Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another Hump Day Rolls Around

And I find myself changed. How so do you ask? I have no desire for the hunks. Any of them. For years I used to parade my sexy rockers/actors on Wednesday. I gave them up for lent this year and I find that I don't miss them.

I don't even get excited over finding new pictures of them.


Truth be told, the one "real" man I've been obsessing over is fading from the limelight too. (I'm sure that most of you will be sighing with relief)

I've crushed on Fishy for a year. (Damn that was a waste)

In the course of that year...I thought I found a friend. I thought there was a chance in hell that I had a chance to be something to him. (I truly would have accepted friendship) Then things went wrong, care of a well meaning friend and me being a pissy bitch. (Can you believe that sweet little o'le me can be a pissy bitch?)

Nothing was the same after that...and there was no chance of anything going back to normal.

Then in August...I thought there was a slight chance that something could be put close to right. I fretted and then I rode a tidal wave of the crush returning for a short time....

All because of this...

~even bigger sigh~

But I'm going to be putting all of this away like I should have done months ago, on Sunday.

That stupid Grass Roots concert will be over and I won't have to see him in any situation anymore. There won't be a reason, except possibly to keep my sanity, that I should turn on the station.

At least I'm finding I don't care as much about this as I thought I would, even as close as last week. I still feel sad though. Very sad, indeed, because I really liked him. I still do, but it doesn't matter anymore.

I think I'm just going to swear off hunks entirely. It's just not worth it.

So I leave you all with the song I posted a few months back...

ABBA - The Winner Takes It All