Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

My friend Jen and her daughter along with most of my family are coming to ring in the new year here.

After which we'll watch movies, drink some wine and generally fall into a dazed stupor from staying up too late.

I hope all of you have a wonderful First Night (as they call it in Pittsburgh)!

Don't get too drunk and don't do anything that I wouldn't do!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kitties Got The All Clear

We took the other kittens (cats) in for a check up and their shots. The vet shed some light on what caused Coco's sudden death.

I feel a little better about it. I'm not over it by any means by any means but I know that it was nothing any of us could have prevented.

He felt she had some kind of hardening of the heart muscles.

Its still not fair if you ask me. She was just a we babe, but I guess its the circle of life.

I hope the rest of the kitties have longer lives. I can't take losing them like thast.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Favorite Authors

I figured that after I spent yesterday griping about the fact I haven't read enough in the last few months, I'll at least give you a nice list of the authors I really love, so you will remember that I do love reading.

Debbie Macomber: She started out writing for Harlequin, and still does. Her stories are about families, real people. Her romances are light and could really be read by anyone that really wanted to give them a go.

Stephanie Bond: Oo La La! Her novels for the Harlequin Blaze line are hot and spicy, kinda like a good Mexican dish. Her Body Movers myster series is fun and funny a'la Janet Evanovich.

Janet Evanovich: When she writes, I smile. I haven't really been able to figure out what genre she falls in. She's not romance. She's more like humorous suspense. I really wish her books would be made into movies.

Nick Hornby: My favorite British author. His books are often hit or miss with me, but I've loved so many of them, that he has to make this list.

Victoria Holt/Jean Plaidy: May this wonderful writer rest in peace. She really did great suspense and great historical accounts of the royal families of Europe. I've read more of her novels than I can count.

Marion Chesney/Jennie Tremaine: Tilly was the first romance novel I ever read. I love her regency novels. I devour them as soon as I get them.

Richard Paul Evans: Heartwarming stories that stay with you forever. I always shared these with my gram. I hope there are books in heaven. If there aren't...well that's a spoiler for me.

Ann Rice: Vampires Mummies and Jesus Christ. She's written about them all and she's done each topic well. Screw Twilight, this is the lady to read.

So these are some of the authors I love, how about you?

Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Disappointed In Myself

December 31st is fast approaching and my book tally is sad. Granting I didn't start the book challenge until October, but I've only read 35 books since October?

I really thought I could have made to the halfway point.


I suck.

Things apparently got busier than I thought they would have in the last few months. I hope to make and exceed the goal of 100 books in 2010. Its a goal I know I can make. I should have made the 50. I really should.

I am ashamed of myself.

Better luck next time I guess.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm Depressed

My 4 day weekend is gonesville. Christmas and Christmas Eve were lovely but the last two days have been just ARGH! From Coco dying to today just being full of frustration, my 4 days stunk.

I haven't been able to get anything done in the last two days. Not for want of trying either. Its just I'm drained. Too drained to even read.

I'm feeling very whoa is me right now.

Nothing has turned out the way I wanted it.

I just want to vegetate somewhere and pretend that this whole holiday didn't happen. Its such a shame too, because the actual holiday was really nice. It was just yesterday that spoiled the whole 4 days.

Here's hoping the New Year's weekend will be much better.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Originally uploaded by moodylady
My beautiful Christmas was shattered this morning when my sweet little Cocolocopocowheats died.

We have no idea what was wrong. She was in the basement with my dad, in fact he was erm...on the throne and she was on his lap, as cats have a tendency to want to sit on you when you are doing...those sorts of things. She was purring and happy.

She jumped down off his lap, let out a meow and died.

She was only a little over a year old!

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

All the other kitties are ok.

We're all heartbroken. This was like our Itchy come back to us. We all loved her and she loved us. I can't begin to understand why God would give anything that short of a life.

I've lost 3 animals this year. I love them all so very much, Mutchka was painful, but this just seems senseless. She was just a wee baby of a cat.

Friday, December 25, 2009

My Christmas Stash

This here is my loot from Santa and family and friends:

1 Stocking filled with pretty costume jewelry
Doctor Who Series 2 DVD set
3 Doctor Who books
The Buckinghams Reaching Back CD
Erasure Pop Remixed
Some cash!
A box of gourmet popcorn with Coca-cola ornaments
A set of Jack Skellington pens
2 Nora Roberts books
A gift card to Books A Million

Life is pretty good.

I hope all of you had a good and present-filled holiday

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Just a quick pop in to wish all my blogging friends a wonderful holiday!

Merry Christmas EVERYONE

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rugalach Recipe

The only reason we made this recipe was because Food Network gave us a quick and easy way to make them.

What you need:

1 pie crust (Pillsbury is best)
1 jar of apricot preserves or the Bakers Apricot filling
I'd say about 1/2 c of either chopped pecans or walnuts
1 egg beaten for egg wash

What you do:

Take a pizza cutter and cut the pie dough into 16 triangles

Spread the apricot from the tip to about 2/3's down the triangle

Sprinkle with nuts and roll up from the big end to the point.

Brush with egg and chill for 30 minutes

Bake @ 325 for 30 to 35 minutes.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Missing Monday On A Tuesday

Its the second year in a row that I haven't made it to Pittsburgh once to see the lights, the department store windows and my beautiful trees in PPG Place.

I miss them so much.

I miss walking through downtown, dodging cars and getting hot chocolate or a peppermint mocha at the Starbucks by Heinz Hall.

The last two years have been crazy. Last year it was my depression. This year, its just too much to do and not enough time to really go, along with a car I don't trust going more than 15 miles in.


The sad part is, I have a decent amount saved for a down payment, but I'm nervous about job related things and I wouldn't want to have a car payment and then become a victim of the economy.


Maybe next year.

Monday, December 21, 2009

How Awesome

I'm part of the Harlequin Ambassadors program for Harlequin books and today I got a package in the mail.

In the box were 5 copies of one of the Silhouette Special Edition's Christmas books.

Its called The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle and its by Raeanne Thayne. I've got one extra copy that I can pass off to someone after the holiday if there are any romance readers that would like this story to add to their collection. As soon as I read it, I'll share my thoughts on it, cos there's nothing wrong with a little romance, or a lot of it, for that matter.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Moving Right Along

I finished cleaning the kitchen this morning. On to the dining room. There is a small glimmer of hope that the cleaning may actually get finished before Christmas Eve. That my friends, is a freaking miracle.

Actually the amount of stuff I have for goodwill is insane! Not to mention the stuff that's gone to the garbage!


At least we've decided on the cookies we are making.

Firstly, we're doing Muddy Buddies Chex Mix.

Then coconut blossoms w/Hershey kisses

Peanut butter cup cookies

and then one slovak cookie that I can barely pronounce, let alone spell but it will have some nuts and apricot filling.

I'm also going to make something with nutella and crescent rolls.

At least the food will be good, even if the house isn't spotless.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Killer Cleaner

I'm really kicking but with the whole cleaning thing today. I should have our kitchen as done as possible today. Tomorrow I tackle the dining room.

I'm very very proud of myself right now.

I'm also thankful for the snow.

I know most of the people that got the brunt of the storm aren't but this snowfall as kept me from doing all the extra stuff that takes my mind off the hard stuff.

I even baked a batch of brownies today!

Isn't that freaking amazing?

Aren't you all proud of me?

You should be, cos I'm so damn lazy that this is really an accomplishment. I will do anything and everything to get out of cleaning.

I feel so accomplished. I think I deserve a glass of wine and a good movie tonight!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 254

You guys know the drill. Play along in the comments or in your journal. This meme is created for my site Music Memoirs. Feel free to go there and check out my other weekly memes and play along.

Top 5 musical things that made your 2009.

1. Getting to see Deni Bonet in concert @ Oglebay. It was a wonderful show and a lovely day in Wheeling and @ the park. Its totally awesome that I finally got to see and meet one of the Indie Artists that I reviewed. Truly you should check Deni out if you haven't already. She's fantastic.

2. Mika's The Boy Who Knew Too Much. I never thought one album could make my year again, but this one has. Its so fun and catchy and just adorable. I love Mika and I love this album!

3. Seeing and playing with The ReBeats in OH. I love this covers band and I don't usually like covers bands. Do a google search for them and watch a clip or two. Here's hoping I get to see them again next year somewhere.

4. Getting to meet Sarah Marince one of our Pittsburgh country singers. She's so cute and sweet and has a voice that will knock your socks off.

