Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pirate Andrea Of The Monongahela River!

Go ahead giggle. I know you want to. So yes, I'm going as a pirate girl for Halloween this year. I'm going to plunder the high seas...or rather the three rivers. Actually I'm only going to plunder the Monongahela!

I actually think the costume looks kinda cute on. I would have preferred to find my wig to go with my Sally costume (from Nightmare Before Christmas) but so far I've had no luck at all.

I've also got a devil costume, but it's old and it holds some pretty bad memories from the first time I wore it. So I would prefer never to see it again.

So really, aren't I just the sexiest pirate girl you've ever seen?

Maybe I shouldn't have asked that...cos I think I can still hear laughter!