Sunday, August 31, 2003

A Manchild Manwhore

Since BBC America saw fit to move Coupling up an hour, I got to watch Manchild instead. Manchild is a lovely show about 50something hunks. (my favorite kind)

Anthony Head is one of the delectable men on the show, but I've already featured him as a Manwhore..

Today I give you Nigel Havers.

My Moodies

Ok, it's been about 2 years since I've really been so much into a band. The Music Whore is living, breathing and existing purely for the music made by this band. I believe the last musician to affect me this way was Elvis Costello. Still every year or two I need something to make me get all hyper about music again. This year thanks to Vh-1 Classic I rediscovered a band I've been trying to like for many years: The Moody Blues.

I was fascinated with the song 'In Your Wildest Dreams' and it's video back in 86 or was it 87, I can't remember. To be perfectly honest, you have this band to thank when it comes to my stories. If it hadn't been for this video, I don't think I'd have ever started writing.

My first fanfiction was written as a direct result to this video. It was an 'Angie' story and it filled a whole 3 subject notebook. The subject of the fanfic wasn't Justin Hayward. No it was someone who is far more important to me; George Harrison.

As you can see, I've always had a fondness for the music of the 60's. But 1987 wasn't the Moody Time for me. I never bought 'The Other Side Of Life' then. I didn't buy Sur La Mer in 1988, even though I was thrilled that they did a sequel song/video to Wildest Dreams. The only album I did buy was the 89 Greatest Hits CD, which sat on my shelf for 13 years before I actually listened to it the whole way through.

This is almost an identical story to my Elvis Story....only when Spike came out in 89 I played it to death, but the music didn't matter to me until 2001.

Now I'll leave you with a picture of my obsession

Saturday, August 30, 2003

I had a Blogger Anniversary

For all of you out there that care. I have been blogging now for 1 year and 2 days. In the insanity of my life (or rather my work situation) I completely forgot.

In honor of my anniversary...I wanted to do something special for you guys. One blogger made mix cds for the first 25 people that sent her an email. I sadly don't have the resources to do that. WAH! Plus I get so damned attached to my mixes I hate to give them away.

But what can I do for you guys....sniffle....

I know...I'm going to thank all of you that read my blog and have come here faithfully to read all my stories for the past year..I promise at the 1 year and 1 month marker..I will do the mix cd thing..cos I really love you all.

So Thank You

Miss Tay
And any lurkers out there that I forgot

Thanks for being there this year..I enjoyed entertaining you.....

Friday, August 29, 2003

Return of the Manwhore

It's been quite awhile since the last Manwhore post, so I thought since it is a holiday weekend, I'd revive the topic. I also happened to see one of my prettiest manwhores on Vh-1 Classic just a few minutes ago. The song was Go Insane, the singer Lindsey Buckingham. (aka the only attractive and talented member of Fleetwood Mac)

So for those of you not familiar with Lindsey, I'm going to post a beautiful picture. (everyone needs to see the beauty that is Mr. Buckingham) I'm also going to give you a few song recommendations; in case you feel the need to fall in love with the voice as well as the face.

The songs of Lindsey that I love

Bleed to Love Her
My Little Demon
Go Insane
Big Love
Holiday Road (yes..the National Lampoon's Vacation song is Lindsey!)
Slow Dancing
The Certifiable Wenches

Well, since my other wenches have made a post about the new blog, I thought I'd get in on the act as well. Deb and I decided we wanted a new place to rant. So a few of us; namely Tay,Heather, Gillian, Deb and myself started this blog...

Our monikers are as follows

Andrea - The Music Whore......

Deb - The Supermarket Slut

Heather - The Workaholic Wastrel

Tay - The Dysfunctional Little Darling

Gillian - The Pointless Rambler

Hopefully, we'll make some interesting posts, that will keep you forever amused. Stop over at Wenches and have a look at our ramblings..

This wench is going to work on Man Out of Time again later...

Thursday, August 28, 2003

A Moody Moment

Ok...feeling a trifle better, now that I know I have a paycheck and that I will be getting unemployment for the 2 week vacation I've been on. But my traffic counter just gave me a moody moment.

Someone has come looking for Doremi and Marie Hayward pictures here!!! ever ever would I post a pic of the "Mrs" ever here... PAH!

