Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Smithereens

Thanks to an off remark by "that" DJ, I had to discover The Smithereens. You don't say that a band has completely covered a full Beatles album and expect me not to want to listen to it once.

I did, and as I've mentioned at least one time, I loved it. I also found a copy of their best of CD Blown To Smithereens.

Wow! These guys are good all the time. How did I miss them? Actually as I fell asleep to the Best Of CD last night I knew that I hadn't missed them, I just didn't become obsessed over them. Weird? They are the type of music I listened to a lot from about my senior year on.

Plus they did a Christmas CD! Oh if I had known about this before the holiday season, I would have bought it so that it could have been included on my 2007 Christmas mix!

There's always at least one Christmas CD that I don't discover until January. Expect to hear this one a lot for Christmas 2008!

Do you foresee a new obsession coming on? I think I do. Right after I finish building my Gordon Lightfoot collection and my Nick Lowe collection.