Saturday, March 31, 2012

Camera Critters

Camera Critters

I wanted to post some photos of critters other than my cats.

Dang that's a hard thing to do, but I did find these gorgeous pictures of a mama and papa cardinal that I took during one of her few snowfalls this winter.

Believe it or not, these three pictures were taken through my bedroom window!




Friday, March 30, 2012

Top 5 On Friday

Top 5 songs from musicals

The Music Of The Night - Phantom Of The Opera

Seasons Of Love - Rent

Mr. Mistoffeless - Cats

On My Own - Les Miserables

This Is The Moment - Jekyll & Hyde

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cat Thursday

Welcome to the weekly meme that celebrates the wonders and sometime hilarity of cats! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). It's all for the love of cats! Enjoy!

Let's start with one of my favorite kitty songs!

And now for a cute picture of some of the neighborhood waifs and strays.


These two cuties stopped by our yard on their way somewhere.

How can people leave such gorgeous animals out?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Whatever I did at the Y today...gave me an owwie.

I don't think my leggies were in the mood for the elliptical machine today.

~big sigh~

Why does exercise have to hurt so much?

I think tonight is going to be a tylenol PM night.

Is it Friday yet? I need some extra sleep.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes You Just Need A Break

I just didn't have anything to say yesterday...At least not on a personal level.

I can only rant so much about the creepiness of the situation in Florida.

The scariness of the republican candidates for president that make me want to become a citizen of Canada.

On a plus, I wrote two reviews yesterday, one for a book I read and the other for Madonna's new album. You can find the album review over at The Certifiable Wenches.

So at least I accomplished something.

I just feel so drained anymore that I don't have much to say. Politics makes me angry. Music makes me disgusted because so much of it is crap...and well..I don't have a life right now because of my parents health.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

How To Make A Happy Andrea

Just add beer!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Camera Critters

Camera CrittersI haven't posted a photo for Camera Critters in a very long time. Mostly because I haven't had a chance to take many pictures lately.

So I thought I'd share a few picture of my boy Rimba. His name is actually Skimble Shanks, but many nicknames later and he's Mr. Rimba or Skima Rimba Roo.  He's my silly little boy, but he's so photogenic.

The next picture is of my little Rimba and his pal, Naughty Dottie. Aren't they cute?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Top 5 On Friday

Top 5 catchy choruses. (Share the song or the lyrics)

The big love is taking the wheel,
the big love goes head over heels,
the big lust, bring it into the small world,
the bigger, the better.
Big love, waiting to catch the big one,
head over heels, the big one,
bring it into the small world.
I'm building the big big love,
I'm building the big big love
Roxette - The Big L

Send me no wine. To send my love away. Send me no wine. To send my love away
The Moody Blues - Send Me No Wine (Gotta wonder what Lodgey was thinking about here)

Midnight train, rambling, rambling,
All night long I'm gambling, gambling,
Losing all my money, well, it really ain't so funny, hon,
Midnight train, rambling, rambling,
All night long I'm gambling, gambling,
Tell you what baby, well you better be moving on.
The Monkees - Midnight Train

I'm Henry the eighth I am
Henry the eighth I am, I am
I got married to the widow next door
She's been married seven times before
And every one was an Henry (Henry)
She wouldn't have a Willy or a Sam (no Sam)
I'm her eighth old man, I'm Henry
Henry the eighth I am
Herman's Hermits - Henry VIII

Don't say your love is killing me
You know how much it means to me
I too have feelings deep inside
But would not hurt your foolish pride
Erasure - Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I think this says it all:

Dad's headed to the ER.

Will give you updates as they come. I think this is just a mild COPD exacerbation though, so that's a good thing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


That's the only word I can come up with when the following things have happened:

1. The internet has been down off and on most of the night.

2. I've been working on a review for an instrumental album that is due tomorrow.

3. I can't find my fan and its 80 degrees and March. Now I'm really not complaining about the 80 degrees. I kinda like that..but I want my fan so I can sleep.

