Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Don't Feel Good

I think all the worrying I've done has messed up my system. I don't feel good at all though there are other things contributing to them. I don't think exercising helped much either.


Today I could stand to stay all curled up in my bed with the covers pulled up over me.

Not because I'm really sick. It's just that I feel so drained, physically and emotionally. The thought of putting clothes on today fills me with dread. My warm fuzzy robe is so nice and comfy. Why do I have to take it off to put on "real" clothes? I don't stink. I took a bath before bed!

I am suffering serious envy of the people that had Monday off and will have President's Day off next month.

I need some extra time, but I know that there's no getting it and I know I need to sort out my schedule so that I can actually relax one full day, so that my mind will calm down.

I probably should take an internet free day over the weekend. I should sit around and stare mindlessly at the tv or read. I've been saying that I should do this for awhile and it's not happened yet, so I'm not holding out much hope, but the thought is nice, don't you think?