Thursday, October 25, 2007

Return Of The Ugly Grey Sweat Suit

Ah, at last, cool nights that make for good sleeping. It wasn't nearly cool enough to really break out the sweat suit I sleep in during the winter months, but I did. Yes, I'm all about comfort, mostly because no one sees me when I'm sleeping so why should I care what I wear.

Good reasoning, right?

I thought so.

I live for the cooler months, even though I do love summer. I like all the "comfort" things that go with the cool down in temperatures. I've been dying for a good coffee from Starbucks lately. I meant to go last night, but I ended up spending too much money at Walmart last night. Why is it anytime I go to Walmart I spend more than I intend? Huh? Just one of the many reasons I believe Walmart is the devil.

I just wish the comfort of the sweat suit and the tasty coffee etc could follow me to work.

I'd really just like to curl up somewhere and sleep just a little more, while the weather is so marvelously sleep inducing. Someone pass the blanket and the pillow, I want to go back to bed!