I think it is bedtime now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not So Deep Thoughts

~ The NFL is whacked! Hines Ward forced into retirement by the Steelers (Boo Hiss) Tebow is likely to be let go because the Broncos want to sign Manning. WTF! Are these teams NUTS?

~ It took 2 hours to get my car an oil change and I have to buy 4 tires. It did pass though, so Woot!

~ Saw the calorie count on my iced caramel mocha from McDonald's and now I'm a sad bunny. It is good though, so it may be worth those 300 calories.

~ Life is made better with beer.

~ Instrumental music does two things: soothes the savage beast and puts you to that order.

~ Janet Evanovich's books always make me laugh! And we all need more laughs.

~ When all else fails, eat Chinese food

Monday, March 19, 2012


That's how I've been feeling lately. I just can't get excited about anything.

Music is blech because I've had so many reviews to write this month. GAH I still have one due on the 22nd.

Work is always blech..but that's how it is supposed to be.

Home is worse then blech, because I never get to leave it.

I'm moody and grey..I'm mean and I'm steal some lyrics off a really bad song written by Simon LeBon.

I need a vacation..or some me time...or something.

Tomorrow I have to take my car for an oil change/inspection..I think I'm going to go hide in the library while they do that. At least I'll get a little joy from that.

If that doesn't work..I'm going to try a beer...or two..or a six pack

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yay For Audiobooks

I was so excited to see that our library's digital page had Doctor Who Audiobooks. Well, they had two of them.

Whoo hoo!

The nice thing about this is that there's obviously not a line for Doctor Who audiobooks and I got to download one right away!

Tee hee!

So I'll be listening to this one for awhile..So far, it is actually pretty well read. So woo hoo for that.

I have to say that listening to books is an odd experience

Friday, March 16, 2012

Top 5 On Friday

Top 5 songs by Irish artists

1. Enya - Orinoco Flow (This song can be found in the dictionary under beautiful)

2. U2 - Beautiful Day (I've always loved this one)

3. The Cranberries - Zombie (Not about the walking dead)

4. Celtic Thunder - Nights In White Satin (A damn fine cover)

5. Maire Brennan - Against The Wind (Enya's sister and front woman for the band Clanaad)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

20120315_15 by moodylady
20120315_15, a photo by moodylady on Flickr.

This is mom and dad's cake! Chocolate cake with yummo whipped cream icing.

It really doesn't get much better than that!

I think Giant Eagle did a nice job on the cake.

Dinner was care of Ponderosa, and that was pretty tasty too.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Brain Hurts

I read The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake, and now my brain is exploding.

Seriously, it is about to go boom and make a mess all over my desk.

I have never read a book that left me so confused.

It was like listening to Republican's talk for about 3 hours.

Read my review here to understand my pain.


Now I want to sleep off that bad book.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Don't Want Tea With My Pizza

There's a pizza shop in North Charleroi that I used to love. It is called Double M's. They have great pizza and great service. About 2 years ago I stopped patronizing them.


The owner is a tea party wingnut.

He spouts off politics on the company facebook page, and TV station facebook pages. He spout off on his ads outside the business.

I don't like the tea party.

I think they are the dumbest bunch of ass clowns ever to organize and take over our government, which has enough ass clowns in it.

Tea and pizza don't get along.

Oh and if the idjit that owns the place thinks the tea party and the rest of the repugnant party cares about a small pizza shop owner, he has to be out of his rabid ass mind.

So Double M's...take your politics and shove it..cos it doesn't taste good on my pizza.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Soft Dalek?

I can picture Amy and Rory singing this to the Doctor!

Tee Hee!

I love Dalek toons!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Busy Weekend

Skipped yesterday because of busyness and a wonky internet connection.

I got a lot done though, so I'm really proud of myself.

~ Grocery shopping done!

