Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Today I plan to ruin your eyesight!

13 pictures of ME! (poor you)

1 Fishy and me! (Doesn't this sound like a bad children's book?)


Gosh he's such a cutie. Shame I look like a cow. Moo!

2. My favorite picture of Fishy and me.


As you can tell I'm a huge Fishy fangirl. He's probably thanking his lucky stars that he has no more live appearances for the rest of the year now.

3. Me in my brother's car. Taken by one of his younger daughters.


4. Amanda, a dromedary and me at Critter Country Animal Park.


This is one of my favorite pictures of me from this past year.

5. A cropped version of my senior picture (1992)

Little ole me.jpg

6. Me and my huge thighs from Idlewild this summer. (Thanks to 99.3 The Pickle for the tickets)


7. Another shot of me in the Sally costume.


8. Wild Will and I from Gram's 100th B-day


9. Everyone in Cincinnati. That's sis, Graeme Edge, Bernie Barlow, me, Norda Mullen, and Cheryl from a long ago Moody Blues concert that is just too scary to mention anymore.

10. Deb and I and Brad Sherwood of Whose Line Is It Anyway. (God was I a fat cow)

11. One of the many pics of me with Elvis Costello. (The man I love just slightly less than I love the Fishy-tard)

12. Malcolm Gets (From Caroline in the City) and me (Again. Moo! I was a cow)

13. Mom, Gram and I from the 100th B-day Party


I hope your eyes have survived this post.