Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Ten Doctors: A Fanmix

Murray Gold - Doctor Who Theme
Doctor 1: Neil Young - Old Man
Doctor 2: Elvis Costello - Let's Misbehave
Doctor 3: The Moody Blues - Stepping In A Slide Zone
Doctor 4: Bow Wow wow - I Want Candy
Doctor 5: Semisonic - For The Love The Game
Doctor 6: Jane Moneit - The Rainbow Connection
Doctor 7: Gordon Lightfoot - In My Fashion
Doctor 8: Colbie Calliat - Kiss The Girl
Doctor 9: The Beatles - Nowhere Man
Doctor 10: The Proclaimers - I'm On My Way
Full Mix: The 10 Doctors (50 MB)
Comments: This mix is a labor of love. I have represented some part of each Doctor with a song, whether its a character trait or even a favorite band of a certain 10th Doctor. This was probably the hardest of the 10 mixes requested and I saved it for last. The artwork was lovingly made by my wonderful pal MoodyMistress
I truly hope you guys love it. I included the show's theme because it wouldn't be a doctor who mix without that signature piece of music.
~ Comment if taking
~ single files and full mix are uploaded to mediafire full mix download is zipped.

Frustration:Thursday Thirteen Style

Thirteen things that frustrate me right now

Where to start:

~ Radiator cap and thermostat shot on Bernie the Beretta. The car is falling apart around me. ARGH

~ Why do I always forget to buy cotton.

~ 10 o'clock telly is the demon. I always fall asleep during the last 10 minutes.

~ The Doctor Who Mixtape I'm making. I still need songs for Doctors 6 and 7 and I have no inspiration for these two guys as their doctors are ones I haven't watched much.

~ I have too much shit to do and not enough time to do it.

~ My hours at work are still cut. (Though I'm not sure how frustrated I really am about this)

~ The kittens never let me sleep past 7.

~ The weather, is it hot is it cold.

~ I need a day off, but I don't know if I'm getting vacation days this year.

~ I keep trying to figure out if I can take a road trip this year. All signs are pointing to a big fat NO!

~ Need to clip the dog. The dog gets feisty when I do this and it takes FOREVER to do.

~ Need to clean, but anytime I go to do something someone is in the room I need to be in...can you guess that room is the freaking bathroom?

~ 2 reviews I must write for mossip but my time its non-existent!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hump Day Already?

Where the hell is the week going? Its hump day already? Yikes! There's still so much to do this week and as usual, I'm getting very little done.

I'm going to have 2 reviews I need to write to get paid and I have 2 more that I need to write because I requested the music. More fool me. I didn't expect to get slammed with reviews in such a short period of time.

At least its money, right? That's a plus, because I'm still not working my usual 40 hours. And all this work goofyness is giving me nightmares. Literally! I've actually had dreams about my boss. Not what I want to dream about. Worse still I've had dreams about that whacknut DJ again.

The heat is definitely getting to me, doncha think. I haven't had more than a passing thought about that guy in ages.

Truth be told I haven't thought much about any guys, other than my TV guys in ages, and that's a safe thing for me.

I'm just not in the mood for much and I haven't been for ages. I prefer to be left alone.

Ah, its just too much to think about right now.

Oh and did I mention one of my tires died last night. Totally shredded and of course I have very little money now until Friday. So double ARGH!

Why can't I just go back to bed....and let the day go over the hump by itself?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some Random Stuff

~ I now have a Facebook page and I don't know why? Feel free to be my friend over there. What really is the point of that site and for that matter Twitter. I freaking can't stand Twitter.

~ The Chuck season finale was awesome. I can only hope NBC has the intelligence of picking that show up for a 3rd season.

~ 90 degree heat in April really really SUCKS!

~ I'm totally frustrated with one of my friends who is constantly bitching and moaning on her blog about her weight. If she wasn't a friend since grade school I would probably ditch her from my f-list because reading her complain when she's 5'8 and not very fat at all, in fact NOT AT ALL FAT, makes me want to do her bodily harm.

~ The Swine Flu? This is totally driving me nutso. What's one more disease in the grand scheme of things! ARGH!

