Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Two Commercials I Can Do Without

Radio commercials can be either really amusing or really awful. Today I'm going to go off on 2 really awful ones that PH, Fishy, or whatever assorted nickname I'm using for him has done recently.

The first one is for a bbq place in Smithfield, PA. The commercial has him turning into a piggie when he eats bbq.

Oh dear.

And our dear Fishy, morphs into a piggie quite nicely complete with snorts.

Uh...erm...I hope he hasn't sprouted a cute little curly tail too.

But seriously, I never wanted to hear him snort. That wasn't on my list of priorities. Though I have to admit that after I groan I usually belly laugh long after the commercial is over.

Ah well, I suppose it served it's purpose. I do remember it. However not for the right reasons.

The other commercial is for a furniture store. For the life of me, I can't remember which one, but he's talking like he's "Da Man." The voice alone is enough to put me on the floor clutching my stomach. But the commercial had to have someone say to him, "Do you know you aren't wearing any pants?" Why? Because he lost them buying furniture somewhere else.

Enter visual of Fishy sans pants.

Oh dear...

Nuff said on that subject. Make these two commercials go away before I explode!