Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lots Of Stuff and an meme

~ There was a thunder storm this morning at about 4 a.m. That was so weird. Thunder in February.

~ I've been very cranky lately and at one point I thought it was just me, but I've determined it's people that are making me that way. I got into an argument with a friend, who is no longer a friend over my Lenten complaints, said friend is a vegan and was pushing vegetarian lifestyle, which is fine, except when I have to find food during Lent there are 6 other people in my family, all of us carnivores. I told him I didn't want to argue, but it ended in an argument. I know now, that I could never live with Paul McCartney. Nope, couldn't do it.

~ My new favorite Gordon Lightfoot song is Race Among The Ruins. I haven't heard a Gordon song I didn't like yet. But here's a sample of the lyrics:

When you wake up to the promise
Of your dream world comin' true
With one less friend to call on
Was it someone that I knew
Away you will go sailin'
In a race among the ruins
If you plan to face tomorrow
Do it soon

~ I don't think small cats exist anymore. My Itchy is a tiny thing but any time I've seen cats around the neighborhood or in shelters they are all BIG. My Bootsie has to be nearly 20 lbs. She's bigger and heavier than our little Malti-poo.

~ I'm seriously contemplating giving up the memes as no one seems to play them anymore. I wish more people would play the memes. I get really angry at the people that play in other people's comments but can't be bothered to play on their own blogs. The point of memes like that is to get other players to come to your blog, make new friends etc. BLAH. So come on people go to Music Memoirs and play the memes every now and then, please?

And here's Tuesday Tunes from Music Memoirs: It's word association this week.

Game: Justin Hayward - Learning The Game
Loss: The Beatles - I'm A Loser
Excited: Roxette - Do You Get Excited?
Nervous: The Moody Blues - Nervous (One of my favorite Lodgey songs)
Win: The Grass Roots - Glory Bound
Run: Erasure - Run To The Sun
Cheer: Cheer Down - George Harrison
Halftime: Paul McCartney (Best halftime act ever!)
Shuffle: The Superbowl Shuffle - By Da Bears
Ring: ABBA - Ring Ring