~ Why are super thin models newsworthy? Seriously if you starve yourself thin, you are just weeding yourself out of the gene pool, which is probably a very good thing indeed.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It Was A Weird Night

Very seldom do I let people from the internet into my real life, but somehow out of the blue there is this guy from GA that a friend of mine has kinda known for awhile that managed to get my phone number. Cell phone that is.

He's not a bad guy.

He's just...


I can't pinpoint it, but see I have this theory. He's good-looking, as in model, rock-star attractive. His family has money, enough that he's had time to play at being in a band.

So in general why would you pay any attention to a rather poor little girl from Southwestern, PA.

See something in that doesn't jive with me.

And I don't wish to be the next Eliza Doolittle. Not that I would because he's in GA and I'm in PA...and this girl travels for no one, but you catch my drift.

So for an hour and a half I talked to this guy about music, which was nice, but it left me feeling all, Bleh...because I generally wished he was someone else. Not because I didn't like him, but because even if he were around, it just seems impossible and improbable.

The guys a bit wingnuttty, right?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

One Year Ago Today....

The most beautiful lady in the world left my life.

Grandma I miss you so much. Words cannot express how much I love you. I wish we had more time. I think of you everyday and my heart breaks a little more because you aren't here with us anymore.

Love you more, Gram.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Busy-ness

~ Still trying to find a cheap car. And when I say cheap I mean around $2,000. Have I mentioned it sucks to be poor?

~ I need time to clean and yet there are other things I need to get done. I have 2 album reviews to do. One that I will be getting paid for and another that I do for the helluvit. Either way its quite a fun thing. The reviews, not the cleaning. I hate to clean!

~ Must do some form of exercise. I remember when I used to like walking and challenging the old body. Perhaps that's part of the problem. I'm feeling old.

~ Its almost 1 o'clock. Tomorrow at this time will be one year since my gram died. I want to talk to her so badly. I can't believe how fast this year has gone.

~ My neighbors have a two Sharpei puppies and I'm so in love with them. I took a few pictures when they came down to the fence for their loving. Can any of you guess that I love animals?

~ Its in the mid-80s today. Why is it that we don't have spring anymore? We have winter and summer. PAH!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 220

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 artists you wish would put out new material soon and why

1. The Moody Blues: Why? Because their final studio album should not be a Christmas album, no matter how wonderful it is. That's a terrible swansong for a career spanning over 40 years.

2. Duran Duran: So that I can burn the horrible sound of their last crap album out of my brain! Please guys! You can do so much better than Red Carpet Massacre! Hell, anyone can!

3. Gordon Lightfoot: One more album Gordon please. Harmony was so wonderful. I know the guy is in his 70s but I still hold out hope that he has a few more songs to share with us. Its a dream, I know, but hell, you gotta dream, right?

4. Erasure: Sure they just put a best of compilation out, but I want new material! Total Pop is a great best of, but I want new songs!!!!

5. Over The Rhine: I'm greedy I always want new material from this band. They are so very awesome. Plus they haven't had an album out in a year, and that was Live From Nowhere 3.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen pictures of my pets!

Why My Health Insurance Is Evil

Note that I said evil and not bad. I have no qualms with my insurance other than the "This is my first year of coverage so we must send out loads of documents to have doctors fill out because every reason you go to a doctors must be pre-existing."

Uh yeah, wrong.

I get a form to take to my doctors to fill out for the lab work on my colpolscopy. Note to my insurance company. I do not subject my body to diagnostic testing unless its necessary. That's a very republican viewpoint guys. Kinda like, because abortions are legal, every woman is going wake up in the morning and decide to get one. Shakes head. As many of you know, I personally don't believe in abortions as birth control, but I do believe its the woman's right to choose, but that's as far as I'll go there. And as for the colp, I don't think I'd ever wake up in the morning and decide that it was a procedure I just had to have done.

I wouldn't mind getting the paperwork done for the insurance company either if not for 2 things. They give me a rather unrealistic date to have it sent back. April 26 and it costs $10 to have it filled out.


In a month when my finances are tight as it is, and when I know that the procedure isn't covered by my insurance yet, because my deductible is $1200, I don't need another bill, even a small one.