But what you will find here are pics of....

And all in all, that's much prettier to look at.
Truly great madness cannot be achieved without significant intelligence

I've been reading and rereading things today. Trying to find something to make me giggle. I can't find it anywhere. I'm feeling particularly cranky, sad and frustrated.

Enough of that...back to my subject line. I think I'm going to strive to acheive 'Truly Great Madness.' Actually I think I only need to aspire to the Truly Great part...I've got the 'mad' part down pretty well...

As for the rest of my life..I'm feeling a bit too depressed to write much of anything...So again I ask, if there's anyone out there that has something that might cheer me up, send it along....shout out...or something.

Until...I have further updates...I'm going back under my rock.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Insanity hangs out with everyone cos it's such a whore

Don't ask me where that came from...but I think it's very true. I wish to god that that whore would stop hanging around me. So what insanity has entered my life right now, you ask? To which I say do ya really want to know? Oh well, since you asked nicely, I'll tell you. (in the form of a list, mind you)

1. Work related problems (or perhaps lack of work related problems) - I refuse to discuss my job online anymore...To those of you that know what's up...and where I work...have pity on me.

2. Not really writer's block..but too much heat and not enough air to really sit down and work on my stories. I'm devoting alot of time to Man Out of Time this week, because I've been such a nasty neglectful wench. Has everyone liked the updates...Please tell you know how much trouble this story has given me.

a. Another Suitcase, Another Hall - Is going to be the Justin Story I work on til completion. I've discovered having too
many stories going at one time is a bit of a problem.
b. Love Eternal - Will get updates after I finish Another Suitcase, Another Hall.
c. Not My Slave - Will get updated in the month of October when I'm in a more vampirish (is that a word?) mood.

3. Mix CD Mania - I've just finished burning my first copy of the Quintessential Burn and I have a few ideas for more mixes.

a. The best of the Beatles solo material
b. The best of the Moody Blues solo (only I need to find some songs by Mike Pinder and Graeme Edge)

4. I need to read more....I keep going to the Neurotic Fishbowl and reading Kymberlie's book reviews, and I realize how slow I've become at reading.

I have some requests for books..LOL...which means I need to go to Wal-mart soon.

a. To the Nines by Janet Evanovich (which is a hard back...kill me)
b High Fidelity - Nick Hornby

Prozac anyone? Zoloft?

Monday, August 25, 2003

The Results of the Quintessential Burn

Well I spent the better part of the weekend burning the discs to see how many discs my mix would take. It turns out, 4. There were maybe 7 songs I had to edit out from my original list. I kept it down to one track per artist, for the most part. Yes there were two exceptions and yes they have to do with the man who's butt is pictured in the previous entry. There may be slight changes to the final product, but this mix fits perfectly using nearly all 80 minutes of 4 cds...

Here's the track listing.

Disc one

ABBA - When All Is Said and Done
Adam Ant - Room at the Top
Tori Amos - 1000 Oceans
Arcadia - Election Day
B-52s - Roam
Bauhaus - Who Killed Mr. Moonlight
The Beatles - Nowhere Man
Blondie - Dreaming
David Bowie - Queen Bitch
Jonatha Brooke - 10 Cent Wings
Jimmy Buffett - Fruitcakes
Kate Bush - Running Up the Hill
Paul Carrack - Don't Shed a Tear
Cheap Trick - Never Had A Lot To Lose
Cher - All or Nothing
Phil Collins - I Missed Again
Elvis Costello - Riot Act
Crowed House - Something So Strong
Culture Club - Karma Chameleon
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry

Disc Two

The Damned - Eloise (Rock the Docks Version)
Def Leppard - Two Steps Behind (Acoustic)
Duran Duran - Union of the Snake
English Beat - I Confess
Enya - Only If
Erasure - True Love Wars
Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way
Gavin Friday - I Want to Live
Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax
General Public - Tenderness
Genesis - That's All
Glass Tiger - A Lifetime of Moments
Sophie B. Hawkins - Damn Wish I Were Your Lover
Justin Hayward - Silverbird
Justin Hayward - On the Road
Don Henley - The Heart of the Matter

