Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that have made me smile in the last 7 days:

~ Being able to grab onto an extremely sexy man several times without being shooed away like a gnat! (And being able to give him a few hugs. I like hugs. The more the better)

~ The song Am I Here Yet (Return To Sender) by Billie Myers.
Lyrics ~ You wear a suit, I wear a smile. (Can't be any truer than that)

~ Having someone ask me if I've been losing weight, because my ass looks smaller.

~ Rob Grill joking that his guitar was stuck so he had to play one final song, Saturday night.

~ This picture:

~ And this picture:

~ Finding out from my favorite person that I'm going to get to see Across The Universe this weekend, at long last.

~ Trading emails with the same person about the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland.

~ Watching the fuzzy wuzzy caterpillars squirm around the lot at work.

~ Fitting into the size 4 jeans that I didn't think my butt would squeeze into, but I can and I can breathe in them! Yay!

~ Hearing the song Let Me by Paul Revere and the Raiders while at the gym, on my mp3 player and almost bursting into song.

~ Tiramisu at Meloni's.

~ Being teased by a member of The Buckinghams and not knowing it until the band went on stage.