This is the kinda stuff that pisses me off big time.

Right now I'm so angry I can spit. Glad that they will likely be paying 90% of the testing when this form is filled out but still freaking angry.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Elfslut Says

My weekly column is posted up at Mossip here. This week's subject is the sorry state of the music industry and the possible demise of the compact disc. Go read and leave comments on LJ. Its allowed you know!

If any of you are on Livejournal and would like to be a member of the community let me know. We're doing referrals for membership there and I have two more people I can invite to the group.

My TV Rant

For those of you that follow my Livejournal, you'll know I've been on a TV rant for the last 24 hours. Well I've still got it going on.


As a person that didn't watch much TV for a long time, I now have several shows that I've grown attached to. Shows that aren't on BBC America too!

So why am I ranting?

Most of them are heading for the chopping block.

I'm sick of TV being mostly reality shows. I want to vote them off my TV. I don't want to see who we pick as the best dancer, idol, food network star, survivor etc. I want to be entertained. I want to laugh. I want to see cuteness on my screen. Like this guy.

Nathan Fillion makes my Monday nights very happy indeed. I may not be a twentysomething, but I still like to look at pretty men. Keep this guy on tv! What show is he on? Castle!!!

If that show gets canned I swear I will never turn on ABC ever again. And I won't even begin to discuss my feelings on the possible end of Chuck. Grrrr. Leave my geek shows alone people!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Tunes: Week 78

From Music Memoirs

Its the Soundtrack Edition

More and more TV shows are getting soundtracks these days. Do you own any or have any on your wish lists?
I have the soundtracks for Bones and House on my hard drive. On my wish list are the soundtracks for Ashes To Ashes, Life On Mars and Blackpool. Damn those UK soundtracks for being so damn expensive. Just like the DVDs of the shows!!!

Have you ever discovered a song or artist because it was on a tv show?
Yes! Chuck and Castle have had some great tunes and I discovered Emiliana Torrini, The Astroids Galaxy Tour and Crooked Fingers from those shows. Great music from all three artists too. If you want to find out what songs are in a certain show go to TuneFind. Its a very useful tool!

What TV do you wish had a soundtrack but doesn't just yet.
Hands down, Life On Mars US version. There are so many songs that are so hard to find and it would be great to have them on a soundtrack!

The Book That Went Plop

Let me tell you about this cheesy harlequin intrigue I was reading. Its not that its a great book or anything. This tale is about why I won't finish reading the thing.

As many of you know, I'm a bathroom reader and yes, I've had bathroom reading mishaps with paperbacks, because ever so often I sit the book in a precarious place and it falls into the bath, but usually that's after the water is mostly out of the tub.

I've never destroyed a book yet. And even now I didn't. That was my nephew's misadventure.

See we have one of those metal cabinets over the potty and I always leave a book there, because, like I said, I read in the bathroom. Its the only place where people won't bother you much.

So I left my cheesy novel sitting there and somehow, we know not how, but the nephew knocked the book into the toilet.


Into the toilet.

Before flushing.



Ain't touching that.

I was halfway through the damn thing and its an older book, so if I want to finish the damn thing I've got to go to Amazon or and spend more than I did originally on the book.

I think the nephew is about to get slugged.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Random 10 - Week 201

From Music Memoirs

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

Blake Shelton - The Gambler
Lonestar - The City Of New Orleans
The Wreckers - Strawberry Wine
Deana Carter & Heart – Go Rest High on That Mountain
Dolly Parton - Somebody's Everything
Grey Eye Glances - Big Red Boat
Erasure - Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me
David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes
Comic Relief - Islands In The Stream
Keri Noble - Hey Lover

The picture is my church

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm Making A List

Of things we need for the house. The problem with living in a house that's 100 years old is that there is no closet or cabinet space anywhere and the cost for remodeling is well, not something any of us can afford.

