Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Look Who Came To Visit

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This little ball of black cuteness jumped out of our maple tree today and has decided that he doesn't want to go home, much to my parents chagrin.

It seems the little black kitteh, as I like to call cats these days, has taken a shine to me. I suppose feeding the little guy helped that along, but I hate to see kittehs out and about. It's not healthy for them, and though I can't afford to take another one in, because I have 4 of my own, I will feed this little guy and give him as much love as I can.

He was hard to photograph, because he was following me purring and rubbing against my legs. As much as I hope he has a loving home to go to, I hope he comes back, cos he's just too darn cute. (Mind you I think all kittehs are too darn cute, or I wouldn't have 4 of them of my own)