Disc Three

Icehouse - Crazy
Information Society - What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)
INXS - Shine Like It Does
Billy Joel - Rosalinda's Eyes
Elton John - Healing Hands
Howard Jones - Let the People Have Their Say
Nik Kershaw - The Riddle
Cyndi Lauper - Like a Cat
Julian Lennon - Too Late for Goodbyes
Love and Rockets - No New Tale to Tell
Nick Lowe - Cruel to Be Kind
Lush - LadyKillers
Madonna - Rain
Matchbox Twenty 3 a.m.
Paul McCartney - Figure of Eight
Sarah McLaughlin - Angel
The Monkees - Daydream Believer
The Moody Blues - Steppin In a Slide Zone
THe Moody Blues - The Swallow

Disc Four

New Order - True Faith
Oingo Boingo - Long Breakdown
Pet Shop Boys - Se A Vida A
The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger
The Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong
Stacey Q - Two of Hearts
REM - Half A World Away
Roxette - Church of Your Heart
Captain Sensible - Happy Talk
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Slowdive
The Smiths - Big Mouth Strikes Again
Sting - Desert Rose
They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse In Your Soul
U2 - Pride (In the Name of Love)
Midge Ure - Breathe
Visage - Fade to Grey
Robbie Williams - Supreme
XTC - King for a Day
Yaz - Don't Go
Robin Zander - Reactionary Girl

The Luckiest Pair of Khakis In The World

The Luckiest Pair of Khakis In The World

It seems that in the late 80's the Elusive Hayward backside was sighted outside a concert venue. The lovely backside was incased in a pair of khaki trousers and had likely been seated on a tour bus a little too long.

It's not often that we get to see the Hayward backside in all it's glory, as we will in the picture to follow, but we also get to see it with a wedgy the size of Texas! Mr. Hayward, allow me to help you with that wedge! No, sir I wasn't copping a feel of the goods, I was just making sure that your trousers were no longer trying to impale you....Owie...If that wedge goes on much longer, Justin will be singing soprano.

Happy Birthday Declan Patrick MacManus

Allow me to be the first to offer the lovely Elvis Costello a happy 49th b-day. I'd also like to administer his b-day spanks, including the one to grow on. Especially the one to grow on. Bend over's spanking time!

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Thoughts meander like a restless wind.....

Oh hell, for the past year I was sure that Rufus Wainwright did the best cover of "Across the Universe." I was sadly wrong, very wrong. I'm doing a 5 cd chain of Moody Blues rarities and concerts for a yahoo trading group I belong to. I never paid much attention to all the tracks on the compliation I have called "Sun and Moon" until just now. Justin Hayward is singing "Across the Universe." This is the second Beatles song I've heard him lend his voice to, and again I find myself pushing away the original version in favor of Mr. Hayward's.

Stop this, Justin! It is so very wrong to make me like Beatles songs less then cover versions.

And while my thoughts are meandering....I'm working on the Quintessential Burn....I've got the first 2 discs burned and I'm up to the letter H! It's a good thing this burn doesn't have to be done until Sept 29. I have time to trim it down I'm hoping it doesn't go over 4 discs...any bigger box set than that and I'm calling for the men in white coats!

Just a note to all of you that care...the Costello track that made the cut...Riot Act!

Friday, August 22, 2003

The Elusive Hayward Nipple

In the wilds of France and occasionally England and the United States, lurks a creature so beautiful it can only be called one thing: Hayward.

The breathtaking Hayward is shy and often hides his beauty from the world; but sometimes when the stars are aligned properly you can catch a glimpse of the 'elusive hayward nipple' and even the 'elusive Hayward backside'.

A known manwhore expert, Squirt has this to say about the lovely Hayward manwhore and the elusive nipple. "The Right Hayward Nipple, though similar in appearance to its mate the Left Hayward Nipple, is a shy creature which is seen in the wild only during Hayward Mating Season..."

We were lucky enough to catch the left Hayward nipple peering out from one of Justin's lovely white shirts. Try not to stare too much in awe and amazement, you may frighten the Hayward away....

Kirsten Lodge

I'm so freaked out that there's someone out there reading my site for information on John Lodge's wife Kirsten. To my knowledge there isn't a whole lot published about any of the band members of the Moody Blues' wives or families. The pictures I've shown here are all from John's official site

Sadly both John and Justin are keeping us in the dark about the new Fall tour dates and any new album info. For me, it's truly frustrating, cos this will be the first album I'll get upon it's release.

