Friday, January 18, 2008

Top 5 On Friday - Week 159

From Music Memoirs

Top 5 songs that "perk" you up when you hear them.

Go ahead and laugh at the first two:

The Moody Blues - Don't Need A Reindeer

It doesn't matter that this is a Christmas song, whenever I hear it I smile and start singing along. It may not be deep and thoughtful, but Justin did a great job of writing a Christmas song that transcends the season and sticks in your head!

Cliff Richard - Mistletoe and Wine

Yup another Christmas tune. I can't help it. This one is an earworm too! It's cuteness. It's sweet. And just talking about it has made me start singing....Christmastime....Mistletoe and wine!

Grey Eye Glances - Big Red Boat

A great song that's upbeat and fun. I love all GEG songs but this one is probably near the top of my list. You can't listen to it without smiling.

Elvis Costello - Monkey To Man

I love this song to pieces. EC doing the pop/rock route in a rocking fashion. This one should have had more airplay, so that everyone could walk around singing it. It was almost a ringtone on my phone, but I thought it might scare too many people.

Justin Hayward - I'm Sorry

Muhahaha! This song was written by Hall & Oates. I'm not sure how Justin got his mits on it, but thank god he did. It's that its good. I especially like the line "lopsided lovin' got me in the end." Way to go Jus for trying to do it in a country-ish style too.

My downloads will be posted tonight when I have more time and my puter isn't being so finicky.