5. Several of the artists I've learned about through my other job doing CD reviews.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Making A List

I'm even checking it twice.

I need to sort out what I need to get done before Christmas. Sadly there's still a lot of stuff.

I've got the presents and whatnot sorted out. Everything is bought there. I still have cleaning to do and some grocery shopping that can't be done ahead of time. Then there is the baking, we've decided on making about 3 different kinds of cookies. We're a small family at the holidays anymore. There's no point in going nuts when its just the usual crew celebrating.

However it still means more than usual cleaning.

We're packrats living in a house that doesn't have packratting space. Not a good thing, especially when one of the packrats doesn't like to get rid of stuff! Oye and vey!

But starting tonight I'm going to start getting more cleaning done. Starting in the kitchen and working my way through the dining room to the bedrooms. By Christmas Day, damn it, I will have our house looking passable. We'll never have a better homes and garden type house. Our house is old and neither my parents, nor I make a lot of money to fix things. But I will get it looking better if it kills me. And it just might.

Wish me luck.

I hate holiday cleaning! I'd rather shop. (And at the holidays that's saying a whole helluva lot!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Compilation Of Winter Favorites

Artist: Various Artists
Album: A Cold Winter Night (114 MB)
Genre: Mixtape
Gordon Lightfoot - 10 Degrees and Getting Colder
Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson - Winter Song
Enya - And Winter Came
Cliff Richard - Mistletoe & Wine
James Taylor - In The Bleak Midwinter
Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas
Dean Martin - I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
Loreena McKennitt - Snow
The Simple Things - Cold
Jane Monheit - I Love The Winter Weather (Medley)
Over The Rhine - Snow Angels
Grey Eye Glances - Our Own Place And TImes
Elaine Paige - The Coldest Night Of The Year
Sarah McLachlan - Song For A Winter's Night
Diana Krall - Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep
Elvis Costello - North
Danny Elfman - The Edward Scissorhands Theme
The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York
Dar Williams - February
Emmy Rossum - Carol Of The Bells
Nick Lowe - Freezing

This Made Me Giggle

Come on, you had to giggle just a bit at that, right?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Mix CD

Here ya go peeps! Happy Christmas. Thanks to Rashbre for the Smoke Fairies!

Artist: Various Artists
Album: Christmas Delights (117 MB)
Released: My 2009 Christmas Mix
Genre: Assorted Genres
Sounds Like: Christmas!
Must Be Santa Bob Dylan
Warm & Fuzzy - Billy Gilman
The Answer - Corrinne May
Christmas Is Finally Here - Matt Dusk
Winter White - A Fine Frenzy
A Silent Night With You - Tori Amos
Jingle Bell Rock - Mitchel Musso
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Colbie Caillat
Let It Snow - The Carter Twins
Silent Night - Gloriana
Shimmy Down The Chimney (Fill Up My Stocking)- Suzy Bogguss
Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming - Sting
Holly Jolly Christmas - Sugarland
Christmas Morning - Hayley Westenra
I Wonder As I Wander - Smoke Fairies
Blessed Is This Holy Night - Jaynse
O Holy Night - Josh Groban
A Scoundrel's Christmas - F&M
Old Night - Dala
Here Comes Christmas - The Nadas
The Gift - Joshua Stedman

Something Pretty For Christmas!

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Dan Van Oss' latest CD The Heart Of Heaven to review and I want to share that review and one gorgeous song with you.

So by all means, go to Mossip and read the review here.

If you like it, leave your comments there, because I know several of the artists I've reviewed stop by that site to read reviews.

This album was gorgeous. I loved the different arrangements of some of the holiday classics and there were a few surprises as well.

Go check it out!

Monday, December 14, 2009

In The Last 24 Hours

~ There was an ice storm that shut down all the interstates in my part of PA for most of the morning.

~ My nephew's car broke down and his mother's car had to be jump started.

~ Christmas shipping envelopes disappeared.

~ Ornaments played hide and seek.

~ Sanity took a vacation.

That was my Sunday into Monday. How was your day?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Night Already?

Its 4 minutes after 10 and I feel like I've gotten nothing done, yet our Christmas tree is decorated and I even made some headway cleaning the room from hell, but for some reason it doesn't feel like I've done enough.

Oh and I totally finished the Christmas shopping. I bought the wine and the jam we wanted to add to my brother's gift and we bought the wreath for the cemetery for gram and grandpap.

I did a lot, but it feels like nothing.

Mostly because I spent a lot of money that I didn't want to spend. That's the purchase of a new printer and extra ink as well as the last gifts I had to buy.

Now if only I could get a few hours of relaxation at some point.

Not much to ask for is it? But somehow it is.

I need time off. Have I mentioned that for the millionth time yet?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Need This Book!

We all know I'm a sucker for girl porn. And the way things have been lately, I need stuff like this to keep me sane.

I had the damn book in my cart when I did my monthly book order from Eharlequin and I got logged out before buying and my whole cart vanished and when I went back to add my books, I forgot that one.


So if any of you would like to buy me a cheap present...this book would be it! Cos I missed it when it was out in Oct and then I kept forgetting it because it wasn't on the main page. Grrrr.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Top 5 On Friday Week 253

You guys know the drill. Play along in the comments or in your journal. This meme is created for my site Music Memoirs. Feel free to go there and check out my other weekly memes and play along.

Top 5 Traditional Christmas Carols and tell us why you like the particular song.

1. O Holy Night: I don't care who sings it most of the time. I just love this song. Its beautiful song and one I've loved since I was a little girl.

2. Angels We Have Heard On High: What can I say? I'm a sucker for the Glorias!

3. O Little Town Of Bethlehem: I love the slowness of this one and the imagery that it creates.

4. What Child Is This?: I like Greensleeves so this is pretty much a given.

5. When A Child Is Born: I'm not sure if this one is considered traditional, but I love it nontheless. If not for The Moody Blues, I never would have heard of this song, and I'm glad that chose to record it, because I've loved most every version I've heard since.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Need To Make A List

I've got so much to do and an attention span of a gnat, and I'm probably being insulting to the gnat.

I have cleaning to do that needs to get done before Christmas.

I have 2 reviews that need to be done and turned in by the weekend. 1 won't be rough but the other that's due first is a bit tricky. I'm not the greatest at reviewing instrumental stuff. Plus I'd like to get some other writing done for Mossip which I've been slacking at for awhile.

I still need to go through stuff for Good Will. I wish my nephew and father could go through their damn clothes. Why must men never toss stuff that they will never wear out? Actually I'm still pondering why I can't toss an old pale blue suit coat of the 1970's leisure suit variety into the fire? Dad, its not as if we would let you out of the house wearing it!

Will probably have to go to the police station to pick up the report on the accident that knocked out our fence. This is not going to be fun or pretty.

Plus I still have the mix CD to burn and mail and I must do that tonight. There's no ifs ands or buts about it. ARGH! I want these CDs in the mail on Saturday. I will share them here later this weekend. If I survive it all.


Christmas is hard!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Day Started With A Bang

I mean that literally too. Two trucks, a big Dodge Ram and a Ford of some kind duked it out on the corner sending one sailing into our front yard, taking out our fence.

Yee ha!

So much for a nice quiet morning eh?

Now I have to hunt down a police report later today or tomorrow so my folks can get their fence replaced.

This is turning out to be a really great week!


This is not the way I wanted to start my morning.

I can't wait to see how the rest of the day turns out!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Its Beyond Cold

I'm not looking forward to Thursday or Friday when the temperatures dip below freezing here in PA. I also don't feel jealous of those south of me or in the midwest that are experiencing SNOW in larges amounts right now.

I've got too much to do to have to deal with snow! Cold is enough. I hate being cold. I'm not a huge fan of being too hot either, but cold really makes me miserable.

Have I mentioned I hate winter? Christmas and New Year's Day are about the only two good things about it.

I just want to get my warm fuzzy robe on and stay inside for the next 3 months.

A little hibernation is in order, doncha think?

Monday, December 07, 2009

Best Movie I've Seen In Ages

I haven't had much time to do much of anything these past few days. Blogging has been scarce and reading blogs even scarcer. Is that even a word? But Saturday night I took the time to sit down and watch Mrs. Miracle on the Hallmark channel and I'm so glad that I did.

Its a movie based on Debbie Macomber's book of the same name. When I heard about it, I knew it was a movie I had to watch, because Debbie's books are some of my favorites and her holiday books are always the best.

