Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Love Is All That Matters In The End

I learned last year after losing my Misty that everyday you must show your love to the furry members of your family as much as you show your love to the human family members. Their time is so short, and love is all they know.

I want all my furry children to know I love them now more then ever. They are all being spoiled terribly with fancy food and treats and toys.

Their lifespan is so small compared with ours. It hardly seems fair. Misty was 13. Itchy is just 10.

All I want is for her to know that I love her dearly.

I've come to a point in my life that when I leave home I tell everyone I love them. Not because I'm worried about me, but because mom has suffered 4 heart attacks, dad is 81 and gram is 101. I want them to know, even though I know they do. I kiss everyone goodbye, I pet little furry heads.

Love is the only constant we have in this world, besides death and taxes. Love is what makes things worth living, even if it's the love of a parent or a pet. It deserves to be cherished and nurtured, but most of all it needs to be shown and verbalized.

When I leave my grandmother's each day I tell her I love her and she echoes back, I love you more. More today than yesterday.

It's silly but its her way.

So in the spirit of verbalizing love. To all my internet friends, and those of you that read this page, I love you.