Things we need to buy this year if money ever shows up. (Giggle now, you know you want to)

1. Remnant carpet for the dining room and possibly the living room. A decent area rug for my bedroom
2. Pantry cabinet for the kitchen where we have NONE! Our kitchen is an evil mess.
3. Book shelves for the upstairs hallway.
4. Another recliner for the living room
5. New bedroom furniture for me, but only if I can find a buyer for gram's bedroom suite that would be too awkward to come into our house.
6. Kitty condo

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend Car Hunt

Off to the used car dealers to find a piece of poop car. Its looking like I'm going to need one and a new one or a used one that requires a loan is not in my future.

Bye bye savings account.

But you gotta do what you gotta do right?

I just hope I can find a decent looking piece of poop car. I'm sick of driving around in an embarrassment, and seriously my Beretta was and still is an embarrassment.

I really want a Ford again. I never had any huge issues with the Escorts we owned. I long for a Focus but I know that's nowhere in my future now.

Must find something that runs and isn't going to spontaneously combust or rust away anytime in the near future.


Its times like this I wished I lived in the city where you don't have to drive.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Good The Bad and The Frustrated

The good: I'll be back to working my normal hours next week. Yay for full paychecks. I also had my test results back from the doctors and they are just going to monitor me with more pap tests. So yay!

The bad: I'm working til 4 today, but because I didn't think I was, I didn't bring lunch and now I'm starving and cranky and I'm stuck here for another hour and a half.

The frustrating: I won tickets for the movies on the radio today but my car is now very near death and my folks are being cranky about letting me use their car for one miserable day so that I can run to California to pick them up.

Top 5 On Friday: Week 219

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 songs that make you want to party.

Elvis Costello - Party Party
Its a song the man hates, but I love and I wouldn't mind partying to that one. Its got the happy Elvis cheesy 80s vibe which makes it especially awesome.

The Moody Blues - Here Comes The Weekend
If the moodies had a party song, this would be it...Not the best of Lodgey's songs but do we care? No, its fun!

Sarah Brightman - I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper
Ah, don't tease Sarah for her Hot Gossip song! Its a great tune that really makes you want to dance or laugh a lot.

Jimmy Buffet - Why Don't We Get Drunk
Isn't that the point of parting? Tee hee!

Erasure - Sunday Girl
My second favorite Erasure song. No one has figured out the first and I'm ashamed of a few of you because you haven't. Tsk Tsk.

Duran Duran - Electric Barbarella
This song is so infectious, it makes you want to get up and move and drink fancy drinks and look posh while trying to hunt down some poor unsuspecting soul to take home.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that help cure my boredom

1. Play with apps on Myspace. Will someone please pull me away from Green Spot and Dog World before all my brain cells evaporate?

2. Go through the upcoming releases at Amazon in the music section. You know like my CD wish list need to get any longer than it already is.

3. Watch the many shows that I or my nephew has DVR-d during the week that I've missed.

4. Pick up a book and read. I'm still trying to figure out why I always end up reading at least 2 books at a time. Its a mystery I'll never fully understand.

5. Read my friends list on Livejournal and all my daily reads on Blogger.

6. Blog, probably about how bored I am!

7. Visit the PR company that I write for and see if there's any new music to review.

8. Clean the house. It takes a special level of boredom for me to do this.

9. Play with the kitties. This usually does not thrill the kitties.

10. Make icons for my Livejournal.

11. Go for a walk, assuming that its not freezing or raining or snowing out. This is something I'd like to do soon, but those 3 weather conditions seem to be stopping me quite a bit.

12. Plan trips that I'm probably never going to take.

13. Go to the gym. Which I should be doing a bit more now that the weather is better.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Week's Elfslut Says

I finally finished working on Elfslut Says for this week. Its posted at Mossip here. As always, I invite you to go there and read and leave comments. Cos comments make me a happy camper. Plus I like to get to know my readers, both here and on Livejournal.

Hump Day Randomosity

~ I can't believe none of my friends could guess any of my favorite songs from this post. I thought a few of them were pretty obvious.

~ Finished reading Anne Rice's Christ The Lord: The Road To Cana and it was just as wonderful as the first book. I recommend these two books to everyone.

~ Eharlequin has been seducing me with their sales lately. I just spent another $14 on books. Weeeee. Just what I need to buy when I'm broke!