This movie was wonderful. Its the story of a widower with twin sons who are rambunctious. They can't seem to keep a housekeeper. The female character is an owner of a travel agency who is not on speaking terms with her sister because of an event in the past that she considers unforgivable.

Well its Christmas and with Mrs. Merkle (Miracle) both overcome the fears and hurts that have kept their hearts closed for years and they learn to move on, forgive and find love.

A wonderful story! If you get the Hallmark channel, look for a re-airing, its worth watching. If you don't? Go out and buy the book!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

I'm Done!

My last two Christmas presents were bought today and now I can concentrate on the mix CD card! Woo hoo!

I've got about half of the mix figured out. I still need a few more songs and then it will be complete. I've even got an image for the artwork, which I found while trolling some stock photo websites.

Woo hoo!

I'm officially broke, but I'm festive and everyone will have a gift, including a few of the members of my online family that I've bought gifts for over the last 5 or more years.

I'm really pleased how everything is turning out.

Here's hoping Dec 25 turns out to be just as lovely as the advent season. I'm excited for it.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

My Tree!

So far so good, the cats have only tried to eat the garland and one ornament so far today!

This is the tree I keep in my computer room. We still haven't put the tree up in the living room yet. Mom's still fearful that the cats will knock it over. I keep telling her they won't. They just want to gnaw away at the bottom branches. They are crazy like that. Better that then when our little malty-poo decides to water the tree.

Funny I thought all of this bad behavior was supposed to be corrected by spaying and neutering.


At least the tree is pretty.

For now!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 252

This meme is created for my site Music Memoirs. Feel free to go there and check out my other weekly memes and play along.

Top 5 dream collaborations. ex: Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues and Andy Bell of Erasure (something I only wish would happen)

1. Justin Hayward and Andy Bell: I don't know what they'd sing together, but I would love to hear it. These are probably two of my favorite voices and they both do sappy love songs so well.

2. Mika and Andy Bell: Just because the video for whatever they did would be so colorful and shiny that you'd probably spend hours staring at it.

3. Elvis Costello and Diana Krall: I mean they are married they really should record together. What beautiful music that would be!

4. Over The Rhine and Grey Eye Glances: Two of my favorite not so well known bands fronted by two very beautiful women with even more beautiful voices. This would definitely be a collaboration that dreams would be made of.

5. Simon Le Bon and Elvis Costello: A dream collaboration, cos I'd like to see Simon learn how to write songs, good songs. Unlike the crap they've been recording lately (meaning Duran Duran...not Elvis)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Do You Know What?

I'm sick of hearing about Adam Lambert. I don't really care about his performance on the AMA's. I don't care about him at all. I don't think he's that great. Didn't when he was on American Idol and I don't now.

What most people need to get a hold on in this country is this: If you want to cause a stir do something sexually or religiously explicit. It causes an uproar. If you push the invisible bar, you will cause controversy. Will it hurt your career. Probably not, which is why all people, probably me too, should just STFU about it. Give it a few weeks....Adam will go platinum, and all will be well in the world.

Janet Jackson is fine...Madonna is fine...heck even George Michael still sells records when he can be bothered to record.

Scandal gets you in the papers, and when you are in the entertainment industry, that's really what you're aiming for. He didn't hurt a puppy or a child, so I'll safely predict he's going to be just fine.

I only wish he'd go away and take all his other Idol predecessors with him

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Thing I Like About My Cats

Actually its what makes me go hmmm about all cats. Why do they want to eat plastic? My older cats ie: the cats I had before last August, don't really give a damn about the Christmas tree. I knew this before I started to put the tree up this year. The young ones; Miss Callie and her babies, think that that tree is an appetizer. This would make more sense if I didn't have an artificial tree.

But nothing makes sense with cats!

I have 2 of the 4 kittens sitting under the tree....and they look as cute as buttons, but then I hear..lick lick...munch munch!

I've been threatening them with spanks for the last two days.

Mind you, threatening a cat is as good as nothing. So is punishing a cat. Cats don't listen. They don't care. They only let us live in our houses as long as we feed them and right now, artificial evergreen is on the menue

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

~ Dad's colonoscopy went well. He just had a small polyp removed. So yay! Even though I had to wake up @ o'dark thirty to take him.

~ Paycheck finally arrived and made it to my bank account.

~ Got a bunch of Christmas books in the mail! Oh joy! I love my books.

~ Found out that Hallmark has made one of Debbie Macomber's books into a movie and it will be airing on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday woo hoo!

However right now I'm too exhausted to care about much of anything except when I'm going to go to sleep for the night.


I really could have used another day off this week...maybe two..or ten.

I'm so very sleepy

Monday, November 30, 2009

A Dog Named Christmas

I read this book earlier this year and I loved it. Last night I watched the made for tv movie version, and I have to say they did a wonderful job adapting it to the small screen.

I only wish they could do this so well with other books that they turn into movies or TV specials.

I realize that the books was a short one, much like Neil Gaiman's Coraline, but to the best of my knowledge they really didn't change much of anything from the novel, and what they did, didn't harm the story or anger me in any way. I do realize that Christmas was more of a black lab...but other than that, I can't complain very much.

The movie was just beautiful and I cried most of the time I was watching, because even though we have the kitty community and little J.J., I really miss Purrbee.

So if you are a dog lover and one that likes good family movies, look into this one @ Hallmark. Oh and read the book!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Day From Hell

I'm down to 4 presents that need bought and all of them can be bought either locally or online. However in my jaunts today; I spent scads of money and my dad's car broke down.


Oh and did I mention, Dad has his colonoscopy on Tuesday? This was supposed to be a nice day out for him with a good dinner and the car has to go and try to die on him. His car, not mine.


This all happened in the parking lot of the restaurant, so even though we could eat, there was no enjoying the food and what we did eat was the stupid shit, like the peanuts in the buckets @ Texas Roadhouse and the onion blossom.

Double ARGH!

I would just like to know when something is going to go right? I think my family and I are deserving of some good luck.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Our payroll processing company FUCKED UP badly this week. I ran out to work to check on the status of the paychecks and they weren't there.

I'm not sure what Dave is going to decide to do on Monday, but I really need my paycheck badly.

I've already bought presents for the holiday and I want to start working on the mix CD for my friends, but I need to buy stuff. Stuff that I don't want to put on a credit card. Presents, those go on credit, because that's what Christmas is all about, going into debt to buy people stuff.


This is not a good way to start the Christmas season.

If I don't get my pay on Monday, I think I will SCREAM!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 251

You guys know the drill. Play along in the comments or in your journal. This meme is created for my site Music Memoirs. Feel free to go there and check out my other two weekly memes and play along.

Top 5 artists/bands you'd brave Black Friday crowds for. (Use your imaginations, you're not necessarily going out in the crowd to buy CDs) Make up a little story if you'd like to go along with your 5.

1. Elvis Costello: I would brave black Friday crowds for him, as long as those crowds didn't involve being in or around Post Gazette Pavilion in Burgettstown. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate that venue?

2. Mika: Ok, for him I'd brave PGP, simply because I'd never have the chance to see him without trecking to Philly and I hate Philly with a passion that can't be described. However for Mika I'd probably even brave Philly if I had the money. I'd even stay up late if I knew he was going to be on. He's so damn cute its disgusting.

3. Erasure: I've loved these guys too long not to be considered hopelessly devoted. I might even sing that song in a black Friday crowd if it meant getting to see Andy and Vince up close.

4. Danny Elfman: They call me Elfslut in some places for a reason. Danny Elfman is one of my longest standing musical crushes. I'd even babysit his shrunken heads!

5. Oh lordy, who would be number 5? The Moody Blues? Davy Jones? Gordon Lightfoot? Don't make me pick! It could be any of these artists, really. Heck I might brave black Friday for Over The Rhine, cos I love them so much

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Originally uploaded by moodylady
From all the turkeys here in my little hamlet of Charleroi on Mon to all of you the world over (even though some of you don't have a thanksgiving) I wish you a day of blessings with your family, good health, good food and much to be thankful for.

Eat, drink and be merry!

Then we can do it all over again in about a month!

Woo hoo!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blog friends!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hell Hath Frozen Over

I ranted that there was no way on earth that Donny Osmond would win Dancing With The Stars, but apparently there was, because he did, and even though I wish the show to perdition (sorry Bilbo) and all other shows like it to the same place, Donny's win made me exceedingly happy.

Now all the women can put their clothes back on and go back to doing whatever it was they did before they started. I will never understand the appeal of dancing that looks more like tossing the half nekkid girl around. To me acrobatics is that, and dancing is, well, dancing.

