Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WTF No Ringo!

I went to Walmart today with the purpose of buying Liverpool 8. I've heard and loved the new album and I want to own a copy. I didn't want to buy it on Amazon because they get too much of my money as it is, so I thought, I'd just wait and buy it there, after all, I was doing some grocery shopping.

I combed the entire CD section. The only Ringo CD I found was Time Takes Time, which I snatched up because it was only $5 and brand new.

Words cannot begin to express my disappointment. I wanted to get this CD and I highly doubt I'll be going anywhere were I can pick it up this weekend. I was planning a total vegetation weekend. I was going to do nothing but sit around and read and drink coffee filled with pumpkin spice creamer or fruit tea, listen to Over The Rhine and Hem and just enjoy life or feel sorry for myself. (I'm not sure which) It doesn't make matters better that I really don't have the money for gas to go to the mall or Best Buy.

Oh and to make me more frustrated his CD costs $14.99. WTF! Most new CDs that I've been finding online or at Walmart haven't been more than 13.88 and most are lower than that. Now I'm angry as well as frustrated. If I'm going to spend that much on a CD I'm going to order the Over The Rhine collections from their websites.


I need chocolate now, to calm myself down.