Sunday, October 07, 2007

You Might Be Asking...

How did the concert go? Did I have a good time?


I had a good time yes. Mostly.

The bands were enjoyable. (I'll post more on that after I've spent a few hours with my photos)

There was this man there...

He had a black suit on....

He looked in a word....stunning.

Myself and my camera kept snapping pictures of him. I can't imagine why. OK, I can. He was gorgeous. Really gorgeous. I turned into a total giggling schoolgirl.

I was accused of giving him dirty looks at another point in the evening.


I was trying to keep my eyes adverted because if I kept looking the parking garage would have been flooded with drool. And really that wouldn't do.

Do you want to see this man?

Of course you do.

I usually only get to stand next to a good looking man once a year. This year I got a bonus. Woo Hoo!