But I congratulate Donny on his win, because he wasn't obnoxious and because he's cute as a button.

So yipee!

Now if only the show would go away and take all other competitions (American Idol etc) with it and never come back

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How To Tell Christmas Is Near?

It doesn't take Thanksgiving to remind us that Christmas is just around the corner. What it does take is Eat N Park to air their beautiful star commercial.

This is the best commercial ever. Now where's my Smiley cookie!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Missing Mondays: Holiday Style

You know what I miss the most during the holidays? My metabolism! I miss being able to scarf down whatever I wanted to without a worry about that scale.

Of course this was back when I always had the day after Thanksgiving off too.

I'm not sure why I'm even excited about this day off. I'm just going to have to be awake early so I can help with dinner and there won't even be anything on TV except for stupid parades and football, none of which interest me.

In fact, the only thing that would really interest me is curling up somewhere and reading until I fall asleep.

Fat chance of anything like that happening.

In fact the only thing that is likely to happen on Thursday involves me likely getting fatter!


Which reminds me again how much I miss the metabolism I had in my teens and twenties. I think its horrible that metabolisms can't stay nicely fast at least through your 40s.


Ah well....I'm going to eat drink and be merry! Who gives a fig newton!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Hate Cleaning

This is the thing I hate the most about the holidays. Cleaning the damn house. I don't know why, but it makes me cranky, bitchy and pissy all rolled into one big unpleasant girl.

Cleaning takes up so damn much time. Time that could be spent doing other things. Anything for that matter. I would rather watch paint dry than clean the damn house.

I think that explains the state of our house too.

But I'm so damn sick of every stupid task having to involve me when there are other people living here besides mom, dad and I.

The only thing the nephew does is clean out the litter boxes. And when I say that, I don't mean cleaning the boxes etc, I just mean the task of scooping the poop.

That takes 10 minutes.

I do shopping.

I do cleaning.

I do laundry.

I pay my bills and write the checks for mom and dad now.

Sometimes it just feels a bit overwhelming.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good Times Had By All

Its been a busy day overall today. So much running around. So much eating and a whole lotta fun had by all.

We went to Later for crepes and then Paradox Books which is the most incredible book store in all of Wheeling and there are quite a few book stores in the Wheeling area.

After that we did a bit of shopping @ Target, TJ Maxx and Books A Million, because you can never have enough books, EVER!

By the time we were done there, we had dinner at Indigo Joes, which was damn tasty for a sports bar. I had a steak sandwich and we had onion straws for an appetizer and funnel cake fries with chocolate dipping sauce for dessert.

A little too much food for the day, but I don't really care. It was all yummy.

Oh and at Joe Muggs' I had the most awesome Caramel Apple Latte!

I'm officially in a food coma!

Oh and on non-food related news. I got an awesome bracelet from Istanbul (not Constantinople) for $15. Its uber cute and jingles, which really amuses the hell out of me!

Good eats, good shopping, good day!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Top 5 On Friday Week 250

Top 5 album covers that really scare you.

You guys know the drill. Play along in the comments or in your journal. This meme is created for my site Music Memoirs. Feel free to go there and check out my other two weekly memes and play along.

1. Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment

If that picture doesn't terrify you, I don't know what would!

2. King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King

This cover gives me nightmares!!

3. John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Two Virgins
I wouldn't post this album cover, its too traumatizing. Nekkid Lenonos! Yuk!

4. The Moody Blues - In Search Of The Lost Chord

For a band that is known for gorgeous cover art, this is the one that I like the least, its just creepy looking to me.

5. Bauhaus - In The Flat Field
More nekkidness on the cover. That scares me more than anything!!!

My Day Went From Bad To Worse

Yesterday was full of epic fail for me.

1. The exhaust on my car finally went. Bernie is in the car hospital and with any luck she'll be out by Saturday or Monday.

2. Once a year I end up with a cell phone bill from hell. Guess what? That month is now. I about shit a brick when I got a $95 bill. I went over my minutes! Which proves October was a lousy month because I obviously using my cell a lot which I don't normally do. Most of the time I'm under the minutes in my plan.

3. Took my sister for her b-day dinner a day early. Here is epi bar food fail, even though everything was super awesome. 2 lambic beers, 1 micro brew, meat and cheese appetizer and the bratwurst sampler totaled $45. Yikes. I never get b-day dinners like that from her..and I make less money. I fail and am too nice.

Today I have a gyne appointment.

Pardon me while I go hide under a rock. This is one of those really bad weeks and I just want it over. NOW!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I would like to tell people and pets that went before....

To Grandma:

1. No, Grandma, I love you more.

2. Grandma, you are the rock that held our family together, without you we are falling apart.

3. Your house still has your smell. I know this sounds weird, but when you went into my grandma's house, it always had a particular smell about it. A clean, yet totally unique smell. Its going to be two years in April and every time I walk into your house Gram, I expect to see you there.

4. I'm sorry your house isn't clean anymore. Please forgive me. I just don't know what to do with some of your things. I feel like I'm throwing you away when I start cleaning and then I have to stop.

To Purrbee:

5. You are and always will be a nice little dog. I knew you were going to be leaving us soon, but I miss you so much.

6. The floors are quiet without your clip clopping.

To Mutchka:

7. I miss you so much my little Mutchy kitty. There is no etting time now. I loved kitty cat etting time. All the other kitties eat dry food.

8. I always tear up at cans of Friskies Mixed Grill.

To Itchy:

9. Thank you for somehow sending Miss Callie to us. Her and her little ones have brought so much love to our house since you left us.

10. I miss your pick me ups by the hot air register in the kitchen and the piggy back rides you used to take on my back.

To Misty:

11. You left me to soon, baby girl. You were my kitteh. My little angel. I love you so much and miss you. I call Bootsie by your name so often. Misty-fa-cat-or you were a cat in a million.

To Buddah.

12. I hope there are lots of belly rubs for you in heaven kitlet. You were a special boy.

To all of you...

13. There was never enough time to show you all how much I loved you. I hope wherever you all are, kitties and doggies, I hope you know how much you were loved.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Running For An Hour Works

I've been watching what I eat again. More so than just going...oh yeah that's food going into my piehole.

Last night I watched Doctor Who The Waters Of Mars while running on the elliptical.

I'm in some serious pain today, but the scale is finally moving downward just a bit.

This is progress.

Now if I can keep it up for awhile. I need to lose the same amount of weight I lost a few years ago.

Yeah, a death in the family is murder on the waistline when you use food for comfort.

I wish I could be one of those people who got depressed and didn't eat, but sadly I'm not. I love food.

My goal used to be operation 120, but I don't think that's realistic for me anymore. I'm shooting for 130 by February, if at all possible.

The holidays aren't going to be fun my friends. They aren't going to be fun at all.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ever Wonder What Happened To A Certain Actor?

With David Tennant's upcoming departure from Doctor Who, I've got to start wondering what will happen to my favorite actor. Will I ever see him again?

Thankfully with him it may be a little easier than the last UK actor I fell in love with.

David has shot a pilot for NBC. Assuming it gets an air date, the US may have cleverly stolen the Doctor!

But he's not the actor I'm wondering about.

I used to love the show Coupling. I've seen a few of the shows some of the other actors and actresses have done since, but what of Richard Coyle who played Jeff Murdoch in the first 3 series? I know he departed the show without much love between him and Steve Moffatt. The last I heard he was in the film Libertine with Johnny Depp and that was about it.

I adored him.

I would love to see something he's been in since he left Coupling.

Richard, where are you?

And if you were a more responsible guy, you would have made a better Doctor Who. Probably better than the young guy I like to call Intern Who, because he doesn't look old enough to be a doctor!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Missing Mondays

Every Saturday morning I miss cartoons. I know that we have whole channels devoted to the entertainment of kids, but there was something really exciting about waking up on Saturday morning and watching Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, The Jetsons and a bazillion others.

Now on ABC you get reruns of all the Disney shows that you've seen a million times before. Trust me, I've seen every Hannah Montana, Zack and Cody, and Raven episode that they've made.

I like them, but I have the freaking Disney Channel and I do watch it!

(Yeah I know, I don't have kids either, so I'm doubly goofy)

Give me some cartoons!

The fun kind, like I used to watch when I was a kid, sitting dangerously close to the TV so that I'd wreck my eyes!

Awww well, I guess I just need to watch The Cartoon Network!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm Kinda Sad

This isn't the sad from something bad happening, its the sad from seeing a performer that you love really getting old.

