Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Morning

I'm feeling really lazy right now. Really, really lazy. By now I would usually be on my way to the gym. This week I only made it there once. Ooops. That's why I'm going today, because tomorrow it's supposed to be 15 degrees with a wind chill of around 500 below. There's no way I'm leaving the comfort of my home for a minute tomorrow, unless some totally gorgeous man shows up at my door offering to take me to dinner. I don't think any of the totally gorgeous men that I like will be in my area tomorrow, and I definitely don't think if they were, taking me to dinner would be on their agenda, so I'll be sitting on my butt reading and making a mix CD of standards! Which I will share with you in the coming days.

Now I'm off to get my day started. The gym, Aldi Market and cooking dinner are on the agenda. Anyone want to join me? I wish Starbucks were on the agenda, but I'm short of cash this month, and I can't afford the expense of over-priced coffee.

I wonder if I'll get everything done. I wonder if I'll remember how to turn on the stove. I haven't had the opportunity to cook anything in weeks. Oh and tonight is Mexican-ish casserole night. Here's hoping I don't poison anyone! (Don't worry, I'm a better cook then I lead on to be)