~ My doctor's office is full of idiots. I was there with my dad a month ago and asked for my balance so I could pay my bill. They gave me one amount and then yesterday I get a bill for $103. Seriously, this is absolutely whack. How did they not know I owed them $155? WTF.

~ While I'm WTF-ing. Why will my health insurace cover the pap smear but not the doctor visit to do the pap? This is fucking insane. Mr. Obama, please fix this. I don't mind that stuff is covered and other stuff is part of my deductible but the grey area is whack and some of it makes no sense.

~ Anyone watching the Unusuals? I fell asleep mid-way through the show last week and I'm not sure if I like it enough to watch it again this week. I need convincing.

~ I've got an interesting idea for Elfslut Says this week. I'm going to be blogging about Music and Friendships. It will be up later today at Mossip.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It Was One Of Those Nights

We should never let my father sit in front of the telly at night. He never keeps his glasses on and always puts them in a precarious place.

Do you see where this is going?

I bet you do!

He gets up to leave the room when Big Bang Theory comes on, only to drop the glasses on the floor.

Three of us (Mom, Raymond and I) yell for him not to move.



He stepped on them.

This wouldn't be a huge issue if he didn't have cataracts that he doesn't want to get taken care of, but I suppose at 83 you have the right to decide what surgeries you want to have and which ones you don't.


That's all I can say, is ARGH!

Monday, April 13, 2009

How Well Do You Know Me Musically?

Found this meme on a Livejournal community and posted it there, but so far only 3 songs have been guessed, so I'm going to post it here.

01. Post the names of 20 of your favorite musicians.
02. See who can guess which is your favorite song by each.
03. Once someone guesses right, bold that row and include the song.

~ Note when everyone guesses correctly I'll post the full mix rather than updating with the songs.

A few hints for a few of these. The Moody Blues song is sung by John Lodge and the Monkees track is sung by Davy Jones and its not Daydream Believer.

1. Elvis Costello - Crimes Of Paris
2. The Moody Blues
3. Erasure
4. Duran Duran
5. The Beatles - Nowhere Man
6. The Monkees
7. Herman's Hermits
8. Grey Eye Glances
9. Gordon Lightfoot(2 songs here can qualify)
10.Over The Rhine
11.Keri Noble
12.Justin Hayward - Sometimes Less Is More
13.Nick Lowe
14.Diana Krall (there are 2 songs that you could pick here)
15.Oingo Boingo
16.Cliff Richard
17.David Bowie
18.Cheap Trick
19.The Grass Roots - Temptation Eyes
20.Sarah Brightman

Random 10 - Week 200

I hardly ever play this meme anymore and its one of mine.

10 songs that sum up your weekend...or were on your weekend playlist...and one picture that relates back. (oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did)

1. Doctor Who Theme
I won't mention that I thought Planet Of The Dead sucked though. Oops, I did.

2. Red Dwarf End Credits
Its cold outside there's no kind of atmosphere. We're all alone, more or less!!

3. Murray Head - Superstar
Hey, it was Easter, you have to listen to this one on Easter.

4. Gordon Lightfoot - Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald

5. The Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon
Do you know how many times I've heard that commercial this weekend? And who wants to go to the zoo and aquarium with me!!

6. Fern - Egbert The Easter Egg
Its stuck in my head!!! I wish I knew who did the 50s version I used to have on vinyl. This song is so cute!!

7. Elvis Costello - Man Out Of Time
Love this song :)

8. Billy Ray Cyrus - Back To Tennessee
I really like Billy Ray's album of the same name.

9. Gordon Lightfoot - Alberta Bound
Another favorite of mine. I was having a Gordon day yesterday.

10. Hannah Montana - Best Of Both Worlds
No, I didn't go to the movie, but I do recall watching the show more than once this weekend. That's very sad, I know, but the show is cute.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Book Review: Anne Rice - Christ The Lord: Out Of Egypt

Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt: A Novel Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt: A Novel by Anne Rice

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
Out of Egypt is a portrait of Jesus as a young boy, and a wonderful tale Anne Rice weaves.

Many fans are disappointed that she's gone away from Vampires and Mummies to The Holy Ghost, so to speak, but I found the book beautifully written and an enlightening read.