I was @ John Lodge's Blog cos I haven't really been paying much attention to the guys lately and I was scrolling down, grumbling at the fact that they are playing Lancaster @ the end of March, which is still in my hibernation time of year, and just catching up with what has been going on when I saw this picture.


What the hell is happening to you!!!!

I want to force him to eat all of John's b-day cake! Possibly a few cheeseburgers too.

He seriously looks like he's wasting away!


Its heartbreaking.

At least my Lodgey still looks good for his age.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

When You Shovel A Ton Of Coal

You don't have to go to the gym right?

Yes, we still have a coal furnace which really saves a lot of money on heating bills. I know that in a few years this isn't going to be something we can keep up. Dad is getting too old, fuck, I'm getting to old, but for now it means heating the house in the winter is under a hundred dollars a month.

Not to shabby.

If only my arms, shoulders and back felt the same way.

Oh and have I mentioned how sweaty and icky feeling I am now?

I haven't?


I just keep thinking that about 50 years ago or so, most everyone kept their houses warm this way.

Perhaps that's why the older generation is a bit fitter than we are now. They didn't just turn a knob to get warmer.

I think I need a nap.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 248

You guys know the drill. Play along in the comments or in your journal. This meme is created for my site Music Memoirs. Feel free to go there and check out my other two weekly memes and play along.

This week's question ties in with last week's

Top 5 musical purchases you regret (or would like to cast aside to the nearest used CD store)

1. Duran Duran - Red Carpet Massacre: I wish I never had spent the money on this piece of crap CD. I also wish I didn't have the little bit of love that I do for the band, because that's what keeps me from swapping this CD out somewhere.

2. There have been a few concert trips this year that I have enjoyed but wish I hadn't made. Again not because I didn't love the concerts but because financially it was very irresponsible at a time when I really shouldn't be that way.

3. Buying all those vinyl albums when I only have one turntable and no means repairing it should anything happen to it. Some of the stuff I have is fairly rare too, but it was a waste of money and still is. I hardly ever use my turntable.

4. Mr. Bloo my first iPod shuffle. He wasn't needed. I have...erm...2 other mp3 players all are functioning. I bought him because he was cute! I'm amazed I've been able to hold back from buying the 16 GB Purple Nano!

5. Posters and pictures that I've bought. Yeah, I've got tons of posters etc and none of them are leftovers from high school. I have The Beatles, The Moody Blues, Oingo I wish I didn't have them? Well since I have no place to hang them, YES!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bank Mergers Annoy Me

I'm trying to get used to a new bank. Not by choice but by buyout. Thanks National City for getting caught up in the Sub-prime mortgage crisis. I really appreciated that.

If I had wanted to be a part of PNC, I would have opened an account years ago. Now I'm forced to be part of their family of banks, simply because there aren't many options that are feasible to me or my family.

Now I'm waiting to see how everything transitions as far as payments that are direct debited etc.

I'm not really enjoying this. I hate having to change all the account info on the bills I pay monthly online. I hate that I'm going to need to reorder checks soon.

Stupid National City.

Stupid change that I didn't want or need.

Oh and my new debit card is fucking ORANGE!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All Is Well

The mammogram came back good, but only after I had an ultrasound to determine that I have even more cysts in my left boob.

See aren't you glad I share things.

However it was enough to scare the waajeebies out of me, especially when the last time I had to worry about a fibroadenoma that was in my right boob.

ARGH! That's about all I can say.

Cos let me tell you, after sitting in a cold room with your top off waiting for a technician to come and let you know if your ok, you start to lose what little sanity you have and get slap happy, especially when the tech comes in and says they need to do an ultrasound of the left breast and when they do it they pretty much go for one area.

Yeah. I'm not stupid. I know they were looking for something there. Thank the dear lord it was only cysts!

I was very slap happy last night. I'm still a little slap happy now.

At least I don't have to turn my boobs into pancakes for another year. I just have to go to the gyne next week and hopefully all will be good there too.

Hopefully this will be my last TMI post for awhile.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Today is mammogram day.

I have to say I'm always nervous when I have to have a test like this done. I've had problems in the last year but everything has been benign, but you always go in wondering, is there something wrong, even if it is a yearly thing.

It's no fun to get your boobies squished.

Can I also add that its no fun to go to these tests alone?

I really wish there was someone that could sit in the waiting room for me, but no. The distance to the office @ Mon Vale Healthplex where I have my screenings done is too far for my dad to walk, so I have to go it alone.

Just a little more for me to be nervous about.

I mean they do give you the results the same day. Which means more nervousness waiting for a radiologist to read your x-ray or whatever it is.

So yeah, I'm a bit twitchy right now.

I can't imagine how I'll be in 20 years when there are more than just the 2 girlie screenings to deal with?

Monday, November 09, 2009

Missing Mondays

Right now I miss working at places where there were more paid holidays. I would be so freaking happy if I had the one holiday a month that some people get.

Yes, I'm still freaking cranky about losing out on Independence Day this year because of the way the holiday fell.


I'm also sick of having to reserve vacation days for when family members have medical tests done too.

I really just need some time off for me. Lazy time. Time without company, even when its family that I love dearly.

I am so in need of a day off right now. I envy people with sick days too. I have none.

I tend to miss these things the most when I'm feeling pretty lousy. Stupid sinuses. Stupid weather.

What are you missing today.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Still Sick

I'm getting sick of being sick.


Can't read. Can't watch TV. Can't play on the computer without a huge headache coming on.

I've also run out of Nyquil and my Daytime head cold meds.

This is not my day.

So I'm calling it a day, or a night or whatever, and I'm going to bed, before my head explodes all over my monitor, and I don't think anyone would clean that up.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Stupid Cold

I wish colds, sinus infections, the swine flu or whatever would at least give me 24 hours notice before showing up when I have plans.

Thank god for something resembling Dayquil or I would never have made it through all the stuff I needed to get done today.

We brought up one cabinet from my gram's house for mom today and I took my nieces and my nephew to The Big Barn and Gene And Boots Candy to get some goodies and stuff for the holiday.

At least I got something accomplished. Right now I feel like death warmed over and I still need to do laundry.

There's a certain amount of unfairness to this all

I have a headache the size of Alaska along with Sarah Palin's ego and I just want to curl up in a ball.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 247

Top 5 recent musical purchases

You guys know the drill. Play along in the comments or in your journal. This meme is created for my site Music Memoirs. Feel free to go there and check out my other two weekly memes and play along

1. My 4 GB Ipod Shuffle. I got mine earlier this year, you know before they came in colors. That kind of pisses me off, but I still love my baby shuffle.

2. My trip to Wheeling to see Deni Bonet in August. She was definitely worth the rental car fee! And the cost of her 3 CDs!

3. Mika - Life In Cartoon Motion: Words cannot express my love for this album. I still need to buy his new one.

4. Speaking of car rental fees. The fee for the car to see The ReBeats in Canton was well worth the money spent. I had such a great time at that show and the band is really awesome. I wish they could get some gigs in PA, so I wouldn't have to make the roadtrip!

5. This is kinda odd, but my tickets to Whose Live, because Jeff and Chip do some pretty awesome singing in the show!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder

If I'm the only person that frets when going for any test or doctor's visit. I've put on pounds again since July. I'm not happy about it. I'm trying to lose but nothing is working shy of sticking duct tape across my mouth and I've got a doctor's appointment in 2 weeks.


I wish this month weren't so full of tests and girlie tests at that, the worst kind. They all make me nervous and I really don't need to do anything to make me more stressed then usual.

I just wish all of these things didn't have to come up in the same month. You know, so I could balance my stress levels. Keep them at a nice even high point instead of having them spike through the roof.

~bigger sigh~

There are other things I'd rather worry about than medical stuff.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I'm Up To 10 Books!

I'm doing pretty good on the book challenge considering how busy I've been. Since mid-October I've read 10 books.

Not to shabby.

I'm trying to figure out how many I can actually get read by Dec 31.

I know I'm not going to hit the 100 book mark, because I didn't jump on the challenge until October.

I'd like to get halfway though and I think that's definitely possible, and with any luck I'll be able to hit 60. I know I've already read 60 books this year but I feel like adding my totals from before I joined the site would be cheating, though I've been told I can.

I have so many books I want to read and so little time to read them. Plus I'm so excited, Holly Tarr, one of my favorite Harlequin Blaze writers has a new Blaze Historical out! I can't wait to read that one.

I really need to spend less time on the computer and more time with my nose in a book.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Great UK Artist

I was lucky last year when I discovered UK Indie artist Paul Jeffery at the PR company I do reviews for.

