Sunday, November 04, 2007

Wacky Sunday

So much to much to say...

~ The fridge arrived at noon! The fridge arrived at noon! And it was installed and running by 12:30! Rejoice! All is well in the world.

~ I went to Phipps around 1. I went by myself and I had a marvelous time. I took 270 pictures! All of which will make it to my flickr page sometime in the next day or so. The Chihuly Glass is there through Feb, but I wanted to see it in the fall atmosphere. Oh was it beautiful, and the dahlias were in full bloom in the children's garden. Magnificent!

~ I found Harry London chocolate at Target! They had Raspberry Truffles. Mmmm. These things are almost as good as hugs from Fish, and you know that this girl ranks Fishy hugs as one of the best things on the planet and they are something to be savored for days, weeks and months. These truffles are much the same. They are also made in Canton, OH a hop, skip and a jump from my brother's home.

~ I fell in love with a sweater dress at Target. I must get it. It's gorgeous and sexy and I would make men drool if I owned it. I must go back and acquire this garment. I must. I must. Why? I haven't made a man drool in yonks.

~ Went to Boston Market to bring some good eats home and they were playing Nick Lowe in the background, and I don't mean Cruel To Be Kind. Rose Of England was playing! It took every ounce of willpower not to burst into song, because that's easily my favorite Nick Lowe song!

~ Found the perfect Christmas tree at Walmart, as I went into a total Christmas coma. I'm so ready for the season! I need to go back this week and bring my new tree home! Oh and did I mention the 6.5 ft beauty is under $40! Yee Ha!

All in all, a day that was looking to be totally crappy turned out marvelously!