Because these are the years of Jesus' life that no one really knows about.

Anne doesn't create a superhero or supernatural being here, she creates a boy that's different, a boy that will someday change the world. She makes Jesus a human child and in doing so I came to love him just a little more. What is even more wonderful is how she brings to life Mary and Joseph.

Be you a believer or not, this tale of Jesus' early life is one not to be missed. Its one to be savored and enjoyed and perhaps even read again.

View all my reviews.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 218

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 reasons you need music in your life

1. It keeps me sane during work hours, and let me tell you, any little thing that can keep me sane then is appreciated.

2. It keeps me from being bored. If I'm not listening to it, I'm looking for something new to listen to. Yup I spend a lot of time on Amazon and CD Baby just looking for something new and amusing to listen to.

3. It helps me to sleep at night. When I have a particularly awful day, I need some Enya or other New Age music to ease me into sleep. If that doesn't work, where's the Tylenol PM!!!

4. It provides me with excitement when I get to see my favorite artist in concert. Sadly it doesn't look like I'll be having any excitement this year.

5. It provides me with laughter, because songs like Yummy Yummy Yummy and Laugh to name but a few can't help but bring giggles..or John Barrowman singing Uptown Girl, which is a horror unto itself, but a funny horror.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I seldom, if ever do

1. Polish my nails. I just don't have the patience for it and they always smudge or chip and then I get frustrated. I'm not a mani-pedi kind of girl.

2. Watch soap operas. For a brief period I watched General Hospital and Passions but it wasn't very long. The whole concept is just too ridiculous to me. Even my cheesy romances make more sense.

3. Eat sushi. I tried it once and it made my stomach turn.

4. Buy music in places like FYE or Borders and Barnes and Noble. FYE is way too high in their prices and its much the same at the other two, though Barnes and Noble has a kick ass selection some times. Borders is very lacking anymore and that saddens me, because I used to find great stuff there at great prices.

5. Blog on my Myspace. I don't like Myspace and I refuse to have a Facebook page, but I keep active on Myspace because of the reviews that I write for mossip and review you. I like to friend my indie artists and I've made some good contacts that way too. I am however addicted to those stupid garden/pet apps there.

6. Watch Mtv or Vh-1 or their other channels: I used to be addicted to Vh-1 Classic but it got so blech, that I don't even turn that on anymore.

7. Go to the library: I buy all my books either from Harlequin or BOMC2. Plus our library's hours are whacky so I just can't get there even if I wanted to.

8. Watch reality shows or American Idol/Dancing With The Stars type shows. I hate them all and wish they would get off my telly.

9. Read horror novels. I'm not a big fan of Stephen King and the like. Even my vampire novels that I adore aren't the totally frightening kind. I read girlie books and I'm not ashamed to admit it, but then again, I am a girl.

10. Go to concerts in big venues: I hate arena shows. I prefer more intimate venues and anymore I prefer music from artists that aren't on the charts. Indepentent artists all the way. Thank you very much.

11. Go to the theater, which is something I'd like to change, but it seems all the broadway touring companies like to come through Pittsburgh at the worst times (The winter)

12. Stay up later than midnight. I miss being a night owl, but I guess I'm just getting old.

13. Miss a day of blogging. The only times I don't blog are when I'm away from home or there's been some horrible thing going on in my life.

Weird Dreams Strike Again

Let me tell you I had to be tired last night. I was dreaming about great big holes in my back yard and David Tennant in a grocery store.

Yup, that is one weird dream.

I think it even goes beyond weird.

I haven't had a dream I remembered so vividly in such a long time. The David Tennant part was nice but its the whole in the yard part that really made me go OMG weird when I woke up.

See this hole seemed to lead into a strange room that was part of my gram's house, only it wasn't. There was a chair there and loads of books and stuff piled up and nothing was really my gram's.

How strange is that?

The worst part was I was trying to keep the cats away from the whole. Even stranger as MY CATS DON'T LEAVE THE HOUSE!

~shakes head~

This is what I get for staying up late the past few nights. Last night I was so tired my poor little brain took over, and its pretty obvious my brain is very confused!!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This Week's Elfslut Says

I have my weekly music related article posted over on livejournal. I always appreciate feedback from my friends and visitors. So if you want to read my thoughts on remastered recordings, brought on by the Beatles catalog news, just click here.