I was totally thrilled with his last release and I was even more excited when he asked me to give his new album Dare To Be Different a listen before it even came out.

Check out my review over at Mossip.

But for those of you too lazy to do that, you can listen on this awesome widget.

I think people that like Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson will really like his music. The new album Dare To Be Different has a definite Progressive Rock feel to it, 80s Progressive Rock, like Marillion.

If you do like the music, feel free to leave comments over at Mossip. I know Paul will probably check the site and would appreciate some kudos.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Missing Mondays

I skipped a few week of this one, most because Monday mornings are evil for me. What am I missing this week?

A movie theater in my town.

For a good part of my growing up we had one theater in town, The Coyle Theater. It down by McDonalds in my hamlet of Charleroi On Mon. When I was little there was another theater closer to my end of town. The State. I believe I saw the first Star Wars movie there.

By 1981 both theaters were closed, but a few years later, The Coyle reopened. Not for very long, because the idiot running it the second time around didn't like to spend money on advertising, and you never knew what was playing or the times.

I saw so many movies at The Coyle; Dirty Dancing, The Goonies, ET and so many Disney films.

It was so nice to be able to walk downtown and see a movie. Now the closest theater to me is about 25 miles away in either Washington or West Mifflin. If I'm going to shell out an arm and a leg for movie I like it to be closer to me than that.

They are working to reopen the theater, much like they have in places like Uniontown or Greensburg. Here's an updated story about The Coyle

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sundays Are Too Hectic

I just got my mother off to CCD. Now I've got a load of laundry in the washer and I've got to go to the mall to pay a bill and then take Dad for his Sunday dinner.

I hate Sundays.

I hate them almost as much as I hate Saturdays and Fridays.

I'm not a weekend girl anymore.

I seldom get time for myself. Sometimes I just want to freaking be left alone, but no one seems to grasp that.

I'm just sick of feeling like I'm getting nowhere fast. Really fast. Its really getting depressing.

Oh and I have to go to Walmart. Something isn't going to get done, and I think its the bill that will have to wait.

Weekends suck!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cleaning, Goodwill Shopping and Album Reviewing

I'm still dejunking my closets. You have no idea how much clothing has gone from my house to Goodwill. I took another huge garbage bag to the store in Belle Vernon. I still have loads more clothes to go through. Its depressing but I've reached a point in my life when I know I will never get my butt into a size 4 again. Heck, getting into a 6 may be pushing it right now.

So needless to say, when I went to drop off the clothes, I went in the store, and when I left, I brought along books and yet another sweater. I have quite a lovely cheap sweater collection now. So bring it cold! I will be toasty warm!

Now if only I could find jeans that would fit my fat butt!

It was nice to find some paperbacks for 99 cents a piece! That's probably the best used book price out there.

Yes, they were old Harlequins, but I don't care. I enjoy those kinds of stories. They make me happy and that's all that matters.

I didn't want to come home from my outing, even though my groceries would start to spoil because I have a review that I've been working on for a few days and lately its been taking a lot out of me to write 500 words. Now I have to start on Artists To Watch which I've been really slow at getting posted.

I just want to sit back and read.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Top 5 On Friday - Week 246

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 artists or bands that you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley

1. Amy Winehouse: I wouldn't want to meet this lady in a place full of light. She is one creepy looking woman. Plus who knows what kind of drugged out alcoholic binge she might be coming off of!

2. Marilyn Manson: He's another one that I wouldn't want to encounter anywhere. I realize the makeup is all a persona, but lordy the man is creepy, highly intelligent too, but very very creepy.

3. Madonna: OMG, she creeps me out something awful anymore. I liked her before she was so...erm...NUTS! I liked dime store hooker looking Madonna. You know when she started out. Now she's just scary from all her trying to look young while she's well into middle age.

4. John Barrowman: I couldn't hold myself responsible for the slug I'd give him if I met him in a dark alley. This man scares me with his media-whorishness and it annoys me.

5. Lady Gaga: Do I really have to explain why? I think the VMA outfit would be a sufficient reason.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

There's nothing like a warm camp fire

The Demon House wasn't all that scary, but the outside of the haunted house was pretty awesome. They had games, a movie, concessions and the most wonderful bonfire ever.

I had no desire to leave my place on the log because the fire was so warm. I kept asking for marshmallows! No fire that big and warm should go without a long stick with a burnt marshmallow at the end!! Tasty!

As for the Haunted House, it wasn't scary but the people they had working for them were pretty awesome, especially the guy in the Zombie costume working the crowd.

I would have been more impressed if they didn't do half the house in clowns. Clowns don't scare me one iota.

But oh did I love that bonfire. Have I mentioned that yet? Really it was so warm and wonderful. I wanted to tell spooky stories or something.

Yeah...that's the romantic in me creeping out. Don't tell anyone about it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm Doing Something Different Tonight

Tonight, instead of watching my favorite TV shows, I'm going to The Demon House I'm really looking forward to having the shit scared out of me. I haven't been to a haunted house since I was in college.

I'm sure it will be quite an experience, plus its close by and there's nothing else to do tonight, except watch TV! So I'm going to be brave. I'm going to get the hell out of my house and I'm going to have some spooky Halloween fun!

Yay me!

So if I disappear off the face of the earth its because something undead came after me!


Hopefully something as hunky as Dracula in Van Helsing!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tunes: Week 106

From Music Memoirs

What is the creepiest music video you've ever watched?

It's a tie! Both videos however have the same vocalist, keyboardist and drummer.

The creepiest video goes to Duran Duran with Wild Boys. This video scared the crap out of me when I was in grade school! It still does actually and the song has never really been a favorite of mine either. However, Simon was smokin' hot in the video.

Arcadia's Election Day would be the second most creepy video

I think this one speaks for itself.

Book Challenge Update

I know its been a few weeks but I just thought I'd shoot out an update on how many books I've read for the Harlequin reading challenge. I'm up to 6! Woo hoo! I'm about halfway through book 7 too! Only 94 more to go! I'm really quite proud of myself for getting this many done in about 2 weeks, since I've read a few that were more than just typical cheesy romances.

This week I'm taking a break from brain books though and I'm going to be reading some fluff.


Because I feel like it.

Over the weekend I'll catch up on some of my deeper reading. Well probably not deeper, just longer novels. I've got a Jennifer Weiner (yeah poor lady that's her name) sitting on the shelf waiting to be picked up.

I really want to make it to 100 books. Its just a shame that there aren't that many days left in the year!! ARGH! I must read faster!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Remember How I Was Supposed Relax This Weekend?

Well, it never happened. I ended up running around my area for most of the weekend. Between going to the bank to deposit some much needed funds to basic grocery shopping and work outs. I ran myself ragged.

Yesterday was even worse. If you want to see what I got myself into check out my rant on Wenches. Suffice to say I hardly got any sleep last night and I have to make one more trip to Goodwill with a huge bag of clothes.

At least I was productive. That's a plus, right?

Tonight I hope to start work in the kitchen. The one room of the house that gets the messiest all the damn time.

Wish me luck, because I'll need it.

Maybe next weekend I'll get to relax?


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its Getting To Be That Time

Halloween is almost upon us. Do you know what that means?

Christmas is coming!

Which means in the next 40 days I need to get the Christmas 2009 mixtape in order.

I usually send a few out as Christmas cards to my family and friends both online and in "real life." so I need to know which friends online want the CD card this year and which ones would prefer me to send out a download link. That way I know what supplies I'm going to be needing.

So either comment here or email me to let me know which way you'd prefer to get your Christmas Card from me. Also if I'm mailing, please shoot me an email with your address because there's still some snail mails that disappeared in the conversion from the HP to the Dell!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile

Pumpkin Spice Lattes make me grin from ear to ear during the autumn. This is one of two kinds of coffee that I will spend $4.00 for. Usually I have a policy of not buying any drinks that cost more than $2.00 unless there is alcohol involved. This and the Peppermint Mocha @ Christmas are two exceptions..sometimes another holiday coffee will tempt me, but these two that will cause the money to fly from my wallet.

I am a disciple of Mika. Its been a very long time since I've fallen hard for a pop musician. I can't stop listening to his two CDs. They are really stunning in a Queen meets Erasure and Jimmy Somerville kind of way. It doesn't hurt that he's such a cutie pie. I just want to hug him and kiss him and keep him all to myself. You know like that crazy red haired girl in Animaniacs? Yeah. I would be like that with Mika!

