Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cleaning Up The Zen

I hate when I take it upon myself to try to sort through the music on my Zen Vision. Yesterday I was doing a massive delete on both the hard drive and the mp3 player, simply because there is just so much stuff that I don't listen to and won't listen to, even if I had time. I'm not sure how it all ended up on my hard drive.

I admit to getting in ruts with listening, but there are artists I like more than others; The Moody Blues, Gordon Lightfoot, Elvis Costello, Grey Eye Glances, Justin Hayward and now Over The Rhine and Hem. But I hate having stuff sitting around that I won't ever listen to.

How did this stuff get there in the first place?

Most likely I listened to it once thought I might like it enough to put in on the Zen and then never listened to it again or just didn't like it at all and felt guilty for putting it there and never listening again.

I hate when I get something and I don't like it.

It's no wonder it takes forever for me to dejunk the house. I hate parting with things. It's just as bad with music, even if it would only take minutes for me to re-rip something back to my computer.

I think I made headway though. I managed to find some music files that were sent to me that weren't tagged properly and promptly got them off the Zen. I hate trying to fix tags on the mp3 player. It makes me nuttier than I already am. It's easier to take the files off, fix them on winamp and put them back.

But yay, I got something accomplished last night! That counts for something right?

Oh and the last count there were about 5700 mp3s on my Zen and close to 10,000 on the computer. Not that it even comes close to how much music I actually have on CD!