Saturday, November 17, 2007

My new boyfriend's name is Murphy

Oh yeah, Mr. Murphy and his damn Law love me to pieces. Yesterday I won a contest on 99.3 The Pickle for tickets to the Pittsburgh Zoo, only to find out they were good only on M-F. The nephew wants them all. Since I don't have any days off that aren't holidays from now til the new year, I guess he gets them.


I am however going to the zoo, because I got my hopes up and I won't have them dashed like that.

Today I go shopping for my mum, and everywhere I went, except for the grocery store had the Sierra Mist Cranberry. ARGH! I wasn't walking back to Dollar General after buying ice cream etc.

Oh and then I head over to Quiznos for one of the new Sammies only to find out that the fuckers at the Rostraver location are out of the flatbread. I walked out. I wasn't buying a huge sandwich because that wasn't want I wanted. So do you know what I did? I went to Starbuck's and got a Peppermint Mocha for $4.50. I can't believe I spent that much money on coffee!

So yeah, Mr. Murphy and his law think I'm the hottest chick on the planet right now. GAH! Personally I think Mr. Murphy is a creep!