Greg Proops has made me smile for the last...oh almost fifteen years or more. That picture I posted yesterday was the smile of a girl meeting someone she's idolized and lusted after for years and years. It was so wonderful that he was such a sweet guy and I was so lucky I didn't pass out at his feet.

Last Saturday was truly a stellar night. I'm glad I get one night like that a year. It makes the rest of the days worthwhile!

This new USA show kicks some serious butt, plus its got the comedy edge to it that all USA shows have. Oh and see that guy? Matt Bomer. He's now on my list of men that need to be cloned and distributed to the female population.

This is going to be a new must watch tv show for me now on Friday nights. I still have to wonder how they are going to replace Monk, because that show is truly brilliance!

Yup...these are a few of my favorite things...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Its That Picture!

I finally got the picture and unbelievably enough, I look cute. So does that specky dude holding on to me. He could have held on as long as he wanted to. I wouldn't have complained. I mean that's Greg Proops aka my honey bunny pookie pie! The geek of my dreams.

I also want whatever they were drinking that night, cos all of them were way happy and some of them were way drunk. But they were happy nice drunk so I'm not complaining.

But really..I look cute...Greg looks cute...Its all good.


Top 5 On Friday - Week 245

You guys know the drill. Play along in the comments or in your journal. This meme is created for my site Music Memoirs. Feel free to go there and check out my other two weekly memes and play along.

Top 5 Top 5 songs you like to sing a long with.

Mika - We Are Golden
I dare you not to get caught up by this infectious song. I sing it all day long sometimes. Even when its not playing.

Erasure - Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me

This is one is just as catchy as Mika and even my mom would sing along with this one.

Duran Duran - The Reflex

By far one of my favorite Duran Duran songs and one I can't not sing with.

Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach - This House Is Empty Now

I realize that most of this list is very upbeat, but this song is a ballad, but there's something about this song that makes me want to sing a long, especially when EC gets to the line "Does the extinguished candle care about the darkness."

Diana Krall - Narrow Daylight

You know I don't know why I sing along with this one, I just do. Probably because its my favorite Diana Krall tune.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Celebrity Infatuation

We live in a time when celebrities are treated almost like Gods. Sometimes it really baffles me. Not that I haven't gone goofy over my share, because I have.

But why?

Most of these people are just like you and me, only they have a talent and some money.

Some of them aren't even all that nice.

I've been fortunate, I've met some of the nice ones; Elvis Costello, Peter Noone, Gary Puckett, just about all of the Whose Line Cast, Gordon Lightfoot, those Moody guys...

But why do we go all stupid over them? Especially when you meet them to find they're drunk. At least nice drunk as opposed to nasty drunk. But it really makes me wonder. We have such high expectations of these people and really they are only doing a job. Plus we poke our nose into every corner of their lives, including who they eat, drink and sleep with. Tis a pity.

Give me the money and stick the fame where the sun doesn't shine. I don't want half the world's nose butting into my business. I have enough with my own family. I almost feel sorry for some of them. Not all of them mind you, some of them ask to be harassed.

That's not to say I won't turn into a blithering looney the next time I encounter a celebrity, but it does make you wonder, why we give them special treatment when they aren't much different from us, except in the bank book.

I Wonder

How long it will take to get my picture from last Saturday Night? They had their own person taking the group shots and unless you were lucky enough to have a big group of people it was too hard to have someone step out of line to take the photo for you. So now I have to wait until the cultural trust emails or snail mails me my picture.


I want to see me and Greggie!

He had his face right up against mine. And I'm sick of waiting! I've waited years to see Greg up close like that and actually get to meet the man.

Yes, I'm crazy like that.

But I still want my picture!!

Cos these aren't enough!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In A Lousy Mood

I'm just not a happy camper. I've had to deal with insurance companies about things this week. I've had to deal with trying to sell something of my grandmother's and I've been trying to figure out when in gods name I'm going to be able to get to the damn dentist.

This could start my rant on why aren't vision and dental automatically considered part or a basic health care plan? Are we not supposed to see? Are we to live with tooth pain? Apparently so, unless you are in the lucky batch of people that work for companies that provide them. Fuck, you should be lucky that you work for someone that provides any, cos I sure as hell don't. And sometimes you work for someone that provides it, but it is so expensive and such a lousy plan it isn't worth it.

Have I ranted?

Am I sick of shelling out $159 for a high deductible plan and its 5 year pre-existing condition clause?

Fuck, Yes.

But I could go on and on about how I want to bitchslap the people that don't seem to think health care reform needs to happen. I don't know if we need the gov't to run health care, cos they sure as hell can't run anything else, but something needs to be done.

And on that note, I'm going back under my rock. It's nice and dark there and I can sleep.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Things That Piss Me Off

I love my brother dearly, but sometimes he inadvertently hurts my feelings. See every time he has pictures posted of his kids or trips, mom and I have to make sure we see them and comment on them.

However if I have pictures posted I almost never hear a peep out of him. In fact I didn't even hear a "Did you have a good time?"

Maybe I'm being a little childish, but it would be nice to know that a family member cared. He's on flickr and facebook with me. Plus I'm proud to say that a good many of my pictures from Saturday came out nicely.

You can see some of them here. I'll be putting more of them up in the next day or so, when I don't have scads of stuff to do after work.

Grumbles grumbles grumbles...just cos a person doesn't have an expensive camera, doesn't mean that they can't take decent pictures.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What A Nice Thing To Wake Up To

My mind was in some serious overdrive last night. I was dreaming of being at Monroeville Mall and Mika and Sliimy were there. I have seriously been listening to too much Mika lately, he's invaded my brain.

I think the dream was too much for me because I woke up with a king sized headache, which is something I'm not really used to doing. I have a feeling my sinuses are about to act up again, which is not something I want to deal with, but this weather isn't helping much.

I'll take the dreams about Mika, cos he is pretty darn cute, but headaches, no way. I don't want them.

It didn't help matters that I took a nap yesterday and I didn't fall asleep right at night. My body only likes extra sleep at bedtime.

Go figure, its picky.

And I wonder why I have a headache?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Whose Live Is It Anyway!

Last night's show was truly awesome. The players, Greg, Chip, Ryan and Jeff were all in fine form. Playing every manner of Improv games made famous by the the show Whose Line Is It Anyway. You know where the points don't matter?

These two handsome blokes are Jeff Davis (the younger one) and Greg Proops (My sweetie Pookie Pie). Have I mentioned I've crushed on Mr. Proops for as long as I can remember?

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to the guys, if just for a few minutes. I got my program signed by all 4 guys and Greg signed two of his comedy cassettes that I've had since nineteen yeden.

It was a fun fun evening, and I've been waiting years to get that close to Greg Proops. You'll understand more when you see the picture. Which I hope I will have by the end of the week.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Off To See Whose Live

Not much to say today, except I'm going to see Improv comedy at its finest tonight. Other than that, its cold, wet and boring.

So if you don't mind, I have a date with Greg Proops tonight. I hope his wife doesn't mind if I borrow him for a few hours!

I'll give him back! I promise!

Friday, October 16, 2009


OK, I caved and I created a Shelfari account. If you have one you can follow me here. Be warned I like romance novels!

I'd play with that site more, but the computer I'm on right now is being most uncooperative.

To those of you that use that site, why did you choose it over Goodreads? I havent' decided which I like better or if I will eventually abandon one.

So any of you Shelfari people want to chime in and let me know what you think of the site and if you moved from Goodreads, I'd really like to know why.

Thank ya!

Top 5 On Friday - Week 244

You guys know the drill. Play along in the comments or in your journal. This meme is created for my site Music Memoirs. Feel free to go there and check out my other two weekly memes and play along.

Top 5 artists/bands you'd like to see in concert but never have. (they have to be still around too...)

1. Erasure: They came to Pittsburgh the year before I discovered them and they haven't been back since. This is wrong on so many levels.

2. Mika: A girl has got to dream right? I know I have at least one other person dreaming with me on this...and if we both got close enough, Mika would be learning a bit more about the opposite sex, something a few of us are sure he doesn't know nearly enough about.

3. Over The Rhine: They keep playing the Burgh and I keep missing them. Boo! There was a concert saga last year and I'm still sad about it all. I hope one day I get to see them.

4. Keri Noble: Russ got to see her! I'm still jealous. Stamps foot. Play the Burgh Keri!!!

5. Sarah Brightman: I would love to see the Vegas-like show she puts on. Plus I love Sarah for her over-enunciation and new agey weirdness.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What To Do With 4 Vacation Days?

