Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Seriously after my debacle trying to listen to Sarah McLachlan's Afterglow Live I will never ever buy another CD that has copy protection on it. The software that is supposed to allow you to listen freezes up my computer. If you try to rip the files...lordy it messes up the tracks.

Excuse me Sarah....I shelled out over $20 bucks for this CD. If I want to put it on my hard drive, I should be able to do that. If I should want to put it on my Zen. I should be able to do that. Is that not why I spent the $20.

The lovely part of this is that when I finally gave up and took the disc out of my DVD drive (that rips plays and does just about anything better than my old CD drive) my disc got mangled.

Never again.

It was bad enough trying to put my 4 Keri Noble tracks on my computer, but this is ridiculous.

The music industry wonders why people don't buy CDs anymore. This is why.

~Shakes fist~

Rat bastards!