Monday, September 17, 2007

Marley And Me

Anyone that's ever owned a dog should read this book. Actually, anyone that has ever had a pet should read this book.

It's 289 pages of reflection on a wonderful love that only a family and a dog can have. I laughed my way through the first 200-250 pages. Marley's antics reminded me so much of a lovable mutt we had in my teen years. There were times when I could see Snickers again. His white body with his little brown patch over his one eye. His lovable look. He was just like Marley.

As a puppy Snickers got on the kitchen table and devoured a whole box of donuts and he collapsed there with his little belly swollen from his stolen treats. That's the kind of dog Marley was too. It was a little bit like reading bits of my dog's life too.

The sad part was, it was like reading about his death as well. Marley's stomach flipped as he grew older, compounded with problems with his hips, which seem to be a common problem in bigger dogs like Labs and German Shepherds.

Reading about Marley's failing health reminded me again of Snickers. Only Snickers didn't live long enough to have problems with his hips. His stomach flipped (or so we assumed because his death was sudden).

The last 40 pages had me crying for the Mr. Grogan and his family and for myself for the dog that I lost that was a big lovable mutt.

But even though the ending is sad, as is the end of any life, Marley's life was a joy and an inspiration, and his story should be read by anyone and everyone. It's a funny beautiful tail..erm tale of pet ownership, and one that shouldn't be missed.