was incredible and so was Don Henley. That's saying a lot for me, because I'm not a huge fan of either, but I like them well enough that I'm not going to complain about seeing a show.

Both did staples from their solo careers and from their respective bands. So yeah, I heard Desperado, Hotel California, Rhiannon and Dreams last night as well as The Boys Of Summer, Dirty Laundry, Stand Back and Edge Of Seventeen.

Don Henley opened the show and Stevie came out and did a few songs with him. They shared vocals on several songs in both his set and hers later.

Stevie Nicks is up there with Cher for wardrobe changes. Though her wardrobe changes weren't on the same caliber as Cher's she was running off stage to change clothes at least 6 times during the show. As always, her wardrobe made her look like a gypsy, but that suits her so well.

The best wardrobe change was for the song Beauty and The Beast, easily the best song of the evening. She wore a Victorian-esque gown. Black, of course. It was stunning, simply stunning.

Leather and Lace was part of the encore and another one of the highlights of the evening. Stevie and Don work so well together.

Oh and I have to comment on one more song, Stevie and Don did a Bonnie Raitt song called The Circle Dance. It was just beautiful. I hope it appears on an album sometime soon, because it should. They ended the song slow dancing together.

Taken from Stevie's website, here's the setlist

Don Henley
The Genie
Witchy Woman
I Put a Spell on You
Hotel California (with Stevie)
New York Minute (with Stevie)
The Last Worthless Evening (with Stevie)
Boys of Summer
Heart of the Matter
Dirty Laundry
Life in the Fast Lane
All She Wants to Do is Dance
End of the Innocence

Stevie Nicks
Outside The Rain
Gold Dust Woman (with Don Henley)
Circle Dance (Bonnie Raitt cover)
Band Introduction
Stand Back
Beauty and the Beast
Edge of Seventeen
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (with Don Henley)
Leather and Lace (with Don Henley)
So You Wanna Be A Rock and Roll Star (with Don Henley)

That's from the tour opener and I think it was pretty much the same in Pittsburgh. If you want to hear any of the songs performed on this tour, click here. It's the show in Holmdel, New Jersey. The quality isn't the greatest, but it's worth downloading just to hear, plus there are some other goodies there too.

Stevie is so incredibly beautiful up close and a wonderful performer, as is Don Henley. It was a great show and I'm glad I was there to see them!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

In My Wildest Dreams

I had a marvelous dream last night. Mmmmm. You know, one of those naughty dreams that you don't ever want to wake up from.


I almost hate having those dreams, because when I wake up it's back to my normal, hum-drum, boring life.

Image hosted by

And of course, the dreams are always about someone that isn't really in my life.

(OK, there are no men in my least on a relationship basis, nor do I want one at this point. My life's too fucked up to involve another person in its craziness)

Not that I wouldn't let the visitor of my dreams in.


Cos...well, you know how I feel about Lodgey!

Funny that was the expression he had in my dream.

(Proof that it was a dream, eh?)