I still have 4 days left. I don't know when to take most of them. I know when one is going to be used, and that's when my dad goes for his colonoscopy. Yay, fun day off right?

If I'm lucky I'll be able to take the day after Thanksgiving, which is called Andrea gets to sleep in and not go near a shopping plaza day.

But there are two others and I don't want to waste them.

I either want to use them on a day when I want to do things either at home or out and about, or for that vegetation that I so desperately need, since my paid holidays this year were cut down by one. However I lost a few days of work when my dad was in the hospital, but somehow those days weren't relaxing. I can't imagine why.

I truly envy people that get more than one week of vacation a year and personal days. I just keep reminding myself that I don't get written up or whatnot whenever I have to leave work to take care of a parent's health problem.


It could be worse I suppose, I do have a job.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Book Challenge!

I've actually started to participate in the Harlequin reading challenge.

For every book I read, they'll donate one to the National Center For Family Literacy. The goal is 100,000 books this year, with personal goals around 100. Now I know it's late in the year, but I figure every bit counts, plus I read a lot, Harlequins and others.

So if you know any ladies that are online and like their romances and like to read, send them here. Taking part doesn't take up much more time than what it does to read a book and its for a really good cause!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Giant Eagle Market Distict

OMG I went into this grocery store on Sunday afternoon in the Upper Saint Clair area, which from here on in will be known as Richieland, because that's where all the rich people live.

This is the most incredible store I've ever been in. It flipping has everything; from a cafe to a take home soup and salad bar, rotisserie chickens and whole section of imported cheeses, a place with chocolates and fresh roasted nuts oh and a PICKLE BAR!


The store itself is so big you can get lost in it. Each aisle is actually double what it is in a normal Giant Eagle. Not to mention their are several more aisles of frozen foods. I think that's because they devote a lot of space to ethnic foods. Their were 2 aisles of foods from Poland, Germany, Mexico, France and Italy to name but a few. That carried over into the frozen aisle as well.


So much food, so little time. I could feel my waistband expanding just being in the place!

Oh and on a none food note..they had a bigger DVD aisle then KMart and they had just as many books too, though there is no discount on them there, so it would be totally whack to buy them.

Damn you Richieland! Damn you to HELL! I want my Market District Giant Eagle!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Missing Mondays

I was seriously missing my college days last night. Not that I particularly enjoyed them but because I always had my schedule so rearranged that I only went to school 3 days a week and I had two days off.

Oh how I long for those days off. It was so nice to only be scheduled to do things 3 days out of 7.

I was never exhausted.

Life was so much simpler then too.

I had a car I trusted. Mom and Dad were younger and were able to go out and about with me more. I know I've mentioned that I miss that too. I really missed that when we were at Triple B this weekend. Mom would have loved to have seen all the pretty things and the food at the farm market and the storybook pumpkin patch.

Getting old sucks.

It means more stuff to miss and less stuff that you can do.

Geeze and I'm only 35!

Still I wish I had my college schedule back. Maybe I could get a few things done then!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This Is A Huge Pain

I have 2 free passes to Carmike Cinemas and I have a coupon for a free burger at TGI Fridays.

You would think that finding both would be easy, and that I'd have a few options.

Nope, at least not in any theater that's close.

So it looks like I'm heading back to South Hills Village, my least favorite movie theater and mall.


Its in Bethel Park and its the snobby rich area.


Nothing worse that a bunch of snot nosed teenagers and their soccer mom parents hanging out on a Sunday, especially with the Football game starting at the same time.


Oh well, I can hope all the Bethel Park peeps will be watching the game, right?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Randomosity

I like being random on Saturdays. Its how I roll.

~ Went to Triple B Farms for their Harvest festival which was fun and awesome and tasty all rolled into one. Check out the pictures here.

~ Spent $22 @ Goodwill even after dropping off 3 bags of stuff! Yikes! However I don't pass up gorgeous sweaters for $4.00 and I definitely can't pass up 99 cent books!

~ Sonny's Grille in Rostraver is very nommy!

~ You guys need to bookmark my Wenches Blog. Go read what all of the ladies are saying. Its not just a girl blog you know!

~ I want to read Accidentally On Purpose, mainly to see how much of Mary's stories they've used in the tv show, which btw, I love

~ Reviewed the new Bob Dylan Christmas CD @ Mossip. Check it out here.

~ Tomorrow I'm going to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs with my nephew.

Friday, October 09, 2009

A Tiny Book Survey

I made this for my LJ community Chicks Who Read.

Feel free to do it and pass it along.

Favorite Book Store: Chain: Books-A-Million/Half-Priced Books
Books-A-Million has a great discount card, plus their sale tables rock my world!
Half Priced Books = All the old cheesy romances I can read cheap! Oh and mom gets scads of cookbooks!

Local: Pandora's Books Wheeling, WV a great used store across from Centre Market!!

What You Are Reading Now: False Family - Mary Anne Wilson (Silhouette Shadows)

Longest Book You've Read: Hearts In Atlantis - Stephen King or Gone With The Wind- Margaret Mitchell

Book That You've Read More Than 1 Time: Phantom Of The Opera - Gaston Leroux

Favorite Non-Fiction Book: Helen Keller: The Story Of My Life. When I was a little girl I was totally fascinated by her life story. To this day, I still think she was one of the world's most amazing women.

Where Do You Do Your Best Reading: The bathtub! Nothing like a nice soak and a good book to relax to.

Do You Discuss Your Books With Friends: I try, but very few of my friends share the same reading interests with me. Now when gram was alive, we'd always talk about what books we liked or didn't as we did the laundry. I miss that so much. Laundry was always a pain, but at least with gram it was entertaining.

Top 5 On Friday: Week 243

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 musical things you wouldn't waste your money on.

1. There are just some artists that I couldn't be bothered buying no matter what. For me its artists like Britney, Lady Gaga are some names that come to mind. I won't give these artists a dime.

2. Unless I had a huge gift certificate I would not spend money on a stereo anymore. That's what my computer is for. I wouldn't mind a fancy system for my mp3 player though.

3. Concerts @ Post Gazette Pavilion in Burgettstown, PA. I hate this venue and I will not pay to see anyone and that includes Elvis Costello & The Moody Blues if they play there. The venue is shit! Plus I think its ignorant to charge for parking when you have no choice but to park in their lots! I'd travel before going to a show there.

4. Any CD @ FYE! I won't waste my money on inflated priced CDs. I buy only @ stores when the CDs are less than $15.99

5. CD Deluxe editions that come out 5 months after a CDs release when I already have a copy! Screw you, music industry!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Changing Schedules

Starting next week I'm probably going to have to be leaving for work earlier as my office is moving. My travel time will be about 20 minutes now, which I'm not complaining about, ok, I am, because thanks to taxes etc, there's still no car in my future. Oh and with the state of the housing market in my area and other family things, selling gram's house isn't likely to happen. Plus I'm not to keen on selling her house for a whopping 10 grand.


So I'll probably be night blogging from now on. That's definitely not one of my favorite things to do. I was very comfortable with morning blogging.

But things change, and I guess I have to, as well. I can't say that I'm going to like it much, but I will.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Going Overboard

Did you know that to be a lector, eucaristic minister, or usher in the Catholic Church you now have to have a background check and go to a "Safe Enviornment" meeting?



I was a lector since I was confirmed when I was in 10th grade. For a time I was also a eucharistic minister. I won't be anymore because I think the church is getting ridiculous.

I can understand this type of meeting for people working directly with children. CCD instructors, the man that trains the alter servers (yes, there is one), choir directors, but the other 3 groups do not have much if any contact with children. The ushers are out in the church for crying out loud!

Eucharistic Ministers come into the sacristy before mass starts to ready the hosts and the wine. (hahahahahaha...sorry in our parish getting them to do this is somewhat difficult) As a lector I go to the sacristy after I drop off my coat in a pew. Usually about 15 minutes before mass. Usually our servers wander in 5 minutes before mass starts or on several occassions as mass is starting.

I know this is a Diocese thing...and possibly a whole Catholic Church thing, but its getting ridiculous. I have no problem with them doing a background check on me. Go for it, but it seems pointless. This whole thing has left me disillusioned. And I'm not thrilled with the leaders of the church right now to start with. Note I said leaders. I have no problew with God or my religion...except right now I don't think I could set foot in that building without feeling great anger for the people that are running it.

I can understand the need to protect our children, don't get me wrong. I just feel this is taking things a bit to far and its wasting my time.