Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Tunes - Week 16

From Music Memoirs

Do you ever buy CDs used? If so, where?

Yes, I do. When I can get there I like the CD Warehouse chain that's in our area. I've found some decent stuff their at good prices, because I like weird stuff and it usually ends up being cheap. When I buy used online its usually at Amazon Marketplace or Half.com, because I trust their shops.

Have you ever sold your CDs back at a used shop or a place like Half.com?
I did one time, but my taste is so weird I usually don't get much money so I don't bother. If I don't like something, I tend to just try to trade it on LaLa.

Have you ever been surprised to find a certain CD @ a used CD store?
I sometimes find myself suffering music rage when I go to a used CD store. How dare someone sell off their Elvis Costello collection! It's actually more fun to count the copies of the CDs that where huge hits that end up in the used CD shops; ie Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion. Any given CD store will have at least 3 copies of that one. Back in the 90's after its release the numbers were higher. It rocketed to number 1 when it was released then everyone realized it sucked and sold it back!

What has been your best find @ a used CD store.

It's a tie! I found a copy of Andy Taylor's Thunder at CD Warehouse once. It was in damn good condition too, so bonus! That CD is really hard to find. The other CD I found cheaply at a used store was the soundtrack to Playing For Keeps that has an odd song by the Duran Duran side project Aracadia. Mind you after I found the used copy there was a new one in a cut-out bin for $3. Needless to say, I have both copies in my possession.