Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Listening Out Of Habit

There are some artists that I put on, just because I'm used to. If I don't listen to them I get an odd guilt feeling like I'm neglecting them.

I know that sounds weird, and it probably is, but I'm that way, even though I'm trying not to be. There is absolutely no reason to listen to The Moody Blues for hours at a time. I love them, but frankly when I have them on they become background music. I don't really hear them. I think that comes from playing them so much.

I have a few artists that I play more than anything else in my collection; besides the Moodies, which is a given; Grey Eye Glances, Gordon Lightfoot, and Elvis Costello.

With all the music I've discovered you would think that the number of plays these artists get would decrease.

That's not the case.

Maybe I'm too loyal. Or maybe the new artists I've discovered just aren't as good, but I find that hard to believe. Over The Rhine and Hem are some pretty great bands. I think everyone should give them a chance.

But why bother having all the new music if I'm not listening? That's what I'm trying to figure out, and that's why I'm going to try to avoid getting into a rut with the same old songs over and over.

After all, all music needs love.