~ Laundry caught up! As in, the only thing left in the hamper are blankets that I'll wash later in the week when I can hang them out to dry on the line outside.

~ Went to church! And didn't get too aggravated.

~ Watched The Help, which is a fantastic movie, if you haven't seen it. I discovered a love for Redbox while doing this. I thank People magazine for the free rental I got after buying this week's issue, which had Davy Jones on the cover.

On a fun note..I went to the library and I even managed to get some reading done.

Yay me!

So what did you do?

Friday, March 09, 2012

Top 5 On Friday

Top 5 videos you like better than the song

1. Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly
2. Katy Perry - Last Friday Night  Can I just say, her videos are funny as hell, but her music stinks!
3. Elvis Costello - Still  He looks so pretty in this video. Its one of the better songs from North, but it still is pretty boring.
4. Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson - Say Say Say  I truly hate this song, but the video is so cute.
5. Arcadia - The Flame  The video is so funny and awesome that it makes a halfway decent song take a backburner.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Wowzas Kind Of Day

Today a gunman walked into Western Psych and opened fire.

It made me glad that I don't work or didn't need to be in the Oakland part of Pittsburgh today.

I can't fathom why someone would go into a hospital and start shooting.

Most all of Oakland, the Pitt campus included was on lockdown.

What is the world coming to?

The worst part of it is that the gunman was killed.

I know it saves taxpayers money on a trial, but it would be nice to know what really motivated this ass clown. Having a dead suspect usually doesn't bring about a whole lot of answers...but then again who knows...maybe this crazy person left lots of clues for the world or rather the Pittsburgh PD to find.

~Big Sigh~

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Watching The Tudors

I've only watched a few episodes of this series, but it has always intrigued me.  Tudor England was so interesting, and Henry VIII was definitely a character.

I remember memorizing how his wives fared in school. Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived.

BBC America  has the rights to the Showtime series now, so I've had the opportunity to watch it some more.

I find it absolutely hilarious that they don't fatten up Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the last season. I guess it was too hard to ugly that man up.

Ah well, at least it is a pretty hour of TV

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Shit Happens

~ I have to go for some tests at the girlie doctor on Friday. ARGH! I like my doctor, but I hate the test I have to have done. It makes me nervous and is not exactly comfortable.

~ My car needs to get inspected this month and I have no idea when I'm going to get it to the garage to do that. 10:1 I'll need brakes, because I really don't have the money for repairs this month.

~ Where in the hell is my tax refund!! I want it now!

~ Speaking of taxes the first set of property taxes are due this month...double ARGH!

~ Why is it that my tax refund = the amount of taxes I pay on the house I don't live in?

~ All I want is a new stinking iPod, but I'm not getting one any time soon.

~ Gordon Lightfoot is coming to Greensburg in May. Yet another concert I can't go to. PAH!

Monday, March 05, 2012

I've Been Tagged

Dragonfly Daydreamstagged me!
I haven't done one of these in a long time, so here goes

My 10 Questions Are:

1. What is your favourite book to movie adaptation?
Of the 5 I picked in the Top 5 Sundays it would have to be Chocolat! That movie was so beautifully done, and it did justice to the book

2. What is your favourite animal story?
Marley and Me, because I love a good dog story, and when its about a not so good dog that you have to love anyway, that makes it better!

3. What do you think of e-books and e-readers?
I love my nook. It hasn't stopped me from buying print books, but having an e-reader has opened my life to a host of fabulous indie authors I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

4. Tell us about a non-fiction book that has impressed you recently.
I haven't read any non-fiction in quite awhile :(

5. Do you re-read books? Which ones have you re-read the most?
Not often but there are a few, one that I've read the most is Gaston Leroux's The Phantom Of The Opera, one of my favorite books of all time. 

6. Do you have a most embarrassing book moment? What is it?
Embarrassing book moment? Is that like reading the Twilight Saga even though you don't know why? Or laughing out loud in the middle of a funny public?