I'll post a Moody ramble later today, as I have nothing better to do until..Tuesday or Wednesday. Until then, I'm posting a pic of the illustrious Lodges, from John's charity golf event.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

And So This Is Christmas

Thanks to the band that I adore most in the world, I'm depressed and aggravated. Why you make ask? Why you may have asked twice, because you're baffled by the subject line of this post. Allow me to explain:

From many sources that I've been reading, it seems that the new Moody Blues CD is going to be Christmas themed. Allow me to take my Moody Man and beat the living poopy pooh out of him.

Yes my darlings, I'm not a fan of Christmas music. Sure I do make a Christmas mix cd each year; so that I don't go all scroogelike, but I've never been one to buy a whole cd, unless it was something special.

These are the Christmas CDs that I own.

A Very Special Christmas Vol 2 (with the Paul Young track)
Michael Crawford's A Christmas Album
Michael Ball Christmas
David Foster The Christmas Album (this coincided with a tv special he did several years back)

Now I will tell you the songs that are likely to appear on this years Christmas mix, even though it's only August.

Bowie and Bing - Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth)
Michael Crawford - O Holy Night
Moody Blues - What Child Is This (I refuse to think about the new cd)
Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas
Captain Sensible - One Christmas Catalogue
Jill Sobule - Merry Christmas From the Family
Elvis Costello and the Cheiftains - St Stephen's Day Murders
Sting - Gabriel's Message
Alison Moyet - A Coventry Carol
Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmas Time
XTC - Thanks for Christmas
Lennon and Wench - Happy Xmas (War is Over)

Tuesday, August 19, 2003


Onesy has challenged us to do the Seven for Sunday this week. So I guess I'll take part, cos the topic is something I find amusing; 7 things or qualities I find sexy.

1. Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man. You can say what you want about Mr. Costello, Mr. Proops and Mr. Hayward, but you can't fault their dress sense. For the most part, these gents will never be found on an episode of "What Not to Wear." Sure they have some articles of clothing that make me wonder what they were thinking, but for the most part these guys should be on the cover of GQ at any given month....

2. A soft melodic speaking voice. There's something about a man's voice that can really just turn me on. Not a singing voice, mind you, but they way they speak. Have you heard Danny Elfman talk? Oh god, he has a voice that's so soothing that you just want to crawl up on his lap and snuggle. John Malkovich is another one of those. I think that's what made him such a fantastic Valmont. Who wouldn't hop into bed with someone that spoke so eloquently?

3. Intelligence, pure and simple. I like a man that has a clue about what's going on around him, without being pretentious about it. There is more to life then anime and play station!

4. Any Justin Hayward song...with Deep being the sexy standard to which all other songs only hope to become. Elvis Costello's "I Want You", Depeche Mode's "A Question of Lust", and Oingo Boingo's "Skin."

5. A sense of humor...a good one..accompanied by a few of the above mentioned traits can cause thermonuclear shutdown on this girl. I think that's why Elvis Costello is truly thudworthy. He has that voice and such a lovely sense of the bizarre that I can't help but love him.

6. A smile. Yes this is so cheesy but some smiles just are all that and a bag of chips. Kinda like this one:

7. Affectionate without being overwhelming. I'm not a very touchy feelly type of person, but it's nice when someone does let you know they care that you exist. Does anyone care that I exist? Nope!

Random Referrals

Guess what..I'm apparently the source of information for anyone looking for John Lodge's wife Kirsten. Oops. I hope she doesn't come along to read my commentary on her dress!

But wait, it gets better, because on his site is another pic from the same event. This time the lovely Lodges are pictured with Mr. Riverdance and a very voluptuous (to the point of exploding out of her Krall neckline dress) blonde.

Rusty melon baller anyone?

Monday, August 18, 2003

The Manwhores and their Duties

Thanks to Deb...I've been trying to figure out what my manwhores/concubines should be doing when they aren't well...keeping me happy.

After much thought I decided to give my top 5 manwhores duties.

The numero uno among my men is Justin Hayward, of the Moody Blues. At this point he has knocked all the others so far behind that they'll have a rough time catching up.

