Monday, October 08, 2007

Concert Stuff

This was the second show I've seen at the State Theater in Uniontown. They have no photography issues there so I took about 200 shots of the bands...and erm...some good-looking guy in a sharp suit. (Man he was really spiffy looking, someone should put him on the cover of GQ)

But I digress.

5 artists. I think the first 3 bands averaged 20 minutes for their set, which was good because they were all one hit/two hit wonders. Seriously, if I've only heard of one or two of your songs, then you're in trouble.

Chris Montez (sp) did a medley of Richie Valenz songs to fill in his set between his two hits, which got the rather tame audience to wake up. He also danced with a bunch of the women sitting in the aisles, when he played his huge hit, Let's Dance. (This was the first time I was happy not to be sitting on the aisle)

Next up was Brian Hyland, aka Mr. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Yikes. Age has not been kind. And his partner in crime...scary woman in rubber trousers. I was waiting for the fashion police to come and cart them off. However they sounded good, so no complaints from me.

Sam the Sham was up next and he was more stand-up/monologue than music which was good, because he only did 3 songs, if my memory serves me well.

The Buckinghams followed Sam, and finally we got to hear a band that had more than 2 hits. They were fantastic. I have a rather odd Buckingham's story I'll relate at some later point, suffice to say I was teased before the show by the band's guitarist. I seem to ask for it.

They put on a great show, playing songs like Susan, Kind Of A Drag, Mercy Mercy Mercy and Hey Baby (They're Playing Our Song). Carl Giammarese still can belt out a tune and he looked pretty spiffy in his suit with a hot pink shirt. Way to be stylin' Carl!

Up last was The Grass Roots. I haven't seen them live since 1986 when they opened for The Monkees on the reunion tour. Rob is quite an ornery guy. I swear I heard him say fuck once while on stage. Woot! I was expecting a collective gasp from the very laid back audience that couldn't be bothered to stand and dance to any of the songs, including Tempation Eyes or the encore, Midnight Confessions. I always knew Southwestern PA concert goer's had sticks up their bums, this was further proof.

Along with all the great Grass Roots songs Rob and Co. did their version of Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) a song turned down by The Grass Roots and made famous by the one hit wonder band, Edison Lighthouse. That damn song is still stuck in my head. Thanks Rob!

My only complaint on the show would be that the first three artists were almost unnecessary. Why not try to find a band that can play a longer set, rather than have everyone play 20 - 35 minutes? Someone like..uh..Gary Puckett!

Not much of a complaint but still...Rob could have done a longer show as I'm sure could The Buckinghams.

Still it was a great time. And lordy that man in that sharp black suit. Spiffy doesn't begin to describe him. Mmmmm. He made me drool.