Monday, September 17, 2007

New Music Ramblings

Oh god the musical discoveries I've made today and I have no one that I can talk to share them with.


Won't someone care? Listen? Read?


Firstly don't ask how the new Barry Manilow CD came into my possession. I'm embarrassed about it, and it's all my mother's fault for mentioning him again today. I had just about rid my head of that damn Mandy song when she told me he was on The View or some other talk show this morning singing Copacabana. Yay! 2 Barry Manilow songs in my head!

But my big discovery of the day is a soundtrack from 1996 to the film I Shot Andy Warhol.

This soundtrack is seriously frightening in a bizarre and sometimes amusing manner. The worst thing in the world makes up this disc, COVER SONGS! I had to give it a listen when someone pointed out that Jewel did a great version of Donovan's Sunshine Superman. Oddly, I agree, it's a pretty smashing cover, so is Luna's version of another Donovan tune, Season Of The Witch.

The worst thing was Ben Lee's massacre of Itchycoo Park.

Now let me tell you one thing about Itchycoo Park. It's a pretty horrible song to start with. The first time I heard it was on Vh-1 Classic a few years back. I was traumatized by it. I've had nightmares about it. How anyone could make it worse than it already is, I don't know, but Ben Lee did. Ewwww. Badness.

Unlike some people I know...who I won't mention...I don't hate covers. I'm oftentimes amused by them. Granted I think most people would prefer that artists record their own music, but that would make things too boring. There are a lot of bands I might not have bothered giving a listen to if it weren't for a cover song. ABBA is the first one to pop into my mind. If I hadn't heard Erasure's fabulous covers, I never would have bought ABBA Gold.

Life wouldn't be life without one ABBA tune.