Friday, August 31, 2007

Hmmm I Wonder Where I Was Yesterday

This is the sign outside the radio station in California, PA. You know that place where the Fishy one works?

No, I wasn't stalking him. That's not worth it.

In his teasing yesterday and my oversensitivity...I've had one of those..moments. See when I won the tickets for the park he had to ask for all my information. Which could have turned into a gigglefest really. However when he asked my last name, he said something that was funny at the time but my mind turned it around later and here I sit, feeling blerghy over it. Because my mind just has to make mountains out of molehills. Damn my mind.

All he said was, "What's your last name? I know I should know it, I see it everyday."

Damn right you should know it. But never mind that. I'm going to attempt to not email him today, cos you know, I wouldn't want him to have to see my name in an email.


I'm trying to remember why I didn't pop him one in the head last Saturday. Oh yeah, cos I was all fangirlly and going gaga over his total cuteness.