The comments are screened for non-members but that doesn't mean you can't leave a comment over on LJ!

I'll be doing some more reviews of indie artists this week: Kelly Richey's Speechless, Puppetbox and Jeannine Hebb.

Check all that out over at Mossip

This Annoys Me

I lost the bill for my recent blood work once. I had them send me out another copy so I could pay it, only it came in before payday, so I waited. It was due yesterday.

I tore the house apart looking for this bill again.

Its gone.

At least today when I call them, feeling like a huge idiot, I know the amount, just not the invoice number.


Why do things like this disappear?

Why the hell can't you just find your invoice online if you've set up an account?

Nope, you can't.

You can pay a bill online but you need to know the lab number and the invoice number.


I'm glad once I have this paid I won't have any doctors bills for a few more months.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesday Randomosity

~ Is anyone else watching Castle? I swear this is one of my favorite new shows. I hope it does well, though I think it is, so Squee. Its one of the few cop/detective dramas I can stomach. Have I mentioned I'm so sick of most dramas either revolving around crime or the medical field? The only other show like this that I love is Chuck. I love Zachery Levi. He is all kinds of awesome.

~ Tonight is Coney Dog Tuesday at A & W. 99cent chili dogs! Not exactly diet food, but still very nommy!

~ I still freak out every time I hear the Visa commercial with Tuesday Afternoon. I also now want to go to The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium!! I wouldn't mind going to the Akron Zoo either...or any zoo with some neat jellyfish!

~ I'm addicted to some apps over on Myspace. Its sad, I know, but I love the Green Spot gardening app. It brings me great joy and it helps me destress, except when I can't find all 24 easter eggs in the damn Treasure Chests!!

~ Two albums I must buy ASAP the new Billy Ray Cyrus and the new Keith Urban. Its so weird that I'm liking country music right now.

~ Has anyone seen Monsters Vs Aliens yet? I have such a love for stuff like this and I want to know if its worth the money to go see it. Its time for another movie. I need some over priced popcorn and a darkened theater.

~ Anne Rice's Christ The Lord: Out Of Egypt is quite a good read. I'm trying to finish the two books before Easter as a little project of mine.

Tuesday Tunes: Week 76

From Music Memoirs

Have you ever made a mix CD for someone or had one given to you?
Yes, to both. I also absolutely love making mixes for people, its such fun to torture people with my very bizarre taste in music. Muhahahaha!!!

What way do you share music with friends? Mix CDs, Tapes or other means?

No tapes anymore, I usually just make a mix CD on the computer for friends or use some other means to share the tunage like mediafire or sendspace etc.

Why do you usually make a mix CD?
I make them for various reasons, the chief one being I feel like it. I have been part of some mixing groups so a few times its because there was a weekly theme etc. I don't usually need a reason. I love making mixes. At Christmas I make one for friends and family filled with new and exciting Christmas tunes.

If you could make one person a mix, who would it be and why?
You know I'm not sure there's anyone that I'd like to make a mix for anymore, that hasn't already had one made for by me. That's kinda sad, I know, but truthfully there's no crushes going on or anything like that, so nope. No one.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekends Hate Me

I had plans this weekend. Not great plans, but I had some.

My dad's b-day was Thursday and I had hoped to take him to Uniontown to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner yesterday and then go to the mall and Target.

Nope didn't happen.


Because my father left the four ways on Saturday and he killed the battery, and we took that as an omen to stick around the area this weekend.

I swear I never get to leave the valley anymore and when I do, well its not exactly a girls night out thing.

Nope its never that.

I never get to go out for drinks at Barleys and Hops or somewhere like that. Nope. Never any adult conversation for me. This is wrong on so many different levels.

There's no hope for next weekend either, since its Easter and I will be spending most of the weekend in church.

Ah well, maybe by May I'll get out of the house and go somewhere.