The duties of Mr. Hayward include lullabies...and destressing. Yes, Mr. Hayward is my therapist.

Next up on the list of manwhores is Elvis Costello. The former number one is now taking a back seat thanks to his faithless nature. I won't deal with faithlessness in my concubines. So thanks to his poor taste in wenches (meaning Krallomort ...She whose name shall not be mentioned) I've had to demote him.

Mr. Costello's duties intelligent conversation..and doing what he does best...being a lecherous middle-aged man.

Next on the manwhore list is Richard Coyle. He's a newbie to my manwhore family, but he's storming the ranks like gangbusters.

When Richard isn't on duty, he'll be organizing my cds and increasing the numbers of books in my library. He's my geek in charge. When that's not enough...he can just sit about and look pretty. That's enough for me.

Next up on the list, Greg Proops. Another former number one on my list, he's slipped quite a bit in the past few months, but not to worry, I still adore this speccy sweetie.

His duties are to keep my wardrobe current and to give me someone to argue with.

Lastly but certainly not least, Alton Brown. I don't think I have to mention what his duties are. You know his occupation..and I'll keep it the same. So just look at his loveliness

Saturday, August 16, 2003

A Vintage Manwhore

I just saw the video for Steve Winwood's Valerie on Vh-1 Classic now. So I thought I'd celebrate his beauty by designating him the Manwhore of the day. He's a rather unique looking bloke.

I'm adding a few of his songs to my list of possible tracks for the Quintessential Burn.

So here are the tracks I'm considering for this Mix CD Swap...

Steve Winwood

Back in the High Life
The Finer Things

Sadly the pic I really wanted to post came from a dead link. So I'm hoping this little picture will suffice. Who knows maybe I'll find something prettier.

This one is nice too.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Another lovely Manwhore

this one brought to you by a quizilla quiz! Wootness.

You are Super Teddy Bear Man!
You are Super Teddy Bear Man!

Which Whose Line? superhero are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

For those of you that don't know this manwhore, it's Greg Proops...aka Proopdoggie Dog aka Snuggle Bunny...aka Pookie. (or to those of you in the know Everett) Just to clue you in, Mr. P's real name is Gregory Everett Proops. (cough cough). It's funny how far away from his real personality, my character has gone.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Another Lovely Manwhore for You to Drool On

This one is Geraint Wyn Davies, who starred in the Sci Fi Series Forever Knight. Nick Knight could bite my neck anytime he wanted. THUD!

Or perhaps you'd prefer this one, another vampire from the series: Lucien LaCroix played by Nigel Bennett a very worthy vampire if you ask me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

The ManWhore of the Moment

Ok..ok...Another manwhore. This one doesn't have an accent, but has a speaking voice that makes me week in the knees. I have to give today's manwhore vote of approval to John Malkovich, the only VALMONT. (sorry Colin)

And one more, because Dangerous Liaisons is one of my favorite films.

More of the Songs I Can't Live Without Saga

It was brought to my attention that I didn't put Elvis Costello on my last segment. Well, picking EC songs is a damn tricky thing. It's bad enough I had to pick from all those Moody Blues CDs...So to continue on with the idea of the Box of Songs for the Quintessential Burn....I bring you these choices.


Winner Takes It All
When All Is Said and Done
Angel Eyes

Elvis Costello

This House Is Empty Now
Riot Act
I Want You
Blue Chair
You Bowed Down
Shabby Doll
I'm Not Angry

(ack..brain cramp.....maybe a whole disc of that would be wrong!)

David Bowie

5.15 Angels Have Gone
Strangers When We Meet
Queen Bitch
Life On Mars

The Monkees

Daydream Believer
Porpoise Song
Little Bit Me, Little Bit You

Glass Tiger

Don't Foget Me (When I'm Gone)
I'm Still Searching
Diamond Sun

Ok...all three of Glass Tiger's cds thank you very much. How am I supposed to make these kinds of decisions.


Common People
Sorted Out for E's and Wizz

Pet Shop Boys

In Denial
Being Boring
Love Comes Quickly
Se A Vida E

I think that's enough for now...damn I'm going have to thin this thing down somehow! Help!

