Sunday, February 03, 2008


Since everyone and their grandmother seem to be watching this BBC show, I thought I'd give it a go.

I watched two episodes on BBC America last night, and I liked it. It was amusing. I'm not sure if I'll ever remember to turn it on again, but I liked it.

I was particularly amused when they killed the alien Fish.

~grins evilly~

My mother just sat there with her jaw to the floor. I think she might prefer Dr. Who. Personally I think the new Dr. is cuter than most of the cast of Torchwood, but then again I like em geeky. Though the show is a spinoff on the Doctor...making it all the more confusing for an American girl that never cared for the good doctor.

Still it wasn't a bad show and I seldom have anything to do on Saturday nights, so I might take up watching it. It has to be better than watching the same 4 BBC shows on PBS.

If I remember, maybe I'll watch it again next weekend.