Anyone want to take bets on the chance of it happening?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Little Musical Something For You

Full Mix: Dreamtime (70 MB)
Single Tracks:Cast In Bronze - Smooth Satin
Chris Blake - Lullaby
Emm Gryner - Divine Like You
Fauxliage - Someday The Wind
Fermata - You Are Not Who You Once Were
Grey Eye Glances - Feathers In The Air
Jane Monheit - So Many Stars
Jillian Goldin - Shadows
Justin Hayward - Celtic Heart
Loreena McKennitt - Never-Ending Road
Moya Brennan - Show Me (Jakatta Mix)
Oingo Boingo - Is This
Over The Rhine - Snow Angel
Terami Hirsch - Little Light (Halo Mix)
Two Loons For Tea - Sunset Room
Comments: Here are 15 songs that to me fill the bill of fairytale sounding or dreamlike sounding songs. I tried to bring in equal parts of the request as well as finding songs by both male and female singers, which was quite hard for me. Some of the artists I featured are from my reviews, like Jillian Goldin and I hope you all enjoy the mix!

~ comment if downloading
~ files are uploaded to mediafire and are all mp3 and the full download is zipped.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

How Much Is My Money Worth

I'm disgusted.

The banking industry wants us to have faith in them. They want us to put our money in their safekeeping.

But why?

I have a small savings account with one of the banks PNC gobbled. Not a lot but right now its a good nest egg. For much of last month it was about $2000. Its my car fund and my if my job goes awry fund.

Mid month I put my tax return in that account raising it to close to $3000, until I pay off the furniture this month which will take it back to where it was.

I thought the extra grand would give me a little bit of interest.

Well I was right, I got a little bit of interest.

Want to guess how much that money made in the bank?

42 fucking cents!!!!!

That's insane!

If I owed the bank that much, they would charge me a helluva lot more than that, and yet I'm letting them use my money while I have it deposited in their institution.

I must need institutionalized!

But if I didn't have the money in the bank, I'd spent it in record time.

Oh the frustration!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Top 5 On Friday: Week 217

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 songs you wish you had never heard (and tell us why you wish you hadn't heard them)

1 The Ohio Express - Yummy Yummy Yummy

Why? Because I spent hours trying to figure out how you get love in your tummy and when I did figure it out I went Eewwwwww! Plus the song is a damn ear worm.

2. Britney Spears - If You Seak Amy.

The whole scandal over this song which prompted my most recent Elfslut Says forced me to try to figure out what the fuss is about. Sadly even with the video clip that plays the whole thing spelling out how the title is a play on Fuck Me, I STILL REALLY CAN'T HEAR IT!!!

3. Miley Cyrus - Hoedown Throwdown

Let's just say this song is evil and I tend to sing it for hours after hearing it? If that's

4. Billy Ray Cyrus - Achy Breaky Heart

I'd like to Achy Breaky Billy for this song. Its obnoxious and was such a huge hit too. Yikes and Yucks! It might be easier to explain why I really love his Back To Tennessee album if he hadn't recorded this piece of crap song.

5. Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl

Why did people like this? Controversy? Yikes! Jill Sobule's I Kissed A Girl (Same name, different song) was 100 times better and even that song was freaking obnoxious.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Life On Mars Finale

The end of the show truly proved that as American's we must have our happy endings and for this show I'm not sure it was a ending that suited the story. Granted it gave the show closure, more so than the original, but then again the British were working on Ashes To Ashes, which won't happen here.

I'm going to miss Jason O'Mara. As Sam Tyler he was pretty damn good. In fact, I'd say he was just as good as my beloved John Simm in the role.

I'm really sad the show is over. Hopefully it will come out on DVD soon, so I can rewatch the episode I slept through over the past few weeks.

The one thing that I wish would have come out of this show was a soundtrack. There were some awesome songs used of the course of the last 17 weeks. Its a shame I'm going to have to go on a special song search to find some of the lesser known ones.


Here's hoping the Unusuals is a fitting show to fill its spot, but some how I doubt it.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool's Day

Yup its the first of April! Woo hoo and its the day for fool's like me to celebrate our foolishness!

Party on peoples!

Make fools of yourself and others, because today is the only day that you can do it and get away with it.

OK, that's a fib, but take it and run with it and have fun!