Monday, August 11, 2003

Another Manwhore for Your Viewing Pleasure

I may not watch Buffy, but I watch Manchild, and Anthony Head is definitely one hot British Manwhore. He made me want to drink Taster's Choice coffee for quite some time.

I'll start off with a nice suited picture of Anthony

And one last cute one for good measure.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Songs I Can't Live Without

Ok, because the Quintessential Burn is coming up, I'm starting to compile the songs that I just can't live without. I was told I can do a boxed set! Woot! I may be tempted to get carried away. Just imagine what these poor people are going to have to deal with when they put those shiny silver discs in their stereos.

Muwhahaha! Anyway...I've got a few dozen songs that I'm thinking of putting on the disc. I'm not sure how many this will end up being. Or if I might do it like the decade of song...and have it as songs from each decade I can't live without. It's a thought, I'm tossing around.

Oh, and I was reading some of the blogs today from people who are included in the quintessential burn and I have an idea. Someone had a blog anniversary and they offered a mix cd to the first few people that emailed them. Expect to see an offer from me in much the same vein at the end of the month. My Blog anniversary is Aug 28, I do believe. Do you love me yet?

But onto the songs I can't live without. That was the point of this blog after all. I'm going to list them by bands, since most of my favorite bands have a few songs I can't live without.

The Moody Blues

The Swallow
Talking Out of Turn
For My Lady
This is the Moment

Duran Duran

Like an Angel
Out of My Mind
Someone Else, Not Me
I Believe/All I Need to Know


Worlds on Fire
In the Name of the Heart
Waiting for The Day

Depeche Mode

A Question of Lust
Policy of Truth
Route 66

Paul McCartney

Off the Ground
Figure of Eight
Helen Wheels

Oingo Boingo

We Close Our Eyes
Long Breakdown
Try to Believe
Dream Somehow
Is This

The Damned

Eloise (Rock the Docks version)

Adam Ant

Manners and Physique
Room at the Top
Vive Le Rock
Stand and Deliver

Elton John

Made In England
I Don't Want to Go On With You Like That
Healing Hands

Billy Joel

Rosalinda's Eyes
We Didn't Start the Fire

Annie Halsam

The Angels Cry (w/Justin Hayward)

Justin Hayward

Raised On Love
Skimming Stones

The Beatles

For No One
Eleanor Rigby
Nowhere Man
Ticket to Ride
I Me Mine
I Need You

Manfred Mann

The Mighty Quinnn


Don't Cry for Me Argentina
You Must Love Me
Don't Tell Me
Human Nature
Express Yourself

More to come in the following days....

Editor's note: If your looking for Elvis Costello am I! I can't decide...making a decision on Moody Blues tracks has hurt my brain enough today.

Friday, August 08, 2003

The Challenge Goes On

Ok SM....You think you can outdo me with Johnny Depp! Ha! I say, Ha! For I have more concubines than you can imagine, and some of them are much prettier than Johnny. Be still my beating heart..I know you are thinking that that is impossible...but have you seen this picture of Adam Ant? He may not be as pretty now as he was in the 80's..but Adam's still a manwhore to be reckoned with.

Then there's this picture of him with more clothes...though why clothes are necessary when you have a face like that, I'll never know.

I've Been Challenged!

What? Elvis Costello isn't manwhore enough for you? All your manwhore's are just wee biddy babes I tell you. Well except for Kief. So if you think Elvis isn't quite the loveliest manwhore...(cough cough)...and Brighid and I beg to differ...Cos Elvis sure has the whore part going on. (can't wait to see my site stats after this post) So SullyMel, I'll see your Colin w/rat and raise you one Justin Hayward with bedroom eyes.

Justin Hayward can be my Manwhore anytime.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Wives scare me....they really do

Just another picture post, because I finally found a picture of Kirsten Lodge. And since I know you are all scratching your heads going "Who the fuck is Kirsten Lodge?" She's the wife of the bass player/singer in the rock n roll band (the Moody Blues), Mr. John Lodge.

I wish I could have found a younger pic...cos well this one isn't flattering. Mr. Lodge looks delightful though. (No wait he's like my Justin....he always looks delightful) Anywho, below is a photo of John (in the white shirt for those of you still going....Who the fuck are the Moody Blues) his wife..(The rolly polly blonde chicky) and some other assorted yuppies.

