Thursday, November 01, 2007

A World Of Randomosity

~ I did some cleaning last night and found about $5 while doing it. Yay me!

~ The Beatles song I'm Looking Through You is starting to apply to someone that's almost in my life. I hate people that are "almost" in my life, either get in it, or out of it. Make up your damn mind! Be friends or not!

I'm looking through you, where did you go, I thought I knew you. What did I know?

Apparently nothing.

~ I need rolls for my damn nickels, they are taking over the universe!!

~ I need to spend quality time with the new Christmas music I've acquired. It's time to start compiling my famous Christmas mix for 2007 (And I'm going to need to burn myself a copy of 2006's mix since I didn't get to last year)

~ The Pita Pit is a damn yummy place. Why are all the yummy places in Pittsburgh? And why can't I get to fully enjoy them?

~ Yay I remembered to fill out the rebate form for the refrigerator! Now to get it in the mail, because, damn it, I want my $65 back, ASAP!

~ I'm having a terrible time concentrating on books right now. I just can't concentrate on them. I don't know why. I could usually read a 340 page book in a day or a day and a half, now it's more like a week.

~ And the writing project I said I started? It's abandoned. I have no inspiration anymore. None. My creativity has gone out the door and its not coming back apparently. I wish the person that seemed to take it would at least give it back to me, along with what was left of my mind.

~ Is it Friday yet?