7. What qualities do you look for in a good book?

Good plot, characters that I can really like or relate too and if the book happens to have some romance or mystery, then I'm happy.

M.J. Rose's The Book Of Lost Fragrances. I never expected to learn so much about perfume making as I did from this book. It was a great suspenseful read! I highly recommend it along with the other books in the Reincarnationist series

9. Which era in history fascinates you most? What book encapsulates this time for you best?

I love the Tudor Period. I think there are so many great books from this time period that I couldn't pick one

10. What was your favourite story to have read aloud to you when you were little?
Richard Scarry's The Bunny Book!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Top 5 Sundays

Best Books Turned into Movies!
From Larissa's Bookish Life

1. Pat Conroy - The Prince Of Tides

The movie starring Nick Nolte and Barbra Streisand was pretty awesome. There were some things that were left out, but the book is rather long (704 pages) so somethings had to not make it. I read this in junior high. It is an incredible read and I saw the movie the first week it was released.

2. Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone

You gotta love Harry! I actually think this series was one of the best, when it comes to the transition from paper to the big screen. Oh and Daniel Radcliffe, he's such a cutie...and now he's a hottie..and I feel like a dirty old lady!

3. Coraline

I know this is wrong to say, but I think I liked the movie better than the book.  This film couldn't have been any less than spectacular though. The story was fab, and Henry Selick is awesome with the dark and brooding story thing.

4. Chocolat

Chocolat is one of my favorite Johnny Depp films. The book is just as stunning as the movie and another one that is pretty well done. I love when the book and script stay true to form.

5. Call Me Mrs. Miracle

OK, so this isn't a big screen movie, but it was still cute. It took a few more liberties with the book then I'd like, but I still loved the movie and Doris Roberts as Mrs. Merkle (Miracle) is just wonderful.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Thoughts For A Saturday Night

~ Need to get to Goodwill with a donation. I've been trying to clean out some old books and clothes. Some of the books will go to Goodwill, others will go to the YMCA lending library. I like spreading the book love around.

~ Being able to renew your library books online is very awesome, except when you can't remember your damn password to log in.

~ Made my unstuffed pepper casserole today. Yummo!

~ Grocery shopping, anyone? Yup, did that too.

~ Spent quality time at the library. I took out Phillipa Gregory's A Constant Princess, about the life of Catherine of Aragon, Henry the Eighth's first wife. What is the obsession with Tudor England?

Friday, March 02, 2012

Top 5 On Friday

Top 5 songs by your favorite "heartthrob"

You know it is Davy, right? But I will also do Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits

For Davy:

The Monkees - Daydream Believer
The Monkees - Little Bit Me, Little Bit You
The Monkees - Someday Man (This is a rarity that appears on the Missing Links compilations)
The Monkees - She Hangs Out
The Monkees - Laugh (My favorite song from More Of The Monkees)

Peter Noone:

Herman's Hermits - Sunshine Girl
Herman's Hermits - A Little Bit Better
Herman's Hermit's -  You Won't Be Leaving
Herman's Hermits  - Dandy
Peter Noone - Absent Minded Heart (This song is from an album he did in the 80s after his heartthrob days)

Peter is one of the sweetest celebrities I've met.

Beautiful smile too.

Great sense of humor.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

I Feel Weird

We all know I am weird.

I wouldn't be me, if I were normal, and that wouldn't be any fun anyhow.

It is the whole thing with Davy Jones.

It is really bothering me.

I mean, he's Davy. I watching reruns of the Monkees on tv from the time I was 5. The Monkees were my first concert in 1986 at the Civic Arena. They even opened the dome for the show.

I saw him in 2006 at Falconi Field in Washington, PA, with my nephew and sister. We were in the first row. The show was incredible.

66 is not old, and I just can't believe he's gone. That I won't have the chance to see him perform again. I missed the Monkees show in Pittsburgh last year..and his show with longtime friend Peter Noone.

It feels like a family member is gone. I mean this man's picture was on my wall for years.