I'm so glad I've only seen two pictures of Mrs. Hayward. I don't think my stomach could handle much more of that. This picture of Kirsten is doing a number on my belly as it is...I wonder if the fashion police came after her for that god awful dress?

Just too darn beautiful for words

I can only say this. North may not be the best album Costello's done in the past few years, but the promo shots from this album are enough to make me go THUD!

So enjoy "All This Useless Beauty" of the world's most lovely manwhore....Elvis Costello...

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

The Cutest TV Show Ever

Again there's an adorable show on BBC America called My Hero. It stars Ardal O'Hanlon who also starred in Father Ted.

It's a rather sweet romantic comedy. Ardal plays George Sunday who is also the world famous superhero Thermoman!

A few pics of Ardal as George and Thermoman, so you can see and appreciate his cuteness.

I can't really give an accurate description of the show, but it's just so typically British and funny. Well worth watching for a half hour on Wednesday night!
Quintessential Burn

There's another CD Swap about to happen. This one is being done at .

What is the Quintessential Burn? It's a cd of the songs that you absolutely can't live without. I wonder if there's a limit to the number of cds I can inflict on people?

I'm really going to have to narrow it down. After all what would happen if I put all the Moody Blues, Elvis Costello, Oingo Boingo, Duran Duran and Erasure songs on a mix. Well that mix would be a boxed set!

So it's my goal to start posting the songs that I can't live without and maybe everyone that reads my ramblings can help me thin out the list.

Welcome to my madness.

Monday, August 04, 2003

My Inspiration for Man Out of Time

I know that some of you would really like to put a face with my characters in Man Out of Time. So I'm going to share with you the 3 people that comprise the male leads in this story. I wonder if some of you haven't guessed who they are already. (Hush Brighid...cos you know them already)

First up, the divine the delectable the slightly bipoloar: Everett

Next up, the rather randy musician, who I happen to fancy a great deal: Peter

And lastly, the annoying obnoxious often obsessed with dead things composer: Robert

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Sunday Night Ramblings

The world has mistaken me for someone who cares again. Don't you hate it when that happens? My ideal Sunday. I spent the day alternately listening to Justin Hayward, reading a good book, working on the story Want to Be With You and chatting with Callie and Brighid.

Unfortunately other sources keep popping up today to ruin my tranquility. Really I'm waiting for a picture of Krallomort to end up in my inbox. What a way to ruin a day. No I lie...the article about Justin and Marie's wedding, some 33 fucking years ago could ruin my day. (I will not read can't make me)

In a world where celebrity marriages end in a nanosecond, why is he still married after all this time? 33 years?!? Marie, for fucks sake, it's time to give the man a break. Let him roam free. Let him sow his oats, you know before he dies!!!

Ooops a bit of irrational jealousy there...Moving right along.

On a plus side, on the German issue of the Justin Hayward CD Classic Blue, there's a remarkable version of Nights In White Satin. Just to inform you, this is in no way my favorite Moody Blues song. In fact, it's close to the bottom of my list, but this version of the song is powerful and it gives the song new life. (It also takes away that creepy video visual I get when I hear the song)

Have any of you seen the video clip for Nights In White Satin? Probably not, I'm old and am likely the only one reading this blog that's ever heard of them...No wait..(waves to Tonie, Callie and Cheryl who read the blog too!) Something about Justin's hair in that video has always creeped me out. That's why that song is low on my Moody Blues favs list.

And since I've rambled on about Justin all throughout this blog allow me to leave you with some pictures of his infinite beauty.

This picture is of Justin and John Lodge. Quite a pretty bunch considering that picture is from the 70's when looking good wasn't in fashion (unless you were David Bowie or Bryan Ferry). Allow me to unlace those pants for you, Mr. Hayward.

The last picture I posted came from a lovely site called This Morning. If you have any curiousity about Justin, check it out. There's alot of yummy pictures and mp3s and articles..(including that one I want to hear nothing about) Oh and I might add, I don't want to hear about the daughter Doremi either. (She's older than me..for crying out loud...)

So on that note...No pics of Krallomort in my inbox. No details on Justin and Marie's nuptials, nor of his relationship with Doremi. (I thought Mali was a fuqua'd up name) And my Sunday can be next to perfect.